This information was provided by Donald E. Roe. I would like to thank him for the information. This is the old family cemetery on the original 144 acres homesteaded by John Holiday Roe and his wife Mary Tuck, who came to Arkansas from Knox County, Tennessee, in the 1850's. The 144 acre homestead was obtained on 16 June 1856 and is located at Section 3, Township 15 North, Range 4 West. The Roe Cemetery is located about 2 1/2 miles down the road leading south of Calamine and near the corner where another road goes to Shelbyville. I do not know the names of these roads. On the topographical maps, U.S. Geological Survey, the cemetery is located approximately at Longitude 91 degrees, 23 minutes, and Latitude 35 degrees, 58 minutes, 30 Seconds. The Roe Cemetery is shown on the topographical map.

John Holiday Roe, ...............born 18 Sep 1814, died 11 Mar 1887
Mary (Tuck) Roe, ...............born 25 Feb 1821, died 30 Mar 1882
Francis Warren Roe,.......... born 23 Sep 1841, died 4 Aug 1924
Nancy Jane (Ware) Roe,.... born 17 Apr 1848, died 20 Jul 1938
Ermanilda Devona Roe,...... born 2 Nov 1874, died 6 Dec 1903
John Henry Roe,................. born 24 Dec 1877, died 8 Jan 1946

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