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The Tharp Papers

Courtesy of the Cambridge County Records through the kind efforts of Edward Crawford of the U.K.


The Tharp estates records are one of the few that have survived for 18th century Jamaica. The reason for this was a prolonged lawsuit involving the Tharp family in the nineteenth century. In brief the original entrepreneur, John Tharp, disinherited his children .in a family quarrel and left most of his property to his baby grandson but alas the latter turned out to be mentally handicapped. Attempts by a variety of people to get hold of the money lead to a horrendous lawsuit of the Jarndyce v Jarndyce variety. Happily this has preserved the records. A Tharp descendant still lives in their Cambridgeshire country house I am told.


The Tharp papers can be found at the Cambridge County Records, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 OAP, England, UK. To find it you leave the Cambridge of the colleges and sightseers north west by the Magdalen Bridge and go about 150 –200 yards up the hill. At the top on the right is the large County Hall administrative building where the reception will direct you.

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The County Archivist, Cambridgeshire County Council, is Dr Philip Saunders, Tel. No. (UK) 01223 717281

In 1998 photocopying charges were £2 a page by mail, 25p if you were on the premises Last year, the research fees were quoted as £12.00 for the first half hour, £9.00 for subsequent half hours up to a 2 hour maximum search There is a short pamphlet, Good Hope: Jamaica, a short history by Patrick J. Tenison, published in Jamaica 1971 that gives some details of one of these estates.

Edward Crawford

Tharp estates in Jamaica 1670-1870


Often the English and Jamaican estates are considered together in the High Court of Chancery. Therefore some further information about the estates will be found under:- R.55.7.106-119

Notes that have added by the library in manuscript to the original typescript index are enclosed in brackets thus {1809}. ERC 1998}

Only the number (and letter) on the left hand side of the slip are essential for a proper reference. The slip number, which runs with each group of records with the title, is not part of the document reference and the bundle numbers of deeds are now redundant. e.g. R55.7.122(a) id the feoffment of 1000 acres in St James Parish to Thos Williams R.55.7.128(i) is Produce returns from Jamaica estates etc.

Start of Index

R. Estate Plans. (1) JAMAICA.

1. 1 Dec., 1670 600 acs. in P. of St. James - Owner Sgt.-Major Rene Bayly. Plan made by order of Sir Thomas Modyford. Scale: 7½ inches to 1 mile. {2 parts}

2. 18 Mch. 1670/1. 120 acs. in P. of St. James - Owners Mrs. Anne Cower and Mrs. Elizabeth Englut. Scale: 15 inches to 1 mile.

3. 30 Apr., 1723. 300 acs. in P. of St. Elizabeth, - Owner: John Eastwick. Ref. to Patent, 23 Oct., 1723. Scale : 4 inches to 1 mile.

4. 26 Jan., 1745 600 acs. in P. of St. James – Owner: - Andrew Skelmedine. Scale :- 4 inches to 1 mile. {2 parts}

5. 15 Feb., 1746/7. 300 acs. in P. of St. James – Owner: - John Skelmedine. Scale :- 4 inches to 1 mile.

6. 8 Jan., 1755 300 acs. in P. of St. James – Owner: - Samuel Johnson. Ref. to Patent, 11 Ap., 1755. Scale :- 4 inches to 1 mile.

7. - Ap., 1755. 300 acs. in P. of St. James - Owner :- Thomas Lovejoy Scale :- 4 inches to 1 mile.

8 8 Dec., 1777. 300 acs. in P. of Trelawney,- Owner John Tharp. Scale 4 inches to 1 mile

9. - Nov., 1785. Survey of Merrywood and several neighbouring estates, belonging to various owners. No scale.

10. Ap 1786. 191 acs. in P. of Trelawney - Owner - John Tharp Part of Top Hill Pen estate No scale.

11. 8 Aug., 1794 7 acs. 2 r. in P. of Trelawney - Owner - Hon. John Tharp. Part of Top Hill Pen estate. No scale.

12 Mch., 1795. 212 acs. 2 r. 29 p. in P. of Trelawney Owner Hon.John Tharp. Top Hill Pen estate. Scale :- 4 inches to 1 mile.

13 N.D 182 acs. 2 r. in P. of Trelawney – Owner - Hon. John Tharp No scale.

14 N.D Rough plan of Merrywood, Top Hill Pen, Potosi, Peru and other neighbouring estates. {St. James}

15. N.D Disputed boundary between Chippenham Park Pen and Elgin Hall estates. No scale.

R. Estate Plans. (2) JAMAICA.

1 June 1798 Plan for the hospital for sick slaves upon the Good Hope Estate, the property of John Tharp Esquire, situated in the parish of Trelawney.

West and North elevations and ground plan. In colour

R.55.7.122. Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

These deeds have been kept in their original numbered bundles.

A few, which were found loose, have been added and are marked * against the date.

Deeds which were "Enrolled in the Office of Enrolments" are marked (e).

Jamaica was divided into 3 Counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. These contained Parishes as below.

Cornwall. Middlesex. Surrey.

Hanover. St. Ann. St George. Westmoreland. Manchester. Portland. St. James. St. Mary. St. Andrew. Trelawney. St. Thomas {in the Va1e} Port Royal. St. Elizabeth. St. John. St. David. Clarendon. St. Thomas in the East. St. Dorothy. {Kingston} Vere. St. Catherine.

R.55.7.122.(a) Deeds &c JAMAICA.

Bundle 1. Title deeds of estates later Good Hope, Wales and Lansquinet.

1. 5 Aug., 1742.* King George II. to Thomas Williams, of Westmoreland. Letters patent granting 1000 acs. land in P. of St. James. (e)

2. 9 Dec., 1743* King George II. To Thomas Williams Feoffment of 1000 acs. land in P. of St. James.

3. 20 Aug., 1755. Lieut.-Col. Robert Spragge and Jane Stone, both of St. James, to Thomas Williams junr. of same. Attested copy of Grant of land by Martha Brea River, in P. of St. James for building water mill to serve Williams' plantation.

4. 11 May, 1769. Thomas Williams and Sarah his wife to John Tharp of Hanover. grant of several parcels of land in P. of St. James, total 3089 acs.; sugar works called Good Hope; Wales and Keith Hall with slaves (listed by name), &c.(e) Schedule of cattle, &c. attached.

5. 1 July, 1770. Thomas Williams of St. James to John Tharp of same. Grant of 55 acs. 2 r. land in P. of St. James which land was excepted in R.55.7.122.(a).4. (e)

6. 11 Oct.3 1770 John Straw of London and Katherine his wife to Thomas Williams of St. James. Grant of 1000 acs. land in P. of St. James being part of that included in R.55.7.122.(a).4. Attached 11 Oct., 1770. Affidavit attesting signatures to above.

7. 18 May, 1776. Thomas Williams of St. Catherine and Sarah his wife to John Tharp of Trelawney. Confirmation of title to 1000 acs. now in P. of Trelawney as in R.55.7.122.(a).6.

R.55.7.122.(b).. Deeds, &c JAMAICA.

Bundle 2. Title deeds of Potosi estate. 1. 28 & 29 Jan., 1763. 1763 2. Thomas Partridge of Weston, Bucks., son and heir of Thomas {Partridge}deceased late of St. James, to Francis Eyre of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex. Lease and Release of Potosi Estate with all lands, tenements, Slaves and other stock.

3. 30 & 31 Jan., 1763 4. Re-conveyance of Potosi Estate, by way of Lease and Release. Enrolled in Court of Common Pleas 5. 10 June , 1773. Affidavit attesting signatures to R.55.7.122.(b).1-4.

6. 31 Dec., 1766 John Marten Butt, executor of Thomas Partridge deceased, to John Tharp of Hanover. Articles of Agreement granting to John Tharp, husband of Elizabeth joint devisee with her sister under Will of Thomas Partridge her brother to Potosi and Flamstead Estates, management of same until said devisees are both of age. (e)

7. 31 Dec., 1766. John Marten Butt to John Tharp. Bond to perform covenants.

8. 7 Mch,) 1768. Same to same. Assignment of moiety of annuity of £200 chargeable on Potosi and Flamstead Estates.

9. 13 Nov., 1775. Alexander Findlater of Westmoreland to John Tharp and Elizabeth his wife. Release of claim on Potosi Estate. (e).

R.55.7.122.(c). Deeds, etc. JAMAICA.

Bundle 3. Title deeds of Nutfield Estate.

