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(also known as Kemp Cemetery)

2249 Airport Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Located on Highway 70 West at Pleasant Hill Assembly of God Church (2251 Airport Road) In Hot Springs (Hempwallace Community). Transcribed  by Debra Slater Garner in 1997. Family information was added from the funeral home records recorded by Lewis Stephens and from county marriage records.

Obituary updates after the reading of the cemetery are noted.

Many of the burials may be found on with tombstone photographs. There are some tombstone photographs linked from this page. Just clicked on the underlined names. They have been copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays and may not be published in any medium without the permission of Patti.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

ABBOTT, Etter V.     9-7-1896 9-20-1993    [first name corrected by pvh]
    Parents: Wm. Cass and Seneth E. Revis
    Spouse: William Allen Abbott

ABRAHAM, Emil Ereck 9-30-1888 7-28-1974
    Parents: Michael Abraham and Pauline Golnick

ADAMS, Dovie Mary 2-4-1911 10-25-1985

ADAMS, Emma Bernece Tart 11-22-1930 12-5-1999
    Spouse: Wilbur Adams

ADAMS, Lola Avant 12-23-1911 3-11-1977
    Parents: Thomas Avant and Minnie Livermon
    Spouses: 1st Carl Boyette
        2nd Bill Matthews
        3rd Harold Adams

ADAMS, Mattie B. (Lucas)    1883-1907    [dob corrected by pvh]
    Spouse: Robert Adams md. 5-16-1899

ADAMS, Melvin 6-5-1904 5-31-1988

ADAMSON, Rick 7-10-1948 9-11-1984

AHLFELOT, Andy White 4-1-1891 1-13-1977
    Spouse: Edna

AKIN, Rosie A. 8-15-1892 7-17-1972

ALBERTSON, Walter E. 10-25-1900 6-16-1981
    Parents: Edwin C. Albertson and Martha Couch
    Spouse: Nina Coppock

ALEXANDER, Frank N. 12-4-1902 12-2-1975
    Parents: ??? Alexander and Nannie Woodson
    Spouse: Addie Mae Russell

ALEXANDER, Addie Mae 11-2-1909 1-11-1988
    Parents: David Russell and Wilhemena Schultz
    Spouse: Frank N. Alexander

ALLEN, Andrew S. 8-19-1883 5-23-1968 Gross F H marker
    Spouse: Martha Jones md. 12-11-1920

ALLEN, Art    07/21/1941-09/16/2007    [added by pvh]

ALLEN, Martha Adeline 6-14-1893 2-22-1962 Gross F H marker
    Parents: Wm. E. and Lula Viola Taylor Jones

ALLEN, Lon L. 5-12-1888 5-15-1972
    Parents: James Allen and Elizabeth Kemp
    Spouse: Hattie B. Rowell md. 9-1-1910
ALLEN, Hattie B. 9-1-1889 3-3-1976
    Parents: Jefferson M. Rowell and Ollie Morrow

ALLEN, Hazel H. 1-19-1905 8-23-1986
    Parents: James Hogue and Laura Pounds
    Spouse: Annis Allen md. 1-24-1938

AMICK, Russell 10-27-1912 12-13-1983
    Parents: Joe Amick and Judy Smith
    Spouse: Bessie Mae Roberts md. 11-12-1932

ANAGNOS, Louis George d. 12-4-1973 age 84
    Unidentified funeral home marker

ANDERSEN, Tonya Ann b. and d. 7-7-1970
    Parents: George A. Andersen and Brenda Phillips

ANDERSEN, William Boyd b. and d. 10-8-1973
    Parents: Charles Andersen and Katherine Dickson

APPLEGATE, Ocie L. 5-30-1931 12-10-1990    [first name corrected by pvh]

ARCHER, Arliss Leo Jr.    10/09/1951-10/31/1999    Sgt US Army    [added by pvh]

ARMSTRONG, Otis P. 2-2-1904 9-15-1966
    Parents: Otis P. Armstrong and Nora Rea
    Spouse: Jacqueline

ARNDT, Dwight T. 2-25-1894 4-18-1967
    Parents: Frederick Arndt and Owilda Alford
    Spouse: Helen C. md. 3-8-1901
ARNDT, HELEN C.    03/08/1901-

ASHCRAFT, A (ndrew) J.   2-11-1868 6-13-1947
    Parents: S.J. Ashcraft and E.S. Collins
ASHCRAFT, Laura 2-5-1868 10-14-1941

ASHLEY, Virgil Leeroy b. and. d. 1936
    Parents: Freeman Ashley and Nellie Otwell

ASHLEY, Baby b. and d. 1935
    Parents: Freeman Ashley and Nellie Otwell

ASHLEY, Carlas Henry 8-5-1937 7-7-1939
    Parents: Freeman and Nellie Otwell Ashley

ASHLEY, Freeman H. 2-29-1916 8-7-1998 2
    Spouse: Nellie Otwell md. 4-12-1934
ASHLEY, Nellie 1-2-1916 9-1-1979
    Parents: Charles Otwell and Rose Caton
    Spouse: Freeman H. Ashley

Ashley, Rena Bell age 83 11-22-2007 (added per obituary) Caruth Hale Funeral Home

AUSLEY, Infant b. and d. 12-24-1944
    Gross F H Marker
    Parents: L. G. Ausley and Irene Hill

AUSTIN, Infant    [no dates - added by pvh]

AUSTIN, Infant daughter b. and d. 3-25-1968
    Parents: Bobby Austin and Donna Willingham

AUSTIN, Eric 12-29-1979 12-31-1979
    Gross Funeral Home Marker
    Parents: Eddie Austin and Barbara ????

AUSTIN, W(illiam) A(lbert) 10-15-1868 5-17-1934
    Spouse: Mariah Bettis md. 03-22-1918    [day of marriage corrected by pvh]

AUSTIN, Mariah   11-23-1898 2-2-1977    [first name and month of birth corrected by pvh]
    Parents: George Bettis and Mattie Malissa Powell

AVERY, Doyle J. (3-30) 1906 (8-6-) 1939
    Gross marker
    Parents: Benj. Avery and Sarah Watts
    Spouse: Lucille F. Tittle    (she remarried 8-16-1941 to John E. Hammond)

AYERS, Aaron D. 12-8-1894 7-28- 1953    Arkansas F3 US Navy WW I
    Parents: Wm. Ayers and Liza Gray
    Spouse: 1st: Alice Muse md. 1-13-1920
        2nd: Essella Harper md. 6-5-1947

AYERS, Alford H. 10-6-1877 7-29-1947
    Parents: Thomas S. Ayers and Lucy James
    Spouse: 1st Dasha Anderson
        2nd Verda??

AYERS, Jewell J. Davis 1-18-1908 12-2-1968
    Parents: Noel Davis and Jessie Benton

AYERS, Richard W. 4-2-1917 4-5-1969
    Arkansas Sgt US Army
    Parents: Fred Ayers and Flossie Ann Link

AYERS, Tommie Franklin 10-17-1909 9-16-1978
    Parents: Alford Ayers and Dasha Anderson
    Spouse: Frances Howard md. 8-6-1929
AYERS, Frances Howard 6-24-1914 3-6-1990
    Parents: Frank W. Howard and Minnie B. Orr    [mother's maiden name corrected by pvh]
    Spouse: Tommie Franklin Ayers

BAILEY, Bernadean (8-26) 1908 (11-27) 1955
    Parents: J. L. Mann and Mollie Powell
    Spouse: Marshall Bailey md. 11-23-1940

BAILEY, Jim (8-20) 1883 (11-12) 1972
    Parents: Wm . Bailey and Mary Jane Rowe
BAILEY, Belle (12-2) 1883 (5-26)1971
    Parents: John Cagle and Mary Ann ???
    Spouse: Andrew Bailey
BAILEY, Andrew (4-20) 1879 (10-11) 1957
    Parents: Wm. Bailey and Mary Jane Rowe
    Spouse: Bell Cagle

BAILEY, L(ewis) H(arrison) 11-15-1874 7-16-1943
    Parents: Wm. J. Bailey and Mary Jane Rowe
    Spouse: Sina Parker

BAILEY, Marshall D. 12-3-1911 6-30-1983
    Parents: Levi N. Bailey and Mary D. McMiller
    Spouse: 1st Bernadine Mann Carmichael md. 11-23-1940
        2nd Lessie Faye Price
BAILEY, Lessie Faye 11-2-1901 10-31-1996 2
    Spouse: Marshall D. Bailey

BAILEY, Norman Olen 9-8-1910 11-21-1989
    Parents: Wm. A. Bailey and Ida Bell Cagle
    Spouse: Janie Gertrude McGinnis m. 8-30-1930
BAILEY, Janie Gertrude 2-27-1914 6-12-1984
    Parents: Huey McGinnis and Ozella Tye
    Spouse: Norman Olen Bailey

BAILEY, Sharon Kay b. and d. 2-6-1943
    Parents: Olen Bailey and Gertrude McGinnis

BAILEY, Sina (Lou S.) 3-17-1882 7-22-1970
    Parents: Alfred Parker and Mary Jane Settles
    Spouse: Lewis Harrison Bailey

BAIR, Hugh Douglas   05-08-1943 02-07-1944    son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Bair

BAIR, Hugh Sanders 3-16-1916 6-15- 1970
    Parents: Irwin S. Bair and Josie McClain
    Spouse: Elvina Black
BAIR, Elvina 5-19-1920 10-9-1989
    Parents: Manuel Black and Bertha M. Burris

 BAKER, Doney L(ilburn) 1-15-1899 5-31-1983
    Parents: James C. Baker and Doney Rambo
    Spouse: Myrtle Wright md. 6-23-1934
 BAKER, Myrtle W. 2-23-1913 12-13-1991
    Parents: Herman Wright and Gracie Propes

BAKER, George Dewey 6-18-1900 2-23-1984

BAKER, James T. 3-23-1898 5-31-1963
    Parents: Coleman Baler and Donna Rambo
    Spouse: Pearl Hawkins
BAKER, Pearlie M. (Hawkins)   01-01-1898 12-29-1975   [dod is not on marker]

BAKER, Jimmy Allen 2-6-1932 7-27-1950    Arkansas Pvt Infantry Korea
    Parents: James T. Baker and Pearl Hawkins

BAKER, Jo Ann 11-8-1934 2 yrs.old
    (1935-3-15-1937 per Gross)
    Parents: James T. Baker and Pearlie Hawkins

BAKER, Kenneth    11/08/1934-03/21/2004    [added by pvh]
    PFC US Army Korea

BAKER, Margaret Laverne 6-15-1930 2-8-2008 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Cecil Eubanks and Audry Miller
    Spouse: Kenneth Baker

BAKER, Marvin O. 3-14-1909 12-11-1964
    Parents: Sidney Baker and Myrtle Howerton
    Spouse: Grace
BAKER, Grace L.   08/04/1915-11/22/2001    [dod added by pvh]
    Spouse: Marvin O. Baker

BAKER, Newton d. 07-01-1973 age 45 Caruth Marker
    (09/15/1927-07/01/1973 per Caruth Records)
    Parents: James T. Baker and Pearlie M. Hawkins

 4 BAKER illegible


BALLARD, Albert 11-24-1932 7-30-1950
    Parents: Sam Ballard and Dovie Donathan

BALLARD, Samuel B. 2-6-1902 12-25-1947
    Parents: T.A. Ballard and Queen V.
    Spouse: Dovie Donathan md. 2-16-1932

BALLARD, Thomas A. 8-9-1866 6-16-1931
    Parents: Jesse Ballard and Jane Martin
    Spouse: Queen V.
BALLARD, Queen V. 12-1-1871 9-15-1928

BARTLETT, Iva Lee     8-10-1896 11-1-1983    [first and middle name added by pvh]

4 unmarked graves

BATTY, Infant Girl b. and d. (1-10) 1978 Gross Marker
    Parents: Donald Batty and Deborah Foster

BEALL, Pauline (11-13) 1909 (6-10) 1974
    Parents: Tom Fielder and Maude McDaniel
    Spouse: Stanley Beall (Buried Calvary Cemetery)
    [triple with Mae M. Mayfield and Lois A. Godwin]

BEASLEY, Adalyn Nicole    infant-07/06/2011    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Alex and Sydney Beasley

BEASLEY, Henry 6-26-1912 3-10-1984
    Parents: Monroe Beasley and Nancy Derricks
    Spouse: Beulah Lamb
BEASLEY, Beulah M. (Lamb) 2-3-1917 8-19-2007
    Parents: Charles M. Lamb and Pearl Ellen Braughton
    Spouse: Henry Beasley

BEASLEY, Lt. Rick    07/15/1952-07/05/1998    [added by pvh]
    Lieutenant Hot Springs Police

BEATTIE, James W. 10-13-1887 10-14-1962
    Parents: Dawson Beattie and ???

BEHNING, James Marvin (07-30)-1936 (02-14)-1977 Gross marker
    Parents: Albert Behning and Ethel Harmon

BENJAMIN, Frank 1868 1962

BENNETT, Snodie Mae Moore    01/19/1931-06/11/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]

BENYA, Joseph 1888 1966

BERCIA, John 1889 1961

BETTIS, Angeline Elvira 7-7-1937 7-2-1985
    Gross F H marker
    Parents: B. Olson and Helen Draine
    Spouse: George Bettis, Jr.

BETTIS, Baby Boy    1924

BETTIS, George W. 11-19-1926 10-14-1988
    US Navy World War WW II Korea

BETTIS, George W. 12-23-1868 10-20-1950
    Parents: Wm. Bettis and Nancy Little
    Spouse: Mattie Powell md. 12-1889

BETTIS, Gladys Mae 11-14-1903 12-03-1930    [middle name and day of death corrected by pvh]
    Parents: Joseph Andrew Boyd and Carrie Ritmar
    Spouse: J. B. Bettis
    ~BOYD~ on bottom of marker

BETTIS, H.A. 3-9-1909 4-5-1924 (Broken stone)


BETTIS, James "Jim" 2-12-1900 10-16-1976
    Parents: George W. Bettis and Mattie Powell
    Spouse: 1st Glayds Boyd
        2nd Mildred Boyd md. 3-23-1931

BETTIS, Mattie M. 2-3-1872 6-1-1946
    Parents: John Powell and Nancy Foshee
    Spouse: George W. Bettis

BIRD, S. I. (Bell) 1-20-1848 10-11-1938
    Parents: Bounds
    Spouse: 1st D. Logan Bird
        2nd Richard Buck

BIRD, D.L. 12-27-1819 4-18-1893


BLACK, Carmon D. 9-24-1903 12-2-1969
    Gross F H marker

BLACK, Manuel 1-26-1882 2-7-1949    [day of birth corrected by pvh]
    Parents: Daniel Black and Elvina ???
    Spouse: Bertha Mae Burris
BLACK, Bertha M(ae) 10-9-1893 10-18-1971
    Parents: Ephram E. Burris and Elizabeth Hawks

BLACKSTONE, Lucreatia 6-28-1875 3-20-1967
    Unidentified funeral home marker

BLAKE, Edgar 1912 1-23-1925 (glass in stone broken)
    Parents: O. B. Blake and Mollie Gibbs

BLANKENSHIP, Earllene (4-1-)-1938 (12-20)-1980 (Gross Marker)

BLEDSOE, Carlis W. 9-22-1918 7-21-1986 (picture)    [name corrected by pvh]
    Pvt US Marine Corps World War II
    Parents: Monroe Bledsoe and Cliffie Vandergriff
    Spouse: 1st Ollie Riggs md. 9-22-1942
        2nd Marie Helms
BLEDSOE, Marie I. (Helms) b. 2-27-1914 - 11/14/2010    [dod from obituary]
    Parents: Sherman Helms and Bertie Sellers
    Spouse: Carlis W. Bledsoe

BLEDSOE, Lawrence M. 03/24/1915-07/01/2003    [name corrected and dod added by pvh]
    Parents: Monroe Bledsoe and Cliffie Vandergriff
    Spouse: Burva Graham md. 1-7-1937
BLEDSOE, Burva F. Graham 12-19-1915 9-9-1984
    Parents: Acie Graham and Lucy Francis

BLEDSOE, Warren A. (Temis) 6-25-1921 4-1-1983
    Pvt US Army World War II
    Parents: Monroe Bledspe and Cliffie Lynn Vandergriff
    Spouse: Mildred Graham md. 6-10-1939
BLEDSOE, Mildred Graham 1-14-1924 -

BLEICH, William 12-15-1908 9-22-1980
    MSgt US Air Force
    Spouse: Mattie Drinkard

BLEICH, Mattie (Drinkard) 12-10-1903 9-7-1973

BLEICH, Elvina 5-19-1920 10-9-1989
    Unidentified funeral home marker

BOHANNON, William G. 11-29-1910 -
    Spouse: Phyllis E. ??
BOHANNON, Phyllis E. 8-29-1913 1-18-1952

BOLEY, Amberly K.    01/12/1977-05/19/1978    [added by pvh]

BONNELL, Gertrude 1-14-1899 9-16-1985

BOOKER, Dorothy P.    1942-1999    [added by pvh]

BOSSENBERGER, Florence O. (R. N.) 4-4-1880 7-15-1971
    Red Cross Nurse in WW I
    Parents: Edward A. Galleher and Mary Benton

BOUNDS, Otis 1907 1-21-1929   Gross F H marker

BOUNDS, Johnny No dates    Gross F H marker
    Their Parents: James Alfred Bounds and Martha Stoner

BOUNDS, Martha L. C. 7-29-1869 (1873) 8-7-1959
    Parents: Mike Staner and Elizabeth Vaughn
    Spouse: James Alfred Bounds

BOUNDS, Nancy Ann (Hill) No dates
    Gross F H marker
    Spouse: Joseph Bounds

BOUNDS, James Alfred 12-24-1874 2-24-1962
    Parents: Joseph Bounds and Nancy Hill
    Spouse: Martha Staner md. 1897

BOUNDS, William Alfred 2-12-1898 9-2-1975
    Parents: James A. Bounds and Martha Staner
    Spouse: Essie Mourton md. 7-6-1920

BOWLES, Mildred M. (5-18)-1925 (4-20)- 1977
    Parents: Claude Lakey and Clida V. Haley
    Spouse: Harry E. Bowles

BOYD, Carrie C. 7-7-1886 12-2-1948    [middle initial corrected by pvh]
    Parents: Henry Pittman and Elizabeth Gibbs
    Spouse: Joseph Andrew C. Boyd

BOYD, Cecil O. 7-18-1929 8-21-1930
    Unidentified funeral home marker
    Parents: Marion Boyd and Lois Mourton

BOYD, Charles Edward   01/20/1943-01/05/1996    [dates added by pvh] 2
    A1C US Air Force Vietnam
    Parents: Edward H. and Charlene Boyd

BOYD, Edward Henry   9-12-1922 7-14-2000    [middle name added by pvh]
    Tec 5 US Army
    Parents: Joseph Andrew C. Boyd and Carrie Pittman

BOYD, Joseph A (ndrew) (8-7)- 1881 (2-19)-1964 Gross Marker
    Parents: Henry Boyd and Marilla Boyd
    Spouse: Carrie Pittman md. ca 1905

BOYD, Lois Jean 11-17-1900 9-27-1945
    Parents: Isaac Mourton and Mollie Ward
    Spouse: 1st David E. Carpenter 6-27-1915
        2nd Marion Boyd 6-24-1921

 BOYD, Marion D. 8-26-1896 3-31-1966
    Ark. Pvt. U.S. Army WW I
    Parents: David Boyd and Margaret Green
    Spouse: Lois Jean Mourton Carpenter md. 6-24-1921

BOYD, Ricky Murray   1-1-1967 1-12-1969    [middle name added by pvh]
    Parents: Harold Boyd and Anita Lindsay

BOYD, Steven Edward 3-17-1971 1-27-1991 2
    PFC US Army Persian Gulf

BOYD, Thomas F. 7-27-1907 12-12-1955
    Arkansas Pvt. HQ Co 334 Infantry World War II
    Parents: Joseph A. C. Boyd and Carrie Pittman

BOYD, Wilburn 1912 1937
    Parents: Joseph Andrew C. Boyd and Carrie L. Pittman

BOYETTE, Carl L. 12-14-1900 4-14-1933
    Arkansas Pvt 1Cl Med Dept
    Parents: C. L. Boyette and Nattie Weaver
    Spouse: Lola Avant md. 3-8-1928

BRADFORD, Alice R. (Hicks) 2-28-1903 10-22-1992
   Spouse: John R. Bradford

BRADFORD, Cecil Ray 9-16-1937 10-2-1943
    Parents: J.R. Bradford and Alice Givens

BRADFORD, Cynthia E. (Hicks) 5-20-1866 3-3-1920
    Spouse: Jonathan King Bradford

BRADFORD, John R. 6-27-1892 7-4-1969
   Parents: Jonathan Bradford and Cynthia Hicks
   Spouse: Alice Givens

BRADFORD, Jonathan K(ing) 2-4-1864 10-8-1952
    Spouse: Cynthia Hicks


BRADFORD, Linda b. and d. 9-23-1950
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Robert Bradford and Juanita Timbs

Bradford, Odis Calvin    01/22/1927-06/24/2001    [added by pvh]
    SM2 US Navy

BRADSHAW, Clarence J. 3-22-1908 1-16-1983
   Parents: Walter Bradshaw and Daisy D. Vaden
   Spouse: Athie
BRADSHAW, Athie J. 2-17-1909 02/16/2005    [dod added by pvh]
   Spouse: Clarence J. Bradshaw

BRADY, Thomas 1901 1964
   Gross funeral home marker
   (7-19-1899 12-19-1964)

BRASHER, Beatrice W.    10/25/1910-08/03/2004    [added by pvh]
BRASHER, M. V. "Shorty"    05/01/1907-04/26/1998

Braughton, Ida 7-10-1877 4-12-1928
   Parents: James Thomason and Polly Adeline ??
   Spouse: Wm. Monroe Braughton


BRAUGHTON, Azlee 10-16-1900 3-11-1911
   Parents: Wm. Monroe Braughton and Ida Thompson

Braughton, Bonnie May 4-19-1897 5-01-1969    [day of death corrected by pvh]
   Parents: N. F. Braughton and Nancy Bunting

 BRAUGHTON, Clarence Eugene    01/19/1893-03/01/1980    [added by pvh]

BRAUGHTON, Dorothy Craig   01/03/1911-10/18/2006    [dod added by pvh]

BRAUGHTON, Leon W. 1946 1947

BRAUGHTON, Wm. [William] Monroe 6-26-1879 4-16-1961
   Parents: Curtis Braughton and Mary "Polly" Ann Parker
   Spouse: 1st Ida Thomason md. 7-24-1898
   2nd Jennie Carroll
BRAUGHTON, Jennie 5-30-1893 8-13-1988
   Parents: Howard Carroll and Mollie Lambert
   Spouse: Wm. Monroe Braughton

BRAUGHTON, William Zett 9-25-1881 3-28-1965
   Parents: Wess Braughton and Betty Rogers

BRESHEARS, Addie Mae (3-22)-1911 1935
[name and dod corrected by pvh]    Gross funeral home marker
   Parents: A. P. Emerson and Etta Skaggs
   Spouse: T. Henry Breshears md. ca 1928

BRECKENRIDGE, Imogene 10-19-1930 1-4-2009 (added per obituary)
   Parents: Herman Garner and Ivell Wynn

BREGUELLA, Emanuel Anton 1879 8-7-1962
   Gross funeral home marker

BRENNECKE, Arthur W. 1-29-1904 1-10-1993
   Spouse: Evelyn Shackell

BRENNECKE, Evelyn W. 8-31-1906 6-9-1981
   Parents: Stanley Shackell and Frances Raney

 BRIGGS, Teddy R. 10-10-1910 11-29-1986
   Spouse : Ortha Roper

BRISENDINE, John Stanley 1-14-1927 12-7-1975    [surname corrected by pvh]
    S1 US Army World War II
   Parents: Ray Brisendine and Mary Fredricks
   Spouse: Darlene ???

BROWN, Clyde Mowery 9-24-1900 9-20-1971
   Parents: Henry Mowery and Ella Litsingar
    Spouse: Edward Russell Brown md. 10/07/1925

BROWN, Edward Russell 4-6-1879 7-16-1941
   Spouse: Clyde Velma Mowery md. 10-7-1925

 BROWN, Norris T. (2-19)-1894 (12-24)-1979
   1st Sgt US Army World War II
   Parents: Walter S. Brown and Mollie ??

 BROWN, Raymond 5-24-1904 12-24-1977
   Spouse: Esther Lee Adams
BROWN, Esther Lee 6-6-1906 1-22-1985
   Parents: Robert E. Adams and Buleah Lucas

BROWNING, Clarence Wayne    02/08/1945-10/03/2002    [added by pvh]

BROWNING, John C. 7-9-1909 11-19-1990
   Spouse: Bonnie md. 1-13-1944
BROWNING, Bonnie L. 8-17-1926 Living
   Spouse: John C. Browning

BRUCE, Frank M. 12-28-1904 3-8-1972
   Parents; Charles Bruce and Martha ??
   Spouse: Grace ??

BRYAN, Bessie Lee 2-12-1885 9-16-1952 born at Belton, Mo
   Parents; Thomas Cox and ???

