My mother and I went to the Sharp County Extension Office and got a copy of the cemetery records they had on file. These are older records and not up to date, but a partial listing is better than none. There are several, so it'll take me some time to put them in word format and send them, but I'll do then as soon as I can. There's also one that is not on their list, but we plan on surveying it also. I'm doing the smallest ones first. Gloria L.

I would like to thank Gloria and her mother for their work in collecting and typing this information.

On June 25, 1944, Winslow Crabtree gave one acre of land for a cemetery to be named  Mt. View Cemetery. Eulon O. King was the first one to be buried in the cemetery. He was killed in WW II on November 6, 1944. G. L. Bowers died in 1940 and was buried in the Bowers Cemetery and moved to the Mt. View Cemetery in 1960. Survey of the Mt. View Cemetery was made by Opal, MaryAnn and Ida Mae Crabtree August 15, 1968. This is a copy of that survey which is on file with the Sharp County Extension Office in Ash Flat, Ar.

Adkins, Rebecca     1966 Infant

Bowers, C. L.    1885 to 1940
Bowers, Hilda L.    10-10-1895 to 9-19-1957
Bowers, Joseph A.    10-6-1887 to 5-18-1950

Brogdon, Mary Lee    4-21-1884 to 3-3-1964
Brogdon, William D.    8-18-1882 to 11-25-1961

Cantrell, Thorton E.     10-15-1887 to 12-15-1961
Crabtree, Burrell D.    2-8-1896 to 9-23-1955
Crabtree, R. Winslow    12-6-1892 to 3-13-1965

James, Eller R.    6-23-1885 to 10-31-1951
James, Virgil V.     3-2-1903 to 5-31-1963

Kent, John W.    1902 to 1966
King, Eulon O.    1-12-1916 to 11-6-1944

Liles, Nancy Ellen     5-26-1958  Infant
Long, Hosea H.    10-19-1891 to 11-18-1963

Mobley, Elizabeth A.     6-26-1893 to 3-3-1961

Rawlings, Otha A.    4-23-1883 to 8-26-1965
Ritchie, Grover Clifton    5-26-1893 to 3-9-1954
Rose, Barbara    3-29-1949   Infant
Rose, Tennie J.    8-14-1885 to 12-27-1961

Smith, Ann Landers     2-25-1887 to 12-8-1958
Smith, Corbert Ray     1910 to 1958
Smith, Ellis Lee      7-18-1883 to 12-8-1962
Smith, Eula     6-7-1883 to 1-15-1956
Smith, John N.     4-19-1921 to 7-16-1959
Smith, Wesley     4-30-1893 to 10-14-1962
Spring, Earl W.    1898 to 1968

Tracy, Loacia M.     1919 to 1965
Turner, Calvin C.    1926 to 1963
Turner, Henry     1893 to 1967
Turner, Lillion     9-14-1915 to 2-26-1958

Wilkerson, Edhar      9-16-1886 to 11-14-1966

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