Swing Rioters to Tasmania


SWING RIOTERS to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania)

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About 475 of whom, convicted for ARSON, MACHINE BREAKING, RECEIVING, or RIOTING, were transported to Van Diemen's Land (VDL, now Tasmania) or New South Wales from 18 Counties of south east England 1831-33. The VDL contingent of 329 arrived in Hobart on Eliza (224 male), Mary (1 female) and Proteus (98 male) in 1831; Gilmore, Lord William Bentinck (1 male each), York (2 male) in 1832 and Lotus (2 male) in 1833. Three swing rioters, first transported to NSW per Eleanor, eventually became temporary or permanent Tasmanians bringing the total number of known VDL ex-Swing rioters to 332.

What has been called the greatest wave of protest machine breaking in English history occurred in southeast England in the winter of 1830/31. The (mythical) leader of the Swing rioters was Captain Swing who supposedly took his name from the 'swing' (moving part) of the flail used to thrash the grain from harvested cereal crops.
The 1830s breakers, rioters and arsonists (properly collectively referred to as Swing rioters) were farm labourers and rural artisans. Most were ploughmen traditionally employed as thrashers during the winter months but that winter work was now increasingly being done by horse or steam powered thrashing machines. A number of factors, including a succession of poor harvests followed by severe winters, were responsible for the rural depression of the 1830s but mechanisation was blamed. Following a series of arson incidents machine breaking began in Kent in late August 1830, spread to East Sussex and then rapidly to a score or so of south-east England Counties. The machinery destroyed included chaff cutters, draining ploughs and other implements for the abridgement of agricultural labour as well as thrashing machines. In Buckinghamshire and Norfolk papermaking machines were also broken.
King William IV had little sympathy for the Swing movement and was alarmed by the revolutionary movements on the European Continent and the agitation in England so supported Tory opposition to the Parliamentary Reform Act (the 'Reform Bill' of 1831-32). A series of trials by Special Commission added to the Swing rioters tried in County Assizes and about 475 men and one woman were transported to New South Wales or Van Diemen's Land convicted of acts of arson, machine breaking, rioting and receiving money during the riots. The 'Reform Bill' finally became law in June 1832 and, although it gave nothing but hope in the way of electoral reform to the agricultural labourers, it did precede an attitude that paved the way for eventual free pardons for the Swing rioters. In early February 1835, six months after declaration in England, 220 of the VDL 7-year sentence men received free pardons. Further free or conditional pardons in respect of 14-year men and lifers followed in May 1837.
About 10% of the pardoned or sentence expired machine breakers, most of whom had wives and families, returned to England but a greater number stayed in Australia. Some had family members sent from England and a few who went home shortly re-embarked for Australia bringing family with them. An estimated 15 to 20% of the total transported Swing rioters became cofounders of present day Australian families.

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VANDEMONIAN FORMER SWING RIOTERS The list of former Swing rioters includes all known to have been resident in Van Diemen's Land at some time between 1831 and 1855 (when the name of the colony was officially changed to Tasmania).

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS IN THE LIST: Life history: b- Born; ba- Baptised; ch- children (of stated marriage); d- Died; de- Departed for; fm- Family migrated to; m- Married; nr- Near; rt E- Returned to England; t- Trial. Counties, States, etc. (in Id. Codes)- Chapman Codes. Transports (in Id. Codes); B- Lord William Bentinck; E- Eliza; Er- Eleanor (NSW); G- Gilmore; L- Lotus; P- Proteus; M- Mary; Y- York.
Example: Thomas Abery was baptised at the stated place, married and had children in England prior to conviction, married again and had more children in Tasmania where he died in 1852. He was transported on E(liza) after trial in WIL(TSHIRE).