1. 17 & 18 Feb., 1792. 2. James Godsell of Limerick and Samuel his son to John Tharp of Trelawney. Lease and Release of lands specified in Indenture of 9 Feb., 1747 (possibly 500 acs. and 197 acs. of Nutfield Estate) remainder of lands of Henry Strudwick deceased which John Tharp had not previously acquired. (e) Attached:- 3. 5 Mch., 1792. Affidavit attesting- signatures of attorney of James and Samuel Godsell to above . 4. 17 & 18 Feb., 1792. 5 Duplicates of R.55.7.122.(c). 1 & 2. .

R.55.7.122.(d). Deeds, &c. JAMAICA.

Bundle 4. Title deeds of Henry Strudwick's estate Pantre Pant.

1. 5 Dec., 1760. Copy of Will of Henry Strudwick of St. Catherine who bequeathed estate in England (not specified) to Mary his wife with reversion to their daughter Mary, and estate in Jamaica (not specified) to trustees to provide annuities for relatives. Probate, 2 Dec.., 1772.

2. 28 & 29 Oct. 1789. 3. Rev. George Wairrington of Wrexham and Mary his wife, daughter of Henry Strudwick, to John Parry of Gresford, Denbighshire. Lease and Release to bar entail of estate in Jamaica. Attached:- 1 Nov., 1789. Declaration of Mayor of Chester attesting signatures. 5 Nov., 1789. Declaration of same attesting affidavit of John Humphries.

4. 30 & 31 Oct. 1789 5. John Parry to Rev. G.. Warrington and Mary his wife. Re- conveyance, by way of Lease and Release of estate as in R.55.7.122.(d).3. Attached: Declarations as to R.55.7.122. (d).3.

6. 4 &5 Mch., 1791. 7. George William Warrington of Wrexham, eldest son of Rev. G.. Warrington, and John Tharp of Trelawney to John Parry. Lease and Release of estate and slaves in Jamaica, formerly Henry Strudwick's who was grandfather of G. H. Warrington. Attached: 7 Mch. 1791. ) 8 Mch. 1791. ) 5 affidavits attesting signatures to above. 3 Aug., 1803) 8. 4 & 5 Mch., 1791. 9. Duplicates of R.55.7.122.(d). 6 & 7. 10. 12 Sept., 1796. Edward Strudwick of St. Catherine to Hon. John Tharp. Discharge of arrears of annuity chargeable on Pantre Pant estate. Enclosing 14 Nov., 1750. Plan of estate of 300 acs. formerly of Henry Strudwick. 20 Ap., 1795. Sarah W. Bolt to John Tharp. Receipt for annuity.

R.55.7.122.(e) Deeds, etc. JAMAICA.

Bundle 5. Title deeds of Cheshire estate, &c.

1. 4 Dec., 1773. Jane Spragge of Greenwich to James Kerr of Soho. Articles of Agreement for Lease for 13 years 5 months 15 days of Cheshire Plantation and a moiety of Hambrocke Penn, both in P. of St. James, at £375 for first 4 years, £500 p.a. for next 9 years, and £500 for residue of lease.

2. 9 Aug., 1774. Same to same. Further Articles of Agreement relating to Lease as above, and provision for re-valuation of estate.

3. 13 Oct., 1786 Articles of Agreement for 7 year lease of Cheshire Estate at £1000 p.a. Enclosing 13 Oct. 1786. Draft of said Articles

4. 10 Dec., 1787. Robert Wadham Spragge and Jane his mother to Dugald and Elizabeth McLachlan of Marylebone. Ref. R.55.7.122.(e).3. R.W. Spragge to receive two thirds and J. Spragge one third of £1000 p.a.. 5. 24 & 25 Feb., 1792. 6. Robert Wadham and Jane Spragge to John Tharp of Trelawney, now residing in Great Cumberland Place. Lease and Release of Cheshire Estate of 325 acs. in P. of Trelawney with mills, negroes and other stock; and of title to 300 acs. in Trelawney and 391 acs. near Martha Brae.

7. 24 & 25 Feb., 1792. 8. Counterparts of R.55.7.122.(e). 5 & 6. Attached: 25 Feb., 1792. Affidavit attesting signatures to above.

9. 27 Feb., 1792. Same to same. Assignment of Bond of Dugald McLachlan, Elizabeth McLachlan and others to Robert Wadham and Jane Spragge, dated 10 Dec. 1787.

R.55.7.122.-(f).1. Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 6. Title deed of land later part of Good Hope and Covey Estates.

14 Ap., 1776. Samuel Whitehorne Barnett of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Grant of 1308¾ acs. land in Trelawney in 2 parcels marked A and D on attached plan. (e) Attached: Diagramatic abstract of title.

R.55.7.122.(g) Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

The original Bundle 7 has not been found. This bundle comprises deeds found loose.

1. 21 Nov., 1769. Thomas Reid of St James to John Tharp now in Great Britain and formerly of Hanover Conveyance of 520 acres in St James with tenements etc (e) Plan attached

2. 11 Aug., 1771. Henry Cuniffe of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Grant of 150 feet land being, a wharf in Martha Brea. (e)

3. 4 May, 1775. Thomas Reid junr. of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Fragments of Lease of Hother's Wharf.

4. N.D. (Late 18th. Century). Brief for John Tharp, plaintiff, in case of ejectment from 1000 acs. land in Trelawney; with observations.

5. 25 May, 1803 Copy of Will of Henry Cuniffe of Killtolla, Galway. Probate 28 June, 1803.

6. 30 Dec. 1803 Richard Grant agent for John Tharp to trustees of the late Henry Cuniffe Agreement that Tharp be reimbursed the taxes he had paid since taking possession of the Merrywood. Estate and Summerhill Pen (formerly Cuniffe’s)

7. 1803-1804 Together with {3} letters of John Tharp and {of John Wedderburn}concerning this Property.

R.55.7.122.(h Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 8. Title deeds of Pedro estate etc. 1. 2 June, 1766. John Tharp of Hanover, only son of Joseph Tharp deceased of same, to Archibald Frame of same. Conveyance in trust to bar estate tail of Pedro Estate of 100 acs. and slaves (A in schedule), messuage and Batchelor's Hall Sugar Plantation of 260 acs Morris's Pen, and Old Pen of 150 acs., all in P. of Hanover, with slaves (B in schedule). (e) Attached Schedule of slaves.

2. 3 June, 1766 Archibald Frame to John Tharp. Re-conveyance of lands, &. as in R.55.7.122.(h).1. (e)

3. 3 May, 1769. Benjamin Mowat of Hanover and Elizabeth his wife to John Tharp of same. Mortgage of Pedro Plantation of 212 acs. with slaves, &c. (e)

4. - Mch. , 1773. Edward Fleet of St. Catherine’s to John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 240 acs. land, formerly in P. of St. James but now partly in P. of Trelawney. (e)

5. 29 May, 1773. James Risby Whitehorne of St. Annets and Jane his wife to John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of moiety of 120 acs. in Trelawney. (e)

6. 1 Oct 1773. Thomas Reid senr. of St. Janes to Thomas Reid junr. of same, Grant of 300 acs. called Palmeto Point in St. James. (e )Attached: Plan of estate.

7. 11 Oct. 1781. George Robinson Hamilton of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Assignment of Mortgage of 300 acs. in St. James and 2 negro women slaves. (e) 8. 29 Oct., 1783 George Reid of St. Thomas in the Vale and Elizabeth his wife to John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 300 acs. in Trelawney, formerly in P. of St. James(e) Attached: 9 Sept., 1751. Summary of letters patent granting said land to George Reid, with Plan.

9. 30 Dec., 1785. Agnes Chalmers of Scotland, widow of George Wood of same, and Elizabeth and Agnes Wood his daughters, to John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 189 acs. (194 in inquisition) in Trelawney. (e)

10. 20 June, 1789. Edmund Jackson of Trelawney and Catherine Haughton his wife to John Tharp of same. Grant of 300 acs. in Trelawney. Plan attached. (e)

11. 1 June; 1790. Andrew Sims of Trelawney to Susannah O'Connor of same. Grant of 300 acs. in Trelawney. Plan attached. (e)

12. 31 Jan., 1791. James Scarlett of Trelawney and Jane his wife to John Tharp of same. Grant of 23 acs. 4 poles land in 4 parcels adjoining Peru Estate in Trelawney. Attached:- Detailed plan.

13. 5 July, 1791 William Guthrie of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Grant of Hawkerton Plantation of 958 acs. and slaves. (e) Attached: Plan of estate.

R.55.7.122.(i) Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 9. Various estates: Pedro and Cacoon estates in Hanover, and estates in St. James, Trelawney and St. Anne.

1. 31 Jan., 1771. Charles Bernard of St. James and Rebeeca his wife to John Tharp senr. of Trelawney. Grant of 2831¾acs. land near Martha Brea (sic) in P. of St. James. Plan of lands attached.

