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Strolling Down Central Avenue - 4

Those of you who have lived in the Hot Springs area remember the days when you got all "gussied up" before going shopping down Central Avenue, because the photographer from Stonecipher Photography, Petty Studio (417 Quapaw Avenue), Coffey's Camera Shop, or Deluxe Studio might take your photograph.  (There may have been other photographers--these are the only four I know of as of this date.)

We are using some of these photographs and hope you enjoy them.  If you have one that you would like included, please scan and email them to the webmaster.


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Click on the photograph for a larger picture! None of these photographs are to be copied or used without the written permission of the Melting Pot Genealogical Society and the person that submitted the photograph!

We are reserving page 8 for unknown photos.  Please take a look at that page to see if you recognize any of the people and let us know.

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Ruby Keith and Alice Keith Collier.

Millard, Carletta Solomon and Mark Keith.

alice collier,kay sims and wanda smurl.

Ruby Jane Keith and her daughter, Alice Keith Collier about 1955.  Ruby Jane and her husband, Marvin Keith, owned Steuart's Landing on Lake Hailton during WWII and afterwards owned Keith's Grocery on Highway 70 West just past the airport.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Millard Edgar Keith and his wife, Carletta (Solomon), and their first child Mark Brandon, taken in 1958. Carletta was from Ada, Oklahoma.  Millard and Carletta had five sons:  Mark, David, Alan, Paul and Stuart.   The family lived in Texas. Millard was born January 1933 and died August 2000.  Their son, Alan, died May 2004.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier and Blanche Keith Broadbent

Alice Keith Collier, Kay Moore Sims and Wanda Hardy Smurl--taken about 1961.  They were all students at Ouachita Baptist University.  Wanda was also from Garland County; however, Kay Moore was from Hughes, Arkansas.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Jerri Shaeffer, Shelvia Daniels, Vickie Sanders, Deanna Brown.

Millard Keith, Barbara Johnson, Mary Atwood, Wanda Nooner.

Fran Graves, Vickie Sanders, Mary Payne.

Jerri Sue Shaeffer, Shelvia Daniels Baker, Vickie Sanders Elliott and Deanna Brown Rogers. The photo was taken about 1957. These girls were members of the HSHS class of 1960.  Jerri Sue and Vickie moved from Hot Springs before graduation but still considered a part of the class.  Shelvia's mother still lives in Garland County but her father is deceased.  Deanna's mother is Nancy Matlock Brown and is still living here, and her father is deceased.  Deanna's father and grandfather (Horace Matlock) owned Brown and Matlock Cigar Store on Hobson for many years.  Vickie was the daughter of Ruth Hassin and Herman Sanders. Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Far left is Millard Keith, Barbara Johnson, Mary Jane Atwood Walters and Wanda Nooner.  Barbara is now married to Charles Dodson.  She teaches piano, and he is a piano tuner.  Wanda's family had the Nooner Lumber Company. Photo was taken about 1951. Submitted by Alice Keith Collier and Blanche Keith Broadbent

Fran Graves Barnett, Vickie Sanders and Mary Payne about 1957--all students at HSHS.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

alice collier and deanna rogers.

Blanche Keith, Bobbie Bumpass, Audra Capps, Hazel.

Vickie Sanders Elliott.

Alice Keith Collier and Deanna Brown Rogers about 1957--both students of the HSHS 1960 graduating class.  Alice married Martin Collier from Augusta, Arkansas, after having met him while attending OBU.  They moved back to Hot Springs in 1978.  She and her husband owned Collier's Jewelry with their son until they retired a few years ago and sold their interest to him.  Alice also taught at Lake Hamilton and retired in 1998 after teaching in Arkansas schools for 31 years. Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Blanche Keith Broadbent, Bobbie Bumpass Thompson, Audra Capps, and Hazel (all roommates at Henderson in 1952).  Blanche is married to Arthur Broadbent, Jr., in 1953.  She taught school at Lakeside and Lake Hamilton and is now retired.  Her husband served in the Air Force, and they have been back in Hot Springs since 1976. Submitted by Alice Keith Collier and Blanche Keith Broadbent

Vickie Sanders Elliott about 1956.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Loyd Emerson and Millard Keith.

Eva Burns, Jody, Billy Parker.

Lona Ballew, Eva Burns.