ABERY [ABREY], Thomas: ba 1798 Wylye WIL; m 1827 ENG ch; m 1844 TAS ch; d 1852 TAS EWIL001
ACRES [AKERS] William: b ~1808 Waltham ESS; t ESS; d? PESS001
AGGERS [AGGAS], William: b ~1804 nr. Norwich NFK; m 1853 TAS ch; d 1875 TAS PNFK001
ALEXANDER, John: ba 1804 Pewsey WIL; d? BWIL001
ALEXANDER, Joseph: ba 1806 Ramsbury WIL; m 1826 ENG ch; m 1854, 56 TAS ch; d 1878 TAS EWIL002
ALEXANDER, Matthias: ba 1806 Ramsbury WIL; m 1838,54 TAS ch; d 1865 TAS EWIL003
ALLEN, John: b ~1779 nr Andover HAM; m 1810 ENG ch; rtE 1839; d? EHAM001
ALLEN, Solomon: ba 1797 Waltham St. Lawrence, BRK; m 1819 ENG ch; d 1879 VIC ErBRK001
AMOR, Shadrach: ba 1809 Pewsey WIL; m 1836 TAS ch; d? EWIL004
ANREWS, Henry: b ~ 1807 ?KEN; d 1884 TAS EKEN00I
ANNETTS, John: b ~1792 'Turnham' (? Vernham, HAM); m 1816 ENG ch; d 1831 TAS PHAM001
ARNEY, William: ba 1803 Breamore HAM; m 1828 ENG ch; rtE ~1837; d? EHAM002
ATKINS, Joseph: b ~1797 Dorchester OXF; m ENG ch; ?d 1861 TAS EOXF001
ATKINS, Stephen: ba 1804 High Wycombe BKM; m ENG ch; de 1836 VIC; fm VIC; d 1879 VIC PBKM001
BAKER, David: ba 1801 Chiseldon WIL; m 1823 ENG ch; rtE <1851; d? EWIL005
BAKER, Henry: b ~1794 Fingrinhoe ESS; m ENG ch; ?de 1842 VIC; d? EESS001
BAKER, James: b ~1788 Shalbourne BRK; m ENG ch; d? PWIL001
BAKER, William: b ~1803 Inkpen BRK; d? EWIL006
BALL, George: ba 1807 Highworth WIL; d? EWIL007
BALL, Robert: b 1807 Weston Birt GLS; m ENG ch; d? EGLS 001
BANSTONE [MACEY], Samuel: ba 1790 Fonthill Gifford WIL; m 1809 ENG ch; d? EWIL008
BARNES, Francis: b ~1800 nr. Norwich NFK; m ENG ch; d? PNFK002
BARRETT, John: b ~1806 Tisbury WIL; m 1829 ENG ch; rtE <1841; d? EWIL009
BARRETT, Robert: b Highworth WIL ~1804; m 1820 ENG ch; d? EWIL010
BARRETT, Samuel: b ~1800 Tisbury WIL; rtE; d? EWIL011
BARROW, George: b ~1794 Hurst Green SSX; m ENG ch; d? EKEN002
BARTLETT, David: b ~1806 Oare WIL; m 1820 ENG ch; m 1842 TAS; d? EWIL012
BARTLETT, William: ba 1801 Norton Bavant WIL; m ENG ch; fm TAS; de, post 1842, VIC d <1868 ?VIC EWIL013
BARTON, David: ba 1807 Chepping Wycombe BKM; m ENG ch; d 1885 TAS PBKM002
BARTON, James: b ~1802 Wycombe Marsh BKM; m ENG ch; rtE; d? PBKM003
BATES, Daniel: b ~1804 Kintbury BRK; m 1835 TAS; d 1875 TAS EBRK001
BEALE, John: b ~1792 Wadhurst SSX; m ENG ch; m 1848 TAS ch; d 1866 TAS EKEN003
BE(A)MINSTER, Joseph: b ~1792 Heytesbury WIL; m ENG ch; de 1852 VIC; d? EWIL014
BECKINGHAM, Richard: b ~1804 Thruxton HAM; t HAM; d? EHAM003
BECKLEY [GIDDINGS], Charles: ba 1804 Enford WIL; m 1824 ENG; d? EWIL015
BENNET(T), Charles: ba 1803 Nunton WIL; de 1836 VIC; d? EWIL016
BINSTEAD, Arthur: b ~1782 Hailsham SSX; m ENG ch; d 1851 QLD (father of below) ESSX001
BINSTEAD, George: b ~1813 Hailsham SSX; m 1838 TAS ch; de <1852 VIC; d 1867 VIC ESSX002
BISHOP, Thomas: b ~1801; m ENG ch; d? EGLS002
BLAKE, Robert: ba 1805 Great Bedwin WIL; m 1835 TAS ch; d 1873 TAS EWIL017
BLANDFORD, James: ba 1802 Tisbury WIL; m 1824 ENG ch; d 1833 TAS E WIL018
BLIZZARD, Thomas: b ~1801 Aylesbury BKM; m ENG ch; d 1843 TAS PBKM004
BLOOMFIELD, William: b ~1798 Clacton ESS; m ENG ch; m 1838 TAS; de 1845 SA; d 1875 SA PESS002
BOWLES, Thomas: ba 1796 Chepping Wycombe BKM; m ENG 1828 ch; d 1872 TAS PBKM005
BOWMAN, Jonathan: b ~1773 ?NFK; m ENG ch; d 1834 TAS LNFK001
BOXALL, Thomas: b ~1806 Bosham SSX; d? ESSX003
