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1100 Fontana
Corner of Fontana and Golf Links Roads
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Shady Grove Cemetery in Hot Springs, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.47330, Longitude: -93.03920

Transcribed by Patti Vance Hays April 6, 2010, through May 6, 2010.

Louis Brodrick, with the help of James Sparlin, performed a reading of the cemetery and made a grid of the burials. Click here for the grid map. We are going to attempt to list the burials in the order in which they were seen, but there will be some skipping around. The burial will show the Section by showing A-1, etc., at the end if Mr. Brodrick had the person listed in his reading. If he does not list a burial (or it was not found), and it is possible to determine which section a burial belongs in, A-1*, etc., will be shown. If the marker was hard to read and Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume I, compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane,  was used, the annotation of [IC] at the end of the reading will be shown. If Gross Funeral Home Records Hot Springs, AR 12,362 Records from June 1, 1921 to December 31, 1957, compiled by Lewis Stephens, is used, the annotation of [GFH] will be shown.

Typographical errors may be found. Please let Patti Vance Hays know if you find errors.

There are a few tombstone photographs on and will be a few on this site. They will be noted by an underlined name. Just click on the name for the photograph.

If you have a personal photograph of someone who is listed in Shady Grove Cemetery, please email it to us with complete information so that we may include it in the website. You should show in the subject line: personal photograph for --- (giving the cemetery name shown on the website) Cemetery. The message should include the full name of the person whose photograph you are sending and dates shown in the transcription so that we will place it with the correct person. Please send only one photograph per person and only one photograph per email. A personal photograph is indicated by .

These tombstone photographs may be used for personal use but not republished without permission from the photographer, Patti Vance Hays.

A photograph of Shady Grove School is also on this website and includes the photograph of many of the people who rest in this cemetery.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Read April 26, 2010

Crawford, Alfred Melton Jr.    07/09/1926-09/15/2009    S1 US Navy    Father    (B-1)
    Crawford, Josephine F.    08/15/1928-07/05/2009    Mother    (B-1)

Canada, Bonnie Lee    04/14/1937-06/27/2000    (B-1)
    Canada, Billy Gene    [no date of death shown]    (B-1)

Queen, Doris L.    07/23/1922-08/10/1996    (B-1*)
    Golden, Yvonne    [no date of death shown]

Bousman, Grace L.    08/26/1914-11/30/1992    (B-1)

Thigpen, Bobbie Jean    11/26/1917-09/07/1985    (B-1)

Thigpen, James Edmond    10/02/1919-10/24/1987    Tec 4 US Army World War II    (B-1)

?, Joseph    (Caruth Funeral Home Marker - illegible)    (?)

Stratton, Rebecca E.    11/08/1861-03/19/1936    (A-1)

Stratton, W. H.    12/15/1857-02/15/1923    (A-1)

Stratton, Maggie May    12/24/1907-01/16/1915    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Stratton    (A-1)

Webb, Barbara Lee    09/30/1939-05/05/2006    (B-1*)
    Webb, Johnny    [no date of death shown]

Webb, Pamela Dawn    1957-1957    Baby Sister    Gone to be an Angel    (B-1)

Webb, Richard Charles    1944-1958    Big Brother    (B-1)

Webb, Afton G.    03/22/1920-04/18/1996    (B-1)
    Webb, George A.    01/21/1921-03/14/2002

Salsman, Arthur H.    09/14/1888-02/15/1964    Missouri Pvt Btry B 37 Fld Arty World War I    (B-1)

Flanders, James A.    07/15/1868-01/24/1917    (B-1)
    Flanders, Catherine C.    10/02/1880-04/09/1933

Farrar, Georgia    08/17/1907-08/21/1977    (A-1)

Bailey, Madeana    died 06/20/1968 aged 88    (A-1)

Bailey, George    died 11/20/1956 aged 82    (A-1)

Crawford, John Franklin    died 04/16/1965 aged 78    (B-1)

Dick, James Sneed    02/14/1892-12/28/1960    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I    (A-1)

Crawford, James Noah    02/17/1895-1973    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I    (A-1)

Crawford, Oneida    04/02/1897-03/03/1937    (A-1)

Crawford, J. C.    09/25/1857-11/09/1930 [IC]   (B-1)

Crawford, Gertrude    01/07/1870-09/16/1933 [IC]    (B-1)

Queen, Jewell M.    12/05/1898-05/11/1987    (B-1)

Illegible FHM

Hardister, Dora B.    1887-1965    (B-1)

Breshears, Jerry Wayne    04/05/1949-05/05/1962    (B-1)

Breshears, Preston M.    07/18/1918-05/05/1962    Arkansas Cpl 368 Fighter Sq AAF World War II    (B-1)

Breshears, Gracie    10/23/1915-03/09/2011    (B-1)    [dod from obituary]

McGill, Alice    10/08/1893-05/18/1979    In Memory    (B-1)

McGill, James M.    12/12/1879-05/23/1976    In Memory    (B-1)

Nickels, Vida May    06/17/1898-08/30/1899 or 01/17/1898-08/30/1899    [IC shows a Vida May Nickles, dau of E. A. and D. 1898-1899]    (C-2)

Russell, Maggie    10/10/1873-06/04/1912    Wife of M. B. [IC]    (C-2)

Russell, M. B.    01/12/1857-10/06/1937    (C-2)

Craft, Oliver A.    08/19/1874-09/26/1948    (D-2)
    Craft, Minnie M.    03/23/1884-05/15/1963

Finley, Mildred Lowe    02/01/1893-04/03/1982    (D-3)

Lowe, Clara    06/10/1849-02/14/1923    Wife of Mayberry Lowe    (D-3)

Lowe, Pryor Joseph    03/26/1886-12/25/1918    WOW    (D-3)

Pickering, Pinkie    04/10/1887-12/06/1921    Wife of Paul - Mother [IC]    (D-3*)

Rhoads, Fannie    12/08/1879-12/18/1905    Mother    (D-3)

Stigler, W. M.    71 Co D 1st Mo Arty [IC]    (D-3)

Steigler, Charles O.    1857-1886    Father    (D-3)


Wright, Dick    04/17/1881-02/06/1974    (C-3)

Ryan, William    born in Dublin City, Ireland 04/13/1865 died 02/15/1893    (B-2)

Hill, Mamie O.    06/28/1874-05/19/1956    (B-2)
    Hill, Samuel C.    12/22/1861-11/04/1927

Storey, Rev. William A.    03/27/1884-06/14/1963    (A-2)

Storey, Lila I.    08/12/1901-02/13/1984    (A-2)

Yeager, Viva L.    11/13/1906-11/30/1929    Mother of Ron Yeager    (A-2)

Breckenridge, Minnie F.    08/05/1880-05/24/1967    (A-2)

Breckenridge, D. W.    12/28/1856-03/03/1940    Father  Loving Memory    (A-2)

Parker, Taylor    12/21/1889-11/15/1955    Arkansas Pvt 47 Co 20 Engineers World War I    (A-2)

FHM - Name Gone

FHM - Name Gone

Hook, Letha Mae    1896-1967    Daughter of Charles and Clara Dunn    (A-2)

