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Highway 270 West (1912 Albert Pike Road) and Fleetwood Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.5094, Longitude: -93.1524

This cemetery is in two sections, Patton-Jones on the left hand side and separated by a fence from Fleming Cemetery.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1999.

Buck, Peggy Ann     3-24-1950    2-15-2003     (added per obituary), P: Albert Teague and Rosilee Henthorne

Caldwell, Shelia Renie     4-30-1970    5-1-1970    d/o Bobby and Claudett Cash Caldwell

Cambron, Dorothy L.     4-17-1926    12-18-1990    d/o John and Mary Foster Hisaw

Cash, Calvin L.     8-7-1895    6-8-1980    s/o William and Minerva Cash, m: Florence Ward

Cash, Chris "Sonny"    11/18/1939-05/04/2005    [son of Calvin and Florence Ward Cash]

Cash, Florence M.     9-17-1907    6-7-1987    d/o Jim and Sarah Wagner Ward

Cash, Woodrow     4-21-1934     7-16-1998    s/o Calvin Lee and Florence Ward Cash 1

Cash, Thorylee     12-5-1942    1-14-1975    d/o Calvin and Florence Ward Cash

Cobb, Albert G.    7-22-1925    7-27-1997

Dowling, James Lee Jordan    09/14/2006-08/12/2011    [added by Patti Vance Hays from obituary]

Duncan, Anthony Edwin     8-9-1954     8-3-1983    s/o Jake Earl and Edna Fryar Duncan

Duncan, Jake Anthony    03/31/2009-04/01/2009    s/o Tim and Karli Duncan    [added by Debra Garner from obituary]

Duncan, Jake Earl     4-2-1919     8-19-1996    s/o Robert and Ethel Clark Duncan, m: Edna Fryar

Dunn, Minnie Lee     6-30-1915     4-25-1992    d/o John and Mary Foster Hisaw

Fortier, Thomas W.     12-30-1924     5-2-1986    s/o Arthur and Effie Jones Fortier, m: Christine Carroll 8-8-1949

Fortier, M. Christine     1-18-1930    11-21-1990    d/o Alfred and Clara Stewart Carroll

Fortier, Vanessa L.     b.d 6-1-1988    d/o Thomas and Rhonda Garrett Fortier

Foster, Thomas Luke     1899    1982    m: Mamie Reed 4-26-1920

Foster Mamie Lee     3-2-1902     5-21-1975    d/o John and Della Rowland Reed

Foster, Herman Lee     8-9-1927     3-16-1987    s/o Thomas and Mamie Reed Foster

Grim, Lora Lee    07/30/1949    02/07/2004    [daughter of Ellis Dunn and Minnie Hisaw]

Jeona, Harold L.     9-16-1917     9-21-1983    s/o Jacob and Kate Lemlar Jeona, m: Florence Cash

Jeona, Florence     8-5-1922     12-19-1988    d/o Calvin and Mary Bray Cash

Jones, Clarence H.     4-14-1918     11-6-1994    s/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones, m: Hazel Mayberry 10-7-1937

Jones, Roy Franklin "Franky"    05/12/1969-11/12/2010    s/o Edward "Ed" Jones and Rose Brunt; m: Renee    [from obituary]

Jones, Hazel M.     1-9-1917     8-1-1986    d/o Charlie and Lillie Blackburn Mayberry

Jones, Thomas F.     11-5-1911     8-28-1990

Jones, Thomas H.    03-23-1949 09-09-2012    [added by pvh from from obituary]

Jones, Louise G.     2-7-1915     9-3-1984    d/o Travis and Addie Cash Green

Jones, Jennifer R.     11-27-1983     1-4-2001    (added per obituary), d/o Ed Jones & Susan Maus

Jones, Jesse L.     3-7-1899     12-30-1985    s/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones, m: Lillie M. Pennington 4-20-1918

Jones, Lillie Mae     10-7-1901     8-25-1985    d/o George and Mary Shockley Pennington

Jones, James Ledger     6-17-1921    6-12-1967    s/o Jesse and Lillie Pennington Jones

Lowrey, Mary Jane    03/25/1933-12/25/2007    [daughter of Joseph Oscar Robison and Betty Marie Jones and wife of Robert Lowrey]    [added per obituary]

Morrow, Archie     1966     1977    s/o Archie and Doris Cash Morrow

Norwood, Danielle Marie     3-10-1976     4-18-1989    d/o Donnie and Charlotte Lowry Norwood

Patton, Clyde Allen    02-10-1940 07-10-2005   s/o Earl Norton Patton and Effie Marie Jones    His ashes are buried next to his son, Allen Forney Patton.    [added per Cassandra Patton]

Patton, Earl Norton     10-15-1903     9-23-1985    s/o Clinton and Rosa Norton Patton, m: 1st Ivey Holland 4-18-1922, 2nd Effie Jones Fortier 3-10-1934

Patton, Effie Marie     7-28-1904     9-6-1972    d/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones, m: 1st Arthur Fortier 1-27-1922

Patton, Allen Forney     1-6-1962     11-23-1968    s/o Clyde and Billie Harvey Patton

Patton, Lota Vee Phillips    07-12-1935 06-07-2012    d/o Talbert Phillips and Willie Ashbrook    [added per obituary]

Pranter, Victor Thomas     5-18-1902     8-10-1967    s/o Victor and Attissa Hendrick Pranter

Pranter, Allie Mae     7-4-1909     11-29-1974    d/o William T. and Retta Speight Atwood

Robison, Joseph Oscar     8-8-1892     11-28-1969    s/o Joseph and Victoria Bain Robison, m: Betty Jones 2-4-1921

Robison, Betty Marie     4-23-1906     4-30-1991    d/o Thomas and Margaret Sutton Jones

Robison, Charles Richard     8-14-1924 -------------,     s/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Smith, Myrtle E.     10-28-1891     12-8-1979    d/o Richard and Mattie Smith Davis

Thacker, Carolyn     2-7-1940     1-8-1996    d/o Clarence and Hazel Mayberry Jones, m: Troy Thacker

Walker, Renee Dawn     4-2-1978     4-12-1978    d/o Alan and Margaret Jones Walker

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