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Intersection of Oak Grove Road and Oak Grove Trail
Royal, Garland County, Arkansas

Oak Grove Cemetery.GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.4811, Longitude: -93.2406

Directions:  Take 270 west of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Approximately 10 miles to the left is Oakgrove Road. Go exactly 3 miles and on the right is Oakgrove Trail. Cemetery is in view on right.

This cemetery reading was made in 1997 by Debra Garner; and, since that time, she has added some additional burials from obituaries.

Source of parents and spouse are from funeral home records, marriage records, census records, and information from families. As in any work, you may find errors.  Debra wishes to thank Sandra Hayes of Vinita, Oklahoma, for her contribution of information on some of the family lines.

The land for the cemetery is said to have been donated by John Hall.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted. You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site, Rootsweb World Connect Project site, and rootsweb/ freepages site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let Patti know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your website. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Oak Grove Cemetery family tree, WCP, or freepages.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Abbott, Brent Scott 10-30-1962 6-8-2007 2
Parents: Travis Abbott and Alene Pogue

Adams, John O. 12-3-1910 12-27-1956
Spouse: Pearl Suit married 11-24-1934

Adams, Minnie Pearl Suit 1-29-1942 Living

Adcock, James R. 1-29-1942 1-14-1988
Spouse: Mamie Sue Shackleford married 12-24-1965

Adcock, Mamie Sue 2-2-1941 Living
Parents: James Roy Shackelford and Mamie Lois Craig
Spouse: 2nd Donald Morris Cunningham

Caruth Funeral home lists as being buried in Oak Grove Cemetery
Oatsie Adcock 8-14-1898 3-29-1966
(son of William Adcock and Rebecca Shepherd)
Joe Garrett Adcock 2-25-1879 9-8-1961
(son of William Adcock and Martha Allen)
I did not find marker for them.

Albinson, Virginia Fae 12-14-1930 12-15-1998 2
Parents: Haynes Mathews and Elva Smith
Sp: Al Albinson

Albinson, Al    08-30-1928 - 01-12-2013 2
Parents: Alvin Albinson and Alma
Spouse: Virginia Fae Mathews
Spouse: Jo Ellen Moss Robberson

Allen, Walter Jr. 1-15-1919 4-7-2001 2
Parents: Walter Allen and Stella Lindsay
Spouse: Betty________.

Allman, Raymond Karl 10-14-1933 8-12-2006 2
Parents: Raymnd Earl Allman and Faye Renfrow
Spouse: Norletta _________.

Anderson, Andrew J. 1858 1933
Parents: James Thomas Anderson and Susan Emmaline Phillips
Spouse: 1st Emma Oveby Gilbert m:11-21-1885
2nd Sallie Williams m:6-29-1896
(marked with a Gross Funeral Home marker)
1880 Hot Spring Co., AR Census:
Census Place: Prairie Bayou, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254046 National Archives Film T9-0046 Page 558B
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Andrew J. ANDERSON Self F S W 21 AR Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: TN
Mary JOHNSON Sister F W 19 AR Occ: Keeping House Fa: SC Mo: TN
A. F. JOHNSON BroL M W 23 MO Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: TN Mo: TN

Anderson, Annis Eli 4-16-1903 1-15-1961
Parents: James Thomas Anderson Jr. and Susan Griffin
Spouse: 1st Delia McConnell m: 8-26-1922
2nd Vesta Ewing m: 3-8-1926

Anderson, James T. 2-16-1832 4-12-1910
Spouse: Susan Emmaline Phillips

Anderson, Susan E. 1-18-1834 3-16-1918
1880 Hot Spring Co., AR Census:
Census Place: Prairie Bayou, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254046 National Archives Film T9-0046 Page 558B
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Jas. T. ANDERSON Self M M W 47 SC Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: SC
Susan E. ANDERSON Wife F M W 45 TN Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: TN
Mahalay ANDERSON Dau F S W 16 AR Fa: SC Mo: TN
Arizona ANDERSON Dau F D W 13 AR Fa: SC Mo: TN
Nevada ANDERSON Dau F S W 9 AR Fa: SC Mo: TN
Ladona ANDERSON Dau F S W 5 AR Fa: SC Mo: TN
James T. ANDERSON Son M S W 3 AR Fa: SC Mo: TN
Luke TISDAL Other M S B 36 TN Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Fredwick COUNTES Other M S MU 19 TNOcc: Farm Laborer Fa: --- Mo: ---

Anderson, James T., Jr. 11-6-1876 12-2-1943
Parents: James Thomas Anderson and Susan Emmaline Phillips
Spouse: 1st Susan Griffith m: 11-23-1894
2nd Fannie Meheffey
3rd Eva Dodson m: 6-8-1940
Anderson, Susie C. 11-25-1875 11-15-1929
Parents: William Griffith and Trudy Lowe (Tennessee Truman Lowe)

Anderson, L. V. 1915 1937
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith
(Gross Funeral Home marker)

Anderson, Wm. Jackson 6-29-1899 12-25-1927
Parents: James T. Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith
Spouse: Mamie Juanita Sanders

Anderson, James Alvin 11-17-1895 2-23-1954 1
Arkansas PFC Co A 142 Machine Gun Bn WWI
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith
Spouse: 1st Amy Myers m: 10-15-1915
2nd J. Bernice Beaver m: 12-24-1941
Anderson, J. Bernice 1915 Living
Note: Johnnie Bernice Beaver Anderson remarried to Willis C. James. She was born 9-5-1915. She died on 8-10-1987. She is buried next to Willis at Memorial Park Cemetery in Camden, Arkansas.

Anderson, Claud O. 10-9-1916 4-5-1918
Parents: James Alvin Anderson and Amy Myers

Anderson, Nettie V. 1905 1913
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith

Anderson, Baby 1908 1908
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith

Anderson, Louis O. 1910 1910
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr. and Susan Griffith

Anderson, Marie 1911 1911
Parents: James Thomas Anderson, Jr., and Susan Griffith

Anzaldua, Victor Jr.    01/20/1976-12/19/2009 2
Parents: Victor E. Anzaldua, Sr., and Mary Jane
Spouse: Carolyn

Armstrong, Charles B. 7-21-1942 4-29-1990
Parents: Gaines Armstrong and Evelyn I. Powers
Spouse: Melanie Olive

Armstrong, Gaines, Sr. 9-25-1916 3-13-1966
Spouse: Evelyn I. Powers

Armstrong, Evelyn I. 7-27-1921 5-3-2004 1 2
Parents: Thomas Power and Sarah Holcombe

Armstrong, Gaines N. 1-20-1939 9-27-1999 2
Parents: Gaines Armstrong and Evelyn Inez Powers

Armstrong, Jeffery David 4-19-1975 4-20-1975
Parents: Gaines Armstrong, Jr. and Mary Helen Woodson

Ashley, Emaline 2-22-1853 6-1-1929
Parents: ____Seals
Spouse: John Roach
George Ashley

Baca, Donald Wayne    06-28-1963 03-19-1963

Bailey, Pat 6-10-1940 6-18-2008 2
Parents: John W. Bolton and Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Spouse: Bill Bailey

Baker, Owen Leo, Sr. 1917 1962
(Gross Funeral Home record: 12-12-1917 2-25-1962)
Parents: Wm. C. Baker and Dora Weaver
Spouse: Louise Starnes

Baker, "Moe" Owen, Jr. 7-4-1955 9-28-1989
Parents: Owen Baker and Louise Starnes

Baker, Patricia Lowrey    03-03-1952 08-27-2011 2
Parents: Leon Benjamin Lowrey and Ellen Williams Lowrey Newcomb

Baldwin, Dewey 6-4-1899 5-8-1950
Parents: John Baldwin and Mary Alice Ewing
Spouse: 1st Virgie Shackelford m: 2-12-1917 (div.)
2nd Pearl Ferrell m: 6-10-1937

Barnett, Jerald Richard 5-30-1938 9-24-2006 2
Parents: James Barnett and Sylvia Burnett
Spouse: Peggy ________

Benson, Rebecca Sue    03/01/1953-02/18/2011 2
Parents: John Birmingham and Audra Benson
Spouse: Larry Benson

Benson, William Wylie, Jr. 5-2-1930 10-1-2005 2
Parents: William Wylie, Sr. and Lola Mamie Newman
Spouse: Audra Marie_____

Berry, Glenn 10-31-1927 6-7-1939
Parents: Langston Berry and Iva V. Smith

Berry, Langston 11-23-1903 11-6-1984
Parents: John Berry and Minnie Garrett
Spouse: Iva V. Smith m: 10-7-1926

Berry, Iva V. 11-3-1903 6-28-1980
Parents: W. T. Smith and Amanda E. Reece

Berry, Daniel Avery 1-28-1958 3-31-1975
Parents: Milburn and Gladys Berry

Berry, Gladys S. 1-28-1923 2-15-1972

Berry, Milburn L. "Mel"    02/11/1933-05/16/2010 2
Parents: Langston and Iva Viola Smith Berry
Spouse: Gladys S.

Billings, Gloria Jeanne Mahan    10-05-1947 04-08-2012 1 2

Booth, Shaine    08-29-1986 03-18-2012 1 2
Parents: David Booth and Penny Gunsher

Brantley, Lola 3-27-1918 7-1-1973
Parents: Clem Brown and Susie Kemp
Spouse: Randal Brantley

Bratton, Donna Gail Williams 9-28-1954 11-22-2006 2
Parents: J. P. Williams and Edna Dilday

Braughton, Allen "A. C." 11-27-1921 3-8-1995 1
Spouse: Mildred Pitts m: 2-26-1942
PFC US Army World War II

Braughton, Burl Andrew 1887 1888
Parents: Thomas A. J. Braughton and Mary E. Parker

Braughton, Needom F. 1-7-1872 8-15-1928
Parents: Thomas A. J. Braughton and Mary E. Parker
Spouse: 1st Nancy Burton m: 2-25-1896
2nd ______Bridges
3rd Vine Evans

Braughton, T. A. J. 1841 1892
(Thomas Andrew Jackson Braughton)
Spouse: Mary E. Parker m: 11-10-1864
(see Mary E. Johnson)

Braughton, W. A. 2-26-1866 12-17-1907

Braughton, John W.  Company C 4 Mississippi Cavalry CSA

Brock, Catherine Kastner 2-23-1889 4-28-1976
Parents: ______Kastner and Sophia Hall
Spouse: James W. Brock m: 9-14-1915

Brown, Florence E. 3-21-1886 8-10-1976
Parents: John Henson and Louisa Cunningham
Spouse: Alford Orrell

Brown, William Leander 4-3-1854 8-12-1906
Parents: Wm. Brown and Sarah Cearley
Spouse: Amanda Jane McDowell m: ca 1879
Brown, Amanda Jane 4-24-1863 12-13-1939
Parents: James W. McDowell and Luvicy E. Griffin

Brown, Bernice Fisher 6-17-1908 11-20-1992
Parents: Wm. O. Fisher and Myrtie McCaslin
Spouse: Ellis D. Brown m: 12-19-1926

Brown, Ellis David 12-7-1903 11-12-1996 2
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Bernice Fisher m: 12-19-1926

Brown, C. Roscoe 7-2-1889 9-2-1972
Parents: Wm. L. Brown and Amanda J. McDowell
Spouse: Iva Thomason m: 12-6-1914
Brown, Iva T. 6-19-1899 8-18-1979
Parents: James Thomason and Mary E. Griffin

Brown, Ann Elizabeth 11-4-1891 4-17-1982
Parents: Wm. L. Brown and Amanda J. McDowell

Brown, E. Floyd 8-12-1892 7-28-1919
Parents: Wm. L. Brown and Amanda J. McDowell
Spouse: Ona Chitwood m: 12-24-1913

Brown, Dorn 12-10-1914 12-20-1914
Parents: E. Floyd Brown and Ona Chitwood

Brown, Henry Irvin 9-9-1898 12-13-1962
Parents: Wm. L. Brown and Amanda J. McDowell
Spouse: Oleva Pearl McCaslin m: 12-25-1918
Brown, Oleva Pearl 9-12-1901 1-6-1993
Parents: John D. McCaslin and Melissa A. Rawls

Brown, Houston E. 1-29-1920 12-18-1922
Parents: Henry I. Brown and Oleva Pearl McCaslin