Loyd Emerson on the left and Millard Keith on the right about 1952.  Loyd was born 23 September 1933 died 5 November 2000. He was the son of Ruben and Audie Ayers Emerson.  His brother, Floyd, is retired from The Sentinel Record.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier

Eva Jean Burns Parker with children, Jody and Billy.  Eva Jean was the daughter of Lona A Ballew and Elvin "El" Burns and the granddaughter of Alice T Dillard and James Weaver Ballew.  Photo was taken in 1963.  Submitted by Eunice Chapmond Kilgore

Lona Alice Ballew-Gilbert and her daughter Eva Jean Burns-Parker and Eva Jean's children Billy and Jody Parker.  Lona Alice Ballew-Gilbert is the daughter of Alice Tennessee Dillard and James Weaver Ballew.  Eva Jean and her husband, William M "Bill" Parker, are the parents of Jody and Billy.  Photo taken in 1962.  Submitted by Eunice Chapmond Kilgore, niece of Lona and cousin of Eva.

Willard Ragsdale, William Porter Ragsdale, Martha May Shaw Ragsdale.



Left to right is Willard Ragsdale (son of Porter and May), William Porter Ragsdale (known as Porter) and Martha May Shaw Ragsdale (known as May). Submitted by Carlotta Ragsdale Unknown Unknown

Carolyn Fincher, Jerry Teal ,Diane Brazier, David Baldwin

Gordon LeCroy, Floyd LeCroy.

Bob Crone, Jonny Pool.

Carolyn Fincher, Jerry Teal, Diane Brazier and David Baldwin about 1956, courtesy of Jerry Teal

Gordon LeCroy is on the left.  He died on 12/25/1990 at the age of 95.  His son, Floyd LeCroy, is on the right.  He's still living in Benton and will celebrate his 75th birthday on August 27th.  He was 15 in this photo.  The photo was taken April 5, 1946, by Deluxe Studio.  Submitted by Pat LeCroy Ulrich, daughter of Floyd.

Bob Crone and Jonny Pool.  Submitted by Beth Hardison King

Stephanie Buchanan Olivo, Gail Smith McFarlin.

Gail Smith McFarlin, Whitney McFarlin.

Oscar Greenberg, Eathel Robertson Greenberg.

Stephanie Buchanan Olivo and Gail Smith McFarlin --high school friends--taken about 1957 by Stonechipher's Studio.  Submitted by Whitney McFarlin

Gail Smith McFarlin and Whitney A. McFarlin as High School married over 47 years and still going.  Taken about 1957 by Stonecipher's Photo Studio. Submitted by Whitney McFarlin

Oscar and Eathel (Robertson) Greenberg.  It was taken around 1954.  Oscar was born October 28, 1911 and died October 14, 1965, and is buried at the Jewish Rest Cemetery in Hot Springs.  She died in 1996.  He was manager of Bernard’s Men’s Store at 808 Central and she was a beauty operator for over 60 years.  He was born and raised an orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, New York, and she was the daughter of a sharecropper cotton farmer from Ozan, Ark., just north of Hope.  Submitted by Irving "Buddy" Greenberg

Irving "Buddy" Greenberg.

Kathy Jeffries, Suzanne Pender, Muriel Pender.

Mary Viola Norman Powell, Lillian Lucille Ryan Powell.

Irving "Buddy" Greenberg in about 1952. Irving is married to Mary Gail Stephens. Submitted by Irving Greenberg

Kathy Jeffries and Suzanne Pender.  Suzanne's mother, Muriel Pender, is in the background.  This photo was taken in 1955.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Mary Viola "Ola" Norman Powell, born 11/16/1893 and died 12/23/1969, and Lillian Lucille Ryan Powell, born 8/26/1920 and died 1/31/1999. Ola was married to William Levi Powell, and they lived in Oden, Ar., and was the daughter of Newton Leonard Norman and Rebecca Dulcenia Weston.  Lillian was married to Ola's son, Nathaniel.  They lived in Tucson, Az.  Lillian was daughter of Ernest Terrant Ryan and May Pearl Hall. Submitted by Mary Booles, Ola's granddaughter

Geraldine Barnette Newkirk, Johnny, Diane, Jana Newkirk.

Clois Powell, Pearl Harper Powell, Mary Powell Booles.

Pearl Harper Powell, Mary Powell Booles.

Mrs. Geraldine Barnette Newkirk with children Johnny, Diane and Jana.  Mrs. Newkirk was born February 18, 1921, and died January 3, 2000. She was married to John James Newkirk. Taken in 1954.  Submitted by John Newkirk, Jr

Clois Powell, Pearl Harper Powell and Mary Powell Booles.  Submitted by Mary Booles

Pearl Harper Powell and Mary Powell Booles. Photo taken about 1959. Submitted by Mary Booles.

