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Hot Springs Girl Scouts club mid 1940s

Brooklyn Baseball Team in 1912 in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Rogers Hornsby and Lonnie Warneke

Girl Scout Troop mid 1940s.
bottom row: Reba Fendley, Lenora Scales, Elsie Kennedy, Betty Lou Taylor, ?, Argie Slate, Tony Logan, Margaret Horner, ?, Dorothy Ann Pyle, Mary Jane Maus; middle row: Margaret Cannon, Sue Fleming (possibly), Caroline Seiz; third row: Mary Angela Clinton, Anna Jean Pappas, Theresa McCammond, Mary Beryl Gouy, Robin Dale Wilson, Suzanne Mendel; top row sponsors: ?, ?, Mrs. Raymond Clinton
Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Maus Reynolds
Brooklyn Baseball Team in 1912 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Harley Bone Hot Springs was baseball's first spring training town. Roger "The Rajah" Hornsby and Lonnie "The Arkansas Hummingbird" Warneke are found in this photograph with some of Hot Springs' local kids. William C. "Socko" Jones is sitting on Roger Hornsby's lap, and James "Jimmy" Childs is the blond sitting in front of Lonnie Warneke's son, Ray. Lonnie Warneke is behind him. Jimmy Childs' Grandmother Sellers lived a few blocks from this park where they were in spring training. Both kids would go down there everyday. Photograph was probably taken about 1933. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Childs' wife, Carol Childs

1877 Hot Springs

Georgie Baker and Vergie Baker


A view of Hot Springs in 1877 looking south down the valley as found in the Harper's Weekly November 3, 1877 Georgie Baker (younger girl in front) and Vergie Baker circa 1925. They lived in Shennington, Wisconsin, at the time of this photo and must have been vacationing in Hot Springs. Georgie, the remaining sibling of 4 children, celebrated her 90th birthday in 2012. The reverse side of the photo is reads "Robt. Hoel, Proprietor." Photo courtesy of Katie Johnsen This might have been the surrey that was run by Julia Whitecotton Howe. Photo courtesy of Sam Hall