Brown, Wilson I. 1-1-1927 2-23-1954 1
Parents: Henry I. Brown and Oleva Pearl McCaslin
Spouse: Leola Jane McKinney

Brown, Clem L. 4-25-1882 7-26-1952
Parents: Wm. L. Brown and Amanda J. McDowell
Spouse: Susie Kemp m: 12-18-1906
Florence Henson Orrell
Brown, Susie C. 1-04-1886 3-24-1945
Parents: Joseph Kemp and Jennie Smith

Brown, William Eldon 9-6-1906 7-16-1965
Parents: Clem Brown and Susie Kemp
Spouse: Annie Coleman

Brown, Calvin C. 11-22-1920 9-22-2001 2
Parents: Clem Brown and Susie Kemp
Spouse: Maxine Norman

Brown, Maxine 9-12-1923 12-1-2006 2
Parents: Joseph Ellis Norman and Ida Mae Johnson
Spouse: 1st Calvin C. Brown
2nd Thomas Lee Weil

Brown, Geneva Sue 11-7-1922 2-21-1943
Parents: Clem Brown and Susie Kemp

Brown, George F. 1831 1884
Parents: Wm. Brown and Sarah Cearley
Spouse: 1st Eliza Ann Parker m: 6-12-1853
2nd Nancy Jane Parker Brooks m: 3-27-1878 (widow of Wm. Brooks)

Brown, Eliza Ann 1840 1868

Brown, James R. 12-29-1866 10-14-1952
Parents: George Brown and Eliza Ann Parker
Spouse: Margaret Wilson

Brown, Virginia L. 10-25-1900 12-6-1967
Parents: Edward Shackelford and Nevada Anderson
Spouse: 1st Dewey Baldwin m: 12-12-1917
2nd A. L. Brown m: 10-8-1932

Buck, Nathan   12-07-1969 12-07-1969    [fhm]
Parents: Jerrell Buck and Patricia Terry

Buck, Hurl A.   8-7-1906 1-7-1992
Parents: Dow L. Buck and Lou Jane Orrell
Spouse: 1st Ora M. Anderson m: 3-1-1930 (div.) she m: 2nd Homer J. Sims
2nd Era M. Roach
Buck, Era M.   4-13-1911 7-1-1976
Parents: L.M. Roach and Vina Shackelford

Buck, Jerrell A.  2-6-1948 6-22-2005
Parents: Hurl A. Buck and Era Roach
Spouse: Tonya Shaw

Buck, Eugene 3-17-1944 1-10-1947
Parents: Dwight Buck and Elzie_______

Buck, Infant 9-6-1942 9-6-1942
Parents: Dwight Buck and Elzie_______

Buck, Dow Lorenza 12-23-1881 10-23-1973
Parents: Richard Buck and Lois Scarberry
Spouse: Lou Jane Orrell

Buck, Lou Jane 9-29-1886 3-17-1979
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy J. Jacks

Buck, Oral   2-12-1923 7-25-2002
P: Dow L. Buck and Lou Jane Orrell

Buck, Jennifer A.    10/17/1971-10/30/2001

Burden, James F. CO. B. 4 MISS INF. CSA
(Gross Funeral Home record: died 6-1-1908)

Burden, Luvena 3-26-1881 6-12-1914
Parents: Mitchell Blackburn and Susan A. Norman (widow of William Cannon)

Burden, M. M. 1874 6-1933
Parents: James F. Burden and ________
Spouse: Rena Blackburn on 7-19-1916

Burgess, Russell Clyde 3-13-1923 4-1-1978
Parents: Dolphus Burgess and Viola Fikes
Sp: Pauline Matthews

Burgess, Russell David 8-22-1949 4-26-1968
Parents: Russell C. Burgess and Pauline Matthews

Burkeen, Carol Marie Fiala    09-14-1950 02-23-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

Byers, Ira C. 2-26-1870 8-13-1934
Sp: Alice Woolard on 3-27-1901
Byers, Alice 2-20-1884 11-2-1964

Byers, Ira C. "Slick" Jr. 4-24-1923 9-1-1970
Parents: I. C. Byers and Alice Woolard
("Father of Don, Jim, and Eddie")

Byers, Tom W. 1915 1969
Parents: I. C. Byers and Alice Woolard
Sp: Thelma Jones
Byers, Thelma 1907 1984
Parents: W. W. Jones and_______
Sp: Louis Pendergraft
Tom W. Byers

Byers, Irene 4-15-1915 8-18-1920
Parents: I. C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Byers, Thelma 6-11-1918 9-14-1920
Parents: I. C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Caldwell, Ronald J. 07/23/1947-07/12/1992
Parents: Ras Caldwell and Mildred Matthews

Caldwell, Ras 8-3-1919 5-7-1980
Parents: James Caldwell and _______
Sp: Mildred Matthews
Caldwell, Mildred 06-14-1921 12-03-1979
Parents: Charles Matthews and Maudie Strickland

Caldwell, William Dell 7—13-1905 10-13-1976
Parents: Ras Caldwell and Mildred Matthews
(Gross Funeral home marker)

Campochiaro, Robert Michael 7-19-1967 11-20-1997 1

Carpenter, Odell D.   12-05-1918 09-05-2007
Parents: David E. Carpenter and Nolas "Lois" Mourton
Spouse: Married Pauline Ward 04/29/1940
Carpenter, Pauline B.   11-25-1923 3-13-2008

Chadick, Harold A.    10-21-1921 12-21-2012 2
Parents: Charlie H. Chadick and Maudie Braden
Spouse: Lillie Mae McGarity

Chadick, Lillie Mae    02-29-1928 03-06-2014 1 2
Parents: Thomas Jefferson McGarity and Myrtle Cannon
Spouse: Harold A. Chadick

Chesshir, Helen "Tommye"    07-14-1929 03-02-2003 1
Sp: William Chesshir

Chitty, Tyler Dean   08-30-1978 08-07-2008 2
Parents: Larry Dean Chitty and Carlyan Owens
Sp: Amanda Couch

Chitwood, W. J.   09-14-1849 05-13-1931
Parents: Ezekiel Chitwood and Elizabeth Pinson
Sp: Amanda Cearley

Chitwood, Amanda   05-26-1854 07-01-1936
Parents: Hiram Cearley and Evelyn James

Chitwood, Elmer 9-18-1894 5-16-1895
Parents: W. J. Chitwood and Amanda Cearley

Clark, Pearl 6-6-1914 10-19-2000 (double stone with John Quincy Adams)
Parents: William Suit and Lydia Henson
Spouse: 1st John Quincy Adams
2nd Dan Friend
3rd Tom Clark

Clark, Megan Paige 7-7-1998 7-10-1998

Clark, Karson Alan Gordon 5-24-2007 5-24-2007 2
Parents: Edward and Kayla Clark

Cleaver, Jewell Henry 6-12-1912 7-1-1973
Parents: Albert Cleaver and Della Hopper
Sp: Lucile Byers
Cleaver, Lucile G. 10-13-1905 3-9-1984
Parents: Ira C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Coe, Elmer 11/11/1920-11/09/2005
Parents: Walter and Mary Coe
Spouse: Florine Brown (married 06/20/1943)

Coe, Alton Wilson 11-15-1948 12-02-1948
Parents: Elmer Coe and Florine Brown

Coker, Nettie Myrtle 10-10-1901 8-14-1970
Parents: James Thomason and Mary Cozart
(Gross funeral home marker)

Coleman, Ada Brown Lackey 8-30-1930 5-27-1998
Sp: Billy Coleman

Comeaux, Clint    10-04-1973 10-02-2011 2
Parents: James Comeaux and Elizabeth
Sp: Kimberly

Connell, T. J. 10-25-1852 7-29-1929
Spouse: Maggie Sharp

Connell, Maggie 1-8-1863 5-3—1945
(Caruth funeral home marker)

Connelly, Dennis Garland    08-28-1940 10-25-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

Conner, Bert 1-12-1897 10-22-1987
(Gross funeral home marker)

Cortez-Medrano, Jose Alonzo    08/05/1955-01/15/2010 2

Cox, Roy Adron 12-20-1936 1-22-1991

Crandall, Donald W. 3-28-1930 10-25-2001    FN US Navy

Cross, Donald G. 9-12-1936 3-14-2005
Spouse: Sieglinde Danielezok
Cross, Sieglinde G. 6-12-1939 9-3-2005
Spouse: Donald G. Cross

Crumby, Ruth R. 10-7-1926 3-24-2006 2
(Caruth Funeral home marker)

Cunningham, Grandmother no dates

Dacus, Stanley L. A. 12-24-1912 3-14-1974
Parents: James Dacus and Ida Alice Rogers
Spouse: Jennie Kassaw

Dacus, Jennie Helen 10-20-1904 11-7-1994
Parents: Charles Kassaw and Margaret Sachs

Dailey, Olin Roy 2-18-1895 5-10-1954
Parents: Owen Dailey and Susan Dearmond
Spouse: Minnie Scott

Dailey, Minnie Virginia 6-16-1894 5-18-1964
(Gross Funeral home marker)

Dailey, Vernon 1928 1928
Parents: Olin Dailey and Minnie Scott

Dalton, James Newton 9-8-1886 3-24-1958
Parents: AndrewJackson Dalton and Malissa Mahan
Sp: Lillian Hobby married 1-30-1916

Dalton, Lillian 1-4-1897 9-3-1988
Parents: Calvin Hobby and Mary Ann Long

Dalton, Andrew Jackson 11-14-1848 11-17-1916
Sp: Molissa Mahan married 11-8-1883

Dalton, Molissa Amanda 12-16-1863 7-22-1948 (first name changed by Patti Vance Hays per tombstone)
P: Henry W. Mahan and Melissa Redus

Dalton, Lewis Henry 5-23-1892 10-5-1973
Arkansas Pvt. US Army WWI
Parents: Andrew Jackson Dalton and Molissa Mahan
Sp: Merlie Harris married 5-12-1918

Dalton, Merlie E. 11-6-1902 11-27-1982
Parents: William Harris and Emma Henson

Dalton, Cecil E. 12-20-1920 7-2-1999
Parents: James Dalton and Lillian Hobby

Danielezok, Stefan 1905 1992
Spouse: Hedwig Sadel

Danielezok, Hedwig 10-18-1908 2-23-1997

Danielezok, Rainer 1941 1946
Parents: Sefan Danielezok and Hedwig Sadel

Dauhiter, Jerry Lynn 6-12-1935 8-6-1986

Dennis, William R. 2-14-1942 5-10-2008 2
Parents: Charles Franklin Dennis and Eleanor Hope Duke
Spouse: Sandra Darlene Hicks

Dennis, Sandra Darlene    05/26/1950-06/05/2009
Parents: James A. and Jerri Mae Hicks
Spouse: William R. Dennis

Dickinson, Shirley A. 11-22-1934 8-5-1995

Diez, Samuel M. 8-13-1898 9-5-1984
Spouse: Leata Cable married 2-18-1923
Alice Coklin
(Caruth funeral home marker)

Diez, Alice B. 11-29-1896 2-2-1964
(Gross funeral home marker)

Dollar, Willey 1-27-1900 11-7-1918

Duff, Byron K. 12-30-1970 12-02-1992

Duren, Nellie Kemp 5-26-1890 5-2-1965
Parents: L. J. Kemp and Martha Blakely

Eargle, Nell G. 7-8-1905 7-5-1994
Parents: _____Garrett
Spouse: William G. Eargle

Eargle, William G. 8-24-1904 10-7-1990

Eargle, Gloria "Glo" 5-4-1939 12-12-1983
"The single purpose of A. A. is to show us what we Can do when we enlist in a power greater than ourselves."
Parents: William G. Eargle and Nell Garrett

Ellison, William F., Jr. 12-22-1919 9-9-2002
Parents: William Franklin Ellison and Virginia Glen
Spouse: Lois Roach
Ellison, Lois 12-15-1922 12-31-2007 2
Parents: Frank Roach and Ona Rebecca Garrett

Evans, Elva Loree 1-15-1919 5-22-1960
Parents: J. E. Lively and Dela Whitaker
Spouse: William F. E. Evans
(Caruth funeral home marker)

Evans, William F. E. 1862 1950
(Gross funeral home marker)

Evans, Paul "Pete" 10-11-1944 1-29-2007 2
Parents: Paul "Buster" Evans and Esher Rolfes
Spouse: Bonnie Masteller married 2-19-1971
Children: Michael, Jarrod, and Emily

Everts, Charles H. 5-10-1871 2-8-1935
Parents: Henry Everts and Mary Bryant
Sp: Julia Baumhauser
Everts, Julia A. 2-3-1878 2-8-1935
Parents: William Baumhauser and Louisa Hencher
Everts, Miriam Ollie 7-10-1905 2-8-1935
Parents: Charles H. Everts and Julia A. Baumhauser
Everts, Thelma L. 6-30-1913 2-8-1935
Parents: Charles H. Everts and Julia A. Baumhauser
*The Everts were shot and killed by nephew Henry Lewter on 2-8-1935

Everts, Ellen 5-7-1911 6-2-2003
Parents: Charles Everts and Julia A. Baumhauser

Everts, Henry E. ----------- 2-12-1924
Co. D. 33 Ill. Inf.
Spouse: Mary E. Bryant

Everts, Mary E. 4-22-1848 12-23-1932
Wife of Henry

Everts, Ida   05-25-1882 12-04-1935

Ewing, E. B. 1840 1927

Faulk, Joe Wayne 8-31-1931 3-28-2005
Parents: Jim Faulk and Etta Faye Middleton
Spouse: Esther Barnes
US Marine Corps Korea

Faulk, Gerald  4-24-1963 8-11-2005
Parents: Joe Wayne Faulk and Esther Barnes

Fickling, Mary J. 1-14-1928 4-26-1997

Fielder, Tom 1876 1921
Parents: Tobe Fielder and _________
Sp: Margaret Roach married 2-17-1910
*Tom Fielder was killed at a wagon yard located on Hobson Ave.

