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New Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Glazypeau Rd
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.625, Longitude: -93.0625

This cemetery is located off Highway 7 north near Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  Go north to Mountain Valley Road (now called Glazypeau Road) and turn left.  Located across from the church.  This was once known as the Fowler Cemetery. Many graves were relocated here from the area which is now covered by Lake Ouachita.  Some graves that were removed were from Mt. Pleasant, Cedar Glades, and Dozier, Johnson, McCullister, Bailey, and Hamilton Cemeteries.  Plats were furnished by the Corp of Engineers.  Copies of these plats were given to the Garland County Historical Society and are on file there today.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1998.  Added information taken from funeral home records, marriage records, and census records.  Although these records are not always correct, this listing can be used as a tool in your research.  Burials listed after 1998 are taken from obituaries except for some additions and corrections by Patti Vance Hays.

The cemetery has now been divided into two cemeteries: Mountain Valley and New Mount Pleasant Cemetery. We are going to attempt to begin showing the ones for Mount Pleasant toward the bottom of this page as we learn of which ones go in that cemetery.

If you see an error or a link does not work properly, please contact us.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Abbott, Elmer Travis 1-22-1929 8-17-2003 , P: Wylie Fletcher Abbott and Matie Davenport, married Alene Pogue 09-12-1949    Sgt US Army Korea
    Abbott, Alene Pogue    07-04-1931 07-27-2014    [dod from obituary]

Abbott, Jack    11/11/1936-04/12/2006    Parents: Wylie Fletcher Abbott and Mattie Lou Davenport Abbott
    Abbott, Mildred Louise Anderson    06/02/1937-06/25/2008    Parents: John Boyd Anderson and Caroline Lee Oliver Anderson    (added per Bobby Abbott--Jack and Mildred married 10/29/1957 per Bobby)

Aikin, Richard Devene 4-14-1917 - 10-10-2006  married Catherine Ragsdale 07/26/1939
    Aikin, Catherine Ragsdale 7-29-1921 2-2-1992

Allen, Hoyt Foster 10-18-1943 8-21-1987
    Allen, Charlotte  Living

Allison, Eva Lou 9-8-1932 4-19-1978

Anderson, Jane no dates, (Rebecca Jane Fuller, 1st. wife of Marcus Anderson)

Anderson, Joseph C. 9-1-1879 9-23-1959, P: Marcus Anderson and Rebecca Fuller, Sp: Margaret Parson on 2-12-1905
    Anderson, Margaret G. 9-12-1886 5-25-1956, P: Ben Parson and Frances C. McCollum

Anderson, R. L. 3-30-1923 3-29-2001, (added per obituary), P: Joseph C. Anderson and Margaret Parson, Sp: Imogene Benson

Anderson, Rev. Joe I 1-13-1919 7-2-2002, P: Joseph C. Anderson and Margaret Parson, Sp: Helen Chapmond
    Anderson, Helen L  Living

Ashworth, Buford E. 6-12-1916 12-20-1978, P: Ben Ashworth and Izzie Roper, Sp: Susie McCain

Ashworth, Susie 8-30-1920 4-10-1984, P: James McCain and Johanna Rodden

Ault, Unknown no dates

Ault, Guicie J. 8-25-1886 7-13-1892

Ault, Samuel P. 1-5-1873 2-8-1889

Ault, Ruby no dates

Ault, Christania   1-29-1884 1-29-1884

Ault, Jonnie A. L. 2-7-1890 7-6-1892

Ault, Ira   02/22/1903-03/18/1904

Ault, Russell Robert 8-28-1900 1-20-1913

Avant, Jannie Ellen Short 3-10-1885 5-16-1966, P: Wm. F. Short and Martha Tucker, Sp: Arthur Avant on 1-3-1949

Avant, Clarence T. 7-23-1964 12-10-1983

Avant, Lola Faye 1-21-1933 5-14-1983, P: Noah Phillips and Mary Lee Graves

Baldwin, Earl Lewis "Bud" 7-30-1936 5-23-1961, P: Alva Baldwin and Janie Johnson

Baldwin, Janie A. 7-30-1898 1-8-1987, P: J. Johnson and Susie Merriott, Sp: 1st. Hilbert Ritter on 3-19-1916, 2nd Alva Baldwin on 5-1-1928

Balisle, Vedar C. 7-31-1914 12-31-1983, P: Benjamin Balisle and Katie McElroy, Sp: Beulah Crump on 6-25-1938

Balisle, Beulah E. 10-19-1916 4-24-1989

Ball, Robert H. 7-11-1936 6-9-1990, PVT US ARMY, P: Robert Ball and Linda Barrows

Bankston, Junior H 8-12-1928 1-20-1929

Bankston, Georgia L. 10-20-1921 2-5-1925, wife of Junior

Bankston, W.C. 5-5-1888 12-9-1981

Bankston, Tennie A. 7-30-1893 10-16-1980, wife of W.C

Barnes, Marshall R.     09-02-1918 01-07-1991     PVT US ARMY WWII 1

Barnes, Evelyn Reynolds 11-17-1919 7-21-1994, wife of Marshall

Barton, Flossie Mae 5-7-1900 1-6-1990, P: Grandville Terry and Evelyn Newkirk

Barton, James William 10-11-1909 4-1-1960, ARK US AIR FORCE RET WWII

Bass, Richard Edmund 9-27-1907 5-7-1908   (pvh read this as 09/27/1907-03/05/1908)

Bass, Ethel May 2-15-1890 2-7-1920, P:-----McFarland, Sp: Elvie Bass 7-4-1905

Bass, Elizabeth Murry 5-26-1850 8-31-1920

Bass, Edmond Hudson 12-27-1849 2-28-1921, Sp: Elizabeth Murry

Bean, Pearl Hendrix no date, (Gross F.H. record: 1906 4-20-1939), P: James J. Hendrix and Sarah Winkler, Sp: E. L. Bean

Bean, Mary Veado 8-22-1913-09/25/2004
    Bean, Jim 5-1-1907 11-2-1983, P: John Henry Bean and Rosalee Glover, Sp: Mary Sligh

Bean, Vernon Elmo 1-29-1934 12-3-1992, Married 1-14-1955
    Bean, Dorothy Jane Living

Bellew, Jack Nooner 11-12-1923 1-19-1978, P: James T. Bellew and Dorothy Abbott, Sp: Bessie Wood

Bellew, Bessie Wood  Living

Benson, J. Roy 3-29-1899 3-8-1965, P: Thomas R. Benson and Nancy Brazil, Sp: Jessie Harrison on 3-8-1924

Benson, Jessie M. 8-25-1896 9-23-1970, P: Albert Harrison and Annie Hughes

Benson, Pleas 01-03-1905 08-31-1995, Sp: Vela McKelroy/McElroy on 11-28-1926  1

Benson, Vela V. 8-8-1908 11-13-1965, P: Joe McKelroy/McElroy and Effie S. Roper

Benson, Mervan E. 10-9-1927 4-14-2000, (added from obituary), P: Pleas Benson and Vela McElroy, Sp: Jackie Morgan

Rachel Ault

Benson, Jackie Morgan 09-30-1930 07-03-1995, Sp: Mervan E. Benson  1

Binder, Truby G. Plummer 1-6-1933 1-6-1983, Sp: Bill Binder

Binder, John Charles 10-2-1965 10-2-1965, P: Bill Binder and Truby Plummer

Bishop, Rena 10-18-1893 3-9-1970, P: Gillham Graves and Amanda Blocker, Sp: James Moore

John Bishop 12-12-1936

Bishop, William P. 11-23-1840 12-7-1902, Confederate Army 1863- 1864 Pvt Co G 60th NC

Bishop, Nancie M. 1-18-1850 3-1-1891, Sp: William P. Bishop

Blake, Della Kyle 11-9-1905 4-8-1982, (double w/ Dovie Blake Mason)

