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Strolling Down Central Avenue - 3

Recall the days when people got all "gussied up" to go shopping as you browse our collection of photographs taken along Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Photographers from Hot Springs studios would take candid photos of people on the street.  As you passed by the photographer, he would hand you a ticket that could be used to purchase your postcard print at one of several studios around town.  Thousands of these images were taken by Stonecipher's Deluxe Studio, Coffey's Camera Shop, or the Petty Studio.

Photos can be submitted by sending the scanned image in an email to the MPGS webmaster or by bring photos to the MPGS Library.


Photographs in The Melting Pot Genealogical Society collection have been submitted by the families of the subjects and are not to be copied or otherwise used without the express permission of the MPGS or the submitter. If you are interested in becoming a member of the MPGS, go to the member's application.

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New additions to our collection and some unknown photographs appear on page 8.  If you recognize any of the unknowns please let us know.

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Johnson, Edds, West, Tucker, McClelland.

Clyde Ellis Edds.

Doris Hill and Doris Nichols.

Rayma Johnson Edds, Jessie West Tucker and Susan McClelland selling ads for their 1956-57 Jessieville yearbook.  Submitted by Rayma Johnson Edds

Clyde Ellis Edds.  Submitted by his wife, Rayma Johnson Edds

Doris Hill and Doris Nichols taken December 29, 1955.  The two ladies were friends and next-door neighbors who lived on Doris Lane in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Oleta Nichols Bright, Doris Nichols' sister

Harry and Alice Freed.

Harry and Alice Freed.

Harry and Alice Freed.

Harry and Alice Freed in 1936.  Harry was an executive with the Burlington Northern R.R. Company.  Submitted by Glenn Schultz

Harry and Alice Freed in 1941.  Mr. and Mrs. Freed lived in Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska and loved coming to Hot Springs.  Submitted by Glenn Schultz

Harry and Alice Freed in 1941. Mrs. Freed died in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1958, and Mr. Freed died in Pasadena, CA, in 1967.  Submitted by Glenn Schultz

Charles Bright.

Herschel and Reba Nichols.

Myrtle Brown Bright and Elizabeth Brown.

Charles Bright May 4, 1940.  Submitted by his wife, Oleta Nichols Bright

Herschel and Reba Nichols in 1947.  They were from Prague, Oklahoma, and visiting relatives.  Submitted by their niece, Oleta Nichols Bright

Myrtle (Brown) Bright and her sister, Elizabeth Brown about 1956.  Myrtle and Elizabeth were the daughters of Leander and Amanda Jane (McDowell) Brown.  Myrtle was the wife of Floyd Bright.  She was born 29 June 1899 and died 20 January 1989.  Submitted by Myrtle's daughter-in-law, Oleta Nichols Bright

Ina Burton, Oleta Bright and Herbert Kelly.

Ragsdale, Grisham, Tuttle, and Johnson.

Harlow family.

Co-workers (Ina Burton, Oleta Bright and Herbert Kelly) in the federal building on their way to Franke's Cafeteria for lunch April 22, 1964.  Submitted by Oleta Nichols Bright

Left to right:  Margaret Lou Ragsdale, Duan (Johnson) Grisham, Marsha (Johnson) Tuttle, and Howard Johnson October 7, 1959. Marsha, Duan and Howard are children of Raymond Lewis and Mildred (Gates) Johnson.  Marsha was married to Frank Tuttle.  She was born 7 December 1950 and died 12 February 1991.  Submitted by Rev. Jim Johnson

Left to right:  Susan Harlow Smith, Christy Strauss Harlow, Noel Harlow Mesa and Nan Harlow Johnson.  Photo was taken about 1953 or 1954.  Submitted by Susan Harlow Smith

Don Wacaster.

Joe Ed Smith and Mary Rookard Smith.

Gary Griffith and Joe Ed Smith.

Don Wacaster.  Submitted by Donald Short

Joe Ed Smith and his mother, Mary Rookard Smith 9 October 1947.  Submitted by Joe Ed Smith

Gary Griffith and Joe Ed Smith in front of the Vegas Club in 1960.  Submitted by Joe Ed Smith

Jones, Smith, Phillips, and Benny.

Dan Robinson and Joe Ed Smith.

Sherrod and Judy Livingston Thompson.

Charlie Jones, Joe Ed Smith, Gary Phillips and Bobby Benny in 1963.  Submitted by Joe Ed Smith

Dan Robinson and Joe Ed Smith.  Submitted by Joe Ed Smith

Judy Livingston Thompson and Sherrod Thompson about 1960.  Submitted by Judy

Sherrod and Judy Livingston Thompson.