Fields, Albert 1-12-1878 5-19-1938
Parents: R. C. Fields and ________
(Caruth Funeral home marker)

Fikes, Morris    07/01/1920-06/22/2009 2
Parents: Luther and Sadie Fikes
Spouse: Floy ___

Fisher, Sallie Pearl 1-14-1885 1-31-1950
Parents: J. R. Luke and Sarah Pearson

Fisher, Linda 4-5-1951 4-15-2008    "Mother and Wife"

Fletcher, Fred 6-13-1897 9-11-1925
Parents: John M. Fletcher and _________
Sp: Maudie Anderson on 9-10-1916

Ford, Jayson Lane    09-25-1992 06-07-2014 1 2

Foust, Erma D. 5-10-1920 11-13-1997
Foust, Robert E. 10-27-1919  04-10-2009 (added per obituary--newspaper obituary shows 04/11/2009 and funeral home obituary shows 04/10/2009)
Parents: William Puryor Foust and Florence Smith
Spouse: Erma Friend (married 05/10/1940)

Garner, Andrew 3-9-1863 4-8-1959
Spouse: Alice Eddleman Braughton married 12-7-1884
(Caruth Funeral home marker)

Garner, Alice R. 11-15-1865 3-23-1942
Parents: James Eddleman and Lucy Ann Chitwood

Garner, Laverne Mathews 8-24-1926 7-18-1962
Sp: Walton Garner

Garner, Jerrell 2-14-1942 8-15-2003    Caruth Funeral Home marker 1
Parents: Earl Garner and Essie Bean
Spouse: Joyce Kitchens

Gates, Carnous Elizabeth 11-26-1893 12-18-1985
(Hot Springs Funeral home marker)

Gauthier, Jerry Lynn   06-12-1935 08-06-1986
Parents: Willie Williams and Della Reynolds 3

Gentry, Elbert L. "Curly"    7-24-1927 6-2-2002
Parents: Nolie and Edna Gentry
Spouse: Emma L. Jarrett on 02-07-1948
Gentry, Emma L.    12-28-1931 02-25-2013    [dod from obituary]

Gibbs, Jeffrey Allen II    08/16/1986-04/15/2011 2

Gibbs, Rylin Jade    10/06/2009-04/15/2011 2

Golden, Henry C. 4-14-1884 1-28-1949
Parents: James Golden and Sidney Frazier Godwin
Sp: Delilah McCray married 7-29-1906
Golden, Delilah 1887 1965
Parents: S. T. McCrary and Sarah C. ______

Golden, Dorothy A. 9-15-1903 9-4-1985
Spouse: Charles A. Golden

Golden, Charles A. 1900 1976
Spouse: Dorothy Kershner

Goodwin, Arthur P.    age 93 10-28-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

Gothard, Winnie Evelyn 12-1-1910 9-4-1997

Graves, Angela Jewell 12-31-1962 1-4-2004 2
Parents: Roderick Jewell and Vivian Mae McCaslin
Spouse: Shane Graves

Guerin, Adam Rock 3-16-1972 10-12-2006    Pvt US Marine Corps
Parents: Marcel and Linda Guerin

Hale, Grover 2-28-1893 11-20-1967
Pvt. Co. D. 114 Engineers WWI
Parents: Hugh Hale and Mary Baldwin
Sp: Minnie Kastner

Hale, Minnie Kastner 4-17-1887 6-30-1978
Parents: _____Kastner and Sophia Mall

Hale, Jack C. 6-1-1929 9-23-2003
Parents: Grover B. Hale and Minnie Kastner
Spouse: Sarah McCaslin

Hall, A. Jewell 9-14-1911 6-12-1997
Parents: James B. Hall and Ruanna McDowell
Spouse: Ruby Wright married 04/29/1934
Hall, Ruby W. 3-17-1912 8-4-2000
Parents: Rubin A. Wright and Cora Ann Parker
Spouse: A. Jewell Hall

Hall, James Burl 10-1-1869 4-11-1949
Parents: George Hall and Martha Kesiah (?)

Hall, Ruanna (Ruie) 9-29-1877 5-21-1961
Parents: William D. McDowell and Amanda Mayberry

Hall, George W. 1899 1943
Arkansas Pvt. 306 MG BN 77 Div.
Parents: James Hall and Ruanna McDowell
Spouse: Mary Ann Stevenson

Hall, Mary Anna 12-21-1902 11-6-1939
Parents: J. S. Stevenson and Florence Peden
w/o George W. Hall
(Gross Funeral Home marker)

Hall, George Washington 8-15-1931 7-28-1951
Texas Sgt 24 AF Maint. Depot
Parents: George W. Hall and Mary Stevenson

Hall, Harvey F. 1-24-1840 1-7-1905
Parents: Samuel Hall and Mary _________
Sp: Rebecca E. McDowell married 2-16-1873

Hall, Rebecca Elizabeth 1-5-1854 4-16-1936
Parents: James McDowell and Nancy Baldwin
Spouse: Harvey F. Hall

Hall, John W. 10-1-1861 2-28-1931
Parents: William Hall and Lola Childress
Sp: Martha Maden married on 1-16-1883

Hall, Martha B. 1-16-1868 5-27-1945
Parents: William Maden and Alice McElroy

Hall, James Carroll 12-11-1846 1-6-1916
Parents: Samuel Hall and Mary _______
Sp: Charlotte Brown
Hall, Charlotte Jane 4-18-1849 10-8-1912
Parents: William Brown and Sarah Cearly

Hames, Vera "Peggy" 5-18-1914 7-16-2005 2
Sp: Samuel S. Hames

Hamilton, Mary Carroll 8-31-1952 10-8-1952
Parents: John Hamilton and Ruby Roach

Hampton, Chloie Ann 6-27-1908 3-10-2005 2
Parents: Clem Lafayette Brown and Susie Kemp
Spouse: Doyle Hampton

Hansen, Fredrick Robert    11-24-1976 06-12-2011 2
Parents: Robert G. Hansen and Marilyn D. Smith Hansen
Spouse: Mary

Hardage, William C. 8-15-1917 2-20-1983
Sgt. US Army WWII
Parents: Harrison and Grace Hardage

Harmon, Capitola B. Yell 8-3-1905 2-5-1997

Harris, Frank Small 2-20-1920 12-9-1957
Parents: C. F. Harris and Emma Matthews
(Gross Funeral home marker)

Harris, Cravin F. 4-15-1897 2-14-1964
Parents: William Harris and Emma Huson
Spouse: Emma Matthews

Harrison, Dr. R. T. 3-31-1830 5-18-1899
*drowned while crossing Mazarn Creek

Harrison, Nick Thomas 8-29-1960 10-16-2007 2
Parents: Nick Thomas Harrison Sr. and Joyce_____

Hawkins, Doris Marie    12-26-1934 1-25-2003    "Mom"
Parents: H. C. Suit and Lena Rascoe
Spouse: Ralph Russell Hawkins

Hawley, Gary Cletis    10/05/1942-03/11/2009
Parents: Louis and Christine Meeks Hawley
PO3 US Navy Vietnam

Hawley, Harold Eugene b. d. 8-20-1934
*Marker placed by Gary Hawley in 1997
Parents: J. E. Hawley and Mary Thompson

Hawley, Max Baer 8-16-1935 8-18-1935
*Marker placed by Gary Hawley in 1997
Parents: Lewis Hawley and Christine Meeks

Heath, Blakelee Palmer    died 01-06-2012, infant 1 2
Parents: Barry Heath and Bridget Diggs

Helms, Infant Dau. 12-01-1941 12-01-1941
Parents: Norval Helms and Lucille Reynolds

Helms, Norval C. 1-16-1915 11-5-1973
Parents: William Helms and Nora Wallace (Prince)
Spouse: Lucille Reynolds married 5-3-1941
Helms, Lucie 5-6-1916 9-25-1981
Parents: John Reynolds and Mary Buck

Henson, William R. Sr. 11-6-1875 11-22-1971
Parents: John Henson and Louisa Cunningham
Sp: Mary Alma Mathews
Henson, Mary Alma 7-26-1885 11-12-1961
Parents: Elisha W. Mathews and Susan Brooks

Henson, Rosie E. 11-28-1924 8-26-1926
Parents: William R. Henson and Mary Mathews

Henson, Violet 12-11-1905 10-16-1920
Parents: William R. Henson and Mary Mathews

Hinsen, Bonnie M. 05/11/1931-07/17/1995
Parents: Clarence William Kassaw and Verna Beatrice Byers

Henson, Ray 11-5-1927 12-25-2000
Parents: Henry Henson and Lucille_____
Spouse: Katherine List Nielson
Henson, Katherine Bell 11-16-1919 10-10-2007
Parents: Fredrick W. and Annis List
Spouse: 1st William Delmar Nielsen
2nd Ray Henson

Herring, Donald Ray, Jr. 12-2-1970 7-18-2004
A1C US Air Force Persian Gulf
Parents: Donald R. Herring and Sharlotte Ortigo

Hetzler, Buck Duane 12-09-1921 07-13-2000
S Sgt US Army World War II; Purple Heart
Spouse: Norma Jean Yell

Hetzler, Norma Jean Yell    08-24-1928 04-02-2014 1 2
Parents: Oscar Fenton Yell and Capitola Kelley
Spouse: Buck Duane Hetzler

Hobgood, Troy M. 6-10-1923 3-10-2004
Parents: Drew and Lilly Hobgood
Spouse: 1st Daphne M. Shackelford married 12-13-1942
2rd Patsy Ruth_________
Hobgood, Daphne M. 1-15-1925 6-14-1973
Parents: William Frank Shackelford and Dovie Kassaw

Hodge, Ula 1896 9-1-1934
Missouri Pvt. 356 Inf. 89 Div.
Sp: Pearl Roach married 6-30-1920

Holder, Ernest Leo   03-17-1920 04-19-1993
PFC US Army World War II Korea

Hollars, Johnny P. 1-2-1918 4-16-1971
Parents: ______Hollars and Lena Davis
(Caruth funeral home marker)

Holt, William P. 12-17-1845 9-8-1922
Missouri Pvt. Co. E 46 Regt. Mo Inf. Civil War
Sp: Ollie Vanderburg Mathews married 2-1-1915

Holt, Ollie Ann 8-27-1874 7-6-1965
Parents: Calvin Vanderburg and Mary Blackwell
Sp: 1st Elisha Mathews
2nd Wm. Holt

Horn, Albert 1-10-1898 11-29-1975
Parents: Calvin Horn and Temperance Welch

Hotchkiss, R. R. 7-23-1852 11-16-1931
(Gross funeral home marker)

House, William Jefferson 4-23-1877 2-2-1955
Parents: Henry House and Mary Baseman
Sp: Sara Brown
(Caruth funeral home marker)

House, Sara Lula 12-16-1885 5-17-1960
Parents: William Leander Brown and Amanda McDowell
(Caruth funeral home marker)

House, William Marion 5-17-1936 Living
Sp: Betty Margaret Reamy Roach on 2-21-1959
House, Betty Margaret 4-17-1934 9-30-1995
("Our children Diane and William Marion Jr.")