2. 18 Jan., 1777. John Morison of Hanover and Mary his wife to John Tharp of Trelawney. Mortgage of Pedro Estate of 212 acs. in P. of Hanover with slaves and other stock. (e)

3. 11 Ap., 1778. William Stevenson of Trelawney and Mary his wife to John Tharp of same. Grant of 300 acs. land in St. James. (e) Plan of estate attached.

4. 5 Aug., 1779. John Morison of Hanover to John Tharp of Trelawney. Mortgage of mules, steers and horses on Pedro Estate.

5. 11 Sept., 1781. William Sterling of Trelawney and Elizabeth his wife to John Tharp of same, Grant of equity of redemption of 300 acs. land, 2 negro women slaves and other stock in Trelawney. (e)

6. 10 July, 1783. John Tharp of Trelawney to James Smith of Hanover. Assignment of Mortgage R.55.7.122.(i).2.

7. 12 May, 1786. Joseph Brissett of Hanover and Mary Poole his wife to William Miles of Bristol 7 John Tharp of Trelawney and others. Mortgage of Cacoon Estate, P. of Hanover, of 568 acs. land with 147 slaves and other stock. (e) Schedule of slaves attached.

8. 6 July, 1790. William Crouch of St. Anne's and Elizabeth his wife to William Hall of same. (e) Grant of 600 acs. land in P. of St. Anne, Plan of estate attached.

9. 21 Dec., 1790 Susan O'Connor of Trelawney to Hon. John Tharp of same. Grant of 500 acs. land in P. of Trelawney. (e) Plan of estate attached.

10. 21 Ap., 1791. Hon. Charles Hall of P. of St. Andrews to Hon. John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 1498 acs. land in P. of Trelawney. (e)

11. 15 June, 1791. William Morris of St. James and Mary his wife to Hon. John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 815 acs. land being part of Haddington Penn in P. of St. James. (e) Detailed and clear plan of estate attached.

R.55.7.122.(j). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 10. Miscellaneous.

1. 2 Feb. 1770* William Blake of Westmoreland and Elizabeth his wife to John Tharp of St. James. Mortgage of Moiety of Potosi Estate of 600 acs. in P. of St. James, with slaves. Dean's Valley Waterwork Plantation of 1400 acs. in Westmoreland with slaves. (e)

2. 9 May 1774* William Blake of Westmoreland to Robert Perris of same. Bond relating to purchase money for 16 negroes. Endorsed: 14 May, 1776. Robert Perris to Richard Watt and Alexander Allardyce. Assignment of Bond. 3. 31 May & 1 June 1775* 4. W. Blake, William Webber of Bloomsbury concurring, to Henry Fletcher of London and others. Lease and Release of Dean's Valley Waterwork Plantation of 1400 acs. with slaves in trust to secure annuity of £570 to W. Webber and to other uses. Schedules of slaves attached Affidavit attesting signatures of Willian Blake attached.

5. 19 July, 1777 W. Blake and Elizabeth Anne his wife, at request of William Webber, to Henry Fletcher and others. Confirmation of grant as in R.55.7.122.(j).4. and discharge of Sarah Blake’s right of dower in said lands. List of slaves attached. Attached: 6 Aug., 1777. Affidavit attesting signatures.

6. 9 May, 1801. William Williams and Mary Ann Blake of Westmoreland, children of William Blake deceased - devisees of Charles Bernard deceased, John Tharp of Chippenham Park Cambs., and assignees of co-partners of Peter Holme deceased, bankrupt: all concurring - to James Hodge Byles of St. Catherine’s. Conveyance (under decree of High Court of Chancery, Jamaica, to satisfy creditors and execute Will of W. Blake) of Dean's Valley Water-work Plantation of 2200 acs. with all stock. (e) Attached :- Plan of estate; Schedules of slaves, cattle, &c.

7. 5 July, 1783. Katherine Hooke of Fulham, widow of Christopher Hooke, Elizabeth widow of Nathaniel Rench concurring, to David Jobson of Grays Inn Lane. Assignment of annuity of £100, part of annuity bequeathed by Thomas Partridge first husband of said Katherine, chargeable on his personal estate in Jamaica, in trust to pay surplus, after annuity of £67 - 10s. to said D. Jobson had been deducted, to said Katherine. Endorsed: 11 Mch. 1785. David Jobson to John Tharp. Receipt for £29 - 10s. arrears of certain annuities, and release of annuity.

8. 7 June, 1784. Katherine Hooke to David Jobson. Grant of further annuity of £20 chargeable on annuity assigned as in R.55.7.122.(j).7. Endorsed: 11 Mch., 1785. Memo. of discharge of above annuity by John Tharp.

9. 11 Oct. 1781 George Robinson Hamilton of Trelawney and Harriet his wife to John Tharp of same. Grant of 2 parcels of land - 396 acs. and 542 acs. - formerly in P. of St. James and now in P. of Trelawney.

10. 13. Apr. 1787 Opinion of George Ricketts concerning the Orange Hill case in which John Tharp was involved.

11. 5 Aug. 1790 John Jarrett formerly of Trelawney and now of Great Britain to Hon. John Tharp of Trelawney. Assignment of annuity of £1575 chargeable on Orange Hill Penn of 400 acs. with messuage and slaves, in trust to apply surplus of annuity to uses stated.

12. 1 Oct. 1791 John Tharp of Trelawney to Thomas Reid of Hanover md others, trustees. Settlement on proposed marriage of John Tharp and Ann Gallimore widow both of Trelawney, of Lansquinet and Cheshire plantations now cultivated as one estate of 750 acs. in Trelawney with slaves, &-c. , in trust for uses stated. Schedule of 375 slaves on estate attached.

R.55.7.122.(k). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 11

1. 9 June, 1755. George II. to Thomas Lovejoy. Letters Patent granting 300 acs. land in St. James. (e)

2. 7 May, 1768. Henry Cuniffe of St. James to Thomas Williams of same. Grant of 300 acs. land in St. James. Plan attached. (e)

3. 20 Ap., 1774. Thomas Sawyer of St. James and Dorothy his wife to John Tharp of Trelawney. Grant of 600 acs. land in Trelawney. Plan attached. (e)

4. 23 Jan., 1778. George III. to John Tharp. Letters Patent Granting 300 acs. land in Trelawney. (e) Plan attached enclosed.

5. 1 Feb., 1781 Governor's Orders for survey and allotment of 4 runs, each of 300 acs. of land in Trelawney to each of (a) Alexander Campbell (b) (b) Dr. Handaside Edgar ) 4 Orders for each. (c) John Tharp ) 4 Orders for each. (d) Thomas Reid junr. ) 4 Orders for each. (e) Valentine Frederick ) 4 Orders for each. (f) William Atherton ) 4 Orders for each. And (g) For survey and allotment of 300 acs. land in Trelawney to George White. 1 Order.

6. 10 Feb., 1781. Letters Patent of George III. to a. John Tharp senr. 4 L P b. George White 1 L.P. c. Thomas Reid junr. 4 L.P. d. Valentine Prederick 4 L. P. Granting lands as in R.55.7.122.(k)-5. (e)

7. 1 & 10 Feb., 1781 Copies of R.55.7.122.(k). 5.(c) and 6.(a).

8. 5 Ap., 1781. William Atherton of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Grant of 4 runs of land, each of 300 acs., in Trelawney Plan attached. Enclosing: 10 Feb., 1781. George III. to William Atherton. 3 Letters Patent each granting 300 acs. in Trelawney

9. 21 Ap., 1781. Handaside Edgar of Trelawney to John Tharp of same. Grant of 4 runs of land, each of 300 acs., in Trelawney Plan attached. (e) Enclosing: 10 Feb., 1781. George III. to Handaside Edgar. 4 Letters Patent each granting 300 acs. in Trelawney. (e) Plans attached.

10. .... 1781. Alexander Campbell of Trelawney and Rebecea his wife to John Tharp of same. Grant of 4 runs of land, each of 300 acs., in Trelawney Plans attached. (e) Enclosing; 10 Feb., 1781. George III. to Alexander Campbell. 4 Letters Patent each granting 300 acs. in Trelawney Plans attached.

11. 7 May, 1784. Henry Cuniffe of Trelawney to John Tharp of same Grant of 85 acs, land in Trelawney. Plan attached. (e)

12. 1798. Henry Cuniffe to Messrs. Wedderburns. Docket of Mortgages on Merrywood Estate.

R.55.7.122.(l). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 12. Letters, &c. respecting settlement of S. Horlock’s claim on Potosi Estate

1. 15 Feb., 1772. Thomas Williams of St. James to John Tharp of Trelawney. Bond for transfer of annuity, chargeable on Good Hope Estate of 1500 acs. (sold to John Tharp), to Potosi Estate.

