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Papa's Trail
Off Shady Grove Road
Garland County, Arkansas

Spurlin Cemetery, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: N 34.45217 W-93.00584

Directions: From Malvern Avenue (Highway 270 East), take Carpenter Dam Road; turn south and go to Shady Grove Road; turn east and go to the 1600 block; turn right onto Papas Trail. Drive about one block, and the cemetery is on the left.

Read and transcribed by Martha Wilson between 2002 and 2003

Webb, James Franklin    08/26/1937-02/09/1966

Rowland, Larry E.    08/29/1950-10/10/1950

Spurlin, Laura Ellen    02/24/1884-05/22/1950

Spurlin, John H.    10/01/1879-02/24/1947

Almond, Oscar Valentine    01/1888-09/19/1940    brother of Laura E. Spurlin

Jones, Mya    08/06/1908-06/17/1975

Jones, Walter F.    1908-1977

Williams, Infant Girl    1926-1926

Williams, Johnny    1923-1923

Williams, Infant Girl    1928-1928

Isom, Eunice    10/03/1913-09/07/1977

Isom, Cecil Sr    01/05/1909-01/27/1976

Hughes, Russell E.    07/22/1917-05/21/1950

Isom, Chester    no dates

Isom, Joseph L.1    -04/13/1950    age 71-0-9    [Caruth Funeral Home Marker]

McBurnett, Goldie    1902-1924    wife of E. T. McBurnett

Warner, Bert E.    05/14/1873-01/09/1931

Cannady, William Ed    1880-1970

Spurlin, Elder Eugene E.    12/16/1927-03/11/1988    married 07/22/1950
    Spurlin, Alice M.    [no date of death shown]

Spurlin, Daniel R.    10/12/1904-09/25/1985
    Spurlin, Ruby A.    09/26/1906-07/07/1995

Spurlin, Jimmie Lee    [no date of death shown]

Hicks, Elder Cecil    06/25/1911-11/02/1960

Hicks, F. J. Joe    03/28/1874-07/31/1951

Hicks, Ida Lecretia    08/19/1888-08/26/1918

Hicks, Elmira    01/12/1845-02/28/1908

Hicks, Isaac    03/27/1839-09/12/1901

Wilson, Lelia    11/02/1896-1959

Wilson, Martin L.    02/14/1892-1967

Wilson, Orval

Cordell, John William    09/07/1851-08/21/1934

Wilson, Veron Levon    05/21/1928-05/02/1973

Wilson, Floy    _ -04/08/1991

Wilson, Walter Jr    02/04/1926-05/17/1940

Wilson, Mollie Ann    11/08/1872-07/17/1954

Green, John Robert    04/21/1882-04/18/1941

Spurlin, Walter C.    _ - 12/02/1969
    Spurlin, Audie    01/1881-1925

Spurlin, Charles L.    1902-1941

Carpenter, Ella    1883-1951    [first name and dod changed by pvh]

Carpenter, Ella    1893-1933

Holt, Martha Ann    12/22/1869-07/06/1941

Holt, Alex H. S.    07/21/1861-03/29/1933

Unknown    02/17/1925-12/06/1927

Spurlin, Thomas W.    1867-1926

Spurlin, Susie K.    1881-1958

Spurlin, Frank Thomas    04/25/1911-03/10/1994    PFC US Army WW II    Marker in Family Plot but is buried in Shadowland Cemetery in Malvern, Hot Spring County, Arkansas

Kilgore, Harvey L.    1932-1937

Bivens, Dora Withrow    07/23/1876-08/25/1961

Bivens, David F.1    -01/30/1938    age 63-9-11    [Caruth Funeral Home Marker]

McCarty, Luda1    -03/07/1955    age 62-8-17    [Caruth Funeral Home Marker]

Worley, Leona1    1908-1953    [Gross Funeral Home Marker]

Francis, Dave    04/19/1874-01/30/1938

Withrow, Ronny Lynn    07/27/1955-05/09/1965

Withrow, Mary Catherin    _ -10/04/1961

Burris, Margaret V.    12/21/1921-03/13/1961    daughter of Alva and Violet

Stockstill, Dorothy L.    04/15/1915-01/08/2000

Moncus, Ethel Johnson    04/01/1897-05/20/1982

Johnson, William D.1    06/22/1866-06/02/1920

Johnson, Fannie Mae    07/28/1877-07/08/1919

Swinford, George Calvin    10/19/1915-07/17/1916

Hicks, Ola May    03/13/1908-10/08/1914

Hicks, Sarah Cristiney Spurlin    03/13/1882-12/23/1908

Spurlin, Sarah E.    09/14/1846-05/05/1923

Spurlin, James F.    11/08/1846-03/03/1918

McClure, Selma    1899-02/20/1936

Berry, Len    02/01/1964-04/18/1964

Swingford, Lindy Jane    01/09/1859-05/27/1918

Swingford, W. F.    12/27/1860-02/11/1917

Steelman, Ethel    03/15/1892-08/25/1954

Steelman, Calvin    07/05/1895-09/15/1968    Pvt. Ammo Train WW I

Steelman, Lonnie    12/12/1947 [only date]

