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Strolling Down Central Avenue - 2

Recall the days when people got all "gussied up" to go shopping as you browse our collection of photographs taken along Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Photographers from Hot Springs studios would take candid photos of people on the street.  As you passed by the photographer, he would hand you a ticket that could be used to purchase your postcard print at one of several studios around town.  Thousands of these images were taken by Stonecipher's Deluxe Studio, Coffey's Camera Shop, or the Petty Studio.

Photos can be submitted by sending the scanned image in an email to the MPGS webmaster or by bring photos to the MPGS Library.


Photographs in the Melting Pot Genealogical Society collection have been submitted by the families of the subjects and are not to be copied or otherwise used without the express permission of the MPGS or the submitter.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the MPGS, go to the member's application.

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New additions to our collection and some unknown photographs appear on page 8.  If you recognize any of the unknowns please let us know.

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Edna McInvale Ferrell.

Lexa Cook and Lilla McInvale.

Opal Johnston.

Edna Mae (McInvale) Ferrell.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Lilla McInvale and born 24 Nov 1932 and died 2 Jan 1992.  She was married to Alvin Ferrell.  Submitted by Charleen Cook Nobles

Lexa (Davis) Cook and her sister Lilla (Davis) McInvale.  Lexa and Lilla were the daughters of John W and Admire Lucinda (Dyer) Davis.  Lexa was born 27 Oct 1906 and died 10 Aug 1998.  Submitted by her daughter, Charleen Cook Nobles

Opal Dunn Johnston and her son Steve.  Opal was the daughter of William and Lilla Pearl Davis Dunn McInvale.  Submitted by Charleen Cook Nobles

Anna and Vernon Nobles.

Photograph of Rose Marie Thompson.

Linda Harris and Judy Thompson.

Anna Bell Shepherd Nobles and her husband Vernon Nobles.  Anna Bell was born 29 Dec 1921-6 July 1988. Vernon was born 20 Oct 1923-7 March 1997.  Submitted by their son's (Don) wife, Charleen Cook Nobles

Rose Marie Thompson 14 January 1959.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Sisters Linda Livingston Harris and Judy Livingston Thompson.  Taken in 1958.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Judy Thompson and Mary Jo Wilson.

Judy Thompson and Linda.


Judy Livingston Thompson and Mary Jo Wilson.  Taken 21 April 1956.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Judy Livingston Thompson and Linda Lewis.  Taken in 1953.  Submitted by Judy

Sally Baird, Judy Livingston Thompson, Carol Beebe, Mary Jo Wilson.  They were being squirted with water guns during the 1957 Band Festival.  Submitted by Judy

Jake Parker.

George Parker.

Jake Parker photo.

George "Jake" Parker.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

George "Jake" Parker in 1948.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

George "Jake" Parker.  Taken 18 November 1948.  Submitted by his granddaughter, Judy Livingston Thompson

Virignia Livingston.

Virginia Livingston Photo.

Virginia Parker Livingston.

Virginia Parker Livingston--daughter of Jake and Eula Parker.  Taken 6 January 1944. Virginia was born 6 October 1910 and died 24 August 2001.  Submitted by her daughter, Judy Livingston Thompson

Virginia Parker Livingston.  Taken June 1947.  Virginia was the first "Miss Hot Springs."  Submitted by Judy L Thompson

Virginia Parker Livingston.  Virginia was married to Ottis Livingston.  Submitted by Judy Thompson

Ott Livingston.

Sherrod and Judy Livingston.

Sherrod Thompson.

Ottis "Ott" Livingston.  Taken 14 May 1947. He was the son of Matthew Caleb and Hattie (Rippatoe) Livingston and was born 22 May 1909 and died 1 Dec 1991.  He was married to Virginia Parker Livingston.  They were the parents of Judy and Linda Livingston.  Submitted by Judy

High School Sweethearts Sherrod B Thompson and Judy (Livingston) Thompson.  Taken 24 Dec 1957 while they were Christmas shopping.  They married and are the parents of Sherrod III and Fred.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Sherrod B Thompson Jr in 1952.  Now we have skateboards "barreling" down Central Avenue--then we had bicycles.  Submitted by Judy Livingston Thompson

Johnson Family.

Girls photo.


Short, Miller, Bales and Loyd.