Velma Harper, Charlotte Jordan, Donnie Jordan.

Mayme Jeffries, Molly Reynolds.

Herbert H Jeffries.

Velma Harper Jordan, Charlotte Jordan and Donnie Jordan.  Submitted by Mary Booles

Mayme Jeffries (born 1900 and died in 1994) and Molly Reynolds taken September 11, 1957.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Unknown and Herbert H. Jeffries.  Mr. Jeffries was the owner of the Purity Dairy which was located at 3rd and Rector Streets.  He was born in 1898 and died in 1963.  Photo was taken March 12, 1940.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Harrell "Noie" Jeffries, Matthew Harris.

Shirley Jeffries, Kathy Pool Jeffries.

Herbert Jeffries.

Harrell "Noie" Jeffries and Matthew Harris.  Harrell was born 9/21/1921 and died 10/19/1999.  The photo was taken December 21, 1945.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Shirley Jeffries and her daughter, Kathy Pool Jeffries.  Photo was taken in 1953.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Herbert Jeffries and Unknown.  Photo was taken October 23, 1953.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Rebecca Jeffries, Shirley Jeffries.

Eugene Powell, Virginia Powell.

Alford Parker.

Rebecca "Becky"  Lynn Jeffries and her mother, Shirley Jeffries.  Becky was born 8/23/1947 and died 9/18/1960.  Photo was taken in 1952.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker

Eugene Russell Powell and his sister, Virginia Ruth Powell Martin.  Their parents were Clois and Pearl Powell.  At the time "Gene" was in the USAF.  The following October, Virginia married Fred Martin.  The photo was taken August 10, 1957.  Submitted by Mary Powell Booles

Alford "Pook" Parker 1918-1996.  Photo was taken August 3, 1946.  "Pook" played on the only Hot Springs Trojans football team that ever won a State Championship.  He was married to Marie Burgess Parker.  Submitted by his daughter, Peggy Parker Janske

Alex Baer, Carol Norman Baer.

Joseph Alex Baer, Winifred Greenway Baer.

Alex Baer, Winnie Baer.

Alex Baer and Carol Norman Baer taken the summer of 1965.  Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer

Left: Joseph Alex Baer, Unknown and Winifred Baer (his mother) taken in 1947.  Winnie was the daughter of Charles Oliver and Lydia May Barnette Greenway. Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer

Joseph Alex Baer and his mother Winifred "Winnie" Baer taken in 1947.  Winnie was born February 3, 1907, and died November 27, 1970, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs. Submitted by Joseph Alex Baer

Melba Bearden Ward.

Charles, Linda.

Mollie Hammock, Mary Ann Harms.

Melba Bearden Ward, wife of Dale Ward and daughter of Ernest and Hettie Bearden.  Submitted by Charleen Cook Nobles Charles and his little sister, Linda, the day he left for the Army in 1961.  Submitted by Linda Miller Mollie Hammock Harms and her daughter Mary Ann Harms-Miles taken June 1958.  Submitted by Mary Ann Harms-Miles

Mary Ann Harms, Jeannie Miles, Earlene Harvey.

Mary Harms, Jill Walton.

maxine young, gertrude lombard, cleveland young

Mary Ann Harms-Miles, Jeannie Miles, and Earlene Harvey December 1958.  Mary Ann lived on Carpenter Dam Road.  Submitted by Mary Ann Harms-Miles Mary Ann Harms-Miles and Jill Walton November 1955.  They attended Lakeside High School.  Submitted by Mary Ann Harms-Miles Maxine (Alice?) Young, Gertrude's friend Fairy Unknown, Gertrude Lombard, and Cleveland "Tink" Young.  Maxine was the daughter of Tink and Gertrude the niece.  Tink was born July 27, 1884, and died March 6, 1954, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Janet Lombard-Beahan

Gene Russell Powell.

Jack Brown.

Donald Brown, Leonard and Janet Morris.

Gene Russell Powell.  Gene was born July 2, 1937, and died February 10, 2008, in Hot Springs.  He was a son of Clois and Pearl Harper Powell and the husband of Hedwig "Heidi" Powell.  Submitted by his sister Mary Powell Booles Andrew Jennings "Jack" Brown November 1945.  Jack was born March 30, 1921, and died July 29, 2000, to Andy and Gladys Jennings Brown.  Submitted by his widow Pat Soward Brown Donald Brown and Leonard and Janet Morris October 26, 1946.  Submitted by Donald's sister-in-law Pat Soward Brown

Christine Barentine, Carolyn Hopson.