House, Clyde Elmer 7-12-1909 12-6-1944

House, Clifton L. "Pete" 8-5-1910 5-20-1978
Parents: William Jefferson House and Sara Lula Brown
Sp: Pauline Ketchum on 1-6-1937
House, Pauline 2-5-1918 1-13-2003
Parents: Grover Ketchum and Mae Shackelford

Howard, Harry L. 3-26-1884 1-7-1944
Parents: Harry L. Howard and _______
Spouse: Grace Kemp

Howard, Grace Kemp 12-11-1896 4-13-1979
Parents: Joseph Kemp and Jennie Smith

Howton, Alford L. 1-28-1888 4-8-1944
Sp: Norah Henson on 1-3-1909

Howton, Norah 12-16-1892 12-28-1918
John Henry Henson and Martha Louisa Cunningham

Hughes, Joshua Lawrence    08-02-1983 06-08-2011
Parents: Russell and Elizabeth Hughes

Hughes, Sammy E.    02-10-1924 06-03-2007
Parents Lewis and Annie Hughes
Sp: Bonnie M. Keigh

Hughes, Bonnie Mae Keith    02-26-1925 07-19-2012 1 2
Parents: Robert Nolan Keith and Mary Cole
Sp: Sammy Hughes

Hurst, Monty 1951 1964
Parents: Robert Hurst and Billie McClard
(Gross funeral home marker)

Huskey, Billy Todd    01-23-1974 03-07-2014 1 2
Parents: Frank Huskey and Sue Adams

Irwin, Jeff 1888 1911

Jackson, Waylon David    09-06-1968 08-28-2007    "In Loving Memory"
Parents: Charles Jackson and Ernestine Bullard
Spouse: Kim McKinnon married 5-5-1990

Jamison, Alexander 3-1834 11-5-1910

Jester, Dorothy J. Kassaw Chunn    02-19-1915 06-09-2011
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Etta Roselle Brown
Spouse: Horace Chunn and Arzel Jester

Jewell, Vivian Mae 8-28-1930 2-20-1998
Parents: William David McCaslin and Lottie Mae Brown
Spouse: Roderick Jewell
Jewell, Roderick    01-11-1928 04-06-2013    [dod from obituary]

Johnson, Albert M. 5-8-1874 12-5-1941
Parents: William Johnson and Sarah Cocanhower (per Gary Brown family member)
Sp: Luella Braughton on 12-9-1897

Johnson, Luella 1-13-1881 1-11-1952
Parents: Tom Braughton and Mary Parker

Johnson, Clarence L. 7-25-1915 5-15-1972
Arkansas TMC US Navy WWII, Korea
Parents: Albert Johnson and Luella Braughton

Johnson, Deadie 1-29-1906 7-4-1920
Parents: Albert M. Johnson and Luella Braughton

Johnson, William M. 3-21-1842 7-14-1913
Sp: Sarah Goshenhause
Mary E. Parker Braughton (widow of Tom) on 6-30-1898

Johnson, Mary E. 12-01-1847 1-11-1919
Parents: Burl Parker and Mary F. Cantrell (buried Aldrich Cem.)
Sp: 1st Tom Braughton married 11-10-1864
2nd W. M. Johnson married 6-30-1898

Johnson, William Alfred 1898 1898

Johnson, Grover E. 2-4-1913 4-13-1995
Sp: Vera Cates on 3-15-1933
Johnson, Vera L. 10-10-1914 1-7-1984
Parents: Frank Cates and Amanda Rowan

Johnson, Howard Ray, Sr.   08-08-1933 07-22-2006
Parents: Nicholas Napoleon Johnson and Nellie Rose Ford
Spouse: Bennie Faye Shakelford

Johnson, Bennie Faye Shackelford    12/29/1932-06/24/2010 2
Parents: Frank and Dovie Kassaw Shackelford
Spouse: Howard Ray Johnson, Sr.

Jones, Kevin M. 5-7-1976 9-16-2008 2
Parents: J. W. Jones and Janet Gilbert

Jones, Pat Carpenter    07-21-1942 01-23-2013 2
Parents: Odell David Carpenter and Pauline Ward
Sp: Chuck Jones

Kassaw, Dacus 1904 11-7-1994
Sp: Jane Weaver

Kassaw, Clarence William 12-17-1898 4-4-1974
Parents: Charles Kassaw and Margaret Sachs
Sp: Verna Byers on 10-14-1925

Kassaw, Verna B. 7-8-1903 4-24-1953
Parents: Ira C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Kassaw, Elmer C.    09-26-1937 05-09-2013 1 2
Parents: Clarence William Kassaw and Verna Byers
Sp: Ruby Short

Kassaw, Winston 2-20-1934 7-17-1987
Parents: Clarence Kassaw and Verna Byers

Kassaw, Charles L. 2-2-1870 5-29-1954
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Christine Breckelbaum
Spouse: Maggie Sachs
Kassaw, Maggie E. 4-20-1880 9-4-1958

Kassaw, Charles Louis "Buck" 11-20-1901 1-13-1971
Parents: Charles Kassaw and Margaret Sachs
Spouse: Aerye E. Cearly
Kassaw, Aerye Edna 1-4-1908 8-19-1972
Parents: Denton Cearly and Ada Standefer

Kassaw Louis 4-26-1877 3-4-1956
Spouse: Louis Kassaw and Christine Breckelbaum
Sp: Rosa Etta Brown
Kassaw, Rosa Etta 11-13-1880 2-27-1969
Parents: William L. Brown and Amanda McDowell

Kassaw, Fred Mearl 8-23-1912 1-17-1988
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Rosa Etta Brown
Sp: Geneva Trantham on 6-26-1937
(Geneva b. 11-27-1917 d. 6-8-1988 buried Lowe Cemetery)

Kassaw, Willis L. 2-19-1902 6-24-1981
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Rose Etta Brown
Sp: Clara Smith on 7-17-1927
Elzie Keasler Sharpton
Kassaw, Clara E. 11-12-1907 11-11-1957
Parents: William Smith and Amanda Reese

Kassaw, Leon ---------- 8-1-1929 age 15 months
(Gross funeral home marker)
Parents: Willis Kassaw and Clara Smith

Kassaw, Charles Nathan 4-18-1988 9-12-1990
"Mama’s Little Man"
Parents: Richard Kassaw and Linda Thomas

Kassaw, Jewel "Tiny" Holland    08-09-1930 01-07-2012 1 2
Parents: Jim Holland and Ruby Keller
Spouse: Glen Kassaw

Kemp, John Coffey 9-1-1817 Alabama 9-26-1888 Arkansas
Parents: Nathaniel Kemp and Nancy Walters
Sp: Mary Phillips married abt. 1838

Kemp, Mary Phillips 5-22-1822 Alabama 4-25-1889 Arkansas

Kemp, Joseph Edward 1-17-1854 9-20-1914
Parents: John Coffey Kemp and Mary Phillips
Sp: Jennie Smith
Kemp, Jennie Amanda 7-18-1862 7-26-1936
Parents: William Smith and Nancy C. Funk
1880 Hot Spring Co., AR Census:
Census Place: Prairie Bayou, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254046 National Archives Film T9-0046 Page 558A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Joseph E. KEMP Self M M W 25 TN Occ: Farmer Fa: AL Mo: ---
Jennie KEMP Wife F M W 18 AR Occ: Keeping House Fa: AR Mo: ---
Samuel H. SMITH BroL M S W 13 AR Fa: AR Mo: ---
Darcus SMITH SisterL F S W 8 AR Fa: AR Mo: ---

Kemp, Lorenzo Jasper 4-11-1860 6-11-1935
Parents: John Coffey Kemp and Mary Phillips
Sp: Martha E. Blakely

Kemp, Martha E. Blakely 3-12-1868 1-1-1961

Kemp, Rose Ann 3-7-1891 11-21-1978
Parents: Joseph Kemp and Jennie Smith

Kemp, James Taylor, Jr. 7-19-1880 9-8-1956
Parents: James T. Kemp and Sarah Page (buried Oma Cemetery)
Sp: Nora Ann Ketchum married 1-15-1905
Kemp, Nora Ann 10-18-1887 3-22-1961
Parents: Jesse Carrol Ketchum and Aretta Buck

Kemp, James Wallace 8-19-1884 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas 7-26-1967 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Parents: Lorenzo Kemp and Martha Blakely
Spouse: Ernestine Paula Kallenbach

Kemp, Vern Orlin 8-24-1907 12-15-1907

Kemp, George Hampton 2-13-1887 11-11-1889
Parents: Joseph Kemp and Jennie Smith

Kemp, Joseph Lonnie 11-3-1889 10-15-1890
Parents: Joseph Kemp and Jennie Smith

Kemp, Baby Boy 10-26-1912 10-26-1912
Son of N. S. Kemp

Kennedy, Edith E. Wilson  4-13-1926 7-6-2004 1
Parents: Arthur L. Wilson and Sylvia Williams

Ketchum, Jesse Carroll 11-15-1843 9-15-1890
Co., C 4 Ark. Inf. CSA
Parents: Jessie C. Ketchum and Delilah ______
Sp: Aretta Buck on 6-14-1869

Ketchum, Richard Frank 9-10-1875 9-3-1930
Parents: Jesse Carroll Ketchum and Aretta Buck
Sp: Ladonia C. Anderson
(Gross Funeral home marker)

Ketchum, Ladonia C. 9-10-1873 2-20-1958
Parents: J. T. Anderson and Susan Emoline Phillips
Spouse: Richard Frank Ketchum

Ketchum, Horace 2-14-1904 5-12-1962
Parents: Richard Frank Ketchum and Ladonia Anderson
Spouse: Bernice Braughton

Ketchum, Grover C. 2-12-1875 3-30-1947
Parents: Jesse Carroll Ketchum and Aretta Buck
Sp: May Shackelford on 12-23-1909

Ketchum, May 4-25-1891 4-4-1970
Parents: E. A. Shackelford and Nevada Anderson

Ketchum, James Orville   03-24-1914 06-08-1992
S1 US Navy World War II
Parents: Grover Ketchum and May Shackelford
Sp: Ruby Fisher on 12-11-1932
Ketchum, Ruby A.   07-27-1912 02-13-2001|
P: _____Fisher
Sp: James Orville Ketchum

Ketchum, John Pink 2-13-1881 2-17-1967
Parents: Jesse Carroll Ketchum and Aretta Buck
Sp: Lucy Alice Braughton on 3-13-1902
Ketchum, Lucy Alice 10-2-1885 11-22-1968
Parents: Will Braughton and Alice Eddleman

Ketchum, Infant 1-29-1911 1-29-1911
Parents: John Pink Ketchum and Lucy A. Braughton

Ketchum, Frank 2-1917 7-2-1934
Parents: W. Jesse Ketchum and Sarah Adeline Hall
(Gross funeral home marker)

Ketchum, W. Jesse 9-22-1873 1-31-1940
Parents: Jesse Carroll Ketchum and Aretta Buck
Sp: Sarah Adeline Hall

Ketchum, Sarah Adeline 9-18-1874 3-29-1948
Parents: James Hall and Charlotte Brown

Ketchum, Chester R. 6-27-1924 11-23-2006 2
Parents: Wiley Ketchum and Mae Brewer

Key, Lula M. 1-26-1909 8-26-1986
Parents: Milton Roach and Jennie Carroll

Kinsey, Maxine R.  7-8-1925 11-18-1999    ,
Parents: Wesley Hardin Reynolds and Edna Shackelford
Spouse: Dwight Kinsey

Kinsey, Dwight Edward    11-30-1921 07-08-2011
Parents: Willis Kinsey and Minnie ____
Spouse: Maxine Reynolds