Bledsoe, James Calvin 8-30-1880 12-7-1955, P: Louis Bledson and Margaret Martin, Sp: 1st Florence Fowler, 2nd Lucille Jamison 8-29-1937

Bledsoe, Florence 2-26-1885 10-10-1932, P: William Fowler and Sarah T. Geurin

Bledsoe, Baby 3-30-1906 4-7-1906

Bledsoe, Blanch 2-20-1904 11-12-1906

Bledsoe, Pharalia E. 6-10-1875 3-7-1884

Blocker, George W. "Tink" 4-3-1851 11-10-1892, P: James W. Blocker and Samantha Swerington, Sp: Mary Adams 12-24-1885

Susan Noles

Blocker, Frank J. 10-3-1890 10-10-1891, P: George Blocker and Mary E. Adams

Blocker, Leo no dates

Blocker, Inez 9-2-1923 9-2-1923, P: Okes M. Blocker and Hettie Speer

Blocker, George W. 4-15-1862 2-5-1900, P: George Blocker and Elizabeth "Betsy" Graves, Sp: Julia Hamilton on 8-23-1883 (Julia is buried at Merriott Cem 1866-1949)

(This is a wonderful memorial to this pioneer lady) Blocker-Gray, Sarah Tabitha Wadkins late 1700’s 1882 -- Daughter of Leven Wadkins and his Cherokee wife Hannah Davis. Lived on the Missouri frontier in the early 1800’s. Visited Hot Springs, Ark. in 1815. Married George Blocker, who ran a trading post near Cape Giruardo, Mo. A second marriage to Moses Gray. The mother of four daughters and six sons, who served in the Civil War as follows:  James Blocker USA, Michael Blocker USA, George Blocker USA, Aaron Gray USA, Moses Gray CSA, William Gray CSA -- In Loving memory to a frontier woman who braved four wars. Placed by her decendants in 1992. Two of her sons, George Blocker and William Gray were killed by Jayhawkers while home on leave from the Civil War. Both were buried in the same casket. One in Blue and one in Gray.

Blocker, George W 11-9-1834 Dec. 30 1863, double w/ William Gray, P: George Blocker and Sarah Wadkins, Sp: Elizabeth "Betsy" Graves

Blocker, John W. 9-7-1935 7-27-1998, (added by obituary), P: Harrison Blocker and Mrytle Halsell

Blocker, John R. 11-28-1892 1-30-1953, P: George Blocker and Julia Hamilton, Sp: Minnie Speer 3-28-1920

Blocker, Minnie O. 2-25-1900 10-1-1989, P: Wm. Carter Speer and Sarah Castleberry

Blocker, Harrison 4-3-1909 1-22-1999, P: John W. Blocker and Sarah E. Fisher, Sp: Myrtle Halsell 11-2-1931 1

Blocker, Myrtle 7-9-1912 1-1-1998, (added by obituary), P: Wm Perry Halsell and Rhoda Herron 1

Blocker, Matthew Barnes 10-26-1973 10-26-1973, P: John W. Blocker and Shirley Barnes

Blocker, Okes Mitchell 6-13-1895 9-30-1978, P: George W. Blocker and Julia Hamilton, Sp: Hettie Speer 10-21-1920

Blocker, Hettie Lee 2-25-1903 2-7-1979, P: Wm. Carter Speer and Sarah Castleberry

Bogard, Bennie Clinton 1-16-1936 12-13-1976, P: Wilbur Bogard and Oma Williams, Sp:Anna Smith on 8-31-1956

Bogard-Cain, Anna Sue Smith   01/15/1936-09/14/2002   married Benny C Bogard 08/31/1956 mother of Mark, Jeff, Susan, and Steven; married Steven J Cain 07/18/1980; P: Homer D. Smith and Laurel Speer

Boren, James 1840 12-22-1879, P: James Boren and _______, Sp: Sarah Hawkins

Boren, Thomas 11-21-1873 April, 1891, P: James Boren and Sarah Hawkins

Boren, Jim 3-6-1876 11-22-1894, P: James Boren and Sarah Hawkins

Bowling, Corinie 10-8-1916 10-27-1916, P: Sylvester Bowling and Elizabeth Murders

Bowling, Harley Seeman 8-20-1918 11-30-1918, P: Sylvester Bowling and Elizabeth Murders

Bowling, Rhoda no date June, 1974 age 80, P: Sylvester Bowling and Elizabeth Murders, (has Anderson on footstone)

Bradbury, Violet A   1908-1997

Brady, Edward L. 1-28-1906 11-17-1960 , P: Samuel Brady and Delia Ross, Sp: Louise Bledson on 7-4-1925

Brady, Sam H. 1872 1928, Sp: Delia Ross

Brady, Delia 1877 1936, P: Frank Ross and ________

Bray, Clarence J. 5-2-1909 12-11-1980, P: Henry James Bray and Louise Ferrell, Sp: Opal Winkler

Bray, Opal B. 4-7-1911 3-10-1982, P: Jepta Grey Winkler and Sarah F. Ragsdale

Breshears, John Frank 1-29-1916 9-19-1980, P: John C. Breashears and Alene Smith, Sp: Mary Lucille Speers on 10-4-1934
    Breshears, Lucille Spears   10/31/1917-05/20/2008   [added by pvh from obituary]

Breshears, Ervin 3-17-1945 10-11-2002, P: John Frank Breshears and Mary Lucille Spears, Sp: Sharon_________

Brewer, Larry Lee   06-28-1942 09-08-1997

Brewer, Robert Lee   06-16-1917 03-16-1999   Pvt US Army World War II 1

Brewer, Ruby Beal    08-16-1919 11-30-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Brimmage, George 1912 1974, P: Luther M. Brimage and Alta M. Yarborugh

Brown, Gene 12-21-1928 10-21-1997, (added per obituary)

Brown, Sue 8-27-1921 1-22-2001, (added per obituary), P: Jesse Burch and Theresa Campbell, Sp: Gene Brown

Brown, William J. 3-24-1898 8-18-1972, Arkansas PFC Air Service World War I, P: Mathew Dave Brown and Safronia Fowler, Sp: Mabel Brady on 12-25-1917

Brown, Mabel 1-16-1902 1-6-1928

Brown, Milton Jack 5-22-1923 8-25-1986, BM 2 US NAVY WWII

Brown, John 1895 1973, P: Mathew Dave Brown and Safronia Fowler, Sp: Pearl Reeves
    Brown, Pearl C. 1900 1989, P: Samuel Reeves and Delila Peavehouse

Brown, Pauline 4-10-1916 10-7-1985, P: Austin Brown and Florence Dozier

Brown, Delton Lynn 5-30-1938 6-28-2001, P: John D. Brown and Inez Toland, Sp: Shirley Richardson

Brown, Berry Gene   11/19/1973-08/18/1998

Brown, Florence   10/25/1895-06/06/1992

Brunk, Jason 3-22-1974 3-25-1974, P: Earl Brunk and Glenda Isom

Burks, Helen V. 1-7-1922 10-2-1978, P: Wesley Geurin and Aleana Maynard, Sp: Kenneth T. Burks (he died 7-22-1990)

Burks, Carlus C. 1-23-1943 10-17-1991, P: Kenneth T. Burks and Helen V. Geurin 1

Burks, Julian no dates, (marked by rock slab)

Burks, Zettie 7-15-1891 4-17-1931

Buttrum, Dora 8-29-1886 9-16-1973, P: John T. Housley and Sarah Irons, Sp: Fred B. Buttrum

Buttrum, Columbus C.   12-20-1918 2-5-1991,   P: Fred Buttrum and Dora Housley, Sp: Lennie Rooks 1

Buttrum, Lennie 1-20-1926 Living

Buttrum, Virgle W. 4-23-1921 2-17-1998, P: Fred Buttrum and Dora Housley, Sp: Alice Knox on 7-15-1954

Cain, Elizabeth no date 9-18-1871 age 49, Sp: 1st wife of Cornelius Cain

Cain, Polly no dates, P: ______Hawkins and ______ , Sp: 2nd wife of Cornelius Cain