BRYAN, Irby M. 8-20-1909 10-25-1977
    Pvt US Army World War II
   Parents: Walter A. Bryan and Viola Cromwell
   Spouse: 1st Ruth Alice ??
      2nd Luda E. Ward md. 5-27-1930

BRYAN, Luda E. 12-28-1911 4-15-1975
   Parents: Freeman Ward and Pearl Crawford

 BUCK, Frances M. 6-25-1918 4-2-1997
   Parents: Early Sexton and Annie Bradley
   Spouse: Clifton E. Buck

BUCK, James Phillip 3-17-1942 11-7-2009 (added per obituary)
   Parents: James Robert Buck and Vernon Ellen Hall
   Spouse: Mary Groves married 6-28-1961

BURKE, Bella Bee    09/17/2004-09/17/2004    [added by pvh]

BURKE, Mackinley Turner Gene 6-26-2006 6-26-2006
   Parents: Clifford E. Burke and Mindy V. Adamson

BURKE, Ruby 1-16-1897 3-11-1967
   Unidentified funeral home marker

BURRIS, Ethel 12-15-1898 7-26-1969
   Parents: Murray and Mattie ???
    Spouse: George Burris md. 1-26-1916

BURROUGH, C(harles) P. 11-15-1873 6-16-1904
   Spouse: Minnie C. Battiss

BURROUGHS, Gertrude 6-29-1906 5-4-1927

BURROUGHS, Herschel G. (5-13)-1903 (7-1)-1989
   US Army World War II
   Parents: William Burroughs and Elizabeth Vogel
   Spouse: Viola Riley md. 4-3-1921

BURROUGHS, Minnie C. Battiss
   Spouse: 1st James W. Tackett md. 11-1891
       2nd Charles P. Burroughs

BURROUGHS, Viola (Riley) 1-25-1898 (1905) 7-27-1965
   Spouse: William H. Burroughs

BURROUGHS, William J. 12-12-1871 8-6-1932
   Spouse: Elizabeth K. (Vogel)
BURROUGHS, Elizabeth K. 6-23-1883 6-10-1954

BURTON, John 3-22-1850 6-24-1938

BUSH, Glenda Faye    06/28/1955-03/23/2000    [added by pvh]

BUSH, Joe H. 6-26-1911 9-30-1973
   Parents: Joe Bush and ???
   Spouse: Marion Ann Dietz

BUSH, Marion (Ann) Dietz    10/12/1920-06/18/1982    [full dates added by pvh]
   Parents: John Dietz and Mary E. Barber
   Spouse: Joe H. Bush

BYRNE, John F. 6-16-1887 7-13-1971

CAGLE, George Oscar 2-20-1894 7-27-1970
   Parents: George Cagle and Sarah Neighbors
   Spouse: Ethel Fendley
CAGLE, Ethel Irene 9-2-1900 4-26-1968
   Parents: James Fendley and Gertrude Goodman
   Spouse: George Oscar Cagle

CAIN, Billy Joe    09/29/1935-06/16/2002    [added by pvh]
    married 10/13/1951
    Cain, L. Joy Mann    [no date of death shown]

CANTWELL, George H., Jr. 5-12-1922 6-15-1980
   US Army World War II
   Parents: George Cantwell and Bessie Murphy

CAPRARO, Treva Elaine 8-29-1914 6-14-1994

CAPRARO, Angelo James 1910 1963
   Unidentified funeral home marker

CARTER, Harold G. 1-11-1917 7-9-1973
   Parents: Henry Carter and Melissa Miller
   Spouse: Virginia David

CARTER, Virginia M. 7-23-1916 12-11-1974
   Parents: Todd Davod and Ona Turley
   Spouse: Harold G. Carter

CARTER, Wilma Fay 11-14-1920 12-24-1932
   daughter of Corna C. and Virgil Carter    Parents: Virgil Carter and Corna C. Green

CARTER, Corna C. 7-25-1899 12-24-1932
   Wife of Virgil Carter    Parents: W. F. Green and Alice Ramey
   Spouse: Virgil Carter

CARTER, Lois Marie 1-8-1937 12-6-1939
   Daughter of Theo and Jewell M. Carter    Parents: Theo Carter and Jewell M. Bain

CARTER, Robert Duvall 10-3-1929 12-24-1932
   Son of Theo and Jewell M. Carter    Parents: Theo Carter and Jewell M. Bain

CARTER, James O. 8-19-1871 3-11-1950   [middle initial corrected by pvh]
   Parents: Dee and Sarah Crews Carter
   Spouse: Mary Castleberry

CARTER, Mary E. 10-18-1868 6-29-1945
   Parents: James David Castleberry and Lucinda McBride
   Spouse: James D. Carter

CARTER, Alton 11-21-1904 11-14-1981
   Parents: James D. Carter and Mary E. Castleberry
   Spouse: Hessie Belle Cockrell md. 7-25-1927

CARTER, Hessie Belle 3-2-1912 4-28-1973
   Parents: Charlie Cockrell and Cordie Guerin

CASTEEL, Charles "Chuck"    03/09/1930-01/28/2008    [added by pvh]

CASTLEMAN, Grover C(leburn)    09/28/1893-11/15/1953    [added by pvh]

CASTSIDONIS, Emmanuel 1-30-1886 11-9-1974   [surname corrected by pvh]

CAVAKIS, Frank M. 12-5-1892 2-6-1976
   Spouse: Helen (Alice) Wiederkehr
CAVAKIS, Helen A. 8-12-1904 12-31-1985
   Parents: John Wiederkehr and Emma Schrader

CAVAKIS, George M.   [added by pvh]
   05/12/1932-09/12/1995    US Air Force Korea

CHAMBERS, Benjamin F. 12-21-1900 10-5-1986
   Parents: Robert Chambers and Mary E. Williams
   Spouse: Anna Verna Richardson

CHAMBERS, Betty J. 4-12-1933 3-7-1936

CHAMBERS, Callie (Lucinda) (2-12)-1879 (10-5)-1972
   Parents: Jack Manasco and Lucinda ??

 CHAMBERS, Charley T. 7-28-1898 12-15-1984
   Parents: Robert Chambers and Mary Williams
   Spouse: Hattie Williams md. 10-9-1935
CHAMBERS, Hattie E. 4-10-1901 6-11-1986
   Parents: John F. Williams and Dicy Bennett
   Spouse: Charley T. Chambers

CHAMBERS, Clarence J. (5-26)-1929 (8-22)-1982 Gross marker
   Parents: Sam Chambers and Kaythern Manasco

CHAMBERS, Clyde M. (12-24) 1922 (6-26) 1984
   Parents: John T. Chambers and Maude Pennington

CHAMBERS, Effie Jane 12-17-1917 2-15-1923

CHAMBERS, Holter    03/02/1923-12/01/1992    [added by pvh]

CHAMBERS, John T. 2-14-1894 (5-12-1988)
   Parents: Wm. Chambers and Mary Williams
   Spouse: 1st Maude Pennington md. 4-28-1918
      2nd Willie ???
CHAMBERS, Maud M. 12-8-1898 6-15-1944
   Parents: Aaron Pennington and Mary Summers

CHAMBERS, Lucinda    died 10/05/1972 93 yrs 7 mos 23 days

CHAMBERS, Robert W. 1859 1907
   Spouse: Mary Williams
CHAMBERS, Mary E. 1867 (11-18)-1937
   Parents; J.S. Williams and ???

CHAMBERS, Robert William 12-2-1888 6-1-1941
   Parents: Robert W. Chambers and Mary Minor Williams
   Spouse: 1st Mary Bell md. 8-31-1910
      2nd Esther Ashcraft md. 7-28-1939

CHAMBERS, Sally E. 3-2-1861 10-10-1937
   Spouse: James E. Chambers

CHAMBERS, Thomas Gerald 9-22-1929 6-15-1956
   Parents: Ben F. Chambers and Anna Verna Richardson

CHAMBERS, Verna R.  8-31-1906 1-19-1953
   Parents: Robert Richardson and ???
   Spouse: Benj. F. Chambers

CHAMBERS, William H. 1887 (5-4)-1969
   Spouse: Nancy Phillips md. 4-1-1914
CHAMBERS, Nancy A. (Phillips) (6-15)-1889 (7-25)-1974
   Spouse: Wm. H. Chambers

CHANEY, William Sherman 4-6-1893 6-16-1978
   Parents: John Chaney and Roxanna Cox
   Spouse: Minnie McNabb
CHANEY, Minnie May 7-28-1901 1-14-1988
   Parents: John T. McNabb and Josephine Byrd
   Spouse: Wm. Sherman Chaney

CHANSON, Adolph W.    9-20-1900 8-15-1979    [day of birth corrected by pvh]
   Parents: Harold Chanson and Amalie Kietz
CHANSON, Gretel   08-6-1916-Open    [month of birth corrected by pvh]

CHAPMAN, Waldo Earl 12-22-1886 12-31-1969
   Spouse: Lessie Faye

CHEEK, John Doss II   9-9-1968 7-1-1992 (picture]

CLARK, Brendyn Thomas    05/15/2004-08/10/2004    [added by pvh]

CLARK, Clarence E.   07/03/1908-12/11/1994    [dod added by pvh]
      Spouse: Hazel Barton md. 5-24-1929
CLARK, Hazel I. 4-28-1909 6-2-1983
      Parents: Dewitt Barton and Annie Webb

CLARK, Edward F. 07-27-1936 5-17-1981    [month of birth corrected by pvh]
   Parents: Leonard Clark and Eva Belle Williams
   Spouse: Leora Arney
CLARK, Leora F. 3-13-1943-Open

CLARK, Henry C. 6-4-1886 12-8-1970
   Parents: Gabriel Clark and Melissa Youngblood

CLARK, Laura E. 1906 1939
   Paul Heady funeral home marker
   Parents; George Cullar and Alice Carter
   Spouse Roy J. Clark


COCKRELL, Barbara Joyce 8-6-1936 9-1-1941
   Parents: John T. Cockrell and Ruby Ward

COCKRELL, J. R. 9-11-1917 6-11-1993    [day of birth corrected by pvh]
    PFC US Army World War II
   Parents: John E. Cockrell and Sarah Watts
    Spouse: Mary F. Smith md. 4-19-1946
COCKRELL, Mary Frances (Smith)   6-6-1925-Open

COCKRELL, John Thomas 12-16-1905 7-12-1972
   Parents: John Cockrell and Alice Hyatt
   Spouse: Ruby Ward md. 5-3-1930

COCKRELL, Leon W.    (10-9-)1946 (9-18-)1947
   Caruth funeral home marker
   Parents: W. W. Clark and Lee Ussery

COCKRELL, Marion W. b. and d. 1935

COCKRELL, Ruby Florence 8-15-1913 1-21-1983
   Parents: W. K. Ward and Cora Bell Willis

COCKRELL, Sarah E. 5-21-1885 8-19-1966
   Parents: John Watts and Nancy Woodall
   Spouse: 1st Benjamin Avery
   4th wife of John Edward Cockrell

COCKRELL, William Wesley 8-28-1907 9-27-1986
   Parents: John Cockrell and Alice Hyatt (Hight)
   Spouse: Maggie Lee Ussery md. 12-15-1934

COE, Walter W. 12-10-1909 11-15-1955
    Arkansas Tec5 Medical Department World War II
    Parents: W. H. Coe and Victoria Godfrey
   Spouse: 1st Mary T. Harrington m. 12-28-1917
     2nd Lucille Diggs m. 8-6-1938

COGBURN, Anderson 5-1-1867 7-14-1931
   Gross funeral home marker
   Parents: Henry Cogburn and ??
   Spouse: Carrie Doroghty md. ca 1885

COGBURN, Carrie Belle 10-8-1866 3-26-1931
   Gross funeral home marker
   Spouse: Anderson Cogburn

COLLINS, Rose Mae 5-8-1919 3-10-1976
   Unidentified funeral home marker

COMBS, Edna J. 1-22-1895 9-23-1974
   Parents: W.S. Johnson and Harriet Olinger
   Spouse: Walter E. Combs

COMBS, Walter E. 12-23-1886 9-30-1971 NFHI
   Spouse Edna Johnson

COMBS, Raymond, Otto 5-8-1926 3-25-1977
   S Sgt U. S. Army Korea
   Parents: Walter Combs and Edna Johnson


COOK, G. L. 1-25-1905 9-17-1967
   Parents: John Cook and Nancy Howard

COOK, Gracie Caroline b. and d. 1944 (Gross marker)

COOK, Homer 2-25-1908 7-3-1965
   Parents: John Cook and Nancy Howard
   Spouse: Ophelia Smith md. 9-21-1925

COOK, Infant   -1922

COOK, John 3-2-1868 6-29-1951
   Parents: Sam Cook and Mary Etta Alexander
   Spouse: Nancy Howard md. ca 1895
COOK, Nancy 8-22-1875 9-27-1954
   Parents: Thomas Howard and ???
   Spouse: John Cook

COOK, Julia 8-4-1879 10-10-1922 [day of death corrected by pvh]

COOK, Katherine 5-20-1909 12-19-1977
   Parents: Harvey Graves and Bessie Compton

COOK, Larry Allen b. and d. 1940 (Gross Marker)

COOK, Lesley A. 9-5-1914 3-27-1975
    Parents: Henry A. Cook and Caroline Woodall
    Spouse: Aline m. 6-4-1936
COOK, Aline S.   05/24/1918-02/21/2005    [dod added by pvh]

COOK, Lucy 4-10-1894 10-2-1917

COOK, Marion V. 1-3-1875 1-3-1931
   Parents: Sam Cook and Mary Etta Alexander
   Spouse 1st Mary Gardner md. 11-16-1887
   2nd Myrtle Miller md. 6-13-1924

COOK, Mary M. (2-5)-1857 (10-16)-1946
   Parents: A. J. Walker and ???
   Spouse: Thomas J. Cook (buried at Memorial)

CORDER, Beulah V. 6-9-1889 11-27-1932
   Mother of Lee W. Markham, Elmer Markham
       Robert E. Corder, Russell Corder, Ray Corder
   Parents: Andrew Cogburn and Rosa E. Waggoner
   Spouse: Walter F. Markham on 03/27/1904
       2nd I. H. Corder on 12/23/1913

CORDER, Ray 12-4-1923 12-17-1982
   World War  II Veteran; Mason - Fisherman
   Parents: Ira H. Corder and Beulah Cogburn
   Spouse: Winnie Phillips

CORDER, Winnie Ola "Mickey" 6-28-1921 9-19-1977
   Parents: T. W. Phillips and Roxie Allen

2 Unmarked graves

CORNISH, Isaac 8-4-1879  3-31-1962
   Spouse: Hannah Canady
CORNISH, Hannah E. 1-12-1901 1-3-1976
   Parents: Robert Canady and ??

CORNISH, Isaac Richard 11/05/1931-06/26/1992    [name and dates by pvh]
    Cpl US Army Korea
   [there is a Gross Funeral Home marker with name of Richard I. Cornish]
   Parents: Isaac Cornish and Hannah Canady
   Spouse: Betty Woodall

CORNISH, Jean Woodall    12/09/1933-10/18/2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

COUCH, Edgar M. 1878 1963
   Parents: John Crouch and Winnie Watson
   Spouse: Carrie Sanders md. 10-3-1915
COUCH, Carrie V. 1883 1967
   Parents: Jack Sanders and Dora McPeak
   Spouse: Edgar M. Couch

COUCH, Elias B. 2-16-1858 1-7-1931
   Spouse: P.A. Carter md. 1-16-1917

COUCH, Hamilton 10-24-1867 3-13-1941
   Spouse: Martha ???

COUCH, Mary Castleman 2-6-1899 2-12-1983
   Parents: Charles Linzy and Laura Coonce
   Spouse: 1st Grover Cleburn Castleman 08/26/1914
   2nd ___________Couch

COUCH, Virginia Esther 3-29-1902 12-29-1969

Covey, Grady     01/24/1936-01/26/1996 2    [dates added by pvh]
    Cpl US Army
Parents: John F. Covey and Ava A. Breshears

COVEY, John F. 8-12-1905 5-7-1994
COVEY, Ava A. 2-28-1910 11-29-2005
Parents: Robert Monroe Breshears and Almeda Bates
   Spouse: John Floyd Covey married 10-11-1928

COVEY, Stephanie Ann 6-17-1967 6-4-1973
   Parents: Johnny M. Covey and Charlene V. Stephens

COX, F. Marcille 2-10-1946 10-15-1994

COX, Jay W. 1890 (6-27)-1961 not found 1996
   Parents: James Cox and Ellen Brown
   Spouse: 1st Eugenia Winchel md. 1-3-1926
   2nd Ola Mae Couch Brown

COZART, Burl    [no dates - added by pvh]

COZART, Cora B. 1879 1972 2
   Parents: James Thomason and Polly Adeline ??
   Spouse: Burrell Cozart (son of Wm. David and Sara Caroline Parker Cozart)
   (see Aldrich/Aldridge Cemetery)

COZART, Elza (8-1)-1906 (2-25)-1939
   Parents: Burrell Cozart and Cora Thomason

COZART, Green L. 1865 1930
   Parents: Greeson Cozart and Martha Parker
   Spouse: Tilda Ann Lucas md. 12-1-1891

COZART, Nellie (6-4)-1910 (7-16)-1932
   Parents: Frank Smitherman and Rhoda Harvey
   Spouse: 1st Teddy Kemp md. 1-17-1926
   2nd Ed Cozart md. 9-11-1928

COZART, Tilda A. 1871 1948
   Parents: John Lucas and Martha Parker
   Spouse: Green L. Cozart

CRAIG, Calvin C. 2-22-1907 8-8-1961
   Parents: W. F. Craig and Lodelia Spencer
   Spouse: Catherine

CRAIG, Catherine 3-29-1918 11-17-1938
   Parents: Wm. Frank Craig and Lodelia Spencer

CRAIG, Harvey L.    7-12-1908 6-10-1972
   Parents: W. F. Craig and Lodelia Spencer
   Spouse: Dorothy Jane ???

CRAIG, Lodelia 8-31-1885 4-22-1954
   Parents: John and Mary C. Boyd Spencer
   Spouse: William Frank Craig

CRAIG, W(illiam) F(rank) 5-30-1872 11-28-1924
   Parents: W.E. Craig and ???
   Spouse: Lodelia Spencer

CRAIG, Willis L. 7-5-1903 3-13-1963
   Parents: W.F. Craig and Lodelia Spencer
   Spouse: Vera ???

CREWS, Darol E. 12-16-1932 3-8-2000
   Parents: Horace J. Crews and Ocie Eloise Mann
   Spouse: Harriet Martin
CREWS, Harriet E. 12-4-1933 4-21-2006
    Parents: Robert Martin and Mary Lambert

 CREWS, Horace Jake 11-5-1905 3-17-1980
   Parents: Macon G. Crews and Mary Emily "Mary Lou" Whisenant
   (Macon and Mary are buried at Bethel Cem. in Glenwood, AR.)
   Spouse: Ocie Mann md. 5-14-1930
CREWS, Ocie Eloise 1-28-1911 4-16-1968
   Parents: Loyd Mann and Mollie Powell
   Spouse: Horace Jake Crews

CREWS, Infant Daughter of H. J. Crews and Ocie T. Mann

CREWS, Kenneth Darol 1-23-1952 2-25-2001
    PFC US Army Vietnam
    Parents: Darol Crews and Harriet Martin
    Spouse: Patsy Spigner Chapmond

CREWS, Patsy S.    9-23-1954 9-2-2006
    Parents: Raymond Spigner and Lonita Jo _______
    Spouse: Kenneth Crews

CROUSE, Muriel (4-18)-1894 NFHI (1-23)-1979 Gross marker 2

CROWDER, Elvia Lee 5-10-1912 1-19-1984
   Parents: John H. Kelley and Sarah J. Ellison

CROWLEY, Doris (4-19)-1917 (12-18) 1937
   Parents: John H. Hilliard and Myrtle Kelley
   Spouse: Elmer Crowley

CRUISE, Charlotte 8-30-1901 (05-21-1976)
   Parents: Wm. L. Bliss and Lillian Harlow

CRUMP, Michael Daniel 12-12-1986 7-5-2006
   Parents: Terry Crump and Mary Engle

DANIELEWIEZ, Leo F. 11-25-1892 7-7-1970
    Unidentified funeral home marker


DAVIS, Charles B. (5-17)-1909 (2-26)-1979
   Parents: Charles Davis and Sally Davis
   Spouse: Mamie Aughenbaugh

DAVIS, Charlie L. 1879 (3-8)-1963
   Parents: John Davis and ????

DAVIS, Clarence, Sr. 1-17-1894 2-23-1978
   Caruth funeral home marker
   Spouse: Minnie Cozart

DAVIS, Cleo 1-24-1925 9-14-1979
   Cox US Navy World War II Korea
    Parents: Andrew E. Davis and Hannah Canady (see Cornish)

 DAVIS, Edward Richard 10-10-1923 12-22-1976    [day of death corr by pvh]
   Parents: Andrew E. Davis and Hannah E. Canady
   Spouse: Imogene

DAVIS, Frank S. 9-15-1887 2-7-1963
   Parents: Cyrus Davis and Zurilda Craig Miles
   Spouse: Lucille ??

DAVIS, Joseph Dudley    09-20-1894 4-30-1967    [middle name and day of death corr by pvh]
   Indiana Sgt HO Co 2 BN 11 Inf World War I

DAVIS, Mamie 1912 1985 Gross marker
   Parents: Dorsey Aughenbaugh and Mamie Ann Potter

DAVIS, Minnie (Bell)   (03-18-)1901 (03-20->1986
   Caruth funeral home marker
   Parents: Green L. Cozart and Tilda Ann Lucas
   Spouse: Clarence Davis, Sr.

DAVIS, Noel Alvin    12/28/1882-09/24/1957    [dates corr by pvh]
   Spouse: Jessie F. Benton
DAVIS, Jessie Florence    08/17/1883-06/29/1956    [dates corre by pvh]
   Parents: S. P. Benton and Mary E. Tatum

DAVIS, Sallie C. (Davis) 1881 1936


DAVIS, William Alvin 10-14-1914 11-15-1974
   Parents: Noel Alvin Davis and Jessie Benton

DAVIS, Wilma K.    1906-(09/27-)1996 2
   Parents: ??? Blakeney and ???
   Spouse: Harvey O. Davis

DAY, Coolie Ledford 2-20-1927 1-30-1979
   Pvt US Army World War II
    Parents: Cris Day and Delphia Mazzard

DAY, Kenneth Eugene 6-2-1929 1-22-1980
   Parents: Albert Day and Lucille Price
   Spouse: Barbara ??

DEAN, Leo    03-24-1939 01-13-2012    [added per obituary] 2
    Parents: Christopher C. Dean and Lydia Louise
    Spouse: Marrion

DENNIS, Eliza Austin 11-29-1842 1-4-1922
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Spouse: 1st ??? Austin
   2nd Charles Dennis

DENNIS, Mattie M. 6-10-1879 9-1-1952
   Spouse: James F. Dennis md. ca. 1893

DERRICK, B. M. 7-17-1890 5-14-1968

DERRICK, Cecil L. (Henson) 6-21-1911-Open
DERRICK, Ira Dot 9-23-1886 9-13-1971
   Parents: Datson Derrick and Jimmie M. Hall
   Spouse: Cecil Henson md. 8-18-1929

DERRICK, Jimmie M. (Hall) 12-20-1854 8-7-1929
   Spouse: Datson Derrick

DEW John M. 6-3-1881 4-20-1954
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Spouse: 1st Mattie Nolen
       2nd Cora Cozart

DEW, Mattie Eliza 2-18-1880 5-15-1950
   Unidentifed funeral home marker
   Parents: Wm. Nolen and Martha Revis

DEXTER, Charles Marson 7-13-1901 5-7-1961
   Spouse: Dora May Ward md. 9-30-1924
DEXTER, Dora May (Ward) 12-8-1905 3-8-1983    [middle name corr by pvh]
    Parents: William K. Ward and Cora B. Willis    [parents added by pvh]

DICKSON, Rosa Lee (Geurin) 12-4-1878 9-8-1927
   Spouse: Charles T. Dickson

DICKSON, Charlie T. 11-4-1877 9-28-1968
   Spouse: Rosa Geurin md. 9-1-1907

DICKSON, Ernest T. 10-1-1928 7-5-1989
    Cpl US Army Korea

DICKSON, Elton L. "Dick" 3-29-1928 12-30-1984
   Parents: John Dickson and Vera M. Boyd
   Spouse: Peggy Kaufman

1 UNMARKED GRAVE of an Infant

DICKSON, Peggy Jean (Kaufman) 9-20-1930 2-7-1995

DIGGS, F. W.    [added by pvh]

DIGGS, Kenneth 2-15-1929 7-22-1933
   Parents: Titus Diggs and Cora Mann

DIGGS, Kenneth D. 2-18-1947 1-15-2009 (added per obituary)
   Parents: Donald Diggs and Lois Trammell
   Spouse: Glenda Sue Loven

DIGGS, Missouri (7-17)-1888 (6-3)-1959
   Parents: Samuel Johnson and Mary Ella Craig

DIGGS, Titus 2-5-1900 10-6-1979
    Parents: Dudley Diggs and Bertha Tomer
   Spouse: Cora Mann md. 11-22-1922

DIGGS, Vernon W. (2-19)-1925 (7-26)-1969
   Parents: Andrew Diggs and Missouri Johnson

DIGGS, William A. (1-9)- 1888 (8-15)-1954
   Parents: Jim Diggs and Emma Howton
   Spouse: Zuba Johnson md. 12-13-1908

DIXON, Juanita Woodall 3-27-1920 11-10-1991
   Parents: Adam Woodall and Dora Lee Hill

DOBBS, Georgia A. 4-1926 7-1928


DODGE, Alvin L. 1934 1979
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Jessie L. Dodge and Ida M. Martin
    Spouse: Shirley ???

DODSON, Odella b. and d. 8-23-1948
    Parents: Odell Dodson and Alma Braughton

DODSON, Edith Elizabeth 4-7-1897 3-4-1980
    Parents: Peter Simmons and Edie Bradford

DODSON, Allen Odell 5-29-1944 5-23-1944
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Odell Dodson and Alma Broughton

DONATHAN, Thomas A. 2-17-1890 3-13-1968
    Parents: Z. T. Donathan and Amanda Hays
    Spouse: Isabella Sanders md. 4-12-1908

DONATHAN, Isabella M. 7-16-1881 11-2-1956
    Parents: J. C. Sanders and Dora McPeak
    Spouse: Thomas A. Donathan

DONATHAN, Robert L. 8-23-1920 7-3-1936    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Thomas A. Donathan and Isabella Sanders
    [surname is spelled DONATHON on marker]

DONATHAN, Z. T. 4-2-1851 2-17-1919
    Spouse: Amanda Hays

DONATHAN, James T. 10-18-1931 7-21-1969
    Parents: Thomas Carroll Donathan and Mamie Alice Moore
    Spouse: Ella Sue ???
DONATHAN, Ella Sue 11-21-1933-Open

DONATHAN, T. Carroll 3-26-1909 8-28-1991
    Spouse: Mamie Moore md. 12-29-1929
DONATHAN, Mamie A. (Moore)    03-4-1910 06-04-2004    [dod added by pvh] 2

DONATHAN, Donald B(ruce) 1-11-1942 11-30-2005
    Parents: Thomas Carroll Donathan and Mamie Alice Moore
    Spouse: Barbara________ md. 06/10/1961
DONATHAN, Barbara A.    [no date of death shown]

DONATHAN, Cora B. 11-23-1879 11-8-1956
    Spouse: James W. Donathan

DONATHAN, James W. 7-31-1885 6-11-1968
    Parents: Z. Thomas Donathan and Amanda Hays

DONOVAN, Raymond 1-13-1901 6-19-1970
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: Jerry Donovan and ???

DORMAGEN, Irene C. 3-26-1912 3-14-1991

DOUGHMAN, Debra Jo Fox    03-16-1960 11-17-2011    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Bobby Fox, Sr., and Charlotte Ward
    Spouse: Gary Doughman

DOUTHIT, John L. 12-12-1903 1-31-1978
DOUTHIT, Agnes A. 2-25-1913 11-9-1986

DOYLE, James T. 1-1-1900 3-12-1964
   Parents: Barney T. Doyle and Lillie Elm

DOYLE, Cora M. 5-21-1905 9-4-1990
   Parents: James L. Mann and Mollie Powell

DUGAN, Nannette    02/24/1957-12/06/2004    [added by pvh]

DUGAN, Shirley    09/08/1936-10/18/2003    [added by pvh]

DUGAN, Tersia P. 2-9-1962 3-16-1980
   Parents: John Dugan and Shirley ?? ??

DUNAVANT, Martin Ed 9-11-1924 10-9-1939
   Parents: Elmo Dunavant and Marie Standensayer

DUNCAN, Mark Daniel 5-21-1959 11-21-1998

DUNN, R. L. (Bob) 6-4-1907 12-4-1977

EARICKSON, Margaret J. 1848 1935

EDWARDS, Clovis Z. 3-26-1924 10-20-2007
   Parents: John Gibson Edwards and Ida Ketchum
   Spouse: Earldeen Sexton married 1945
EDWARDS, Earldeen 5-4-1927 10-5-2006
   Parents: Early Sexton and Sarah Lou Annie Bradley
   Spouse: Clovis Edwards

ECHOLS, Perry (Pearcy) L. 8-15-1885 1-16-1967
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Obediah Echols and Fannie Wilson

EGGER, Homer Wilson    05/19/1895-12/29/1970    [added by pvh]

EICKHOFF, Robert John 6-13-1906 2-17-1980
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Robert Eickhoff and Katherine Christian
   Spouse: Martha Kopeschka

EICKHOFF, Roger Lee (5-16)-1935 (4-10)-1987
   Pvt U.S. Army Korea
   Parents: Robert John Eickhoff and Martha Kopeshka
   Spouse: Donna ???