Dunn, C. P.    1872-1945 [IC]    (A-2)

Dunn, Clara B.    1874-1951    (A-2)

Thomas, Helen James    1900-1985    (B-2)

James, Joe Nelson    1875-1955    (B-2)

Johnston, Joseph L.    02/17/1900-12/09/1936

Johnston, Louella    1872-1957    (B-2)

Merritt, Elmer    1901-1981    (B-2)

Ribelin, Sarah    died 03/25/1922 aged 53 years    (C-3)

Merritt, Floyd D.    03/18/1895-06/25/1903    (C-3)

Merritt, Alice Riblin    02/15/1872-01/07/1907    Mother    (C-3)

Merritt, Ray    -05/04/1927    Arkansas Pvt US Army    (C-3)

McClellan, Laura M.    11/12/1876-06/28/1952    Mother    (C-3)

Merritt, George W.    12/09/1879-08/04/1904    (C-3)

Merritt, Ellen V.    02/03/1874-06/22/1877    (C-3)

Merritt, Joseph M.    Born in Henry Co, Ga. 01/05/1842 died 12/15/1897    Co G 28 La Inf CSA    (C-3)

Merritt, Eliza Jane    1840-1929    (C-3)

Greeson, Elizabeth T.    07/05/1863-04/21/1904    (C-3)

Greeson, John W.    03/08/1867-12/29/1914    (C-3)

Merritt, Henry Hue    05/15/1870-01/13/1941    (B-3)

Merritt, Jodie N.    04/08/1898-06/09/1980    (B-3)

James, Bernice Dunn    09/04/1920-11/19/1982    (B-3*)

James, Charles Williams    11/20/1923-08/27/1959    Arkansas Sgt 2004 Ordnance Maint Co World War II BSM    (B-3)

Hodges, Dovie James    1918-2006    (B-3)

Hodges, Reuben C.    05/16/1911-02/13/2004    (B-3)

Hardage, Arlie Lee    10/31/1898-04/30/1971    (A-3)
    Hardage, VV    01/02/1908-04/04/1987

Hardage, Wilmar P.    12/10/1908-02/20/1991    (A-3)
    Hardage, Bervina    03/10/1910-09/15/1994

Illegible FHM

Dunn, Hattie R.    08/08/1890-08/18/1965    (A-2)

Hardage, James "Spider"    10/13/1932-09/25/2007    (A-3)

Slaten, Ruth Ann    04/03/1897-03/29/1963    (C-3)
    Slaten, John C.    12/24/1890-06/28/1936

Illegible FHM

Baker, Malinda E.    1873-1912    Mother    (C-3)
    Baker, Walter T.    1875-1905    Father

North, Thomas Clayton    11/26/1840-02/21/1896 [IC]    (C-3)

Illegible FHM

Rogers, Elizabeth    06/15/1833-11/17/1893    (C-4)

Rogers, Junius    born in Green Co, Ga. 03/20/1822 died in Garland Co, Ar 06/10/1877 [IC]    (C-4)

Sparlin, Florance    1889-1891    (B-3)

Sparlin, Baby Boy    Stillborn 1890    (B-3)

Clarkson, Elizabeth Corniles    1835-09/05/1884    Mother of Ada Florence Sparlin Mother-in-law of Jackson Robert E. Lee Sparlin    (B-3)

Sparlin, Robert    1850-1923    (B-3)

Sparlin, Florence    1861-1929    (B-3)

Howard, Catie    died 08/17/1893 aged 3 years

Davis, Mellissa Renee    10/20/1976-12/24/1976    Dau. of Virginia Davis and Mark Halligan    (A-3)

Stidman, Alfred Z.    03/04/1895-06/28/1969    Pop    (A-3)

Stidman, Mattie    07/05/1899-05/27/1979    (A-3)

Hecke, Louis D.    04/25/1895-04/22/1974    Pvt US Army    (A-3)

Hecke, Billy Denver    09/09/1928-10/22/2006    US Merchant Marine World War Ii    (A-3*)

Hecke, Jessie C.    11/22/1906-12/15/1982    Wife of Louis D. Hecke    (A-3)

Buchanan, Odebea    01/29/1901-05/23/1982    (A-3)

Hecke, Harry L.    01/06/1916-11/02/1993    Father    (A-3)

Hecke, Elizabeth E.    03/29/1925-07/10/1988    Mother (B-3)

?, Michal John    died 05/10/? aged 0 years 0 months    Caruth FHM rest illegible

Sparlin, Frank W.    12/08/1885-08/09/1966    (C-4)

Larson, Granma    1840-1948
Larison, Maryann    12/1840-01/1948    Grand Ma Larison    Arnold Stotts Father    (C-4)

Sparlin, Ennis    03/20/1914-05/08/1940    (C-4)

Swindal, Joe G.    12/03/1899-08/22/1950    (C-4)

Crawford, James W.    03/05/1927-04/26/1971    Arkansas Sgt US Army Vietnam    (B-4)

Rigsbee, Charles W. Sr.    12/26/1919-11/25/1992    (A-4)
    Rigsbee, Evelyn E.    06/18/1925-10/11/2005

Stidman, Caroldine B.    12/02/1955-10/29/1988    (A-3)

Stidman, Eld Ruben Sr.    01/05/1921-01/18/1979    Sgt US Army World War II Korea    (A-3)
    Stidman, Evelyn A.    04/30/1925-01/18/2003    married 03/15/1943

Stidman, Pathenia Ann    08/22/1964-08/24/1964    (A-3)

Clark, T. T.    08/16/1900-03/12/1961    (A-3)

Niece, John    Born in Alabama 04/29/1839 died of pneumonia 03/22/1876    (A-4)

Holder, Martha Rebecca    09/09/1899-02/12/1945    Precious Mother

Laughlin, Charles Worley Jr.    05/11/1967-10/28/1967

Bailey, Mary Alice    1925-1975    (A-4)
    Bailey, William    1909-

----llens, Thos (Thomas)    died 12/25/1884 aged 45 years    [IC shows Collins but name is definitely ---llens]    (A-4)

Heitman, Ray Eugene    02/22/1922-02/03/1991 (on homemade marker)    FHM and SSDI show 02/07/1922-02/03/1991 1   (A-4)

Heitman, Milluem R.    01/04/1917-08/1982 (homemade marker)    SSDI shows Millian    (A-4)

Heitman, William Lee    09/26/1931-03/20/1988    SN US Navy Vietnam

Nichols, Earl    10/13/1908-09/19/1979    (C-4)

Jackson, Annie Stafford    died 1947    (C-4)

Hill, Lillie    1865-1873    (C-5)

Hill, Mary Jemima    1842-1903    (C-5)

Hill, Euphrates Dawson    1834-1903    (C-5)

Shaw, J. B.    1842-1916    (C-5)

Shaw, Delphina    1849-1935    (C-5)

Melton, Octavia    11/09/1904-06/30/2000

Sparlin, Robert W.    01/14/1917-11/16/1994    Tec5 US Army World War II

Sparlin, Robert    01/14/1917-11/16/1994

Sparlin, Mary A. L.    08/29/1927-07/27/1987    married 10/27/1945

Heitman, William A.    07/29/1899-01/23/1977    (B-4)
    Heitman, Helen F.    08/30/1907-06/07/1989

Heitman, Johnny    [no date of death shown]    (B-4)
    Heitman, Delphia "Dee"    02/26/1942-11/12/2009

Goodale, Thomas F.    12/06/1903-12/19/1962    In Memory

McColloch, Joseph H.    died 03/12/1964 age 82 y 2 m 0 d    (A-4)
    McColloch, Joseph H. 1882-1964    [He has two markers.]

