From Cave City go North on 167 and then turn right on Highway 115 North to Imboden. The distance to the cemetery from the intersection is unknown.

You will see the Parsley Cemetery sign on your right and it will have the info on the dates of when they clean it up there is a road there close to the sign and you turn there and go back into the cemetery it is about 1/4 of a mile from the hwy and it is real nice but if you go in the summer be ready for fleas and ticks.

The cemetery has not been surveyed.

PARSLEY, Emily b. 4-1909 d. 10-1910
PARSLEY, Eugene Leonard b. 4-14-1884 d. 10-19-1960
PARSLEY, George Washington b. 1-9-1818 d. bet 1870 - 80 husband of Mirinda
PARSLEY, Grover T. b. 7-1-1888 d. 12-7-1889 (s/o Stephen Parsley & Phoebe Tyler)
PARSLEY, Jasper N. b. 9-18-1885 d. 8-21-1887 (s/o Stephen Parsley & Phoebe Tyler)
PARSLEY, Jasper Litten b. 1-26-1888 d. 5-30-1911
PARSLEY, John Nicholas "Captain" b. 3-3-1894 d. 1-2-1971
PARSLEY, Josephine b. 4-18-1883 d. 5-21-1883
PARSLEY, Julia Bell b. abt 1896 d. abt 1897
PARSLEY, Lulah Mae b. 3-4-1890 d. 4-26-1912
PARSLEY, Luther Parsley b. 4-20-1846 d. 4-23-1912
PARSLEY, Marinda Puckett b. 10-15-1822 d. aft 1900 wife of George
PARSLEY, Martha Jane "Mattie" b. 9-15-1879 d. 4-23-1960 wife of Minus E.
PARSLEY, Minus E. Butler b. 3-27-1878 d. 4-10-1956 husband of Martha Jane
PARSLEY, Monroe b. 10-20-1840 d. 11-11-1911 husband of Nancy Jane
PARSLEY, Nancy Jane Tompkins b. 1-8-1868 d. 8-1891 wife of Monroe
PARSLEY, Sarah Ellen b. 3-30-1874 d. 7-16-1875
PARSLEY, Steven Ralph b. 1-29-1949 d. 4-19-2001
PARSLEY, stillborn female infant b/d 10-8-1888

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