My mother and I went to the Sharp County Extension Office and got a copy of the cemetery records they had on file. These are older records and not up to date, but a partial listing is better than none. There are several, so it'll take me some time to put them in word format and send them, but I'll do then as soon as I can. There's also one that is not on their list, but we plan on surveying it also. I'm doing the smallest ones first. Gloria L.

I would like to thank Gloria and her mother for their work in collecting and typing this information.

This cemetery was recorded by Dula Douglas and Lois Porter of the Nelsonville EH Club.
The records are on file at the Sharp County Extension Office in Ash Flat, Ar.

Anderson, Myrtle     6-14-1907 to 7-2-1934
Arnold, Cora L.     1878 to 1911
Arnold, James N.     1873 to 1954

Campbell, Amus     7-10-1896 to 5-27-1911
Campbell, Charley      8-30-1861 to 4-20-1900
Cowan, Paul Millard     10-7-1919 to 12-1-1919

Dailey, James R.    6-18-1913 to 11-12-1913  Son of  C. J. Dailey and wife

Edwards, Annie E.     5-24-1859 to 2-24-1909
Edwards, Rebecca     3-6-1819 to 3-8-1891
Edwards, W. M.    1-8-1836 to 1-8-1886   Husband of Anna E.

Gilmore, Gloria May    1-20-1945 to 1-3-1962

Hatfield, Mrs. B. M.       6-12-1900 to 8-7-1945
Holland, Nannie E.    12-10-1874 to 6-1-1890

Jones, James N.     12-25-1860 to 8-26-1915
Johnson, (Mrs.) Laura    7-10-1874 to 10-6-1956
Jones, N. A.    5-12-1870 to 3-8-1920
Justin, Susan E.   12-29-1843 to 6-29-1912   Wife of Ephraim W. Justin

Lasley, Alonzo   11-21-1894 to 9-22-1918  Son of G.R.S.C.D. Lasley  Co. 8. Det.
Lasley, Lavell    10-6-1892 to 11-6-1918  Co. A  18 Inf.

Madison, J. R.   2-15-1855 to 7-29-1905   Husband of S. E. Madison
Maxwell, J. R.   7-5-1851 to 10-20-1909   Husband of E. M. Maxwell
McKnight, Angeline M.    2-3-1847 to 6-12-1935
McKnight, Callie     6-30-1872 to 9-10-1896
McKnight, James     4-25-1841 to 4-2-1891   Husband of Angeline McKnight
McKnight, Roscoe B.    6-27-1885 to 1-18-1957
Miller, John R.    2-17-1877 to 10-6-1956

Raney, Lawrence     10-30-1921 to 1-22-1923   Son of M. F. and Delta Raney
Reed, Bassell B.    5-14-1905 to 9-14-1917    Son of John and Eva Reed
Reed, E. A.     1-15-1838 to 5-15-1893
Reed, John     3-9-1879 to 3-28-1907
Reed, O. A.   11-26-1854 to 3-26-1928
Ruffner, George Silis  8-8-1879 to 2-23-1958  Sgt. Co. C, 2nd Regt. Ark. Inf. Sp. Am War

Smith, Allen    2-11-1873 to 4-2-1955
Smith, Ercell    10-1-1912 to 6-23-1914  Son of  C. E. and B. Smith
Smith, May    8-8-1877 to 1-27-1953
Spotts, Ida M.     11-12-1870 to 1-5-1898   Wife of Wm. H. Spotts
Stinnett, Ida    6-7-1887 to 9-16-1905
Stinnett, Infant   Born 7-16-1887  Daughter of J. R. and Mary A. Stinnett
Stinnett, Jesse O.    2-14-1885 to 7-20-1887  Daughter of J. R. and Mary A. Stinnett
Stinnett, John P.    10-7-1849 to 9-6-1928
Stinnett, Mary A.   1-23-1862 to 3-31-1891    Wife of J. R. Stinnett

Werner, D. S.  10-3-1846 to 5-1-1895  (Fathe) Father of W. J., M. L. and J. M.  b/w M.C.
Werner, M. C.   6-20-1857 to 4-26-1936  (Mother)  b/w D. S.
Wilson, Amanda M.    11-22-1836 to 7-30-1912   Wife of John A. Wilson
Wilson, C. D.    9-4-1872 to 9-12-1939
Wilson, John A.    1-6-1836 to 2-4-1903   Husband of Amanda

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