Old Miller Cemetery, Dayton, Sebastian County, Arkansas This compilation was created by Pat Gilstrap and is part of the free service called ARGenWeb. This file may be freely copied for non-profit purposes, commerial use prohibited. All other rights reserved. 

Old Miller Cemetery

near Dayton, Sebastian County, AR
        It is not known who made the original handwritten list, copy came 
from Leona Belle Cotner, an early researcher; this transcribed copy from 
family of John Grant Gilstrap.

        Row 1 -  Bonnie OWEN,  Sept. 18, 1929 to Sept. 22, 1929 *
                  *(Most of these dates are given as numbers, only.  
                   Since no first numbers in the series are higher than 
                   12, we believe the numbers are as follows: 
                   month, day, and year.)

        Row 2 -  B.F. DICKSON, 1-11-1874 to 8-5-1896    
                 Fredie Carson DICKSON, 7-19-? to 7-22-1899
               **Christopher Columbus DICKSON 3-18-1827 to 1891
               **Thomas Jessie DICKSON, 2-25-1880 to 9-9-1886    
                 **Minnie Lee DICKSON, Feb. 6, 1884 to 9-6-1886
                 Thomas F. DICKSON, 12-5-1846 to 4-29-1928
                 Rachel B. DICKSON, 3-7-1852 to 5-5-1915
                 **(the above names are listed by an unknown person on this 
                    cemetery list as children of Thomas & Rachel Dickson; 
                    this makes the birthdate as read for Christopher 
                    Columbus Dickson doubtful or else he is perhaps 
                    the grandfather.)

        Row 3 - John CLOPTON died 1933 (wife Callie)
        Row 4 - Tom DICKSON, 1-11-1874 to 8-5-1896
        Row 5 - Mittie Dickson ROBERTS, 1851-1927
                A.J. DICKSON, 1818-1878
                Adam STINEBAUGH, 11-1-1821 to 5-15-1895
                Mary STINEBAUGH, 4-29-1818 to 3-16-1877
                (Parents of Mary Elizabeth Stinebaugh, wife of 
                Lorenzo Dow Gilstrap)

        Row 6 - Maybell GILSTRAP, 7-6-1874 to 11-21-1876 ( daughter of 
                John Grant Gilstrap Sr., and wife  Melissa Gilbreath.)
                *Jno. GILSTRAP, 11-25-1818  to 3-18-1876* 
                      (This is John Grant Gilstrap Sr.) 
                D. L. Ragle, son of W.K. RAGLE*, 1-19-1887 to 3-5-1887
                J.H. Ragle, son of W.K. RAGLE*, 5-18-1878 to 4-10-1880
                      NOTE: W.K. Ragle ( b. 1854, died after 1901) is 
                      believed to be William K. Ragle, the husband of 
                      Malinda Catherine Gilstrap who was a daughter of 
                      John Grant Gilstrap.

       Row 7 - Mary, daughter of L.D. & M.E. GILSTRAP,4-28-1875 to 9-20-1877 
                      (L.D. and M.E. Gilstrap are Lorenzo Dow Gilstrap  
                      and wife, Mary Elizabeth Stinebaugh.)
               Mary E., wife of L.D. GILSTRAP, 11-11-1850 to 9-24-1876 
                      (This is Mary Elizabeth Stinebaugh, first wife of 
                      Lorenzo Dow Gilstrap, eldest son of John Grant 
                      Gilstrap Sr.)

       Row 8 - A.C., son of G.H. and A.J. PETTERS, 6-17-1863 to 1-15-1871
       Row 9 - W.R., son of W.S. & Sarah HUTCHISON, 9-12-1878 to 11-11-1892
               J.J. HUTCHISON, 6-27-1823 to 3-2-9-1898
               Sarah HUTCHISON, wife of J.J., 6-3-1822-8-16-1900

       Row 10 - No names on stones
       Row 11 - A.L. WITCHER, 8-21-1851 to 5-2-1915
                Mabel, daughter of A.L. and M.A. WITCHER, 
                      5-18-1885 to 11-28-1904
                Martha Ann, Wife of A.L. WITCHER, 1-20-1845 to 7-13-1891
                James A., son of A.L. and Martha, 1876-10-8-1886
                Infant daughter of A.L. and Martha WITCHER, 9 days old
                Mary F., daughter of A.L. and Martha WITCHER, 
                      died 9-21-1872, age 12 mo.
                Susan, daughter of W.J. and Mary E. WITCHER, 
                      died 10-16-1869, age 2 yr. 9 mo.
                Fannie, daughter of W.J. and Mary E. WITCHER, 
                      died 7-25-1883, 19 yr. 3 mo. 23 days.*
                      * (this date has been read by another as 1853, but 
                      believe it is 1883.)
                Infant child of W.J. and Mary E. WITCHER
                Robert E. Lee, son of W.J. and Mary E. WITCHER, 
                      died 2-2- 1879, 11 yr. 4 mo.
                Walker W., son of W.J. and Mary E. WITCHER, 
                      3-12-18(71?) to 12-21-1887

Directions to cemetery: Located on farm of Bill Efurd.  Turnoff to cemetery 
is on road connecting Dayton & Witcherville and is .5 mile west of the 
Dayton cemetery and 2 miles east of Witcherville & Hwy 71 intersection.
Turn off road to the south and wind around Efurd farm, cemetery sits in 
middle of barnyard. Called Old Miller Cemetery, but not on maps. On land 
probably owned previously by Lorenzo Dow Gilstrap.

NOTE: This cemetery is on private property and is difficult to find 
without a guide.  It is suggested that permission to enter Mr. Efurd's 
land be obtained before visiting.  If Mr. Stinebaugh is not available, 
contact local Postmaster for present caretaker.

Cemetery caretaker in 1992 was Lester Stinebaugh.  It is not known if he 
is living at present (1997).