ELCOFF, Theodore 7-18-1893 5-13-1964
   Unidentified funeral home marker

ELKINS, Mary Dolly 2-29-1906 8-13-1933
   Parents: S. F. Gass and ??? Pollard
   Spouse: J. F. Elkins

Ellis, Mary E(lizabeth) 7-21-1961 11-18-1998
   Parents: William and Shirley Engle
   Spouse: Terry Crump
   Ronney Ellis

EMERSON, A. Bernice    01/02/1912-12/22/1998    [added by pvh]

EMERSON, Isaac Don 5-5-1907 11-26-1984
   Parents: Albert P. Emerson and Etta Schaggs
   Spouse: Lola Sexton md. 2-7-1934
EMERSON, Lola (P. Sexton) 3-24-1908 6-27-1990
   Parents: Earle Sexton and Sarah A. Bradley
   Spouse: 1st Frank Becker md. 5-2-1924

EMERSON, Melvin Doug 8-24-1944 7-5-1992
   Parents: Ruben Emerson and Audie Ayers

ENGLE, Baby (girl)    -09/09/1956
   Parents: Wm. Engle and Shirley Wolfe

ENGLE, Martha E.    04/09/1910-03/13/2003    [added by pvh]

ENGLE, William Jacob    12/24/1898-06/13/1985    [added by pvh]

ESPARZA, Adrian Macios 2-26-1956 3-12-1979
   Parents: Elisco Esparza and Virginia Macios
   Spouse: Rose Marales

ESTELL, Velma Pittman 6-10-1908 8-17-1996
   Parents: Wm. R. Pittman and Lellie Shirley
   Spouse Willis Arnold Estell    [first name corr by pvh]
ESTELL, Willis Arnold    10/08/1910-06/25/2001    [added by pvh]

EVANS, Paul "Buster" 4-1-1914 8-17-1985
EVANS, Esther Rolfes 1-3-1916 3-1-2006
   Parents: Herman Rolfes and Cyrena Young
   Spouse: Paul "Buster" Evans

FAGAN, Howard Wayne 1941 1981
   PFC U.S. Marine Corp—Vietnam

FASON, Mary Eliza    04/03/1878-06/16/1959    [added by pvh]
FASON, Thomas Wilburn    06/13/1869-06/21/1947    [added by pvh]

FAULKNER, Donald Ray    8-31-1935 7-8-1997
    A3C US Air Force
   Spouse: Hazel

FERRELL, Bernie    1911-2001    married 11/08/1930    [added by pvh]
FERRELL, Ruby V.    1912-2005    [added by pvh]

FERRELL, William R. 10-17-1853 5-8-1931
FERRELL, Rhoda Ann 11-3-1871 2-19-1937
   Parents: John Farmer and Georgia Ann Wilder

FERRELL, Odie 1892 (9-13)--1949

FERRELL, T. J. "Jesse" 08-21-1906 10-13-1957
   Parents: W.R. Ferrell and Rhoda Ann Farmer
   Spouse: Glennie ???

FEWELL, J. C. (2-26)-1922 (8-21)-1983    [surname corr by pvh]
   CPL US Army Korea
   Spouse: Elizabeth ???

FIELDS, Dr. R.O. 4-18-1876 1-15-1924
   Spouse: Hester Sharp

FIELDS, Hester 12-23-1866 4-20-1930
   Parents: Peter Sharp

FINCHER, Fred D. 7-18-1886 7-15-1928

FINCHER, Martha E. 1-7-1889 12-16-1960

FINCHER, Willie J. 5-27-1927 3-26-1928

FISHER, Max E. 1877 (11-7)-1964
   Unidentifed funeral home marker

FOSTER, Bettie Jean 1929 12-10-1930
   Gross funeral home marker
   Parents: R. L. Foster and Minnie Smith

FOSTER, Oliver Roy 1-26-1921 5-1-2006
    Sgt US Army World War II Purple Heart
   Parents: Oliver Porter Foster and Elnora Gelletta Weatherby
   Spouse: Mildred Cuemi Woodcock
FOSTER, Mildred Cuemi 3-18-1930 10-26-1994    [year of birth corr by pvh]

FOX, Charlotte R(amona Ward) 11/25/1943-11/11/1998    [dates corr by pvh]
   Parents: George R. Ward and Audry Miller
   [marker shows her first name spelled Charolette]

FRANKS, Bud    07/23/1936-11/16/2001    md. 02/28/1962    [added by pvh]
FRANKS, Jeanette    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]

FRANKS, G. W. 5-6-1926 11-14-1990
   U.S. Army WW II
   Parents: Wm. B. Franks and Callie Lisby
   Spouse: Imogene Thomason

FRANKS, William B. (1-22)-1882 (4-27)-1966
   Parents: Elijah Franks and Lizzie Hicks
   Spouse: Callie Lisenby md. 5-7-1925
FRANKS, Callie 1900 (9-21)-1982
   Parents: Wm. Lisenby and Sarah Powell
   Spouse: 1st Brooks
   2nd Wm. B. Franks

FRANKS, Imogene 5-27-1925 2-10-1949
   Parents; George Thomason and Ruth Cozart
   Spouse: G. W. Franks

FREEMAN, Henry T. 7-12-1881 5-11-1956
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Wm. H. Freeman and Amanda Posey
   Spouse: Rhoda J. Curtis md. 1-8-1911

FREEMAN, Rhoda Jane 10-26-1888 2-25-1946
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Mac Curtis and ???
   Spouse: Henry T. Freeman

FREEMAN, Celia Arizona 9-10-1883 11-20-1951
   Parents: ???? Allen and ??? Bray
   Spouse: Wm. A. Freeman (Celia was his 3rd wife)

FREEMAN, William Allen 9-9-1875 12-4-1952
   Parents: Wm. Henry Freeman and Susan Amanda Posey md. 8-22-1868
   Spouse: 1st Ellen Hagler md. 6-12-1899
       2nd Viola Withrow
       3rd Celia A. Allen
       4th Winnie Mae George

FREEMAN, Viola 4-20-1876 11-17-1929
   Parents: G.P. Withrow and Delphina Ewing
   Spouse: Wm. Allen Freeman (his 2nd wife)

FREEMAN, Laura L. 12-24-1875 2-8-1942
   Parents: J. W. Otwell and Susie Rigsby
   Spouse: John E. Freeman md. 10-20-1891
   (he is buried in Lowe’s Cemetery)

FREEMAN, Ruby May 7-7-1906 9-30-1910    [yr of death corr by pvh]

FRIEND, Daniel 2-14-1911 7-25-1973
   Parents: Daniel O. Friend and Clarenda Hallion
   Spouse: Minnie P. ???

FRIEND, George J. 1899 1953
   Spouse: Ruby Woodall md. 11-20-1927

FRIEND, Ruby Irene 1903 1988
   Parents: John Woodall and Lula Glidewell
   Spouse: George J. Friend

FRIEND, D. (aniel) O. (11-28)-1877 (3-28)-1964
   Parents: George W. Friend and Charity Jane Roderick
   Spouse: Clarinda Gallion

FRIEND, Clara (2-20) 1877 (2-2)-1956
   Parents: J.A. Gallion and Mahalia McElwain
   Spouse: Daniel O. Friend

FUNDERBURT, Ethel (2-11) 1925 10-3-1954
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: O.R. Hays and Gracie Propes
   Spouse: Leon

FURR, Sam Rusk 12-2-1898 11-3-1982
   Parents: John Wilson Furr and Tessie Prince
   Spouse: Florence Ross md. 9-25-1921

GARDNER, Dempsey L.    11/07/1934-08/21/2001    [added by pvh]

GARDNER, Shirley M. 6-26-1936 10-11-1990

GARNER, Herman O.    10-27-1902 6-19-1973
   Parents: Jessie Morgan Garner and Mary Adeline Jones
   Spouse: 1st Iva Wynn md. 12-9-1924
       2nd Jewell Sperry

GARNER, Jewell P. 5-15-1909 ??-??-????
   Spouse: Herman Garner

GARNER, Alta (Geurin) 1-27-1914 10-19-1985
   Parents: Jones
   Spouse: 1st T. C. Geurin md. ca 1932
       2nd ??? Garner

GARNETT, Merinell 8-6-1923 8-22-1923    [surname corr by pvh]

GARRETT, Mary Louise 2-24-1920 6-13-1920
   Parents: Hiram Garrett and Myrtle Forsythe

GARRETT, Lee 10-16-1882 8-20-1919
   Parent or Spouse: Margaret ???

GARRETT, Pearl E. 3-8-1883 3-15-1953
   Parents: Joe Taylor and Sarah Garrett
   Spouse: Andrew Hain

GARRETT, Freddie 11-18-1904 07-21-1907    [month of death corr by pvh]

GARRETT, B. F. 1873 10-1-1932
   Caruth funeral home marker
   Spouse: Ella Cozart md. 1-23-1918

GARRETT, Ruben 8- ??-??-?? ?-19-1911    [very hard to read]

GARRETT, A. L., Jr. 7-1-1928 12-16-1929
   Parents: Arthur Garrett and Gretchen Valentine

GARRETT, Myrtle A. 1-18-1895 2-23-1978
   Parents: Jim Forsythe and Sarah Garrett
   Spouse: Hiram L. Garrett md. 12-16-1917

GARVIN, Carl James 10-12-1895 5-22-1970
   Caruth funeral home marker

GARVIN, Adrith M. 4-10-1896 3-1-1970
   Caruth funeral home records
   Parents: Alfred Hicken ???

GEE, Elsie Marlene    08/28/1932-08/16/1934    [added by pvh]

GEIB, Vernon, Sr. 12-3-1895 8-22-1965

GEIGER, Alfred G.    3-30-1900 2-12-1967
   Parents: C. Geiger and Mary Genger
GEIGER, Louise K. 5-13-1904 2-14-1988

GEORGE, Bertha L. 1921 1976
   Gross funeral home marker

GEORGES, Nickolas Gerozisis 12-24-1883 10-7-1967    [name corr by pvh]
   Spouse: Constantine Gerozisis

GIBSON, Rosie O. 3-15-1922 8-9-1974
   Parents: Andrew Davis and Hannah Canady

GIBSON, William D. 9-6-1874 1-12-1971
   Parents: Wm. D. Gibson, Sr. and Jannie Callie
GIBSON, Clara M. 2-4-1895 1-22-1985
   Parents: Ferrin Lunsford and Janie Deakins

GILL, Ernest Lee 7-21-1887 9-11-1977
   Parents: James R. Gill and Annie Armstrong
   Spouse: Flora Nolen

GILL, Flora Johnson 12-15-1895 1-31-1972
   Gross funeral home marker
   Parents: Willie Nolen and Fannie Braughton
   Spouse: Ernest Lee Gill

GILMORE, Nellie 8-28-1907 3-31-1914    [could be 3-21-1914]
   Parents: J. F. Gilmore and S. B. ????


GLIDEWELL, Willie 4-6-1888 12-17-1954
   Arkansas Pvt Co. K 161 Inf. World War I
   Spouse: Annie ???

GLOVER, Charles 11-29-1868 3-4-1958
   Spouse: N. J. Fowlkes md. 2-19-1923

GOBERT, Aurelian 1-15-1897 12-13-1940
   Louisiana Pvt. U.S. Army

GOBERT, Zetta 11-3-1897 5-28-1965    [first name corr by pvh]

GODWIN, James (2-1)-1901 (1-3)-1979 NFHI
   Spouse: Lois Fielder

GODWIN, Lois A. (7-11)-1907 (10-19)-1970
   Parents: Tom Fielder and Maudie McDaniel
   Spouse: James Godwin

GOLDEN, Donald M. 4-26-1942 9-30-1987
   PFC U.S. Army
   Parents: Marshall Golden and Mary Pearl Smith


GOLDEN, Roy Stevie b. and d. 1973 Gross Marker
   Parents: Roy Scott Hamilton and Katherine Golden

GOLDEN, Raymond M. 1-20-1928 4-21-2000
   Spouse: Lola Tate
GOLDEN, Lola Tate    06-20-1930 02-26-2013    [dod from obituary]

GOLDEN, Lowetta Faye (4-12)-1953 (6-27)-1965 (picture)
   Parents: Raymond Golden and Lola Tate

GOLDEN, Christopher Lee 4-17-1966 8-9-1980 (picture)

GOLDEN. Marshel 7-8-1915 3-30-1992    [first name corr by pvh]
   Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II
   Parents: Martin Golden and Mary Ann Abbott
   Spouse: 1st Lois Murray
       2nd Mary Pearl Smith md. 08/13/1940
GOLDEN, Mary Pearl (Smith) 3-11-1921 - Open

GOLDEN, Marvin    02-03-1918 02-27-2006    [added by pvh]
    PFC US Army World War II

GOLDEN, Jewell E. Coleman    03-11-1920 07-24-2013    [added by pvh]

Golden, Ronald "David"    8-23-1950 7-20-2007   [name corr by pvh]
   Parents: Marvin Golden and Jewell Coleman
   Spouse: Sandy______

GOODIN, Mary Holmes 9-25-1872 11-17-1939
   Parents: Franklin Gullett and Minerva Day
   Spouse: 1st Adam Holmes
   2nd ??? Goodin

GOODWIN, Edith I.    01/14/1902-01/26/1996    [added by pvh]

GOSSETT, Finis Garrett    09/26/1908-06/08/1978    [added by pvh]
    husband of Arnez, Father of Joe, Grandfather of Brad & Beth

GRANT, Virgil L. 2-8-1912 2-2-1978
   Parents: Lester B. Grant and Elizabeth Tallent
   Spouse: Grace L. McCaw
GRANT, Grace L. (McCaw) 11-17-1916 6-4-2007 (added per obituary of Grace Grant Dubbs)
   Parents: Grant McCaw and Myrtle Gordon
   Spouse; 1st. Virgil L. Grant
   2nd. Dale Dubbs

GRAVES, Denver Edward    11/02/1924-04/22/2002    [added by pvh]
    US Army Korea Vietnam
GRAVES, Hilda G.     09/07/1919 - Open

GRAY, William Dan 9-23-1903 10-9-1962
   Parents: Joseph Gray and Mary Foster
   Spouse: 1st Dollie McConnell md. 10-10-1928
   2nd Mary Ellen Toombs
GRAY, Mary E. (Toombs) 4-16-1913 2-4-1991

GRAY, Martha Imogene 3-8-1950 10-18-1962
   Parents: Wm. Dan Gray and Mary Ellen Toombs

GRAY, Terry Alan 7-2-1959 2-26-1965    [day of birth corr by pvh]
   Parents: Archie Gray and Patricia Terry

GRAY, Douglas W(inston) 6-27-1941 4-17-1942    [day of birth corr by pvh]
   Parents: Herbert Gray and Martha Sanders

GRAY, Eld. Herbert 12-24-1903 5-28-1972
   Parents: Will Gray and Nancy Goodman
   Spouse: Martha Ann Sanders md. 8-7-1927
GRAY, Martha Ann (Sanders) 5-8-1912 6-21-2000 2
   Parents: John L. Sanders and Ethel Tackett
   Spouse: Eld. Herbert Gray

GRAY, Michael Steven   2-15-1966 7-21-2006
   Parents: Jim Gray and Frances Lawrence

GREATHOUSE, John 3-24-1883 6-17-1954
   Parents: Wm. Greathouse and Sarah Eaten

GREATHOUSE, Madie 1884 ??-??-????

GREEN, Russell Alan 8-23-1957 7-12-1960    [middle name and day of birth corr by pvh]
   Parents: Charles Green and Myrtle Otwell

GREEN, Myrtle (Otwell) 12-26-1932 4-4-1994
GREEN, Charles E.    [no date of death shown]

GREEN, M(arshall) M. "Doc" 7-16-1883 11-28-1957
   Parents: Asair Green and Mary Parker
   Spouse: 1st M. M. Rudical md. 2-13-1910
   2nd Violet Hall md. 4-26-1930
   3rd Bertha Burton Hooper
   (***Marker missing betw. 1997- 2003 for Marshall)

GREEN, Bertha A. 7-22-1892 7-9-1958
   Parents: John Burton and Amanda J. Braman
   Spouse: Till Hooper
   Marshall M. "Doc" Green

GREENE, George A. 4-18-1950 3-25-1957 age 7
   Parents: Mo Greene and Virginia Dallas

GRIMES, Harry B. 5-22-1882 12-1-1943
   Parents: Jabe Grimes and Christine Irvin
   Spouse: Effie Castleberry
GRIMES, Effie 3-23-1892 (8-22)-19(54)
   Parents: Taylor Castleberry and Mary Ann ???
   Spouse: Harry B. Grimes

GRISE, Stanley A. 4-21-1908 11-20-1976
   Parents: F. A. Grise and Jo Hulsey
   Spouse: Sybil Suitor

GRISE, Sybil Marie 11-15-1915 5-3-2000 (added per obituary)
   Parents: John B Suitor and Willie Ota Lee Burrow
   Spouse: Stanley A. Grise

Groves, James K. 2-1-1915 1-1-2000
   Spouse: Wanda Miller
Groves, Wanda G.  10-8-1921 8-20-2008 (added per obituary)
   Parents: William Henry Miller and Maggie Jane Campbell

GRUBBS, Lee Jane   b. and d. 8-17-1963

GRUBBS, Betty 12-17-1940 3-23-1997
   Parents: Hawley Jarvis and Kathryn I. Buck
   Spouse: Charles Grubbs
GRUBBS, Charles L., (Sr.) 7-29-1935 1-1-1998
   Spouse: Betty Jarvis

HAIR, Ben 2-6-1939 7-16-1992
   Parents: Beaumont Hair and Margaret Shackleford
   Spouse: Shirley K. Adams
       Elberta B. Paulette

Hair, Elberta B. "Peachie" 3-21-1939 4-3-2008
   Parents: Robert W. Paulette, Sr. and Marie Helms
   Spouse: Unknown Martin
       Ben Hair

HALE, Sam H. (7-6)- 1874 (10-20)-1941
   Parents: Neal Hale and Jennie Gunn
   Spouse: Malinda Dovenda

HALE, Malinda (8-22)-1872 (1-4)-1969
   Parents: ???? Dovenda and Celia Dyle
   Spouse: Sam H. Hale

HALE, Edna Mae 4-28-1906 3-3-1911

HALE, Gilford (8-31) 1910 (5-7)1969
   Parents: Sam H. Hale and Malinda Dovenda

HALL, Burnett L.    01/18/1909-11/24/1999    [added by pvh]
HALL, Teresa L.    10/19/1912-11/26/1997    [added by pvh]

HALL, Miriam K.    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]

HALL, Roland G(ene) 9-24-1932 4-26-1998 2
    Parents: Burnett and Teresa Hall

HALL, Elbert E. 2-4-1922 9-22-1975
   Parents: Lawson Hall and Bertha Tucker
   Spouse: Lena Fincher

HALL, Lena F. 11-28-1928 12-25-1968
   Parents: Fred D. Fincher and Martha E. Harmon
   Spouse: Elbert E. Hall

HALL, Patricia Lou 11-13-1939 4-5-1975
   Parents: Sandy Moore and Virgie Ross
   Spouse: Jerry Lee Hall

HALLMARK, Lela Stallones d. 2-27-1912
   Spouse: John T. Hallmark md. 12-11-1910
HALLMARK, Selma A. 11-11-1911 1-17-1912
   Parents: John T. Hallmark and Lela Stallones
HALLMARK, Velma M. 11-11-1911 8-5-1912
   Parents: John T. Hallmark and Lela Stallones

HAMAKER, Walter G. (10-4) 1876 (7-31) 1947
   Parents: Matthew Hamaker and ??? Jefferies
   Spouse: 1st Onie Sigman md. 6-17-1922
   2nd Annie Barclay md. 6-11-1929
HAMAKER, Onna (9-7)-1889 (4-26)-1925
   Parents: David Sigman and Martha Woodall

HAMBLIN, Frances Marie 5-5-1943 1-19-1984
   Parents: Jack Nash and Ora Lee VanCannon
   Spouse: Charles Hamblin ??

HAMPTON, Elder W(illis) H. (3-28) 1871 (6-23) 1939
   Spouse: Birdie Sanders md. 7-18-1917
HAMPTON, Birdie E.  (5-24)- 1887 (1-12)--1965
   Parents: Jack Sanders and Dora McPeak
   Spouse: Elder Willis H. Hampton

HAMPTON Baby Girl    b. and d. 1921 Gross marker
   Parents: Willis Hampton and Birdie Sanders

HAMPTON, Doyle J. (10-9)-1906 (1-11)-1976
   Parents: Wm. Hampton and Anne Strickland
   Spouse: Cholie Brown md. 12-22-1928

HAMPTON, Georgia Lavern 4-8-1930 4-19-1930
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: George Hampton and Ethel Allen

HAMPTON, William Henry, Jr.    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]
HAMPTON, Rosena Noles    10-29-1926 03-14-2013    [added by pvh; dates from obituary]

HANCOCK, Kenneth Allen   -2-22-1972

HANEY, William F. 1891 ??-??-????
   Parents: ??? Haney and Elmira Rowe Haney (Sanders)
   Spouse: Pearl Ann Rankin md. 4-15-1926
HANEY, Pearl Ann 1890 1957
   Spouse: Wm. F. Haney


HARBERT, Verna 3-14-1899 12-17-1991


HARE, H(illiard) G. 7-22-1862 8-2-1936
   Parents: Berry Hare and Elizabeth Edwards
   Spouse: Annie ???

HARE, Annie L. 1-6-1866 6-30-1948

HARMON, Lorene Z. 5-27-1923 6-17-1923

HARMON, Erby Ray 2-23-1939 11-8-1989
   Sp4 US Army
   Parents: Thomas Harmon and Annie Oliver
   Spouse: Margarie

HARMON, John William 7-7-1924 4-19-1989
   Parents: Thomas Harmon and Annie Oliver

HARMON, Tom W. 4-18-1900 6-8-1974
   Parents: John Harmon and Donie Higgins
   Spouse: Annie Oliver md. 8-9-1919
HARMON, Annie E. 10-28-1901 2-5-1984
   Parents: Bill Oliver and Edna Tuberville
   Spouse: Tom W. Harmon

HARMON, John S. 10-15-1863 6-15-1943
   Spouse: Ellen Higgins md. 8-3-1884
HARMON, Ellen C. 5-3-1861 4-30-1948    [month of death corr by pvh]
   Parents: Andrew Higgins and ???
   Spouse: John S. Harmon

HARMON, John Fletcher 7-30-1895 1-26-1948
   Parents: John S. Harmon and Ellen Higgins
   Spouse: Clara Bell Ballard md. 10-3-1915
HARMON, Clara Bell 12-13-1896 7-5-1963

HARMON, Gillie R.    12-31-1921 04-13-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

HARMON C(arl) Jack(son) 06-07-1917 - 02-17-2014    [dod added by pvh from obituary]
   Spouses: 1st Mary Frances Johnson md. 12-22-1937
   2nd Frances Algin Johnson md. 4-6-1918
   3rd Flora Nolen md. 3-3-1987
HARMON: M. Frances 4-6-1918 3-3-1987
   Parents: Algin Ford Johnson and Flora Nolen

HARMON, Carl David b. and d. 4-30-1939
   Parents; Carl Jack Harmon and Frances Johnson

HARMON, Richard 3-14-1892 12-3-1966
   Parents: John Harmon and Ellen Higgins
   Spouse: 1st ??????????
   2nd Mattie Keller Clark md. 6-8-1942

HARMON, Mittie I. (Keller) 4-4-1894 5-9-1939

HARMON, Carl J. 5-20-1933 2-5-1987
   A2C US Air Force
   Parents: Thomas Harmon and Annie E. Oliver
   Spouse: Patsy Sutton md. 6-29-1957
HARMON, Patsy S. 11-26-1937 - 02-28-2010    [dod from obituary]

HARMON, Clyde L. 1920 1978
   TEC 5 US Army World War II
   Parents: Thomas Harmon and Annie Oliver
   Spouse: 1st Odessa Whisenhunt md. 1-23-1943
   2nd Hazel Harper
HARMON, Hazel (6-6-)1920 (10-5-)2000

HARMON, James William 5-11-1965 12-23-1965
   Parents: Jim Harmon and Libby Yates

HARRINGTON, Lloyd C. 7-13-1928 2-25-1958
   Parents: Charles Harrington and Lois Parker
   Spouse: 1st Ruby Helms
   2nd Billie Emerson

HARRINGTON, Charlie A. 1-17-1897 10-28-1959
   Parents: Andrew Harrington and Margaret Kim Dewoody
   Spouse: Lois Parker md. 9-11-1927

HARRINGTON, Lois T. 10-22-1908 12-21-1984
   Parents: Matthew Parker and Betty Nolen

HARRINGTON, John H. 12-10-1901 10-20-1993
   Parents: Andrew J. Harrington and Margaret Kim Dewoody
   Spouse: Bessie Ferrell md. 12/01/1923
HARRINGTON, Bessie 8-21-1906 2-11-1987    [first name corr by pvh]
   Parents: Wm. R. Ferrell and Rhoda A. Farmer

HARRIS, Hollis "Les" 6-21-1913 4-11-1976
   Parents: Huston Harris and ??? Tucker
   Spouse: Ina ?????
HARRIS, Ina "Bobbie" 9-12-1915 2-3-1996

HARRIS, Ruth 5-4-1908 3-3-1927
   Parents: Wm. B. Harris and Emma Henson

HARRIS, William B. 7-31-1861 12-13-1936
   Parents: Wm. E. Harris and Betty Clower
   Spouse: Emma Henson md. ca 1895

HARRIS, Emma (K.) 11-6-1873 10-13-1950
   Parents: Frank Henson and Edith Thorn

HARRIS, Ottis O. 12-28-1899 - Open    [first name corr by pvh]
HARRIS, Virdin H. 6-10-1903 - Open

HARRIS, Sarah B. 3-22-1904 11-6-1967

HARVEY, J. A. ("Junior") 6-6-1918 11-6-1997
    Spouse: Cauline Cordrey md. 4-17-1937

HARVEY, Ellen C. 4-1-1940 01-27-1970    [month of death corr by pvh]
   Parents: J. A. Harvey and Cauline Cordrey

HARVEY, Cauline M. 6-28-1921 10-26-1974
   Parents: George Condrey and Lillie Burger
   Spouse: J. A. "Junior" Harvey

HARVEY, John E. 4-29-1886 11-14-1964
   Parents: Samuel H. Harvey and Susan Sevica
   Spouse: Edith Pitman md. 11-30-1912
HARVEY, Edith E. 2-19-1894 11-24-1963
   Parents: Henry T. Pitman and Elizabeth Hibbs

HARVEY, A. J. Sr.    3-1-1938 1-19-1983
   Parents: J. A. Harvey and Cauline Condrey

HARVEY, Donna Lavern 11-14-1936 12-14-2008
   Parents: William Pate and Emily Johnson
   Spouse: Al Harvey, Sr.

