Take Hwy 63 N 2 miles outside of Ravenden,Ar. Turn right on Martin Creed Rd. go about 1 ½ miles road will fork stay to the left and go another 1 ½ miles and road will fork again this time stay to right (road turns to gravel) then go 2-3 miles and cemetery lays on the left side of the road, pull in park in front of cemetery,  When entering gate , graves face the road.  Headstones were read from Left to right when possible.

There were 30+ graves that had large, flat rocks for markers, some had flowers and some had metal post where funeral home marker may have been.

I will try to indicate a joint stone by placing ~ in front of the Name.

Gail Verl RIKARD  MM1 US Navy 7-27-1922 to 11-14-1987
Grave with stone fence and flowers no marker
~BALDRIDGE Jess L. 2-15-1897 to 7-16-1993 Baldridge Bessie Ann 1-19-1897 to 4-18-1980
~BALDRIDGE Maxine Baldridge Tommy 1-31-1951 to 4-18-1988
Infant son of Van and Elsie BALDRIDGE
“Christy” Christina LuVon BALDRIDGE 12-6-1979 to 12-18-1996
Grave with rock fence and flowers looks like G.D. Byer
~HENSON Jim 1894 HENSON Addie 1900
grave with no marker reported by family this is second wife of Jim Henson
Lillian R. DAVIS 1-2-1919 to 3-14-1993 this stone looks like military stone white with cross engraved.
Matthew DAVIS AR. PVT US Army WW 1 10-17-1896 to 4-24-1970
James Edward HOUSTON TSGT US Air Force 9-18-1949 to 5-29-1986
Jessica Nicole Shanahan-Fox 3-17-1987 to 6-17-1991
James Scott JACKSON SN US Navy 8-3-1960 to 4-23-1983
~SMITH Vera H. 10-10-1910 to 4-24-1994 SMITH Ralph B. 12-6-1906 to 2-3-1984
Steven Gregory COOPER 8-12-1965 to 5-17-1987
Otis O. COOPER 9-9-1925 to 9-28-1985
Raymond ELLIS PFC US Army WW II 6-6-1910 to 11-12-1991
Sherman Clyde ELLIS 8-28-1933 to 3-8-1985
~JACKSON Evelyn 1919-1994 JACKSON George W. 1915
Rebecca L. Putman 4-6-1968-1968
~BALDRIDGE Orphie 4-15-1905 to 12-11-1969 BALDRIDGE George 12-25-1900-7-26-1991
James M. JONES 3-18-1910 to 5-7-1988
Tom Clark and Florence infant Baby (stone old and hard to read)
Amos COLLINS and Janie infant baby. (stone old and hard to read)
Elbert C. SMITH Pfc. US Army WW II 9-1-1908 to 2-21-1996
Jewel SMITH 1-7-1910 to 6-7-1969
M. Christina JONES 5-4-1921 to 12-1-1984 Ret. Postal Serv and Minister
Archie W. JONES Pvt. US Army WW II 3-3-1922 to 9-18-1995
Harold Eugene SHACKELFORD 1-12-1939 to 1-22-1939
Dorch W. JONES 3-3-1922 to 3-21-1922
Lucy JONES 4-24-1917 TO 3-23-1923
John W. JONES 8-23-1926 to 1-13-1941
Elige JONES 10-7-1869 to 5-23-1957
Linda J. JONES 6-6-1884 to 3-12-1961
~BYERS Johnnie Clifford 10-20-1911 to 11-3-1990 BYERS Iva Geneva 4-8-1924
~BALDRIDGE Florine 10-27-1919 to 9-6-1997 , wed 2-26-1936 ,Fred 12-3-1915 to 5-7-1985 Pvt US Army WWII
Small grave adjacent to above Billie BALDRIDGE
Andie ADAIR 1879 TO 6-1931 Old stone next to Florine Baldridge
Grave above  Andie Adair only flat rock and flowers for marker.
~BELLAH Bonnie 2-22-1902 to 12-29-1972 Bellah Pearl 8-5-1907 to 2-28-1975
Delbert Lee BELLAH Ar. CPL 38 Inf 2 Inf Div. 11-26-1932 to 5-23-1955
Cletus N. Prewitt Ar Tec 5 2 QM Co 2 Inf. Div WW II 7-8-1918 to 5-16-1961
~PREWITT Lula F. 1875-1950 Prewitt William T. 1869-1953
Estel L. PREWITT 5-9-1903 to 12-23-1973
Arthur C. PREWITT  2-21-1905 to 1-9-1978
Tennie PREWITT MINX 4-5-+1892 to 6-15-1966
Harold MINX 8-29-1902 to 5-20-1950
John F. PREWITT 10-23-1857 T 11-7-1936
~PREWITT Oscar D. 10-28-1883 to 6-24-1967 Prewitt Minnie Alice 2-22-1886 to 10-16-1968
Manerva PREWITT 9-11-1887 to 10-21-1957
Geo L. PREWITT 4-14-1875 to 7-21-1951
~PREWITT Millie 8-7-1852 to 3-25-1902 Prewitt John W. 11-18-1841 to 3-4-1929
Infant son of John W. and Millie PREWITT
Johnnie Clinton PREWITT 1914 to 9-15-1928
Elmer Melvin BAILEY W.V. SFC. US Army WWII, Korea BSM 10-22-1918 to 5-25-1973
Sarah Ann PREWITT wife of John F. Prewitt 11-14-1883 to 12-1935
William Abner PREWITT Pvt. US Army WWI 5-19-1895 to 10-16-1973
~PREWITT Louise E. 11-7-1903 Prewitt Roy A. 11-26-1901 to 4-26-1975
Pearl Irene CLARK 12-13-1909 to 11-5-1978
Ralph O. CLARK 4-17-1939
~WOODLAND Thomas Jeff 7-24-1916 to 5-13-1984 Woodland Georgia Lucille 6-2-1918
Old stone hard to read looks like July M. KINLING? 1913-1914 there are several old stones around this one that do not have name on them or they are to hard to read.  These are bunched together.

SCONCE, Daniel Wesley, Sr.  d. 1876

Let's thank Sherry Henson for her help in surveying this cemetery.  If you have any questions about this cemetery contact Sherry.  She would be happy to help you.

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