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Strolling Down Central Avenue - 5

Those of you who have lived in the Hot Springs area remember the days when you got all "gussied up" before going shopping down Central Avenue, because the photographer from Stonecipher Photography, Petty Studio (417 Quapaw Avenue), Coffey's Camera Shop, or Deluxe Studio might take your photograph.  (There may have been other photographers--these are the only four I know of as of this date.)

We are using some of these photographs and hope you enjoy them.  If you have one that you would like included, please scan and email them to the webmaster.


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Click on the photograph for a larger picture! None of these photographs are to be copied or used without the written permission of the Melting Pot Genealogical Society and the person that submitted the photograph!

We are reserving page 8 for unknown photos.  Please take a look at that page to see if you recognize any of the people and let us know.

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Alex Baer, Winnie Greenway Baer.

Alex Baer, Winnie Greenway Baer.

Alex Baer, Ken Lambert.

Alex and Winnie Greenway Baer.  Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer

Alex and Winnie Greenway Baer December 1949.  Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer.

Unknown, possibly Linda Meeks, Unknown, Ken Lambert and Alex Baer in the early to mid 1950's.  Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer.




Mrs. Yankie and Mary Greenway.  Mary was born in 1909 and died December 18, 1961, and was the sister of Winnie Greenway Baer.  Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer

Mary Greenway and Mrs. Yankie.  Mary was the daughter of Charles Oliver and Lydia May Barnette Greenway.  Submitted by Mary's nephew, Joseph Alex Baer

Mollie Carson McAdoo taken December 11, 1951.  Mollie was the grandmother of Lynn? McAdoo Lambert.  Mollie was born in 1881 to John A. and Callie Bryant Carson and died in 1953.  She is buried next to her husband, Edward Monroe McAdoo, at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Garland County.  Submitted by Lynne's husband, Ken Lambert

Lynne McAdoo Lambert, Elaine Weaver McAdoo.

Claude H Lambert.


Lynne McAdoo Lambert with her mother, Elaine Weaver McAdoo.   Photo was taken about 1944.  Elaine still lives in Hot Springs and was once Hot Springs' Deputy City Clerk. Submitted by Ken Lambert

Claude H. Lambert in the 1940's.  Claude was the grandfather of Ken Lambert.  Claude died at the age of 102 in Glenwood, Arkansas, in March 1996.  Claude's father, John, opened Lambert's Shoe Shop in the early 1900's and then was  run by Claude from about 1933-1972.  Submitted by Ken Lambert

In the foreground is Joy Cheek and Ken Lambert. Joy married a Mr. Phillips, and she died in 1991 in Fort Worth, Texas, of breast cancer.  Background is Carolyn "Scooty" Coburn and Sonny Hines.  Sonny graduated from Lakeside High School in 1957.  He married Charles Ann Small of Hot Springs.  Photo taken summer of 1955.  Submitted by Ken Lambert




Lillie M Greenway Robinson.  Lillie was the daughter of Charles Gregory and Martha Ann Gentry Greenway.  She was married to William Dallas Robinson.  She was born 11/7/1891 and died 12/8/1991 and is buried at Owensville Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.  Submitted by Alex Baer

Joseph Alex Baer and Dorothy Guthrie. This was Alex's first trip to downtown Hot Springs in his stroller.  Submitted by Alex Baer

Bertha Baker, Myrtle Howerton Banker and Unknown.  Bertha was born 12/1927 in Arkansas and died 01/09/1999.  She was married to Butch Goins and was the daughter of Myrtle and Moses Sidney "Sid" Baker.  Myrtle was born in Arkansas 10/13/1888 and died 10/23/1975.  She was the daughter of William C. and Sarah Ellen Woolard Howerton.  Myrtle and Sid lived in Hot Springs for several years.  Photo was taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  Submitted by Joyce Lesoing


J R Stonecipher, J A Stonecipher.

Barbara Galentin, Nellie Lois Mobley Galentin.