Caldwell, Jesse 1-22-1899 7-27-1964, P: Ellison Caldwell and Effie Murders

Caldwell, Emerson 3-10-1901 8-19-1968, P: Ellison Caldwell and Effie Murders, Sp: Ella Keener on 7-13-1926

Caldwell, Ella M. 8-17-1902 4-3-1978, P: John Keener and Mary J.Hammond

Caldwell, David J. 12-2-1890 12-12-1963, ARK PVT CO C 150th INF WWI, P: William Caldwell and Margaret Tidmore, Sp: Ellen Herron

Caldwell, Ellen 1-31-1893 12-22-1958, P: James Herron and Amanda Blocker

Caldwell, James William 09/26/1912-07/26/1998 married Ruth 12/05/1937
    Caldwell, Ruth Adaline 4-10-1914 2-6-1997, married James William Caldwell 12/05/1937

Cantwell, James D. 12-21-1952 10-5-1975, P: George Cantwell and Dorothy Faye Qualls

Cantwell, Jerry W. 7-18-1954 8-23-1988, P: George Cantwell and Dorothy Faye Qualls

Cantwell, Mary Jo 3-2-1948 5-28-2003 (added from obituary), P: George Cantwell and Dorothy Faye Qualls, Sp: Robert Steadman



Carillaroe, Victor   07/22/1939-11/24/2002   SP4 US Army

Casey, Earl Ernest Sr. 6-12-1912 9-18-1978, P: Earl E. Casey and Mattie Patton

Casey, Dora Lemoine 10-6-1924 Living, wife of Earl E. Casey Sr.

Cassatt, Lou Ann 3-15-1934 8-19-2001 (added per obituary), P: Christopher Williams and Nora Richardson, Sp: Onley Cassatt

Castleberry, Byron Dale 9-7-1983 9-24-1983, P: Don Castleberry and Patsey Crain

Castleberry, Bruce Edward 10-23-1957 11-3-1957, P: Leo Castleberry and Opal Whitfield

Castleberry, Lenard B. (G,W) 9-27-1929 5-29-1976, P: George Castleberry and Mabel Merriott

Castleberry, Jessie M (Hodie) 12-14-1930 Living, Sp: Lenard Castleberry

Castleberry, George W. 5-19-1909 9-8-1976, P: George M. Castleberry and Mary Miller, Sp: Mabel Merriott on 8-4-1928

Castleberry, Mabel A. 7-19-1913 9-1-1976, P: J. M. Merriott and Rosie Kelley

Castleberry, Bill J. 2-5-1941 9-12-1989, P: George Castleberry and Mabel Merriott

Castleberry, Richard L. 10-14-1963 9-26-1984, P: Leo Castleberry and Opal Whitfield

Castleberry, Martha Jane 1874 1881

Cates, Samuel A. 1898 1964, P: Wm. E. Cates and Mary Frances Keener, Sp: Mary Murders on 11-9-1924

Cates, Mary L. 1905 1987

Chancellor, Shirlene 5-20-1949 12-16-1951, P: D. V. Chancellor and Dorotha Murders

Chapmond, Charlie 3-11-1900 4-6-1978, P: Rudy Chapmond and Sarah Elder, Sp: Vergie Wilson on 2-8-1921

Chapmond, Vergie 10-30-1904 1-24-1994

Chapmond, Eunice Nadine Cooper   04/13/1926-11/02/2006; mother Emma Thompkins Williams

Chapmond, Loyd D   04/16/1922-07/03/2006

Chernousko, George Edward 9-29-1929 09-01-2008 Sp: Vivian Cates on 9-9-1951 [dod added by pvh based on obituary]

Chernousko, Vivian Cates 12-2-1933 Living

Coble, Billy Ray 2-17-1932 1-21-1990, P: Claud Coble and Dorie Pierce, Sp: Abbie Key

Coburn, Ernest Lee 7-4-1913 7-19-1974, P: Charles Coburn and Mozella Haskins, Sp: Anna _____

Coburn, Anna 1-27-1925 10-13-1974

Cockman, Paul C. 2-5-1912 1-25-1978, P: Sampson Cockman and Samantha Hogue, Sp: Violet M. Ward on 2-8-1941

Cockman, Violet M. 10-4-1921 11-23-1987, P: John Wood and Almeda Masner

Cockman, Sampson A. 1-27-1871 7-22-1939, P: John Cockman and Nancy Jane Daniels, Sp: Samantha Hogue

Cockman, Samantha L. 5-22-1871 9-18-1957, P: Dr. B. F. Hogue and Maranda Nichols

Cockman, Alger R. 7-24-1909 4-24-1973, P: Benjamin Cockman and Sarah E. Hogue, Sp: Effie M. Harrison on 9-9-1937

Cockman, Ben R. 3-12-1944 9-29-1945, P: Alger Cockman and Effie Harrison

Cockman, Eldon R. 6-21-1940 6-28-1958, P: Alger Cockman and Effie Harrison

Cockman, William G. 9-4-1868 5-14-1951, P: John Cockman and Nancy Jane Daniels, Sp: Martha A. Ladd

Cockman, Martha A. 12-12-1873 4-18-1969, P: John Ladd and Caroline ______

Cockman, Ruby A. 8-31-1917 4-13-1971, P: Lewis Tillery and Media Jeanopolis, Sp: Albert Monroe Cockman

Cockman, Benjamin E. 2-28-1894 4-19-1956, PVT US Army WWI, Sp: Lula Johnson on 5-25-1919

Cockman, Lula D. 10-5-1899 3-24-1970, P:____Johnson

Cockman, Benjamin 1-26-1878 4-9-1925, Sp: Sarah E. Hogue

Cockman, Sarah E. 4-4-1880 9-13-1919

Cockman, Johnie F. 8-31-1897 11-21-1984, P: Sampson Cockman and Samantha L. Hogue, Sp: Minnie Lee

Cockman, Minnie Lee 2-14-1902 2-5-1947

Cockman, Argus 1-24-1923 7-22-1924

Cockman, James A. "Jimmy"   4-2-1955 11-16-1996    "Husband of Kathy, Daddy of Heather, Paw Paw of Benjamin"   1

Cockman, Albert J. 2-26-1925 1-24-1993, P: Albert Monroe Cockman and Gracie Cross, Sp: Hattie Mae Sandefer on 2-14-1942

Cockman, Hattie M. 3-12-1925 Living

Cockman, Willard Thomas 2-18-1912 1-22-1987, (cremation), P: Albert Monroe Cockman and Gracie Cross

Coke, Charles H. 1-22-1899 6-23-1989, PVT US ARMY WWI, P: Henry Coke and ____Banks

Cole, Carl Summers 8-31-1936 3-27-1937, P: Ernest Cole and Clara Summers

Cole, Ernest C. 11-13-1907 8-5-1966, P: Wm. C. Cole and Ella Hale, Sp: Clara Summers on 4-19-1930

Cole, Clara Summers 2-27-1910 9-13-1983, P: L. D. Summers and Clara Petty

Cole, Rosa 1-14-1857 12-4-1942, P: Carl McClure and Mary Meredith

Coleman, Elmer F. 2-1-1905 12-23-1974, Sp: Eva Mae Pennington on 3-7-1936

Coleman, Eva Mae 12-5-1915 6-29-1941

Coleman, Wayne Allen 6-9-1937 7-15-1971, ARK SN US NAVY KOREA, P: Elmer Coleman and Eva Pennington

Coleman, Fred H. 3-4-1872 12-21-1952, P: Henry F. Coleman and Dorothy Dickson, Sp: Mary Frances Winkler

Coleman, Mary Frances 8-25-1881 3-3-1974, P: Wm. Winkler and Margaret E. Slaight

Coleman, Ellie A. 12-1-1917 1-19-1983, P: Fred Coleman and Mary Frances Winkler

Coleman, Elva Garrett 5-11-1920 6-28-1985, P: Vander Garrett and Iora Shipp

Coleman, Jodie 12-25-1910 3-31-1932, P: ____Brady, Sp: Arthur Coleman on 12-27-1925

