Newton Co., AR - Post Offices

Newton County


 Post Offices and Post Masters - July 1883 
Post Office Name Postmaster Annual Salary
Cassville Thomas S. Curtis $42.49
Cave Creek H. C. Dickey $34.22
Fallsville A. Dixon Not Given
Jasper A. F. Davis $117.61
Limestone Valley W. R. Jones $31.08
Marshall Prairie J. H. Bradley $26.56
Mount Hersey L. B. Barber $2.58
Mount Judea E. B. Greenhaw $30.69
Mount Parthenon R. C. J. Mattock $32.50
Quincy J. J. Walters $12.89
Wells Creek M. Hoppis $7.26
Yardell J. Waldrop Not Gived
Source: "Official Register of the United States, containing a list of officers and employees in the civil, military,
and naval service on the first of July, 1883. Volume II. The Post Office Department and the postal service."
  Post Offices and Post Masters - 1892-1893
Post Office
Post Master
Boxley Joseph Villins $43.69
Capark H. L. C. Durham $20.68
Cassville M. E. Marshall $39.46
Cave Creek G. W. Thompson $55.96
Chancel J. E. Moore $7.47
Fallsville N. N. Spiva $68.05
Jasper A. K. Gardner $240.49
Limestone Valley D. B. Millsaps $27.76
Mossville F. W. Strope $13.72
Mount Hersey L. W. Barbee $25.63
Mount Judea E. B. Greenlaw $70.23
Mount Parthenon W. U. Casey $18.06
Murray N. F. Bradley $18.25
Noah R. L. Newberry $7.76
Quincy B. A. Casey $40.16
Red Rock W. R. Jones $54.42
Ryker J. A. Ryker $7.65
Snow C. H. Snow $7.33
Spence S. M. Overtarf $1.42
Summit H. Heydenreich $8.47
Swain T. E. Davis $46.43
Walnut A. Millsaps $67.63
Wells Creek M. Hoppis $11.52
Western Grove L. R. Jones $121.08
Willcockson J. H. Raulston $82.47
Yardelle T. J. Shinn $39.02