Biographies of Early Settlers in Van Diemen's Land

Biographies of Early Settlers in Van Diemen's Land

Some correspondents who are researching early grantees in Van Diemen's Land have written short biographies of the people they are researching, and these biographies have been included on the AUS-Tasmania Mailing List web site.
Below is a list of the biographies included. Additional biographies are always welcome, and can be sent to: Land Grantee Biography.
Contact names with * denote e-mail address unavailable.

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BARKER, Richard Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)
BELL, Thomas, Major Carol Wood (E-mail: Carol Wood not available)
CAWTHORNE, John Henry Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)
COX, John June Munro (E-mail: * June Munro)
DOWSING, James Judy Jerkins (E-mail: Judy Jerkins not available)
EAGLE, George Douglas Burbury (E-mail: Douglas Burbury)
FORD, John Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)
FREE, Samuel * Lee Chambers
GARDINER, John Douglas Burbury (E-mail: Douglas Burbury)
HODGSON, Edmund Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)
KIMBERLEY, Edward Greg Wighton (E-mail: Greg Wighton)
KIMBERLEY, William Greg Wighton (E-mail: Greg Wighton)
PURBRICK, Susannah Darke * Maurice Knight (E-mail: unavailable)
RAYNER, William Beryl Whatson (E-mail: Beryl Whatson not available)
ROBERTSON, Hugh Douglas Burbury (E-mail: Douglas Burbury)
STANFIELD, Daniel Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)
THRUPP, Henry Peter Thrupp (E-mail: Peter Thrupp)

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