Marsha Johnson Martin Tuttle,  Mildred Gates and Raymond Johnson in 1956.  Marsha was born 7 Dec 1950 and died 12 Feb 1991.  Raymond was born 28 July 1909 and died 16 July 2001.  Submitted by Mildred and Raymond's son, Jimmy Dale Johnson

Renee Lambert, Carolyn Cheshire, Pat Langford and Wanda Hardy.  Submitted by Donald Short  

Donald Short, Mickey Miller, Billy Bales and Fred Loyd.  (Somehow the large photo has been lost.) Submitted by Donald Short

Miller and Spruell.

Chesnutt, Miller and Atkinson.

Loretta, Raynelle and Suzanne.

Mickey Miller and Mike Spruell.  Submitted by Donald Short

Jim Chesnutt, Mickey Miller, and Bobby Atkinson.  Jim is the son of Judge James and Mary Ruth Chesnutt and is now an attorney in Beaumont.  Bobby Atkinson is deceased. Submitted by Donald Short

Loretta Anderson, Raynelle Dollarhyde and Suzanne Miller. (Somehow the large photo has been lost.) Submitted by Donald Short


Suzanne and Richard.

Nancy, David, Donna, Roger.

Richard and Davidson Humphreys.  Submitted by Donald Short

Suzanne Miller and Richard Humphreys.  (Somehow the large photo has been lost.) Submitted by Donald Short

Nancy Moss, David Johnson, Donna Groom, Roger Lynn Brown.  Submitted by Donald Short

Humphreys Family photo.

Carole, Sharon, and Nancy.

Bradshaw Girls.

Sue Belle Humphreys with her parents, Lois and Paul Humphreys. Paul was one of the owners of Humphreys Dairy known for the home delivery of milk in glass bottles and was the last of the small local dairies in Garland County. Submitted by Donald Short

Carole Coffey, Sharon Short, and Nancy Moss.  Submitted by Donald Short

Betty Jo, Phillip, Athie and Mary Ruth Bradshaw.  Submitted by Ethel Bradshaw Moore Cartwright

Charllie, Mickey, Rick, Donald, Buddy.

Coffey's Camera Shop.

Ellen Hickey and Jerri Ann McAdoo.

Charlie Birmingham, Mickey Miller, Rick Saunders, Donald Short, Buddy Palmer.  Rick is now an Arkansas State Representative from Hot Springs. Submitted by Donald Short

Coffey's Camera Shop.  This is not a "strolling" photo but one of the photography studios that took the photos.  Submitted by Donald Short

Ellen Hickey and Jerri Ann McAdoo.  Submitted by Donald Short

Ellen Hickey and Mary Ann Appleton Golden.

Johnson, England, Hunter, Cockman, Hunter.

Marsha Kay Johnson.

Ellen Hickey and Mary Ann Appleton Golden (HSHS 1962).  She married Donny Golden.  Submitted by Donald Short

Anna (Johnson) England and Lois (Johnson) Hunter  along with children.  Anna is holding Lois' son Tommy.  Anna's daughter, Glenda (England) Cockman and Ronald Thurman Hunter (Lois' son) are standing in front.  Submitted by Anna's and Lois' niece, Rayma Johnson Edds

Marsha Kay Johnson.  Marsha was born Dec. 7, 1950 and died Feb. 12, 1991.   Submitted by Marsha's sister, Rayma Johnson Edds.  (Rayma is a sister of Jim Johnson--see photos that he submitted.)

Barbara Miller Stainback.

James Early Miller, Jr.

Juanita Reinert.

Barbara Jane Miller Stainback Christmas shopping for her son on 23 December 1959.  Barbara was born 15 August 1938 and died 12 October 2006.  Submitted by her sister Linda Miller James Early Miller, Jr., 9 August 1960.  Submitted by his daughter Linda Miller Mrs. Juanita Barnes Reinert, to the left, about 1946.  Mrs. Reinert married Harry Reinert June 1924 in Garland County.  Mrs. Reinert died 5 August 1947 in Garland County. Submitted by her son Harry Reinert