2. N.D Tharp v. Samuel Horlock. Brief for plaintiff's counsel.

3. N.D. Miscellaneous papers relating to above action including letters, accounts and several nominal rolls of slaves on Potosi and Orange Hill estates. {several in 11.5in cover with early pasted masking.}

R.55.7.122.(m). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 13 Very miscellaneous

1. 25 Feb., 1747. Will of Joseph Tharp of Hanover, son of John Tharp (v.i.), who predeceased his father.

2. 20 June, 1750. Will of John Tharp senr. of Hanover.

3. -- May, 1758. Will of Thomas Partridge senr. of St. James.

4. 11 Oct., 1764. Will of Thomas Partridge junr. of Jamaica and Great Britain. Note. Elizabeth Partridge, one of sisters and heiresses of Thomas Partridge junr., married John Tharp and brought Potosi Estate to the Tharp family.

5. 14 Sept., 1757. John Boon of St. James and Prances his wife to John Hamilton of same. Copy of grant of 500 acs. land in St. James. (e)

6. 23 May, 1777 William Miles of Bristol, by John Tharp of Trelawney his attorney, to John Parkinson of Westmoreland. Grant Old Hope plantation in Westmoreland with slaves and other stock, and assignment of mortgages thereon. Attached: Schedule of slaves State of William Miles' mortgages, 23 May, 1777

7. 5 July, 1791 Hon. John Tharp of Trelawney to Joseph Tharp of same and others. Appointment as his attorneys during his proposed absence from Jamaica.

8. 1 Sept. 1794. Copy of Will of James Lawrence of St. James, Cornwall, Jamaica.

9. 24 Oct. 1800, Thomas Wilkinson of Binchester, co. Durham executor of Jacob Wilkinson of London deceased, to John Tharp of Chippenham Park. Assignment of Bond dated 10 Mch. 1796 and Judgement v. Patrick Spence of Hanover in Supreme Court of Judicature, Jamaica.. (e) Attached: 11 Nov. 1800. affidavit attesting signature.

10. 5 July, 1801 Catherine Haughton Clarke of Great Britain to John Tharp, executor of his aunt Catherine Haughton deceased of Hanover. Release of all claim to annuity under Will of Catherine Haughton her grandmother. (2 copies). Enclosing: 1775-1790. Accounts of legacies under said Will to Sir P. H. Clarke and Catherine Clarke.

11. 28 Apr. 1803 P.J. Miles of Bristol to John Tharp of Jamaica. Grant of power of attorney with correspondence.

12. Feb.1804- March 1805 Bundle of letters and agreement between William Mitchell and John Tharp, and concluded by Wm. Smth, re. exchange of lands between Unity and Pantre Pan estates. Also 2 plans and some accounts. Note :- cf. Letters, 1804-1805, Mitchell to Green.

R.55.7.122.(n). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 14. Green Pond Estate

1. Jan., 1773-{1789} John Tharp junr. of St. James and William Tharp, a minor in Great Britain, brothers and equal co-heirs of their father John Tharp senr. deceased to John Stevens and Ann his wife of London, said Ann being widow of John Tharp senr. Grant of annuity for 10 years in lieu of dower in Green Pond Estate in St. James.

2. 29 Sept., 1787. Copy of Will of Ann Stevens of London bequeathing residue of her property in Jamaica to her sons John and William Tharp. Codicil, 10 Dec., 1789.

3. 1773-1793. Bundle of letters, accounts, bonds and counsel’s observations relating to claims of Ann Stevens on Green Pond Estate.

R.55.7.122.(o) Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 15

1. 1781-1795. Accounts mainly of John Tharp with Messrs Singer, Ellis & Singer, solicitors of Spanish Town. {37 items}

2. 1771-1777. {1770, 1771-2, 1774, 1777} William Miles of Bristol to John Tharp of Trelawney. Business letters. {16 items}

3. 1782-1787. Hibbert, Purrier & Co. of London to John Tharp of Trelawney. Business letters. {12 items}

4. 1768-1772. Muir Son and Atkinson of London to John Tharp of Trelawney. Letters and accounts.

5 1785-1806. Joseph Brissett to John Tharp his uncle. Papers relating to Bonds. {Cacoon estate (8 items)}

6 1780-1783. Niell, Campbell & Co., shipping agents of Greenock, to John Tharp of Trelawney. Letters and accounts.

R.55.7.122(p) Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 16 endorsed "Sundry Vouchers &.c. relating to Purchase of Pantre Pant Estate,”

1. 5 Nov., 1777. Executor of Henry Stanyforth deceased of and others to Charles Pallmer of Bath formerly of St. Grant of 970 acs. in St. Mary, 1000 acs. in same, 210 acs. in St. George, 110 acs. in St. Mary, 1000 acs. in same, to hold for residue of term of mortgage for uses stated.

2. 1770-1791 Documents relating to condition of and incumbrances on Pantre Pant estate when bought by John Tharp in 1790, including Returns from estate from 1770. Inventories of slaves, stock, &c. in 1790. Writs and judgements v. Henry Strudwick, deceased. Counsel’s opinions on encumbrances on estate, 1790-1791. Accounts and letters. V.D. {36 items}

Cf. Bundle 4. - R.55.7.122.(q).

R.55.7.122.(q). Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle 17. Documents {label to bundle 17 on back of list} relating to claims on estate of Edward Chambers {including stock on Wales estate, 1851}

1. 12 Sept., 1776. William Miles of Bristol to Simon Taylor and others. Power of attorney.

2. 27 Apr. 1778. Copy of Will of Edward Chambers.

3. 1780 - 1802. Letters accounts, lists of bills of exchange and bonds, &c. relating to claims on estate of Edward Chambers. {29 items}

4. 1778-1779. Receipted accounts of quit rents. {5 items}

5. 1812-1821. Labour accounts {2 items labelled JT}

6. 18 Jan., 1777. John Morrison of Hanover to John Tharp of Trelawney

7. 28 Apr.1778 Edward Chambers of Hanover to Thomas Roberts. Bond.

8. 20 Apr.1780. Alexander Campbell to John Tharp. Letter describing taking over of Pedro Estate.

9. 20 Apr., 1780. Roll of negroes handed over with Pedro Estate.

10. 20 Oct., 1780 Valuation of negroes and stock on Pedro Estate.

11. 1777-1782. Accounts and other documents relating to Pedro Estate. (17 items)

12. N.D. Lists of writs open v. John Morrison. {2 items}

13. 1780-1783 List of debts etc. due to Edward Chambers dec.

14. 1782-1786 Current account of Thomas Jones, senr. with estate of William Chambers, dec.

15. 1784-1786 Current account of George Brissett with estate of William Chambers, dec.

16. n.d. [after 1792] Draft of Chancery Bill. Heirs of Edward Chambers late of Jamaica, dcc. v. W. Miles, John Tharp and George Brissett concerning the same of the estates of Edward Chambers senr.

R. 55.7. 122. (qq) Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

In Chancery.

1. 31 Jan. 1853 The Lord Chancellor's observations concerning the letting of the Jamaican estates now that the consignees have abandoned their consigneeship.

2. 9 July, 1853 Notes on Lord Chancellor's judgement on same matter.

3. 1853, 1845 Letters concerning proposed lease of Lansquinet estate. {2 items in envelope with 2.2d blue stamps.}

R.55.7.122.® Deeds, etc JAMAICA.

Bundle of Leases of John Tharp of Much Hadham Herts., lunatic.

1. 2 Aug., 1853 To Robert Robinson of St. Ann. Counterpart of 10-year lease of Chippenham Park estate of 1854 acs. in St. Ann at £120 p.a. Schedule of live stock, &,c. Enclosing 2 Aug., 1853. R. Robinson to John Tharp. Bond to perform covenants. 1 July, 1853. Estimate for necessary repairs.

2. 2 Aug., 1853. To Phineas Abraham of Falmouth, Trelawney, and Frederick Levy Castle of same. 10-year lease at £600 p.a. of estates of Good Hope (once Good Hope and Covey), Wales, Potosi, Landsquinet, Pantre Pant, Top Hill, Merrywood, Whittaker's Mount, Windsor, Tharp’s Wharf near Falmouth, and houses in Falmouth and Martha Brea. Schedules of furniture, live stock, &-c. attached.

Acreage of estates as in R.55.7.122.(r).2. Good Hope (formerly Good Hope and Covey) 1772 acs. Wales 870 acs. Potosi 1100 acs. Landsquinet 860 acs. Pantre Pant 1380 acs. Top Hill and Merrywood 759 acs. Whittaker's Mount-and Windsor 6573 6573 acs.

Total 13314 acs.