HAVNIEAR, J. E. 1-30-1868 8-1-1937

HAWKINS, Delbert    10/03/1918-04/17/2002    [added by pvh] 2

HAWKINS, Ruth    06/29/1938-02/13/2003    [added by pvh]

HAYS, Clarence 11-24-1918 - 10/21/1997    [dod added by pvh]
    Spouse: Juanita Wesner
HAYS, Juanita C. 5-19-1923 2-2-1984
    Parents: Franklin Wesner and Mary Ellen Avery

HAYES, John B. 8-8-1867 10-21-1933
   Parents; Allen Hays and ????????
   Spouse: Dena Petty

HAYES, Dena 2-24-1876 11-9-1935
   Parents: M.C. Petty and Fanny Tackett

HAYS, Otto R. (3-31)-1884 (7-8)-1961
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Jeff Hays and Emma Haskins
   Spouse: 1st Winnie Reid md. 2-27-1911
   2nd Myrtle Beatty md. 6-7-1918
   3rd Grace Propes md. 4-6-1922

HAYS, Gracie P. 1896 1954
   Unidentified funeral home marker
   Parents: Wm. Blair Propes and Sarah J. Adams

HAZELWOOD, Agnes M. 3-30-1896 1-7-1972

HEAD, Annette F. 7-4-1934 2-16-1965

HEJNA, Guy George 6-12-1948 11-10-1986
   Parents: George E. Hejna and Rose Daisy Brown

HEMBREE, I(ssac) B. 11-18-1858 10-29-1940    [month of death corr by pvh]
   Parents: John Hembree and Martha Black
   Spouse: Josephine Kent

HEMBREE, Charles T. 10-17-1899 5-18-1941
   Parents: Issac Hembree and Josie Kent
   Spouse: Nellie Lester md. 11-13-1926

HENDERSON, Charles E. 6-15-1935 3-31-1972
   Parents: Winton E. Henderson and Effie A. Ayers
   Spouse: Gwenda ???? md. 3-20-1959
HENDERSON, Gwenda Lou 8-16-1942 3-7-1994

HIBBS, James H. (Hardy) 7-26-1890 9-14-1951
   Parents: Wm. R. Hibbs and Mary Jane Owens
   Spouse: Annie Bettis md. 9-14-1912

HIBBS, Annie E. 8-6-1894 11-21-1981
   Parents: George Bettis and Mattie Powell

HIBBS, Baby Boy   b. and d. 5-14-1948
   Parents: Jodie Hibbs and Norma F. Wesner


HICKS, Homer T(oudy) 01-20-1916 05-28-2011    [dod from obituary]
   Parents: E. T. Hicks and Alice V. Hurst
   Spouse: Gertrude Hogue md. 09-05-1939
HICKS, Gertrude M. 05-25-1915 06-23-1983
   Parents: James Hogue and Laura Bell Bounds

HICKS, James Homer 7-22-1941 8-19-1991
   Parents: Homer T. Hicks and Gertrude Hogue
   Spouse; Shirley Ann Lacey

HILDWEIN, Charles G. 4-18-1874 8-29-1967    [surname corr by pvh]

HILL, Robert E. 2-13-1885 3-18-1929
   Parents: I. B. Hill and ????????
   Spouse: Virgie E.

HILL, Gladys P.    4-7-1906 12-21-1982
   Parents: Edd Collins and Lillie Colbin
   Spouse: Wm. H. Hill

HILL, Jim 8-01-1905 2-26-1984    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: John E. Hill and Ethel M. Allen
    Spouse: Rachel Bailey

HILL, Rachel 10-28-1902 8-21-1972
    Parents; Sam Bailey and Fronie Collins
    Spouse: Jim Hill md. 10-1-1938

HILLIARD, John M. 3-7-1890 1-9-1967
    Parents: Dave Hilliard and Ida Wilkerson
    Spouse: Myrtle Kelley
HILLIARD, Myrtle F. 7-31-1890 5-16-1975
    Parents: Isom Kelley and Sarah Dunn
    Spouse: John M. Hilliard

HILLSTRAND, Florence H. 8-1-1907 8-27-1982

HINKLE, Ora May 9-1-1902 9-18-1936
    Parents: Allen Puckett and Mollie Tye
    Spouse: Louis H. Hinkle md. 3-3-1920

HOBBY, C.D. 10-14-1860 2-20-1922

HOBBY, Mary A. 9-25-1871 10-31-1950
    Parents: Evan Long and Margaret Moses

HOBBY, Gilford G. 5-22-1916 12-6-1918

HOBBY, John T. (3-21)-1867 (5-4)- 1951
    Parents: Calvin Hobby and Mary E. Gant
    Spouse: Malinda Mourton md. 9-1-1895
HOBBY, Malindia T. (3-22)-1876 (6-16)-1949    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: John Mourton and Martha E. ______
    Spouse: John T. Hobby

HOFFMAN, John (1889) d. 3-26-1967 age 78
    Unidentified funeral home marker

1974 records states that James S. HOGUE, Sr. is buried here but no marker
    husband of Nancy ELLIS (See WHIGBY)

HOGUE, James Charles no dates
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: James S. Hogue, Jr. and Laura I. Bounds

HOGUE, Claude Robert no dates
    Gross Marker
    Parents: James Hogue, Jr. and Laura Bounds

HOGUE, Laura I. 5-19-1885 8-7-1958
    Parents: Joseph Bounds and Nancy Hill
    Spouse: James S. Hogue md. 8-5-1900
HOGUE, James S.    4-17-1875 10-9-1953
    Parents: James Hogue and Nancy Ellis
    Spouse: Laura Bounds md. 8-5-1900

HOGUE, Vernon 11-18-1921 7-3-1989
    Spouse: Evelyn Bradford md. 05/24/1944    [sp name added by pvh]

HOGUE, H. Franklin 9-8-1924 4-8-1973
    Parents: James S. Hogue and Laura I. Bounds
HOGUE, Arby E. 9-22-1908 4-29-1984
    Parents: James S. Hogue and Laura I. Bounds
    Spouse: Velva M. Guerin

HOLDER, Chambers 1920 1992 Gross marker

HOLMES, Mary 12-19-1875 4-10-1939
    Unidentified funeral home marker
    Parents: Will Marion and ????
    Spouse: Adam Holmes

HOLT, Linda Jo    12/30/1941-12/26/2003    [added by pvh]

HOOPER, Till A.(artilla) 9-23-1882 12-7-1944
    Parents: David Hooper and Amanda Robinson
    Spouse: Bertha Burton

HORNADAY, Carl H.    10/06/1923-09/04/1998    [added by pvh]
    PFC US Army World War II

HORNADAY, George W. 12-7-1890 3-1-1982
    Parents: George Hornaday and Mary Lord
    Spouse: Tempie Bradford
HORNADAY, Tempie V. 3-3-1893 6-23-1952
    Parents: Jonathan Bradford and Cynthia Hicks
    Spouse: George W. Hornaday

HOUSE, Mary A. 4-11-1860 7-13-1906
    Spouse: H. G. House

HOUSE, D. J.    03/02/1938-11/10/1995    [dates corr by pvh] 2

HOWARD, Frank W. 1-26-1855 2-14-1938
    Parents: Wesley Howard and ????
    Spouse: Minnie Bell Orr
HOWARD, Minnie Bell (Orr) 4-5-1879 6-22-1944
    Spouse: Frank W. Howard

HOWARD, Wesley "Mutt" 6-18-1903 7-22-1960    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Francis Howard and Minnie Bell Orr
    Spouse: Inez Winkler md. 2-10-1924

HUDSON, Lewis H.   (10-25-)1906 (9-21-)1988
    Parents: Wm. P. Hudson and Myrtle Oliver
    Spouse: Marie Owens
HUDSON, Marie M. (11-11) 1905 - 1996    [yr of death added by pvh]
    Parents: John Owens and Mary Lavender
    Spouse: 1st Claude Rood
        2nd Bill Madsen
        3rd Lewis Hudson

HUDSON, William Vernon 2-6-1900 12-12-1984
    US Army World War II
    US Navy World War I
    Parents: Wm. P. Hudson and Myrtle Oliver

HUFFMAN, David Lee 11-2-1972 5-10-1974
    Parents: Daniel L. Huffman and Linda McMonis

HUGGINES, Millard 5-4-1899 12-19-1989
    Spouse: Mae Ault md. 11-28-1936
HUGGINES, Mae 2-10-1912 11-2-1999
    Parents: Linson Ault and Annie Johnson
    Spouse: Millard Huggines

HUGGS, J. Dodson 10-3-1911 5-26-1954
    Parents: Alex J. Huggs and Carrie Fendley
    Spouse: Doris Bost
HUGGS, Doris L. 5-9-1918 1-16-1990
    Parents: Wm. L. Bost and Lula E. Smitherman
    Spouse: J. Dodson Huggs

HUGHES, Wm. B. 3-26-1888 11-16-1967
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: James M. Hughes and Ida Beck

HUGHES, James M. (1-27) 1857 (7-30) 1930
    Parents: Abner Hughes and M. Orlinger
    Spouse: Ida C. Beck
HUGHES, Ida C. (Beck) 1869 1945

HULSEY, Mattie Jane (Ward) 1922 1993
    Gross funeral home marker

HULSEY, Clarence 1-16-1919 12-13-1984
    TEC 5 US Army World War II
    Parents; Claude Hulsey and Willie Seske
    Spouse: Mattie Jane Ward md. 7-25-1941

HULSEY, Freddie Leon    age 41-10/11/2010    [added by pvh from obituary; assume to be Pleasant Hill in Hot Springs]
    Parents: Marrion Dean and Virgil Hulsey

HUNTER, Eldon   04-19-1915 07-13-1997
    Spouse: Verna Mullings md. 12/30/1939
HUNTER, Verna E.    07-21-1918 09-03-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

HUNTER, Elmer 4-19-1915 10-1-1966
    Parents: Allen Hunter and Bettie Menser
    Spouse: Ona Mae Cozart md. ca 1936

HUNTER, Jimmy Lee (2-16) 1957 (2-24) 1974
    Parents: Eldon Hunter and Verna Mullings

HUNTER, Eldon Roy 8-22-1944 12-12-1981
    Parents: Eldon Hunter and Verna Mullings

HUNTER, Hazel Beatrice   2-22-1920 7-13-1934
    Parents: Allen Hunter and Bettie Menser

HUNTER, Flave 8-03-1913 10-12-1990    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Allen Hunter and Bettie Menser
    Spouse: Irene Woodall md. 12/29/1934
HUNTER, Irene Woodall    6-30-1914 1-18-1992
    Parents: Luther Woodall and Minnie Mowery
    Spouse: Flave Hunter

HUNTER, Allen 11-1-1887 9-10-1969
    Parents: Ruben Hunter and ???????
    Spouse: Bettie Menser
HUNTER, Bettie 8-28-1894 3-9-1961
    Parents: John Menser and ??? Simmons
    Spouse: Allen Hunter

HURT, John Thomas 2-25-1886 9-28-1958
    Parents: Wm. M. Hurt and Laura J. ???

HYDE, Roger Wayne 3-26-1950 4-10-1976
    A1C US Air Force
    Parents: Jeff Hyde and Faye Rogers

HYDE, Jeff William Sr. 6-19-1916 2-27-1983
    Major U.S. Army WW II Korea
    Parents: Thomas Hyde and Eve Whittington
    Spouse: 1st Helen Moss md. 2-6-1937
        2nd Faye Rogers

HYDE, Faye E. "Ann" (Rogers) 1927 1992

IAMURRI, Thomas Nicolas "Gabby" 12-3-1898 7-12-1975
    Parents: Joseph N. Iamurri and Mary A. Roman

JACKSON, Beatrice 1-25-1894 3-28-1963
    Parents: Alex Inman and Mary Zigler

JACKSON, Rachel A.    1-30-1921 3-11-1984

JAMESON, Nikki Beasley    9-24-1982 7-24-2007
    Parents: Rick E. Beasley and Karen B. Mahan
    Spouse: James Jameson
    (granddaughter of Roland and Lorene Lucas Mahan)

JANNOK, Johnnie 10-7-1883 4-13-1941
    Parents: James Carpenter and Cordelia Adair
    Spouse: John Jannok

JARVIS, Hawley Lee 12-29-1913 11-20-1972
    Spouse: Kathryn I. Buck
JARVIS, Hawley Lee, Jr. 11-15-1946 10-12-1964
    Parents: Hawley Lee Jarvis and Kathyrn Buck
JARVIS, Kathryn Inez (Buck) (see Kathryn McKinney)

JINES, Andrew J. 2-18-1872 3-28-1932
    Spouse: Margaret Dowling
JINES, R. Margaret 4-26-1880 4-28-1962
    Parents: Wm. Dowling and Betty Luker
    Spouse: Andrew J. Jines

Jines, Jimmy Lee    01/19/1941-03/26/2006    [added by pvh]

JINES, Marion Roy 1-22-1909 12/02/1996    [middle name and dod added by pvh]
    Spouse: 1st Ethel Harwell md. 8-1-1932
        2nd Willa Mae Worley md. 07/03/1939    [dom added by pvh]
JINES, Willa Mae (Worley) 4-3-1920 9-30-1994
    Spouse: Marion R. Jines

JOHNSON, N(apolion) N. (Poley) 7-27-1902 6-21-1971
    Parents: S. S. Johnson and Mary E. Craig
    Spouse: Nellie Rose Ford md. 3-30-1926

JOHNSON, Nellie Rose 4-3-1907 3-25-1967
    Parents: Samuel and Laura Matlock Ford
    Spouse: Napolean N. Johnson

JOHNSON, Mary Etta 11-2-1865 7-24-1938
    Parents: Wm. Craig and Ann Cox

JOHNSON, Samuel S. 4-9-1862 10-8-1926
    Parents: N. N. Johnson and Mary King
    Spouse: Mary Etta Craig

JOHNSON, S. S., Jr. 2-28-1896 5-17-1916
    Parents: Samuel Johnson and Mary Etta Craig

JOHNSON, Loretta 9-24-1904 12-4-1995    [spelling of first name corr by pvh]

JOHNSON, Luella 11-2-1909 1-2-1914
    Parents: Samuel Johnson and Mary Etta Craig
    [stone actually shows Luella dau. of S. S. and M. E. JOHNSTON]

JOHNSON, William Cicero 11-14-1906 9-11-1938

JOHNSON, N. N. 11-8-1843 10-4-1916
    Spouse: Mary King

JOHNSON, E. D. 2-16-1861 1-2-1930
    Spouse: Mary Wood
JOHNSON, Mary 1-10-1866 1-13-1930
    Parents: C. Wood and Nancy McBroom
    Spouse: E. D. Johnson

JOHNSON, J. W. 6-1-1844 3-26-1923

JOHNSON, Flora Lou Nolen 12-15-1895 1-31-1972
    Spouse: Algin Ford Johnson md. 12-3-1911
JOHNSON, Algin Ford 2-3-1891 1-28-1939
    Parents: Samuel S. Johnson and Mary Etta Craig
    Spouse: Flora Lou Nolen

JOHNSON, Jefferson Franklin  7-17-1923 12-29-2006
    Parents: Algin Ford Johnson and Flora Lou Nolen
    Spouse: Othel Mae Jackson md. 5-30-1947    [day of marr corr by pvh]
JOHNSON, Othel Mae 8-3-1923 7-23-1988
    Parents: Wm. Jackson and Jewell Gregory
    Spouse: Jeff Johnson

JOHNSON, Marion (9-6)-1887 (1-31)-1966 Gross marker
    Parents: Frank Johnson and ?????
    Spouse: 1st Julia Payne md. 12-24-1910
        2nd Susie Willis md. 10-16-1915

JOHNSON, Susie (7-5) 1893 (5-16) 1949
    Parents: Wm. Willis and Lou Owens
    Spouse: Marion Johnson

JOHNSON, George D. 10-19-1917 1-23-1983
    SFC US Army World War II Korea
    Parents; Marion Johnson and Susie Willis
    Spouse: Virginia Munford md. 4-9-1940
    (buried Greenwood Cemetery)

JOHNSON, Ethel Brantley 2-19-1892 4-10-1976
    Parents: Marion Brantley and Sue White
    Spouse: John Johnson

JOHNSON, Lillian Timbs 12-16-1904 1-2-1999 (added from Gross Funeral Home obituary)

JONASSON, Alex Vicktor 10-8-1892 10-6-1968
    Parents: Anders J. Jonasson and Sofia ??


JONES, Laura 4-8-1889 8-11-1922
    Parents: Pete McDaniel and Gusie Whigby
    Spouse: Layton Jones md. 2-7-1910

JONES, Ethel L. 1925 (10-3)-1954
    Gross Funeral Home Marker

KASCH, Lewis F. 2-16-1885 - (09/1979)    [dod added by pvh from SSDI]
    Spouse: Catherine Day
KASCH, Catherine (Day) 8-27-1889 1-28-1971
    Spouse: Lewis F. Kasch

KEA, Vernon 9-08-1892 8-6-1961
    Parents: Vincent Louis Kea and Virginia Howton 1
    Spouse: Lucy Henderson married 3-24-1915
KEA, Lucy (Henderson) 2-16-1897 8-21-1972
    Parents: James Wesley and Susan Henderson 1
    Spouse: Vernon Kea

KEENAN, Thomas R. 9-18-1902 5-1-1982


KELLER, Elsie (Tackett) 7-9-1898 2-18-1922
    Spouse: 1st R. D. Keller md. 10-5-1919
    (he married Tackett, Rachell on 6-29-1924)

KELLER, Imajean 10-26-1930 11-15-1979    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Walter Scott and Martha Kent
    Spouse: Mark L. Keller

KELLEY, Sarah Ida 10-14-1884 8-15-1965
    Parents: Alonzo Ellison and Francis Ann Miller

KELLY, James A. 5-11-1937 8-12-1978
    Parents: Amos Kelly and ???
    Spouse: Vicki Gordon


KEMP, Robert N. 11-20-1893 7-11-1971
    Parents: James M. Kemp and Della Harrison
    Spouse: 1st Adeline Ballard md. 12-3-1911
        2nd Mary M. ??
KEMP, Mary M. 9-15-1898 - Open

KEMP, Thurman 6-8-1920 4-4-1922
    Parents: W. H. Kemp and Emma Fields
KEMP, Edmond 10-16-1921 10-20-1923
    Parents: W. H. Kemp and Emma Fields

KEMP, W. Harvey 1-13-1897 1-3-1976
    Parents: Wm. M. Kemp and Roena Wright
    Spouse: Emma Fields md. 4-30-1917
KEMP, Emma (Fields) 9-8-1898 7-21-1966
    Spouse: W. Harvey Kemp

KEMP, Norma (Murphy) 11-29-1920 2-10-1988 H.S.F.H.
    Spouse: Raymond Odis Kemp

KEMP John  (9-30)-1876 (12-27)-1955
    Parents: Wm. Kemp and Elizabeth A. Burnell
    Spouse: Cora Matthews md. 11-21-1897
KEMP, Cora  (10-30)-1882 (5-31)-1951
    Parents: Neal (Cornelius?) Mathews and Elizabeth Thornton
    Spouse: John C. Kemp

KEMP, Etta (1864) d. 5-3-1931 age 67
    Gross funeral home marker

KEMP, William M. 11-1851 7-21-1928
    Parents: John Kemp and Mary Phillips
    Spouse: Roena Wright md. 10-18-1883

KEMP, Roena S.    7-30-1867 10-13-1949
    Parents: Wm. F. Wright and Nancy Hall
    Spouse: Wm. M. Kemp md. 10-18-1883 (his 2nd wife)

KEMP, Susan M. 11-28-1870 2-12-1947
    Parents: Newt Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson

KEMP, Sim L. 1-6-1859 11-23-1917
    Parents: John Coffie Kemp and Mary A. Phillips
    Spouse: Susan Pittman md. 7-4-1885

KEMP, Willie L. 7-30-1887 4-8-1904
    Parents; Sim L. Kemp and Susan M. Pittman

KEMP, John 11-11-1852 10-5-1918
    Parents: John Coffee Kemp and Mary A. Phillips
    Spouse: Malinda May Roberts md. 3-2-1876

KEMP, Malinda (Roberts) 12-25-1842 4-11-1903    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Spouse: John Kemp

KEMP, Infant Mabel   -5-15-1916

KEMP, Albert Simpson 5-16-1885 5-3-1953 (carved rock)
    Parents; Wm. M. Kemp and Roena Wright
    Spouse: Adaline Thomason

KEMP, Della Lee 8-10-1873 4-20-1952 no marker 1996
    Parents; Tom Harrison and Mary Tatum
    Spouse: James M. Kemp md. 3-6-1892

KEMP, Ted 12-4-1907 12-15-1927
    (was marked in 1967 with large crystal stone)
    Parents: John Kemp and Cora Mathews
    Spouse: Nella Smitherman md. 1-17-1926

KEMP, James R. 5-6-1904 2-11-1989
    Pvt US Army World War II

KEMP, Robert V. 6-2-1919 11-15-1982
    Tec 5 US Army World War II
    Parents: Robert N. Kemp and Adeline Ballard
    Spouse: Geraldine Conrad md. 5-3-1941

KEMP, Adline Jane d. 1-11-1965 age 74 yrs 9 mos 26 days
    Caruth marker
    Parents: Thomas Ballard and Queen V. Ballard
    Spouse: Robert N. Kemp md. 12-3-1911

KEMP, Cora Lee 1923 1969 Gross marker
    Parents: Marion Johnson and Susie Willis

KEMP, Armenter R. 3-21-1928 10-24-1935

KEMP, Thomas    12/05/1939-08/24/1999    [from obituary] 2

KENNEDY, Joshua G. 10-10-1861 1-6-1954
    Parents: Robert Kennedy and America Arm Henry
    Spouse: Mattie Watson
KENNEDY, Mattie E. 6-2-1870 11-20-1935
    Parents: Fred Watson and Annice Talbert
    Spouse: Joshua G. Kennedy


KENT, T. S. 5-14-1851 3-28-1925
    Parents: H. Kent and ???
    Spouse: Nellie Raines

KENT, Luther 2-5-1878 7-4-1922
    Parents: T. S. Kent and Nellie Raines

KENT, Nellie (Raines) 1-11-1851 6-30-1931
    Spouse: T. S. Kent


KENT, Jossie 1864 1936

KENT, Ruby May 1919 (3-7)-1922
    Parents: J. M. Kent and ???

KENT, John Hollis 1-25-1889 12-8-1962    [yob and yod corr by pvh]
    Parents: Tom S. Kent and Nellie Raines
    Spouse: Stella Martin
KENT, Stella 9-1-1901 7-13-1985
    Parents: S. J. Martin and Cora Ann Johnson
    Spouse: John Hollis Kent

KENT, Arthur E. 2-5-1882 8-11- 1956
    Parents: Tom S. Kent and Nellie Raines

KENT, Thomas E.    4-21-1923 7-3-1998  [day of birth corr by pvh]
    h/o Karen Mahan

KERICH, John (1891) d. 8-31-1976 age 85 Caruth marker

KETCHUM, Emagene    05/27/1925-01/14/2004    [added by pvh]

KILLOUGH, Lacie 1920 1984

KIMBROUGH, Ervin Guy 12-23-1913 5-9-1964    first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Robert E. Kimbrough and Madie Willis
    Spouse: Junie Mae Hutson

KIMBROUGH, Junie Mae    10/11/1914-03/16/1999    [added by pvh] 2

KIMBROUGH, Utah 12-20-1937 4-24-2005
    Parents: Ervin Kimbrough and Junie Mae Hutson

KIMERY, Infant b and d 1941 Paul Heady marker
    Parents: C. W. Kimery and Lucy Leo Miricle

KING, George C. d. 12-18-1941
    Arkansas Pvt 1st Inf
    Spouse: Cyrena Rolfes md. 10-9-1930
KING, Cyrena Young 8-6-1891 2-20-1975

KING, J. H. 7-18-1854 11-13-1927

KINZY, Altia (Woodall) 1889 1910    [first name corr by pvh]
    Spouse: Jake Kinsey md. 12-24-1907

KINZY, Irean 1908 1909
    Parents: Jack Kinsey and Altia Woodall

KIRKSEY, Isaac Otto 8-24-1894 3-8-1963
    Arkansas Pvt 328 Aux Rmt Depot QMC World War I
    Spouse: Olive E. McNabb md. 8-23-1941    [day of marriage corr by pvh]
KIRKSEY, Olive E(lizabeth) 10-30-1890 12-28-1979    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: John T. McNabb and Josephine Byrd
    Spouse: Isaac Otto Kirksey

KOCH, Dean M.    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]
KOCH, George V.    01/18/1925-02/22/2002    [added by pvh]

KRECKER, Sandra G. 7-19-1946 8-7-1974
    Parents: August Krecker and Tabitha Zimmer

KREPELKA, Charles 3-23-1906 10-23-1972
    Parents: Karl Krepelka and Arbena Most

KUNST, Charles A. 7-5-1882 4-9-1963
    Parents: Charles Kunst and Sophia ???
    Spouse: Claudie Dunn
KUNST, Claudie C. 2-19-1887 8-13-1977
    Parents: Frank Dunn and Mary Knox
    Spouse: Charles A. Kunst

LAFONT, Mayme Elizabeth 9-13-1912 1-11-1973
    Parents: Andrew Jack Lafont and Lillie Bell Whigby
LAFONT, Lillie Belle 7-18-1891 3-31-1977
    Parents: James Thomas Whigby and Nancy Ellis

LAFONT, Andrew Jack 5-28-1880 3-2-1953
    Parents: Augusta and THeresa Godwin Lafont
    Spouse: Lillie Whigby md. 11-20-1911

LAIRD, Infant (concrete block)    [marker reads Nora Laira Infant]

LAIRD, Nora (concrete block)

LAKEY, Floyd S. 1-9-1924 5-8-1990
    Cpl US Army World War II

LAMB, Pearl E. 3-20-1892 2-8-1979
    Parents: A. J. Braughton and Mary Best
    Spouse: Charles M. Lamb

LAMMERS, Doyn H.   3-16-1921 - Open
    Spouse: Blanch Hunter md. 4-1-1942
LAMMERS, Blanch U. 4-7-1926 9-5-1975
    Parents: Allen Hunter and Betty Menser
    Spouse: Doyn H. Lammers

LANE, Thelma Pearl   11-10-1920 2-29-1996
    Parents: Algin Ford Johnson and Flora Lou Nolen
    Spouse: Marvin Lane md. 07/24/1941
LANE, Marvin Eugene    02-05-1919  03-22-2012    [added by pvh]
    Parents: John Thomas Lane and Evalee Rosella Stratton
    Spouse: Thelma Pearl Johnson

LANGFORD, Stella Marie 12-24-1956 7-3-1966
    Parents: Carroll Langford and Beatrice Hayes

LANGSTON, Elijah Ray    04/17/1943-01/06/1995    [middle name and full dates added by pvh]
    AT1 US Navy Vietnam
LANGSTON, Carolyn S.   [no date of death shown]

LAWRENCE, Edward 10-1-1880 3-1-1966

LAWRENCE, Millard 4-4-1883 12-22-1966

LAY, Marie b. and d. 1-3-1933

LAY, Melvin 7-17-1910 5-18-1998  2
    Parents: William Henry and Julia A. Lay
    Spouse: Irene Moore    md. 07/23/1932
LAY, Irene    07/12/1916-03/18/2005    [added by pvh]

LEATON, Raymond J.    (6-5) 1915 (1-30)-1981
    Parents: Henry Leaton and Nora Bell Logan
    Spouse: 1st Nina Lambert md. 1-4-1903
        2nd Ann Smith md. 8-23-1937
        3rd Lois I. Dalton md. 3-11-1939
LEATON, Lois I. 1918 - Open

LEATON, Henry 7-25-1873 11-16-1948
    Parents: Jim Leaton and Kitty Carlock
    Spouse: Nora Logan

LEATON, Marvin 5-17-1902 5-7-1922
    Parents: Henry Leaton and Nora Logan

LEATON, Nora B. 11-27-1881 2-11-1950
    Parents: Wm. C. Logan and ????

