My mother and I went to the Sharp County Extension Office and got a copy of the cemetery records they had on file. These are older records and not up to date, but a partial listing is better than none. There are several, so it'll take me some time to put them in word format and send them, but I'll do then as soon as I can. There's also one that is not on their list, but we plan on surveying it also. I'm doing the smallest ones first. Gloria L.

I would like to thank Gloria and her mother for their work in collecting and typing this information.

Here are two Schales family cemeteries in Sharp County. This one is in Evening Shade, Ar. The information listed came from records from the Sharp County Extension Office in Ash Flat, Ar. This survey was taken a few years ago, so I’m not sure how current it is.

Block, Margaret    1-22-1802 to 2-19-1899

Hansen, Henry M.  12-8-1879 to 11-7-1900   Son of Peter and Margaret
Hansen, Maggie E.    4-4-1890 to 9-28-1918
Hansen, Margaret E.    1-18-1854 to 5-19-1924
Hansen, Peter    6-9-1857 to 11-4-1912
Hansen, Susan    11-24-1877 to 7-31-1879
Hansen, William     1-18-1886 to 2-18-1886

Kunkel,Chris      11-22-1887 to 3-10-1910
Kunkel, Henry    2-24-1856 to 12-2-1946
Kunkel, Mary Schales   9-11-1856 to 7-8-1930
Kunkel, Phillip Jacob    12-26-1885 to 7-14-1911
Kunkel, William Walter   4-24-1891 to 4-24-1891  Son of Henry and Mary
Kunkel, Two infant sons of Edd and Alta   1921

Nicholson, Nannie Hansen   5-30-1887 to 9-3-1934

Schales, Eli W.   8-3-1893 to 9-5-1893  Son of J. P. and Rosa
Schales, George W.     10-8-1869 to 8-26-1878
Schales, Gloa A.   11-1-1887 to 8-6-1892  Daughter of J. P. and Rosa
Schales, Gracie M.   10-6-1891 to 8-28-1892  Daughter of J. P. and Rosa
Schales, Helena F.  12-12-1833 to 7-12-1919  Wife of Jacob
Schales, Jacob    2-15-1825 to 5-13-1893  Husband of Helena
Schales, James Powell   11-9-1872 to 3-8-1891
Schales, Levey F.   2-25-1866 to 8-23-1869
Schales, Lueza M.   11-6-1858 to 9-20-1869
Schales, Nora P.  11-3-1878 to 9-20-1880 Daughter of J. P. and Rosa
Schales, Phillip Jacob  4-27-1824 to 2-24-1934  Husband of Rosa
Schales, Rosa A.   11-8-1864 to 8-4-1892  Wife of P. J.
Schales, Shelby Lee    12-10-1893 to 12-23-1893
Schales, Susan C.   9-17-1860 to 4-2-1864
Schales, William    10-15-1868 to 10-23-1858
Smith, Anna    1867 to 1897
Smith, Davis     1861 to 1897

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