Juan Nash Wheatley.

Dean and Florence Taylor Cates.

Sherrod and Judy Livingston Thompson with son Sherrod Thompson III--about December 1962.  Submitted by Judy Thompson

This is a picture of Juan Nash Wheatley "strolling" with her children Sandra Kaye Wheatley Wilson holding "Inky", Kenneth Roy Wheatley III, and Melissa Lou Wheatley Wheeler in 1954.  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

Dean and Florence (Taylor) Cates about 1948.  Florence and Dean were married 8 December 1933.  Dean died in 1964 and Florence in 1996, and they are buried at Glazier Peau Cemetery.  Dean's parents were Adam and Rose Hamilton Cates. Submitted by their daughter, Mary Cates Hall

Dean and Jim Cates.

Cates, Hutchinson, and Hathcock.

Ruby Robinson Greenway and Virginia Green Howard.

Dean and Jim Cates about 1950 or 1951. Jim died in 2004.  Dean and Florence had four children:  Jim, Bob, Tommy and Mary.  Submitted by Dean's daughter Mary Cates Hall

Florence Cates, Ava Cates Hutchinson (sister of Dean Cates and husband of Dow Hutchinson), and Earnestine Hathcock Cates. Earnestine was Bob Cates' first wife.  Submitted by Florence Cates' daughter, Mary Cates Hall

Ruby Robinson Greenway and her niece, Virginia "Ginny" Green Howard.  Mrs. Greenway is the daughter of John Lincoln and Mary Jane "Mollie" Burgess Robinson.  Submitted by John Newkirk

Kenneth and Juan Nash Wheatley.

Linda Livingston Harris.

Virginia Parker Livingston.

Juan Nash Wheatley and her husband Kenneth Roy Wheatley, Sr., in October 1941 on his first leave from the Navy during WW II.  Kenneth was born 23 December 1924 and died 2 July 2002.  He was the son of Kenneth Roy and Bonnie B Wheatley. Submitted by Ken Wheatley III

Linda Lou Livingston Harris taken 11 April 1942 by DeLuxe Studio, Hot Springs.  Submitted by Linda's sister, Judy Livingston Thompson

Virginia Parker Livingston, her daughter Linda Livingston Harris, and Occo Branch.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Linda Livingston Harris.


Ethel Bradshaw Moore Cartwright.

Linda Livingston Harris with her "bunny rabbit."  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

The older couple in the photo is my mother's Uncle Ed Neumeier  (b. 1887 in Czechoslovakia  d. 1957, possibly in Hot Springs) and his wife Marie.  She was an artist who moved to Charleston S.C. after Uncle Ed died.  She died there, but might be buried in Hot Springs with her husband.  Uncle Ed was a musician, as were some of his brothers who came here from "the old country" and made their living that way.  Ed and Marie lived in Chicago, and retired to Hot Springs in the early to mid- 1950's.  Before they came to America, they were glass-blowers in Czechoslovakia  --  they made the lovely glass for which that country was so famous. The middle-aged couple are my parents Liddie Neumeier Binkley  (born August 12, 1914) and Carl D. Binkley (b. July 12, 1904 Ohio died Feb. 6, 1981 Lima Ohio). The children are Carol Binkley Willis, and Bruce Alan Binkley. Submitted by Carol Willis, front row far left--taken about 1951 or 1951

Ethel Bradshaw Moore Cartwright with Noah Moore.  Submitted by Ethel Cartwright

Goslee Family.

Dean Thornton, Joe Dwiggins, Charles Goslee.

Eva Watson, Jeff Goslee, Helen Goslee.

Shopping 18 July 1956. Peggy, Robin (age 3), and Marsha (age 6) Goslee.  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

After riding over West Mountain 9 September 1940 - Dean Thornton, Joe Dwiggins, and Charles Goslee (age 14).  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

Grandmother, grandson and daughter shopping 6 July 1955. Eva Watson, Jeff Goslee and Helen Goslee.  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

Goslee, Thornton, Wilson, and Dwiggins.

Charles Goslee and Joe Dwiggins.

Mary Bradshaw Kaufman, Loretta Degan and Mary Jo Brown.

Walking to a dance 24 February 1941  - Charles Goslee, Dean Thornton, Charles Wilson, Joe Dwiggins (age 15).  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

Walking to a dance 18 February 1941 - Charles Goslee and Joe Dwiggins.  Submitted by Ken Wheatley

Mary Ruth Bradshaw Kaufman, Loretta Degan and Mary Jo Brown.  Photo was taken 27 May 1955.  Submitted by Ethel Bradshaw Moore Cartwright

Jim Johnson and Raymond Johnson.