BOYES, John: ba 1782 Owslebury HAM; m ENG ch; rtE <1841; d 1856 ENG EHAM004
BRIND, Thomas: b ~1792 Hungerford BRK; m ENG ch; d 1860 TAS EWIL019
BROADWAY, Henry: ba 1796 Burbage WIL; m 1817 ENG; rtE; d 1853 ENG EWIL020
BROWN, Thomas: b ~1811 nr Lewes SSX; d? ESSX004
BROWN, William: b ~1796 Isle of Thanet KEN; m ENG ch; d? EKEN004
BRYANT, Joseph: ba 1806 Little Marlow BKM; m ENG ch; de 1848 VIC; d 1858 VIC PBKM006
BRYANT, William: ba 1789 Chepping Wycombe BKM; m ENG ch; d? (father of above) PBKM007
BRYANT, William: ba 1807 Wooburn BKM; m ENG ch; ?m TAS 1844; d? (nephew of above) PBKM008
BURDEN, James: ba 1789 Patney WIL; m(1) 1820 ENG ch, m(2) ENG ch; d? EWIL021
BURGE, Charles: b ~1811 Pagham SSX; d? ESSX005
BURGESS, William: b ~1805 nr. Winchester HAM; m 1828 ENG ch; d? PHAM002
BURT, Thomas: ba 1804 Fonthill Gifford WIL; m 1825 ENG ch; rtE; d? EWIL022
BUSHELL, Stephen: b ~1802 Monkton KEN; d? EKEN005
BUSHELL, William: b ~1812 Monkton KEN; d 1831 TAS EKEN006
BUTLER, John: ba 1809 Chepping Wycombe BKM; d 1858 TAS PBKM009
BUTLER, William: b ~1780 Little Marlow BKM; m 1828 ENG ch; d 1860 TAS PBKM010
CAMEL(L), Edward: b ~1797 Dorchester OXF; d? EOXF002
CASE, James: ba 1786 Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL; m 1816 ENG ch; d 1867 TAS EWIL023
CATCHPOLE, William: b ~1790 Norwich NFK; m ENG ch; ?m TAS; d 1861 TAS PNFK003
CHAMP, David: ba 1810 Micheldiver HAM; m 1858 TAS ch; d 1892 TAS EHAM005
CHUBB [or CHOBE], Joseph: ba 1799 Sixpenny Handley DOR; m1824 ENG ch; d? EWIL024
CLARK(E), George: b ~1812 Romsey HAM; d? PHAM003
CLARKE, John Simon: b ~1809 Sawtry HUN; m ENG ch; d 1831 TAS PHUN001
COLE, Richard: b ~1793 Winson GLO; m ENG ch; de ?1837 VIC EGLO003
COLE, William: b ~1784 Little Clacton ESS; m ENG ch; de 1836 VIC d? EESS002
COLEMAN, George: b ~1808 nr Winchester HAM; de 1838 VIC; m ~1839 VIC ch; d 1891 VIC PHAM004
COLLEY, William: b ~1803 Sawtry HUN; d 1882 TAS PHUN002
COLLINS, George: b ~1806 Timsbury HAM; m1830 ENG ch; m1837 TAS ch; d 1859 TAS EHAM006
COLLINS, John: ba 1797 Timsbury HAM; m 1817 ENG ch; rtE; d? EHAM007
COMPTON, Henry: b ~1804 Tetbury GLS; m ENG ch; ?m 1861 VIC; ?d 1867 VIC EGLS004
CONDUIT, William: b ~1806 Kimpton HAM; d? PHAM005
COOK, William: b 1792 West Grimstead WIL; m ENG; de ?1836 VIC; d? EWIL025
COOPER, James: b ~1800 'nr Newbury BRK' pres. East Woodhay HAM; m 1826 ENG ch; rtE; d? EHAM008
COTTON, Robert: b ~1806 Banbury OXF; ?m 1843 TAS ch; d? POXF001
COWLEY, Robert: b ~1804 Fairford GLS; m ENG ch; m 1855 VIC/51; d 1888 VIC/1291 EGLS005
CROCKFORD, Hurloch: b ~1803 Westbourne SSX; d? ESSX006
CROSS, James: b ~1807 Great Clacton ESS; d 1868 TAS PESS003
CRUTCH, John: ba 1813 High Wycombe BKM; t BKM; m 1843 VIC; d 1879 VIC PBKM011
CULLENDER, Robert: b ~1812 Great Clacton ESS; d? EESS003
CURTIS, William: b ~1802 Little Clacton ESS; m ENG; de 1837 ENG; d? EESS004
DANDRIDGE, John: b ~1785 Wooburn BKM; m 1810 ENG ch; d? PBKM012
DAVEY, George: b ~1802 Kirby ESS; d? EESS005
DAVEY, Robert: b ~1798 Kirby ESS; m ENG; d? PESS004
DEWBERRY, William: b ~1805 Stone BKM; m ENG ch; rtE; d? PBKM013
DICKETTS, Henry: b~ 1811 Milford WIL; d? EWIL026
DORE, John: ba 1810 Barton Stacey HAM; m 1831 ENG; m 1841 TAS ch; d? YHAM001
DOREY, James: b ~1803 Sutton SSX; d? ESSX 007
DOVE [DOW], William: b 1809 Reepham NFK; m 1838 TAS ch; d 1866 TAS PNFK004