McColloch, Florence L.    01/12/1876-03/29/1952    Mother     [Her surname is spelled McCollock on marker.]    (A-4)

Golden, Ina Myrtle    02/13/1911-09/16/1984    (A-4)

Golden, Goldie L.    07/12/1910-03/30/1969    Arkansas S2 USNR World War II    (A-4)

McColloch, Nora    -03/14/1929 age 73 years    (A-4)
    McColloch, William    -10/20/1924 age 73 years

Golden, Rodger    10/15/1886-06/03/1934    (A-4)

Golden, Kenneth Gene    03/07/1938-03/10/1938    (A-4)

Jones, Albert Willis    -08/05/1946    age 41 y 0 m 7 d    (C-5)

Gardner, Annie Louise Sparlin    07/19/1949-01/06/2008    Sp5 US Army Vietnam    (B-4)

Moore, Johnny W.    09/28/1939-11/09/1963    Brother    (A-5)

Mathis, Rufford Lee    10/12/1936-11/09/1963    (A-5)

FHM Illegible

Burton, John H.    Co A 1 Arkansas Inf Sp. Am. War    (A-5)

Barker, Thomas Wooten Sr.    01/15/1908-09/23/1988    Pvt US Army World War II    (A-5)

Barker, Cathryn "Peggy"    06/20/1913-02/02/1999    (A-5) 1

Vannoy, Jack L.    08/19/1921-12/22/1991    US Navy World War II    (B-5)

Vannoy, Margaret E.    1889-1977    (B-5)
    Vannoy, Robert L.    1879-1963

Geurin, W. W.    10/25/1884-08/26/1924    (D-5)

Geurin, Mamie M.    03/07/1889-03/27/1976    wife of W. Geurin    (D-5)

Miller, Virgil L.    10/19/1922-01/24/2001    married 12/29/1986    (B-5)
    Miller, Betty Marrall    10/22/1943-04/25/2011    [dates from obituary]

Halpain, Charles H.    03/18/1930-08/03/2000    (B-5)
    Halpain, Marie E.    [no date of death shown]    married 02/24/1974

Stevens, Mamie Marie    07/11/1932-11/08/1998    (A-5)

Stevens, Ralph F.    11/15/1925-05/27/1982    Pvt US Army World War II    (A-5)

Neider, William Ray    1975-1975    (A-5)

Johnson, Larry Dean    03/04/1956-05/24/1990    Cpl US Marine Corps    (A-5)

Wood, Ashley    08/13/1863-04/19/1916    WOW    (B-5)

Davis, Jimmy Dale    11/01/1947-07/22/2006    (D-5)
    Davis, Kathleen    07/23/1944-01/24/2011   married 10/05/1984    [dod from obituary] 1

Emmett, Frank W.    1933-2001

Emmett, Charles W.    12/28/1926-12/30/1996    US Army World War II    (C-5)

Emmett, Addie Marie    1903-1963    Mother    (B-5)

Marrall, Rudy Carroll    10/27/1938-08/02/1980    In Loving Memory of Father Son and Brother    (B-5)

Marrall, Carolyn Sue    11/20/1955-11/21/1955    (B-5)

Marrall, Arble Lee Sr.    03/08/1911-04/06/1962    Arkansas S2 USNR World War II    (B-5)    .

Marrall, Carmen T.    08/05/1912-05/14/2001    Wife of Arble Marrall    (B-5)

Hood, Ervin B.    09/22/1907-08/12/1960    (B-5)
    Hood, Flossie T.    07/17/1909-06/08/1982

Hood, J. B.    06/19/1932-02/13/1997    (B-5)
    Hood, Helen R.    06/26/1941-06/22/1996

2 Illegible FHMs

Bivens, Eudell F.    01/07/1926-07/22/1986    (A-5)
    Bivens, Violet G.    09/14/1925-04/29/2007

Bivens, Willia Adams    08/27/1905-09/06/1934    (A-5)

Merritt, Lillie Adams    08/27/1905-03/05/1967    (A-5)

Merritt, Farris Augustus "Jack"    08/21/1905-09/30/1984    (A-5)

Powell, Audrey M.    1909-1963  1   (A-5)

Ray, Clova Nell    10/21/1943-03/19/1945    (A-5)

Ray, John W.    02/24/1886-07/16/1970    (A-6)

Ray, M. Modean    03/19/1912-09/24/2005    (A-6)

Childs, Thomas Christopher    11/19/1970-03/18/2003    In Loving Memory    (B-6)

Brock, Ida B.    12/13/1883-11/24/1946    (A-6)
    Brock, Isaac    08/05/1880-12/10/1943    (A-6)

Murray, Charles Raymond    01/26/1936-01/14/1998    (US Navy    (B-6)

Murray, James    08/21/1934-11/08/1991    US Navy Korea    (B-6)

Murray, Clyde E.    02/10/1904-03/10/1957    (B-6)
    Murray, Harriet E.    11/07/1907-01/29/1955    (B-6)

Murray, Elmer M.    1931-1981    US Army    (C-6)

Marrell, Louise    09/22/1922-12/01/1997

Marrell, Alvin Erron    11/13/1919-07/30/1985    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Marrell, Jimmy E.    03/25/1948-02/20/1997

Dugan, Angel L.    01/01/1957-10/22/1975    (A-6)

Long, Carrol Dean    Infant 1950    (B-6)

Childs, Shane Allin    04/21/1970-05/18/1991    (B-6)

Livingston, John Lee    07/03/1928-10/02/1936    Bud led on earth to bloom in heaven    (B-6)

Childs, W. D.    04/08/1868-04/03/1951    (B-6)

Mann, Lloyd W.    07/06/1918-08/28/1954    Arkansas 3543 Base Unit AAF World War II    (B-6)

Lynchard, Lawrence A.    1932-1982    Cpl US Army Korea    (C-6)

Lynchard, James H.    12/05/1913-03/13/1949    Arkansas Pvt 317 Inf 80 Inf Div World War II BSM   (C-6)

Lynchard, Ella T.    1881-1932    (C-6)

Lynchard, Martin L.    1871-1950    (C-6)

Marrall, Charlie    1877-1922    [Marker is actually spelled Charile.]    (B-6)

Marrell, Charles L.    1906-1923    (B-6)

Eddleman, Myrtle A.    1904-1929    [Surname is spelled Eddeleman on marker]    (B-6)

Eddlemon, Leonard R.    1925-1928    (B-6)

Castleberry, Pearl    08/22/1903-08/21/1976

Clowers, D. C. Jr.    1923-1934

Clowers, Daze    1934-1935    (A-6)

