Civil War Confederate Pension Applications




July 8, 1901 : July 8, 1928

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These Civil War Confederate pension applications were transcribed from the original record book and contributed by Gail Scott to the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society’s Archives. The pension records were originally published in the Backtracker as a four-part series. If additional information is desired, please contact the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society. The actual records may be ordered from the Arkansas History Commission, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
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“In pursuance of an Act Entitled “An Act to Provide Pensions for certain Soldiers and Sailors of the late War Between the States for Widows of such Soldiers and Sailors” passed by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas and approved March 11, 1901.

And in compliance of Section 7 of this act the County Court of Benton County, Arkansas, did at the April Term 1901 thereof as appears on record in County Court record Vol. K page 325 appoint R. A. Hickman, N. S. Henry and W. W. Thomason as the County Board of Pensions in and for the County of Benton and State of Arkansas.

Monday morning July 8, 1901 it being the day fixed by law for convening of the board of pensions. After taking the oath of office proceeded to the election of a chairman of and for said board. R. A. Hickman being duly elected as Chairman of said board.

The board on this day examined the applications and allowed the following named persons the sum set opposite their respective names as sailors, soldiers or widows of such soldiers or sailors.”

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