DRAPER, Samuel: b ~1805 Kirby ESS; d 1847 TAS PESS005
DUKE, John: b SSX ~1810; de VIC 1839; d? EHAM009
DUNK, James: b ~1795 Chislet KEN; ?m ~1841 TAS ch; d? EKEN007
DUNNETT, Charles: b ~1786 Petworth SSX; d 1831 TAS EESS006
DURHAM, William: b ~1808 'Fort George America'; m 1836 TAS ch; de VIC 1851; d? EWIL027
EADE, Stephen: b ~1789 Little Holland ESS; m ENG ch; d? PESS006
EAST, John: b ~1809 Poyle MDX; m 1830 ENG ch; m 1840 TAS ch; d 1857 TAS PBKM014
EDGEWORTH, James: b ~1801 Prestbury GLS; d 1849 TAS EGLS006
EDGINGTON, Joseph: b ~1782 Highworth WIL; m ENG ch; rtE; d? EGLS007
ELDRIDGE, Henry: b ~1808 Eastleach Turville GLS; d? EGLS008
E(L)TON, William: b ~1807 Newton Tony WIL; m ENG ch; m VIC 1840 ch; d 1864 VIC EWIL028
EVERETT, James: b ~1808 Withersfield SFK; m 1852 TAS; d 1877 TAS PSFK001
EVERETT, Thomas: b ~1783 Horseheath CAM; m ENG ch; rtE; d? (father of above) PSFK002
EYRES, John: ba 1870 Enford WIL; m 1817 ENG; d? EWIL029
FARMER, Jeremiah: b ~1800 nr Andover HAM; m 1826 ENG ch; m 1844/55 TAS; d 1871 TAS PHAM006
FIELDER, Arthur: b ~1787; m 1809 ENG ch; d? EHAM010
FISHER, Joseph: b ~1808 Newbury BRK; m(1) 1830 ENG ch; fm 1834 TAS; m(2) 1859 TAS; d 1882 TAS EOXF003
FISHER, Thomas: b ~1806 Beaconsfield BKM; m ENG ch; ?m 1844 TAS; ?de NSW 1837; ?d 1870 VIC PBKM015
FOOT(E), Thomas: b ~1800 nr Shaftsbury DOR; m 1825 DOR ENG ch 4 daughters; fm TAS; ?d 1866 VIC EWIL030
FORD, James (Sandle): ba 1811 Havant HAM; m 1841 VIC ch; d 1890 VIC EHAM011
FREEMANTLE, Nicholas: b ~1800 Bishops Waltham HAM; m ENG ch; d 1861 TAS PHAM007
FRIBBENS, Robert: b ~1807 Burbage WIL; d? EWIL031
GANGE, Thomas (als John): b ~1807 'Earldom'; m 1836 TAS ch; de ?1839 VIC; d 1868 VIC EWIL032
GATHERCOLE, Rice: b ~1808 Mattishall NFK; d 1838 TAS PNFK005
GEE, David: ba 1811 Wanborough WIL; ?m 1850 TAS; d? PWIL002
GEE, Worthy: ba 1813 Wanborough WIL; de VIC 1836; d? (brother to above) PWIL003
GLASSPO(O)LE, James: b ~1797, ba 1803 Durley HAM; d 1852 VIC PHAM008
GOBLE, Edward: b ~1789 Bosham SSX; ?m 1837 TAS; d? ESSX008
GODDARD, Thomas: ba 1802 Aldbourne WIL; m 1827 ENG ch; rtE; m 1837/43 ENG ch; d 1852 ENG EWIL004
GOLDER, Thomas: b ~1800 KEN; m ENG ch; de 1839 SA; m 1846 SA ch; d 1880 SA GKEN001
GOODMAN, Thomas: b ~1808 Battle SSX; m 1842 TAS; ?d 1856 NSW PSSX001
GRANT, James: b Kirby ESS ~1800; m ENG ch; d? EESS007
GRANT, John: b Kirby ESS ~1805; m ENG; d? (brother to above and below) EESS008
GRANT, Thomas: b Kirby ESS ~1801; m ENG ch; d? EESS009
GREEN, Thomas: b 1808 Andover HAM; ?d 1894 TAS PHAM009
GREGORY, Thomas: ba 1799 Hurstbourne Tarrant HAM; m 1823/26 ENG ch; rtE; d? PHAM010
GROVES, Richard: ba 1809 Pewsey WIL; m 1840 VIC ch; de 1839 VIC; d unkn. date VIC EWIL033
GUNTON, James: b ~1802, Shipdam or Mattishall NFK; m ENG ch; m TAS 1838 ch; d 1873 TAS PNFK006
HALE, James: ba 1802 Enford WIL; m ENG ch; rtE; d? EWIL034
HARDING, Thomas: ba 1798 Kingsley HAM; absconded 1839 while under 2nd sentence; d? PHAM011
HARFORD, Samuel: b ~1808 Tisbury WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL035
HART, John: b ~1806 SSX; ?m TAS; d? EESS010
HAWKINS, David: b ~1790 Inkpen BRK; d? EBRK002
HAYHOE, Samuel: b ~1796 Kirby ESS; m ENG ch; d 1881 TAS EESS011
HAYTER, William: b ~1802 Bramshaw WIL; m ENG ch; d 1835 TAS EWIL036
HAYWARD, John: b ~1809 Barford WIL; de 1837/38 VIC/SA; d? EWIL037
