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{Unless otherwise noted, all maps are from the colonial period}

Map of "Antego" by Emmanuel Bowen, circa 1730-40

Note: This map and the following map of Barbuda are available in a beautiful color print from Nelson's Dockyard or Museum of Antigua and Barbuda Gift Shops at a very modest cost. This map is large and contains fine detail, please be patient.... it will be worth it!
The Island of Barbuda  by Deckar, R.N. dated 1813

{Note: Courtesy of General State Archives, The Hague, Netherlands.} 

" Map of the West Indies" circa 1758

"A New and Accurate Map of the West Indies and Coastal Colonies"  

by Emmanuel Bowen circa 1740 (good detail for general study of region).

Map of Barbados : some parishes incomplete, good surname detail (large file).

Barbados in Color:  good parish detail

Eastern Jamaica: good proprietor detail.

Colored Map of Jamaica: dated 1890 showing parishes

The West African Coast

Colonial Carolina and Florida

Steamship Routes on the St. John's River, Florida

Map of St. Kitts

Bousseau's Map of Guadelope: dated 1853

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