Boyd and Edythe Keahey.

Guy and Ruth Lavender Soward

Christine Barentine and Carolyn Hopson July 14, 1944.  Submitted by Pat Soward Brown Boyd and Edythe Keahey May 26, 194?.  Submitted by Pat Soward Brown Ruth Alma Lavender Soward and her husband James Guy Soward September 17, 1942, on his 42nd birthday.  Submitted by their daughter Pat Soward Brown

John Cook

Burkett Moore Sims

Bonnie Houpt, Mary Houpt, David

John "Jack" Cook and his wife, Martha Jane Arnett Cook. Photo courtesy of John Cook, Jr. Burkett Moore Sims walking down Central Avenue in the early 1940s probably before he enlisted to serve in the Infantry in World War II on June 14, 1943. Burkett was the son of Dillon O. Sims and Claire Moore; grandson of Milton P. Moore; great-grandson of Dr. R. H. Moore.  Courtesy of his daughter, Margaret Sims Kuberka Bonnie Edith Fleming Burroughs Houpt with her daughter, Mary Houpt Bailey, and grandson David (Betty Houpt's son). Bonnie and Mary are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of Betty Houpt

Leon Evans, Morris Tucker, Kenneth

Clifford Potter and his wife Evelyn Potter

Fred Burroughs and Sonny Hines

Jessieville High School friends: Leon Evans, Morris Tucker, and Kenneth (LNU). Photo courtesy of Betty Houpt Clifford Charles Potter (July 15, 1906-December 22, 1968) and his wife Evelyn Jane Burns Potter (1916-June 20, 2004) about 1965. Clifford was born in Rockwood, Tennessee.  He had one daughter, Betty Potter Riddle Arp. Clifford was a World War II veteran and was in the Army and a first-rate mechanic.  The couple lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Both are buried at Roane Memorial Gardens, Rockwood, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Mr. Potters niece, DeAnna Cox Gardner Fred Burroughs and Sonny Hines walking down Central Avenue December 5, 1957. Photo courtesy of Sonny Hines

Blanch and Willie House

Violet Johnson Anderson with her sons


Blanch and Willie House, who are both deceased. Photo courtesy of Jackie Stewart Violet Johnson Anderson with her sons Warner (standing) and Gregory Anderson (in stroller). Ms. Anderson will celebrate her 88th birthday March 2012. Photo courtesy of Ms. Anderson's niece, Jackie Stewart This photograph was just moved from the "unknown" page to identified thanks to some of the members of the HSHS 1949 class. From left to right: Bob McGee, Unknown, Dorothy Thrash, Unknown, Unknown, Bonnie Nicksic, Bob Holzer. The Unknowns were attending a conference at Hot Springs High School.

Eloise Hardin Grisham

Ira Grisham

Linda Hendricks, Pat Lynch and Nina Curtis

Eloise Hardin Grisham (1931-1994) in front of the movie theatre where she worked. Mrs. Grisham, daughter of William D. and Cora Hefley Hardin, is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Photo courtesy of her son, Steve Grisham Ira William "Bud" Grisham (December 16, 1928 - November 23, 2007), far right, walking down Central Avenue with two unidentified people. Mr. Grisham, son of William J. and Cora M. Hatley Grisham, is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Photo courtesy of his son, Steve Grisham. Cousins Linda Hendricks, Pat Lynch and Nina Curtis walking down Central Avenue May 25, 1959. Linda's parents were Russell and Tena Curtis Hendricks; Pat is the daughter of Siedel and Sybil Lynch; and Nina was the daughter of James Alvin and Violet Simmons Curtis. Photo courtesy of Charleen Cook Nobles

Lyn Lynch

Willard Back and George Henry Back

Romey Reeder

Lyn Lynch, a brother to Pat Lynch and son of Siedel and Sybil Lynch, walking down Central Avenue April 2, 1959. Photo courtesy of Charleen Cook Nobles Willard Back and his brother, George Henry Back, walking down Central Avenue July 20, 1946. Photo courtesy of George's daughter, Jana Eklund Romey T. Reeder (1895-1967) with his Oldsmobile October 13, 1959. Photo courtesy of Frank Lankford, nephew of Mr. Reeder