HEATH, David: b ~1807 Ramsbury WIL; d? EWIL038
HEATH, David: ba 1810 Broad Blunsdon WIL; m 1828 ENG; fm TAS 1834; d? EWIL039
HEBUIRN [HEPBURN], Thomas: b ~1798 KEN; m 1825 ENG ch; fm ~1837 TAS; de 1839 VIC; d 1879 VIC EKEN008	
HEIGH(E)S, Thomas: b 1801 Selbourne HAM; m 1822 ENG ch; t HAM; d 1838 TAS EHAM012
HERRINGTON, Henry: ba 1788 Bower Chalke WIL; m ENG ch; rtE; d? EWIL040
HIBBERD, William: b ~1786 WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL041
HILL, William: b ~1805 Cookham BRK; m ENG ch; d? EHAM013
HILLIER, Arthur: b ~1808 Bedwin WIL; m ENG ch; m 1837 TAS ch; d 1869 TAS EWIL042
HILLIER, William: ba 1806 Enford WIL; d? EWIL043
HILLMAN, William: b ~1800 Easton WIL; m 1823 ENG ch; d? EWIL044
HISCOCK(S), John (Spencer): ba 1808 Pewsey WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL045
HOLLAND(S), George: b ~1802 Birchington KEN; d 1880 TAS EKEN009
HOLLIS, Thomas: b ~1805 Sandford OXF; m ENG ch; d 1869 VIC POXF002
HOLMES, William: b ~1804 Allington WIL; d? EWIL046
HOLT, Moses: ba 1811 Chepping Wycombe BKM; de VIC 1840; d? PBKM016
HOLT, William: ba 1811 Great Bedwin WIL; d? EWIL047
HOPGOOD, John: ba 1794 Chute WIL; m 1823 ENG ch; de 1836 VIC; m 1841 VIC ch; d 1880 VIC EHAM014
HORNER, William: b ~1806 Alconbury HUN; m ENG ch; ?d 1862 TAS PHUN003
HOTSON, John: b ~1797 Westbourne SSX; m ENG ch; d 1832 TAS EHAM015
HOUGHTON, Peter: ba 1796 Durley HAM; m 1818 ENG ch; d 1831 TAS EHAM016
HOUSE, James: b ~1807 Heytesbury WIL; m 1830 ENG ch; m 1843 TAS; d 1850 TAS EWIL048
HOWES, George: b ~1805 Cawston NFK; m ENG ch; de 1838 VIC; m ~1840 VIC ch; d 1881 VIC PNFK007
HUGHES, William: ba 1795 Great Gidding HUN; m 1816 ENG ch; fm TAS; d 1874 TAS PHUN004
HULKES, Henry: b ~1807 Bishopsbourne KEN; d? EKEN010
HUNT, John: b ~1809 Wolstone BRK; m 1840 TAS; d? EGLS009
HUNT, Joseph: b ~1810 Tisbury WIL; d? EWIL049
HURRELL, Isaac: b ~1809 Barford NFK; d? PNFK008
HUTCHINSON, Barnabus: b ~1811 Bodenham WIL; de VIC 1852; d? EWIL050
INGRAM, John: b ~1806 Kirby ESS; d? EESS012
ISLES [ILES], Isaac: ba 1804 Upavon WIL; t WIL; m 1835 TAS ch; d 1896 TAS PHAM012
JACOBS, John: b ~1802 Stadhampton OXF; ?m 1837 TAS ch; d? EOXF004
JEFFERIES, William: b ~1807 Prestbury GLS; t GLS; ?d 1862 VIC EGLS010
JEFF(E)RIES, William: b ~1785 Little Clacton ESS; m ENG ch; t ESS; d? EESS013
JENMAN, George: b ~1810 Emsworth HAM; d 1831 TAS EHAM017
JENMAN, William: b ~1809; m ENG ch; d? EHAM018
KEEBLE, Robert: b ~1802 Kirby ESS; ?d 1853 VIC PESS007
KEENS [KEAN], John: b ~1812 nr Basingstoke HAM; m 1845 TAS ch; d 1873 TAS LHAM001
KEENS, Richard: b ~1797 Nutley HAM; de VIC 1851; d? PHAM013
KETTLE, Elias: ba 1811 Sixpenny Handley DOR; de VIC 1836; m 1842 VIC; d 1867 NSW EWIL051
KIBBLEWHITE, William: b ~1810 nr Highworth WIL; t WIL; m 1836 TAS; d? EWIL052
KIMBER, John: ba 1790 Breamore HAM; d 1864 TAS PHAM014
KIMMENCE, Robert: b ~1795 Withersfield SFK; m ENG ch; m 1850 TAS; d 1865 TAS PSFK003
KIMMER (KIMBER), James: ba 1810 Milton Lilborne WIL; m 1839 TAS ch; de VIC 1839; d 1895 VIC EWIL053
KINGSHOTT, John: b ~1795 ?Greatham HAM; m ENG ch; fm TAS 1835; d 1866 TAS PHAM015
KNIBBS [NIBBS], William: ba 1809 Little Marlow BKM; m 1845 TAS ch; d 1884 TAS PBKM017
LANE, Charles: b ~1810 nr Salisbury WIL; d? EWIL054
LANE, James: ba 1795 Bishops Canning WIL; m 1817/20 ENG ch; d? EWIL055
