Launceston 1866 residents

Residents of Launceston

C - D

Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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CADMAN, George Elizabeth Street
CAHIL, Mitchel Esplanade
CAIN, Anthony William Street
CALDWELL, Charles Canning Street
CALLOW, Robert Wellington Road
CALLOW Margaret Street
CAMPION, Benjamin W. Solicitor- Residence St. John Street- Paterson Street
CAMPBELL Eardley Street
CAMERON, John Brisbane Road
CAPE, John Commission agent Cimitiere Street
CAPNEY, William Bourke Street
CARTWRIGHT, Joseph Abbott Street
CARTLEDGE, John Hay & corn store Brisbane & Wellington Streets
CARTLEDGE, James Storekeeper Cimitiere Street
CAREY, George Elizabeth Street
CAREY, Jacob Wellington Street
CAREY, Patrick Balaclava Street
CAREY, John Victoria Street
CARTER, Charles Shoemaker Bathurst Street
CARTER, Rheuben Shoemaker Bathurst Street
CARTER, John Labourer Melbourne
CASTLEY, George Balfour street
CASTLEY, J. & G. Ironmongers Elizabeth Street
CASEY, William Labourer Middle Street
CASSIDY, Edward Upper Charles Street
CATHCART, John C. Cashier Commercial Bank Cameron Street
CATANAGH Brisbane Street
CATER Spencer Street
CAVANAGH, James Wheelwright Tamar Street
CAWE, Edward Licensed victualler Elizabeth Street
CAWSTON, William Photographic artist St. John Street
CEMETERY, Launceston Secretary, G. Pullen Mulgrave Street
CHALKER, George Messenger George Street
CHARLTON, George William Street
CHANDLER, John Goodwin Street
CHAPMAN, Henry W. Wharf
CHAPMAN, Philip George's Square
CHESTER, William Licensed victualler Elizabeth street
CHESTER Tailor St. John Street
CHEEK, Thomas Balfour Street
CHICK, William Leather warehouse St. John street
CHICK, Charles Labourer Frankland Street
CHITTY, M. Private boarding establishment George Street
CHURCH, Henry St. John Street
CHURCH, Mrs Boarding house Paterson Street
CLARKE, John Dry Street
CLARKE, J. Refreshment rooms St. John Street
CLARKE, Thomas Portland Street
CLAYTON, Charles Balfour Street
CLAYFIELD, Henry Cimitiere Street
CLERKE, Edward Residence Wellington Street
CLEAVER, John Balfour Street
CLEAVER, John Welman Street
CLEAR, George Brisbane Street
CLEPHANE, Andrew Hotel-keeper Charles Street
CLUFF, James Victoria Street
COGDEN, William Gardener York Street
COHEN, Lewis & Co. Auctioneers York Street
COLE, William Elizabeth Street
COLE, John Wellington Road
COLLINS, George S. York Street
COLLINS, James Margaret street
COLLINS, John Residence York Street
COLLINS, benjamin Canning Street
COLLINS, david William Street
COLLINS, Thomas Canning Street
COLLETT, James Elizabeth Street
COLLINGS, Henry Thomas Butcher Charles Street
COLLIER, George Bootmaker Brisbane Street
COMMERCIAL BANK Manager, G. Dean Cameron & Charles Street
COMPTON, James Storeman Bathurst street
CONNOR, Michael York Street
CONNOR, Patrick Bootmaker Margaret Street
CONNOR, Thomas High Street
CONDON, William Brisbane Street
CONDIN, Pearce Canning Street
CONWAY, Harry Architect Cameron Street
CONSTANTINE, John F. Upton Street
CONINGSBY, Edward General dealer Victoria Street
CONOLY, Thomas High Street
COOPER, John Gunsmith Wellington Street
COOKE, John Dealer Wellington Street
COOKE, James Brisbane Lane
COOKE, Archibald Police Constable Paterson Street
CORBETT, Thomas Ironmonger Brisbane Street
CORNEY, Thomas York Street
CORNEY, Edward Brisbane Street
CORNEY, Thomas Miller Cataract Hill
CO-OPERATIVE BREAD Wellington Street
COULTER, James Brougham Street
COULSON, William P. George Street
COULSON Frankland Street
COURT HOUSE Paterson Street
COURTNEY, James Frankland Street
CORNWALL CHRONICLE" Office Charles Street
CORNWALL INS. CO. Secretary, J. Aikenhead St. John Street
COWELL,Henry St. John Street
COWL, Robert R. Architect Elizabeth Street
COX, William Brisbane Street
COX, William Elizabeth Street
COX, Frank Coachbuilder Brisbane Street
COX, John Wellington Street
COX, George Cooper George Street
CRAW, James Shoeing smith Wellington Street
CRAWFORD, Thomas William Street
CRAIG, James Gasfitter Cimitiere Street
CRAIL, James Esplanade Row
CRAMER, Christian Howick Street
CROOKES, John Ironmonger Charles Street
CROOKES & HUDSON Merchants St. John Street
CROOKS, Charles W. London Tavern Cameron Street
CROCKER, Charles Frederick Street
CROCKER, Henry Coachbuilder Paterson Street
CROFTS, Charles G. Tailor & clothier Charles Street
CROFTS, Samuel George Street
