My mother and I went to the Sharp County Extension Office and got a copy of the cemetery records they had on file. These are older records and not up to date, but a partial listing is better than none. There are several, so it'll take me some time to put them in word format and send them, but I'll do then as soon as I can. There's also one that is not on their list, but we plan on surveying it also. I'm doing the smallest ones first. Gloria L.

I would like to thank Gloria and her mother for their work in collecting and typing this information.

This is a partial listing of the Ed Collins Cemetery, located in Sharp Co., Ar.  I don't have the exact location. These records were taken from the file at the Sharp County Extension Office at Ash Flat, Arkansas.

Angotti, Infant
Angotti, Era   1900 to 1961
Angotti, Pearl Margaret  1891 to 1975
Angotti, Ronald   1-19-1934 to 2-18-1934
Angotti, Stephen   1896 to 1953

Collins, baby
Collins, baby
Collins, baby
Collins, Daniel   1900 to 1930
Collins, Daniel N.  1878 to 1963
Collins, David  1835 to 1902
Collins, Donald Lee  1956 to 1974
Collins, H.D.   1906 to 1959
Collins, Hannah    1938 to 1938
Collins, infant  1953 to 1953
Collins, J. L.    1942 to 1959
Collins, John A.  1913 to 1976
Collins, Kenneth Ray    1954 to 1975
Collins, Lucher   1903 to 1959
Collins, Mandy   1869 to 1907
Collins, Martha    1862 to 1967
Collins, Nancy    1908 to 1965
Collins, Syntha Isabell    1873 to 1932
Collins, Tom   1873 to 1952
Collins, Ules    1907 to 1938
Collins, Willoughy ( Dick)   1898 to 1976
Curtis, Eugene Graydon    1955 to 1979

Denny, Buford L.   1918 to 1973
Denny, Mable V.  1919 to 1971

Henry, Virgil
Henry, Virgil Gary   1946 to 1979

Martin, B.  10-17-11960 to 10-29-1960
Martin, H.  10-17-1960 to 10-28-1960
McCurtis, E.   1-17-1904 to 1-27-1904
Melton, Mysti Rene  1978 to 1978

Penedarvis, Clara  1903 to 1919
Pendarvis, Jacob J.  1897 to 1953  WW I
Porter, Marion  1875 to 1946
Porter, Molly   1861

Robinson, Arthur Herbert  1889 to 1949
Robinson, Graydon  1919 to 1940
Robinson, Rhonda   born 1891

Warden, Robert B.   1906 to 1933
White, Leon D.  1878 to 1961

16 unknown graves

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