Kinsey, Sydnie    03-20-1946 07-12-2013 1 2

Kirkham, William P. "Bill"   9-16-1912 8-25-1989
Zelma Roach 4-13-1915 4-9-1998
(Zelma shares a double stone with William Kirkham; however, her last name on SSDI at time of death is Payte)

Kitchens, Billy Ray, Sr.   7-8-1948 10-26-2008 2
Parents: Charles Kitchens and Rosie Weaver
Spouse: Georgia_________

Kitchens, Billy Joe    02-18-1943 08-08-2012 1 2
Parents: Charles Kitchens and Rosie Weaver

Kury, Louis   8-8-1911 2-12-1995

Kury, Betty G.  11-6-1916 9-21-1998

Laborde, Ronald R.    08-20-1962 12-05-2013 1 2

Lakey, Jimmy    09-07-1937 08-08-2011 2
Parents: William Icel Lakey and Elba E. Gannon
Spouse: Polly M. ___

Lambert, Erman L. 4-1-1918 1-23-1969
Arkansas TEC 5, 480 Ord. Tire Rep. Co World War II
Parents: T. A. "Gus" Lambert and Nettie Small
Sp: Nadine V. Dalton married 2-3-1938

Lambert, Nadine V. 5-15-1920 7-25-1993

Lay, Roy 2-5-1908 12-16-1972 1
Parents: William Lay and Julia Keaster
Lay, Vergie 4-11-1911 01-14-2013 2
Parents: Frank Kesterson and Onnie Lee Dwyer

Leaton, Lois I.    03/13/1918-11/25/2010 2
Parents: James Dalton and Lillian Hobby
Sp: Raymond Leaton [buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery]

LeFaun, Thomas A. 4-18-1892 2-16-1972

LeFaun, Fannie 5-7-1890 1-2-1974

Light, Jennifer 10-17-1971 10-30-2001 2
Parents: Jerrell Buck and Patricia Terry
Spouse: Buddy Light

Lingelbach, Theda Fern Smith 7-7-1916 3-3-1994
Parents: Lester Hays and Hattie Fickle
Spouse: James Marvin Smith married 6-18-1939
Parents: _________Lingelbach

Lively, John E. 12-10-1882 2-4-1953
Parents: William Lively and Mary Scroggins
Spouse: Dela C. Whitaker
Lively, Dela (Dellie) C. 6-27-1894 1-31-1960
Wife of John

Lively, Lloyd Ray 8-12-1921 7-7-1984
SSgt. US Army WWII
Parents: John Lively and Dela Whitaker

Macswain, Dexter 11-15-1899 12-5-1983
Parents: Allan Macswain and ________
Spouse Edna Byers

Magar, Kaden Alan   02-08-2006 02-08-2006
Parents: Alan Magar and Sue______

Maner, Edna M. 8-18-1935 2-8-1990
Parents: Hildred Sorter and Susie Ross
Sp: John V. Maner

Mann, Christopher David    10-19-1981 03-12-2014 1 2
Parents: David Mann and Kathleen Anderson

Manning, Patricia A. "Patsy" 1-21-1946 1-2-1997
Parents: Owen Baker, Sr., and Louise Starnes
Spouse: Ray Manning

Marcus, Suzanne    06/10/1941-03/07/2012    [from obituary]

Martin, Wilbert 3-3-1902 9-14-1985
Parents: John Martin and _______
Spouse: Ellen Byers (married 11/03/1934)
Martin, Ellen 7-20-1908 3-28-1989
Parents: Ira C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Mathews, Elisha William 4-17-1841 8-4-1913
Pvt. Co. H. 40 GA Inf. CSA
Sp: Sarah Burnett
Susan Brooks on 6-11-1884
Ollie Vanderburg

Mathews, Susan Brooks abt. 1861 1889
Parents: Wm. A. Brooks and Nancy Jane Parker
Sp: Elisha Mathews

Mathews, Drewy William  1-3-1905 9-14-1983
Parents: Elisha Mathews and Ollie Vanderburg

Mathews, Haynes M.   5-17-1909 6-30-1994 1
Parents: Elisha Mathews and Ollie Vanderburg
Sp: Elva Smith on 3-22-1930
Mathews, Elva M. 1-20-1906 2-26-1984
Parents: Wesley T. Smith and Amanda Reese

Mathews, Marion Haynes 8-2-1934 3-16-1964
Parents: Haynes M. Mathews and Elva Smith

Mathews, Kinchon 1879 1933 (his stone shows Matthews)
Parents: Elisha Mathews and Sarah Burnett
Sp: Mary Mangram

Mathews, Charles Sr. 9-15-1898 11-11-1947
Parents: Kinchon Mathews and Mary Mangram
Sp: Maudie Strickland on 5-4-1919

Mathews, Maudie Roberts 9-17-1901 1-3-1991
Parents: William Strickland and Margaret Kemp
Spouse: Charles Mathews
Freddie Roberts

Mathews, M. Small 12-18-1893 4-15-1912
Parents: Elisha Mathews and Ollie Vanderburg

Mathews, Infant Daughter 10-1903 10-1903
Parents: Elisha Mathews and Ollie Vanderburg

Matias, Darwin Efren    infant 03-13-2012    [added from obituary]
Parents: Rigoberto Matias and Marcelina Matias

Matthews, Allen    08/19/1974-02/23/2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

Matthews, Harold 1932 1973
(Drummond Funeral home marker)

Matthews, James Ernest 8-19-1925 6-19-1983

May, Lora Ellen   02-09-1899 10-27-1992

McCaslin, William D. 5-4-1894 3-26-1979
Parents: John David McCaslin and Melissa Rawls
Sp: Lottie Mae Brown on 9-6-1914
McCaslin, Lottie Mae 2-23-1894 11-28-1973
Parents: Wm. Leander Brown and Amanda McDowell

McCaslin, Ruby Inez 9-5-1915 10-19-1919
Parents: William D. McCaslin and Lottie M. Brown

McCaslin, Virginia Maud 12-8-1923 8-27-1927
Parents: William D. McCaslin and Lottie M. Brown

McCaslin, Hollis A. 11-11-1913 5-5-1989
Parents: Robert McCaslin and Clara Rawls
Sp: Ida S. Smith on 12-10-1938
McCaslin, Ida S. 3-17-1920 12-1-2006 2
Parents: Wesley Thomas Smith and Amanda Elizbeth Reece

McCaslin, Buddy 11-12-1958 12-22-2001
P: Hermus and Shirley McCaslin

McCollough, Harvey 1867 1946 age 79
Kelly-Glenwood F. H. marker
Spouse: Mary Roach married abt. 1895

McCrystal, Payton Renee    09-02-2010 03-12-2012
Parents: Sean Green and Kayla R. McCrystal

McDonald, Rev. Thomas O. 11-14-1886 4-20-1957
Parents: Wm. H. McDonald and Georgia Barns
Spouse: Nellie Kemp

McDonald, Ruby Ailene 4-12-1928 5-27-1960
Parents: Thomas O. McDonald and Nellie Kemp

McDowell, Nancy Emeline Baldwin 1832 1856
(unmarked per Pat Hall)
Spouse: James McDowell married 12-20-1850
(James is buried by second wife Lavicy Griffin at Maddox-McDowell Cemetery)

McFalls, Cumi Helen 4-30-1919 9-15-1988

McKinney, Louis G. 9-25-1897 12-21-1975
Parents:. William McKinney and Ann Standridge
Spouse: Ethel Rash married 11-10-1928
McKinney, Ethel C. 4-22-1907 3-17-1984
Parents: William Henry Rash and Rosa Kemp

McKinney, Olen Ray 9-27-1929 9-21-2003  1 2
P: Louis G. McKinney and Ethel Rash
Sp: Evelyn Coker Rice

McMoran, Sallie 1885 1950

McPherson, Emily   age 7-09/26/2010 2
P: Warren Clint McPherson and Tabitha McPherson

McPike, William F. Jr.   03-26-1978 02-19-2005
"Our Guardian Angel"    "Forever Loved"
P: Lonnie and Phyllis Hulsey
Sp: Debbie Harris

Menser, William Dave 1-2-1880 4-9-1954
Parents: Soloman D. Menser and Sarah M. Russ
Sp: Margaret Roach on 3-2-1935
Menser, Margaret 7-10-1894 11-25-1940 (her name on stone is spelled Marget)
Parents: Joe Roach and Queen Mayabb
Spouse: 1st Tom Fielder married 2-17-1910
2nd R. H. Ryan married 3-30-1930
3rd William Dave Menser married 3-2-1935

Meredith, Jackie    05-30-1937 09-13-2004    married 05-11-1957
    Meredith, Donnie M.    12/22/1936-10/17/2013    [dod added by pvh from obituary]

Miller, Artie Mae Morris    12/04/1925-03/12/2011 2
Parents: Fred Wells Morris and Hazel Mae Carroll Morris
Sp: Roshell Miller

Moody, Phillip Steven 10-25-1963 3-30-2008 2
Parents: Kenneth and Gloria Moody

Moore, Pearl 3-14-1895 11-25-1950
Parents: John Roach and Emaline Seals
Sp: Tom Moore
(Gross funeral home marker)

Mullins, Mildred L. Flowers    01-11-1947 07-09-2013    [added from obituary]

Muncrief, Manuel Dennis   09-27-1951 11-08-2007
Parents: Leslie Muncrief and Bonnie Sheets
Spouse: Deborah Bramwell

Murray, J. C. "Buddy"    08-01-1937 04-07-2012 1 2

Muse, Eldridge 1909 1971
Parents: George Muse and Bertha Lay
Sp: Mary Lois Reese on 10-2-1934
Muse, Lois 1913 1-29-2001

Mygatt, Calvin W. 6-28-1932 5-22-2007 2
Parents: Wm. H. Mygatt and Allene Cochran

Napier, Mike 10-29-1949 10-30-2000
Parents: Bill and Dot Napier
Spouse: Lynn Hall

Napier, Eric 10-16-1976 10-30-2000 (double with his dad Mike)
Parents: Mike Napier and ___

Neighbors, Clayton 5-30-1894 4-25-1951
Parents: George Neighbors and __________
Spouse: Nettie Small

Neighbors, Jeanette "Nettie" Small 6-29-1891 2-21-1961
Parents: Wiley Small and Virgie Holder
Spouse: T. A. "Gus" Lambert married 4-19-1911
Clayton Neighbors married 7-20-1932

Nemes, Dorel    12-21-1956 11-16-2014 1 2

Newcomb, Ellon Lowrey    03/07/1929-01/28/2009 2
Parents: Willie Williams and Della Reynolds 3   
Spouse: 1st Leon Benjamin Lowrey 3
             2nd J. B. Newcomb

Nielson, William D., Jr. 2-22-1941 7-25-1981 "Buddy"
Parents: William D. Nielson and Katherine "Kay" List

Oakley, Clifford 12-20-1904 12-12-2000
Parents: G. V. and Martha Oakley
Spouse: Margaret Louise Kirten
(Gross funeral home has Margaret b. 10-5-1910 d. 6-14-1990
Did not find a marker for her in Oakgrove Cem. Gross only says buried in Arkansas)

O'Bryan, Gordon, Sr.    10-06-1935 11-24-2012 2
Parents: Edgar O'Bryan and Willie Graves
Spouse: Nellie Hunt   

Orrell, Austin Lee, Sr.    01-27-1937 11-17-2013 1 2
Parents: Levi Orrell and Cecil Reynolds
Sp: Faynell ___

Orrell, Albert 2-5-1859 12-31-1916
Parents: Oliver Orrell and Margaret ______
Sp: Nancy Jane Jacks on 10-5-1881

Orrell, Nancy J.   08-15-1859 04-09-1925
Parents: John A. Jacks and Mary Ann Pope

Orrell, Archie L. 6-30-1903 2-16-1982
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy Jacks
Sp: Una Mae Reese on 8-25-1928
Orrell, Una Mae 4-1-1907 2-8-1983

Orrell, Rena C. 6-30-1893 11-4-1924
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy Jacks

Orrell, Andrew Oliver 9-30-1882 8-4-1945
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy Jacks
Sp: Florence Henson
Orrell, Florence E. 3-22-1886 8-10-1976
Parents: John Henry Henson and Martha L. Cunningham

Orrell, Hurbert Ray 8-3-1926 5-4-1958
(photo on stone)
Parents: Andrew Orrell and Florence Henson