LEOPOLD, Effie Maxine 9-17-1925 4-19-1996
    Parents: Herman Garner and Ivella Wynn
    Spouse: 1st Gene Daniel
        2nd Joe Leopold

LETBETTER, Clifford   [no date of death shown]    [surname corr by pvh]
LETBETTER, Pat    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]

LEWIS, Virginia Lane    07-15-1942 05-06-2013    [added per obituary]
    Parents: Marvin Lane and Thelma Pearl Johnson

LOCKE, Ruth Young 1-8-1893 8-8-1929

LOCKE, George 1893 1975 Gross Marker

LOGAN, Merle E. Acord Moore    07-23-1916 11-25-2013    [added by pvh per obituary] 2
    Parents: Roy Acord and Delia Davis
    Spouse: Clyde Smith Moore and Denver George Logan

LONG, William I.   06-05-1845 7-30-1911    [month and day of birth corr by pvh]
LONG, Margaret M. 10-17-1844 9-17-1925

LOUTON, Lindsey D. 3-23-1918 8-10-1966
    Arkansas ___ USNR World War II
    Parents: John A. Louton and Gertrude Kemp
LOUTON, Muriel Mullings 10-29-1916 - Open

LOUTON, Infant b. and d. 9-25-1926
    Parents: John A. Louton and Gertrude Kemp

LOVEDAY, Albert L. 3-29-1919 11-8-1990
    Parents: Ernest Loveday and Emma Murders
    Spouse: Ruby Lee Parker md. 9-24-1937

LOVEDAY, Larry Eugene 12-31-1950 12-12-1975
    Parents: Albert Loveday and Ritiby Parker
    Spouse: Betty Bettis

LOWE, Lottie C. 10-31-1900 4-10-1979
    Parents: David S. Sigman and Martha Woodall
    Spouse: 1st Elmer Smith md. 06/13/1915
        2nd Will Lowe md. 07/01/1939

LOWE, William Mason 6-22-1890 9-19-1970
    Parents; Washington Lowe and Clara Steigler
    Spouse: Lottie Smith md. 7-1-1939

MACIAS, Adrian Esparza 2-26-1956 3-12-1979


MACKEY, Jessie W. b. and d. 1944 Gross marker    [date corr by pvh]
    Parents: Jessie Mackey and Marie Otwell

MACKEY, Infant b and d. 12-27-1943    Caruth marker
    Parents: Jessie Mackey and Marie Otwell

MACKEY, Mary F. 1938 1939 Gross marker
    Parents: Jessie Mackey and Marie Otwell

MACKEY, John O. 6-9-1909 3-29-1958 Gross Marker

MACOLLY, Paul N(athan) 8-18-1906 8-17-1970
    Parents: Nathan Macolly and Mary Flannagan

MAGGARD, Jesse K. 1-5-1897 6-9-1969
    Parents: Charles Maggard and Callie Wynn

MAHAFFEY, James B. 1-31-1920 6-22-1986
    45 th Inf. Div.

MAHAN, Alexander C. 7-28-1892 2-16-1957
    Parents; Henry W. Mahan and Nancy C. Rumage
    Spouse: Jeffie Maye Richardson
MAHAN, Jeffie Maye 3-4-1896 1-18-1955
    Parents: Robert K. Richardson and Julia C. Carey
    Spouse: Alexander C. Mahan

MAHAN, Vesta Marie    09/02/1934-08/09/2000    md. 09/30/1951    [added by pvh]
    MAHAN, Ira Columbus    [no date of death shown]

MANN, Mollie 8-14-1876 12-17-1936
    Spouse: James Loyd Mann md. 2-6-1898

MANN, Dewey E. 3-11-1900 8-6-1925
    Spouse: Armanda Kelly md. 2-24-1917

MANN, James Loyd 6-14-1877 4-12-1954
    Parents: Wm. P. Mann and Lucy Butler
    Spouse: 1st Mary Mollie Powell md. 2-6-1898
        2nd Dorothy Stewart md. 10-16-1939

MANN, Carolyn Sue b. and d. 1941
    (1-19-1941 6-18-1941 per Caruth record)
    Parents: Ira Mann and Hazel Parker

MANN, Merriel L.    11-30-1911 7-29-1966
    Arkansas Tec 5 Medical Department World War II
    Parents: Joseph D. Mann and Mollie Sanders
    Spouse: Opal Bettis md. 4-2-1938


MANN, Opal 2-13-1915 10-31-1959
    Parents: George Bettis and Mattie Powell
    Spouse: Merriel Mann md. 4-2-1938

MANN, Dorothy 12-30-1880 4-12-1939
    Parents: D. Livermore and Drew Wakefield
   Spouse: 1st ??? Stewart
   2nd J. L. Mann md. 10-16-1939

MANN, Winnie Jackson 2-14-1907 5-11-1996
   (Roller Ballard Funeral Home)
   Parents: John Jackson and Bell Elliott
   Spouse: Harvey J. Mann

MANN, Clifford 9-17-1902 5-16-1988
   Parents: James L. Mann and Mollie Powell
   Spouse: Ella Frances Washington md. 1-3-1925

MANN, Ella F. 3-6-1908 9-14-1953
   Parents: Frank Washington and Mary Hilton
   Spouse: Wm. C. Mann

MANN, Shelton "J. D." 10-19-1917 7-5-1966
   Arkansas PFC Co K 347 Inf Regt World War II; BSM - PH
   Parents; Joseph Mann and Mollie Sanders
   Spouse: Ruth Cora Saunders md. 2-22-1940
MANN, Ruth C. (Sanders) 7-18-1918 4-25-2007
   Parents: Thomas Gordon and Alice Nora Willy Sanders
   Spouse: Shelton Mann

MANN, R. B. 7-16-1915 10-25-1975
   US Navy World War II
   Parents: Wm. Mann and Ethel Brantley
   Spouse: 1st Edith Luker md. 11-24-1934
     2nd Imogene Stockton md. 9-30-1939

MANN, Vernon    08/06/1924-04/19/1999    [added by pvh] 2
    WWII and Korean War; 2 Silver Stars; 3 Purple Hearts    md. 04/23/1953
MANN, Virginia J.    09/15/1916-03/06/2001

MARITZ, Frank 7-11-1907 (1-3-1973)
    Parents: Frank Maritz and ????
    Spouse: Elizabeth Stasko
MARITZ, Elizabeth 11-22-1905 4-1-1971
    Parents: Wm. Stasko and ????
    Spouse: Frank Maritz

MARKHAM, Elmer    03/27/1907-04/20/1972
    Arkansas Sgt US Army World War II

MARKS, Ruth I.    01/05/1915-08/30/2006

MARTIN, Will S. no dates

MARTIN, Terrell H. no dates

MASON, Cecil M.    1-8-1886 4-28-1970

MASON, S. M. 8-20-1857 5-11-1932

MASON, Ida 2-9-1863 9-8-1946
    Parents: Lee Axton and ???
    Spouse: S. M. Mason

MASON, John Henry (10-17)-1889 (4-8)-1965

MASSEY, Thomas 11-3-1887 12-7-1965
    Parents: Harrison Massey and Laura Ann Bray
    Spouse: Edna Kemp md. 5-4-1913
MASSEY, Edna L. 11-6-1889 - Open
    Parents: Sin L. Kemp and Susan M. Pittman
    Spouse: Thomas Massey

MATHIS, Lora (2-20)-1905 (3-7)-1937
    Proctor Funeral Home marker
    Parents: S. T. Moorehead and Frances Swans
    Spouse: Orbie Mathis md. 3-27-1922

MATHIS, Hardy A. 2-18-1875 4-21-1954    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Neal Mathis and ??
    Spouse: Ludie Hughes
MATHIS, Ludie P. 10-1-1888 10-29-1970
    Spouse: Hardie A. Mathis

MATHIS, Orbie A. (9-6)-1905 (8-21)-1965
    Spouse: 1st Lora Moorehead md. 3-27-1922
        2nd Edith Shamo md. 9-12-1937
        3rd Ida Bell Hardin

MAYFIELD , Mae M. (5-3)-1905 (11-22)-1963
    Parents: Wm. Allen McDaniel and Isabelle Looper

McCALL, Garland L. 11-15-1908 12-27-1985

McCALL, Martha M. 1-10-1912 1-8-1992

McCLARD, Maxine Boyd    12/09/1925-03/02/2004    [added by pvh] 2

McCLARD, Patrick 3-17-1923 8-26-1986
    Parents: James A. McClard and Elizabeth Birmingham
    Spouse: 1st Francis Bearfield md. 8-15-1942
        2nd Maxine Boyd

McCOLLUM, Sherlock H. 4-4-1905 5-20-1972
    Parents: Oscar McCollum and Rosa Kelley
    Spouse: Thelma Hale md. 04/04/1926    [surname and mar date added by pvh]

McCOLLUM, Mearl F. 11-6-1916 10-08-1995    [dod added by pvh]
    Tec 5 US Army World War II
    Spouse: Syble Hampton md. 12-17-1939
McCOLLUM, Syble T. (Hampton) 12-10-1919 - 01-05-2013    [dod added by pvh]

McCONAGHIE, Mary Margaret (8-7)-1900 (3-22)-1953
    Parents: James McConaghie and Jessie McConon

McCREARY, Ewing Finnis 11-4-1912 10-19-1974    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Kenneth McCreary and Ruth M. Guthrie
    Spouse: Helen Rose ??
McCREARY, Helen Rose 10-4-1918 - 12/08/2002    [dod added by pvh]

McCRORY, Colleen F. 9-14-1928 5-01-1974    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Jack McCrory and Pearl Hickory

McDANIEL, Carl Eugene b and d. 1951 (10-9-1951 10-28-1951)
    Gross marker
    Parents: William E. McDaniel Sr. and Betty Ward    [mother's name corrected by pvh]

McDANIEL, Sarah B. b. and d. 1948 (10-5-1948 12-1-1948)
    Gross marker
    Parents. William E. McDaniel and Betty Ward    [mother's name corrected by pvh]

McDANIEL, William Edgar "Willie," Jr.  12-07-1949 08-23-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: William E. McDaniel and Betty Gene Ward

McDOUGAL, Wayne W. 4-1-1925 4-3-1978
    Parents: John McDougal and Lenora Tapp
    Spouse: Eddie Bowman md. 9-4-1942
McDOUGAL, Eddie F.   07-11-1927 - Open    [month of birth corr by pvh]

McGEE, Laura Alice (Hoffner) 11-27-1883 10-23-1928

McGEE, Fred 12-27-1883 10-3-1951
    Parents: John McGee and ???
    Spouse: Laura A. Hoffner

McGEE, Robert Stanley 1931 1977
    PFC U S Army Korea

McGEE, Charles E. 7-14-1904 9-30-1985    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    [marker shows McGree, but McGee is correct]
    Pvt US Army World War II
    Parents: Fred McGee and Laura Alice Hoffner
    Spouse: Ruby Land md. 3-15-1939


McGregor, Gregor Allan    09/10/1892-04/20/1973    [added by pvh]

McHAN, John 1937 d. 4-9-1995 age 58
    Caruth marker

McHAN, John b. and d. 12-10-1980
    Caruth marker
    Parents: John S. McHan and Gwenda Sargent

McKINNEY, Jackie L. 1-28-1923 - 04/08/2005
    Loving Wife of Kenneth McKinney
    Parents: Eary E. Smith and Nora Jines

McKINNEY, Kenneth J. 12-10-1912 4-1-1971
    Arkansas Sgt 9301 Tech SVC Unit World War II
    Parents: Sam McKinney and Nevada Wells
    Spouse: Jackie Lindell

McKINNEY, Samuel G. 3-25-1880 5-30-1952
    Parents: Ruben McKinney and Mary Nancy Cogburn
    Spouse: Nevada Wells

McKINNEY, Nevadie E. 8-3-1887 5-30-1976
    Parents: Tom Wells and Mary ???

McKINNEY, Manuel S. 10-10-1910 6-16-1994
    Spouse: Kathryn Buck

McKINNEY, Kathryn Inez 12-6-1918 11-13--1986
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: John Collin Buck and Ina Harkey

McLAIN, Ira Dale    12/02/1882-08/16/1967
    [from Gross Funeral Home records compiled by Lewis Stephens]

McNABB, John Thomas 11-16-1867 6-4-1932

McNISH, Harry H. 12-26-1879 11-27-1961

McQUEEN, Mary (9-12)- 1909 (6-8)-1973

MEACHUM, Arthur  2-17-1915 3-6-1979
    Parents: Melvin Meachum and Dora Kelly

MELANCEN, William James    08/21/1941-11/03/1971

MENSER, Bert L. 8-18-1912 6-15-1971
    Parents: C. G. Menser and Vinnie Lea
    Spouse: 1st Lena Bradshaw md. 1-13-1934
        2nd Ulene Owens md. 7-3-1939

MENSER, U. Grant 2-11-1883 7-3-1953
    Parents: Dan Menser and Sarah Russ
    Spouse: Zamie Sigman md. 6-23-1907

MENSER, Zemmie 7-17-1887 11-23-1966
    Parents: David Sigman and Martha E. Woodall

MENSER, Clarence 12-2-1908 8-10-1925

MENSER, John O. 5-3-1871 12-24 -1960
    Parents: Dan Menser and Sarah Russ
    Spouse: Cora Simmons
MENSER, Cora L. 1-1-1876 9-30-1946
    Parents: Wm. Simmons and Susie Armstrong

MENSER, Henry 11-29-1899 12-31-1914

MENSER, Infant    [added by pvh]

MENSER, S(arah) M. (Russ) 1-9-1846 1-1-1911
    Spouse: Dan Menser

MENSER, Delila 12-15-1877 6-10-1964
    Parents: Samuel Menser and Sarah Russ
    Spouse: ??? Kirby

MENSER, S.(oloman) W. 5-3-1861 6-2-1936
    Spouse: Elvis Rouse md. 8-25-1891


MENSER, Elvira (Kennedy) 2-15-1850 12-15-1933
    Spouse: 1st Henry Dandridge Rouse
        2nd Solomon Menser

MENSER, Marvin   (d. 2-4-1932 in Garland County)    [first name corr by pvh]

MENSER, Dewey 3-31-1901 6-20-1932
    Parents: Kirby Menser and Lydia Brown

MERCHANT, Carrol Dean 1-16-1904 9-6-1904    [first name corr by pvh]

MERCHANT, W. S. 4-16-1865 3-27-1931
    Spouse: Martha A. Payne md. 1-6-1901

MERCHANT, Martha Annie (10-12)-1876 (7-20)-1960
    Parents: James Payne and Elvira ??

MERRITT, Louis H. (10-8)-1908 (1-27)-1972 Gross Marker
    Parents; Harry B. Merritt and A. H. Pottery

MESSLER, Frank 9-9-1900 6-6-1970

MILLER, Willie (10-18-1892) 11-21-1968
    Parents: Thaddus Miller and Janie Yarbow
    Spouse: Canna Mitchell
MILLER, Cannie (1-19-1898) 1-19-1987    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: John Mitchell and Betty Jane Whisenhunt

MILLER, G. W. 1-6-1869 1-2-1938
    Parents: Arthur Miller and Mary Ullman
MILLER, Emma C. 10-23-1869 3-23-1945
    Parents: Frank Rawls and Rebecca Wakley

MILLER, Peter (6-9)-1888 (12-6)-1961

MILLER, (Wm.) Henry   6-7-1901 8-28-1979
    Parents; James T. Miller and Nannie Mitchell
    Spouse: Maggie
MILLER, Maggie (Jane)   7-27-1901 1-1-1995 2

MILLER, Winona    02/22/1919-08/03/2003    [added by pvh]

MILLIKAN, George (3-15)-1893 (10-26)-1983
    Gross marker

MILLIORN, James B. 1-4-1844 7-3-1933
    Co E 34 Regt Miss Inf CSA

MINOZZO, Matteo 7-3-1892 5-28-1986
    Parents; Jon Batisita Minozzo and Madalena Boris
MINOZZO, Olga 10-9-1895 9-1-1987

MINOZZO, Giustina 2-5-1879 3-12-1976    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Bidese Alessio and ????

MITCHELL, Martha M. (12-22-1944 3-7-1945)    Caruth funeral home record
    Concrete block—no dates
    Parents: Porter Mitchell and Laura Abbott

MITCHELL, Ernest T. (1-21)-1876 (11-29)-1955

MITCHELL, Gus (2-3)-1872 (4-10)-1963

MOONEY, Elbert N. 12-26-1920 09-02-1989 2
    S Sgt. US Army World War II
    Parents: Harvey N. Mooney and Ada M. Helms
    Spouse: Norma Jo Parker
MOONEY, Norma Jo 11-14-1925 01-05-1950
    Parents: Albert Pike and Elizabeth Crump

MOONEY, Ada Lou b. and d. 11-15-1938


MOONEY, Harvey N. 12-7-1883 7-12-1965
    Parents: Zebuton J. Mooney and Sarah Elizabeth Virdin
    Spouse: Addie Helms md. 11-26-1909
MOONEY, Ada M. 12-17-1893 12-20-1939    [middle initial corr by pvh]
    Parents: Adam Helms and Mary Gullett
    Spouse: Harvey N. Mooney

MOORE, Ernest T. 11-6-1889 11-21-1980
    Parents: James S. Moore and Delila Brannon
    Spouse: Lillie Castleman
MOORE, Lillie A. 3-28-1889 11-19-1978
    Parents: James Castleman and Rosie Murphy
    Spouse: Ernest T. Moore
MOORE, Margie M. 7-4-1922 10-8-1997
    Parents: Ernest Moore and Lillie A. Castleman

MOORE, Clyde S. 8-28-1911 8-18-1972Parents: Craven Moore and Selma Smith
    Spouse: Merle

MOORE, Dalila H. (nee Brannon) 1855 1930    [first name corr by pvh]
    Spouse: James S. Moore

MOORE, Daniel Lee b. and d. 3-20-1974 or 1978
    Parents: Donald Moore and Shannon??

MOORE, Lowell E. 5-30-1924 9-30-1989
    Cpl US MARINE Corps World War II
    Parents: Ernest Moore and Lillie Castleman

MOORE, Alma Jean 9-14-1917 10-18-1993

MOORE, Oscar L(uther) 11-1-1908 11-11-1991
    Parents: Ernest Moore and Lillie A. Castleman
    Spouse: Opal Harmon md. 10-2-1927

MOORE, Opal D(ell) 5-25-1912 3-18-2006
    Parents: James Andrew Harmon and Mittie Clark

MORGAN, Jackie J. b. and d. 4-18-1944 concrete block
    Parents: Jack Morgan and Emma Hays


MORPHEW, Robert L. 3-22-1926 8-31-1959
    Arkansas Pvt U S MARINE Corps World War II
    Parents: Lee Morphew and Bessie Williams
    Spouse: Marjorie E. Phetteplace md. 12-24-1942

MORPHEW, Marjorie Elizabeth 11-11-1925 1-31-2007 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Guy Coon Phetteplace and Ella Mae Winston
    Children: Robert Wayne, Michael Alan, Linda , and Patricia

MORPHEW, (Henry) Clay 8-31-1862 2-2-1938
    Parents: Silas Morphew
    Spouse: 1st Nancy Jane Blakley md. ca 1895 d. 1897

MORPHEW, Chester 4-4-1897 8-26-1978
    Parents: Henry Clay Morphew and Nancy J. Blakley
    Spouse: Alla Phillips m. 9-16-1915
MORPHEW, Alla 3-15-1897 4-29-1978
    Parents: James Phillips and Rosie Tharp

MORPHEW, (Festus) Woodley 4-23-1917 7-12-2009 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Chester Morphew and Alla Phillips
    Spouse: Mildred Shirley
MORPHEW, Mildred 9-29-1921 8-5-1990
    Parents: Roy Shirley and Lola M. Kemp
    (Parents of Don Morphew and Susie Morphew Boyett)

UNMARKED MORPHEW, Lawson F. Rev. 12-3-1869 8-8-1933
    Parents: Cylas Morphew and Mary Ann Riley
    Spouse: Mary A. Braughton m. 4-3-1892
    [There is a marker for Lawson F. Morphew showing 1892-1933 which has to be incorrect for dob as he married Mary in 1892.]

MORPHEW, Emma 8-18-1860 3-21-1946
    Parents: Thomas Terrell and ????

MORPHEW, ? Loyd R. 5-27-1860 1-8-1935
    Parents: Silas Morphew (b. 1827) and Mary Ann Riley
    Spouse: Emma Terrell m. ca 1893

MORPHEW, Mary E. 10-6-1874 6-14-1948
    Parents: John Braughton and Betty Rogers
    Spouse: Lawson F. Morphew m. 4-3-1892


MOSES, Jewel Irene 4-21-1911 9-3-1912    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: James Moses and Dicy Ellen Miller

MOSES, James W. 1-28-1861 12-18-1945
    Spouse: Dicy Ellen Miller

MOSES, Dicy Ellen 3-9-1872 2-6-1962
    Parents: Alex Miller and Dicy Fulton
    (Alex is reported to have ridden with the James Brothers)

MOSHER, Ernest M. 4-1-1871 1-20-1963

MOUNCE, William H. 8-30-1881 11-16-1962
    Parents: Wm. J. Mounce and Sarah Tucker
MOUNCE, Verda C. 9-8-1893 (9-28-1976) NFHI

MOURTON, Martha E. 10-10-1833 4-24-1922
    Spouse: John Mourton

UNMARKED GRAVE MOURTON, Ike 1860 10-25-1927 per Gross
    Parents: J. W. Mourton and Martha _____

MULLINGS, Willard J. 4-4-1923 6-30-1972
    Parents: E. Julian Mullings and Cora Cozart
    Spouse: Arlene

MULLINGS, Kermit H. 9-11-1941 3-10-1947
    Parents: Edward Julian Mullings and Cora Cozart

MULLINGS, E. Julian 2-21-1887 8-6-1952
    Parents: Jonas Mullings and Virginia Howton
    Spouse: Cora Cozart m. 9-15-1915
MULLINGS, Cora D. 9-19-1895 5-29-1976
    Spouse: Charles Cozart and Mary B. ?

MULLINGS, Keith Dwayne    09/11/1968-09/15/2001    [added by pvh]

MULLINS, Willie Nigh 9-23-1905 8-15-1978
    Cpl US Army World War II
    Parents: Eli Mullins and Etta Rutter
    Spouse: Mildred
MULLINS, Mildred Hainsworth  8-3-1919 - 02/22/2002    [dod added by pvh]

MULLINS, Debra Marie 4-20-1974 4-2-1976 (picture)
    Parents: Harry Mullins and Carolyn Koch

MULLINS, Donald Wayne    b. and d. 3-19-1951    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Roy Mullins and Eugenia Braughton

MULLINS, Roy P. 11-25-1925 8-16-1974
    PFC US ARMY World War II
    Parents: Albert Lee Mullins and ???
    Spouse: Eugenia Braughton

MURDERS, Lucille Abbott 4-30-1921 10-23-2005
    Parents: Willie Allen Abbott and Etta Viola Cass
    Spouse: Ralph Murders

MURRAY, Joseph J. (6-19) 1898 (5-28) 1965
    Gross marker
    Spouse: Edna Grace Jones

MURRAY, Larkin James 2-18-1886 7-17-1942
    Parents: Alex Murray and Dorothy Bolden
    Spouse: Nancy Drake

MURRAY, Nannie D. 11-11-1893 6-4-1973
    Parents: Dr. Henry Drake and Louise V. James

MURRAY, Hal Hugh 1-31-1932 11-25-1978
    Parents: Larkin J. Murray and Nancy Drake

MURRAY, Infant (12-27) 1941
    Parents: John Murray and Ethel M. Fields

MURRAY, Nancy Mae 07/15/1923 - 08/07/1931
Parents: Larkin Murray and Nancy Drake

MURRAY, Franklin Dedric 12-6-1859 10-10-1933
    Parents: I. Murray and Malinda Bashett
    Spouse: Martha Stallones

MURRAY, Martha E. 8-21-1875 1-26-1957
    Parents: Wm. Stallones and Amanda Box

MURRAY, Augusta 1920 1932

UNMARKED MURRAY, Virgle 1909 8-26-1930
    Parents: F. D. Murray and Martha Stallones

MURRAY, James Earl (11-27) 1925 (6-19) 1927
    Parents: J. H. Murray and Agnes Hopper

MURRAY, Infant Twins 1924

MURRAY, William F. 8-1-1914 4-20-1972
    Parents: Larkin J. Murray and Nancy Drake
    Spouse: Idena
MURRAY, Idena    1916-200    [added by pvh]

MURRAY, Bro. Wm. 10-9-1847 11-3-1941
    Parents: Donald Murry and Elizabeth ??