Clowers, Mary Helen    04/30/1923-06/03/1989    Beloved Wife and Mother    (A-7)

Clowers, Donovan    02/07/1917-11/03/1982    S2 US Navy World War II    (A-7)

Clowers, Hollis E.    1919-1973    (A-7)

Clowers, Zora Lee    1897-1940    (A-7)

Clowers, Dock C.    1879-1936    (A-7)

Clowers, Don R.    11/20/1945-12/03/1996    Sp5 US Army Vietnam    (A-7) 1

Childs, Lula Mae Hyde    [no date of death shown]    wife of H. Lehman    (B-6)

Childs, Harry Lehman    01/04/1926-11/16/1989    US Navy World War II    (B-6)

Childs, Mabel L.    12/02/1894-03/28/1982    Devoted Christian    (B-6)
    Childs, Millard L.    10/03/1899-09/24/1932    Loving Father    (B-6)
    (full marker photograph)

Childs, John C. Sr.    12/04/1893-02/21/1993    Father    married 11/16/1916    (B-6)
    Childs, Carmen K.    03/15/1899-    [no dod; SSDI shows 01/24/1998]    (B-6)

Marrall, Jossie E.    1885-1933    (B-7)

Marrell, Sidney X.    -11/08/1943    Arkansas Aviation Mach Mate 3 Cl U.S. Navy

Lyons, Lillie    1886-1943    (C-6*)

McKelroy, Infant of E. E.    1936-1936    (C-6)

Lyons, Kell    1883-1923    (C-6)

Mann, Josephine    Daughter    (C-6)

Mann, Clara Ann    1897-1947    (B-7)

Mann, Robert Lee    Son    (B-7)

Mann, John Alison    1890-1961    (B-7)

Mann, Johnnie    Son    (B-7)

Mann    Father

Mann, Clarence Preston    12/22/1920-12/21/2008

Mann, Jesse Perry    04/22/1933-07/24/2003    In Loving Memory

Gross FHM - only thing showing is an e and a M [probably last name was Mann]

Bishop, Brenda C.    04/21/1947-10/11/1976    Loving Wife

Harris, Elva Opal Mann    1922-1994    Mother

Illegible FHM

Henderson, Leo Jr.    11/08/1944-08/14/2005    (A-6)

Graves against Wooden Fence on Golf Links Road

Fields, ?    19__-19_1    [Gross FHM]

Illegible Gross FHM - may be the marker for
Rempa, Charles    1898-1968 [IC]    However, SSDI shows Charles Rempa was born 8 January 1899 and died June 1968. Gross Funeral Home book shows 01/08/1899-06/23/1968.

?, Mattie Leah - may be the marker for
Wrinn, Mattie Leah    -05/01/1964 age 67 y 4 mo 23 d [IC]    It should be noted that it is a Caruth Funeral Home marker, and a Mattie Wrinn is not listed in the Caruth Funeral Home book.

Dennis, J. F. 1869-1942    [Paul Heady FH Marker]    [could not read; IC and Arkansas Death Index]

Goessman, Walter H.    07/29/1904-06/24/1947    (C-7)

Goessman, Rachel E.    01/04/1911-10/28/1992    (C-7)

Goessman, Anthony H.    03/09/1964-02/22/1973    (C-7)

Goessman, Charles E.    12/25/1931-07/01/1991    SSG US Army Korea Vietnam    (C-7)

Goessman, John K.    born and died 05/20/1938    (C-7*)

Illegible FHM

Ryan, Jerry Lee    1943-1943    (C-7)

Chote, Wallace E.    10/30/1906-07/12/1989    married 12/26/1924    (D-7)
    Chote, Catherine    10/12/1910-05/24/1967    (D-7)

Thoma_, Fant    1965-1965    [Gross Funeral Home marker - probably Infant Thomas]    (D-7)

George, Robin M.    02/16/1970-02/18/1970    (A-1)

Berry, Darrell Wayne    09/30/1952-08/24/1972    Arkansas SN US Navy Vietnam

Berry, Rev. Orville B.    10/11/1924-05/05/1989
    Berry, Susie May    02/03/1927-02/27/2005

Morrow, Cheryl Lynn McIntyre    03/24/1958-10/30/1980

~ end of graves against fence ~

Skipped to back of cemetery

Mayfield, Howard K.    07/21/1953-06/21/2009    US Army    (D-1)

Miles, Donna    02/26/1969-01/03/2001    (E-1)
    Miles, Gilbert    05/10/1996-01/03/2001
    Miles, Daniel    05/05/1995-01/03/2001
    Miles, Mary    02/02/1998-01/03/2001

Powell, Oliver Daniel    08/19/1936-08/25/1996    Pvt US Army Korea    (E-1)

Howell, Carl E.    08/01/1971-08/03/1971    (E-1)

Howell, Gregory G.    06/17/1950-04/16/1999    In Loving Memory    (E-1) 1

Rambo, Roy E.    08/09/1929-11/03/1989    Sgt US Army Korea    (E-1)

Geurin, Baby    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Geurin

Howell, Esther Mae    09/16/1946-12/31/2004    Gone to be an Angel    (E-1*)

Howell, Lonnie Lee    12/19/1949-05/13/2005    (E-1*)

Skaggs, Jerry and Joan    10/26/1942    (E-1)

Skaggs, Lee D.    03/16/1912-09/01/1958    (E-1)

Skaggs, Susan    08/25/1882-01/21/1941    (E-1)

Skaggs, Maggie M.    03/08/1914-03/28/1917    (E-1)

Skaggs, Orrus L.    07/19/1907-08/09/1911    (E-1)

Skaggs, O. Bernice    02/20/1910-03/07/1911    (E-1)

Howell, Carl E.    08/29/1908-01/20/1980    (E-1)

Howell, Edith M.    11/27/1908-03/24/1992    (E-1)

Gregory, Lewis C.    04/16/1906-12/06/1977    (E-1)

Fleming, Willie M.    04/21/1884-06/10/1971    Mother

Walkowitz, Warene M.    09/27/1905-02/19/1993    (E-1)

Walkowitz, Joseph M.    01/23/1904-09/10/1993    (E-1)

Taylor, Carlene A.    12/29/1940-03/07/2001    A Loving Mother    (D-1)

Anson, Lloyd Ermit    06/03/1916-08/03/2008    US Army World War II

Wheeler, Jack    07/30/1889-03/12/1966

Mann, James Dexter    1961-1984    (D-1)

Jackson, Ernest A. Sr.    02/28/1919-06/23/1990    (D-1)

Harris, Leona Catherine    01/29/1907-12/13/1958    (E-2)

Jackson, Belle    07/18/1878-01/23/1972    (E-2)
    Jackson, Felix    03/11/1874-07/18/1955

Collins, Celia Ann    1930-    [FHM and date of death is missing]    (E-2)

Jackson, Sallie    1829-1912    (E-2)

Jackson, Florance P.    1916-1933    (E-2)

Howell, Carl E. Jr.    02/05/1937-02/05/1937    (E-2)

Howell, James A.    08/14/1943-08/20/1943    (E-2)

Jackson, Sallie L.    1914-1914    (E-2)

Jackson, Celia A.    1914-1914    (E-2)

McClure, Allen    1872-1942    (E-1)

Eddleman, May Mann    1895-1921    Rest in Peace Mother    (E-2)

Mann, John    [no dates]    (E-2)

Mann, Malissie    1850-1915    (E-2)

Our Baby    (not near any other marker and no name)

Anderson Family Plot with no marked graves    (E-3)

Tubberville, James W.    -03/28/1928    Arkansas Pvt Co ? Base Hosp ?    (E-3)

Anderson, James Leroy    12/17/1881-03/14/1941    illegible    [GFH]    It is possible he is buried here as there is an unmarked grave in this area.

