The mission of the Arizona State Genealogical Society, founded in 1965 in Tucson, Arizona, was to help its members acquire knowledge about the resources, techniques and ethical standards needed for researching, documenting, preserving and presenting their family history.

Unfortunately, the society closed its doors on 30 Jun 2011. All of our assets are now held by the Tucson Branch of the Arizona Historical Society. If you would like to read the documents related to the closing of the society, please see this page. If you are looking for other Arizona societies, you can see Cyndi's List.

The last issue of the Copper Filings (the society newsletter) can be downloaded here.

People in Tucson who’d like to learn about their family should check out the Family History Center (FHC) which is located at 500 South Langley Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85710-4834, (520) 298-0905. They offer classes and excellent help.