Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824) - Guide to District Names

Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824)

A Guide to District Names

compiled by Douglas Burbury

The two main sources for the names in this index -- George William Evans' A Geographical Historical and Topographical Description of Van Diemen's Land (1822) and the chart compiled by Thomas Scott, Assistant Surveyor-General of Van Diemen's Land (1824) -- both use letters to designate the various districts throughout the colony. Following is a guide to each district, showing the letter used to represent that district in each source, along with an approximate indication of where the district is in modern-day terms.

There appears to have been a bit of overlap in some districts, particularly for those in the north. For example, Evans lists Western River, Norfolk Plains and Lake River as a single district but also has a separate district of Norfolk Plains, whereas Scott's Map divides each of these into its own district. Plus, it would appear that Evans lists some grants as being in North Esk, for example, whereas Scott lists them as being in South Esk, and vice versa. Only a limited attempt has been made at this stage to reconcile these anomalies, so in some cases the same grant may be listed twice, once for each district.

Guide to District Names

Evans Scott District Name Modern Equivalent (very approximate)
-- Z Amherst West of Bothwell (Ouse and Clyde River Valleys)
I I Argyle Hobart City/Battery Point
-- Aa Bath Oatlands, Jericho & surrounds
-- Ee Bathurst Campbell Town, Conara, Cleveland & Epping Forest
U U Caledon Runnymede, area east of Campania

G G Cambridge Risdon Vale/Grasstree Hill
D D Clarence Plains Hobart's Eastern Shore (Rokeby, Lauderdale)
P P Drummond Pontville, Tea Tree
Q Q Forbes Risdon/Old Beach
-- Ll George Town Tamar River Valley, from about Dilston/Legana to George Town

J J Glenorchy North Hobart, City of Glenorchy
E E Gloucester Sorell, Pawleena and surrounds
W W Green Ponds Kempton, Melton Mowbray
H H Harrington Midway Point/Orielton
O O Jarvis Bagdad & Mangalore

A A Kingborough Margate/Snug (south of Hobart)
-- Ff Lake River Cressy
-- Jj Launceston Launceston City
-- Cc Lennox Tunbridge, Ross & Macquarie River Valley (west side)
L L Macquarie New Norfolk to Gretna

M M Melville Bridgewater/Dromedary
-- Bb Methven York Plains, Woodbury & Antill Ponds
-- Y Murray Bothwell
K K New Norfolk Dromedary/Molesworth & surrounds
-- Gg Norfolk Plain Longford, Perth

-- Ii North Esk Evandale, Western Junction & White Hills
S S Ormaig Coal River Valley (Colebrook)
-- Mm Oyster Bay Swansea, Great Oyster Bay
V V Pitt Pittwater
B B Queenborough Sandy Bay (suburb of Hobart)

-- Dd Richmond Tunbridge, Ross & Macquarie River Valley (east side)
-- X Sorell Hamilton/Ouse
-- Hh South Esk Nile, South Esk River Valley
T T Staffa Levendale, Woodsdale & surrounds
N N Strangford Brighton (west of Jordan River) to Broadmarsh/Elderslie

F F Sussex Forcett, Dodges Ferry and surrounds
R R Ulva Coal River Valley (Richmond & Campania)
-- Kk Western River Hadspen, Carrick & surrounds
C C York Hobart's Eastern Shore (Bellerive, Sandford, South Arm)

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