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The Ancestors Of Ash &  Luke Stanley-Ryan

SUTHERLAND, Gilbert-[1341]
(-Bef 1865)
NICHOLSON, Mary-[1342]
(-Bef 1865)
MORRISON, William-[661]
(1760-Bef 1872)
LEASK, Catherine-[662]
(1765-After 1872)
SUTHERLAND, Gilbert-[619]
MORRISON, Brucie-[620]
SUTHERLAND, William-[623]


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O'LEARY, Matilda-[643]

SUTHERLAND, William-[623]

  • Born: 23 Feb 1836, Brough, Nesting
  • Marriage: O'LEARY, Matilda-[643]
  • Died: 22 Jan 1886, at age 49

William married Matilda O'LEARY-[643] [MRIN:214].

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