Moore, Josie    08/20/1912-12/20/1917    Daughter of Joe and Betha Moore

Anderson, Mary    12/06/1880-04/03/1928    wife of J. L.

Moore, William J.    01/15/1885-03/11/1919

Limberger, Adam    1878-1946

Trager, Mary    1869-1946    (E-3)




Clark, Emma Allison    09/11/1877-12/20/1969    (D-3)

Cotton, Melvina Allison    02/01/1875-04/21/1934    (D-3)

Allison, Rosa    1910-1912    (D-3)

Allison, Claudia    1900-1905    (D-3)

Allison, Granville    1908-1912    (D-3)

Cotton, Ethel    [no marker was seen; burial per Dorothy Howery]

Allison, Baby of Charles and Ellen Stewart Allison    [no marker was seen; burial per Dorothy Howery]

Allison, William F.    06/20/1872-11/1911    (D-3)

Allison, Wiley R.    02/01/1848-12/12/1929    (D-3)
    Allison, Mary J.    04/01/1852-01/29/1940    (D-3)

Foreman, Myrtle    child of Dan and Lizzie Allison Foreman   [no marker was seen; burial per Dorothy Howery]

Foreman, Baby    child of Dan and Lizzie Allison Foreman    [no marker was seen; burial per Dorothy Howery]

Reserved for Lucile Thurman Haley

Haley, Clarence Virgel    11/03/1921-05/30/1989    Tec 4 US Army World War II    (E-3)

Haley, Harry B.    10/01/1895-05/30/1936    Father    (E-3)

Haley, Eva Marie    03/17/1896-06/25/1980    Mother    (E-3)

Spoon, George W.    07/04/1911-12/02/1973    (E-3)

Spoon, Zell    04/05/1913-08/03/1986    (E-3)

Spoon, George Jr.    -06/24/1934    Infant

Spoon, Velda Gail    -09/02/1953    Infant    (E-3)

Spoon, Lewis D.    05/29/1932-08/31/1998    BMSN US Navy Korea   A Very Unique Man and Beloved Father    (E-3)

Tidwell, J. D.    1870-1929    (F-4)

Tidwell, Annabelle    03/1877-07/06/1933    (F-4)

Wilcox, C. E. (Slats)    11/09/1896-05/23/1939
    Wilcox, Bertha Mae    09/16/1896-11/18/1963

Spoon, Rufus A.    11/16/1875-03/27/1934    (E-4)

Illegible Field Rock with name

Rookard, Rev. George W.    06/08/1875-03/04/1940    (D-4)
    Rookard, Mary Nettie    07/04/1883-05/09/1938

Rookard, Clarence    1903-1953

Rookard, Otis M.    06/07/1905-08/20/1962    Arkansas Pvt 1885 Service Unit World War II

Rookard, Vera M.    1906-1977

Sorter, Roy    08/05/1925-12/09/1986    (D-4)

Sorter, Arvil R.    02/07/1931-09/26/1995    US Army Korea    (D-4)

Sorter, Mary Ann    10/07/1907-03/16/1979    (D-4)
    Sorter, Green    01/29/1900-05/07/1948

Anderson, Sarah E.    04/25/1882-04/05/1950

Foss, William Nelson    -05/26/1961    [Caruth FHM--age at death illegible]

Lewter, Harry A.    11/20/1886-11/24/1964    Arkansas Cook Trp K 12 Cavalry World War I    (E-4)

Kuhn, Ronald K.    09/05/1956-05/14/2009    US Army

McColloch, Charles K.    04/05/1884-12/26/1973    (E-4)

McColloch, Monteen    02/24/1929-03/07/1929    (E-4)

McColloch, Johnnie    11/15/1909-11/26/1909    (E-4)

McColloch, Bessie    12/09/1887-03/22/1951    (E-4)


Mooney, James J.    -08/16/1942    Arkansas Pvt US Army    (E-4)

Davis, Marvin Ray    03/11/1922-09/23/2006    PFC US Army World War II Purple Heart

Mooney, Claude Jr.    10/19/1924-07/20/1925    (E-4)

Mooney, Lyda E.    01/26/1906-06/16/1971    married 01/05/1924    (E-4)

Mooney, Claude    08/22/1896-02/08/1972    married 01/05/1924    (E-4) 1

Davie, Mrs. Jack    07/07/1887-12/13/1930    (E-4)

Mooney, Edward Monroe    10/02/1879-02/12/1929    (E-4)

Mooney, Sarah E.    12/30/1860-10/11/1948    (D-4)

Mooney, Zebulon Jackson    06/06/1854-06/17/1928

Mooney, Louisa J.    07/09/1849-11/22/1909    wife of W. S. [IC]

Mooney, Robert M.    01/03/1888-12/29/1900    Son of William S. and L. J. Mooney

Mooney, Phelps G.    died 02/22/1892 age 2 Y 10 Ms 15 D    Son of Z. J. and E. Mooney

Mooney, Mary    died 02/10/1893 age 71 yrs 3 m 12 d    (D-4)

Mooney, William    died 05/29/1896 age 75 yrs 3 m 12 d [IC]

Mooney, Thomas Isaac    08/12/1881-01/13/1911 [IC]

Mooney, P. S.    1848-1924

Mooney, Mrs. Mollie    1853-1926

Rookard, James Albert    1899-1920

Rookard, Earl    1914-1916

Rookard, Charles E.    1901-1901

Rookard, Infant    (Gross FHM - no dates)    (D-4)

Mooney, Jack    -01/23/1940 age 51    (Gross FHM)

Wilcox, Daniel R.    1929-1998    (Gross FHM) 1

Cockrell, Bill    1900-1936    (Gross FHM)    (E-4)

Merryman, Pearl Mae Cummings    08/03/1903-05/05/1936

Vancil, David E.    07/27/1931-08/02/1967    At Rest

Vancil, Catherine    07/27/1908-08/12/1997    (E-5)
    Vancil, Harry Eli    10/19/1895-02/19/1970

Vancil, Emanuel    07/05/1937-06/11/1999    At Rest    (E-5) 1

Lacy, Dorcas Eulene    06/27/1929-12/31/2006    The Lord is my Shepherd

Thomas, Walter Lee    05/03/1879-05/23/1946    Arkansas Pvt Co M 153 Infantry Regt World War I    (E-5)

Jones, Parcena    11/22/1934-03/18/1998    (C-5)

Jones, Albert W.    02/25/1890-11/25/1965    (C-5)

