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Perry Co AR - 1910 Census
Convict Camp - Fowler Mill Road
Petit Jean Township

Note: All prisoners & guards were white males.

Transcribed by Sharon Smith

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Page # Name Age/Status Birthplace Prisoner/Guard
58a ?, ? 64/Wd AR Prisoner/Laborer
" ?, ? 60/Div GA Prisoner/Laborer
" ?, ? 30?/Div AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Garrison, Walter 20/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Davies, Thomas 34/Wd Wales Prisoner/Laborer
" Andrews, John 52/M MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Owen, Henry J. 34/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" ?, ? 29/? TN Prisoner/Laborer
" ?, ? ?/S VA State Guard
" Turner, Isaac A. 31/M AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Hill, John A. 43/S? AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Partin, Ben 25/Div MS Prisoner/Laborer
" Chambers, Robert 20/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Popejoy, James 36/M OK Prisoner/Laborer
" Brown, Bob 36/M AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Childers, Obe 22/S TN Prisoner/Laborer
" Hollcraft, Charles 19/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Derouch, Will 30/Div AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Stanheart, Harry 37/? AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Thompson?, Robert 19/? AR Prisoner/Laborer
" McGhee, John 26/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Anderson, John T. 35/M AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Marks, Sam L. 39/M OH Prisoner/Laborer
" Lacy, Dan 24/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Fareless, Alex S. 35/Div IL Prisoner/Laborer
" Nelson, Newt 29/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Raggin, Roney 32/S AL Prisoner/Laborer
" Write, Lee 20/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Jackson, Carie 58/M TN Prisoner/Laborer
" Weems, Jim M. 50/M AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Sisk, John 37/Div GA Prisoner/Laborer
" Shoecraft, Willie A. 33/Wd NY Prisoner/Laborer
" Tennel, Pete 24/S IL Prisoner/Laborer
" Turner, Garfield 29/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Henthro, Jessie 24/S IL Prisoner/Laborer
" Shelly, John 23/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" McCarthy, John 19/S AL Prisoner/Laborer
" Blankinship, Buster 22/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Stacey, Grover 25/M MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Derouch, Will 30/Wd AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Hardy, Walker 22/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Welsh, James E. 46/Wd AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Garnes, Heath 36/M KY Prisoner/Laborer
" Smith, Bob 16/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Nance, Will 36/S TX Prisoner/Laborer
" Tuttle, Sam 64/M MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Sellers, Jim H. 31/Wd AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Ambros, Phil 46/Wd Germany Prisoner/Laborer
" Newman, John 19/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Roses, James B. 64/M VA Prisoner/Laborer
58b Leddell, Will K. 25/S AL Prisoner/Laborer
" Beck, Wade 30/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Vettraman, Will 21/Div TX Prisoner/Laborer
" Patrick, George W. 39/S MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Wellington, George 52/M MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Clampett, Lee 46/M TN Prisoner/Laborer
" Benton, Gus 66/S MS Prisoner/Laborer
" Gaston, Jim G. 43/Div IA Prisoner/Laborer
" Anglin, Claude 32/Div MO Prisoner/Laborer
" Nichols, Walter 21/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Franklin, Charles B. 45/Wd England Prisoner/Laborer
" Murphy, Wales 27/S TX Prisoner/Laborer
" Groh, Jim T. 24/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Carson, Robert 23/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Sipes, Robert 28/M TN Prisoner/Laborer
" Havis, Perry 19/S AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Brashers, Jeff 34/M AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Johnson?, Edd 34/Wd AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Cox, Charles 45/Wd VA State Guard
" Fullwood, Frank 35/S TN State Guard
" Brown, Carl 28/S MS State Guard
" Jackson, Gus 26/M AR Assistant Foreman
" Murphy, Jim P. 28/Div AR Prisoner/Laborer
" Stehm, James 28/S MO Prisoner/Laborer