Orrell, Levi 7-9-1914 11-2-1981
Parents: Andrew Orrell and Florence Henson
Sp: Cecil Reynolds on 8-25-1934

Orrell, Cecil Harriett 3-21-1913 9-23-1990
Parents: John Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck

Orrell, Kenneth B.   01-06-1939 05-07-2008    ,
Parents: Levi Orrell and Cecil Reynolds
Spouse: Gwendolyn Henry married 5-1-1959
"Parents of Dwan, David, Tammy"

Orrell, Frank E. 9-24-1910 7-11-1985
Parents: Alford Orrell and Florence Henson
Sp: Evelyn Weston on 9-4-1933
Orrell, Evelyn N. 7-22-1914 8-3-1994

Orrell, Doris Uneda 6-18-1934 11-5-1934

Orrell, Billy Ray 12-1-1930 2-12-1945

Orrell, Jesse James 5-25-1891 2-6-1922
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy Jacks
Sp: May Dee Smith on 9-24-1911
Orrell, Mary Dee 8-13-1893 4-18-1919
Parents: Samuel Smith and Martha Buck

Orrell, Lillie Mae 2-3-1900 1-3-1916
Parents: Albert Orrell and Nancy Jacks

Orrell, Jimmie 7-19-1955 7-19-1955
Gross funeral home marker
Parents: Floyd Orrell and Melissa Goessman

Owen, Frances Lee 4-13-1927 8-24-1986

Owens, Wanda Kitchens    07-31-1949 09-16-2011 2
Parents: Charles Kitchens and Rosie Weaver

Palmer, Ernest Calvin 5-22-1947 1-12-2005
Parents: Joe Palmer and Rena Weir

Parker, Sampson H. 8-27-1863 9-25-1940
Parents: Burrell Parker and Mary "Polly" Cantrell
Spouse: H. R. Whitworth married 2-19-1885
Bell Roach married 12-8-1887
Parker, Bell R. 6-2-1871 3-22-1936
Parents: John C. Roach and ________
Spouse: Sampson Parker

Parker, Nora Ann 9-20-1888 3-6-1889
Parents: Sampson Parker and Bell Roach

Parker, Mary L. 12-30-1896 1900
Parents: Sampson Parker and Bell Roach

Parker, Buddie 6-10-1906 6-10-1906
Parents: Sampson Parker and Bell Roach

Patterson, Olen Ray    11/24/1942-06/23/2003    (added by Patti Vance Hays)
SP4 US Army

Payne, James W. 11-19-1869 5-22-1944
Parents: James Payne and Elvira Soward
Spouse: Susan Dearmond Dailey

Payne, Susan F. 4-5-1875 7-3-1959
Parents: David Dearmond and Catherine Dunlap
Spouse: Owen Dailey
James W. Payne

Payne, William Lee 9-10-1877 12-7-1959
Parents: James Payne and Elvira Soward
Sp: Fronie Belle Ketchum on 9-8-1907
Payne, Fronie Belle 11-3-1890 5-27-1964
Parents: Jesse Carroll Ketchum and Aretta Buck

Pendergraft, Jesse Weldon 12-27-1926 3-5-1999
Parents: Louis Pendergraft and Thelma Jones
Sp: Jewel Ann Farley
Pendergraft, Jewel Ann    01/04/1927-12/28/1997    (added by Patti Vance Hays)

Pendergraft, Linda Ann 6-28-1947 1-8-1979
Parents: Jesse Weldon Pendergraft and Jewel Ann Farley

Pendergraft, Harley S. 4-17-1934 11-3-2007 2
Parents: Louis Pendergraft and Thelma Jones
Spouse: Laverne McKinney

Perkins, Orren "Cy" 2-5-1892 1-7-1964

Perkins, Evelyn K. 1906 ------

Perry, Roy W. 6-22-1943 9-1-1998
SP4 US Army Vietnam

Pettitt, William T. 7-4-1862 9-17-1940
Parents: George Pettitt and Mary Todd
Sp: Mary J. Reese on 11-19-1885

Pettitt, Mary J. 11-7-1866 1-13-1933
Parents: Jesse Reese and Mary F. Shackelford

Pettitt, George A. 4-25-1891 10-21-1968
Parents: Wm. Pettit and Mary Reese
Sp: Mary Highsmith married 12-9-1915
Pettitt, Mary E. 9-18-1894 10-21-1968
Parents: Monroe Highsmith and Alcie Beck

Pettitt, Willie Martin 7-21-1893 4-10-1961
Parents: Wm. Pettit and Mary Reese
Sp: Lilly Othel Kemp on 6-30-1929
Pettitt, Lilly Othel 2-8-1906 9-4-1995
Parents: James Kemp and Nora Ketchum

Phillips, C. C. 10-25-1839 4-30-1913 age 73

Pompeo, Lynne E. Laywell    09-06-1946 06-25-2011 2
Spouse: Joe Pompeo

Popa, Floare 2-23-1931 5-21-2006 2
Parents: Iocob and Ana Cismas Berar
Spouse: Ioan Popa

Popa, Ioan 7-24-1921 7-11-2006 2
Parents: Gligor and Barbara Moldovan Popa
Spouse: Floare Berar

Pope, Jim A. 6-12-1893 3-8-1983
Parents: James Pope and Elender Bates
Sp: Della McInvale on 4-16-1916
Pope, Della E. 11-9-1895 10-24-1989
Parents: Earl McInvale and Lucinda McClendon

Pope, Cleburn Dale 12-21-1919 6-21-1980
Parents: James Alexander Pope and Della McInvale
Spouse: Georgia Blackburn married 8-2-1942

Pope, Ralph Alexander "Buster" 7-6-1930 8-26-2006 2
Parents: James Alexander Pope and Della McInvale

Powers, David E. 3-12-1929 9-27-2006 2
Parents: Arthur Powers and Blanche Thomas
Spouse: Billie Fields

Price, William H. 8-28-1927 --------
Spouse: Ruth A. Pettitt
Price, Ruth A. 12-31-1930 5-23-1977
Parents: Wm. M. Pettitt and Lilly Othel Kemp

Pridgen, James A. 3-12-1852 6-27-1915
Spouse: Nancy Shackelford married 8-22-1880

Pridgen, Nancy A. 2-3-1857 5-17-1925
Parents: Hiram Shackelford and Susan Loyd

Pridgen, Patrick Spence 3-31-1897 9-11-1964

Pridgen, Ora Frances 1-20-1907 1-30-1981

Radley, Edward A. 6-17-1928 6-5-1981
US Navy WWII, Korea
Parents: Vernon Radley and Alice Clay

Rainwaters, Joan Marie Hunter    03/06/1942-09/26/2009 2
Spouse: Edward Earl Rainwaters
Parents: Elmer and Ona Mae Cozart Hunter

Ratlife, Emma Jane 1896 1974
Gross funeral home marker
Parents: Wm Rash and Rosa Kemp
Spouse: James Tackett married 11-19-1911

Rawls, Mary M. 2-14-1849 1-26-1889
Parents: Hiram Cearly and Eveyln James
Sp: Thomas Rawls married 6-6-1867

Reece, J. Columbus 2-15-1837 12-12-1889
Sp: Mary F. Shackelford

Reece, Mary F. 5-18-1852 5-20-1907
Parents: Hiram Shackelford and Susan Loyd

Reece, Alexander S. 4-30-1884 5-21-1913
Parents: Jesse Columbus Reese and Mary F. Shackelford

Reece, James Franklin 7-5-1881 8-13-1959
Parents: J. C. Reece and Mary Shackelford
Sp: Dora L. Brown

Reece, Dora L. 1-31-1884 3-26-1983
Parents: Wm. Leander Brown and Amanda McDowell

Reece, Infant No date
Parents: Frank Reece and Dora Brown

Reynolds Grave Shelter

Reynolds, Betty Lou Kury    09/14/1936-11/27/2010
Parents: Louis Kury and Elizabeth Kury
Sp: Lloyd "J R" Reynolds

Reynolds, Jerry M. 5-5-1868 1-19-1940
(Paul Heady Funeral home marker)
Parents: Wilbur/Wiley Reynolds and Jane Elliott
Spouse: 1st Mahalia Anderson
2nd Fannie Mayabb married 5-18-1890

Reynolds, Fannie King 4-12-1873 11-6-1940
(Caruth Funeral home marker)
Parents: Presley Mayabb and Mary Peggy Bolton
1880 Hot Spring Co., AR Census:
Census Place: Prairie Bayou, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254046 National Archives Film T9-0046 Page 558B
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Wiley REYNOLDS Self M M W 46 TN Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Jane R. REYNOLDS Wife F M W 55 SC Occ: Keeping House Fa: SC Mo: SC
Elisha REYNOLDS Son M S W 14 AR Fa: TN Mo: SC
Elijah REYNOLDS Son M S W 14 AR Fa: TN Mo: SC
Samuel REYNOLDS Son M S W 12 AR Fa: TN Mo: SC
Jerry W. REYNOLDS Son M S W 22 AR Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: TN Mo: SC
Jefferson T. REYNOLDS Son M S W 19 AR Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: TN Mo: SC

Reynolds, Sid 1896 1896
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Fanny Mayabb

Reynolds, Fletcher J. 2-14-1902 10-4-1989
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Fannie Mayabb
Sp: Laura Shults on 7-9-1933
Reynolds, Laura J. 8-9-1898 2-2-1974
Parants: Zachariah Nicholson and _______

Reynolds, Mahalia 1864 1890
Parents: James T. Anderson and Susan Phillips
Spouse: Jerry M. Reynolds
(under wood frame shelter with infant son)

Reynolds, William 1885 unknown
Parents: Infant son of Jerry Reynolds and Mahalia Anderson
(under wood frame shelter with mother)

Reynolds, John Lewis 6-21-1882 8-14-1941
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Mahalia Anderson
Spouse: Mary J. Buck married 2-14-1907
Reynolds, Mary Jane 1-9-1888 1-1-1959
Parents: Richard Buck and Lois Jeanette Scarberry

Reynolds, Richard Lee 1-8-1908 8-1-1908
Parents: John Lewis Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck

Reynolds, Henry Lewis 8-26-1914 7-26-1939
Parents: John Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck

Reynolds, Roy 12-30-1925 10-5-2003 2
Parents: John Lewis Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck
Spouse: Dorothy ________

Reynolds, J. Ernest 9-28-1923 12-4-2003 2
Parents: John Lewis Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck
Spouse: Pauline Thomason    03/02/1923-03/16/2009 2
Parents: Albert and Cora Cozart Thomason

Reynolds, Virgel 7-19-1921 10-7-2001 2
Parents: Hardin and Edna Reynolds
Spouse: 1st Alta Louise Rogers married 11-24-1944
2nd Donna McLain
Reynolds, A. Louise 10-11-1921 5-9-1985
Parents: Leonard Rogers and Rosie Johnson
(photo on stone)

Reynolds, Pearl Kemp 10-7-1892 10-7-1919
Parents: Joseph kemp and Jennie Smith
Spouse: Diamond J. Reynolds married 12-22-1907

Reynolds, Dora Evelyn 9-22-1915 4-27-1916
Parents: Diamond J. Reynolds and Pearl Kemp

Reynolds, Norvel Willis 11-9-1917 9-1-1965
Parents: Wesley Reynolda and Edna Shackelford
Sp: Crystal Pate on 6-8-1935

Reynolds, Dossie 1899 1975
Sea2 US Navy WWI
Parents: Edward Reynolds and Margaret Suggs
Sp: Ethel M. ______

Reynolds, Ethel M. 11-19-1899 3-25-1986

Reynolds, Gertrude 3-28-1918 10-25-1921
Parents: John Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck

Reynolds, Patricia Oliver 9-23-1953 11-3-1988
Sp: John David Reynolds

Reynolds, Harriet M. 7-27-1852 12-24-1941
Parents: J. H. Mayberry and Jane Dobley
*Caruth Funeral home records that her father was J. H. Maughan??
Spouse: J. V. Reynolds

Reynolds, James Alfred 1907 1934
Parents: J. D. Preston Reynolds and Nora E. McDowell

Reynolds, Wesley Hardin 2-14-1895 10-29-1973
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Fannie Mayabb
Sp: Edna Shackelford on 9-11-1914
Reynolds, Edna Alexandra 5-13-1895 7-5-1977
Parents: Edward Shackelford and Nevada Anderson