NASH, Ora Lee 9-25-1907 5-18-1985


NEAL, Willie Arvil 7-4-1922 7-5-1922

NELSON, Clorie 12-12-1914 1-18-1973    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: George Condrey and Lillie Berger

NELSON, Catherine 5-22-1834 11-27-1924
    (nee Wakely, wife of William Nelson)

NELSON, Beatrice (7-16) 1908 (4-7) 1940
    Parents: Burrell Cozart and Cora Thompson

NELSON, Nels (6-22) 1894 (2-9) 1980
    Gross Marker


NEWKIRK, Geraldine 7-18-1924 1-14-1929

NEWKIRK, John Thomas 7-14-1887 10-4-1931
    Spouse: Margaret Pittman
NEWKIRK, Margaret J. 9-4-1890 10-15-1973
    Parents: Marshall Pittman and Deborah Webb

NOLEN, John W. 12-9-1868 6-25-1949
    Parents: Wm. Nolen and Martha Revis
    Spouse: Fannie Braughton md. ca 1894

NOLEN, Fannie C. 11-4-1878 2-6-1968
    Parents: Thomas Braughton and Mary E. Parker

NORMAN, W. Wayne 5-11-1938 11-20-2009    [dod from obituary]
    Parents: Charlene Markham
    Spouse: Charlotte Bledsoe md. 2-24-1956
        Patricia Garibaby md. 1991
NORMAN, Charlotte Bledsoe 11-27-1938 5-23-1991    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Lawrence Bledsoe and Burva Graham

OAKS, Elmer 5-9-1912 9-6-1915

O’BRIEN, Tom (1-12) 1890 (5-6) 1975
    Gross marker NFHI

OLIVER, Paul Edward 2-03-1936 9-15-1980    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Ben Oliver and Lillian Catlett

OLIVER, Benjamin F. (2-3) 1900 (10-30) 1968
    Parents: John Oliver and Mary Marion
    Spouse: Lillian Catlett md. 7-24-1922
OLIVER, Lillian L.    1907 1976
    Parents: Wm. Catlett and Amanda Fleming

OLIVER, Anna Sue 4-17-1943 8-11-1943
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Ben Oliver and Lillian Catlett

OLIVER, Ruby Lee 7-23-1945 8-19-1945
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Ben Oliver and Lillian Catlett

OLIVER, Allen Ray 10-29-1941 11-24-1964

OLIVER, Alonzo 4-4-1903 3-19-1941
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: John Oliver and Mary Marion

OLIVER, Willie H. 2-4-1897 1-14-1979
    Pvt US ARMY World War I
    Parents: John Oliver and Mary Marion
    Spouse: Nora Ellis Rawls

OLIVER, Nora E. 3-23-1908 3-24-1987
    Parents: Robert Rawls and Sarah Reed

OLIVER, Thomas E. 9-19-1951 7-20-1988
    Parents: Roy Oliver and Mary Shirley


OLIVER, Infant d. 9-1980 Caruth funeral home marker

OLIVER, James L.    [no date of death shown]    md 09/12/1949    [added by pvh]
OLIVER, Marjorie M.    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]


OLIVER, Herbert D. (7-19) 1960 (6-23) 1961
    Parents: Herbert Y. Oliver and Murlene Casteel

OLIVER, Joshua Paul    06-24-1981 06-27-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

OMAN, Ted (9-17) 1886 (2-19) 1979    Gross marker

OREM, Martha J. 2-22-1923 10-14-1985

OTWELL, Ernest Thomas 12-23-1913 4-15-1964
    Arkansas S2 USNR World War II
    Parents: Charles Otwell and Rose Caton
    Spouse: Ruth Randolph m. 8-1-1937

OTWELL, Brenda K. b. and d. 4-27-1953
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: E. T. Otwell and Ruth Randolph

OTWELL, J. T.    07/24/1928-04/01/2002    [added by pvh]

OTWELL, William T. (09-?-)1872 (02-07)1940 Gross marker
    Parents: Wm. J. Otwell and Mary Grisby

OTWELL, Susan P. 3-1-1845 5-14-1916    [yr of death added by pvh]
    Spouse: W. J. Otwell

OTWELL, W(illiam) J(oseph) 7-30-1846 8-20-1925
    Spouse: 1st Mary Priscilla Beason
        2nd Susan Jane Blakely

OTWELL, Sarah (Jane) Blakely 2-4-1846 1-4-1926
    Spouse: W. J. Otwell

OTWELL, Willie 2-9-1906 11-8-1906    [first name and day of birth corr by pvh]

OTWELL, Odda Samuel 5-2-1910 2-9-1911    [first name and day of birth corr by pvh]

OTWELL, Bertie Ellen 12-25-1920 6-14-1921
    Parents: Charles W. Otwell and Rosie Caton

OTWELL, Baby b. and d. 1952 Gross marker

OTWELL, Charles W. 1878 1947    Gross marker
    Parents: W. Joe Otwell and Mary Beason
    Spouse 1st: Maggie ? Garrett md. 7-3-1898
        2nd Rose Caton md. ??

OTWELL, Rosie 4-30-1884 8-6-1938
    Parents: Benjamin Caton and Barbara Shy

OTWELL, Robert L. (07-08)-1922 (12-30)-1968
    Parents: Charles Otwell and Rose Caton
    Spouse: Norma J. ??

OTWELL, Paul Sr. 6-14-1921 11-14-1989
    PFC US ARMY World War II
    Parents: Joe Otwell and Carrie Butler
    Spouse: Helen M. Truchley

OTWELL, Helen 9-17-1929 4-28-2008 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Alois John Truchley and Veronica Horobeck

OTWELL, Joe W. 11-05-1900 6-15-1960    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Spouse: Carrie Butler md. 5-30-1920
OTWELL, Carrie 9-14-1897 7-23-1974
    Parents: Joseph Butler and Nancy Mann

OTZINGER, Albert J. (3-3) 1908 (4-3)-1981
    Parents: George Otzinger and Mary Fleischman

OUTLER, John Rosten Sr.    7-28-1925 5-6-1995
    Cpl US Marine Corps World War II
OUTLER, Judy Hazel    09/12/1925-12/24/2003    [dod added by pvh from SSDI]

OUTLER, Van R. (8-18) 1903 (12-21) 1982
    Parents: John Outler and Sibbie Snodgrass
    Spouse: Lonnie McKaughin md. 9-6-1924

OUTLER, Lonnie E. (6-3) 1908 (8-28) 1972
    Parents: Frank McKaughin and Pearl Johnson

OVERBY, L. J. 8-18-1884 5-17-1932
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: T. W. Overby and ????
    Spouse: Eula Cozart md. 8-4-1922

OVERBY, Wanda S. 11-15-1914 10-22-1977
    Parents: Spruce Koontz and Lula Gibson

OWEN, S. H. (3-19) 1864 (1-16) 1933
    Parents: P. W. Owen and Zella Crawford
    Spouse: Grace House

OWEN, Grace (6-15) 1882 (10-18) 1964
    Parents: Delbert House and ????

OWENS, William Oscar 5-21-1890 4-15-1939
    Spouse: Myrtle Garrett md. 3-10-1911

OWENS, Oscar 9-27-1881 10-9-1962

PADGETT, Wilbur D. 3-3-1920 11-10-1992
    US ARMY World War II
    Parents: Al Padgett and Gertrude Fendley
    Spouse: 1st Lois Sheets md. 12-20-1940
        2nd Gussie Finley Deal

PADGETT, Lois I.    2-25-1992 8-18-1968
Parents: George Sheets and Susan Thacker

PALMER, Annie L. 9-29-1887 b. Whitfield Co., GA. 12-19-1989    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: John T. McNabb and Josphine Byrd
    Spouse: Henry Palmer

PARKER. Infant (Baby girl) b. and d. 7-29-1919
    Parents: Ernest Parker and Sarah Avant

PARKER, Arthur Lucien 9-18-1920 7-12-1921
    Parents: Ernest Parker and Sarah Avant

PARKER, Dennis S. 1913 1993

PARKER, Harry (12-17) 1886 (6-7) 1958
    Parents: Henry S. Parker and Bell R. Roach
    Spouse: Ada Payne

PARKER, Ada May (7-1) 1896 (7-13) 1973
    Parents: Charles Andrew Payne and Margaret Anderson

PARKER, Robert P. 2-6-1890 10-12-1942
    Parents: Henry Simpson Parker and Bell R. Roach
    Spouse: Minnie Cozart md. 9-14-1916

PARKER, Minnie Lee 1-21-1897 5-11-1988
    Parents: Burrell Cozart and Cora B. Thomason
    Spouse: Robert P. Parker

PAUL, Elizabeth Ann    6-30-1940 12-10-1970
    Parents: Irby M. Bryan and Luda Ward
    Spouse: James Larry Paul

PAYNE, Charles A. 1872 1941 2
    Spouse: Margarette Anderson

PAYNE, Jane Margarette (Anderson) 1873 1949
    Spouse: Charles A. Payne

PAYNE, Clarence Edgar 2-17-1903 12-29-1959
    Spouse: Iva Smith md. 5-26-1923

PAYNE, Tom B. 6-8-1892 5-6-1976
    Parents: Dillard Payne and ???
    Spouse: Juanita ??

PEARCY, Samuel L. 1-14-1864 3-13-1923
    Parents: S. L.? Pearcy and Charlotte ??
    Spouse: Mary Pittman md ca 1880


PEARCY, Mary E. 11-7-1861 10-31-1922
    Parents: N. W. Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: Samuel L. Pearcy


PEDEN, Ted T. 9-24-1914 11-14-1973
    Arkansas PFC US ARMY World War II    SS - BSM - PH
    Parents: Andrew Peden and Pearl Roach
    Spouse: 1st Mildred Newton md. 1-28-1933
        2nd Helen Mann md. 7-18-1936
PEDEN, Helen E. 11-15-1919 6-9-2009 (dod added per obituary)
    Parents: William Mann and Ethel Brantley
    Spouse: Ted T. Peden

PEDEN, Alvin Vernon, Sr. 10-7-1910 2-16-1972
    Parents: Andrew Peden and Pearl Roach
    Spouse: Rhea Mann md. 12-19-1929
PEDEN, Rhea Alta "Marie" 5-23-1914 3-19-1972    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Wm. Mann, Jr. and Ethel Brantley

PEDEN, A(lvin) V. (Jr.) "Pete"  1-4-1931 5-14-1995
    Parents: Alvin V. Peden and Rhea Alta Mann
PEDEN, Gladys L.    09/22/1932-10/02/2004    [added by pvh; dod from SSDI]

PEKKALA, Adolph d. 12-26-1963 age 83
    Caruth funeral home marker

PENNINGTON, Vador M. 8-22-1893 12-3-1899
    Parents: Aaron Pennington and Mary Summers
PENNINGTON, Baby    02/14/1901-02/14/1901    [added by pvh]
    It only showed the name Baby, but was on same marker as Vador Pennington

PENNINGTON, Aaron 1857 1930
    Parents: Martin Pennington and Martha Tackett
    Spouse: Mary Summer md. ca 1886

PENNINGTON, Mary (1-20) 1858 (1-4) 1945
    Parents: Taylor Summers and Mispar Pennington
    Spouse: Aaron Pennington

PENNINGTON, Massey W. 4-12-1902 7-30-1971
    Parents: Aaron Pennington and Mary Summers
    Spouse: 1st Verna Hobby md. 6-10-1918
    2nd Ruth Acord md. 11-15-1937

PENNINGTON, David Atwell, Jr. 9-27-1921 10-26-1973
    Parents: David A. Pennington and Clara Fagan

PENNINTON, David Atwell, Sr. 1-7-1891 4-21-1962
    Parents: Aaron Pennington and Mary Summers
    Spouse: Clara Fagan md. 8-30-1914
PENNINGTON, Clara W. 6-23-1895 12-11-1978
    Parents: Will Fagan and Nancy Hughes

PENNINGTON, Mary Helen 9-12-1919 9-6-1921
    Parents: David A. Pennington and Clara Fagan


PENNINGTON, Infant Son    -09/22/1964
    Parents: Jerry Pennington and Joanne

PENOR, Russell H. 6-23-1918 5-19-1986
    Parents: Richard Penor and Enid E. Russell
    Spouse: Dorothy Jean ???

PENOR, Enid E. 1897 1983
    Parents: Elmer Russell and Mary A. Roblee
    Spouse: Richard Penor

PETERS, Pauline d. 5-22-194?

PETTY, May 1888 (picture) (7-6) 1947

PETTY, Floyd (10-7) 1890 (6-10) 1961 (picture)
    Parents: Martin Petty and Fannie Tackett
    Spouse: May ????

PETTY, G(eorge) C. 4-19-1900 10-19-1958
    Parents: Martin Petty and Fannie Tackett
    Spouse: 1st Elsie Mc Bride md. 7-23-1921
        2nd Josephine ??
        3rd Myrtle ??

PETTY, Myrtle 9-1-1904 2-1-1956 NFHI
    Spouse: George C. Petty

PETTY, Melvin (5-14) 1885 (1-30) 1969
    Parents: Martin Petty and Fannie Tackett
    Spouse: Leola Lawler md. 2-21-1909

PETTY, Leola (6-5) 1894 (2-27) 1982
    Parents: Archibald Lawler and America Polk

PETTY, Wilma 6-25-1919 11-7-1921

PETTY, Thomas 5-7-1894 1-28-1913

PETTY, Kirk (3-7-1894) 8-26-1926 age 32
    Arkansas Corp 2 d Eng.
    Parents: Marin Kirk Petty and Fannie Tackett
    Spouse: Sarah Frances Thomason md. 12-20-1919

PETTY, Martin D. 3-15-1854 2-5-1935
    Parents: Andrew Jackson Petty and Delila Pennington
    Spouse: Fannie Tackett

PETTY, Mary F. 6-6-1859 7-11-1938
    Parents: Link Tackett and ??? Pennington

PETTY, Kirk (Jr.) 4-16-1926 8-8-1990
    Parents: Kirk Petty and Sarah F. Thomason
    Spouse: Mildred Lee

PETTY, Sarah Frances 3-27-1898 12-7-1956
    Parents: ??? Thomason and Angeline ???
    Spouse: Kirk Petty

PETTY, Carl Vernon 9-2-1922 8-8-1987
    Parents: Kirk Petty and Sarah F. Thomason
    Spouse: Winnie Ray (She married 1st Amos F. Meredith)

PETTY, Paul 9-25-1920 10-5-1989
    Parents: Kirk Petty and Sarah F. Thomason
    Spouse: Bessie Thurman

PETTY, Bessie E. 8-23-1918 4-26-1984
    Parents: King Thurman and Ida Scarbury
    Spouse: Paul Petty

PEVEHOUSE, L(awrence) G(rady) (9-28) 1907 (3-18) 1991    [surname corr by pvh]
    Parents: Whitney Peveyhouse and Kitty Miller

PEVEHOUSE, James Knox 2-2-1900 2-28-1978    [surname corr by pvh based on SSDI]
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Whitney Peveyhouse and Kitty Miller

PHAGAN, Howard Wayne    1941-1981    [added by pvh]
    PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam

PHENIA, James Henry 11-22-1865 2-27-1936
    Parents: ??? Phenia and Kathryn M. Griffin
    Spouse 2nd: Arthia Elizabeth Meeks md 1894 b. May 2,1878

PHENIA, Pamelia C. 2-17-1832 5-11-1920

PHENIA, Hazel B. 6-11-1916 3-30-1917

PHETTEPLACE, Ella 3-7-1899 5-2-1967
    Parents: F. E. Wilson (Winston) and Mary E. Crutchfield
    Spouse: Odell Phetteplace md. 12-31-1927

PHILLIPS, Lewis A. 10-9-1943 12-2-1977
    Spouse: Delores Carpenter

PHILLIPS, Kevin Ray 9-12-1971 6-9-2007
    Parents: Lewis A. Phillips and Delores Carpenter
    Spouse: Charitie Murray

PHILLIPS, Thomas W. 2-28-1884 2-28-1970
    Parents; Charles Phillips and Nancy Jane Smith
    Spouse: Roxie Allen md. 4-18-1907
PHILLIPS, Roxie L. (Allen) 11-21-1890 2-17-1981

PHILLIPS, Charles W. 4-9-1839 5-11-1930
    Spouse: Nancy Jane Smith
PHILLIPS, Nancy J. 8-31-1849 (4-13-1933)

PHILLIPS, Leota Mae    11/03/1926-06/23/1942    [dates corr by pvh]

PHILLIPS, Wallace M. (11-27) 1897 NFHI (6-2) 1975
    Gross marker
    Parents: Charles W. Phillips and Nancy J. Smith

PHILLIPS, Cadway 6-22-1892 4-4-1972
    Parents: Charles W. Phillips and Nancy J. Smith
    Spouse: Fannie Strickland
PHILLIPS, Fannie Mae     3-11-1909 10-2-1959    [dob corr by pvh]
    Parents: George Strickland and Viola Honeycutt

UNMARKED PHILLIPS, Ida 8-6-1906 2-2-1970
    Parents: Wm. F. Mayberry and Dillia Lenderman
    Spouse: 1st Tom Tucker
        2nd Wylie Anderson
        3rd Marion Phillips

PHILLIPS. O. J. 9-10-1926 10-6-1979
    Parents: Robert Phillips and Sadie Kirby
    Spouse: Melba ??? md 1-22-1949
PHILLIPS, Melba E. 10-11-1928 - Open

PIERSON, Zola 1896 1983 Gross marker
    Parents: Lawson Roberts and Emma Asher
    Spouse: Orville L. Pierson

PITTMAN, Ernest E. 7-6-1909 - 01/26/2001    [dod added by pvh]
    Parents: Newit E. Pittman and Laura Mahan
    Spouse: Dora M. Sanders md. 5-4-1929
PITTMAN, Dora M. 5-26-1912 7-19-1980
    Parents: Harry E. Sanders and Minnie Morgan

PITTMAN, William Richard 10-25-1887 1-17-1966
    Parents: Newt E. Pittman and Laura Mahan
    Spouse: Lillie Shirley md. 4-21-1907
PITTMAN, Lillie A. 8-21-1887 11-19-1974

PITTMAN, Adrienne M. 3-28-1918 5-4-1991    [dob could be 03/23/1918]

PITTMAN, John (J.) Sr. 1896 1963
    Parents: Henry T. Pittman and Minnie Swearingin
    Spouse: Laura Snow Hale
PITTMAN, Laura S. 1901 - 1993    [dod added by pvh]

PITTMAN, John, Jr. 1921 1959

Parents: John J. Pittman and Laura S. Hale

PITTMAN, L. B.(asham) 1923 1937
    Parents: John J. Pittman and Laura S. Hale

PITTMAN, Minnie Byrd 1870 1899
    Parents: D. Logan Bird and S. Bell Bounds
    Spouse: 4th wife of H. T. Pittman md. ca 1896

PITTMAN, Katherine Hazel (Morgan) 1857 1895
    3rd wife of H. T. Pittman md. ca 1895

PITTMAN, Elizabeth Gibbs 1854 1894
    Parents: John Gibbs and Sarah Ann Jones
    Spouse: Henry T. Pittman 2nd wife

PITTMAN, Dr. H(enry) T(homas) 6-17-1855 2-10-1915
    Parents: Newit Warren Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: 1st Nancy Burnett d. 1875 (Cross Road Cemetery)
        2nd Elizabeth Gibbs md. 10-13-1877 (she d. 1894)
        3rd Katherine Morphew md. ca 1895 d. 1896
        4th Minnie Swearingin d. 1899
        5th Virginia Janice Kemp md. 1901

PITTMAN, Newit E. (10-12) 1865 (5-9)-1945
    Parents: Newit Warren Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: Laura Mahan md. 5-29-1885
PITTMAN, Laura L. (9-16) 1868 (9-12) 1959    [yr of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Henry Mahan and Elizabeth Lou Mahan

PITTMAN, Emma Elizabeth 10-1-1886 11-15-1886
    Parents: Newit E. Pittman and Laura L. Mahan

UNMARKED PITTMAN, Lillie 2-18-1897 4-14-1900
    Parents: Newit E. Pittman and Laura Mahan

PITTMAN, James Vernon "Shorty" 7-17-1894 7-3-1972
    Parents: Newit E. Pittman and Laura Mahan
    Never Married

PITTMAN, Baby Girl 8-12-1928 8-13-1928

PITTMAN, Newit Warren 3-1-1891 7-30-1973
    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I
    Parents; Henry T. Pittman and Elizabeth Gibbs
    Never Married


PITTS, William Hershel 7-17-1919 12-7-1947
    Spouse: Willie Mae Abbott md. 1942
        (She married 2nd Merle Rowland)

POWELL, C. Matthew    06/23/1975-06/23/1975    [added by pvh]

POWELL, Nan(cy J.)   (1851) 1932
    Spouse: Rev. John Powell md. ca 1869

POWELL, Walter 5-31-1899 10-6-1976
    Caruth funeral home marker


POWELL, Christopher b. and d. 6-4-1974 Gross Marker
    Parents: Jim V. Powell and Babara Cavakis

POWELL, Laura A. 9-29-1886 6-18-1979
    Parents: Ruben Tye and Roxie ????
    Spouse: Crawford Powell

POWELL, Angelia Sue 4-19-1964 1-23-1974
    Parents: Jason Powell and Mildred Bair

POWERS, Doris Ilda    11/29/1906-12/01/2004    [added by pvh]

POWERS, R(ose) H(elen) (King) 1-12-1849 10-11-1923


POWERS, B(ailey) B(arton) 8-6-1848 11-25-1946
    Parents: Jack Powers and ???
    Spouse: Rose Helen King md. ca 1877

POWERS, Robert L. 5-25-1894 8-3-1968
    Arkansas PFC US ARMY World War I
    Parents: Bailey B. Powers and Rose Helen King
    Spouse: Dora Ilda ???

POWERS, Thomas J. 4-19-1882 2-15-1958
    Parents: Bailey Barton Powers and Rose Helen King
    Spouse: Delia ???

POWERS, Josie D. 4-17-1880 7-16-1965
    Placed by Tart Family

POWERS, Ruth Wray    12/01/1920-01/10/1996    [added by pvh]
    Parents: Charles and Mary Helen Powers (per 1930 census)
    Spouse: Herbert F. Powers md. 11/20/1937

POWERS. Herbert F. 3-28-1911 7-4-1994
    West / Hustt F. H. and Desota, Texas)
    Spouse: Ruth Wray md. 11-20-1937


POWERS, Margaret D(ean) 6-10-1942 2-2-1945
    Parents: H. F. Powers and Ruth Bray

PRICE, Mozura R. "Mitty" 11-20-1888 3-4-1918

PROCTOR, Abe A.  11-28-1846 6-16-1906

PUCKETT, Daisy Dell  8-19-1907 12-21-1974
    Parents: Jasper McKelroy and Lizzie E. Balisle
PUCKETT, Willie Clifford 3-14-1904 10-27-1989
    Spouse: Daisy McKelroy md. 3-14-1932

PUCKETT, Allen L. 7-6-1887 11-1-1961
    Spouse: Molly Tye
PUCKETT, Mollie L. (Tye) 3-5-1882 9-19-1955

PUCKETT, Clint Olen 2-25-1910 5-29-1978
    Parents: Allen Puckett and Mary Lee Tye ("Mollie")
    Spouse: Pauline Frances Tuttle married 1-18-1936
PUCKETT, Pauline (Tuttle) 1-21-1920 5-16-2007
    Parents: James Tuttle and Ruthie Burch

PUCKETT, Paul C.    02/04/1938-05/01/2006    [added by pvh]

RAMP, Ella Lou 8-26-1900 10-24-1960    not found 1997
    Parents: Lewin Maynard and Rosa Smith
    Spouse: Joe Ramp

RAPER, Dora E. 2-24-1897 2-19-1982
    Parents: Aaron Pennington and Mary Summers
    Spouse: L Chester

RASH, Rosa Jane (11-14) 1868 (10-31) 1948
    Parents: James Taylor Kemp and Rebecca Jane Thornton

RASH, William Henry (7-20) 1856 (3-8) 1911
    Spouse: Rosie Kemp md. 3-4-1888

RASH, Claudia D.    b. and d. 1891
    Parents: William H. Rash and Rosa Kemp

RASH, Lillie    1893-1898    [dob corr by pvh]
    Parents: Wm. H. Rash and Rosa Kemp

RASH, John W. (3-9) 1897 (9-27) 1898
    Parents: Wm. H. Rash and Rosa Kemp

Rash, Wallace W. (9-7) 1904 (10-22) 1916
    Parents: Wm. H. Rash and Rosa Kemp

RASTUTIS, John 1-26-1887 8-21-1981
    Spouse: Mary ???

RASTUTIS, Mary 1892 19?? Surname no longer on Gross marker

RATLIFFE, Roy 8-1-1908 11-11-1909

REAVES, A. J. 3-14-1843 10-22-1919

REAVES, Elizabeth F. 8-27-1855 1-17-1923
    Spouse: A. J. Reaves

REED, Jewell M. 3-20-1923 3-23-1983
    Parents: Walter G. Springer and Bessie Davis
    Spouse: Harold B. Reed

REEDY, Birdie L. 5-30-1887 3-4-1965

REESE, Timothy Neil b. and d. 8-20-1958
    Parents: Louis Reese and Mary R. McDougal

REEVES, George Arthur 6-17-1903 ????    [SSDI shows he died 03/1986]
    PFC US ARMY World War II
    Spouse: Velda Louise Pebworth md ca 1935

REILLY, Francis 3-14-1925 5-15-1988

REILLY, Patricia Bird 9-5-1926 11-3-1993

REPPO, Lester L. 8-19-1907 1-16-1984    [dob and dod corr by pvh]
REPPO, Ollie 12-19-1916 - 12/01/2002    [dod added by pvh]

REPPO, Billie Joe 5-28-1931 6-1-1931
    Parents: Lester Reppo and Ollie ??

RESLER, Wanda Sue  05/21/1948 - 07/21/1977
    Parents: Earnest Otwell and Ruth Randolph
    Spouse: Albert Resler

REYNOLDS, Bonnie F. 8-6-1942 6-24-1968
    Parents: Cliff. James Tisdale and Lucille Abbott

REYNOLDS, Robert Lee 9-28-1966 9-26-1987
    Parents; Hershell Reynolds and Bobbie Brinsfield

REYNOLDS, Frank D. 7-31-1898 10-7-1950
    Parents: Artus Reynolds and Malissie J. Bishop
    Spouse: Lula Bost md 4-16-1922

REYNOLDS, Lula E. 3-4-1898 2-2-1967
    Parents: Frank Smitherman and Rhoda Harvey

RICHARDS, Joseph O. Sr.    12-25-1943 11-19-1984    [yr of birth corr by pvh]

RICHARDSON, John Jackson 10-13-1852 9-14-1925    [yr of death corr by pvh]
    Parents; Mont Richardson and ?? Woodes
    Spouse: Sarah F. md. ca 1877

RICHARDSON, Sarah F. 9-4-1853 3-19-1929
    Spouse: John Jackson Richardson

RICHARDSON, Cecil Claud 1-13-1927 4-9-1928

RICHARDSON, Elaine 2-11-1934 3-20-1941
    Parents: Roy Richardson and Rellie M. Nichols

ROACH, Gracie 9-14-1914 8-14-1940

ROACH, Lewis Millard 6-11-1910 6-8-1985
    PFC US ARMY World War II
    Parents: Milton Roach and Jennie Braughton
    Spouse: Dorothy Brewer md. 8-2-1929

ROACH, Linda Cozart    [added by pvh - no dates]


ROBBECKE, August 1-7-1855 2-1-1944
    Parents: August Robbecke and ?????
    Spouse: Sophie West

ROBBECKE, Sophie 8-2-1856 2-20-1947
    Caruth Funeral Home Marker
    Parents: Joe West and Martha ???

ROBBECKE, Belia Don 2-21-1913 11-1-1961
    Parents: Ben Butler and Nancy Washam
    Spouse: Sam J. Robbecke

ROBBECKE, Sam J. 6-15-1888 3-13-1971
    Parents: August Robbecke and Sophie West
    Spouse: Belia D. Butler

ROBBECKE, Sammy B., Jr. 4-14-1957 8-10-1989 (picture)
    Parents: Sam Robbecke and Vana Outler

ROBBECKE, Vicki Lynn 11-24-1964 6-3-1991 (picture)
    Parents: Huie Robbecke and Maryland Wilson

ROBBECKE, Infant b. and d. 8-3-1962
    Caruth Funeral Home Marker
    Parents: Sam. Robbecke and Vana Outler

ROBERTS, Edgar 10-16-1881 12-25-1911

ROBERTS, J. W. 6-18-1849 1-20-1913
    Spouse: Mary Walker


ROBERTS, Bonnie Jean 11-17-1928 4-5-1938
    Parents: R. Fred Roberts and Laura Cozart

ROBERTS, R. Fred (2-23) 1874 (3-24) 1948
    Parents: J. W. Roberts and Mary Walker
    Spouse: 1st Lula Reddick
        2nd Laura Cozart

ROBERTS, Laura E. 1895 1980
    Parents: Green Cozart and Matilda Lucas
    Spouse: Fred Roberts Jr.


