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Sharp County was formed in 1868 from Lawrence Co., AR. The first county seat was Evening Shade. The county seat changed to Hardy, AR. In 1965 the county seat changed again, to the present day Ash Flat, AR.

Cherokee Village is known throughout for its retirement center. Hardy is visited by many tourists for the arts and crafts. Hardy also has several buildings on the National Register of History. The flowing creeks and rivers make canoeing a popular sport in Sharp Co. Within Sharp Co. is the Harold E. Alexander Wildlife & Management Area, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

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Thank you Shelia Brannon for the Sharp County, AR. map!! Visit Shelia's Chicot Co., AR.

I have some additional information on Sharp County, but most of the information is online. I'm also at a disadvantage. I have never lived in Sharp County. My ancestors lived there. I have visited a few times on vacation. To navigate the back roads, I must use a map. On my future trips I will purchase a GPS device. One time there I misplaced for an hour.

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