Reynolds, Mack J.   03-28-1920 09-15-1998
Parents: John Lewis Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck
Reynolds, Norma M.    [no date of death shown]

Richards, Dewitt C. 9-7-1839 2-19-1901
Co. A. 3 MO S. M. Cav.
Spouse: S. Rosa Ussery married 3-23-1892
(marriage record gives his age as 32. 1900 Garland Co., AR census gives his age as 60)

Richardson, Cornelia A. 1-15-1867 5-31-1932

Rickman, Wayne 3-27-1940 7-8-2003 2
Parents: Delmar Virgil Rickman and Loreima Bright Crutchfield
Spouse: Janet_____

Richter, Dick A.    01-17-1943 02-01-2008
Parents: Edward Richter and ________
Spouse: Janet________

Roach, Calvin J. 7-30-1924 ----------
Parents: Leland Roach and Vina Shackelford
Sp: Paula Shirley on 4-12-1947
Roach, Paula E. 11-17-1926 ----------

Roach, John    01/02/1938-03/07/2009 2
Parents:  Edgar Hal and Miranda Ann McCoy Roach
Spouse:  unknown

Roach, Steven L. 6-23-1957 6-29-2005 2
*died in St. Helena Island, South Carolina
Parents: Calvin Roach and Paula Shirley
Sp: Judith Wixted

Roach, Dorita 11-17-1926 ----------

Roach, Milton D. 6-10-1890 11-1-1978
Parents: Joe Roach and Queen Mayabb
Spouse: Jennie McCarroll married 2-20-1908

Roach, Carroll 1880 1965
Parents: Joe Raoch and Queen Mayabb
Sp: Cora Reynolds
Edith Perry Amick married 2-14-1937
Roach, Cora 1881 1933
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Mahalia Anderson

Roach, William C. 1902 1977
Parents: Carroll Roach and Cora Reynolds
Spouse: Maggie Witherspoon married 9-17-1927

Roach, Joseph Newton 1856 1920
(unmarked, family says he is buried here)
Parents: John C. Roach
Spouse: Elvira _____
Queen S. Mayabb

Roach, Queen S. 1853 1944
Parents: Robert Presley Mayabb
Sp: Joseph Roach (2nd wife)

Roach, Edgar H. 4-23-1889 10-10-1975
Parents: John C. Roach and Emaline Hall
Spouse: E. O. Crawford married 4-8-1916
Miranda Ann McCoy married 11-24-1923

Roach, Miranda Ann   04-04-1904 03-26-1962
Parents: John McCoy and Martha Rogers    [corrected by dsg 11/26/2012]

Roach, Wilford D. 5-30-1929 7-16-1984
Parents: Lelenad Roach and Vina Shackelford
Sp: Dessie Smith on 1-3-1950
Roach, Dessie L. 7-19-1924 ----------

Roach, Leland M. 1889 1979
Parents: John C. Roach and Emaline Hall
Sp: Vina Shackelford on 1-30-1910
Evie Groves (buried Godwin Cem.)

Roach, Vina 1891 1937
Parents: H. L. Shackelford and Malissa Ketchum

Roach, James Clyde 10-10-1912 7-4-1981
Parents: Leland Roach and Vina Shackelford
Sp: Vera H. Byers on 11-17-1935
Roach, Vera H. 6-10-1913 10-15-1979
Parents: Ira C. Byers and Alice Woolard

Roach, Ernest C. Jr. 1-25-1934 10-19-2003 2
Parnets: Ernest Charles and Cecile Roach

Roach, Infant 8-30-1949 8-30-1949
Son of Ruby Roach
(Caruth funeral home marker)

Roach, Ruby 6-10-2006 2

Roach, William D. 2-8-1885 4-18-1924
Parents: John C. Roach and Emaline Hall
Sp: Willie Rash on 9-17-1911
Roach, Willie Rash 7-10-1893 7-9-1990
Parents: William H. Rash and Rosa Jane Kemp

Roach, Louie Vernon 8-22-1912 10-24-1993
Parents: William D. Roach and Willie Rash
Sp: Adele Dalton on 8-24-1941

Roach, Adele 3-5-1922 6-22-2008 2
Parents: Lewis Henry Dalton and Merlie Eisle Harris

Robbins, Shania De’Shay   03-30-2008 05-18-2008
Parents: Julian Robbins and Alissa JoAnn Edwards

Roberts, Freddie 3-11-1905 6-13-1977
Parents: Fred Roberts and Lula Reddick
Sp: Mamie Myers on 4-15-1929
Maudie Strickland Matthews

Rogers, Roy b. d. 2-3-1960
Parents: Earnest Rogers and Mary_____

Rogers, Betty "Jeannie" 8-30-1948 9-12-2006 2
Parents: E. Whatley and Lois Hassell
Spouse: Eddie Rogers III

Rowland, Daisy B.    02-06-1925 11-05-2002
Parents: Redge Robbins and Mattie Hicks
Spouse: Harry E. Rowland, Jr.
Rowland, Harry E. Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Sabine, Marjorie Buck    06/08/1924-01/06/2011
Parents: Dow Buck and Lou Orrell
Spouse: John Sabine

Scott, Mary A.. 5-1850 12-28-1933
Parents: Washington Sharp and __________
Spouse: R. T. Harrison

St. Clair, Thomas L. 8-18-1912 4-6-1996
Sp: Myrtle Sheets on 5-25-1936

St. Clair, Myrtle 5-23-1913 6-24-2000 2
Parents: William C. Sheets and Lily Florence Allen
Spouse: Thomas L. St. Clair

Shackelford, Hiram D. 12-25-1824 6-16-1898
Parents: James M. Shackelford and __________
Spouse: Susan R. Loyd married 4-16-1850

Shackelford, Susan R. 11-22-1829 6-28-1896
Spouse: Hiram D. Shackelford

Shackelford, Rev. James A. 4-17-1853 10-21-1933
(Caruth funeral home marker)
Parents: Hiram D. Shackelford and Susan Loyd
Spouse: Sarah Angeline Wilkes
Priscilla S. Driggers married 10-11-1883

Shackelford, Charles A. 7-26-1870 9-26-1940
(Caruth funeral home marker)
Parents: Hiram D. Shackelford and Susan Loyd
Spouse: Arizona Anderson married 1899
Beulah Martin married 5-13-1936

Shackelford, Henry Lee 10-16-1866 10-15-1950
Parents: Hiram D. Shackelford and Susan Loyd
Spouse: Malissie Ketchum married 9-22-1889

Shackelford, Malissie J. 8-30-1876 2-27-1944
Parents: Jesse C. Ketchum and Aretta Buck

Shackelford, Edward A. 12-1-1868 12-9-1939
Parents: Hiram D. Shackelford and Susan R. Loyd
Spouse: Nevada Ann Anderson married 12-15—1889
Shackelford, Nevada Ann 4-5-1871 5-7-1952
Parents: James Anderson and Susan Phillips

Shackelford, William Frank 3-4-1895 11-7-1951
Parents: Henry D. Shackelford and Susan R. Loyd
Spouse: Dovie Kassaw married 9-30-1923
Shackelford, Dovie M. 11-9-1903 8-1-1989
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Rosa Etta Brown

Shackelford, James R. 6-17-1901 1-24-1979
Parents: Charles Shackelford and Arizona Anderson
Spouse: Mamie Craig
Shackelford, Mamie L. 2-1-1903 2-10-1984

Shackelford, Ted R. 1-1-1903 11-19-1980
Parents: Edward Shackelford and Nevada Anderson
Shackelford, Ida Lee 9-8-1906 11-30-1982
Parents: James M. Parker and Bettie Nolen

Shackelford, J. Clarence 5-31-1905 1-2-1977
Parents: Henry Lee Shackelford and Malissa Ketchum
Spouse: Irez Wright married 4-6-1930
Shackelford, Inez Wright 4-28-1906 11-29-1992

Shackelford, Lester A. 1-22-1909 8-8-1975
Parents: Charles Shackelford and Arizona Anderson

Shackelford, Hollis F. 12-7-1929 2-20-1986

Sharpe, Edward L 9-12-1921 8-26-1947
Parents: Fred Sharpe and Emily Belle Runyon

Sharpe, Fred 2-21-1896 5-5-1947
Spouse: Emily Belle Runyon married 12-29-1920

Sharpe, Elizabeth 10-3-1828 12-14-1901

Shepard, Clarence 1905 3-18-1987 age 81
(Griffin-Leggett funeral home, Little Rock, Arkansas)

Smith, Arlie 8-7-1899 12-30-1992
Parents: Samuel H. Smith and Martha Buck
Spouse: Jennie Smith married 8-18-1918 (double with Jennie)
Smith, Jennie L. 11-15-1901 12-19-1994
Parents: Wesley Smith and Amanda Reece

Smith, Donnie    01/23/1935-03/11/1935    [added by Patti Vance Hays)
    Smith, Lonnie    01/23/1935-03/13/1935    (twins)

Smith, Ollie F. 9-19-1908 11-3-1970
Parents: Wesley Smith and Amanda Reece
Spouse: Helen Vandusen married 12-16-1935
Smith, Helen V. 12-7-1906 03-13-1969
Parents: Marion S. Vandusen and Victoria March

Smith, Clara Mae 12-23-1931 10-31-1998 2
Parents: Clarence Oliver and Mary Blanch Rowe
Sp: Austa Lee Smith

Smith, Gregory A. 8-1-1961 2-7-2005 2
Parents: Truett Smith and Thelma Lou Spurlin
Sp: Joy_____

Smith, Truett 7-4-1939 10-18-1992
Parents: Arlie Smith and Jennie L. Smith
Spouse: Thelma Lou Spurlin

Smith, Roma Denise 11-23-1959 6-26-1990
Parents: Stanley Perkins and Irene Gurley

Smith, Sandra 7-9-1958 11-9-1960
Parents: Rex Smith and Joan Rich

Smith, Fred Vernon 6-21-1946 1-23-1992
Parents: Fred W. Smith and Jo Lavern ____

Smith, James M. 7-3-1917 5-23-1956
Parents: Wesley Smith and Amanda Reece
Spouse: Theda ___

Smith, Fred W. 11-26-1923 9-10-1976
Parents: Wesley Smith and Amanda Reece
Spouse: Jo Lavern ____

Smith, Roy 5-11-1892 6-12-1987
Parents: John Smith and Mollie Davis
Spouse Della Stultz married 8-2-1939

Smith, Martha Ann 3-27-1865 11-9-1944
Spouse: ______?? Ford
W. J. Smith married 1-1-1912 to Martha Ford

Smith, Sam H. 8-22-1866 2-6-1907
Spouse: Martha Buck

Smith, Wesley T. 01-05-1879 02-04-1949
Spouse: Amanda E. Reece (double with Amanda)
Smith, Amanda E. 5-17-1879 2-14-1958
Parents: Lum Reece and Mary Shackelford

Smith, Odes 2-15-1898 4-5-1956
Parents: Samuel Hampton Smith and Martha M. Buck
Spouse: Minnie Reece married 4-8-1928

Smith, Minnie V. 1-22-1904 1-6-1981
Parents: James Reece and Dora L. Brown

Smith, Jonah Lee 2-14-1892 1-14-1970
Parents: Samuel Hampton Smith and Martha Buck
Spouse: Maudie T. Brown married 11-22-1913    (double with Maudie)
Smith, Maudie T. 12-15-1895 4-29-1986
Parents: William Leander Brown and Amanda McDowell

Smith, David 3-4-1943 9-15-2008 2
Parents: Penny Cleo Smith and Mattie Thrasher
Spouse: Diane Kellum

Shappy, Debbie L. 10-4-1964 1-16-2008 2
Parents: Chester Ketchum and Emagean Thomason
Spouse: Steven Shappy

Snodgrass, Larry Allen 8-19-1947 6-8-2007 2
Parents: Lee Calvin Snodgrass and Gladys Louise Rhodes
Spouse: Kay______

Sorter, Hilder Andrew 4-29-1901 4-19-1948
Parents: Green Sorter and Sarah E. Smith
Spouse: Clara Spiva married 5-16-1921
Susie Ross married 10-28-1925

Sorter, Susie Lee 6-10-1908 9-5-1993
Parents: _______Ross

Sorter, Earl Dean 7-31-1929 10-17-1949
Parents: Hilder Andrew Sorter and Susie Ross