James Andrew Stonecipher and his two sons, James Robert and Claude Andrew, taken April 7, 1941, standing in front of Deluxe Studio (or Stoneciphers) that was founded by J. A. Stonecipher.  Submitted by Neil Thornton

J. R. Stonecipher and his father, J. A. Stonecipher, taken May 1954.  J. R. is the father of Joyce Stonecipher Thornton and grandfather of Jim Thornton of Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Dr. Chuck Thornton of Texarkana, Texas.  Submitted by Neil Thornton (Joyce's husband)

Barbara and her mother, Nellie Lois (Mobley) Galentin.  This photo was taken about 1954 before the family moved to Hot Springs.  They were living in Dallas at the time and on vacation.  Submitted by Barbara Galentin

Barbara Galentin, Nellie Galentin.

Harold Ervin Galentin, Nellie Galentin, Barbara Galentin.

Charles A Riley.

Barbara and Nellie Galentin all dressed up about 1953.  Submitted by Barbara Galentin

Harold Ervin and Nellie Galentin with their daughter Barbara, taken about 1955.  Harold was born April 8, 1904, and died July 1972.  Nellie was born March 2, 1908, and died in Dallas County, Texas, May 17, 1984.  Submitted by Barbara Galentin

Charles A. Riley.  Mr. Riley had a blacksmith shop that was located on Park Avenue in Hot Springs.  He was born November 9, 1871, and died September 6, 1961.  He was married to Mattie Rippetoe.  Submitted by Norval Ziegler, Jr., his grandson


Jim Thornton, Chuck Thornton.

Joyce Stonecipher, Agnes Neimeyer, Shirley Collier, Rachel Kuechenmeiser, Molly Brandt.

Joyce Stonecipher Thornton, her dad J R Stonecipher and her husband Neil Thornton.  Photo taken August 6, 1953.  Mr. Stonecipher was born April 18, 1909.  He died October 8, 1960, in an airplane crash.  Submitted by Neil Thornton

Jim and Chuck Thornton taken July 24, 1956.  They are the sons of Joyce and Neil Thornton.  Submitted by Neil Thornton

Joyce Stonecipher Thornton,  Agnes Neimeyer Mathis, Shirley Collier Murphy, Rachel Kuechenmeister Allen and Molly Sue Brandt Cooper. Taken Jan. 7, 1946.  All in Hot Springs High School at this time.  Submitted by Neil Thornton

Jana Newkirk McKnight, Christy Roach.

Blu Stough, Maurice Brauton, Lynn Stuart.


Jana Newkirk McKnight and Christy Roach.  Submitted by Jana's brother, John Newkirk, Jr.

Blu Stough, Maurice Braughton and Lynn Stuart taken July 12, 1948.  Submitted by Lynn Stuart

Don Stueart, Carolyn Allen, Rice Green, Joy Freeman, Gene Stonecipher and Lynn Stuart.  This was taken on April 30, 1941.  Submitted by Lynn Stuart

Gene Stonecipher, Lynn Stuart.

Santa Claus, J R Stonecipher.

Jimmy, Luther James.

Gene "Stoney" Stonecipher and Lynn Stuart taken April 24, 1947.  Submitted by Lynn Stuart

Santa Claus and J. R. Stonecipher on December 26, 1958.  Submitted by Neil Thornton

1 and 2 unknown, 3 Jimmy Crone, 4 Luther James, 5 unknown.  Submitted by Leah Crone

William Fowler, Mary Louise Parks Martin.

Mary Kay Morgan, Betty Carol Morgan.

Fowler Martin, Billie Fowler Martin Riley.

William Fowler and Mary Louise (Parks) Martin taken July 9, 1945.  Fowler was born in 12/2/1914 and died 3/16/1973. Mary Louise was born 8/17/1923 and died 9/13/2002. Both Fowler and Mary Louise are buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Submitted by their daughter Gail Martin Montuori

Mary Kay (Morgan) Aclin and her sister Betty Carol (Morgan) Pace taken about 1944.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Fowler Martin with his mother Billie (Fowler) Martin Riley November 8, 1953.  Billie was born Nov 22, 1892 and died May 30, 1968, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs. Submitted by Gail Martin Montuori

Fowler Martin, Gail Martin Montuori.

John Hoffman, Gail Martin, Ken Wheatley.

Mary Louise Parks, Virginia Riley, Sara Ann Martin.