Houpt, Bonnie Edith    04/15/1913-12/12/2002    With Jesus

Fleming, Ida    04/03/1886-12/04/1937    Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow over thee weep.    (C-5)

Fleming, Walter A.    09/08/1879-02/08/1953    (C-5)

Illegible FHM

Bailey, Mary E. Houpt    01/30/1932-07/23/1966    Asleep in Jesus    (C-5)

Houpt, Reb Jr.    05/26/1894-11/02/1960    Arkansas Pvt Co 1 4 Infantry World War I    (C-5)

Unmarked grave

Houpt, William R. "Bill"    10/13/1933-08/21/1996    You are missed    (D-5)

Kellogg, Otha E.    03/11/1892-09/18/1964    (D-5)

Wilson, Ella L.    04/14/1891-08/27/1968    (E-6)
    Wilson, Willard A.    12/10/1883-09/07/1967

Watson, Joe D.    02/08/1911-07/08/1933    (E-6)

Watson, Maye    1885-1955    (E-6)

Watson, Emma    1887-1949    (E-6)

Williams, Sylvia Lacy    1941-1965    (E-6)

Oakey, Ruth M.    06/11/1946-06/04/1995    (E-6)

Lacy, James W.    07/26/1929-10/06/1995    Beloved father and husband    (E-6)

Lacy, Neva Sue Murphy    02/19/1933-06/13/2004    Beloved wife and mother; God was always with me

Unmarked grave

Ateames, Darling baby daughter of W. S. & Cassie    07/19/1909-07/19/1909

Lehr, Richard    04/06/1864-03/07/1944    (E-6)

Lehr, Sallie G.    10/01/1872-08/21/1909    Wife of Richard Lehr

Lehr, George Henry    1909-1909    Son of Sallie G. and Richard    [could not read month and day]

Conelly, Dennis    10/31/1847-09/17/1920    Arkansas 1st Sgt US Army Civil War Sp Am War    [Last name was spelled Conelly on marker.]    (C-5)

Connelly, Floyd E.    10/09/1929-07/31/1932    (C-5)

Connelly, Dorthie L.    03/18/1931-03/18/1931    (C-5)

Connelly, Infant    (C-5)

Pittman, Macie Jane Caver (Connelly)    08/28/1910-10/20/1993    (C-5)

Connelly, Garland C.    12/26/1906-05/25/1973    (C-5)

Whatley, Carrie    1920-1984    (C-5)

Plot with no names

Eddlemon, Margaret Lucille    -07/24/1941    11 Yrs 6 Mos 27 Days

Eddlemon, Walter G.    1883-1949

Martindale, Hattie L.    1879-1949    (D-6)

Martindale, Truman A.    1906-1959 [IC]    [All that was visible on the funeral home marker was ANN

Downie, Loraine (Lacy)    07/09/1942-10/12/1966    Rest in Peace

Lacy, Flora    07/12/1912-05/31/1974    Our Beloved Mother

Illegible FHM

Fields, Derick Anthony Leon Daniel Lee Patrick    -06/10/1987    [could be one, two or three names]    (D-7)

Wetmore, Mark A.    04/05/1902-06/21/1979    (D-7)

Wetmore, Mae    03/18/1917-04/01/1993    (D-7)

Fields, Irena Mae    09/18/1968-01/03/1971    Remembered Always    (D-7)

Tackett, Ella Mae    1913-1965    (D-7)

Davis, Katie E.    08/12/1926-08/08/1998    (D-7)
    Davis, James V.    04/30/1924-02/13/1974

Eddlemon, Robert R.    07/11/1896-10/17/1957    [Gross FHM shows 1892-1957]    Beloved Father    (D-7)

Eddlemon, Wilburn R.    10/11/1937-03/23/1951    Beloved Brother    [Gross FHM shows first name spelled Wilbern]    (D-7)

Shelby, Sannie    -09/08/1973    age 83    (C-6)

Shelby, Ervin R.    1901-1980    (C-6)

Mann, William W.    01/21/1939-03/21/1995    US Army    (C-6) 1

Mann, John    1891-1964    (C-6)

Mann, George    10/02/1898-12/14/1945    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brig   [C-6]

Lynchard, Charles T.    1898-1949    (C-6)

Martindale, Norris O.    11/11/1902-08/20/1938    (C-6)

Varner, Margaret Lynchard    03/17/1928-03/22/1987    (C-6)

Lynchard, Lou Allen    1902-1939    Daddy    (C-6)
    Lynchard, Jewel E.    1902-1947    Mama

Coomer, Lucille M.    01/02/1920-01/07/1927    (D-7)

Coomer, Leemon L.    06/10/1914-09/19/1959    (D-7) 1

Davis, Chester V.    10/08/1893-01/08/1985    (D-7)

Davis, Esther    10/19/1902-08/21/1982    (D-7)

Illegible FHM

Wyatt, Lydia E.    04/17/1889-03/31/1987    Mother    (D-7*)

Wyatt, John C.    03/01/1879-11/30/1948    Father    (D-7)

Wyatt, Scott    01/03/1913-02/01/1935    Brother    (D-7)

Unmarked grave

Stokes, Louis David Danny    1966-1991    (C-6)

Illegible FHM

Stokes, Louis L.    02/06/1919-11/15/1986    Pvt US Army World War II    (C-6)

Illegible FHM

Stokes, Marion    1906-1970    (C-6)

Stokes, J. Henry    1878-02/13/1933    (C-6)
    Stokes, Virdy D.    09/28/1887-03/16/1960    [She has a Caruth FHM that shows her surname as Hefley as well as a double marker with J. Henry Stokes.]

Skipped to very back of cemetery on Fontana Road

Fleming, Ruth Hodges    12/28/1918-05/06/1995    (F-1)

White, Patricia A.    1942-1996    Faithful Wife, Loving Mother, True Friend    (F-1)

Williams, James    1857-1949    Father

Williams, Sarah    1872-1956    (F-1)

Williams, Mary C.    1912-1993    (F-1)
    Williams, Lee Roy    1900-1958

Williams, Roy S.    09/24/1958-09/29/2009    (F-1)

Larsen, Ramona Jean    05/26/1947-01/08/2007    Our Mama

Unmarked grave

Black, Amy Canise Carter    01/01/1972-12/06/2007    (F-2)

Webb, Melitta Sparlin    10/23/1954-02/06/1997    An angel touched her    (F-2)

Haley, Earnest B.    04/13/1923-12/07/2000    US Army    (F-2)
    Haley, Virginia E.    [no date of death shown]

Mosley, James T. 'Jim'    02/01/1918-06/02/2008    Husband    (F-2)
    Mosley, Hazel Marie Haley    10/06/1928-07/08/1996    Wife

Doolos, Louis D.    1877-1954    (F-2)

Doolos, Vada S.    08/1896-10/1982    (F-2)

Bradford, Thomas Wayne    12/25/1939-03/20/1998    SP5 US Army Vietnam; Best Friend and Loving Husband    (F-2)

Harmon, Betty Sue    03/07/1933-04/09/1994    (F-2)
    Harmon, John F.    11/16/1927-08/25/2008

Jefferson, Mary M.    02/02/1892-07/07/1983    (F-2)