CROFTS, Ephraim Westcombe Street
CROFTS, Charles W. Canning Street
CROFT, Samuel E. Tailor Cameron Street
CROSLEY, Frederick S. Wellington Street
CROSLEY, John Canning Street
CROFTON, Patrick Victoria Street
CROSBY, Frederick Baker Brisbane Street
CROW, Benjamin Licensed victualler George Street
CULLEN, Charles Labourer Brougham Street
CURTIS, Robert Paterson Street
CURTIS, Ezekiel Charles Street
CURTIS, Robert Twining Street
CURRY, James Butcher Elizabeth Street
CURRY, John Wellington Street
CURTAIN, Michael Canning Street
CURTAIN, Mathew Brisbane Lane
CUSTOM HOUSE George Street
CUTLER, William Groom Charles Street
DADD, Joseph Labourer Quarry Road
DAKIN, Jonathan Common school Wellington Street
DALTON, Thomas Horse dealer Brisbane Lane
DALEY, Owen York Street
DALE, Alfred George Street
DALY, Stephen Cressy Street
DALTONEY, Thomas William Street
DALLY, David Timber yard Charles Street
DALLY, Job Bathurst Street
DALLY, John Canning Street
DANSBY, James George Street
D'ARCY, Edward Brisbane Street
D'ARCY, Patrick Brisbane Street
D'ARCY, William Police Constable Bourke Street
D'ARCY, Thomas Margaret Street
DAVEY William Robert Manufacturing jeweller Brisbane Street
DAVEY, Samuel Tamar Street
DAVIES, Edward Livery stables St. John Street
DAVIES, Peter Fancy repository Brisbane Street
DAVIES, John M. George Street
DAVIES, James Shipsmith Lower George Street
DAVIES, Philip Glasgow Arms George Street
DAVIES, William Victoria Street
DAWSON, William Brisbane Street
DAWES, John Elizabeth Street
DAWSON, Benjamin Labourer Cimitiere Street
DAY, Charles St. John Street
DAY, John Bourke Street
DEAN Baker St. John Street
DEAN, Enoch Labourer Frankland Street
DEAN, George Manager, Commercial Bank Cameron Street
DEAN, John Hill Street
DEAN, W.H. Produce merchant Cimitiere Street
DEAN, W. Licensed victualler York Street
DEANSMORE, William Wellington Road
DEASE, Edward F. Charles Street
DEEKS, William Hill Street
DeLITTLE, Robert Labourer  
DELL, William Light porter Cimitiere Street
DELL, William Car proprietor Cameron Street
DENHAM, William Baker Wellington Road
DENNIS, Thomas Esk Street
DERWENT & TAMAR FIRE Agent, C.J. Weedon Cimitiere Street
DICKENS, Edward Balfour Street
DICKENSON, Richard Eardley Street
DIGBY, Ephraim Bootmaker Wellington Street
DIGNEY, George Shoeingsmith Elizabeth Street
DIMMETT, William Bourke Street
DITCHAM, Edward L. Residence High Street
DITCHAM, BUTTON & CO. Saw mills St. John Street
DIX, Edwin H. St. John Street
DIX, Richard P. Chemist & druggist Charles Street
DIXON, John N. Plasterer Bathurst Street
D'LAMONT Baker George Street
DOBIE, Rowland Brisbane Street
DOCKING, Robert Frederick Street
DODD, Joseph Quarry Street
DODSWELL, Daniel Balfour Street
DOLPHIN, Benjamin Wellington Street
DONOVAN, John Charles Street
DONOVAN, John Labourer Cameron Street
DOOLAN, Michael Wellington Street
DOOLAN, Patrick Javelin man Brisbane Street
DOOLAN, Thomas Wellington Street
DOOLEY, James Wellington Street
DOOLEY, James Painter York Street
DORSEY, Patrick York street
DOSSETOR, W. Tobacconist Brisbane Street
DOUGLAS, Adye Brisbane Street
DOUGLAS & COLLINS Solicitors Brisbane Street
DOWIE, Henry B. Brisbane Street
DOWIE & WOODGATE Grocers & tobacconists Brisbane Street
DOWLING, Rev. Henry Baptist minister York Street
DOWLING, Ambrose Frankland Street
DOWLING, William P. Photographer Quandrant
DOWLING, Henry Residence High Street
DOWLING, Edward J. Lyttelten Street
DOWLING West Street
DOWNS, Michael Carter George Street
DOWNS, Samuel Labourer Frankland Street
DOYLE, John William Street
DRINKWATER, James York Street
DROUGHT, Richard Wellington Street
DRYDEN, William Cleveland Street
DRYSDALE, John Railway timber yard Cameron Street
DRYNEY, George Elizabeth Street
DU CROZ, Nicholas & Co. Merchants Charles Street
DUCK, James Hairdresser Charles Street
DUCKETT, Jesse General dealer Wellington Road
DUDLEY, Thomas Mulgrave Street
DUFF, Bernard Carpenter George Street
DUGEN, Jeremiah Labourer Frederick Street
DUGAN, Mrs. Residence Tamar Street
DULLARD, Thomas Javelin man Brisbane Street
DUNNING, John Frederick Street
DUNNING Draper Brisbane Street
DUNCAN, William Blaclava Street
DUTHIE, Alexander Clerk George Street
DYNAN, Timothy Licensed victualler Lower George Street
DYSON, George Brisbane Street
DYSON, Joseph Mulgrave Street

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