Fowler Martin with his daughter, Gail Martin.  Submitted by Gail Martin Montuori

John Hoffman with Gail Martin in 1964. Ken Wheatley III is standing behind them. Submitted by Gail Martin Montuori

Mary Louise (Parks) Martin, Virginia Riley (daughter of Billie with second husband Roy Riley) with friend and baby Sara Ann Martin (now Mrs. Wayne Douglass) taken January 20, 1942.  Virginia Riley Johnston died October 9, 2008, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  Submitted by Gail Martin Montuori

Lenora Wilson Spencer, Roy Wilson.

Raymond W Morgan.

Betty Carol Morgan, Mary Kay Morgan.

Lenora (Wilson) Spencer and her brother Roy Wilson taken in 1940.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Raymond W Morgan with a friend in the 1950's.  Raymond was born 08/16/1915 and died 09/15/1996 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Raymond was married to Betty Jean Spencer. Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace (daughter of Raymond)

Betty Carol Morgan and sister Mary Kay Morgan in 1959.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Betty Spencer Morgan, Kay Morgan, Dru Aclin.


Raymond Morgan, Windy Morgan.

Betty (Spencer) Morgan with daughter Kay and grandchild Dru Aclin.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Betty (Spencer) Morgan with grandchildren Greg and Dru Aclin.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Raymond W Morgan and his son, Windy Morgan, taken December 1949.  Submitted by Carol Morgan Pace

Betty Jean Spencer Morgan. Raymond Morgan.


david finch

Betty Jean (Spencer) Morgan and Raymond W Morgan. He was a shoe salesman at Kempner's and Pate's Shoe Store; and he owned the Town and Country Shop in Freeman Center. His father, Luther Thomas Morgan owned a barber shop on Park Avenue.  Her father was C. J. Spencer, owner of Spencer's Cigar Store on Central Avenue. Taken about 1940.  Submitted by their daughter, Carol (Morgan) Pace

Dolly and David Finch, parents of Dorothy (Finch) Martin taken December 1957.  Submitted by their granddaughter, Sara Martin Douglass

David Finch taken August 4, 1947.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass

Dorothy and Clifford Martin.


Clifford Martin, William Fowler Martin.

Dorothy (Finch) Martin and her husband, Clifford Martin.  Dorothy was born in 1917 and died in 1998.  Clifford was born Nov. 1, 1913, and died March 17, 1992.  Submitted by their daughter, Sara Martin Douglass

Sara (Martin) Douglass with her father, Clifford Martin.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass

Clifford Martin with his brother, William Fowler Martin.  Photo taken April 22, 1941.  William Fowler was born Dec. 2, 1914, and died March 16, 1973, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass




William Fowler Martin with his wife, Mary Louise (Parks) Martin Jeffries.  Photo taken Aug. 17, 1942.  Mary was born Aug. 17, 1923, and died, Sept. 13, 2002, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.  Photo was taken August 16, 1942.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass 

Bonnie Corinne Martin and cousin, Louise (Bledsoe) Larson.  Corinne was the daughter of Billie (Fowler) Martin Riley and Jesse Charles Martin.  Louise was her cousin.  Photo was taken Oct. 2, 1939.  Corinne was born Feb. 1, 1911, and died Nov. 14, 1983, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.  Louise was the daughter of James Calvin and Florence (Fowler) Bledsoe.  Florence was a sister to Billie (Fowler) Martin Riley.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass

Louise (Bledsoe) Larsen and her sister, Joyce Ellen (Bledsoe) Stevenson.  Submitted by their cousin, Sara Martin Douglass




Sara (Martin) Douglass with friend Sandy (Arnold) McAfee.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass

Sara (Martin) Douglass and friend Susan (Whittington) Batterton.  Submitted by Sara Martin Douglass

Wayne Douglass, Sr., and Sara (Martin) Douglass.  Photo taken Feb. 2, 1961.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.




Lee A. and Rubie M. (Lambert) Douglass taken May 28, 1963.  Lee was born July 18, 1916, and died Nov. 1, 1981. Rubie was born February 28, 1915, and died September 30, 2008.  They are buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Submitted by their son, Wayne Douglass, Sr.

Lee, Wayne and Rubie Douglass.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.

Rubie (Lambert) Douglass with her daughter, Pat (Douglas) Bridges.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.




Pat (Douglass) Bridges with her brother, Wayne Douglass, Sr.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.