Parks, Billy Joe    06/14/1961-12/27/1999    (F-2) 1

Parks, Bobby Dean    06/09/1959-05/21/2008    US Army

Bradley, Earnest H. "Bo"    09/01/1927-06/20/2006    married 11/22/1975
    Bradley, Florence    [no date of death shown]

Lawrence, Carolyn L. Wuichet    01/06/1948-10/31/1998    (F-2) 1

Harris, Billy W. Jr.    03/05/1965-06/16/2008    Loving Son and Daddy

Wuichet, Billie George    12/31/1942-10/13/2005    married 06/03/1961
    Wuichet, Jo    [no date of death shown]

Breckling, Mary Eudean Stidman    09/14/1932-12/10/2002    (F-3)
    Breckling, Julius P. H.    03/27/1929-10/22/2012    [dod from obituary] 1
    Children: Martha, Nancy, Mark, James

Goodale, Marie   01/15/1938-04/08/2010

O'Dear, Bennie Mae    1918-1936    (F-3)

Anderson, Sude Runyon    08/25/1896-07/20/1971    (F-3)

Anderson, Zilphia S.    1897-1971

Illegible FHM

Vannoy, Blanche Adelaide    11/07/1915-10/21/2002    (F-4)

Cook, Walter A.    1912-1977    SSgt US Army World War II    (F-4)

Koch, G. C.    1870-1944    Father    (F-4)

Madison, Lelia    04/11/1903-11/27/1998    (F-4)

Madison, E. M.    04/17/1895-06/07/1985    (F-4)

Madison, J. Ray    10/03/1897-03/15/1973    (F-4)
    Madison, Lillie V.    11/05/1910-03/02/1980    (F-4)

Childs, Millard Lee    03/02/1924-04/15/2010    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Cooper, Jeremy David    11/17/1976-04/26/2013    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Dick, Roy L.    09/27/1927-04/20/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Dick, Margaret L. Crawford    01/13/1924-06/28/2013    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Fulton, Laura Ribelin    04/12/1851-03/30/1932    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Golden, Yvonne    03/20/1940-12/02/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Hardage, Wanda Sue Robbins    11/27/1933-12/18/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Henderson, Charles D.    01/08/1946-05/06/1997    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Henderson, Sarah Lou    01/04/1948-06/20/2013    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Howell, Ingrid Behnke    10/20/1944-12/18/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Howell, Lou E. Kirkpatrick    04/12/1941-05/16/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Jackson, Shirley Harris    07/07/1929-02/21/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Lloyd, Eddie Carel, Sr.    07/28/1959-04/01/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Marrell, Gary Charles    infant-06/13/1953    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Marrell, Paul Douglas "Sam"    12/27/1954-03/10/2011    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Pike, Bernice Bivens    04/13/1924-07/23/2011    (from Caruth-Hale Funeral Home online obituary)

Powers, Trinity Johnson    12/01/1981-06/23/2009    (from Hot Springs Funeral Home online obituary)

Sparlin, James Wesley    11/06/1950-11/15/2014    (from Sentinel-Record obituary) 1

Swindal, Grover    age 44-07/16/1928    (from Hot Springs New Era)

Found in Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume I compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane but did not find tombstone

Armstrong, Ollie Mae    died 05/24/1954 age 41-7-23 (Caruth)

Armstrong, Walter C.    died 12/04/1949 age 66-3-20 (Caruth)

Barkett, Mrs. Dorothy David   died 05/10/1962 age 38-11-7 (Caruth)

Bilyen, R. L.    died 02/07/1895, age 25 "Mother"

Bougout, Roy J.    died 10/23/1963 age 89-8-2  (Caruth)

Carpenter, H. E.    10/12/1842-05/23/1892

Crane, Mary Ellen    10/02/1903-10/08/1937

Crane, Walter Jr.    1947-1947

Dean, Eva Laura    1898-1958

Eddleman, William W.    died 06/04/1952 age 36-7-0 (Caruth)

Eddlemon, Charles M.    02/14/1880-09/26/1941 (Gross)

Ellis, George A.    died 12/11/1967 age 54-11-26 (Caruth)

Evors, Charles L.    09/17/1935? age 76-11-19 (Caruth)

Glenn, Chester    died 12/31/1958 age 78-0-17 (Caruth)

Hanson, Cynthia J.    1858-1939 (Heady)

Helmold, August    09/14/1871-03/18/1940

Hood, Susan    1877-1942

Jackson, Delia    died 06/09/1950    age 77-0-28

Jones, Frankie D.    [she was unsure of date of death in book]

Jones, Lucy    died 07/08/1962 age 71-10-13 (Caruth)

Mann, Charles Newton    died 02/12/1964 age 71-0-23 (Caruth)

Mann, Mrs. Nancy D.    died 12/21/1967 age 75-0-21 (Caruth)

Marrall, Thomas J.    died 06/16/1958 age 82-6-18 (Caruth)

McCain, William    02/24/1902-03/13/1936

Miller, Fate    1872-1961

Runyon, Franklin R.    06/20/1893-07/09/1965    Arkansas Pvt Co F Inf World War I

Stroud, Leona C.    died 12/13/1958    age 51-10-14 (Caruth)

Trager, Eddie    age 87 (Gross)

West, Lillie B.    died 04/11/1962 age 40-2-6 (Caruth)

Williams, Mrs. Roma Dianne    died 01/23/1966, age 53-11-17 (Caruth)

Found in Gross Funeral Home Records Hot Springs, AR 12,362 Records from June 1, 1921 to December 31, 1957 compiled by Lewis Stephens and no markers were seen.

Amerson, Francis    03/26/1886-10/20/1927; father: J. W. Mann; mother: Lizzie Steiner

Amerson, Josie    died 10/26/1933 age 49; father: John L. Mann; father: Mamie E. Witham

Anderson, Laura    04/20/1863-06/15/1954; spouse: Jake; father: Harvey (surname)

Balding, Baby    03/26/1928-03/26/1928; father: C. Balding; mother: Charlotte Askew

Barker, Laura Catherine    11/03/1931-01/30/1932; father: Thomas Barker; mother: Ozelia Jones

Baugh, Louisa    died 10/13/1930 age 34

Blocker, Susan A.    died 12/01/1928 age 79; father: William Jackson; mother: Sallie Petit

Breckling, Martha Elsie    12/20/1898-11/03/1949; spouse: Julius; father: Herman Weiger; mother: Mena Weiger

Bundy, George    died 07/08/1931 age 24; father: John Bundy

Burgess, William    02/12/1906-08/15/1923; father: John Burgess; mother: Alvia Schewerhouse

Burlingame, Michael Stevens    07/10/1949-07/12/1949; father: Joseph Burlingame; mother: Wanda Davis

Burton, Esther    died 06/14/1929 age 54; spouse J. H.

Cannady, J. M.    12/10/1877-02/17/1939; father: Seabrais Canada; mother: Martha Vond    [The Gross reading shows his name to be Canada; Arkansas Death Index shows it to be Cannady.]

