<H2>Confederate Soldiers Buried in Washington County, Arkansas</H2>



Confederate Monument erected in 1908

on the city square of Bentonville, Arkansas,

in homage to James H. Berry and the Southern Soldier,

by the James H. Berry United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter

and Mr. A.J. Bates.



 Confederate Soldiers Buried in Benton County Arkansas


BAIRD, Dr. W.M.  (1840-1915)  Bentonville City Cemetery

BATES, A.J.  (1844-1928)   Bentonville City Cemetery

BATES, Seth W.  (d.14 May 1880)  Bentonville City Cemetery

BERRY, James H.  (1841-1913)  Pittman's Co. Walker's 4th Ark.  He was a US Senator and Governor of Arkansas, Bentonville City Cemetery

BLAKE, T.K.  (22 Oct. 1813-19 Feb 1892)   Bentonville City Cemetery

BOGGS, Rev. David  (18 Mar 1829-25 Jul 1901)   Bentonville City Cemetery

BOWEN, Thomas  (18 Jul 1844-23 Jan 1930)  Bentonville City Cemetery

BROOKS, J.E.  Arkansas Cavalry, Thornsberry Cemetery near Tontitown on Osage Creek Road

BUCK, George H.  Co. C Gause's Ark. Inf., Gravette Cemetery

BUCKMASTER, James  (25 Jul 1843-9 Dec 1900)  Co. M 7th Missouri Vol., Yell Cemetery

BURNS, J.H. (d.1 Mar 1902) 22nd Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

BURNS, J.P.  Co. F 22nd Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

CALLIS, Paschal Emanuel  (24 Jan 1824-22 May 1871)   Co. G 2nd Reg. Ark., Twelve Corners Cemetery

CARROLL, Col. Bartholomew  (6 Oct 1842-13 Mar 1929)  Co. K Gordon's Regt. Ark. Cav., Bentonville City Cemetery

CASH, Lemuel  (1830-18 Sep 1899)  Co. F 34th Ark. Inf., Pea Ridge Cemetery

CASH, Winnis Annis   Co. D 2nd Ark. Mtd. Rifles, Pea Ridge Cemetery

COLEY, Pvt. John J.  (13 Nov 1843 in Hernando, Miss.-4 Apr 1934 in VanBuren, Ark.)   Co. G 19th Arkansas Inf. (Dawson's), Centerton Cemetery, Benton County

CROWELL, George J.  (3 Sep 1845-14 Oct 1920)  Co. G 3rd Kentucky Inf., Oakley Chapel Cemetery

CROWDER, A.P.   Bentonville City Cemetery

CURTIS, John   Bentonville City Cemetery

DAVIDSON, Alex   Co. F Arkansas Cav., Martin Cemetery

DE SHONG, L.F.   Bentonville City Cemetery

DICKSON, J. Alvin  (1845-1910)  Co. C 2nd Ark. Cav., Bentonville Cemetery

DICKSON, John E.  (3 Feb 1837-26 Apr 1905)  Bentonville City Cemetery

DICKSON, Joseph S.  (20 Jun 1839-20 Dec 1909)  34th Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

DOUGLAS, Capt. James M.  (1835-1862)  Co. F. 15th Ark. Inf., Douglas Cemetery, Highfill

DOUGLAS, Sgt. Thomas H.  (18 Nov 1824-28 Jan 1926)  Co. A 15th Ark. Inf., Douglas Cemetery, Highfill

ELLIOTT, Judge Sam M.   Bentonville City Cemetery

ELLIS, R.W.   Bentonville Cemetery

FEATHERSTON, Thomas E.  (13 Feb 1828-16 Feb 1887)  He was with Stand Watie's Brigade at Pea Ridge, Bentonville City Cemetery

FORD, Thomas W.  (20 Aug 1833-28 Nov 1919)   34th Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

GOSNEY, William Marion  (12 Oct 1844 - 14 Jul 1922)  Co. C Shanks Regiment 12th Missouri Cavalry, Cherokee City, Arkansas

GRAMMER, Berryman   Bentonville City Cemetery

HAINES, W.H.  (d. 25 Jul 1918)  Bentonville City Cemetery

HANCE, 2nd Lt. John Thomas  (1837 - 1913)  3rd Tennessee Regt. (Lillard's) Mounted Inf. Co. K, George Cemetery, Siloam Springs

HANSARD, 3rd Lt. Raphael W.  Family Genealogy  (17 Jul 1839-4 Apr 1894)  Co. A 3rd Missouri Cav., Bentonville City Cemetery

HARDY, James B.   Bentonville City Cemetery

HARSTON, W. A.    34th Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

HEAD, Kenneth    35th Ark. Inf. Co.K, Buttram's Chapel near Pea Ridge

HIGGINBOTHAM, G.W.  (10 Mar 1839-7 Apr 1917)   Co. A 45th Virginia Inf., Oakley Chapel Cemetery

HILEMAN, John W.  (1842-1922)   Co. F 34th Ark. Inf., Pea Ridge Cemetery

HOLLAND, T.J.   Bentonville City Cemetery

HOLLAND, Sgt. Samuel Newton  (1834-1901)  36th Georgia Inf. Co. H, Gamble Cemetery