Ruby Thomason Keith and Blanche Keith Broadbent.

Millard Keith.

Jim Johnson and his father, Raymond Lewis Johnson.  Raymond was born 28 July 1909 in Beaudry, Garland County, Ar., and died 16 July 2001 in Jessieville, Ar.  Raymond as married to Mildred Vernon Gates. Jim is pastor of Marble Missionary Baptist Church and is married to Lannie Virginia (Blocker).  Submitted by Jim Johnson

Ruby Jane Thomason Keith with her daughter, Blanche Keith Broadbent about 1950. Ruby was the daughter of William Franklin and Lottie Jane Hartsell Thomason of Bismarck.  She married Marvin Edgar Keith who was the son of Virgil Brandon and Lula Mae Thornton Keith, also of Bismarck.  They moved to Hot Springs in the early 1930's.  Submitted by Alice Keith Collier, Ruby and Marvin Keith's daughter.

Millard Edgar Keith, son of Ruby Jane and Marvin Edgar Keith.  Photograph was taken about 1952.  Submitted by his sister, Alice Keith Collier.

George Weatherford and Harold Huggs.

Tavner Tillery.

Asbury Barnett.

George Weatherford and Harold Loyd Huggs February 1953.  Loyd, the son of Miles and Ellen Kizziar Huggs, was born February 20, 1931, and died December 19, 2004.   Submitted by Loyd's daughter Debbie Huggs Coker

Tavner Tillery strolling down Central Avenue and rolling a cigarette.  Tavner was born in 1879 and died in 1972.  He was married to Alma Harris.  Their children were Otis, Gladys, Hollis, Mildred, and Ray.  Submitted by his granddaughter Diana Tillery Marx

Asbury Barnett, born 23 February 1892 and died 21 August 1972, married Mary Angeline Worthy.  He and Mary are buried in Ten Mile Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.  Submitted by his grandson Marvin Bailey

Vester Barnett

Cecil Cunningham

Cecil Cunningham

Vester Barnett, son of Asbury and Betty Lou VanHorn Barnett.  Submitted by his nephew Marvin Bailey

Cecil "Tom" Cunningham about 1944.  His mother Mildred Cunningham took him on shopping trips while his sister Delores and brother Donald were in school at St. John's.  The sign in the upper part of the photo that reads "Mae Stover Massage Parlor" was Tom's aunt (later Mae Stover Hughes).  Another aunt, Myrtle Posey, worked there with her sister.  Both were licensed masseurs.  Submitted by Tom Cunningham

Cecil "Tom" Cunningham about 1953.  Tom had a paper route for the Sentinel-Record and Hot Springs New Era.  DeMars Shoe Store is in the background.  Tom's mother Mildred worked at Pate's Shoe Store near J. C. Penney's as well as DeCoursey Jewelers.  Submitted by Tom Cunningham

George Bell and Cecil Cunningham

Donald Barnett and Cecil Cunningham

Cecil Cunningham, Sr.

George Bell and Cecil "Tom" Cunningham in 1956.  Both worked at the Malco Theatre.  DeCoursey Jewelers, in the background, is where Tom's mother Mildred worked.  Submitted by Tom Cunningham

Donald Barnett and Cecil "Tom" Cunningham in 1957.  Tom and Donald had been friends since their Jones School days.  Barnett was on leave from his Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas.  Tom joined the Air Force the following year and spent 31 years in uniform.  Submitted by Tom Cunningham

Cecil Cunningham, Sr., December 5, 1945.  He owned four grocery stores in Hot Springs--on Whittington Avenue, Silver Street, Hobson Avenue next to the old Roxy Theater, and a grocery/service station on Highway 70.  He was born November 10, 1912, and died November 27, 1968, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Submitted by his son Tom Cunningham

Mildred and Cecil Cunningham

Mildred Cunningham Parker

Grover and Duffie Moore Sr

Mildred and Cecil Cunningham, Sr., February 21, 1951.  They divorced a few years later.  They had three children--Delores, Donald and Cecil "Tom," Jr.  Mildred who married William H Parker, an Arlington hotel chef, died in 1996.  She and Bill had one son, Jeffrey Lynn Parker.  Submitted by Tom Cunningham

Mildred Cunningham (later Mildred Parker) in 1956.  She worked at DeCoursey Jewelers near where this photo was taken.  She often had lunch at Franke's Cafeteria shown in the background.  Mildred was born March 20, 1914, and died March 30, 1996.  She and William Parker are buried in Godwin Cemetery in Garland County.  Submitted by her son Tom Cunningham

