The Arnold Family Question

It is a Revered thing to see an ancient castle not in decay,

But how much more it is to behold an ancient family which has

stood against the waves and weathers of time

- Francis Bacon -

     This is my "works in progress" genealogy study that I have been conducting on the Arnold family of Colonial Virginia for some years now. In my search for my own Arnold family, I have found that there seems to be a connection between three main Arnold families of that time period and the families of Davenport, Gray, Field, Taylor, Gilliam, Pettus, Frank, Bostick and Blundell, to name just a few. I hope to find out what that connection is.

Anthony Arnold

of Colonial Virginia

  Zachariah W. Arnold

of Abbeville County, South Carolina and Old Tishomingo County, Mississippi

  Thomas Arnold and Grace Doyle

of Rappahannock County, Virginia

  Rev. Zachariah Arnold

of Laurens County, South Carolina

  William Arnold and Martha Bostick

of Cumberland County, Virginia

James Arnold and Martha Atkinson

of Lunenburg/Mecklenburg County, Virginia

 Absolam, James and John Arnold

of Spartanburg County, South Carolina

 Joshua Arnall and Leanna Franks

of Laurens County, Virginia

 Arrendell, Arundell, Arnold

of England, Colonial Virginia, North Carolina and Spartanburg County,  South Carolina

Benjamin Franklin / William Gilbert Arnold

of South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi

Aaron and Nimrod Arnold 

Of Spartanburg County, South Carolina

 James Fielding Arnold

of Morgan County, Georgia

 William D. Arnold and Susannah Gains

of Pickens County, South Carolina 

  Thomas Arnold and Samuel Arnold

of Virginia and Surry County, North Carolina

 John Arnal and Martha Fussell

of Bertie County, North Carolina 1738 

     I am researching the Arnolds who lived primarly in the South: Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. I have placed these families into an outline format, to the best of my knowledge, for easier understanding.

     I am encouraging all genealogists who are looking for any of these families to participate in this study and send me feedback. The more we have working on this, the better chance there is of finding what the connection is between these families.

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Karolyn Klaes -

The Arnold Family Question

December 2009