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Rockdale Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Rockdale Cemetery courtesy of Jan Sargo Thomason

GPS coordinates:  Latitude: 34.58257 Longitude: -93.98216

Directions from Hot Springs, Arkansas: Take Park Avenue (Highway 7 North) from Central Avenue; go about 100 yards past where Highway 7 veers off Park Avenue (Highway 5--you will stay on Highway 5). (You will have driven about 6.2 miles after entering Park Avenue from Central Avenue.) Turn left on Rockdale Road (sign says Rockdale Baptist Church); then turn left on a dirt road past an off-yellow siding house and before the church.

The tombstone photos may be found by clicking on the underline names (or words).

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The photographs may be used for personal use but not published in any medium. For permission to use the tombstone photographs, contact Patti Vance Hays.

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A book was published by Inez Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane in 1969 called Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume 1. At the bottom of this reading I am including some people who were listed in the October 19, 1967, reading by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jack Brown and Mrs. Inez Cline for that book that I did not find in 2010.

Copied by Patti Vance Hays February 19, 2010. I wish to thank Charleen Nobles for going with me and my husband and granddaughter for going back with me to retrieve my GPS that I left at the cemetery! The listings are, for the most part, listed as I found them; however, I did "ramble" some.

Newman, Joseph H.    1920 - 10/03/2010    [dod from obituary]  1  ,

Newman, Annabelle Farr   07/24/1927-01/10/2011 1   [from obituary]

Williams, Catherine S.    01/29/1897-04/15/1972 1   ,

Williams, Earl "Bud"    09/12/1925-03/24/2007 1    .

Williams, Emmett W.    12/15/1888-11/21/1945

Sargo, Samuel    02/14/1901-06/28/1960    [his marker shows he was born in 1901; however, he is listed in 1900 census with a date of birth of February 1899.]    ,

Sargo, Vay B.    02/09/1895-02/12/1980  1  .

LeCroy, Fannie Sargo    02/12/1903-01/05/1959    ,

Bashor, Florence P.    01/22/1867-04/17/1937    Daughter Vay    ,

Bashor, John L.    06/22/1858-09/06/1940    Daughter Vay    ,

Thomason, Cecile Moore    12/12/1918-05/31/1988 1   ,

Sargo, Evelyn Maxine    03/01/1925-01/28/2003    [back of tombstone]  1  .
    Sargo, Burton Samuel    01/25/1925-10/17/2004  1  .
        "Daughters Rebecca Ann -- Janice Vay"

Girard, Henry B.    09/08/1899-02/19/1974
    Girard, Maxine    09/17/1903-02/15/1992 1

Hinkle, Emma Sargo    05/07/1899-11/26/1963    [Her tombstone shows she was born in 1899, but the 1900 census indicates 1897; her brother was born in 1899; therefore, the 1897 year of birth is probably more accurate.]

Cowan, Mary Etta Hinkle    08/07/1921-12/17/2000

Cowan, Carl B.    04/17/1917-07/03/1979 1

Hanson, Leo    1896 - Open
    Hanson, Christine    1905-1984 1

Mr. Doc    He was actually Baggett, E. L.    04/22/1878-08/23/1950 1

Downen, Violet Ann Cockrell    09/20/1958-11/15/2006 1

Phillips, Randy DeWayne    02/11/1964-02/12/1964

Phillips, Freeman Lyman    02/16/1885-04/28/1973
    Phillips, Mary Susan    01/14/1895-05/26/1949

Warner, Mattie Swenson    01/28/1907-04/23/1995

Swenson, Mrs. Martha    08/10/1940    Age 67 Yrs. 8 Mos. 8 Days (Caruth Funeral Home marker)

Shafer, Sara Jane    1891-1893

Shafer, Infant Daughter of G. W. and A. D.    07/15/1911-07/15/1911

Van Dorn, Ethel    01/30/1899-10/02/1977    "Dau. of Ada & George [marker showed Geo.] Shafer"

Newkirk, Gracie G.    died 12/18/1898    "Dau. of T. M. and A. J. Newkirk"

Sargo, Samuel Jr.    09/25/1927-06/10/1928

Williams, Junie    06/07/1928-11/30/1928    "Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Williams"

Sargo, Mary    1868-1953    "Mother"    ,

Sargo, Annette    1907-1936    "Daughter"

Sargo, Simon    1860-1932    "Father" 1

Rasberry, J. W.    09/12/1869-06/20/1917

Rasberry, Cassie Jane    06/01/1871-06/28/1937 1

Loy, John Paris    1884-1962    [Gross Funeral Home marker]
    [He has a funeral home marker under a tree; however, he has a granite marker in Fourche Loupe Cemetery. It is believed he is buried in Fourche Loupe.]