3. Aug. , 1853 Counterpart of R.55.7.122.(r).2.

4. 20 Dec. 1854 Joseph Sidney Tharp, Committee for John Tharp, to Phineas Abraham and Frederick Levy Castle. Confirmation of Lease R.55.7.122.(r).2. at £950 p.a. with proviso for deduction from rent to restore condition of plantations. Schedules of furniture, live stock, etc. attached. Endorsed: 21 Dec., 1854. Same to same. Confirmation for 7 years to hold of J. S. Tharp should John Tharp die during interval. Enclosing (a) 20 Dec., 1854. Same to same. Bond to perform covenants. (b) 17 Feb., 1857. In Chancery: In matter of John Tharp, lunatic. Copy of Certificate of Allowance of Lease and Approval of Security. (c) 30 June, 1859. P. Abraham and F. L. Castle. Notice to determine Lease, as above, at end of 7th. year.

5. 28 Dec, 1864. George Adolphus Western and others to Thomas Watson. Copies of:- 28 Dec, 1864, Conveyance of Tharp’s Jamaica estates, etc. to bar entail. (a) 29 Dec., 1864. Re-conveyance by endorsement. (c) 4 Jan., 1865. Affidavit attesting signatures.

R.55.7.123. Inventories. JAMAICA.

1. 28 June 1795-28 Dec., 1796 Quarterly inventories of slaves and stock on John Tharp’s estates

Good Hope Covey Wales Sansquinet Potosi Pantre Pant Windsor PennTop Hill Penn.

2. 1804. Good Hope Estate: Inventory of:- a) Tools {in estate offices) b) Slaves. c) Cattle, mules, &.c. {pp1-2 excised}

3. 20 July, 1784 Valuation of slaves the property of the late Edward Gardiner, on Bossue Estate and Prospect Pen. With valuation of lands of the late Edward Gardiner in Jamaica.

4. 1795- 1803 Account of children born on Lansquinet estate.

5. Potosi

6. Wales

7. Good Hope {2items}

8. Pantre Pant

9. 1800-1803 Chippenham Park estate

10. 1795-1803 [Estate not named]

11. 1803 Totals of slaves on all Tharp estates.

12. 1803 List of stock

13. Acreages of Tharp estate

14. c. 1800 List of slaves. No Plantation given {but probably Merrywood or Windsor Park or Chippenham Park.}

15. 28 July, 1817 Printed list of the Returns made in the parish of Trelawney under the Act "for the more Particular Return of Slaves, and the enrolment thereof."

{16. [c.1833] Rough note of slaves on Tharp estates in 1817 (perhaps extracted from R. on back on notice of County Ball at Cambridge 1833 (form). Found with R. by Pat 27.8.96.}

R.55.7.124. Crop & Shipment Books JAMAICA.

1. 1795-1800 "The amount of crop and the particulars of the returns of slaves from my Jamaican Estates and the produce shipped and to what factors consigned.

2. 1797. Crop Book for estates:- Good Hope, Wales, Sansquinet, Covey, Potosi, Pantre Pant, Bottom Sugar, Chippenham Park Pen, Hawkerton plantation. Note :- Coffee producd as well as sugar and rum. {2A. Attested overseer’s produce return for Potosi & ??? 1797}

3. 1798. Crop Book: for estates :- Good Hope, Wales, Sansquinet, Covey, Potosi, Pantre Pant, Bottom Sugar.

4. 1795-1797. Hartley and Sons to John T'harp. Accounts of sales of sugar imported from Jamaica. With correspondence: 23 Nov. 1798 Hartley and Sons to John Tharp 22 Sept.1800 Richard Grant to J. Tharp.

5. 1819 “A particular account of the shipment of the Crops from each of John Tharp’s Esquire, deceased, estates in 1819” a) Crops from Good Hope, Covey, Wales, Sansquenet, Potosi, Pantre Pant and Merrywood (b) Particulars of Crops from Windsor Pen, Top Hill Pen and Chippenham Park Pen (c) John Tharp dceceased in a,/c with managers of Good Hope, Covey, Wales, Sansquinet, Potosi, Merrywood, Windsor Pen, Top Hil1 Pen, Chippenham Park Pen, Pantre Pan and Tharp’s Wharf

R.55.7.125. Account Books JAMAICA.

1. 19 July, 1795-1 Aug., 1796. John Tharp Dr. to Sundries for the following Accounts paid since his departure from Jamaica to the first Augst. 1796.

2. 1798 Accounts similar to R. Also Shipment of Crop, 1798.

R.55.7.126 Inventories of Papers JAMAICA.

1. Date as R. Inventory of Papers found in Mr. Tharp’s Counting House. (Fragment) {pp.5-6) {this appears to be the last sheet of R. The date 1809 is given on the back in a much later label and is presumably derived from the date of the latest document listed. As R. is watermarked 1810 we think 1810.}

2. N.D. (1812 or later) watermark 1810} Inventory of Papers found in Mr. Tharp’s Counting House, belonging to the Estate of Mr. Tharp, {William Green and Philip John Miles} (Compiled by Will: Green and Philip Miles).

R.55.7.127 Accounts, etc JAMAICA.

1. Apr, 1862-July, 1864 Monthly accounts of expenditure, &c. for each of estates :- Good Hope, Pantre Pant, Potosi, Landsquinet, Windsor, Merrywood and Wales.

2. Aug., 1864-Feb., 1866. As Above. Note: Above are on printed pro formas, with the following headings Abstract of Expenditure & Cultivation. Produce account. Cultivation. Stock account. Monthly wages Supplies received this month. General remarks by the Overseer, on the cultivation of the property, the state of the weather, the rate of wages, and the behaviour of the labourers, &c. during the month, with any observations he may think fit to make. Salaried servants employed on Estate.

3. July, 1861-Nov., 1865. Tharp Estates: Monthly cash accounts with J. R. Coy, agent.


4. 1861-1870. Tharp Estates: Statements and accounts with different agents.

5. 1863-1865. Tharp Estates: Bundle of:- (a) Invoices for goods shipped to Jamaica, (b) Insurance policies for goods shipped to England. (c) Accounts with Paull and Co. 6. 1864-1865 Tharp Estates: Bundle of (a) Accounts of sale of goods shipped from Jamaica. (b) Insurance policies for goods shipped from Jamaica.

R.55.7.128. Bundles JAMAICA.

(a)* 1777-1804 Bundle of letters sent to John Tharp in Jamaica, comprising: Accounts with Allen & Singer (4 items), 1777-83 Letters from Singer. re. estates etc, (5 items), 1780, 1783 Letter from Rodon re. Wedderburn Estate, 1797 Letters re. estates (2 packets), 1803 Shipping accounts from William Miles (12 items), 1795, 1798 Accounts notice for shipping madeira to Jamaica (5 items), 1802 Personal letters to John Tharp (8 items), 1803-4.

(b)* 1781-1804 Bundle of letters mainly from William Miles to John Tharp in Jamaica {43 letters and five sheets of accounts, some fragile}

[New more detailed catalogue slip substituted 22.10.1980; old one in file]

R.55.7.128. Bundles of Letters, &c. (1) JAMAICA.

(a) 1775 -1820. {67 items} Original bundle, including 1. Majority of letters between parties in Jamaica. 2. Agents in England to John Tharp senr. in Jamaica. 3. Many letters (including {9} from Mrs. Ann Tharp) to William Green, manager of Tharp Jamaica estates, and William Fairclough his successor. One letter encloses:- 20 June 1790. Copy of will of Jarvis Gallimore of P. of Trelawney, Jamaica. {illegible} (b) Made-up bundle, including 1. 1785. Calculations for payment of purchase price of negroes - names and occupations given. 2. 1802-1804. Agents in England to John Tharp senr. in Jamaica. 3. 1802-1804. Simon Taylor, solicitor of Kingston, Jamaica, to John Tharp. Letters relating to legal matters connected with his estates. {5 items} Original bundle, including NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC

1. 1799-1803 Joseph & George Brissett of Jamaica to John Tharp senr. their uncle. Letters relating to family matters, particularly separation of Eliza (née Tharp) from her husband, Rev. Philipson and to conditions in Jamaica. {Now Open to Public}

2. {Probably} 1800 {ND} {Rev} J. Price {of 29 Harley St} to John Tharp senr.2.Letters relating to a new device for boiling sugar. {missing 29.9.1980}

3. 1801. James Wareing of Liverpool to John Tharp senr. Letters relating to ships in which John Tharp had interests. {missing 29.9.1980}

4. 1802 T. Hartley to John Tharp senr. Letters relating to state of sugar market, &c. {2 items evidently more originals}