Grover C Moore and and his son Duffie G C Moore, Sr.  Grover was born 28 October 1891 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas, and married Gertie F Hubbard on 12 April 1914.  Duffie, Sr, was born 24 March 1926 and married Bonnie R Morris in 1944 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Grover, Gertie, and Duffie are interred in Hickory Grove Cemetery in Bismarck, Arkansas.  The photo was taken in the 1940s.  Submitted by Duffie Moore, Jr

Frances, Gwen, and Debra Slater

Diane Newkirk and Ruby Robinson Greenway

Barney and Ruby Robinson Greenway

Frances Thornton Slater with her two daughters Gwen Slater Ary and Debra Slater Garner. Photo courtesy of Debra Slater Garner Diane Newkirk and her great-aunt Ruby Robinson Greenway December 23, 1955. Ruby (May 23, 1907-Apr 26, 2009) was born to John Lincoln and Mollie Jane Burgess Robinson and married W. Barney Greenwood in 1949. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of John Newkirk. W. Barney Greenway and his wife Ruby Robinson Greenway. Barney was born October 16, 1891, and died March 1, 1974, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Photo courtesy of John Newkirk

Geraldine Barnette Newkirk

Frances Hendren, Teresa Nooner, Jana Newkirk, Cristy Roach and Margo Hale

Mary Schardt, George Schardt, Harold Schardt

Geraldine Barnette Newkirk was born February 18, 1921, to Jesse A. Barnette and Lucinda Florence "Luttie" Robinson Barnett. She married John James Newkirk in 1939. She died January 3, 2000, and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park Cemetery, Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of John Newkirk, her son Frances Hendren Starnes, Teresa Nooner, Jana Newkirk McKnight, Cristy Roach and Margo Hale. Photo courtesy of John Newkirk Mary Louise "Lula" Bain Schardt (Jan 20, 1872, DeKalb, Tennessee-Jan 14, 1959, Hot Springs) and George Phillip Schardt (Mar 15, 1876-May 23, 1952) and their son John Harold Schardt (Sept 1, 1911-Oct 34, 1983) about 1931. Lula and George were married Dec 31, 1899, in Hot Springs, had seven children,and are buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of Lula and George's great-granddaughter, Paula Jones

Marjorie Elizabeth Schardt

Edith Jones

Hiram Jones and Bones Martin

Marjorie Elizabeth Schardt about 1925. She was born November 23, 1907, in Hot Springs and died May 23, 1975, in Hot Springs and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs. She was married nine times. Her sister, Edith Schardt Bray (married T. J. Bray August 14, 1923), died when her daughter Edith Bray was born and she raised baby Edith Bray. Courtesy of Paula Jones Edith Blanche Bray Jones (February 28, 1928-October 3, 1967) on the right about 1946 before the birth of her daughter, Paula Jones. Edith in buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs. Courtesy of Paula Jones Hiram James Jones, Jr.(6/21/1921-10/27/1988) with his best friend Bones Martin in 1951. Jones and Martin were gambling buddies during the gaming days of Hot Springs during the 50s. They both moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Hiram fought in World War II and married Edith Bray 12 August 1942 .  He died in Los Angeles, California. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones, Hiram's daughter

Edith, Alan, Kenny Jones

Edith Jones and Ina Stamper

Orphie Roach Taylor

Edith Jones in 1953, at age 25, with sons Alan and Kenny Jones. Mrs. Jones had five children: Alan Ralph, Kenneth Ray, Paula Ruth, Charles Rodney and James Robert Jones. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones Edith Blanche Bray Jones and Margaret Elizabeth Harrington Stamper about 1952. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones Orphie Roach Taylor, daughter of Robert E. and Willie Ellen Roach, married William T. "Bill" Taylor February 26, 1952. She passed away April 2, 2010, and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Garland County. Photo courtesy of Sue Deleon

Hiram Jones and Bones Martin

Hiram Jones and Bob Allen

Alan Jones and father Hiram Jones

Hiram Jones, Bones Martin and a friend May 9, 1943. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones, daughter of Hiram Jones Hiram Jones and Bob Allen May 10, 1946. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones Alan Jones with his father Hiram in 1956. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones

William Taylor

Barbara Williams Brooks

Charles Claude Brooks

William T. "Bill" Taylor married Orphie Roach Taylor. Bill delivered Borden's milk in the Glenwood area for forty years. Photo courtesy of Sue Deleon Barbara Williams Brooks with Nancy and Billy J. Robbins. Photo courtesy of Charles Michael Brooks Charles Claude Brooks in 1957 or 1958 carrying his NCR tool kit. Photo courtesy of his son, Charles Michael Brooks