Kinniell, W. E. "Bill"    06/30/1869-01/05/1917

Shafer, Ada D.    06/10/1875-11/07/1918
    Shafer, George W.    02/22/1850-06/22/1929
        Erected by Alice

Garner, Newton E.    03/02/1921-04/24/2001    Pvt US Army World War II 1

Shafer, Mary Alice    06/17/1896-02/11/1972    "Wife of N. H. Garner"

Kay, Dr. John H.    11/15/1882-10/27/1949    Oklahoma 1st Lt 142 Inf 36 Div World War I
    Kay, Lena    12/23/1889-03/10/1986 1

Stacy, Andrew J. "Jack"    12/27/1929-01/16/2002    [Davis-Smith Funeral Home marker] 1

Stacy, Huldah Mae    1901-1993    [Gross Funeral Home marker] 1

Stacy, Andrew Sr.    1875-1948    [Gross Funeral Home marker]
    [homemade marker of marbles laid in concrete]

Stone, W. C.    1855-1919    [Arkansas Death Index shows William C. Stone died 01/17/1920]
    [homemade marker of marbles laid in concrete]

Stone, S. C.    1859-1931    [Arkansas Death Index shows Surepta C. Stone died 03/12/1932]
    [homemade marker of marbles laid in concrete; a funeral home marker with name gone]

Dodson, William M. Sr.    1874-1959    [Gross Funeral Home marker] 1

Dodson Plot

Dodson, Arthur    09/03/1876-08/16/1891    "Son of T. M. & C. M. Dodson"    [closeup]

Dodson, Claudy    04/17/1878-08/16/1891    "Son of T. M. & C. M. Dodson"
    [Arthur and Claudy's markers were located within a fence and could not get in the fence to read; these dates appear to be correct dates]

Biermon, John E. G.    02/07/1876-04/10/1901    [closeup]   [his marker was spelled Biermon]

Bierman, Sidney Daniel    06/26/1889-06/06/1890    "Son of J. W. & R. C."    [closeup]

Bierman, Charles W. C.    08/20/1874-08/27/1880    "Son of R. C. & J. W."    [closeup]

Kilgore, Barry I.    1881-1919

Lewis Plot

Lewis, William    1867-1916    "Dad"
    Lewis, Ida    1878-1950    "Mother" 1

Lent, Clyde L.    11/02/1899-11/29/1964
    Lent, Ora L.    11/08/1906 - Open 1

Cook, Harry G.    10/09/1901-06/13/1956
    Cook, Margaurite J.    08/11/1871-12/04/1949    [her surname is shown as Reynolds in Arkansas Death Index] 1

Cook, Donald Eugene    05/06/1922-11/02/1969    "Son of John & Edna Cook"
    Arkansas Tec5 691 Med Coll Co World War II

Cook, John Roland    12/03/1896-07/13/1981    US Navy World War I 1 ,
    Cook, Edna Leake    01/30/1897-06/19/1994    [closeup] 1 ,

Caldwell, Kenneth Jack    01/29/1937-11/04/1995 1

Caldwell, Ollie M.    03/02/1902-04/10/1975 1

Caldwell, Fletcher W.    06/03/1908-06/27/1980    Tec 5 US Army World War II 1

Caldwell, Patsy N. "Pat"    03/30/1941-01/27/1995 1

Brown Plot

Brown, Jesse F.    04/24/1877-12/14/1960    Ohio 1st Lieutenant 329 Inf World War I Purple Heart

Brown, Elizabeth Sargo    03/07/1905-01/06/1983  1   ,

Edwards Plot

Edwards, Will David    06/11/1886-06/01/1965    Illinois Pvt US Army World War I    ,

Edwards, Sylvia Sargo    11/16/1895-04/09/1979    "Wife of Will David Edwards"  1   ,

Edwards, William A.    10/23/1921-06/24/1977    Cpl US Marine Corps World War II    "Son of W. D. and Sylvia"    ,

Kitchens, Charlie M.    05/20/1917-12/18/1970

Disheroon, Andrew T.    1869-1933 1

Henry, Lula    no dates2   [Arkansas Death Index shows a Lula Henry died 12/16/1923 in Garland County]

Nail, W. E.    died 01/08/1915 3

Raspberry, Mrs. Temperance    died 08/10/1940, age 67-8-8 (Caruth)2

Rasberry, W. G.    06/07/1934 age 66 (Gross)2

Terry, B. H.    (stone marker - no dates)2

Burials from Obituaries

Cockrell, Beatrice Leora "Bea" Phillips    12/31/1917-02/15/2013

It should be noted that it is believed by some of Matthew Thomas Brown's (about 1831-1865) descendants that he is buried in Rockdale Cemetery in an unmarked grave.
It is possible that Samuel Brown (Matthew's brother) and Samuel's son-in-law, Merrill Dickson Fletcher (also known as Richard), may be buried in Rockdale Cemetery.

Billy Don Sargo (11/16/1932-02/01/1993) was buried in Rockdale Cemetery but was moved to Hollywood Cemetery in Hot Springs.

1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.

2  from Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume 1 compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane, 1969

3  from Caruth Funeral Home Records 14 July 1909 to 31 Dec. 1970 compiled by Lewis Stephens