5. 1802-1804 Caleb Fletcher of Liverpool to John Tharp senr. Letters relating to banking and shipping. {2 items evidently more originals}

6-7. 1802-1803 P.J. Miles of Bristol to John Tharp senr. Letters about Jamaica affairs. {16 items}

8. 1803-1804 Richard Grant of London to John Tharp senr. Letters about Jamaica estates. {6 items}

1803-1804. George, Robert and William Hibbert of London to John Tharp senr. Letters relating to sale of sugar, &c. {9items}

(d) 1801-1803 {John Drinkwater at Liverpool to ??? at Prescot (2 items) 1801} Richard Walker, agent at Liverpool,to John Tharp senr. in Jamaica. Letters relating to market in sugar, &c. {8 items}

(e) 1802-1803. George and William Hibbert, agents in London to John Tharp senr. in Jamaica. Letters relating to the sa1e, insurance, &c. of Jamaica produce. (22 items)

(f) 1803-1804 Agents in Great Britain, mainly Neill Campbell of Greenock, to John Tharp senr. in Jamaica. Business letters. {6 items}

(g) i 1804. To William Green of Good Hope, steward to John Tharp senr. deceased. Letters relating to land transactions, particularly 300 acs. in St. Elizabeth which had belonged to John Gale. Enclosing 21 Oct., 1723. Summary of letters patent relating to 300 acs. as above. N.D. Extract from Will of Mr. Gale. 30 Ap., 1723) 2 estate plans 16 Feb., 1791) {8 items}

(g) ii 1804-1805. William Marshall to William Green Letters relating to exchange of lands between Unity and Pantre Pant plantations. Enclosing: N.D. Plan of 841 acs. now called Pantre Pant. Schedule of deeds. {11 items}

(h) 4 Aug., 1800. Simon Taylor of Kingston to John Tharp senr. Letter. 1804-1806. William Green of Good Hope to Capt. John Tharp at Chippenham Park. Letters relating to death of John Tharp senr. {12 items}

(i) 1805-1815 Produce returns from Jamaica estates. 1819 -1824. William Hall and William Tharp both of Jamaica to John Tharp of Chippenham Park. Letters about mismanagement of Jamaica estates. 18 Feb., 1824. Account of sale of puncheon of rum at present market price. {1805-1815. Two accounts of crop returns. Miscellaneous papers and covers. (14 items in all)}

(j) 1818-1835. George Hibbert, London agent, to William Tharp, manager of Tharp estates in Jamaica. Letters, including favourable reports on management, to John Tharp, committee, at Chippenham. {Re power of attorney} {20 items} 1835. Expense accounts of estates: Whittaker's, Merrywood, Potosi, Landsquinet and Wales. {6 items} Nov. 1838. Philip John Miles, surviving trustee under Will of John Tharp deceased, to William Tharp, Steward Edwards and Thomas Morrish. Copy of Power of Attorney to manage testator's estates and affairs in Jamaica. {Sept 1853 List of contents of “Mahogany Box”.}

(k) 1825-1829. William Tharp in Jamaica to John Tharp his uncle at Chippenham and to his aunt. {4 items} Letters giving details of Jamaica estates. Etc {re power of attorney 1828. Shipping notice for cask of coffee}

(l) 1834.-1835;{1839} Documents relating to claims for compensation for freed Slaves on abolition of slavery. {8 items, one of which 1889, formerly part of (j). (See also133/92,887)}

R.55.7.129. Govt. Blue Book. JAMAICA.

1839. Papers relative to the West Indies. {Condition of Labouring Population} Part I. Circular Instructions: Jamaica. British Guiana. Maps of Jamaica and British Guiana.

R.55.7.150. Bacon Collection. JAMAICA.

Accounts of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles consignees for produce of part Jamaica estates of John Tharp, infant and lunatic; and Reports on said accounts.

Accounts of G. Hibbert Accounts of P.J.Miles

(1) 1804-1815 Report of Accounts including English estates 2 copies. (2) 1804-1815 Report of Accounts including English estates (3) 1804-1815 Abstract of (1) (4) 1804-1815 Abstract of (2) (5) 1804-1815 Summary of (3) (6) 1804-1815 Summary of (4) (7) 1804-1815 Summary of 5 & 6. 2 copies (8) 1815-1816 1st Account (9) 1815-1816 1st Account (10)1816-1817 2nd Account (11) 1816-1817 2nd Account (12)1817-1818 3rd Account (13) 1817-1818 3rd Account (14)1818-1819 4th Account (15) 1818 4th Account (16) 1818-1819 1st Account (17)1819-1820 2nd Account (18) 1819-1820 2nd Account (19)1820-1821 3rd Account (20) 1820-1821 3rd Account (21)1821-1822 4th Account (22) 1821-1822 4th Account (23)1822-1823 5th Account (24) 1822-1823 5th Account (25)1823-1824 6th Account (26) 1823-1824 6th Account (27)1824-1825 7th Account (28) 1824-1825 7th Account (29)1825-1826 8th Account (30) 1825-1826 8th Account (31)1826-1827 9th Account (32) 1826-1827 9th Account (33) 1827-1828 10th Account (34) 1827-1828 10th Account (35) 1828-1829 11th Account (36) 1828-1829 11th Account (37) 1829-1830 12th Account (38) 1829-1830 12th Account (39) 1830-1831 13th Account (40) 1830-1831 13th Account (41) 1831-1832 14th Account (42) 1831-1832 14th Account (43) 1832-1833 15th Account (44) 1832-1833 15th Account (45) 1833-1834 16th Account {illegible} (46) General Abstract of (14)-(20) above. (47) Summary of (46) (48) Report on (17) (49) Report on (16)-(18) (50) Report on (19) (51) Report on (20) (52) Report on (21) (53) Report on (22) (54) Report on (23) (55) Report on (24) (56) Report on (25) (57) Report on (26) (58) Report on (8)

R.55.7.130. Bacon Collection. JAMAICA.

Bills of Costs on passing Consignees Accounts:-

G. Hibbert’s Costs Trustees Costs

(59)1817-1818 1st Account (63) 1st Account (60) 1818 2nd Account (64) 2nd Account (61) 1818 3rd Account (62) 1818 4th Account

P. J. Miles’ Costs.

(65) 1818 2nd Account (68) 2ndAccount (66) 1818 3rd Account (69) 3rd Account (67) 1818 4th Account (70) 4th Account

(71) 1828 Costs of passing 10th Account by G.Hibbert. {Costs of George Hibbert next of kin, Lucy Ann Drew and Lady H. Tharp. (3 items)} (72) 1825 Consignees costs on petition to be continued as consignees and taxed pursuant to Order of 6 Aug 1825

R.55.7.131. Bacon Collection. JAMAICA.

G. Hibbert P.J.Miles

1) 1804-1809. Charge. (3) 1804-1806. Charge. (2) 1804-1809. Discharge. 2 copies (4) 1804 - 1809. Charge (6) 1809. Charge. (5) 1804-1800. Discharge (7) 1809-1813. Charge. (9) 1809-1813 Charge (8) 1809-1813. Discharge. 2 copies. (10) 1809-1813. Discharge. 11) 1813. Charge (12) 1813. Charge.

(13) 1813-1815. Charge.

(14) 1813-1815. Discharge. 2 copies. (15) 1813-1815. Discharge.

In Chancery: John Tharp, infant. Charges against G. Hibbert, and discharges, relating to his accounts for personal estate of John Tharp deceased.

(16) 1804-1809. Charge. 2 copies, with some rough notes.

(17) 1804-1809. Discharge.

(18) 1810-1813. Further charge. 2 copies.

(19) 1810-1813. {Further}Discharge.

(20) 1813-1815 Further charge. 2 copies.

(21) 1813-1815. Discharge.

(22) 1804-1815. Copies of (17), (19) end (21) attached together.

R.55.7.132. Bacon Collection. JAMAICA.

In Chancery: Lewis Simond v. George Hibbert, Sir Simon Haughton, Clarke bart., John Tharp, and PI John others: re Jamaican estates of John Tharp

1. 25 Nov. l818 Brief. 63 pp.

2. 25 Nov. 1818. Petition of Lewis Simond, 87 pp.

3. 2 April, 1819 1819. Draft Answer by John Tharp to Bill of Complaint of Lewis Simond.

4. 2 March. 1820 Depositions of witnesses.

5. 1821. Directions.

6. c.13 May, 1822. Copy of statement of facts under Decree of 13 May 1822

7. c.13 May, 1822. Draft statement of facts and matters.

8. 21 Dec., 1822. Brief and copy statement of facts.

9. c.1822. Copy of exhibits.

10. 17 Aug 1825. Proposed minutes of a Decree.

11. 21 Nov. 1825. Judgement in case.