Betty Edds, Jimmy Edds, Mary Tillery, Nancy Livingston

Joseph David "Joe" Tillery

Ollie Belle Coleman Dodd and Cora Coleman Tillery

Betty Edds Herrmann, Jimmy Edds (her brother), Mary Jo Tillery Dodd, and Nancy Livingston Norton.  Submitted by Mary Jo Dodd Joseph David "Joe" Tillery, husband of Winnie Myrtle Howard Tillery and father to sons Dock, Cecil and Douglas and daughters Henrietta Tillery White, Mary Jo Tillery Dodd, and Fern Rusher Tillery.  Submitted by Mary Jo Dodd Ollie Bell Coleman Dodd and  Cora Coleman Tillery, daughters of Fred Henry and Mary Frances Winkler Coleman.  Ollie Bell was the mother of Stanley and Leon Dodd and Cora was the mother of Allen Tillery. Cora was born 09/14/1914 and died 01/04/2001 and is buried in Antioch Cemetery in Saline County.   Her tombstone, however, shows she died in 2000.  Submitted by Mary Jo Dodd.

Fern Rusher Tillery and Eula Tillery

Ollie Bell Coleman Dodd

Stanley and Leon Dodd

Fern Rusher Tillery and her aunt, Eula Tillery born 12/26/1899 and died 09/26/1960 and is buried in Antioch Cemetery.  Eula was a sister to Joseph "Joe" Tillery.  Eula had arthritis and never married.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd Ollie Bell Coleman Dodd was born 02/20/1912 and died 12/16/1990 and is buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery in Garland County.  She was married to Ernest Jasper Dodd.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd, her daughter-in-law Stanley and Leon Fredrick Dodd, sons of Ernest and Ollie Bell Dodd.  Both both grew up to be career firemen in Hot Springs.  Leon was born 01/16/1937 and died December 5, 2001, and is buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd, wife of Stanley

Ollie Bell Coleman Dodd and Walter Dodd

Mary Jo Tillery Dodd and Lillie Mae Owen Anderson

Mary Jo Tillery Dodd and Loretta Bryant

Ollie Bell Coleman Dodd and her grandson Walter, son of Stanley and Mary Jo Tillery Dodd. Walter and Rebecca Dodd Talbert (Garland County Tax Collector) are children of Mary Jo and Stanley Dodd. Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd Mary Jo Tillery Dodd and Lillie Mae Owen Andersn.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd Mary Jo Tillery Dodd and Loretta Bryant.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd

Claudine Blevins and Mary Jo Tillery Dodd

Gene Beckwith and Johnny Irwin

Robert Mason Catton and Mary Fodge Catton

Claudine Blevins and Mary Jo Tillery Dodd.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd Eugene "Gene" Beckwith and Johnny Irwin.  Submitted by Mary Jo Tillery Dodd Mary Fodge Catton and her husband Robert Mason Catton.  Robert was born 30 October 1920 in Benton, Ar, and died 18 Oct 1985, in Little Rock, Ar, and is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Saline Co.  Submitted by Sandra Hester Catton

Berne and Frankie Mae Stahl in 1955

Evelyn Owen Sargo

Myra Hutcheson Adams and Anna Belle Hutcheson Howard

Berne Ora (December 8, 1913-March 4, 1971) and Frankie Mae Stahl in 1955. The couple lived in Plainview, Arkansas, and had nine children. Photo courtesy of their daughter, Angie Stahl Barnett
Evelyn Owen Sargo, daughter of Joplin Garrett Owen and Maxine Green Owen Girard, and wife of Burton Sargo. Photo courtesy of her daughter, Jan Sargo Thomason Myra Hutcheson Adams and her sister, Anna Belle Hutcheson Howard. Myra was born August 2, 1906, and died November 24, 1987. Anna Belle was born February 5, 1901, and died July 23, 1969. They are both buried in Old Rosemont Cemetery in Benton, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Myra's granddaughter, Lou Jane Adams Wills

Bill Adams, Lou Jane Adams, Myra Hutcheson Adams

Bill Curtis and Lindy Curtis

Richard N. McLeod, Jr.

William Wilburn "Bill" Adams, Lou Jane Adams, and Myra Hutcheson Adams. Bill was born November 19, 1902, and died June 14, 1988. He is buried next to Myra in Old Rosemont Cemetery. Photo courtesy of their granddaughter, Lou Jane Adams Wells Bill Curtis and his cousin, Lindy Curtis, in 1954. Lindy died in 1998. Photo courtesy of Bill Curtis Richard N. "Dick" McLeod, Jr., in his senior year at Hot Springs High School (1946 or 1947). Dick was called in the Army Reserve in the Korean War, sent to Korea as a first lieutenant and was killed in action soon after he arrived in Korea on March 6, 1951. Photo courtesy of Caroline Seiz Campbell