Collier, Inf. 7-24-1964 7-24-1964

Compton, Talmadge 11-22-1854 11-16-1929, Sp: Caroline Ragsdale on 5-25-1905

Cotnam, Susan V. 10-12-1844 5-15-1916

Crawford, Elizabeth R. 2-13-1813 9-20-1895, Wife of C.A. Crawford

Cruey, Wm. Henry 4-13-1850 2-23-1939, Sp: Rosa Hum/Huem

Cruey, Grandma no dates

Cruey, Emery Alvin 2-25-1898 3-10-1931

Cruey, William P. 3-23-1894 10-19-1970, ARK PVT 162 DEPOT BRIG WWI, P: Wm. Henry Cruey and Rosa Hum/Huem

Cummins, Hayden Gene 9-1-1940 3-20-1994, Married Alberta 5-3-1960

Cummins, Alberta ---------- ------------

Cunningham, William Kelly 6-27-1908 7-18-1987, P: Wm. K. Cunningham and Laura Morris, Sp: Iva Burgess on 10-29-1935

Cunningham, Iva Burgess 8-1-1910-01/01/2000

Cunningham_________ Caruth Funeral Home marker

Cusick, George Lee 9-2-1952 8-27-1995 1

Daley, James Clifford 3-26-1951 4-24-1978, P: John Daley and Beatrice Briney

Daubersmith, Donald G. 7-21-1905 4-30-1962, P: Frank Daubersmith and _______

Davis, J. T.   03-22-1925 03-23-1987, P: John T. Davis and Annie McKee

Deary, Dilphy (Hurst) 12-2-1902 2-2-1981, P: Houston Richardson and Elizabeth Bates, Sp: Wm. Daniel Deary

Dickson, Adam Lee    06-08-1978 07-17-1999, P: Fred Dickson and Debbie    [from obituary]

Dickson, Rufus G. 9-30-1879 7-13-1954, P: Charley Dickson and Ruth Green, Sp: Essie E. Baldwin on 8-29-1929

Dickson, Tyler W. 11-5-2002 11-5-2002 (added per obituary), P: Luke and Sonia Dickson

Dickson, E. Dortha no dates

Dickson, Clyde E. no dates

Dickson, Debra Lin no dates

Dickson, Matthew E. no dates

Dickson, Freddie E.    12-22-1947 10-21-2014    [dates added by pvh from obituary] 1

Dickson, Terry Kenton 7-8-1951 4-29-1961, P: Clyde Dickson and Dortha McEarl

Dickson, John E. 2-10-1871 6-10-1954

Dickson, Lola Mae 3-17-1963 3-17-1963, P: Frances S. Dickson and Mary L. Grant

Dillard, Willey S. 5-16-1871 5-14-1958

Dillard, Irene Neel 8-15-1886 9-8-1978, P: John Neel and Emma McEarl

Dillinger, Sharon K. 1-2-1951 7-24-1989, P: Lenard Castleberry and Jessie Hawks

Dispensa, Jewel Jean 8-9-1927 1-28-2001, (added per obituary), P: Olin Measles and Mary Dickson, Sp: Rosario J. Dispensa

Dodd, Ollie Bell Coleman 2-20-1912 12-16-1990

Dodd, Leon Fredrick 1-16-1937 12-5-2001,  P: Ernest J. Dodd and Ollie Bell Coleman

Dozier, Nancy Ann 2-27-1837 3-10-1908, P: _______Kilgore, Sp: James W. Dozier on 12-29-1861

Dozier, James W. 12-5-1830 10-31-1883, Born in GA

Dozier, Mary A. 6-24-1878 1879, Daughter of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Nancy J. 9-22-1865 8-6-1875 age 9, Daughter of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Martha E. 12-2-1871 7-24-1875 age 5, Daughter of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Sarah M. 3-28-1870 age 1year, Daughter of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Inf. ----------- ----------, Infant of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Inf. ---------- ----------, Infant of J. W. and N. A.

Dozier, Lonie Rener 10-8-1900 10-16-1900

Dozier, William 11-4-1862 12-31-1940, P: James W. Dozier and Nancy Kilgore, Sp: 1st Susan Thomas, 2nd Della Tisdale, 3rd Beckie Ritter

Dozier, Susan 12-12-1862 3-2-1898, Sp: 1st wife of William Dozier

Dozier, Della 8-31-1880 10-22-1900, Sp: 2nd wife of William Dozier [Debia Dozier on -- name looks like Delia to me -- pvh]

Dozier, Becky 11-19-1881 12-15-1906, Sp: 3rd wife of William Dozier

Dozier, Flossie Ann 1-25-1891 3-15-1898, P: Wm Dozier and Susan Thomas

Dozier, Leneth George 12-11-1930 12-22-1930, P: George Dozier and Vola Graves

Dozier, James 1-16-1905 8-22-1968, P: Wm. Dozier and Beckie Ritter, Sp: Albatine Lowe

Dozier, Albatine 4-10-1906 11-27-1954, P: Rufus Lowe and _______

Dozier, Oscar H. 2-14-1888 9-1-1959, P: Wm. Dozier and Della Tisdale, Sp: Mamie Williamson

Dozier, George William 3-26-1906 3-6-2000, P: William Dozier and Beckie Ritter, Sp: Vola Graves on 7-11-1928

Dozier, Jimmy Lee    06-07-1952 07-12-2011    P: Howard Dozier and Wilma ___

Drake, David Allen 7-3-1978 7-3-1978, P: Larry Drake and Peggy L. Isom

Dunbar, W. Harold 2-13-1927 8-6-1979, P: Claude Dunbar and Lovie Lyons Ward, Sp: Ruth Johnson

Dunbar, Ruth J. 10-30-1920 3-1-1983, P: Alford Johnson and Nella Kyle

Dunnavant, Thomas J. Sr. 3-23-1869 10-18-1949, P: James Dunnavant and ________, Sp: Olive Autry

Dunnavant, Olive A. 1-31-1889 4-24-1964, P: John Autry and Willie Flannigan

Echols, Alberta or Albert A. 8-19-1891 8-26-1899, P: Hiram Augustus Echols and Sarah Ross

Echols, Ida L. 6-3-1880 8-12-1899, P: Hiram Augustus Echols and Sarah Ross

Echols, Sarah L. 5-13-1854 8-18-1899, P: James Ross and Charity Wilder, Sp: Hiram Augustus Echols on 5-15-1869

Edge, John 1828 1864, CO. D 4th Reg. Ark. Cal., Sp: Sarah Gilley

Elliott, Johnna Blocker 11-24-1966 2-3-2001, (added per obituary), P: John W. Blocker and Shirley Barnes, Sp: Robert Elliott

Elmore, Tammy Lynn 6-3-1963 11-6-1963, P: Edward Elmore and Juanita Richardson

Estell, Ronald D. 3-31-1963 7-16-2002 (added per obituary)

Evans, Bertie Bland 7-17-1914 5-6-2003 (added per obituary), P: Monroe Cockman and Gracie Cross Guest, Sp: Horace Evans

Fason, Doris J. no dates

Ferrell, Dyrl 7-8-1935 10-3-1977, P: Sidney H. Farrell and Lorena Wood

Fillmore, Grace Jamison 5-2-1907 9-18-1931, P: John Jamison and Martha McEarl

Fisher, Nicholas ----------- ---------------, (b. abt. 1820 TN, married Sarah Kirkland on 2-18-1845 Hot Spring Co., AR)

Fisher, Louanda ------------ -------------

Fisher, Wm. T. ------------ --------------

Fisher, Mary A. ----------- 7-22-1920 age 45 yr.

