This cemetery is located about 1 mile from Ravenden on Hwy 90, it is on private property, I just got back from there it is another very sad case.  Most of the head stones (about 10 or so) were just flat rocks, some looked like they may have had something scratched on them at one time, but could not be made out,  Several stones were broken.  The women that took me to the cemetery said that it was a old colored cemetery.  She is up into her 80s and said she remembered as a child going to the funeral of a women her mother new, they were all colored, Her sister remembers this also, because
her mother had just bought a new head scarf for her and during the burial a women fainted .  Well her mom took her new head scarf and got it wet to wipe the woman's face with it.  For this reason she said she would never forget that funeral.  She was very small, and neither could remember the name of the lady who had passed away.

I am trying to find out more about this cemetery from the owner.  I will keep you guys posted.  Here are the three head stones I could read something on.

Samuel Henderson CO. L.  2 MO S.M. Cav.

This stone looked homemade, very hard to read.
BYORARY,  Clifton Allison ??????

This stone was broken into several pieces, with some of the pieces missing
but this is what I could find and piece together.
DEAL?RNOR, ??KS   June 22, 188?, Nov 12 ????

I know its not much but at least now maybe they will not be totally forgotten, if someone out there can locate them in there family tree.

I hope this may be the family of someone on the list.  I have been told of another old cemetery in the woods around Ravenden, I hope to get to it soon, since the weather has been so pretty.  Please feel free to contact Sherry if you have any questions.

Let's thank Sherry Henson for her help in surveying this cemetery.  She would be happy to help you.

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