This is the story as best I can remember and the people listed in the Cemetery.

        I was told that a old cemetery was behind the place that I live in Ravenden. I contacted the owner of the land and sure enough there was a old cemetery and he gave me permission to go in and gather the Information. The man that ownes the land now moved there in 1932 and the head stones had already been pulled up and placed in a grove of  trees at the corner of the field.

        The story I was told was that the previous owner I.F. Blackwell did this so they could make there field bigger for planting,   When the man was ask why he did this he just remarked ,they werent no Kin of mine.

        Here are the names that were on the headstone and any other information. There were several that were not written on but the women I spoke with said she believed they were grave markers also. Some names and Info was very hard to read.

Margaret E.  wife of  T.A. INNESS born Sep 20-1848, died Dec. 15-1886
rest mother rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow of the weep.

Addie Lee daughter of R.L. And Ella INNESS died 7-16-1886, age 1yr, 2 mos,
20 days, gone but not forgotten.

Willie J. son of  M.E. and T.A. INNESS     born 11-25-1886, died 7-7-1887
No pain, No ? Loved ones ????? (could not read the rest)

Thomas husband of M.E. INNESS born 1-8-1852, died May 7-1887
His Toils are past, his work is done, He fought the fight victory won.

This stone is for two people info, written one on top of the other.
Mary J. wife of J.A. PettyJohn born 1858, died May 28, 1884
Mary J. May 28-1884 daughter of M.J. & J.A. Pettyjohn

Mary C. wife of J.A. Pettyjohn born 12-29-1858 died Feb 13-1881

This is a double stone side by side, the could be children of the above Mary
C. and JA Petty John,  last name on these two stones could not be read.

James A. born 1881 died Feb 10-19?1 (possible 1931)
Name could not be read but it is on the same stone.  Born 12-31-1882 died

Sarah Ann Reynolds born 1-13-1837 died 8-10-1893

Ida Mae the daughter of L.L. & Catherine Dail Born 9-18-1877 died 11-3-1880.

I hope this may be the family of someone on the list.  I have been told of another old cemetery in the woods around Ravenden, I hope to get to it soon, since the weather has been so pretty.  Please feel free to contact Sherry if you have any questions.

Let's thank Sherry Henson for her help in surveying this cemetery.  She would be happy to help you.

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