Fisher, G. M. 8-13-1868 8-10-1907

Fisher, Nancy E. 11-1-1884 7-11-1961, P: ______Caldwell, Sp: John W. J. Murders on 4-7-1901

Moses Greenberry Fisher

Fisher, George W. 9-9-1897 6-8-1923, P: Moses G. Fisher and Mary Pate Lanier, Sp: Tina Susan Hill on 2-21-1916

Fisher, James Markus 1-5-1917 11-23-1951, Arkansas Pvt Inf WWII, P: Joseph Fisher and Jennie/Jonnie Brogan

Fisher, Joseph Manuel 3-22-1923 10-19-1984

Fisher, Donald Wayne 6-5-1957 6-6-1957

Fisher, J. H. ----------- 6-22-1930 age 84 yr. (b. 1846), (J. Houston Fisher aka Hugh), P: Nicholas Fisher and Sarah Kirkland, Sp: Sarah Jane Graves

Fisher, Sarah Jane ----------- 6-26-1910 age 62 yr., P: Wm. G. Graves and Deliah Hawthorn

Fisher, Ada Ann 3-24-1879 6-9-1947, P: Hugh Fisher and Jane Graves

Fisher, Neal H. 7-15-1890 3-11-1962, P: Hugh Fisher and Jane Graves, Sp: Edna Fox on 7-31-1910

Fisher, Edna F. 4-16-1896 8-17-1963, P: Elisha Fox and Nancy Riley

Fisher, Nick 8-13-1913 3-18-1944, P: Neal Fisher and Edna Fox

Fisher, Elijah 1-15-1923 2-1-1988, (funeral home marker), P: Neal Fisher and Edna Fox

Fisher, Paul 9-8-1911 5-26-1999, (added per obituary), P: Neal Fisher and Edna Fox 1

Fisher, Lessie 1912 1992

Fisher, Judy A. 12-11-1951 1-17-1993, Pvt US Army

Fleenor, Walter F. 12-28-1918 2-12-1974 Arkansas Pvt US Army WWII P: Roy Lee Fleenor and Cora Cosby, Sp: Hazel_________on 11-11-1939 

Fore, Charlie B. 7-12-1893 12-8-1974

Fore, Mattie   4-14-1911 4-10-1991    (funeral home marker) 1

Fowler, William 12-11-1831 12-27-1895, Sp: Sarah T. Geurin

Fowler, Sarah T. 9-12-1856 5-3-1919

Fowler, David P. 2-18-1878 8-26-1966, P: William Fowler and Sarah Geurin, Sp: Laura Jamison on 3-22-1898

Estelle Faulkner

Fowler, Laura Ann 1-12-1880 10-8-1934, P: Robert Jamison and Carrie Harman

Fowler, Violet 4-2-1901 3-30-1916, P: David Fowler and Laura Jamison

Fowler, Bobbie 4-1-1916 3-28-1930, P: David Fowler and Laura Jamison

Fowler, Albert D. 9-17-1882 12-2-1936, P: William Fowler and Sarah Geurin, Sp: Maude Terry on 1-10-1912

Fowler, Harrison 1892 1929, Sp: Nancy Williams on 9-1-1925

Fowler, Wm. Nollie 8-9-1905 5-21-1944, Sp: Lydia Johnson on 2-14-1926

Frazier, Lee Reece 07/29/1915-05/29/1997 married Lena Mary 12/17/1933
Frazier, Lena Mary    05/07/1914-1/19/2009    [added by Debra Slater from obituary]
    Parents:  Martin Luther Meek and Sarah Pate
    Spouse:  Lee Reece Frazier

Free, Harvey 1886 11-22-1970 age 84, (Caruth Funeral Home marker)

Free, Ada 6-16-1889 3-15-1964 age 74, (Caruth Funeral Home marker), P: Moses Hill and Alice Newborn

French, Buell W.   04-22-1928 05-10-1991    Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam 1

French, Ora B. 10-3-1924 10-26-1987

Fuller, Bennie Pinkney 1911 1989

Furr, Ernest E. 9-17-1922 5-15-1974, US AIR FORCE

Gancarczyk, Walter J. 6-26-1915 4-10-1964, P: Bruno Gancarczyk and Josephine Dravik; California Pvt Co I 184 Infantry WWII

Gancarczyk, Irene R. 11-9-1921 7-10-1979, P: Joseph Groski and Mary Gant, Sp: Walter J. Gancarczyk

Gass, Mollie 1-1-1863 12-14-1958, P: John Ginger and Elizabeth Moore, Sp: Fountain E. Gass (buried Buckville Cem. 7-3-1867 1-1-1913)

Geurin, Miles 2-4-1923 2-8-1923

Geurin, Cluster 3-10-1920 3-10-1920

Geurin, Bulah C. 6-15-1911 12-9-1926, P: J. W. Geurin and Aleana Maynard

Geurin, John Wesley 9-22-1890 7-5-1949, P: Levi Geurin and Della Jane _____, Sp: Aleana Maynard on 9-7-1909

Geurin, Aleana A. 6-18-1889 -----------, P: Joe Maynard and Eliza L. Newkirk, Sp: John Wesley Geurin

Geurin, Carlus Arland 7-6-1921 12-23-1992, CPL US ARMY WWII, P: John W. Geurin and Aleana Maynard

Geurin, Alta no date

Geurin, Della Jane 2-2-1860 6-6-1931, Sp: Levi Geurin

Gilmore, William E. 11-24-1942 7-29-1990, P: Clarence Gilmore and Verna Lawrence, Sp: Karen Parsons on 3-19-1966

Gilmore, Karen Sue 12-28-1946 ------------

Gilmore, William L., Jr. "Billy"  11-17-1966 5-7-1989, P: William E. Gilmore and Karen S. Parsons

Gilmore, Glen Dale 7-20-1953 12-23-1978

Glascock, William W. 8-2-1873 7-23-1934

Glascock, Mary Alice 3-29-1879 8-8-1955

Glenn, William Robert 8-11-1900 5-3-1972, P: Wm. Glenn and Martha Pierce, Sp: Velma Marie Garrett

Glenn, Velma Marie 1-29-1906 5-28-1968, P: Charles Garrett and Gertrude Beard

Golden, Mary M. 1810 1874

Goodnight, Robert Steven 4-19-1958 7-13-1981, P: Wm. J. Goodnight and Helen L. Robertson

Gossage, Robert L  ------------------ Sp: Shirley Hendrix

Gossage, Shirley ----------- -----------

Gossage, Robert Lee "Robby," Jr. 12-14-1966 12-23-1978, P: Robert Lee Gossage and Shirley Hendrix

Gossage, Dolores 8-17-1934 4-21-1972, P: Harrison Blocker and Myrtle Halsell, Sp: J. W. Gossage

Graves, Bessie 7-10-1889 2-7-1969, P: __________Crumpton, Sp: William H. Graves on 4-13-1907

Graves, William no dates, CO F 48 INF.