12. 3 Aug 1830. Judgement in case.

R.55.7.133. Bacon Collection. JAMAICA.

1. 1796 - 1797. John Tharp’s current account of errors mainly in accounts paid in Jamaica 1a N.D. Rough notes on acreages of pasture on Jamaica estates.

2. 13 March. 1801. {In Simmonds v. Hibbert} Extract from of John Tharp solely concerned with vesting his Jamaica estates in trustees - Simon Taylor, William Miles, Sir Gilbert Affleck, William Green George Hibbert, J.J. Dashwood and Sir S. H. Clarke - to hold same in trust for his grandson until he attain 24 years. Codicil 12 June, 1804.

3. 1808. Tharp and others v. Taylor and others. Draft bill of trustees of Jamaica estates.

4. June, 1810. Draft Order that G. Hibbert pay into Bank of England £1,000 legacy left by John Tharp to his reputed daughter, Mary Hyde, wife of Robert Hayward of Fordham.

5. 1805 - 1814 Rough return of sugar shipped.

5.a 1805 - 1815. Return of produce.

6. c.1816 Draft brief of John Tharp upon Trustees motion to carry forward, balance of P. J. Miles account to his first account as consignee.

7. 28 July, 1817. Affidavit in support of G Hibbert’s first account as consignee.

8. 1817. Copy of report on G. Hibbert’s account as consignee. to 30 April 1817

9. 1818 Ditto, to 30 April 1818

10. 24th April, 1813 Copy of certificate for allowance of interrogatories of G. Hibbert.

11. c.1818 Notes on queried items in G. Hibbert’s 2nd account as consignee.

12. 11 July 1818 Affidavit in support of G. Hibbert's 3rd. account.

13. ......, 1819 Affidavit in support of G. Hibbert’s 4th account as consignee.

14. 1818 Notice of motion to transfer money into P. J. Miles account.

15. 1818 Affidavit in support of PJ Miles’ 2nd account as consignee.

16. 19 June, 1819 Affidavit in support of PJ Miles’ 4th account by James Room.

17. 3. June, 1818 Opinion of Mr Hart that John Tharp the committee would have little case in applying for dismissal of consignees of Jamaica estates when John Tharp, lunatic, attains age of 24 years.

18. After 1818. Rough notes: directions on Decree relating to Jamaica estates.

19. 18 Jan. 1819. Petition of Lady Hannah Tharp that Master’s Report be confirmed and that consignees of Jamaica estates be ordered to pay certain debts; with observations of John Tharp, the committee.

20. 14 May 1819. Lord Chancellor’s judgement referring decision concerning replacement of consignee to the Master. Master’s judgement that Charles Wedge be discharged from receivership of English estates and that committee be appointed receiver in his place.

21. 13 July, 1819. Draft state of facts of Sir Simon Haughton Clarke relating to non-receipt of any part of real or personal estate of John Tharp deceased.

22. 1819. Draft argument for Mr. Tharp as consignee.

23. Feb. 1820. Draft affidavit of James Stuart that change of management is one of most prudent remedies to check decline in production of Jamaica estate.

24. c. 1820. Draft affidavit of F. J. Philips, a Jamaica planter, that change of consignees would not be detrimental to the estate there; and a draft of letter (from John Tharp?) about the Jamaican estate.

25. ND. c.1820. Draft affidavit of Wildman, a Jamaica planter to support opinion that change in management would not injure Jamaica estates.

26. ND. c.1820. Draft affidavit of John Tharp, the committee, proposing that his second son be appointed consignee for Jamaica estates.

27. 1820. Brief of affidavits for and against committee’s petition to remove manager of Jamaican estates.

28. ND. 1820 Petition of John Tharp, the committee, that consignees of Jamaica estates pass their accounts and then be discharged from their responsibilities; and further copy. (fragmentary)

29. ND. (1820.) Petition of John Tharp the committee, for discharge of managers of Jamaica estates and freedom to appoint his own managers.

30. Hilary Term, 1821 Brief petition of John Tharp, the committee Note. This includes lists of estates, produce and slaves in Jamaica, l805-1815. 2 documents.

31. 11 Aug. 1821. Affidavit of committee concerning Jamaica estates. 2 copies

32. 14 Aug. 1821. Copy of affidavit of Henry Morton concerning bills drawn by consignees of Jamaica estate.

33. 29 Oct.1822. Part of letter dealing with immediate change of attorneys in Jamaica.

34. 15 Aug., 1821. Draft brief petition and affidavit of committee to remove managers of Jamaica estates.

35. 12 Nov.1821. Copy of Chancellor's judgement on petition of John Tharp for removal of consignees of Jamaica estate.

36. 12 Nov. 1821. Minutes of Orders in Chancery to pass accounts for consignees. 2 copies. {36A}

37. 12 Nov 1821 Extract from Order concerning passing of accounts of Hibbert and P. J. Miles.

38. 1805-1821. Draft petition relating to Jamaica estates and based on accounts of G.Hibbert and P. J. Miles.

39. 1820-1821. Draft account of insurances paid by G. Hibbert.

40. 1815-1821 A. Weekly prices of sugar and yearly averages from “The London Gazette”. B. Rough list of prices of sugar from "The London Gazette Note :- Not identical with 40 A above.

41. c. 1821. Petition of (John Tharp) concerning security he should provide on his replacing G. Hibbert and. P. J. Miles as consignees of Jamaica estates.

42. Apr. 1823. Legal opinion regarding charges on Jamaica estates.

43. 11 Nov. 1822. Brief; observations; affidavits etc; with agreement made between John Tharp, the committee, and G Hibbert.

44. 11 Nov 1822 Agreement to obtain discharge of William Shand and William Fairclough, attorneys of Jamaica estates appointed by G. Hibbert and Sir S.H. Clarke.

45. 19 Dec. 1822. Duplicate of Order appointing G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles consignees and managers of Jamaica estates during the existence of debt allowing insurance on lunatic’s life, and for reduction of maintenance paid to the lunatic and Lady Hannah Tharp.

46. 1822. Transcript of letters of E.A. Chaplin concerning charges on Jamaica estates.

47. 1818-1822. Rough notes : queries and observations concerning consignees demands.

48. 1822 or after.(1825) Affidavit of John Tharp concerning income derived from Jamaica estates for lunatic’s use.

49. 26 Aug. 1823. Petition of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles to sell sufficient consols to raise £5,000. They ask direction in other matters concerning Jamaica estates.

50. c.5 Nov. 1823. State of facts and charge of G Hibbert and P.J. Miles as to bills drawn from Jamaica for £5,000

51. Oct. 1823. John Phi1ips to Rev. G. W. Philips his brother. Copy of letter from Jamaica concerning produce of estates there.

52. 5 Nov. 1823 Observations concerning bills drawn on consignees for Jamaica estates.

53. 5 Nov. 1823. Petition of G. Hibbert and affidavit concernng income from Jmaica estates, with prayer to have his accounts passed; and John Tharp, the committee’s opposition to said prayer. 2 copies.

54. 3 Dec., 1823. Affidavit of G. Hibbert concerning bills drawn in Jamaica for expenses of estates.

55. 12 Dec. 1823. Affidavit of Edward Amos Chaplin concerning £5000 bills drawn from Jamaica. cf. R.55.7.1350.50.

56. 20 Dec., 1825. Petition of John Tharp, the committee, for passing of accounts for Jamaica estates from May 1818 before the Master to whom the matter stands transferred.

57. After 23 Dec., 1823. Petition of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles that Report of 20 Dec. 1823, concerning Jamaica bills be confirmed. 2 copies

58. after 25 Dec., 1823. Brief petition of John Tharp to have accounts of Jamaica estates.

59. 1816-1823. Detailed Petition concerning Jamaica estates. Note: First folio missing.

60. c. 1823. Petition of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles concerning acceptance of bills of exchange to be drawn in Jamaica for expenses of plantations, asking that they be indemnified for £22,373 - 17s. - 9d. and that profits of English estates already received be applied towards expenses of maintaining Jamaica plantations.

61. c.1823. Petition of same for equalising balances due to them.

62. c.1823. Rough observations on unnecessary expenditure from 1818-1825 of consignees on Jamaica estates to owner's great disadvantage.

63. 17 Aug., 1824. Copy of Order that managers of Jamaica estates pass their accounts annually.

64. c. 1824. State of facts of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles concerning rents and profits in Jamaica, with proposal that additional insurance of £10,000 be taken out on life of lunatic.

65. 1818-1825 State of facts of payments made by G. Hibbert and Lady Susan Douglas, chiefly out of revenues of Jamaica estates.