LEGG, John: ba 1812 Hannington WIL; d? PWIL005
LEGG, Thomas: ba 1809 Hannington WIL; de VIC 1848; m 1851 VIC; d 1866 NSW PWIL006
LIDDIARD, Joseph: ba 1806 Ramsbury WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL056
LIGHT, Thomas: b ~1782 West Grimstead WIL; m ENG ch; de ENG 1838; d 1851+ ENG EWIL057
LINCOLN, Robert: b ~1805 ?Whitwell NFK; m ENG ch; m 1836 TAS ch; d 1875 TAS PNFK009
LOOKER, Edward: b Theale, ba 1812 Tilehurst BRK; d 1858 TAS EWIL058
LUSH, James: b ~1788 nr Salisbury WIL; m ENG ch; m TAS ch; d 1854 VIC PWIL007
MACKRELL, Thomas: ba 1787 East Garston BRK; m 1812 ENG ch; rtE; fm 1842 TAS; d 1860 TAS ErBRK002
MANN, Worthy: b ~1803 pres. Tetbury, GLS; m ENG ch; d? EGLS011
MARSH, William: ba 1804 All Cannings WIL; m 1823 ENG ch; de 1836 ENG; d? EWIL059
MARTIN, James: b ~1798 Shalbourne WIL; m ENG ch; d? PHAM016
MATTHEWS, Richard: ba 1809 Collingbourne Ducis WIL; de VIC 1837; m 1842 VIC; d 1894 VIC EWIL060
MILES, James: b ~1813 Chilworth SRY; m 1842 TAS; d 1851 TAS PBKM018
MILLARD, Levi: ba 1803 Gussage St Michael DOR; d? EWIL061
MILLER [MILLARD], Isaac: ba 1794 Great Durnford WIL; m ENG ch; rtE; d? PWIL008
MITCHELL, John: b ~1805 nr Fairford GLS; ?m 1854 VIC; ?d 1879 VIC EGLS012
MOODY, John: ba 1804 Little Marlow BKM; d 1831 TAS PBKM019
MOON, John: ba 1806 Pewsey WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL062
MOON, Stephen: ba 1801 Pewsey WIL; m ENG ch; d 1831 TAS EWIL063
MOORE, George: b ~1808 Ash KEN; ?m 1837 TAS; d? EKEN011
MOORE, Giles: b ~1790 Withersfield SFK; m ENG ch; rtE; d? PSFK004
MOREY, Samuel: ba 1811 Havant HAM; m TAS ch; d 1896 VIC EHAM019
MORGAN, Abraham: b ~1802 Pentridge DOR; m 1825 ENG ch; d? EWIL064
MOULD, James: b ~1791 Tisbury WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL065
MOULD, James: b ~1806 Tisbury WIL; d? EWIL066
MUNDAY, William: ba 1792 Imber WIL; m 1814 ENG ch; d? EWIL067
MUSTO, Edward: b ~1801 ?Alvington GLS; m 1838 TAS; d 1872 NSW EGLS013
NASH, John: ba 1800 Hampstead Marshall BRK; m ENG ch; ?de 1838 VIC; ?d1858 VIC PHAM017
NEW, Jeremiah: ba 1814 Sevenhampton WIL; d 1831 TAS PWIL009
NEWCOMBE, John: b ~1804 Tetbury GLS; m ENG ch; d 1832 TAS EWIL068
NEWMAN, John: b ~1798 Downton WIL; d 1887 TAS EHAM020
NORRIS, Francis: b ~1790 Beenham BRK; m 1836 TAS; d 1844 TAS EBRK003
NORTH, Daniel: ba 1800 Chute WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL069
NORTH, Samuel: b ~1797 Chute WIL; m 1845 TAS; d 1887 TAS EWIL070
NORTH, William: b ~1808 Chute WIL; m 1841 TAS ch; d 1871 TAS EWIL071
NUTBEENE [NUTBEENE], Edward Charles: b ~1812 Downton WIL; de VIC 1846; d? PHAM018
OLDEN, John: ba 1803 Newton Tony WIL; m VIC ch; d 1880 VIC EWIL072
OLIPHANT, Richard: b ~1805 Birchington KEN; de 1839 SA; d? EKEN012
OVER(R)Y, Thomas: b ~1807; m 1840 TAS; d? EKEN013
PAGDEN, John: b ~1812 Keamer SSX; d? ESFK009
PAICE, George: ba 1807 Barton Stacey HAM; m 1829 ENG; de VIC 1852; d? EHAM021
PALMER, George: b ~1793 Warminster WIL; m 1814 ENG; d? EHAM022
PEARCE, John: b ~1810 Westbourne SSX; d? ESFK010
PERRY, John: b ~1780 Collingbourne WIL; m ENG ch; d 1866 TAS EWIL073
PINCHIN, John: b ~1804 Pewsey WIL; d? EWIL074
PINCHIN, Joseph: ba 1789 Pewsey WIL; m 1815/24 ENG ch; d? EWIL075
PITMAN, Richard: b ~1800 Hindon WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL076
PIZZIE, Charles: ba 1806 Great Bedwin WIL; m ENG; m 1842 TAS ch; de 1848 VIC; d 1881VIC PWIL010