Graves, Theadore 8-8-1921 12-21-1964, P: George Graves and Ebbie Spear, Sp: Willa Dean Merriott

Graves, Willa Dean    01/31/1926-03/19/2010; P: Frank and Ada Merriott; Sp: Theadore Graves    [added from obituary]

Graves, Mack A. 3-26-1920 8-31-1986, PVT US Army World War II, P: Floyd Graves and Lydia Fox

Graves, Chad 9-11-1973 9-11-1973, P: Odell Graves and Doris Nix

Graves, Ernest Dalton 6-24-1896 7-7-1969, P: John Calvin Graves and Edna Earl Murders, Sp: Mary L. Metcalf on 11-30-1924

Graves, Mary Lou Metcalf 12-12-1902 9-3-1983, P: H. W. Metcalf and Mary Phoenix

Graves, Preston A. 8-24-1925 10-2-2002 (added per obituary), P: Earnest Graves and Mary Lou Metcalf, Sp: Bernice ________

Graves, George 9-15-1898 3-13-1981, P: Randolph Graves and Ida May Hamilton, Sp: Ebbie Spear on 8-15-1920

Graves, Ebbie 12-14-1905 6-25-1989, P: Steven Spear and Sally Castleberry

Graves, Martha J. 8-17-1873 9-16-1960, P: Frank Kelley and Evelyn Yarbrough, Sp: Albert M. Graves on 5-22-1892

Graves, Albert M. 4-10-1870 6-23-1945, P: Aaron Graves and Louise Phillips

Graves, Loretta J. 3-23-1898 3-28-1901

Graves, Lawson L. 11-4-1906 3-23-1907

Graves, Louisa 1834 1881, Sp: Aaron S. Graves, *stone has birthplace as Louisianna

Graves, Gillum 1918 4-7-1939

Graves, Nancy E. 1847 1-17-1939

Graves, Calvin 6-8-1872 3-11-1932, P: Aaron Graves and Louisa Phillips, Sp: Edna Murders

Graves, Edna 11-9-1877 3-7-1963, P: Louis Murders and Nancy McElrath

Graves, Aaron 9-5-1846 9-28-1919, Sp: Mary Jane Herron on 2-8-1885,

Graves, "Granny" 1849 1930, P: William Herron and Rhoda Fisher, *listed as Mary Jane Graves in previous reading

Graves, Amanda L. 5-5-1872 7-14-1963, P: Jasper Blocker and Louisa Harbin, Sp: Gilliam Graves on 10-20-1887

Jessie J. 4-10-1903 6-19-1961, P: Gilliam Graves and Amanda Blocker

Gillum 4-14-1866 3-8-1939, P: Wm. Gilliam Graves and Mary Fisher, all on one stone

Graves, Sallie no dates

Gray, William 12-23-1839 12-1-1863, (Double marker with George Block, his half brother, both killed by jayhawkers during the Civil War while they were on furlough at Little Blakley, Arkansas), P: Moses Gray and Sarah Wadkins Blocker Gray

Greene, Gwendolyn Yvonne 1935 1936, P: Hary H. Greene and Evelyn M. Keller

Greeson, Ricky Ray Edward 11-28-1963 6-7-2001, P: Jackie and Shirley Greeson

Griffith, Randolph Franklyn 5-20-1928 10-4-1951, Ark Cpl. 7th Inf. 3rd Inf. Div. Korea

Griffith, W. N. "Bud" 1903 1963, P: Riley Griffith and Lula Terry

Griffith, Clara Lois 1912 1990

Grisham, Viola 2-21-1878 4-13-1928

Halsell, Effie E. 4-25-1894 12-4-1975, P: Lewis Noles and Mary E. Ratliff, Sp: Charlie N. Halsell married 9-6-1912

Halsell, Charlie N. 12-10-1894 6-3-1974, P: Edward Halsell and Virginia Wheeler

Halsell, Hershell C. no date, (orginally buried Cedar Glades Cemetery)

Halsell, Mary Faye no date, (orginally buried Cedar Glades Cemetery)

Hamilton, Carl Ray 10-1-1942 2-3-1978, P: Rector Hamilton and Orbie Rowell

Hamilton, Bobby Jean    10-14-1942 8-10-1995 1

Hamilton, Roy Rector 6-19-1911 3-8-1985, P: John Hamilton and Lillian Speers, Sp: married Orbie Mae Rowell 9-11-1934

Hamilton, Orbie Mae ----------- -----------

Hammonds, George W. 8-22-1877 11-9-1951, P: Joe Hammonds and Martha Sellers, Sp: Beulah Hass

Handlin, Aflred S. 7-25-1912 10-21-1992, P: Patrick Handlin and Nettie Brady, Sp: married Inez McConnell on 7-2-1938

Handlin, Edward John 7-30-1933 7-31-1998, P: Patrick Handlin and Nettie Brady

Handlin, Aubrey J. 1922 1987, P: Patrick Handlin and Nettie Brady, Sp: Hiroe Kawni

Handlin, Patrick Henry 8-4-1889 10-1-1934

Handlin, Nettie Brady 2-6-1896 10-9-1990, P: Samuel Brady and Delia Ross, Sp: married Pat. Handlin on 10-7-1911

Harrison, George Monroe 5-9-1920 6-2-1984, PFC US ARMY WWII, P: Charlie Harrison and Charlotte Graves, Sp: Dortha Partain on 9-14-1940

Harrison, Dortha A. 2-25-1921 4-2-1964, P: Elmer Partain and Cora Hammonds

Harrison, Willie 1908 1941, P: Charlie Harrison and Charlotte Graves

Harrison, Charles S. 1874 1959, Sp: Charlotte Graves on 4-16-1905

Harrison, Lottie H. 7-5-1887 7-7-1967, P: John Graves and Angelina Bledsoe

Harvey, R. S. 7-19-1925 5-15-1997

Harvey, Delora Mary 10-22-1927 6-8-1994

Hawkins, Junior (H. S.) 6-26-1921 7-9-1923

Hawkins, Rudolph Stanley "Buddy"   07/26/1924-03/31/2004    married 04/04/1942
    Hawkins, Sally Imogene "Peggy"  9-13-1921 8-7-1987

Hawkins, Mary Ola 5-24-1898 3-12-1995, Sp: Mary Midkiff married Fred Hawkins 6-19-1922

Hawkins, Fred E. 1893 1978, CPL US ARMY WWI, P: Robert C. Hawkins and Mary Stewart

Hawkins, Doyle Ross    08-09-1927 11-23-1991, S1 US NAVY WWII 1

Hawkins, P. D. 9-17-1851 7-28-1922

Hawkins, Ellen 12-13-1906 3-29-1912, P: P. D. Hawkins and Katie Wilson

Hawkins, Willie 8-1-1892 2-19-1902, P: P. D. Hawkins and Katie Wilson

3 unmarked graves by Willie Hawkins

Hendrix, Louie M. 2-14-1913 8-20-1936, P: James J. Hendrix and Sarah Winkler, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Hendrix, Emmette 3-17-1910 8-19-1923, P: James J. Hendrix and Sarah Winkler, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Hendrix, James John 11-27-1874 12-15-1952, P: Neal Hendrix, Sp: Sarah J. Winkler on 3-1-1905, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Hendrix, Sarah J. no date, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Hendrix, Austin J. 1-24-1898 1-30-1992, P: Wm. H. Hendrix and Mary Lucy Short, Sp: Iva Bledsoe on 9-3-1920

Hendrix, Iva B. 6-27-1902 12-7-1983, P: J. C. Bledsoe and Florence Fowler

Hendrix, Author Wilbert 12-7-1922 6-29-1945, Staff Sgt. Gave his life in WWII

Hendrix, James W. 7-12-1923 12-10-1923

Hendrix, Annie Pearl 1-25-1897 1-26-1897, Dau. of W. H. and M. L

Hendrix, Frank 5-30-1895 10-2-1917, Son of W. H. and M. L.

Hendrix, W. H. 2-10-1868 6-28-1925

Hendrix, Mary Lucy 12-17-1874 2-16-1954, P: Robert Short and Cynthia Brown, Wife of W. H.