HOWARD, Virgil   Bentonville City Cemetery

HURLEY, John   Bentonville City Cemetery

KILLION, James Lafayette  (5 Jan 1844-11 Dec 1927)  63rd Tenn.Inf.Co. A, Butler Creek Cemetery near Sulphur Springs

LANE, Boon   Bentonville City Cemetery

LANGSTON, D.S.  (14 Aug 1844-1 Jan 1902)   Co. F 34th Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

LANGSTON, James A.  (19 Apr 1837-7 Jun 1920)  Capt. Steele's Co. 29, Ga. Cav., Oakley Chapel Cemetery

LEE, James Carr  (1844 - 1922)  Arkansas 15th Infantry, Co. F, Pea Ridge Cemetery

LEE, J.V.   Bentonville City Cemetery

LEE, William A.  (1844 - 1921)  Arkansas 15th Infantry, Co. F, Pea Ridge Cemetery

LEONARD, Cicero G.W.  Enlisted as a 1st Corporal on 05 April 1862 in Company E, 36th Infantry Regiment (Broyles') of Georgia.   Promoted to Full Sergeant 3rd Class on 15 May 1863.  POW on 04 July 1863 at Vicksburg, Miss.   Paroled on 09 July 1863 at Vicksburg, Miss., Bethel Cemetery

LEONARD, Madison Florida  Enlisted into the Confederate Army on 5 April 1862 as a Private from Cherokee County, Georgia.  He served in Company E, 36th Infantry Regiment, of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry.  He was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 4 July 1863 and then paroled on 9 July 1863.   He was on the rolls on 31 October 1863 with no furthur record after that time.   His Brigade commander was Cummings.  He attended "The Old Confederates Arkansas State Convention" that was held in 1893.   His registration for the convention verified that he served in Company "E", 3rd Reg, of the Georgia Infantry as a Private from Cherokee Co., Georgia.   His age at the time was 47.   Bethel Cemetery

LEONARD, Solomon at the age of 61, enlisted and served as a Private in the Confederate Army in the Georgia State Guards Cavalry.   He enlisted on 22 July 1863 and was detailed on 9 November 1863. The records indicate that he did no other service in the Legion.   Film Number M226 roll 36.  He was in Company C of the Cherokee Legion Cavalry.   Bethel Cemetery

MAPLES, Daniel  (17 Jan 1846-5 May 1887)  Capt. Bishop's Co. Herrod's Regt, Ark. Mtd. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

McCANLESS, W.G.   Bentonville City Cemetery

McKISSICK, Capt. Daniel R.  (27 Aug 1817 Bedford Co., Tenn.-3 Oct 1905 Hiwasse, Ark.)  Co. H 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, McKissick-Callis Cemetery, Hiwasse

MONTGOMERY, Capt. David Nelson  Family Genealogy  (1830-1914) 1st (Carter's) East Tennessee Cavalry, Bentonville City Cemetery

MORROW, Dr. J.A.  ( b. 6 Jun 1834)  Bentonville City Cemetery

OLIVER, C.M.  (1831-1900)   Co. A Gordon's Missouri Cav., Bentonville City Cemetery

OLIVER, Joel H.  (23 May 1820-1 Oct 1864)  Bushwacked and murdered 7 miles from his home when retruning from the war service.  Oliver Cemetery

OLIVER, Robert  Bentonville City Cemetery

PARLOW, J.D.  (1846-1910)   Bentonville City Cemetery

PATTON, Capt. William Frazier  (7 Oct 1833-13 Mar 1921)  Co. F 35th Reg. Ark. Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

PATTERSON, William  ( 1839-1921)  Co. F 15th Ark. Inf., Pea Ridge Cemetery

PAUL, Levi   Bentonville City Cemetery

POGUE, J.F.   Bentonville City Cemetery

PURL, J.G.  (14 Dec 1824-14 Jan 1897)  Bentonville City Cemetery

RAMSEY, William  (11 Jan 1843 - 4 Oct 1905)   35th Arkansas Infantry, Co. F, McDaniel Cemetery

REYNOLDS, Col. W.W.  (10 Jun 1840-1 Aug 1890)  Bentonville City Cemetery

RUSK, Capt. David V.   Co. A 1st Missouri Cav, Indian Brigade, Oak Hill Cemetery in Siloam Springs

SHEFFIELD, J.A.  Co. I 2nd Missouri Inf., Bentonville City Cemetery

TERRY, 2nd Lt. William A.  (born 1844)  6th Kentucky Infantry, Co. E, Bentonville City Cemetery

THOMAS, Pvt. William M.   Flint Creek Cemetery, Gentry

WELCH, James Warren   15th Missouri Cavalry, Co. A, Gravette City Cemetery

WEST, Len   Bentonville City Cemetery

WILSON, Cprl. Henry L.   Co. K Martin's Texas Cav., Pea Ridge Cemetery

WOODS, J.B.  (1844-1912)  Bentonville City Cemetery

WRIGHT, 4th Sgt. Burl Henderson  (23 Oct 1929 - 10 Dec 1906)  Co. K 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Bentonville City Cemetery



The Southern Memorial Association of Washington County owns and maintains a cemetery containing the graves of about 622 Confederate dead. The association has a list of the known soldiers buried in its Confederate Cemetery on Rock Street in Fayetteville. At its website is a roster of these men. Click onto the link below to learn more about the Southern Memorial Association and view the roster.

Confederate Cemetery


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