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Convict References - Books

Below is a list of books recommended by members of the AUS-Tas-Convicts Mailing List as useful resources for convicts.

1788: The People of the First Fleet
by Don Chapman (1981)

Bound for Van Diemen's Land: the third convict voyage of Her Majesty's transport Gilmore 1843-1844
by John Howard (1996)

Britain's Convicts to the Colonies
by Wilfred Oldham (1990)

Chain Letters: Narrating convict lives
by Lucy Frost & Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (2001)

Clyde Company Papers
edited by PL Brown

"Contumacious, Ungovernable and Incorrigible": Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land
by Kirsty Reid (pp.106-123), in I Duffield & J Bradley, Representing Convicts: New Perspectives on Convict Forced Labour Migration (1997)

Convict Maids: the forced migration of convict women to Australia
by Deborah Oxley (1996)

Convicts Unbound: The story of the Calcutta convicts and their settlement in Australia
by Marjorie Tipping (1988)

Convict Women
by Kay Daniels (1998)

Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts
by John Cobley (1970)

Depraved and disorderly. Female convicts, Sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia
by Joy Damousi (1997)

Exiled Three Times Over: Profiles of Norfolk Islanders exiled in Van Diemen's Land

by Irene Schaffer & Thelma McKay (1992)

Exiles from Erin: convict lives in Ireland and Australia
by Bob Reece (1991)

Female factory, female convicts
by Tony Rayner (2005)

From Places Now Forgotten
by Marie Jones (1996) - includes an index of convicts whose places of trial were outside the UK and Ireland

Governor Arthur's Convict System 1824-36
by William Forsyth (1970)

Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania - The Convict Department
by The Archives Office of Tasmania - can be downloaded

Irish Convict Lives
by Bob Reece (1993)

Joseph Mason: Assigned Convict 1832-1837
by David Kent & Norma Townsend (1996)

Notorious Strumpets & Dangerous Girl: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land
by Phillip Tardif (1990) - now available on CD Rom

Ordered to the Island. Irish Convicts and Van Diemen's Land
by John Williams (1994)

Representing Convicts : New perspectives on convict forced labour migration
edited by Ian Duffield & James Bradley (1997)

Tasmanian Rogues & Absconders 1803-1875
by Alexander Graeme-Evans (1994)

The Broad Arrow
Oline Keese (1859) - a novel

The Convict Probation System: Van Diemen's Land 1839-1854
by Ian Brand (1990)

The Convict Settlers of Australia
by LL Robson (1965)

The Convict Ships 1787-1868
by Charles Bateson (1959)

The Fatal Shore
by Robert Hughes (1987)

The Forgotten Generation of Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land
by Reg Wright (1986)

The Founders of Australia
by Mollie Gillen (1989)

The Last Ladies: Female convicts on the 'Duchess of Northumberland', 1853
by Christine Woods (2004) - more information

The Narrative of "George Russell of Golfhill" with Russellania and selected papers
edited by PL Brown

The Native Born
by John Moloney

The Second Fleet
by Michael Flynn (1993)

The Women of Botany Bay
by Portia Robinson

Transcribing Tasmanian Convict Records
by Susan Hood (2003)

"Unfit to Die": Irish Murderesses as Van Diemen's Land colonists
by Richard Davis (pp.22-42), in Trevor McClaughlin (ed.), Irish Women in Colonial Australia by Trevor McClaughlin (1998)

Submitted by Dr Trudy Cowley, Administrator AUS-Tas-Convicts Mailing List

Submitted 24-May-2005
Updated 18-Jun-2005