This cemetery is located about a mile from Ravenden on Private property, It is known as the Marthaler Cemetery,  Mainly because there are several buried there. The family lived on this land for many years, but never owned it.

In 1955 Lee Baker built a block wall that stand about 4 feet tall around the cemetery to keep the cows out, and he bought new head stones for his grandparents grave.  I was told at that time it cost him 500 dollars to have the wall built.  There are several stones in this small grave yard but no names on them, some seem to be small like they may have been for a child.  I am checking around to see if there is anyone that knows who is in the unmarked graves.

Linda Marthaler
July 3 1886
Aug.  1928


Conrad              Mary Ann
5-23-1835         1-11-1857
9-1-1904           11-1-1921
In fond Memory of Father and Mother

Blanche Marthaler
Oct 25 ,1887
May 1910

L.D. Reynolds
husb. of  L. A. Reynolds
Born May 30,1812
Died  June 15, 1894
Asleep in Jesus ? rest whose ? is ? blessed

Lucy A.
wife of L.D. Reynolds
Born Mar 4, 1818
Died Mar 3,  1892
She was a kind and afectionate wife.
A fond mother and a friend to all.

I hope this may be the family of someone on the list.  I have been told of another old cemetery in the woods around Ravenden, I hope to get to it soon, since the weather has been so pretty.  Please feel free to contact Sherry if you have any questions.

Let's thank Sherry Henson for her help in surveying this cemetery.  She would be happy to help you.

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