Hendrix, R. W. "Bob" 1902 1967, P: Wm. Hendrix and Mary Lucy Short, Sp: Lillian Neighbors on 5-27-1923
    Hendrix, Lillian 1907 1984, P: Andy Neighbors and Rebecca Graves

Hendrix, Barbara 1943 1943, P: R. W. Hendrix and Lillian Neighbors

Hendrix, Shirley 1940 1940

Hendrix, Babies 1937 1937

Hendrix, Baby 1934 1934

Hendrix, G. W. 1924 1986, P: R. W. Hendrix and Lillian Neighbors, Sp: Vera Millard on 1-22-1943
    Hendrix, Vera A. --------- Living

Hendrix, Gregory Wayne 8-11-1951 8-11-1951, P: G. W. Hendrix and Vera Millard

Hendrix, John R., Sr. 7-17-1946 9-18-1990, P: John B. and Hazel Hendrix

Hendrix, John B. 2-5-1927 5-29-2000 (added per obituary), Sp: Hazel_______

Herron, Ralph Cecil ------------ 1-23-1995 age 54, (Caruth Funeral home marker)

Herron, Elizabeth E. 10-6-1885 8-7-1968, P: Frank M. Kelley and Cynthia E. Yarbrough; Sp:  James L Herron

Herron, James Leonard 4-20-1884 8-9-1915, P: Dave Herron and Nancy E. Graves, Sp: Elizabeth E. Kelley

Herron, Inf. James Paul 2-25-1970 2-25-1970, P: Ralph C. Herron and Jeannetta Puckett

Herron, Amanda ---------- 1922 age 46

Herron, Aaron G. 3-11-1894 3-15-1910, P: Dave Herron and Nancy E. Graves

Herron, Willard W. 8-11-1917 4-18-1992, P:Wm. G. Herron and Amanda Speer, Sp: Lila Masner on 12-16-1934

Herron, Lela P. 1-6-1918 5-17-1964

Herron, Lonnie A. 1-6-1914 8-12-2002 (added per obituary), P: Ellen Herron (Caldwell), Sp: Viola_______

Herron, Iva 3-4-1909 5-21-2003 (added per obituary), P: William Cockman and Martha Ladd

Hilton, Ladoyette Thomas 2-10-1926 12-27-2000, (added per obituary), P: Monroe Hilton and JoAnn Willis, Sp: Lou Anna Shaw

Hilton, Lou Anna Shaw    09-09-1925 10-30-2005    [added per obituary] 1

Hogue, Bobby W. 5-2-1933 10-3-1934

Holcomb, Carrie 1904 1989, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Holland, Gilbert 4-17-1908 3-30-1987, US ARMY WWII, P: Alvie Holland and Valeria Winkler

Holland, Robert L. 4-10-1906 12-8-1977, P: Alvie Holland and Valeria Winkler

Holland, Opal Faye 8-8-1920 8-18-1970, P: Albert Johnson and Ollie Pearl Howard, Sp: Odus James Holland

Holland, Odus James 12-17-1910 5-26-1967, P: Alvie Holland and Valeria Winkler

Hollowoa, Merle J.   08-26-1927 11-12-2014    [dates added by pvh per obituary] 1

Hollowoa, Nellie J.   08-01-1929 07-17-1995, P: Emerson Caldwell and Martha Ellen Keener

Hood, Maudie 1908 1974, P: Gus Keenon and Nannie Lenderman, Sp: Jack Hood

Horton, Elbert William   08-12-1925 10-26-1972, Arkansas PVT US Army World War II, Korea, Vietnam; P: Frank Horton and Ethel Roland

Horton, Catherine McEarl    07-27-1925 12-05-2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Hoskins, Charlotte   1822 05-01-1892

Howard, Frankie Lee 7-18-1924 7-18-1924, P: Richard W. Howard and Inez Winkler

Howard, Inez Winkler 4-2-1907 7-31-1945, P: Jeptha Winkler and Sarah Ragsdale, Sp: Richard Wesley Howard on 2-10-1924

Howell, Johnnie L. 1969 1969, (Caruth Funeral home marker), P: Lonnie Howell and Esther Milam

Huffer, Lyle 7-13-1915 6-17-1987, P: Archie Huffer and Charlotte Lowe, Sp: Joyce Poe on 8-7-1952

Isom, Jesse Lee 3-31-1913 5-11-1982, P: George Isom and Dorey E. Breashears, Sp: Margaret Lucille Long

Isom, Margaret Lucille 6-25-1926 11-15-2002 (added per obituary), P: Lee and Telitha Long

Isom, Ruby 10-27-1918 3-27-1975, P: Wm. Keener and Callie Cogburn

Isom, Ovella T. 11-5-1925 4-4-1992

Jamison, Ted 11-5-1917 9-27-1983, US ARMY WWII, P: John W. Jamison and Mattie McEarl

Jamison, Gilbert M. no dates, ARK PVT SC BATTERY 379 FABN

Jamison, Balena Casey 6-3-1910 4-14-1969

Jamison, Travis 8-15-1920 3-22-1944, ARK PVT 7th CAL. MED. WWII, P: John Jamison and Mattie McEarl, Sp: Jean Tankersley on 10-17-1942

Jamison, John W. 11-29-1876 8-1-1944, P: Robert Jamison and Carrie Harmon, Sp: Martha "Mattie" McEarl

Jamison, Mattie McEarl 8-11-1882 6-11-1924

Jamison, Carrie C. 3-26-1845 8-14-1912, Born in St. Charles, Mo., Died in Hot Springs, Ark., Wife of Robert Jamison

Johnson, Katie 9-1-1883 1887

Johnson, Johnnie 9-7-1888 6-17-1890

Johnson, R. M. 12-23-1853 12-21-1909

Johnson, John W.   07-05-1909 07-31-1991 1

Johnson, Vera Muse 8-25-1915 1-11-1996, P: George E. Muse and Bertha B. Lay

Johnson, Tammy Renae 5-28-1967 12-12-2001 (added per obituary), P: Robert Lee Steadman and Mary Jo Qualls

Jones, Brittany Ann 7-9-1995 7-9-1995

Jones, Melassia 2-16-1910 12-30-1986, (Caruth Funeral home marker), P: Joes Smith and Nancy McCandles, Sp: Wm K. Jones

Jones, William K. 10-14-1899 8-13-1976, P: John Jones and Bell Campbell

Jones, Lois Pauline 3-30-1929 4-5-1930

Kazmier Mr.   1880 1945

Keene, Hugh Edwin   4-5-1912 10-20-1965

Keener, Walter J.   4-22-1897 8-7-1968
P: John Keener and Mary Jane Hammonds
Sp: Stella P. Partain on 5-6-1917

Keener, Stella P.   12-1-1901 3-25-1995
P: Mose Partain and Armilla Ratliff

Keener, Ramos    01/25/1920-09/26/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Walter Keener and Stella Partain
Sp: Recie Keener

Keller, E. F. 5-11-1864 10-11-1928
P: W. A. Keller and Anna Mayor
Sp: Flora Ritter on 8-18-1898

Kelley, Noah 1900 1958, (Gross funeral home marker)

Kelley, Lawrence 3-24-1915 10-4-1990, P: John Kelley and Louisa Merriot, Sp: Jessie Graves on 8-25-1941

Kelley, Jessie 8-4-1923 10-10-2003 (added per obituary), P: George A. Graves and Ebbie Speers 1

Kelley, Tanya Lynn 3-1-1962 3-3-1962, P: Leon Kelley and Daisy Ann Devore

Kelley, Clarence 1-17-1918 6-10-1983, P: John Kelley and Louisa Merriott, Sp: Essie Graves

Kelley, Essie ----------- Living

Kelly, Francis M. 1891 5-2-1940, ARK SGT US ARMY, P: Jim Kelly and Mary Jane George, Sp: Mattie Brady on 3-13-1927

Kelly, Mary Ann 8-5-1845 4-30-1907, P: Thomas Jackson and Dorcas Gibbs, S: 1st John Fearney Phillips on 2-22-1866, 2nd _________Kelly

Kemp, Dorothy Louise 7-7-1923 6-26-1982, P: Alfred Morgan and Roxie Tinney (?), Sp: John P. Kemp

Kennedy, Robert C. 2-8-1903 6-3-1949, ALA TEC 5 13 TNG. REG. WWII, P: Lee Kennedy and Fannie Boyd, Sp: Ruby Keller Holland on 4-10-1943

Kennedy, Ruby 2-25-1905 8-18-1967, P: Jack Keller and Flora Coleman

Kidd, Haywood 1898 1964, P: Ben Kidd and Dora Smith 1

Kidd, Eunice 1902 1988

Kidd, Jessie D. 1-20-1900 1-31-1966, P: Ben Kidd and Dora Smith, Sp: Hazel J. Riley (cremated 6-9-1989)