Carr, Alice    06/26/1876-03/30/1952

Carter, Oelthia    03/04/1930-03/04/1930; father: Alton Carter; mother: Hessie Cockrill

Childs, Vernon    01/1922-04/16/1923; father: John Childs; mother: Carmen Hill

Clark, Iva    11/04/1910-06/03/1939; spouse: Byson; father: Joe Watson; mother: Emma Watson

Cockrell, Margarette    02/12/1901-02/27/1938; father: John Boic; mother: Sarah Tucker

Coomer, Rosa May    05/23/1924-06/08/1924; father: Claude Coomer; mother: Eddie Castle

Crane, Mary Ellen    10/02/1903-10/08/1937; spouse: W. E.; father: James Wilson; mother: Miss Bridges

Crane, Walter Erven    02/27/1903-11/15/1951; spouse: Jaunite

Crane, Walter Jr.    05/27/1947-11/02/1947; father: Walter E. Crane; mother: Jaunita Harlnan

Davie, Jack    died 08/28/1938 age age 53

Dibler, William    06/01/1870-08/08/1924; spouse: Winnie; father: Philip Dibler

Dovie, Minnie    07/07/1887-12/13/1930; spouse: Jack; father: Z. J. Mooney; mother: Sarah E. Virden

Eddleman, Leonard Richard    died 08/11/1930 at age 1; father: Robert E. Eddleman; mother: Myrtle Myrle

Henderson, Chester    12/29/1897-09/23/1933; father: J. P. Henderson; mother: Lula Miller

Henderson, Infant    11/07/1921-11/07/1921; father: Chester Henderson; mother: Helen Jameson

Hood, John Bedford    12/22/1877-07/05/1936; spouse: Susan

Johnson, Lettie    06/21/1926-07/01/1928; father: Odis Johnson; mother: Fannie Emerson

King, Infant    06/27/1937-07/03/1937; mother: Ruth King

Lynchard, Robert    12/05/1904-01/24/1935; spouse: Mary; father: M. L. Lynchard; mother: Ella Marrall

Mann, Velva Demple    1922-08/12/1923; father; C. N. Mann; mother: Dillie Toland

Marrall, Joyce Ann    11/23/1955-11/23/1955; father: Arble Marrall, Jr.; mother: Joan Rivers

McColloch, Infant    02/24/1929-03/07/1929; father: C. K. McColloch; mother: Bessie Magby

Merryman, Earl    11/06/1913-09/29/1930; father: G. V. Merryman; mother: Parlee Norris

Merryman, Gibson C.    age 22-02/13/1931; father: G. B. Merryman; mother: Faralee Norris

Merryman, Parilee    01/10/1875-03/20/1948; spouse: G. V.; father: Edgar Norris; mother: Leona Morgan

Mooney, Eunice    01/28/1902-04/08/1931; spouse: Jim; father: Clint Jones; mother: Maud L. Hall

Mooney, James H.    age 68-12/28/1922; father: William Mooney; mother: Mary Baird

Mooney, W. S.    age 79-02/12/1929; father: Isac Mooney

Newton, Frank    11/08/1867-04/30/1933; spouse: Pearl

Parker, Fay    11/04/1916-04/18/1930; father: Roy Parker

Pride, Bettie Jean    07/03/1925-06/25/1927; father: O. J. Pride; mother: Willie Mae Stratton

Roach, Johnnie    02/08/1943-02/10/1943; father: Carlen Roach; mother: Stella Jeffers

Rodgers, Thomas    11/14/1864-12/04/1924

Rogers, J. H.    09/01/1864-09/17/1922; spouse: Lula; father: J. H. Rogers

Rookard, Druscilla Jane    02/19/1848-11/22/1937; father: William Griffin; mother: Deroy Beck

Schumacher, Jessie    08/26/1895-03/23/1934; spouse: Henry

Sebastian, James K.    06/03/1871-04/22/1938; spouse: Joan; father: Charles Sebastian

Simpson, Rosa E.    05/31/1865-01/08/1940; spouse: Thomas J. father: Isaac Parsons; mother: Nancy Parsons

Simpson, Thomas J.    06/18/1863-04/21/1938; spouse: Rosa; father: Thomas Simpson; mother: Miss Cabot

Slaten, Jewell    01/12/1913-10/02/1932; father: John Slaten; mother: Ruth Ann Baker

Sleeper, Edward L.    02/04/1926-03/25/1926; mother: Altie Mae Sleeper

Stewart, Floyd Lewis    04/14/1923-04/14/1923; father: C. M. Stewart; mother: Elsie May Sellers

Suther, Baby    05/14/1926-05/14/1926; mother: Mattie Suther

Swindal, Nancy Parthenia    04/12/1859-01/24/1936; father: Julius Tidmore; mother: Parthenia Powell    [The book had her surname spelled Swindale, but Arkansas Death Index showed it spelled Swindal.]

Townsend, Lonnie F.    12/17/1900-04/03/1941; spouse: A. E.

Trager, Eddie    05/14/1859-05/07/1942; spouse: Mary

Trapp, Syntha    age 84-08/28/1924; father: ? Tucker

Troxel, Infant    05/11/1938-05/11/1938; father: James Hershel Troxel; mother: Willie Mae Montgomery

Vannoy, Gordon Robert    01/07/1929-01/12/1929; father: Gordon Vannoy; mother: Grace Hatton

Wheeler, Bertha    06/16/1896-09/08/1939; spouse: Jack; father: ? Davis

Wheeler, William Jackson    06/09/1927-11/30/1927; father: Jack Wheeler; mother: Bertha Mae Davis

Wilson, Jacklin Sue    08/01/1944-08/04/1944; father: William N. Wilson; mother: Ruby Lee Rowe

Found in City of Hot Springs, Arkansas Death Records 1896-1917 compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane and no marker was seen:

Bolie, Mrs. S. K.    died 03/31/1917 in Hot Springs at the age of 52 from apoplexy

Christoffson, N. H.    died 05/08/1917 in Hot Springs of mitral stenosis

Mann, James    died 01/16/1916 in Hot Springs of an abscess of the brain at age 34

Metzler, Valentine    died 03/16/1904 in Hot Springs of peritonitis at age 40

Wood, Belle    died 09/21/1902 in Hot Springs of septic fever at the age of 32

Found in Caruth Funeral Home Records 14 July 1909 to 31 Dec. 1970 compiled by Lewis Stephens

Ritchie, Willie (William)    03/15/1875-02/15/1945    (death certificate)

Fitzhugh, Lucinda: My grandmother Lucinda Fitzhugh is buried at Shady Grove but does not have a grave marker. She died in 1927 and was the mother of Jessie Sloan Hecke and Odebea Sloan Buchanan and is buried over by the Hecke's. There should be a rock or something that marks the grave no writing on it. It should be at the foot of the Hecke gravesite (from Linda Gallo)

Miscellaneous Info:

FHM: funeral home marker

If the name of Wm, Jas, Chas was seen on a marker, it was written as William, James or Charles.

It should be noted that the surnames Marrall are sometimes spelled Marrell; Eddleman is sometimes spelled Eddlemon and, in one case, Eddeleman. Every effort has been made to type the name exactly as the marker shows it.

It appears the earliest marked grave was Lillie Hill who died in 1873.

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