Sorter, Elsee Paralee 11-5-1932 Living

Spicher, Forrest L., Sr. 6-12-1927 10-29-2001 2
Parents: William Harvey Spicher and Ethel Inez Johnson
Spouse: 1st Alice Janes
2nd Carol ________
Spicher, Alice J. 2-18-1929 6-20-1993

Spicher, William Harvey Sr. 8-24-1898 10-25-1983
Parents: Perry Spicher and Katherine Gibbs
Spouse: Ethel Inez Johnson
Spicher, Ethel Inez 1901 1984

Spicher, Russell Vernon 7-2-1925 11-8-2002 2
Parents: William Harvey Spicher and Ethel Inez Johnson

Spicher, Duane 10-2-1923 3-15-1985
Parents: Wm. Harvey Spicher and Ethel Inez Johnson
(Gross Funeral Home marker)

Spicher, W. H. 4-22-1930 4-6-1990
Parents: William Harvey Spicher and Ethel Inez Johnson

Stahl, Henry 1885 4-13-1950
(Gross funeral home marker)

Stebbins, George Homer Sr. 7-8-1912 7-25-1988

Stebbins, George Homer Jr.    10/19/1961-01/23/2010 2
Parents: George Homer Stebbins, Sr., and Martha Alice Stebbins

Suit, Henry C. 4-9-1912 5-13-1988
Parents: William Monroe Suit and Lydia Henson
Spouse: Lena M. Roscoe married 9-16-1930

Suit, Lena M. 12-13-1911 6-9-2000 2

Suit, Ida Juanita 6-27-1931 5-5-2004 2
Parents: Noley and Edna Gentry
Spouse: James H. Suit married 12-24-1949

Suit, James Harvey    05/28/1924-01/29/2009 2
Parents:  William Monroe and Lydia Francis Henson Suit
Spouse:  Ida Juanita Gentry Suit

Suit, Robert Max    09-09-1940 05-20-2012 2
Parents: H. C. "Red" Suit and Lena Rascoe Suit
Spouse: Doris June Ferrell

Suit, William Monroe 7-16-1887 12-21-1950
Parents: Kelly Suit and Lula Burton
Spouse: Lydia Henson married 3-29-1907
Suit, Lydia F. 4-2-1890 3-10-1934
Parents: John H. Henson and Louisa Cunningham

Suit, Zada J. 9-19-1904 4-11-1984
Parents: Clem Brown and Susie Kemp
Spouse: William Sims married 5-27-1923

John W. Suit married 2-27-1934
(I did not find a marker for John W. Suit, although Caruth Funeral home records states he was born 6-25-1885 and died 3-29-1953. The place of buried for him and also his son John is listed as OAK. This could mean Oak Grove or Oak Hill Cemetery)

Suit, Cynthia Ann 8-2-1959 2-17-1993
Spouse: William K. Suit
Suit, William K. 5-23-1956 Living

Tackett, James E. 9-30-1881 12-12-1964
(Gross funeral home marker)
Parents: James Tackett and Sarah Shackelford
Spouse: Emma J. Rash married 11-19-1911
(See Emma Jane Ratlife)

Tackett, Luther W. 10-16-1912 11-26-1991
Parents: James Euke Tackett and Emma Jane Rash
Sp: Olene Buck on 12-14-1935

Tackett, Olene   11-25-1917 8-30-1999 1
Parents: Dow Buck and Lou Jane Orrell

Tallant, Clarice Marie 8-1-1946 8-12-1946
Parents: Marshall Tallant and Minnie Johnson

Tallent, Minnie Muriel Johnson    11/06/1920-07/12/2010 2
Parents: Albert Martilles Johnson and Luella Braughton
Spouse: Marshall Tallent

Taylor, Samuel V. 2-23-1898 3-10-1962
Parents: Sam Taylor and Mary Bird

Tedford, Elva Lee   09-21-1917 01-21-2006
Tec 4 US Army World War II; Bronze Star Medal
Parents: John Tedford and Maudie Danley
Spouse: Mirlene Mayberry

Tedford, Lillie "Mirlene"    04-15-1927 06-16-2012
Parents: John Mayberry and Nellie Meeks
Spouse: Elva Lee Tedford

Terral, Neil S.   08-15-1963 04-08-2000
US Army
Parents: George and Shirley Terral

Terry, Guy M.   06-09-1917 05-05-1995
Spouse: Bonnie Lavern Holmes married 02-23-1941
Myrtle Harrison

Terry, Myrtle   05-15-1915 10-15-1999 1 2

Thomas, William M. 10-27-1876 9-30-1954
(Caruth Funeral home marker)

Thomason, James Monroe 11-22-1841 1-28-1928
Spouse: Polly Ann_____married 1-26-1864 in Calhoun Co., Mississippi
Mary Etta Griffith married 9-17-1891
Thomason, Polly Ann 12-18-1848 8-5-1890

Thomason, Hosea E. 2-5-1889 7-23-1932
Parents: James M. Thomason and Polly ________
Spouse: Viola Shackelford married 5-17-1914

Thomason, Viola Shackelford 3-30-1897 6-14-1993
Parents: Charles Shackelford and Arizona Anderson

Thomason, Eva 3-20-1896 12-18-1958
(Gross funeral home marker)
Parents: Mark and Ella F. Braziel
Spouse: Albert Thomason

Thompson, Joe 6-15-1906 10-6-1991
(Gross funeral home marker)
Parents: Jack Thompson and Hattie Roach

Thompson, Jessie Lee 5-5-1914 6-14-1953
(Caruth funeral home marker)
Spouse: Joe Thompson married 6-25-1929

Thompson, Lillard Franklin    07-24-1924 02-20-1993
SMSgt US Air Force World War II Korea
Spouse: Blanche Elaine Ketchum

Thompson, Blanche Elaine   09-04-1927 04-21-1984
Parents: Grover Ketchum and Ardela Shackelford
Spouse: Lillard Thompson

Thompson, Howard Dale   12-26-1950 06-13-1983
Parents: Lillard Thompson and Blanche Ketchum

Thornton, Francis A. 2-26-1848 10-17-1901
Parents: Robert Thornton and Sarah Fields
Spouse: Nancy Partain married 1869
Virginia Mayers married 1880
(Grave is covered by large natural stone and a hand carved large stone for a headstone. F. A. Thornton is listed in Goodspeed—Central Arkansas. He owned Thornton’s Ferry on the the Ouachita River, now Lake Hamilton)

Thornton, Francis A. Jr. 1885 12-3-1890
Parents: Francis A. Thornton and Virginia Mayers

Thornton, Dean F. 4-2-1926 5-24-1986
Parents: D. P. Thornton and Beatrice Johnson
Spouse: Mary Bonita Routh
Thornton, Mary Bonita 11-3-1926 7-26-2001 2
Parents: Harvey Merle Routh and Nora Mae Gibbs
Spouse: Dean F. Thornton

Timbs, Cecil Floyd    09-18-1947 01-04-2012 2
Parents: Alonzo Timbs and Lillian Price
Spouse: Marie Frazier

Toland, Jess E.    07-16-1926 04-25-1999
Parents: Isaac Toland and Linnie Lou ______
Sp: Velma Wright

Tucker, Jimmie Lincoln    05-28-1958 06-21-2011
Parents: Harry Lee Tucker and Virginia Dell Lincoln
Sp: Patti (LNU)

Tullos, Melvin D. 6-17-1908 2-19-1980
Spouse: Patricia Brown married 10-13-1935

Tullos, Patricia Brown   02-22-1916 11-12-1968
"Dearly Loved Mother and Wife"
Parents: Calvin Brown and Iva Thompson

Tullos, Collin Ellsworth 6-14-1936 10-6-1942
Parents: Melvin D. Tullos and Patricia Brown

Vanderburg, Marvin 11-13-1912 12-13-2000 2
Parents: T. N. Vanderburg and Callie Hisaw
Spouse: Hazel Smith
Vanderburg, Hazel 10-04-1913 09-07-1999 1 2
Parents: West Smith and Amanda Reece

Vanderburg, Sue  12-17-1933 02-15-2006 1
Parents: R. E. Truett and Katherine Sheets
Spouse: Vance M. Vanderburg
Vanderburg, Vance    07-28-1932 11-01-2012 2

Vanderburg, L. C. 11-11-1853 4-17-1912
Parents: Julius Vanderburg and Leah A. Blaylock
Spouse: Mary A. Blackwilder

Vanderburg, Mary A. 3-18-1851 4-24-1912
Sp: L. Calvin Vanderburg

Vanderburg, Frankland Haynes 3-31-1873 10-3-1952
Parents: L. C. Vanderburg and Mary A. Blackwilder

Vanderburg, Jacob Lester 1-6-1882 7-5-1917
Parents: L. C. Vanderburg and Mary A. Blackwilder
Spouse: May Cagle married 5-2-1912

Vanderburg, Phillip 8-21-1948 4-4-1985
Parents: Marvin Vanderburg and Hazel Smith
Spouse: Dean Menser

Vaughn, Rosie Kitchens 2-5-1922 6-13-2004 2
Parents: Charlie Weaver and Martha Furr
Spouse: Charlie McKinney Kitchens

Vickers, Francis Orval    06-28-1936 11-28-2007
US Air Force; Cajun Poet
Parents: Francis Flournoy Vickers and Lottie Louise McKinney

Wall, Maude E. 8-17-1897 8-11-1971

Wallace, Essie 1900 1926
Parents: A. J. Anderson and Sally Williams
Spouse: James B. Wallace married 6-18-1914
(Gross funeral home marker)

Wallman, Ann Almedia 12-10-1907 1-27-1999 2
Parents: Louis Kassaw and Rosa Etta Brown
Sp: Robert Wallman

Walters, Wesley W. 2-1-1908 9-20-1984
Parents: Benjamin Walters and Amanda Dunn
Spouse: Bessie Reynolds
Walters, Bessie 4-14-1912 5-10-1987
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Fannie Mayabb

Ward, Juanita Thomason 12-8-1922 12-19-1949
Parents: Hosea Thomason and Viola Shackelford
Spouse: Leon Ward

Washburn, Donald J. 1948 Living

Washburn, Brenda G. 1952 Living

Watson, Joy Loreto   01-21-1955 10-24-1981
Parents: Benjamin Loreto and Prosessina Meneses
Spouse: Jim Watson

Webb, Lela M.    02-27-1914 01-18-2007
Parents: John W. Weeks and Cora Bell Pell
Spouse:1st John Lewis Harris
2nd _____Webb
Children: Floyd Leon Harris, John Harris, E. Clay Harris, Jimmy Lee Harris, Mary Harris Sherman, Clara Baune, and Charlene Dennis

Westphall, James Orval 12-18-1916 3-9-1917
Parents: Will Westphall and _______

Wharton, Tony J.    03-16-1963 02-19-2014 2

Whitfield, Kenneth 9-1-1937 9-11-1997
Parents: John Whitfield and Lena Wright
Spouse: Virginia ______
(Caruth Funeral home marker)

Whitham, Marie 7-5-1887 3-26-1980
Parents: Francis A. Thornton and Virginia Mayers
Spouse: C. F. Whitham married 3-6-1919

Williams, Willie 11-8-1898 1-19-1967
Parents: William Williams and Juliana Chance
Spouse: Della M. Reynolds

Williams, Della M. 4-24-1908 5-3-1986
Parents: Jerry Reynolds and Fannie Mayabb

Williams, Clara Bell 7-21-1911 10-22-1984
Parents: John Lewis Reynolds and Mary Jane Buck
Spouse: Hamp Williams

Windham, Athie B. 6-28-1913 7-22-1963 1
Parents: Luther Windham and Hattie Webb
Spouse: Edna Byers married 4-1-1939
Windham, Edna 2-22-1921 3-20-1995

Wilson, Henry 4-16-1923 1-26-1994
(William Henry Wilson)

Wood, Camren Brok   03-15-2005 03-15-2005
Parents: Cierra Lynn Wood

Woodall, Leo 1-5-1931 12-8-2002 1 2
Parents: Dewey Woodall and Grace Adcock

Yandell, Forrest Dean    03-10-1967 03-05-2011 2

Yandell, Sammie Gene Sr.    12/18/1943-08/12/2011 2

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