POINTER, James: b ~1800 Birchington KEN; m ENG ch; ?m 1843 TAS; d? EKEN014
PONTING, Christopher: b ~1786 Fairford GLS; m ENG ch; de 1836 VIC; rtE; d ?ENG post1871 EGLS014
POOLE, John: b ~1802 Tetbury GLS; d? EGLS015
PORTER, Thomas: b ~1812 Porton WIL; d? EWIL077
POTTER, Cromwell: b ~1804 Withersfield SFK; m ENG ch; de 1837 ENG; d? PSFK005
POTTICARY, Henry: ba 1800 Heytesbury WIL; m 1824 ENG ch; d? ESFK078
PRIEST, Joseph: ba 1794 Chepping Wycombe BKM; m ENG ch; d? PBKM020
PUDNEY, John; b ~1803 Little Clacton ESS; m ENG ch; de 1838/9 SA; m 1840 SA ch; d ~1850 SA EESS014
RADWAY, William: b ~1799 OXF; d? EOXF005
RAMPTON, Richard: b ~1805 nr Winchester HAM; ?d 1860 TAS PHAM019
RANGER, David: b ~ 1798 nr Amesbury; m ENG; d? EWIL079
READ, Thomas: b ~1805 Margate KEN; de 1840 VIC; d? EKEN015
REED, Thomas: b ~1807 Petersfield HAM; m VIC ch; d 1866 VIC ESSX011
RING, Joseph: b 1806 Watlington OXF; de unkn NSW; m 1841, 56 NSW ch; d 1878 NSW EOXF006
RIXON, Thomas: b ~1785 Tisbury WIL; m ENG ch; d 1835 TAS EWIL080
ROBERTS, Isaac: ba 1808 Manningford Bruce WIL; m1850 NSW ch; d 1867 NSW EWIL081
ROGERS, William: ba 1812 West Grimstead WIL; d 1831 TAS EWIL082
ROSE, George: b ~1807 West Charlton WIL; d 1833 TAS PHAM020
ROSE, John: ba 1804 All Cannings WIL; m 1827 ENG; d? EWIL083
SALTER, Arthur: ba 1812 Little Marlow BKM; m 1836 TAS; d 1891 VIC PBKM021
SCOTCHINGS, William: ba 1797 Stone BKM; m ENG ch; d 1879 TAS PBKM022
SEAL, Samuel: b ~1798 Malmesbury WIL; m ENG ch; ?d 1868 (as SEARL) TAS EGLS016
SEAMAN, John: b ~1785 Westerham KEN; d? EKEN016
SHEPHERD, (SHEPPARD), Aaron: b ~1790 Winterslow WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL084
SHEPHERD, Charles: b ~1804 Hale HAM; m ENG ch; ?d 1892 TAS EHAM023
SHEPHERD, (SHEPPARD) John: b ~1810 Newton Tony WIL; d? EWIL085
SHERGOLD, John: ba 1808 Stapleford WIL; m TAS 1842 ch; d? ErWIL001
SHIP, Stephen: b ~1812 Withersfield SFK; rtE; d? PSFK006
SHIP, Thomas: b ~1779 Iping SSX; ?de 1839 ENG; d? EESS015
SIDDERS (DEVERSON), William: b ~1804 Preston KEN; d? EKEN017
SILCOCK, John: b ~1803 Bullington HAM; m 1841 TAS; d? EHAM024
SIMS, John: ba 1806 St Mary Bourne HAM; m 1827 ENG ch; ?d 1866 TAS PHAM021
SKIT(T)RELL, Charles: ba 1804 Burbidge WIL; d? EWIL086
SLADE, John: b ~1785 Downton WIL; m ENG ch; d? EHAM025
SMITH (EWENS), George: ba 1794 Marden WIL; m ENG ch; t WIL; d? TAS EWIL087
SMITH [BUDD], John: b ~1802 ?High Wycombe BKM; m ENG ch; t BKM; d? PBKM023
SMITH, Stephen: b ~1804 Hambledon HAM; d? ESSX012
SMITH, Thomas: b ~1802 Falfield GLS; m ENG ch; d? EGLS017
SMITH, William: ba 1798 Heytesbury WIL; m ENG ch; d? EWIL088
SNOOK(S), William: ba 1808 Tisbury WIL; m 1840 TAS ch; d 1852 TAS EWIL089
SNOW, William: b ~1804 Fishbourne nr Chichester SSX; d? ESSX013
SPENCER, William: b 1809 ? Alvington GLS; ?m 1838 TAS ch; ?d 1876 TAS EGLS018
STANNARD, John: b ~1803 Ash KEN; ?m 1838 TAS ch; d? EKEN018
STAPLETON, Thomas: b ~1791 Sawtry HUN; m 1812 ENG ch; d 1861 TAS PHUN005
STEEL(E), Edmund: b ~1789; '3 Legges Cross' HAM; m ENG ch; m 1837 TAS ch; de VIC <1841; d ?1865 VIC EBRK004
STEVENS, Joshua: b ~1788 Chedworth GLS; m ENG ch; d 1836 TAS EGLS019
STEVENS, Robert: b ~1780 Chedworth GLS; m ENG ch; d? (brother of above) EGLS020
STONE, William: b ~1800 Ash KEN; t KEN; ?d 1863 TAS EKEN019