Bill Cole and John Hoffman June 1962

Thelma Sellers Childs

Thelma Sellers Childs, Jimmy Childs and Ada Childs

Bill Cole and John Hoffman in June 1962. Photo courtesy of John Hoffman Thelma Sellers Childs was born 22 December 1905 in Hot Springs and died in Galveston, Texas, 22 May 1977. Photo courtesy of Carol Childs Ada Childs, Thelma Sellers Childs and her son James A. "Jimmy" Anderson Childs in 1943. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Childs' wife, Carol Childs

Helen McMahan and Clyda

Helen Hemmer Hand and Regina Hand

Helen Hand and Frances Hand

Helen McMahan (born June 12, 1909, in Kansas and died October 1985 in Hot Springs) and her daughter, Clyda, in the mid 1950s. Photo courtesy of Clyda McMahan Sexton Helen Jean Hemmer Hand (August 10, 1932 - March 6, 2011) and her daughter, Regina, about 1959. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones Frances McIntyre and her mother Helen Jean Hemmer Hand about 1963. Photo courtesy of Paula Jones

Charles and Mary Clark

J B and Edith Wheatley

Howard and Eula Ward Newkirk

Charles and Mary Clark, newlyweds, stroll down Central on their honeymoon in Hot Springs in 1953. Recently discharged from the army at Fort Smith, Chuck fell in love with Mary Frances Hampe, employed by the Red Cross at Camp Chaffee as the activities coordinator! In 1954, Chuck and Mary drove across country to live in Long Beach, California, where they raised four children and lived a very happy family life together. Courtesy of their daughter, Janet Clark Douglas This photograph was formerly on page 7 and listed as unknown. Celia Baber Richardson wrote us that it was J. B. (James Bettis) Wheatley and his wife, Edith (Dean). They ran the Mountain View Tourist Court. J. B. was born June 3, 1894, and died November 8, 1983. Edith was born July 13, 1914, and died May 25, 1964. They are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs Howard Newkirk (July 27, 1921 - December 30, 1983) and his mother, Eula Ward Newkirk (June 4, 1890 - June 1, 1985) about 1950 walking down Central Avenue. Eula and Howard are buried in Newkirk Cemetery in Garland County. Photo courtesy of John Newkirk

Tommy Cotnam

Elwood Efird

Greta Rowe Creekmore and Christine Rowe

Thomas Fletcher "Tommy" Cotnam in the 1950s. Mr. Cotnam was born November 3, 1898, and died March 9, 1975. He is buried in Newkirk Cemetery, Garland County. Photo courtesy of Wayne Cotnam Elwood Eugene Efird and Effie Mae Cross Cotnam Efird (June 6, 1909-May 25, 1982). Mr. Efird was born June 16, 1916, and died October 10, 1970, and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Garland County. Effie Mae is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County. Photo courtesy of Wayne Cotnam Greta Rowe Creekmore with her mother, Christine Rowe, about 1961. Photo courtesy of Greta Rowe Creekmore

Frances Michau Brown

Frances Michau Brown and friend

Stanley Brown photograph

Frances Ellen Michau Brown (far right) and two of her friends. Frances was born August 3, 1923, and married Stanley Brown January 7, 1943. She died February 13, 2011, and is buried in Scott Cemetery, Garland County. Photo courtesy of her daughter, Mary Brown Lee Frances Michau Brown (left) walking down Central Avenue with a friend. Photo courtesy of her daughter, Mary Brown Lee Stanley Lee Brown in 1942. Stanley was born December 23, 1921, and died September 12, 2000, and is buried in Scott Cemetery. Photo courtesy of his daughter, Mary Brown Lee

Mary Loretta Brady Brown photograph

A C Barrett and Bob Cotnam

Robert Simpson and Minnie Olmsted

Mary Loretta Brady Brown, wife of Thomas Hotchkiss Brown, was born June 4, 1880, and died July 20, 1961. Mrs. Brown is buried in Scott Cemetery, Garland County. Photo courtesy of her granddaughter, Mary Brown Lee A. C. Barrett and Bob J. Cotnam, two paratroopers (in step) December 1953. Photo courtesy of Wayne Cotnam Minnie Olmsted (wife of Roy Olmsted) and her grandson, Robert "Bob" Simpson, taken about 1953. Photo courtesy of Bob Simpson