Veazey, Jack    05/02/1924-08/08/1971    PFC US Army Korea

Veazey, Willie D.    03/1903-1960

Veazy, Jessie May    1933-1934

Veazey, Dorse Jean    1932-1933

Veazey, Curtis    [homemade marker with no dates]

Veazey, Annie S.    01/22/1885-10/18/1937

Veazey, Charles C.    01/09/1881-05/17/1942

Perkins, Virginia    09/25/1935-04/30/1938

Chambers, Sallie    05/15/1887-11/09/1936

Chambers, Henry C.    07/15/1884-02/16/1937

Veazey, William A. H.    01/15/1941 [only date]    Pvt 114 Eng 39 Div

Veazey, Josie    06/19/1894-02/27/1984

Veazey, W. Andrew    09/01/1890-01/15/1941

Spoon, Lewis M.    11/18/1876-05/12/1949

Spoon, Mimie L.    08/30/1882-03/27/1938

Lawson, Tom J. T.    1874-1954

Lawson, Mary Ann    1883-1974    wife of Tom J. T. Lawson

Ward, Benjamin Paul    01/29/1981 [only date]

Evans, Estell    1900-1927 [homemade marker]

Cook, David Lee1    -06/18/1940    age 62-7-23    [Caruth Funeral Home]

Spurlin, Emily E.    10/28/1872-05/29/1952

Spurlin, Orlando    07/281877-02/07/1977

Spurlin, Ernest    1902-1986

Spurlin, Infant Daughter of S. H. and E. L.    1930 [only date]

Humphreys, Sallie    12/23/1904-09/26/1986

Magby, Ernest A.    08/30/1902-07/19/1975

Magby, Hazel E.    1907-1996    wife of Ernest Magby

Swinford, George E.    09/24/1889-10/23/1962

Swinford, Sarah C.    04/12/1897-07/23/1943

Swinford, A. G.    11/18/1925-09/15/1940

Swinford, Charles L.    10/19/1934-12/31/1934

Swingford, Mary Sue    05/20/1932-05/20/1932

Berry, Patsy Jo    04/02/1951 [only date]

Berry, Marion Claude    04/05/1934-05/17/1974    US Navy Korea

Berry, Leonard    07/13/1888-11/04/1944

Berry, Bearl    04/28/1894-03/09/1962

Berry, Mildred E. Ritter    01/07/1862-04/06/1940

Newman, William H. Jr    1918-1933

Newman, Myrtle    1898-1923

Rogers, Rissia Jewell    02/09/1893-01/06/1894

Rogers, Pearly May    03/11/1889-10/23/1895

McDaniel, Jeanie    09/19/1952 [only date]

McDaniel, Bert    05/03/1958 [only date]

Lott, Paul    1925-1976    Cpl US Army Korea

Lott, Cora    10/23/1892-03/08/1974

Lott, John R.    03/19/1881-10/09/1957

Lott, Annie E.    11/28/1849-06/14/1937

Ash, Mary Elizabeth1    -04/28/1954    age 33-10-22    [Caruth Funeral Home]

Baldwin, Nancy E.1    -05/29/1962    age 67-4-6    [Caruth Funeral Home]

Tardy, Velmer T.1    -06/14/1942    age 61-9-28    [Caruth Funeral Home]

Unknown    1918-1926

Gillham, John N.    04/22/1906-04/05/1981

Gillham, Hazel Pearl    12/03/1911-04/03/1984

Lelemsis, Sam John    02/17/1924-01/12/1983    SSgt US Army WW II Korea

10 Unmarked Graves or Illegible

Added by Patti Vance Hays (from obituary)

Magby, Carolyn Sue Hoops    04/11/1948-04/16/2010

Rowland, Floy Mae Spurlin    10/16/1931-10/14/2008

1   Was not listed in Mrs. Wilson's reading; obtained the information from Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume I compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane in 1969. Spurlin Cemetery was read October 11, 1968, by Inez Cline.