Lauretta (Holt) Bentley and George W. Bentley taken Dec. 9, 1944.  They are the parents of Mike and Joey Bentley.  George was the brother of Rubie (Lambert) Douglass.  Lauretta was born Dec. 21, 1921, and died May 4, 1977, and George was born March 23, 1919, and died March 28, 1968.  They are both buried at Greenwood Cemtery.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.

Rubie (Lambert) Douglass and Kaye Wilkerson.  They were best friends during high school days.  Submitted by Wayne Douglass, Sr.




Tempa (Poindexter) Moore and Kathryn "Kathy" (Jeffries) Walker in 1959.  Submitted by Kathy Jeffries Walker

Kathy (Jeffries) Walker and Susan (Ellis) Goodrum in 1959.  Submitted by Kathy Jeffries Walker

Luther Thomas Morgan, father of Raymond W. Morgan, and Unknown in 1942.  L. T. had a barber shop on Park Avenue.  Submitted by Dorothy Morgan Smith



Bud Rachilla.

Leo Mays and Geraldine Westbrook Chaney Mays.  Mrs. Mays was first married to Herman Earl Chaney.  Photo was taken 24 December 1960.  Submitted by Mrs. Mays' granddaughter-in-law, Paula Beaty Wacaster

Martha Shell Lovell (1935-2002), her mother, Docia Dodd Shell (1911-1956) and Allen Lovell.  Photo taken 1953.  Submitted by Allen Lovell, son of Martha and grandson of Docia

Bud Rachilla




Mary (Martin) Williams walking the Pekingese dogs owned by a friend in about 1936 when she was about 19 years old.  Mary, at age 88, is still living independently in Florida.  She is the daughter of Thomas J. and Mollie (Fitzgerald) Martin of Rosboro, Clark County, Arkansas.  She was married to Ralph Williams.  She apparently made quite a stir down Central Avenue -- notice the gentleman who is "eyeing" her with interest!  Ralph was born in 1903 and die din 1957.  Submitted by her daughter, Susie (Williams) Dent

Leonard F Carpenter, born August 8, 1893, in Hot Spring County, Arkansas; died March 3, 1967, in Garland County, Arkansas.  Leonard was the son of Millard Fillmore and Laura Lawrence Carpenter.  Submitted by Glenda Henry Jenkins (his great niece)

Louis Kinnaird submitted by Jane Ann Crone Kinnaird



carl breitenberg

Judy Breitenberg and Katherine Edds.  Judy is the daughter of Carl (deceased) and Katherine Edds Breitenberg. Mary Lou is the daughter of Mary Lou Wilson Dickson and
Tillman Dickson.  Submitted by Charleen (Cook) Nobles

Judy Breitenberg and John Ellis.  Submitted by Charleen (Cook) Nobles

Carl and Katherine Edds Breitenberg taken 27 November 1954.  Submitted by Charleen (Cook) Nobles

Fred Buchheit.

Ned and Rachel Buchheit.

Vernon Nobles.

Frederick Austell Buchheit born 5 September 1908 and died 16 September 1989 and is buried in Oma Cemetery in Garland County.  Courtesy of Joy Buchheit Robinson Ned and Rachel Rainwaters Buchheit.  Ned and Rachel married 17 November 1960.  Courtesy of their daughter Joy Buchheit Robinson Vernon "Buddy" Nobles, taken when he was about 16 or 17. Submitted by Charleen Cook Nobles

Walter Hardison

Mae Hardison and Walter Millard Hardison

Patricia Lynn Harris in 1955

Walter M. Hardison, of Local Union 619 IBEW, working on electrical downtown. Mr. Hardison was the business agent of Local 619 from the late forties until January of 1956 when he moved to California and joined Local 441 in Santa Ana, California. Photo courtesy of his daughter, Beth Hardison King Mae Hardison, sister of Walter M. Hardison, walking with her nephew, Walter Millard "Butch" Hardison. Photo courtesy of Beth Hardison King Patricia Lynn "Trisha" Harris Partain, the daughter of Al and Elizabeth Harris, in 1955. She is the oldest of four children, and her siblings are Donald, Nancy and David Harris. She married Dan Partin in 1962 in Orange, California. Photo courtesy of Beth Hardison King