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The following are veterans of the War of 1812. We welcome more entries. If you want to add a War of 1812 Veteran to the site, please email with any information about the veteran. If at all possible, let us know in which cemetery, county, and state the person is buried. You may include biographical data, a photograph, tombstone photograph, obituary, or another other information you wish to add.

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Garland County

Belding, Ludovicus .
1792 - October 9, 1833
Belding, born in Amherst, Mass., in 1791, was 20 while serving as a clerk on board the American privateer Regulator when it was captured by the British. He was held prisoner at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and family tradition has it that his time in prison caused severe health problems.
Mr. Belding is buried in Bassett-Belding-Gaines Cemetery. 3

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