ROBERTS, Elizabeth I. (1-28) 1917 (1-25) 1983
    Parents: Acie Gillispie and Julia Aley
    Spouse: George

ROBERTS, Jessie M. 2-1-1907 7-15-1972
    Parents: Rufus Fred Roberts and Lula Kate Reddick
ROBERTS, Lula K. 7-19-1880 5-28-1972
    Parents: J. S. Reddick and Jessie Millard
    Spouse: R. Fred Roberts

ROBERTS, Olien 3-5-1900 9-19-1960
    Parents: Fred Roberts and Lula Reddick
    Spouse: Mabel Witherspoon m. 12-23-1928
ROBERTS, Mabel 3-15-1903 (5-26-1973)
    Parents: Charles K. Witherspoon and Mary Pittman

ROBINSON, Huston   12/18/1909 - 02-27-1970    [dob added by pvh]
    Arkansas PFC US ARMY World War II
    Parents: Sam Robinson and Tina Reed

ROGAN, Jeffery Michael 8-29-1973 8-31-1973
    Parents: Patrick Rogan and Barbara Withrow

ROGERS, Jimmey H. 10-23-1932 2-8-1973
    Parents: Carl M. Rogers and Junie Mae Hutson

ROGERS, Matthew D. 5-15-1985 7-1-1985
    Parents: David R. Rogers and Debra Lynn Hart

ROGERS, Carl Dean 1-21-1969 11-20-1987    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Carl J. Rogers and Della Covey

ROGERS, Carl J. 5-12-1931 10-17-1985
    Parents: Carl M. Rogers and Junie Mae Hutson
    Spouse: Della Covey md. 5-24-1952
    (Della is deceased)

ROLAND, McKie 12-12-1906 2-14-1983
    Parents: John Roland and Josephine Nelson

ROLAND, Verla L. 6-18-1914 11-10-1994

ROLFES, Ruth Nadine 5-26-1918 2-1-1934
    Parents: Herman Rolfes and Cyrena Young

ROOD, John E. 12-2-1885 3-6-1978


ROSBOROUGH, David Allen 10-2-1954 8-19-1995    Vietnam Veteran

ROSS, I. W(illiam) 2-1-1881 10-17-1905
    Parents: James C. Ross and Margaret ??

ROSS, Margarett 2-16-1853 12-18-1910
    Spouse: James C. Ross md. ca 1875

ROSS, James Calvin 5-13-1852 6-23-1935
    Spouse: 1st Margaretta md. ca 1875
        2nd Bennie Weisner md. 7-23-1911 (Buried Files Cemetery in Hot Springs)

ROUSE, Johnny Irven (10-12) 1901 (12-30) 1963
    Parents: John Madison Rouse and Mortimer Brown
    Spouse: Doris Nichols md. 10-20-1920
ROUSE, Bessie Martha 1912 1991

ROUSE, Allan L. 2-25-1870 2-24-1940
    Parents: Dardridge Rouse and Elva Kennedy
    Spouse: Dicie Ann Ward md. 11-13-1930

ROWE, Clarence A. "Cowboy" 7-5-1917 11-29-1974
    Pvt US Army
    Parents: Stuart Rowe and Grace Moses
Spouse: Ruby C. Hampton md. 9-20-1941
ROWE, Ruby C. (Hampton) 5-30-1914 11-15-1995

ROWE, Stuart Polk 10-17-1894 3-27-1981
    Parents: Jesse H. Rowe and Mollie Merritt
    Spouse: Grace Moses md. 9-1-1916
ROWE, Grace Moses 8-16-1896 8-22-1978
    Parents: James Moses and Dicy Ellen Miller

ROWELL, Ocea C. 1905 - 2001    [first name and dod corr by pvh]
    Spouse: Beulah M. Rose md. 5-12-1928
ROWELL, Beulah M. 1910 1992

ROWLAND, Sarah E. 4-8-1901 12-28-1943
    Parents: John W. Avant and Seneth Revis
    Spouse: 1st Ernest Parker md. 2-21-1916
        2nd Orba Rowland md. 9-24-1927

ROY, Beverly June 10-13-1951 5-20-1993

RUBLY, Clyde Russell 2-14-1961 1-8-1963
    Parents: Grant Allen Rubly and Shirley Woodall

RUSSELL, Carolyn (11-16-)1885 (9-15-)1966
    Parents: Columbus Lamb and Elvira Whitten

RUST, Aunt Mollie 6-26-1875 12-19-1961
    Parents: Newton Rust and Mary J. Springer

SALLAKIAN, Gregory (12-18) 1908 (3-3) 1979


SANDERS, Marvin Lee 7-15-1910 1-31-1926
    Parents: John L. Sanders and Ethel Tackett

SANDERS, John L. 12-21-1885 7-9-1961
    Parents: Wm. Sanders and Elmira Rowe
    Spouse: Ethel Tackett md. 9-12-1909
SANDERS, Ethel T. 8-11-1893 8-3-1967
    Parents: John L. Tackett and Julia Menser

SANDERS, Henry 1876 1928
    Spouse: Lucinda md. ca 1894

SANDERS, Lucinda 1877 1939

SANDERS, Doyle Edward 10-24-1935 1-18-1990    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Oren Sanders and Licie Louton
    Spouse: Kathryn Jarvis
SANDERS, Kathryn Inez 2-5-1939 1-18-1990
    Parents: Hawley Lee Jarvis and Kathryn I. Buck
    (both died from being hit by a car on Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR)

SANDERS, Fay 7-21-1915 6-1-1983
    Parents: Thomas Sanders and Alice Wiley
SANDERS, Emma Frances 11-26-1932 ???
    Parents: Thomas Sanders and Alice Wiley

SANDERS, Harry E. 9-30-1885 9-1-1976
    Parents: Jack Sanders and Dora Sanders
    Spouse: 1st Minnie Morgan md. 8-19-1911
        2nd Ruby Hobby md. 9-17-1921

SANDERS, Ruby (Hobby) 10-26-1900 4-7-1991

SANDERS, Elmira Rowe 1848 1912
        Spouse: Wm. Sanders

SANDERS, Tom G(ordon) 12-16-1889 2-8-1982
    Parents: Jack C. Sanders and S. Frances McPete
    Spouse: Alice Wiley md. 3-12-1911

SANDERS, Alice N. 1-19-1892 2-11-1947
    Parents: W. W. Wiley and Alma Stephens

SANDERS, Alma 4-1-1925 11-13-1925

SANDERS, Baby Boy b. and d. 5-26-1923

SANDERS, Dora 3-6-1860 11-16-1930

SANDERS, John C. 3-26-1837 9-26-1918

SANDERS, Minnie (Morgan) 8-15-1892 3-16-1914
    Spouse: H. E. Sanders md. 8-19-1911

SANDERS, Elmer Lee 6-10-1920 2-15-1970
    Arkansas Cox US Navy World War II
    Parents: Jessie Sanders and Sarah Moore
    Spouse: 1st Lillian Spurlin md. 2-18-1939
        2nd Della Mae Johnson

Sanders, Della Mae   11/23/1925 - 1-5-2008   [added per obituary and SSDI]
    Parents: Algin Ford Johnson and Flora Lou Nolen
    Spouse: Elmer L. Sanders

SARGENT, Charles A. 1-31-1912 (10-2-1990)
    Parents: Robert Sargent and Martha Bryum
Spouse: Media Moore 6-19-1937
SARGENT, Media 3-9-1914 1-9-1979
    Parents: Ollie Moore and Dovie Ashley Cavor

SCHLAGEL, I. M. 3-24-1867 1-26-1952
    Parents: John Schlagel and ?? Landon
    Spouse: Bonnie Brown md. 6-3-1922 ?

SCHLAGEL, Louissa Marie 11-1-1873 1-27-1954
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: Fred Rutzen and ??
    Spouse: Ike Schlagel

SCHLANGE, Raymond S. 12-27-1897 8-8-1971

SCHNEIDER, Ernest F.    03/08/1908-08/19/1985    [added by pvh]
SCHNEIDER, Henrietta M.    11/12/1909-09/29/1999    [added by pvh]

SCOTT, Walter (10-21) 1884 (1-26) 1963
    Parents: Wm. Scott and Louisia Carr
    Spouse: Martha Kent md. 12-25-1917

SCOTT, Martha Jane 6-26-1895 4-10-1974
    Parents: John M. Kent and Josephine Sanders
    Spouse: Walter Scott

SCOTT, Opal E/    b. and d. 1919

SCOTT, Wilmer LeRoy 6-8-1920 6-20-1958
    Texas PFC US Army World War II
    Parents; Walter Scott and Martha Kent
    Spouse: Winnie Woodall

SCOTT, Winnie Woodall 7-13-1924 7-10-1991
    Parents: Winfred Woodall and Minnie Mowery
    Spouse: Wilmer L. Scott

SCOTT, Russell Robert 4-13-1925 8-12-1974
    Parents: Walter Scott and Martha Kent

SCOTT, M.G. "Bud" 10-14-1891 3-11-1923    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Spouse: 1st Rose Banks md. 4-19-1908

SCOTT, Rosa Scott Ewing 4-15-1889 4-25-1969

SCOTT, Mary E. (2-9) 1873 (9-27) 1925    [year of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Wm. Wilson and ?? Stewart
    Spouse: Joseph N. Scott


SCOTT, Joseph N. 12-24-(1865) NFHI (2-16-1926)    Caruth Funeral Home Marker
    Spouse: Mary Wilson

SEE. Elsie Marlene 8-28-1932 8-16-1934

SEE, Julia Ann 7-15-1856 2-2-1928
    Parents: Newit W. Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: 1st Richard Wright, Jr.
        2nd James M. Seay md. 9-21-1899


SEE, James M. 9-?-1846 11-13-1929
    Spouse: Julia ? Wright md. 9-21-1899

SELECMAN, Niles 9-1-1900 8-22-1973
    Toney, his bird, is buried here
    Parents: Samuel Selecman and Lillian Estes
    Spouse: Leona S. ??

SELLERS, Gus E. 2-24-1876 9-13-1934
    Spouse: Verda Davis

SEMPERE, Arthur J. 4-21-1894 3-8-1967
    Arkansas Pvt Btry E. 78 Fld Arty World War I

SETTERS, Pauline b. and d. 5-12-1943 concrete marker
    Parents: Paul Setters and Florence Black

SEXTON, Bracton    04/06/1916-12/26/1937    [added by pvh]

SEXTON, Early (12-02-1884) 7-16-1942
    Tennessee Pvt. 13 Inf.
    Parents: Riley Sexton and Martha Bagley
    Spouse: Annie Bradley md. 12-4-1905

SEXTON, Annie  11-15-1890 05-19-1946
    Parents: George W. Bradley and Elizabeth Brown

SHACKELFORD, James F.    03/25/1926-01/13/2001    md. 04/03/1948    [added by pvh]
    SHACKELFORD, Kathryn L.    [no date of death shown]

SHANNON, Mandy d. 9-6-1898    [hard to read]

SHEETS, Jacquelynn Graham 11-4-1948 12-12-1975
    Parents: Norman B. Martin and Jacque Ellen Graham
    Spouse: Ronald E. Sheets

SHEETS, Rinalda Allen "Little Ryan" 6-17-1975 10-31-1986
    Parents: Robert Sheets and Cheryl Stevens

SHEETS, Rinalda "Ryan"    06/26/1929-08/05/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: George Sheets and Susan Thacker
    Spouse: Mary Catherine Bailey

SHELTON, Erma Jim   10-8-1913 9-7-1983
    US Army World War II
    Parents: Lee Shelton and Kate ?
    Spouse: Christine ??


SHEPHERD, Claude (12-21) 1900 (3-5) 1985
    Parents: Frank Shepherd and Lillie May Roe

SHEPHERD, Gladys (11-13) 1895 (3-3) 1987
    Parents: Frank Shepherd and Lillie May Roe

SHERIDAN, Harold H. 2-3-1921 5-8-1995
    S Sgt US Army World War II
    Spouse: Edna Lorene Petty md. 8-3-1942
SHERIDAN, E. Lorene   09/20/1924 - 3-16-2007    [dob added by pvh]
    Parents: Kirk Petty and Sarah Thomason

SHILLITO, Frank 12-6-1900 8-31-1959
    Parents: Will Shillito and Delphan Harrison
    Spouse: Ester Hunter

SHILLITO, Esther Mae    08/28/1911 - 07/23/1934    [name corr and dob added by pvh]
    Parents: Allen Hunter and Betty Menser


SHIRLEY, Clara Harmon 12-13-1896 7-5-1963
    Gross Funeral Home Marker
    Parents: Tom Ballard and Queenie Ballard
    Spouse: Roy Shirley

SHIRLEY, James Edward 'Jimmy'    03/01/1947 - 11/06/1959    [full dates added by pvh]   Parents: John K. Shirley and Jo Alva Sexton

SHIRLEY, Jo A.    09/27/1922-06/08/1999    [added by pvh]
SHIRLEY, John K.    04/27/1920-06/08/2003    [added by pvh]

SHIRLEY, Roy C. 3-10-1891 6-11-1968
    Parents: John M. Shirley and Addie Rowe
    Spouse: 1st Lola Kemp md. 2-28-1918
        2nd Clara Ballard Harmon
SHIRLEY, Lola M. 7-26-1892 11-18-1944
    Parents: Sim L. Kemp and Susan Pittman

SHOEMAKER, George 11-9-1886 6-3-1964

SHORT, Clifford 8-25-1925 5-27-1994
    Spouse: Earline md. 8-14-1943
SHORT, Earline 1-1-1925 06-24-2014    [dod added by pvh from obituary] 2

SHRIVER, Guy Henry 4-4-1887 11-30-1963
    Parents: David Shrive and Elizabeth Scott

SIGMAN, Etta   (3-1-)1874 (3-4-)1966
    Gross Funeral Home Marker
    Parents: Isaac Skaggs and ?? Sidebottom
    Spouse: 1st Albert A.? Emmerson
        2nd David S. Sigman md. 1-11-1928

SIGMAN, David S. 6-6-1870 12-29-1942
    Parents: Henry Sigman and Harriet Whisenant
    Spouse: 1st Martha E. Woodall d. 9-4-1895 Montgomery County, Ark.
        2nd Etta Emmerson md. 1-11-1928

SIGMAN, Martha 7-23-1867 1-1-1927
    Parents: S. Woodall and ???
    Spouse: 1st Jacob Hyden md. 9-9-1888
        2nd David S. Sigman md. ca 1895

SIGMAN, Harriett Laird Wright   12-22-1865 1-4-1964    [name corr by pvh]
    Spouse: 1st (Wright) Childers
        2nd Henry Sigman md 8-17-1908

SIMMONS, Clida V. 10-17-1901 10-18-1985
    Parents: Thomas Allen Haley and Susan Ann Warner
    Spouse 1st _________ Lakey
        2nd Joseph Simmons md. 7-5-1938

SIMMONS, Joseph A. 4-4-1902 6-24-1980
    Spouse: Clida Lakey md. 7-5-1938

SINGLETON, Clovis    11/01/1916-05/11/1981    [added by pvh]
SINGLETON, Carletta    08/29/1937-07/16/1989    [added by pvh]
SINGLETON, Ophelia   04/03/1918-05/06/1978    [full dates added by pvh]
    Parents: Carl Riggs and Emma Ballard

SINGLETON, Ezra M. 6-29-1884 12-12-1961
    Parents: George Singleton and Delia Carney
    Spouse: Ophelia Riggs

SINGLETON, Nicholas Wade 'Nic' 4-30-1984 11-5-2000
    [marker shows 11/30/2000 as date of death, but SSDI shows 11/05/2000]
    Parents: Wade Singleton and Melody Shaw

SKORICH, Mirko M. 6-13-1907 4-20-1982
    Parents: Michailo Skorich and Gorka Rerich

SLAY, Walter 3-7-1902 8-23-1983 Gross marker
    Parents: Mack Slay and Minnie Mott
    Spouse: Emma Truett

SLIZEWSKI, Effie Ione 10-7-1902 5-27-1975    [surname corr by pvh]
    Parents: Calvin Cox and Elenore Gossett

SMECKE, Jaraslan J. 4-22-1908 2-26-1969

SMITH, John 11-11-1893 12-13-1980
    Parents: James R. Smith and Martha Lavender
    Spouse 1st Pearl Knox md. 6-16-1912
        2nd Clara Helen Buie

SMITH, John A.   no date (1847--12-17-1924 from Caruth records)
    CO. G 45 Mo. Inf.

SMITH, Eary E. 1-12-1896 6-14-1961
    Parents: Jim Smith and Martha Lavender
    Spouse: Nora Jines md. 5-6-1917
SMITH, Nora E. 11-28-1900 3-25-1966
Parents: Andrew J. Jines and Margaret Rose Dowlin

SMITH, Helen    10/12/1912-07/03/2004    [added by pvh]


SMITH, Sarah (E.) 7-22-1901 5-27-1973
    Parents: ???? and Roxie Lee

SMITH, Mary Elizabeth 1844 1936    [yr of birth corr by pvh]
    Caruth records (3-22-1855 11-30-1936)
    Parents: Daniel Orr and Harriet Seals
    Spouse: Thomas Smith

SMITH, Nancy A. 1878 1953 Gross marker
    Parents: Thomas Denton and Ophelia Wells

SMITH, Walter (1-26)-1887 (10-27) 1965 Gross marker
    Parents: Wm. A. Smith and Martha Ann Miles
    Spouse: Nancy Denton

SMITH, Hiram E. 3-12-1907 2-20-1948

SMITH, David H. 2-22-1887 12-10-1964

SMITH, Hershel W. 2-17-1894 4-19-1985
    Parents: Marvin Smith and Frances Rackley
    Spouse Lula Coe md. 5-3-1913
SMITH, Lula M. 7-27-1894 4-6-1986
    Parents: Henry P. Coe and Melinda Ridge

SMITH, Roy Lester 8-13-1915 6-8-1962 2
    Arkansas PFC 1852 Service Comd Unit World War II
    Parents: John Smith and Pearl Knox
    Spouse: Zelma E. Watts md. 6-27-1936
SMITH, Zelma E. 8-28-1922 1-1-1999
    Parents: James Watts and Beulah Cockrell

SMITH, Pearl Knox 11-12-1890 12-8-1981
    Parents: Hugh C. Knox and Mary F. McCollum
    Spouse: John Smith md. 6-16-1912

SMITH, Neacy E. 4-6-1867 4-22-1951
    Parents: Wm. Burrough and ??
    Spouse: Simon G. Smith md. 9-3-1887

SMITH, Mary Coe (4-1) 1899 (4-19) 1992
    Parents: Andrew Harrington and Margret DeWoody
    Spouse: 1st Walter Coe
        2nd Arthur W. Smith

SMITHERMAN, Frank 12-3-1875 3-5-1958 2
    Parents: Ben F. Smitherman and ??
    Spouse: Rhoda Harvey
SMITHERMAN, Rhoda 11-30-1877 4-6-1967
    Parents: Allen Harvey and Lou Echols

SMITHEY, Walter D. 3-23-1892 7-29-1972
    Arkansas PFC US ARMY World War I
    Parents: Pete Smithey and ???
    Spouse: Eva

SORRELL, Isaac N. 9-2-1854 11-15-1928

SOUTHERLAND, Theodoshia 7-6-1877 2-20-1893
    Parents: ?? Tackett and ???
    Spouse: George Southerland md. 1893

STALLONES, William M. 12-20-1845 8-24-1925
    Parents: Jerry Stallones and ???
    Spouse: Hattie Hobby


STALLONES, Hattie D. 1870 (11-1) 1945
    Parents: Calvin Hobby and Elizabeth Gant

STAPLES, Eugene "Blue Steele"   3-11-1893 7-1-1971    [date corr by pvh]

STEMPKOVSKI, Madalin D. (4-20) 1920 (12-20) 1982
    Parents: Joseph Wakigon and Delina Rousseau
    Spouse: Michael Stempkovski

STERLING, Anna G. 3-5-1877 7-6-1961

STEVENS, Beryl E. 2-9-1910 - Open

STEVENS, Joseph O. 9-20-1904 2-16-1973
    Parents: Joseph Stevens and Roma Fudge
    Spouse: 1st Beryl E. ??
        2nd Molly S. Wacaster md. 6-11-1942

STEWART, Della M. 1879 1973 Gross marker
    Parents: Wm. G. Perry and Anna ??

STEWART, Bill 6-25-1929 12-17-1958
    Parents: Ferman Stewart and Virgie Aldridge
    Spouse: Dorothy Lee York

STEWART, Dorothy L. (York) 7-13-1930 9-28-1987
    HSFH marker
    [There is a marker for "Dorothy & Billy Gene Stewart - Mother & Son" - no dates]

STEWART, Betty Jean 10-1-1955 10-2-1955
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: Wm. Stewart and Dorothy York


STEWART, Verlen 2-14-1911 6-29-1940
    Parents: Bill Evans and Mittie Hardin
    Spouse: Eslie

STEWART, Eslie 1-23-1911 3-30-1942
    Parents: Wm. F. Stewart and ???
    Spouse: Lizzie Secar md. 11-4-1931

STOLPER, Florence 8-8-1912 3-15-1974    [surname and yr of death corr by pvh]
    Spouse: Benedict Stolper (buried in Texas)


STRICKLEN, John T. 3-18-1836 4-29-1903
    Pvt Co G 16 Tenn Inf Confederate States Army
    Parents: Doctorn Stricklen and Milly M. ??
    Spouse: Sarah Ann Bain/Bayne md. ca 1860

STRICKLEN, Sarah Ann 1-5-1842 10-12-1918
    Parents: Andrew Bain/Bayne and Elizabeth ???
    Grandparents: Archibald Bain/Bayne and ????

STUMPH, Jessie Lou 9-1-1908 6-27-1974
    Parents: W. W. Stumph and Eule Douglass

SUREN, John Henry 12-20-1893 3-28-1975

SUTTON, Elsie Lee 3-12-1909 8-15-1970
    Parents: John H. Price and Cynthia Smith
    Spouse: Roy Sutton

SWANEY, Lottie O. 7-11-1896 12-5-1918
    Parents: ?? Gilmore and ??
    Spouse: Paul R. Swaney md. 2-19-1915

SWANEY, Thomas J. 7-9-1862 2-27-1928
    Parents: Albert G. Swaney and Mary Lutes
    Spouse: Artie Zimmerman

SWANEY, Artie Z. 4-16-1862 6-2-1942
    Parents: Jesse W. Zimmerman and Mary Seaton

SWANEY, Baby b. and d. 12-29-1911
    Parents: J. W. Swaney and Millie Pennington

SWANEY, Jack Raymond 9-28-1924 10-27-1925
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Arther Swaney and Mae Gilmore

SWOPE, Edgar D. 5-10-1928 1-11-1990
SWOPE, Bertha Ellen 7-4-1918 12-28-1984
    Parents: Fred O. Fincher and Martha Harmon

SZEWCYK, Melvin J. 8-17-1926 5-14-1977    [surname corr by pvh]
    Parents: Martin Szewcyk and Sophia ??
    Spouse: Dorothy Babka md. 5-12-1945
SZEWCYK, Dorothy M. 12-28-1928 5-24-1978    [surname corr by pvh]
    Parents: George Babka and Maudie Hardwick

TABLER, Frank 2-19-1886 12-20-1972
    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

TACKETT, John L., Jr. 6-20-1901 12-19-1944
    Parents: John L. Tackett and Julia Menser
    Spouse: Clyron ??

TACKETT, John L. (3-22) 1860 (3-30) 1932 2
    Parents: John Tackett and ???
    Spouse: Julia Menser md. 10-26-1890
TACKETT, Julia F. 1873 1944
    Parents: Hillard Menser and Octobia Disheroon

TANKERSLEY, Lucinda 6-8-1889 12-18-1969
    Parents: Jessie Graves and Nancy Graves
    Spouse: 1st B. F. Hogue md. 8-5-1906
        2nd J. T. Tankersley md. 12-22-1923

TART, Algie b. and d. 1932
    Parents: Cecil Tart and Lula Powers
    TART, Joe Ann b. and d. 1940
    Parents: Cecil Tart and Lula Powers

TART, Mary Lee b. and d. 1937
    Parents: Cecil Tart and Lula Powers
TART, Gracy Louise (11-21) 1941 (5-21) 1942    [name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Cecil Tart and Lula Powers

TART, Cecil C. 8-4-1909 8-11-1988    [yr of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: John C. Tart and Sarah T. Mathis
    Spouse: Lula Bell Powers md. 10-4-1929
TART, Lula Bell 2-28-1913 2-2-1970
    Parents: Thomas Powers and Delia J. Geurin

TART, John C. (10-15) 1870 (1-2) 1950
    Parents: Frank Tart and ???
    Spouse: Sarah Mathis
TART, Sarah M. (6-9) 1875 (6-17) 1962
    Parents: Neal Mathis and Elizabeth Thornton

TART-HOPPER, Linda Sue    04/11/1947-10/20/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Ceil Lula Powers Tart
    Spouse: Dearl Hopper

TATE, William Monroe 9-28-1900 8-6-1990
    Parents: U. Alex Tate and Mandy Brown
    Spouse: Stella Warren
TATE, Stella Warren 2-11-1907 4-16-2006 (picture)
    Parents: James Albert Warren and Aurora Carroll

TEAT, Edmund Rufus 8-20-1891 11-20-1970    [surname and dod corr by pvh]


TEMPLE, Nell 1-26-1891 1-19-1975

TERRY, Bonnie L. 3-24-1920 6-3-1951    [day of birth corr by pvh]

TERRY-NORMAN, Patricia Ann    03-04-1942 09-04-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

THOMAS, Florence 8-1-1907 8-27-1982
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: Frank Howard and Minnie B. Orr

THOMAS, Joe (1-24) 1886 (1-4) 1961

THOMASON, Edith Lambert Cox    03/01/1914-10/10/2000    [added by pvh]

THOMASON, George W. 2-8-1873 1-22-1946
    Parents: Jim Thomason and Polly A. ??
    Spouse: Ruth Cozart md. 12-19-1920
THOMASON, Ruthie L. 8-11-1893 ???

THOMERSON, Vivion V. 12-10-1909 1-29-1974    [first name corr by pvh]
    Parents: Jim Addie and Sarah ???

THOMPSON, Green Lee 11-1-1879 7-14-1967
    Parents: Wm. Gwen Thompson and Mary Yarbrough
    Spouse: Rosa Moran md. 5-6-1913
THOMPSON, Rosa Mae 1-15-1892 6-10-1987
    Parents: ??? Moran and ??