66. 25 July 1826. Copy of affidavit of Henry Mackenzie that Jamaica estates not likely to produce sugar worth more than £20,000 which barely sufficient to cover insurance and requirements of said estates.

67. A. In or after 1826. Draft state of fact on advances made by the late G Hibbert to the lunatic and Lady Hannah Tharp and the insurance paid on lunatic's life.

67. B. ND. Further comments of John Tharp on insurance paid by G. Hibbert on lunatic's life.

68. c.1826. Rough heads of affidavit why Sidney Tharp’s appointment as a manager in Jamaica should not add to expense.

69. ND. c.1826. Draft observations of John Tharp against G. Hibbert whom he accused of squandering assets of Jamaica estates.

70. In or after 1829. Further charges by John Tharp against consignee's of Jamaica estates. 2 documents.

71. 7 Dec., 1828. Additional state of facts and proposal of Lady Hannah Tharp should John Tharp., the committee, be appointed consignee of Jamaica estates (to which she objects), with replies of committee’s council.

72. 27 June, 1828. Affidavit of Henry Okey in support of J. Hibbert’s l0th account as consignee.

73. 23 June, 1829. Ditto, for 11th account. 2 copies

74. 17 June, 1829. Affidavit of James Room in support of 11th account of P.J. Miles as consignee.

75. 27 July, 1829. Minutes of Order concerning balance owing by Consignees

76.A 6. Aug. 1829. John Tharp of Chippenham Park. to William Tharp and John Partridge Tharp of Trelawney, Jamaica. Appointment as joint attorneys in Jamaica. (Copy) 76B 6 Aug. 1829. Copy of affidavit of Mayor of Cambridge that he witnessed signing of 75.A. above.

77. c. 1829. Draft accounts of insurance on lunatic’s life, 1826-1828.

78. c.1830. Draft affidavit of John Tharp, the committee, accusing consignees of mismanaging Jamaica estates.

79. 7 March 1832. Copy of examination of P. J. Mi les in which he denies that any sum from the Jamaica estates are not accounted for.

80. c.1832. Discharge of G. Hibbert for moneys expended on personal estate of John Tharp.

81. 1832. Prayer of John Tharp that his charges in passing accounts of consignees since 30 Apr. 1832, be allowed.

82. 1822-1832. Bundle of 5 letters and papers from G Hibbert to John Tharp and his wife mainly concerned with insurance of lunatic’s life [and West Indies documents]

83. 30 March. 1833 Leith v. 1rvine, Part of Lord Chancellor’s judgement concerning Mortgagees in possession of West Indian estates.

84. 1834. Extract from case of Leith v. Irvine for its bearing on Tharp v. Hibbert.

85. 1833. Copy of Master’s Order that trustees of estate of John Tharp deceased pay claim of Julius Bordier.

86. 15 May 1834. Report of William Blake, accountant, as to G. Hibbert’s trust account of John Tharp deceased, 1804-1815

87. c.1834. Accountant's report on accounts of Trustees of John Tharp deceased 88. c. 1834.

88. c.1834 Observations to oppose payment from Negro Compensation of moneys claimed by Philip Courtney awarded by Commissioners for slaves on Covey Estate, Jamaica.

89. 19 Feb., 1834. Case stated for legal opinion as to whether proceedings can be taken against Trustees of John Tharp deceased for mismanagement of and losses on Jamaica estates. 98 folios. 89A 1835. Further notes on 89. above.

90. 3 March, l835. Case of John Tharp, the committee concerning accounts 1804-1815, of P. J. Miles and G. Hibbert, consignees

91. 3 March 1835. Ditto, reference accounts. 1815-1855.

92. 10 March 1835. General Rules concerning clauses 47 and 55 of Act for abolition of Slavery in Colonies. 3 & 4 Will.IV. Printed.

93. 1835. John Tharp of Chippenham Park to John H. James junr. of Trelawney. Draft for appointment as attorney in Jamaica.

94. 1835. Legal opinion advising against committee’s proposal to reopen consignees’ accounts.

95. 29 Jan. 1835. Minutes proposed by G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles concerning discharge of debts in Jamaica.

96. c. 1836. Rough draft of observations of J. Tharp, the committee, against conduct of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles.

97. 21 March 1836. Copy of affidavit of J. Tharp proposing to put off hearing of consignees’ petition.

98. 29 March, 1835 Copy of affidavit of J. Tharp opposing consignees being allowed interest on compensation fund.

99. 26 July 1835. Brief Petition with observations;- Affidavit of John Tharp of Chippenham concerning reserve from Jamaican and English estates and charges to which said estates are subject. July, 1835 Affidavit of Wim. B1ake, accountant, concerning his audit of J Hibbert’s and Miles accounts and sums they spent on insurance. 30 July 1835. Affidavit of George Simon concerning accounts as above.

100. 5 Nov 1836 Copy of affidavit of T Philpotts concerning management of Jamaica estates.

101. 23 Nov 1836 Observations for a brief concerning appointment of new consignees for Jamaica estates.

102. c.1836. Draft of affidavit of J. Tharp concerning consignees’ accounts to1835.

103. 1818-1835. Rough notes and ca1culations concerning consignees of Jamaica estates.

104. 1836 Rough observations concerning effect of Abolition Act on John Tharp's Jamaica estates.

105. 1836 Draft of affidavit of John Tharp, the committee, concerning petitions by consignees of Jamaica estates.

106. ND. Affidavit of Joseph Sidney Tharp concerning administration of Jamaica estates.

107. 12 Jan 1837. Brief and affidavit of J. Tharp with further charges against consignees of Jamaica estates.

108. c. 1838. Draft observation on committee’s petition.

109. 12 Jan. 1837. Affidavit of J. Tharp concerning consignees’ mismanagement of Jamaica estates, with schedule of accounts.

110. 1857. Master's Orders concerning payment of costs in regard to petition of G. Hibbert and P. J. Miles. Note:- Order refers to compensation money received for slaves freed on Jamaica estates.

111. 1837. Petition for statement of facts relating to payment of annuities from Hibbert’s executors. {torn}

112. c.1837. J. Tharp’s observations on l9th account of G. Hibbert.

113. c.1837 Further observations on l9th account of G.S. and W. Hibbert.

114. c. 1837. Observations on consignees’ accounts to April 1837.

115. c.1837. further observations on accounts as in 114. above.

116. c.1837. Bundle of miscellaneous papers concerning Jamaica estates (a) State of facts concerning income of said estates. (b) Rough papers concerning case of John Tharp v. consignees.

117. After 1837. Philip Courtney of Inner Temple and William Bell, merchant of London. Copy of petition that arrears of Courtney's charged on Covey Estate, Jamaica, be paid.

118. 27 March. 1838. Brief affidavit of J. Tharp, the committee, concerning his agreement with G. Hibbert and other consignees, 11 Nov 1822 that annuities charged by J. Tharp deceased on his estate should be first met, and that insurance policies on lunatic’s life should only be paid out of profits of estate; with further affidavit of H.Mackenzie; and observations.

119. 27 Mch., 1838. Brief affidavit of J. Tharp, the committee, recommending discontinuance of insurance premiums on lunatic’s life which consignees of Jamaican estates had been paying.

120. 13 Jan., 1838. Order in Chancery to tax costs incurred in passing accounts of Jamaican consignees

121. 21 April 1838. Order to appoint G. Hibbert and P.J. Miles consignees and for insurance of lunatic’s life to continue; with draft copy of same.

122. 14 May, 1838. John Tharp’s observations on 121. above.

123. 21 April 1838. Order concerning arrears of annuity of Philip Courteney paid out of Jamaica estate.

124. 16 May 1838. Observations by J. Tharp on trust moneys in hands of executors of George Hibbert deceased.

125. 27 June, 1838. Affidavit of J. Tharp concerning insurances on lunatic’s life by consignees in Jamaica.

126. July-Aug., 1838. Copies of letters to J. Tharp concerning his case with consignees of Jamaica estates.

127. 1838. Letter to Mrs. Tharp from H. Phillips newly returned from Jamaica: Baptist missionaries are encouraging negroes not to work until they have been offered higher wages.

128. 1838 Petition of George and Nathaniel Hibbert executors of George Hibbert decd that 19th. Account of said George deceased be passed.

129. 1838. State of facts of Philip Courtney concerning arrears due to him from annuity of late Lady Susan Douglas, charged on Covey Estate in Jamaica. Note. Very detailed accounts of produce of Covey Estate for past 20 years are included.

130. 1838-1839. Affidavit of Philip Courtney concerning annuity as above

131. 1853 Valuation of stock and moveables in Jamaica.

{Litigation papers (covers only)}

 The shelfmark of Good Hope, Jamaica in the British Library is YA.1989.a.7753

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