STROOD, Thomas: b ~1810 Preston KEN; d? EKEN020
STUDHAM, Elizabeth: b ~1810 Monkton KEN; d? MKEN001
SUMMERFIELD, Samuel: b ~1810 ? Shenley HRT; m 1846 TAS ch; d 1864 TAS PBKM024
SYDENHAM, Edward: b Westbourne SSX ~1809; d 1856 TAS EHAM026
TAYLOR, William: b ~1782 Islington LND; m ENG ch; de VIC 1836; d? PWIL011
THORN(E), John: b ~1806 Swindon WIL; de 1839 VIC; ?d 1893 VIC PWIL012
THORNTON, Henry: ba 1794 Newton Tony WIL; d? EWIL090
TICKNER, John: b ~1771Hawkhurst KEN; m ENG ch; d? EKEN021
TIMBRELL, Benjamin: b ~1803 Quenington GLS; m ENG ch; de 1836 VIC; d 1838 VIC EGLS021
TOLLARD, John: ba 1807 St Mary Bourne HAM; m 1830 ENG ch; m 1836 TAS ch; d 1876 TAS PHAM022
TONGS, John: ba 1798 Timsbury HAM; m ENG ch; rtE; fm 1842/3 TAS; d 1869 TAS EHAM027
TOOMER, George: ba 1793 Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL; m ENG ch; rtE d? PWIL013
TOPP, Thomas: ba 1810 Fonthill Bishop WIL; de 1836 VIC; m 1840 VIC ch; d 1891 VIC EWIL091
TOWN, James: b ~1797 Ascot OXF; m ENG ch; m 1842 TAS; d? EOXF007
TOWNSEND, George: b ~1804 Rumboldswyke SSX; d? ESSX014
TRIGGS, John: b ~1806 Bosham SSX; d? ESSX015
TURNER [TURNHAM], Moses: ba 1789 Stone BKM; m ENG ch; d? PBKM025
VENVILLE [VENWELL], Richard: ba 1810 Great Rissington GLS; m 1840 VIC ch; d 1896 VIC EGLS022
VINEN, (VINING/VINEY), Thomas: ba 1810 Tisbury WIL; m 1836 TAS ch; d? EWIL092
VIVASH, Robert: ba 1808 Mildenhall WIL; m 1846 VIC; de 1840 VIC; d 1865 VIC EWIL093
VOKINGS (VOKINS), John: ba 1810 Aldbourne WIL; d? EWIL094
WADLEY, Thomas: b ~1810 Crowmarsh Gifford OXF; m 1835 TAS ch; d 1869 TAS EOXF008
WADLEY, William: b ~1805 Crowmarsh Gifford OXF; m 1836 TAS ch; d 1875 TAS EOXF009
WALDUCK, John: ba 1809 Kingston SRY; m 1842 TAS ch; d 1886 TAS PBKM026
WALKER, Henry: ba 1809 Chepping Wycombe BKM; d? PBKM027
WAREHAM, William: b ~1805 nr Basingstoke HAM; de unkn. VIC; m 1844 VIC ch; d 1866 VIC PHAM023
WATERS, Charles: ba 1804 Nunton WIL; d? EWIL095
WATTS, William: b ~1806; t HAM; d 1833 TAS EHAM028
WEAVING, Thomas: b ~1800 Adlestrop GLS; m ENG ch; d? EGLS023
WEBB, George: ba 1806 Downton WIL; m ENG ch; t HAM; d 1832 TAS EHAM029
WEBB, John: b ~1809 Weeley ESS; d? EESS016
WEBB, William: ba 1809 Downton WIL; t HAM; d? EHAM030
WEEDON, Richard: b Oswestry SAL ~1789; m ENG ch; d 1847 TAS PBKM028
WEEKS, John: ba 1802 Downton WIL; m 1820 WIL ch; ?m 1845 TAS; d? EHAM031
WELLS, Thomas: b ~1809 Patney WIL; d? EWIL096
WELSH, George: b ~1796 Havant HAM; d? ESSX016
WHEELER, James: b ~1805 Upton Lovell WIL; d? EWIL097
WHITAKER, Farewell: b ~1790 Hickling NFK; m ENG ch; de unkn. VIC; d 1857 VIC PNFK010
W(H)ITCHELL, William: b ~1790 Coln St Aldwyn GLO; m ENG ch; d? EGLS024
WHITCHER, James: b? ~1806; de SA 1849; d? YHAM002
W(H)ITCHER, William: b ~1803; t HAM; d? EHAM032
WHITE, Edmund: ba 1810 Tisbury WIL; m 1835 TAS ch; d 1882 TAS EWIL098
WHITEBREAD (WHITE), John: b ~1801 Andover HAM; d? EHAM033
WILD(E), John: ba 1813 Pewsey WIL; d? EWIL099
WILLIAMS, William: b ~1811 Withersfield SFK; ?de VIC 1840; d? PSFK007
WILLOUGHBY, Robert: b ~ 1802 Sevenhampton, WIL; m 1819 ENG ch; rtE; d? EWIL100
WINGROVE, Edmund: b ~1806 Lane End BKM; d? PBKM029
WITHERS, Peter: ba 1807 Chilton Foliatt WIL; m ENG ch; m 1836 TAS; d 1871 SA PWIL014
YOUNG, (SUTTON), John: b ~1809; m ENG; d? EWIL101

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