THOMPSON, Clark Braden 10-22-1895 1-1-1918
    Parents: Wm. Green Thompson and Mary Yarbough

THOMPSON, Mary S.    8-11-1860 11-24-1925
    Spouse: Wm. Green Thompson


THOMPSON, Wm. Green 8-30-1851 2-26-1932
    Spouse: Mary Yarbrough md. ca 1876

THOMPSON, Webster Dale 10-14-1892 2-22-1955
    Parents: Wm. Green Thompson and Mary Yarbrough

THOMPSON, Billy Dale 4-29-1925 6-23-1960    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Arkansas PFC MP Plat 77 22 Infantry World War II  BSM

THOMPSON, Ray Dewey 7-7-1914 9-2-1994
    Spouse: Elizabeth Reynolds md. 12-31-1938
THOMPSON, Elizabeth Mae 1-1-1918 1-7-1970
    Parents: Frank Reynolds and Linda Smitherman

TIBBETTS, Alvin C. 12-14-1895 5-2-1979

TILLERY, Ronald Tavner    [no date of death shown]    married 09/10/1960
TILLERY, Wanda G. Harmon    09/30/1941-02/15/2003    [added by pvh]
        Parents of Shelli Denise and Dana Michele

TIMBS, S. Gene 2-3-1937 10-22-1987
    Parents: Thomas L. Timbs and Leona Hogue
    Spouse: Nadine Burrough

TIMBS, Leona Elizabeth Hogue    01/15/1912-02/04/2003    [added by pvh]

Timbs, Thomas Lee 9-17-1899 10-19-1984
    Parents: John Timbs and Aretta Sanders
    Spouse: Leona Hogue

TIMBS, Aretta Jane 7-28-1879 3-19-1976
    Parents: Jack Sanders and Dora Sanders

TIMBS, John 11-14-1865 7-16-1937
    Spouse: Aretta Jane Sanders

TIMBS, Louise 1-28-1930 6-10-1931

TIMBS, H(arvey) A(lonzo) "Lonnie"   04-24-1902 11-28-1965 2
    Parents: John Timbs and Aretta Sanders
    Spouse: Lillian Price md. 05-06-1927
TIMBS, Lillian L. (Price) 12-16-1904 - 01/02/1999    [dod added by pvh]

TIMBS, Janice 7-11-1938 12-7-1938
    Parents: Harvey A. Timbs and Lillian Price

TIMBS, John Sidney 7-17-1932 4-9-2000
    Cpl US Army    Retired Det. Sergeant Hot Springs
    Parents: Thomas Lee Timbs and Leona Hogue
    Spouse: Donna Delois ___
TIMBS, Donna Delois    [no date of death shown]

TIMBS, Harry Henry    03-21-1934 04-29-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 2

TISDALE, James C. 6-13-1915 12-21-1968

TOLAND, Judy L. 10-21-1946 6-5-1979
    Parents: Wm. D. Oakley and Margaret Murdock
    Spouse: Jessie Toland


UNMARKED (TOOMBS, Benjamin H. 4-15-1891 12-15-1964
    Caruth funeral home marker
    Parents: Philmore Toomb and Mary E. Scarbrough
    Spouse: Betty Trantham

TOOMBS, James H. 8-22-1916 11-14-1983
    Tec5 US Army World War II
    Parents: Benjamin H. Toombs and Betty M. Trantham

TOOMBS, Ollie Ethel     Feb. 19, 1921 Nov. 24, 1996
    Pvt US Army World War II
    Parents: ???? Powell and ????
    Spouse: James H. Toombs
    [Interestingly, marker shows Ollie Ethel Toombs, but SSDI and obituary indicate Nellie Toombs] 2

TRAFTON, Jackson S. 8-20-1924 9-14-1988
    Parents: Aaron Trafton and Charlotte Hornsby
    Spouse: Elda Short
TRAFTON, Elda L. 9-29-1926 7-16-1994

TRENOR, Frank H. 6-5-1918 10-1-1968
    IOWA Pvt Co A 28 Med Tng Bn World War II
    Spouse: Rewey Kirby

TRENOR, Rewey 6-5-1903 5-5-1987
    Parents: Wes Kirby and Deliah Menser

TRENT, David Gordon 12-13-1962 8-8-1984
    Parents: Willie G. Trent and Marcia Ann Allen

TROUT, Ollie Ovis 12-18-1907 2-27-1977
    PFC US Army World War II
    Parents: Kennedy O. Trout and Florence Bayless
    Spouse: Ula Abbott md. 12-18-1932

TUBERVILLE, Susan Ellen 2-9-1851 2-10-1928
    Parents: Thomas E. Crews and Jane Swinney

TYE, S. Alice 7-5-1878 3-5-1964
    Parents: Reuben Tye and Martha Rowland ???

VAUGHN, Clarence B. 11-13-1905 8-04-1986    [day of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Early Vaughn and Julia Young
    Spouse: Opal Kelley
VAUGHN, Opal Irene 11-23-1914 10/14/2002    [dod added by pvh]

VAWTER, Viola Louise 10-1-947 10-2-1947
    Parents: Vernon Vawter and Mildred June Tucker

VOIGTLANDER, Virgie E. Hill 7-16-1896 6-12-1970    [surname corr by pvh]
    Parents: David S. Sigman and Martha Woodall
    Spouse: Frank Voigtlander

VRBAS, Francis A. 3-29-1910 4-1-985
    Hot Springs Funeral Home Marker

WADDELL, Mittie (5-17) 1873 (6-22) 1967
WADDELL, Willard 1900 1989
WADDELL, Faye 1902 1994

WAITE, Mary C.    12/30/1936-05/30/2007    [dob added by pvh]
    Parents: Charley Chambers and Hattie Williams
    Spouse: Wm. Waite married 2-14-1953
WAITE, William V.    01/08/1933-04/19/2009    [added by pvh from obituary]

WALKER, Alice Pearl 11-6-1875 1-10-1942
    Parents: Thomas Helms and Mattie Underwood
    Spouse: Wm. Henry Walker ca 1893

WALKER, C. H. "Bill" 1-16-1930 5-9-2006
    Parents: Gideon Walker and Ethel Burch
    Spouse: Betty Willis married 7-3-1951
WALKER, Betty L. 4-14-1933 1-5-2009 (added per obituary)
    Parents: George Willis and Willie Bettis

WALLACE, Infant Daughter b. and d. 1959 (11-23)
    Parents: J. D. Wallace and Doris Mahan

WALLACE, J. D. 8-22-1926 12-29-1998    (added from obituary)
    Sgt US Army World War II
    Parents: Frank and Winnie Wallace
    Spouse: Doris Mahan md. 03/07/1945
WALLACE, Doris    04-23-1928 07-25-2011    [dod from obituary] 2
    Parents: Cume H. Mahan and Ada I. Ewing
    Spouse: J. D. Wallace

WALTZ, Jesse I. 12-19-1890 7-20-1905
    Parents: J. Waltz and Samantha Johnson

WARD, Calvin C. 12-5-1897 4-17-1977
    Pvt US Army World War I
    Spouse: Flora Bell Kemp md. 4-20-1919    [day of marr corr by pvh]
WARD, Flora Bell 6-6-1902 7-5-1992

WARD, Hazel 1926 4-18-1933
    Parents: John Ward and Mary Davis

WARD, John Henry 1891 2-18-1931
    Spouse: Mary Davis md. 2-18-1915

WARD, Mary Davis 9-6-1891 3-11-1983
    Parents: Richard Davis and Mattie Smith

WARD, Gale Roberta 6-28-1920 - Open
WARD, Buffalo Bill 9-27-1918 11-13-1985
    Parents: Wm. K. Ward and Cora Bell Willis
    Spouse: Gale

WARD, Floyd Hubert 10-3-1921 9-2-1995
    Spouse: Rebecca Sue Hanks md. 1-21-1952
WARD, Rebecca Sue 3-19-1925 11-12-2007
    Parents: James Raymond Hanks and Ida Irene Shepard

WARD, Charlie Robert 10-16-1924 5-13-1944
    Arkansas Pvt 1 Cl. US Marine Corps

WARD, William K. (11-10) 1885 (1-10) 1948
    Parents: ?? Ward and Lucinda Sanders
    Spouse: Cora Bell Willis
WARD, Cora Belle (9-5) 1889 12-18-1951

WARD, Lonnie W. 9-15-1897 9-18-1977
    Parents: Jim Ward and Sara Wagner
    Spouse: Erma Dennis

WARD, Erma 11-26-1901 6-30-1974
    Parents: Elizch Dennis and Mattie Robbins

WARD, Audry Marylee 9-8-1912 7-29-1970
    Parents: Henry Miller and Myrtle Addie ??
    Spouse: 1st. Cecil Eubanks
        2nd. George R. Ward

WARD, Raymond Kenton b. and d. 9-10-1942
    Parents: George Ward and Audrey Miller

WARD, George R. Sr.    [3-23-1912 date on SSDI]  1914 -  (1-2-)1982    [corr by pvh]
    Parents: Wm. K. Ward and Cora Bell Willis
    Spouse: Audry Miller (Eubanks)

WARD, Thomas A. 10-17-1885 1-2-1967
    Parents: Izah Ward and Catherine Christenson

WARD, Jim 1863 1949
    Spouse: Sarah Wagner

WARD, Sara Jane 1875 1938

WATKINS, Harry E. 7-17-1898 11-23-1962
    Parents: Charles Watkins and Ida ??

WATSON, Frederick D. 3-12-1844 3-2-1924

WATSON, Annis P. 4-27-1844 7-24-1930
    Parents: Jess Talbert and ???

WATTS, John 1856 1933


WATTS, James H. (8-7-)1889 (5-14-)1966
    Parents: John Watts and Nancy Woodall
WATTS, Bulah E.    (6-30-)1897 (6-25-)1984
    Parents: John E. Cockrell and Nancy Dorris

WATTS, Martha    [Gross Funeral Home marker with no dates]

WEATHERFORD, Bettie d. 6-20-1934 Gross marker

WEATHERFORD, Rob d. 6-20-1934 Gross marker

WEBB, George H. 9-10-1908 7-25-1975
    PFC Us Army World War II
    Parents: Harvey Webb and ??
    Spouse: Ula Abbott

WEBB, Ula L. (Abbott) 11-11-1916 ???

WEGNER, Frank E. 3-5-1903 2-18-1977
    Parents: Herman J. Wegner and Augusta Zabell
    Spouse: Ruth Schultz

WENZIG Vinnie E. (Melvenia) 9-28-1880 10-24-1952
    Parents: Ruben Tye and Martha Rowland

WENZIG, Arthur R. 9-8-1874 11-25-1935
    Parents: Rhinehart Wenzig and ??

WESNER, Ben(jamin Franklin) (9-15-1878) 1880 (4-22-1952) 1953    [yrs added by pvh]
    Parents: John Werner and ???
    Spouse: Flora ???

WESNER, Mary Ellen 1904 1934

WHARTON, Joseph R.    12/23/1942-07/21/2010    m 07/15/1961    [dod from obituary; added by pvh]
WHARTON, Doris J. Clark    01/04/1944-12/08/2004    [added by pvh]
WHARTON, Donna Joan    01/30/1952-11/26/2007    [added by pvh]

WHATLEY, Opal E. 4-10-1913 8-4-1992

WHIGBY, Lonnie 1889 1939    [yr of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: James T. Whigby and Nancy Ellis
    Spouse: Mattie Shook

WHIGBY, Mattie (Shook) 1897 1917

WHIGBY, Nancy E. (8-1860) (12-3-1911)    no dates on Gross marker
    Parents: ??? Ellis and ???
    Spouse: 1st James C. Hogue
        2nd James Thomas Whigby

WHIGBY, James Thomas 1870 3-12-1929
    Parents: James Whigby and ???
    Spouse: 1st Nancy ??? md. ca 1887
        2nd Ernestine ???


WHIGBY, Lonnie 1892 9-19-1939
    Spouse: Lois Richardson md. 5-18-1929

WHISENHUNT, James Blain 6-16-1888 10-12-1975
    Parents: Robert Whisenhunt and Lee Collum
    Spouse: Vera Ward

WHISENHUNT, Vera Jane 4-3-1913 6-5-1976
    Parents: James Ward and Sara Wagner

WHISENHUNT, Doyle 5-2-1913 8-14-1929
    Parents: James B. Whisenhunt and Vera Jane ?

WHITE, Baby    [dates hard to read]    [added by pvh]

WHITE, Willie J. 1-4-1927 1-19-1988
    US Army Korea

WHITE, Martin Miller 3-19-1896 9-3-1983
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Jim White and ???
    Spouse: Cora Bartlett

WHITE, Cora Mae 2-14-1905 12-27-1982
    Gross funeral home marker
    Parents: Will Bartlett and Mary Jones

WHITLEY, Murty A. 11-21-1908 12-15-1980
    Parents: Murty Whitley and Olive Kennedy
    Spouse: Catherine ???


WILCOX, William 1-17-1877 2-23-1964

WILCOXEN, Velma A. 10-14-1899 6-8-1972
    Parents: Franklin Seward and Addie lluphin


WILES, Violet L. Bailey 1921 1984
    Carved crystal stone
    Parents: Oliver Wiles md. 7-3-1938

WILHITE, David Lee 9-12-1967 10-16-1987

WILLIAMS, Marvin G. 8-6-1915 10-13-1978
    Parents: Birdie L. Williams and Eva Wagner
    Spouse: Lucille Mary
WILLIAMS, Lucille M. 5-12-1915 - 05/20/2002    [dod added by pvh]

WILLIAMS, V. V. "Buster" 6-15-1916 4-20-1988
    Spouse: Alma Phillips md. 8-16-1937
WILLIAMS, Alma M. (Phillips) 11-22-1917 11-22-2009    [dod from obituary]
    Parents: Rev. Thomas W. Phillips and Roxy Lorene Allen

WILLIAMS, B(irdie) L(ee) (10-12) 1892 (3-29) 1985
    Parents: Ambrose Williams and Ella Montgomery
    Spouse: Rhodie Eva Wagner
WILLIAMS, Eva (2-25) 1891 (12-12) 1989
    Parents: John Lewis Wagner and Mary E. Hughes

WILLIAMS, John L. 8-19-1918 7-16-1965
    Parents: Birdie Lee Williams and Eva Wagner
    Spouse: Ethel
WILLIAMS, Steven Lewis    02/07/1956-04/04/2004    [added by pvh]

WILLIAMS, Lydia L.    11/01/1910-12/12/1973    [added by pvh]
    "Mother of Ronald Dean"

WILLIAMS, William T. 'Uncle Tom' (4-12) 1871 (3-22) 1951
    Parents: Jim Sam Williams and Elizabeth Wilson

WILLIAMS, Gary Dewayne 3-22-1956 1-12-2010 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Gerald and Marie Williams

WILLINGHAM, R. G. concrete block no dates

WILLINGHAM, Mary Eva concrete block no dates

WILLINGHAM, Arnold Ray 4-6-1931 8-6-1968
    Parents: George Willingham and Rewey Menser
    (Willingham, George E. age 20 to Rewey Menser age 18 md 12-28-1920)

WILLINGHAM, Lee Isabelle 11-23-1900 4-6-1903    [dates corr by pvh]

WILLINGHAM, Virginia E. 5-2-1933 8-18-1995

WILLINGHAM, Billy F. 4-5-1928 12-18-1996
    US Army World War II

WILLINGHAM, Julia 7-8-1879 6-2-1917
    Spouse: James R. Willingham md. 3-26-1899


WILLIS, George 2-22-1903 9-11-1987
    Spouse: Willie Bettis md. 3-29-1924
WILLIS, Willie 8-1-1904 10-19-1994

WILLIS, A(braham) L(incoln) 9-12-1860 2-4-1944    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Henry Willis and Eaper Weeks
    Spouse: Fannie Whitaker md. 1-2-1923 (buried at Greenwood)

WILLIS, Billy Joe    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]
    WILLIS, M. Faye    [no date of death shown]

UNMARKED Willis, John d. 2-18-1956 Caruth funeral home marker


WILSON, Billy E.    05/09/1930-12/09/2000    [added by pvh]

WILSON, Jesse (2-14-)1898 (8-3-)1977
    Parents: John Wilson and Mary Sabell
    Spouse: Recie McKelroy
WILSON, Recie (2-18-)1902 (6-26-)1989
    Parents: Joseph McKelroy and Effie S. Henderson

WILSON, Lester Van   07-17-1919 09-19-2011    [dod from obituary]
    Spouse: Vera Reba Braughton md. 10-27-1943

WILSON, Vera Reba 2-23-1920 10-17-1972
    Parents: Clarence Braughton and Bonnie ???

WILSON, Reba M. 12-28-1944 4-25-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Lester V. Wilson and Vera R. Braughton

WILSON, Grady J. (1-21) 1905 (3-3) 1981 Gross marker
    Parents: Dock Joseph Wilson and Martha Kelley Bennett

WILSON, Merlin "Gene"   8-31-1939 11-26-1995


WILSON, Clare E. 3-20-1880 9-25-1947
    Parents: Wells Wilson and Catherine Rogers
    Spouse: 1st Hyla Hathcock
        2nd Anna
WILSON, Annie 10-21-1891 9-26-1967

WILSON, Jack 7-30-1905 6-11-1959
    Parents: Luther Williams and Essie Beckman
    Spouse: Eva ???
WILSON, Eva 8-17-1905 8-15-1989

WILSON, Jesse Loyd 1905 1983
    Parents: Clare Wilson and Hyla Hathcock
    Spouse: Virgie Johnson md. 2-28-1929
    [marker shows 1928 for marriage date but mar rec shows 02/28/1929]
WILSON, Virgie Lee (12-8) 1900 (1-8) 1946
Parents: Sam Johnson and Mary Etta Craig

WILSON, Infant Son b. and d. 1932
WILSON, Infant Son b. and d. 1934


WILSON, James Luther 9-8-1874 3-2-1957
    Spouse: Essie M. Beckman
WILSON, Essie Mae 6-5-1876 10-21-1957

WINCHEL, Leonard H. 11-3-1902 8-30-1983
    George J. Winchell and Dolly May Slanton
WINCHEL, Mary J. (Wolf) 5-27-1903 4-2-1985
    Parents: Charles P. McElwese and Sarah E. Burrows

WINKLE, Fred T. 2-20-1928 3-29-1964
    Parents: Fred Winkle and Emma Ballard
    Spouse: Merlyne Mahan
    (dau. of Alexander Mahan and Jeffie Maye Richardson)

WINKLE, Fred 3-10-1892 8-6-1966
    Parents: Wiley W. Winkle and Ada Coldwell
    md. 7-24-1887 age 24 and 19
    Spouse: Emma C. Ballard md. 4-15-1922
WINKLE, Emma C. 1-2-1900 12-30-1961
    Parents: T. A. Ballard and Mary Ballard ???

WINKLE, William Roger    07/16/1931-01/23/2004    [added by pvh] 2
    PO1 US Navy Korea

WISELY, Willie S. 8-13-1901 4-25-1953    [name and day of death corr by pvh]
    Arkansas Pvt Cen Inf Off Trg Sch World War I
    Parents: D. W. Wisely and Mary Sisco
    Spouse: Flora V. Hobby md. 12-12-1919

WISELY, Flora V. 6-16-1903 3-11-1991
    Parents: John T. Hobby and Melinda Mourton
    "Mother of Five"

WISELY, Cleburne Sherman    age 90 - 05-30-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Willie S. Wisely and Flora Hobby

WITHERSPOON, Clifton d. age 6
    Parents: Charles K. Witherspoon and Mary Pittman

WITHERSPOON, Minda d. age 6
    Parents: Charles K. Witherspoon and Mary Pittman

WITHERSPOON, Dorothy D. 11-26-1922 7-29-1984
    Parents: Clifton Dorris and Lottie Rodgers

WITHERSPOON, Thomas J. "Tee" 3-7-1894 3-12-1973
    Parents: Thomas W. Witherspoon and Laura Pittman
    Spouse: Irene Toombs Jackson md. 5-25-1919

WITHERSPOON, Irene 4-18-1884 10-18-1961
    Parents: Filmore Toombs and Ella Scarbrough
    Spouse: Thomas Jefferson Witherspoon

WITHERSPOON, Clayton Henry    06/07/1909 - 07/16/1987    [full dates added by pvh]
    Parents: Charles K. Witherspoon and Mary Pittman
    Spouse: 1st Vera Dallis
        2nd Ina McAuley
WITHERSPOON, Ina Lorrene    02/05/1905 - Open

WITHERSPOON, James F(rank) (3-16) 1892 (2-13) 1951
    Campbell Heady marker
    Parents: Charles K. Witherspoon and Mary Pittman
    Spouse: Georgia Chambers md. 9-7-1914

WITHERSPOON, Georgia 12-28-1891 1-28-1944
    Parents: Robert Chambers and Mary Williams

WITHERSPOON, Thomas Wiley 1865 1916
    Parents: Wiley Witherspoon and ?? Webb
    Spouse: N. Laura Pittman md. 10-7-1887
WITHERSPOON, Laura Ann (11-11) 1874 (1-10) 1946
    Parents: N. W. Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: 1st Thomas Whitherspoon md. 10-7-1887
        2nd George Martin md. 12-9-1920
        3rd Charles K. Witherspoon md. 12-24-1928

WITHERSPOON, Charles K. 4-1-1869 3-10-1936
    Parents: Wiley Witherspoon and ? Webb
    Spouse: 1st Mary J. Pittman md. 2-19-1891
    2nd Laura Ann Pittman Witherspoon Martin  md. 12-24-1928
WITHERSPOON, Mary J. 3-9-1869 7-10-1926
    Parents: N. W. Pittman and Elizabeth Johnson
    Spouse: Charles K. Pittman md. 2-19-1891

WITHROW, Johnny L. 12-3-1936 11-1-1985

WITHROW, Lula May 6-18-1874 8-20-1933
    Parents: Wm. E. Head and Elizabeth Warren
    Spouse: 1st ??? May
        2nd George P. Withrow md. 9-23-1924

WOMACK, William R. 7-23-1922 4-4-1965
    Parents: Wm. Womack and Essie Horn
    Spouse: Betty Jean ???

WOOD, Baby b. and d. 2-19-1953    [surname corr by pvh]

WOOD, Rolinda Smith 3-18-1918 9-18-1955
    Parents: Early E. Smith and Nora Jines
    Spouse: Hershell Wm. Wood md. 12-8-1941

WOOD, Hershell William 5-29-1917 9-5-1977
    Sgt. U. S. ARMY WW II
    Spouse: Rolinda Smith md. 12-8-1941

WOODALL, (Major) Adam 12-4-1887 6-4-1965
    Parents: John Woodall and Tilda Adams
    Spouse: Dora Hill md. 11-12-1911
WOODALL, Dora 10-15-1893 1-22-1986
    Parents: Isaac Hill and Matilda Pullen

WOODALL, Nellie 1893 1909
    Parents: Wm. T. Woodall and Martha E. Long

WOODALL, Martha E. (7-17) 1868 (3-2) 1938
    Parents: Evan Long and Margaret Massey

WOODALL, William Thomas (10-16) 1865 (8-18) 1941
    Spouse: Martha Long

WOODALL, Henry Wayne b. and d. 1920 Gross marker

WOODALL, Adele 1927 1928 Gross marker
    Parents: L. W. Woodall and Mamie Mowery

WOODALL, Nikke L. 1951 1992 Gross marker
    Parents: Andrew Crowell and Mildred McDowell
    Spouse: Lonnie Woodall


WOODALL, Charles A. 4-2-1907 8-1-1961
    Parents: Gus Woodall and Liza Jackson
    Spouse: Lois Ward md. 11-7-1930
WOODALL, Lois 9-22-1916 - Open (1995 ???_

WOODALL, Lonnie A.    (5-21-)1952 (5-18-)1998
    Parents: Charles Woodall and Susie Lois Ward

WOODALL, William E. 10-24-1911 4-17-1947
    Parents: Gus Woodall and Liza Jackson
    Spouse: Lillie Bell Johnson md. 8-6-1937
WOODALL, Lillie Bell 3-22-1918 9-1-1945
    Parents: Marvin Johnson and Susie Willis

WOODALL, Rosalee b. and d. 10-16-1939


WOODDELL, Raymond 12-26-1904 5-26-1980
    Parents: Wm. Wooddell and Lula Glidwell
    Spouse: 1st Anna Kassaw md. 4-2-1938
        2nd Murphy Conine md. 9-7-1938

WOODDELL, Lula 12-23-1878 3-2-1955
    Parents: Wm. Glidwell and Lena ??
    Spouse; Wm. Wooddell

WOODDELL, John  1861 1926
Spouse: Tilda Adams md. ca 1865

WORLEY, Paul J., Jr. 2-18-1940 5-19-1996
    SN US Navy
    Parents: Paul Joseph Worley, Sr. and Mable Marie Snyder
    Spouse: Ruby ???
WORLEY, Ruby L. Foster    [no date of death shown]    md. 07/19/1991

WRAY, Charles O. 12-28-1889 1-30-1962    (closeup)
    Arkansas Pvt Co E 20 Regt Infantry
    Spouse: Mary H. Wray md. 12-16-1916
WRAY, Mary H. 7-20-1894 8-18-1972

WRIGHT, Roy H(omer)   10-06-1919 12-15-2012    [dod from obituary]
    Parents: William Matison Wright and Sarah Octavia Ewing
    Spouse: Dora Etta Hogue md. 02-23-1939
WRIGHT, Dora E.   09-13-1919 09-20-2008 (added per obituary) 2
    Parents: James S. Hogue and Laura I Bounds

WRIGHT, Infant Son b. and d. 1-28-1906
    Parents: Walter C. Wright and Anna ??


WRIGHT, Richard 12-23-1820 2-17-1892    [yr of death corr by pvh]
    Parents: Richard Wright and Elizabeth Fowler
    Spouse: 1st Mary ?
        2nd Julia A. Pittman (See Julia See)
        1st Person buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery

WRIGHT, Louis H. 7-15-1902 3-8-1907    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    Parents: Richard Wright, Jr. and C. A. Braughton

WRIGHT, Infant b. and d. 1-28-1906
    Parents: W. C. Wright and Anna Johnson

WRIGHT, Lamar 12-31-1914 2-17-1918
WRIGHT, Baby    07/03/1912-07/03/1912    [added by pvh]

WRIGHT, Walter C. 12-1-1881 12-3-1961
    Parents: James Wright and Harriett Laird
    Spouse: Anna Johnson
WRIGHT, Anna R. 5-12-1883 4-12-1967
    Parents: James Johnson and Francis Wallace

WRIGHT, Martha Emma 5-6-1881 1-20-1968
    Parents: David Cornish and Rebecca Wright

WRIGHT, James Arthur 4-9-1946 4-23-1977
    Parents: James F. Wright and Hattie Dollar
    Spouse: Sue Ann Sheridan

WRIGHT, John Paul 11-9-1971 12-11-1971  (picture)
    Parents: James Arthur Wright and Sue Ann Sheridan

WUNDERLIN, Lero 3-29-1905 12-17-1962
    Parents: Henry Leaton and Nora Looper
    Spouse: Pete Thomas Wunderlin md. 4-18-1932
    (buried Memorial Gardens)

WUNDERLIN, Bonnie Lee 9-21-1929 4-2-1942
    Parents: Pete Thomas Wunderlin and Lero Leaton

WUNDERLIN, Sarah Ann no dates

YOKLEY, Jacqueline (Newkirk) 6-17-1926 5-24-1976
    Spouse: C. Russell Yokley

YOUNG, George H. 3-1-1860 3-18-1937
    Parents: Wm. Young and Ellen Williams
    Spouse: Callie Rust md. 10-1890
YOUNG, Callie 4-4-1870 5-26-1943
    Parents: Newt Rust and Mary Jane Springer

YOUNG, Ruth 1-8-1885 8-8-1929
    Parents: George H. Young and Callie Rust

ZALEWSKI, Jadwiga d. 5-11-1996 age 65
    Hot Springs Funeral Home marker

ZELLNER, Sarah L. 4-21-1867 6-17-1940
    Parents: ???? and Annie Jennings
    Spouse: James O. Zellner

ZINK, Mike 9-25-1887 2-15-1972

I have changed spellings from Wm. to William, Jas. to James, Chas. to Charles, etc., so that they will be easier to search.

At times, parentheses ( ) will be shown; that usually means that is a notation rather than something actually on the marker.

1 Source: Kathy Veasey

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