Killgo, Charlie C. 8-30-1890 10-2-1959, Sp: Evelyn M. Keller

Killgo, Evelyn Marie 6-20-1899 2-20-1978, P: Evelyn F. Keller and Flora Ritter

Killgore, Marnette Handlin 7-27-1917 10-8-1993, Sp: Adonis Killgore on 9-17-1935

King, Gilbert   09/04/1923-06/07/1997   Tec5 US Army WWII

King, Katie L. 1875 1957, Wife of Alex King

King, Ethel C. 1893 1977, P: Alex King and Katie Steimar

Koonce, Ralph Sr. 7-17-1908 12-20-1962, P: Ed Koonce and Ardena Roberts

Kueffner, Doris 4-14-1927 10-18-1973, (Caruth funeral home marker), P: Edward Lee Green Sr. and Mrytle Buttrum, Sp: Robert Kueffner

Kyle, Isaac W. 12-15-1879 12-3-1963, P: Isaac Kyle and nancy Wilburn, Sp: Sarah Louisa Graves (died in 1960 buried in CA)

Lamb, Joseph J. 1-31-1849/48 1-3-1862, P: Joseph and Mary Lamb

Lamb, Parthenia 11-13-1844 8-3-1862, P: Joseph and Mary Lamb

Lamb, Cornelia 5-29-1829 6-29-1842, P: Joseph and Mary Lamb

Lamb, Margaret died 5-28-1858   wife of Cornelia Lamb

*about 20 funeral home markers line the west fence, these are markers from the Corp of Engineers from the grave removal of the Lake Ouachita project.  Some are now replaced by markers placed by the families.

Lamb, Lou Oma 5-12-1923 1-21-1926

Lamb, Geneva 11-15-1919 12-12-1919

Lamb, Rector 8-12-1889 9-11-1909, P: Henry Lamb and Rebecca Elizabeth Muse

Lamb, Henry C. 3-5-1848 10-1-1893

Lamb, Gross H. 10-29-1887 8-19-1888

Lamb, Inf. 5-2-1886 5-2-1886

Lane, Angela Rose 1-16-2000 6-10-2000, (added per obituary), P: Tammy Jean Lane

Langford, Gene 11-14-1925 7-27-1986, P: Edward Langford and Nettie Hollowa, Sp: Martha Sue_______married on 11-21-1953

Langford, Martha Sue 7-26-1936 Living

Lanier, T. L. no date

LaRoe, Victor C. 7-22-1939 11-24-2002 (added per obituary), P: Caril LaRoe and Beaulah Forbes, Sp: Janet LaRoe

Lawson, Lillie M. 7-8-1907 6-30-1931, P: Culley R. Wilson and Ruth Johnson, Sp: Clyde Lawson

Lay, W. L. 8-1-1876 7-5-1897

Lay, Jesse L. 8-30-1849 2-5-1894, Sp: Julia Ann Duncan

Lay, Julia A. 1-3-1855 6-23-1939

Leon, (??), George 4-21-1931 4-21-1931

Lewis, James A. 3-20-1888 4-14-1952, P: Joesph Lewis and ________, Sp: Mattie L. ________

Lewis, Mattie L. 9-12-1892 5-11-1982, P: Elisha Lewis and ________

Lewis, Richard J. 11-16-1922 3-6-1993, Sp: Gertie ________

Lewis, Gertie G. 3-20-1929 1-26-1997

Lillard, Mell 3-5-1865 2-14-1952, P: Jim Boren and Sarah Hawkins, Sp: John M. Lillard (his second wife)

Lillard, Sarah Elizabeth 12-9-1895 6-1-1896, P: John M. Lillard and Mell Boren

Lillard, M. J. Mrs. 11-21-1839 1-16-1875

Lloyd, Carol Lynn 12-23-1955 1-7-1956, (Caruth Funeral home marker), P: Emmett Lloyd and Dora McCook

Lloyd, Mary Alice 9-30-1874 11-17-1957, P: John Martindale and Nancy Williams, Sp: James Walter Lloyd

Lloyd, James Walter 8-9-1873 9-2-1945, P: John T. Lloyd and _______, Sp: Mary Alice Martindale

Lloyd, Joesph Colbert 8-30-1893 10-3-1967, Sp: Dimple Fowler

Lloyd, Dimple Fowler 7-17-1899 1-11-1969

Long, Helen 5-22-1959 2-7-1998  (Gross Funeral home marker) 1

Lorrance, Carris Lillian 2-25-1883 10-23-1938, Sp: Albert W. Lorrance

Love, Carmen Vennette 5-12-1969 6-27-1987, P: Luther Love and Wanda Miller

Lynch, Thomas V. 10-6-1928 6-7-1997, P: Ernest B. Lynch and Elva E. Tucker

Lynch, Freida M. 01/04/1928-04/06/2010, P: Harmon Eugene Small and Vada Delaney Childress; Sp: Thomas V. Lynch and Unknown Bailey.    [Her obituary showed her name at death to be Bailey. Info from obituary]

Lynch, Ernest B. 12-23-1896 2-18-1986, P: Thomas L. Lynch and Rebecca McGrew, Sp: Elva E. Tucker

Lynch, Elva E. 10-18-1901 12-22-1997, P: Solomon Tucker and Lila Hagler

Lynch, Eugene B. 6-28-1924 7-31-1932, P: Ernest Lynch and Elva Tucker

Lynch, Joesol 2-23-1923 9-30-1924

Martin, Enoch M. no dates, (7-21-1874 5-13-1933 *Caruth Funeral home records),CO I 2nd MISS INF-SPANISH AMERICA WAR

Martin, Mary O. 1825 1852-53, Wife of James Martin

Mason, Dovie Blake 4-18-1927 10-21-1969, *double marker w/Della Kyle Blake

Matuszyk, John L. 11-9-1897 9-4-1963, P: Joe and Victoria Matuszyk, Sp: Michalina Kulczak

Matuszy, Michalina 5-26-1905 10-9-1990, P: John Kulczak and Agnes Kszak

Mayberry, Willis L. "Red" 8-20-1918 4-26-1970, P: Frank Mayberry and Idella Linderman, Sp: Hazel______married on 8-16-1946

Mayberry, Hazel M.   10-16-1927 01-21-2014    [dod added by pvh]

Mayberry, Jasper F. 4-19-1916 7-1-1979, P: Frank Mayberry and Idella Linderman

Maynard, Joe 2-2-1862 11-12-1931, Sp: Louisa Kirkendall Guerin on 11-8-1883

Maynard, Louisa 5-1-1867 9-25-1928

McCarthy, Abbie 1891 1928, P: Thomas Winkler and Margaret Slaight, Sp: Frank McCarthy on 10-27-1917

McCarthy, Frank E. 1882 1955, P: Frank M. McCarthy

McCarthy, Dorothy 1919 1929, P: Frank McCarthy and Abbie Winkler

McEarl , Emily J. 1867 1902, Wife of Loyd McEarl

McEarl, Loyd S. 1864 1902, Sp: Emily J. Bates

McEarl, Mary C. no date, (funeral home marker)

McEarl, Bertha Mae 6-12-1904 8-25-1904

McElmore, John Scott 2-13-1963 7-6-1993

McElrath, Ernest L. 10-17-1893 1-12-1968, P: James McElrath and Monte Sue Noles, Sp: Mrytle Lee Williams on 11-25-1916

McElrath, Mrytle L. 3-27-1890 9-18-1971, P: Lee Williams and Melissa Allen

McElrath, Wm. "Willie 12-10-1857 -----------, Uncle of Ernest McElrath

McFarland, Georgia Ann 2-1-1872 3-6-1930, P: Jacob Phillips and ______, Sp: James R. McFarland

McKelroy, Elbert F. 4-4-1906 4-9-1978, Sp: Ruby Lyons on 9-10-1933

McKelroy, Ruby E. 9-28-1908 3-22-1977

McKelroy, George Bryant 6-14-1920 10-7-1996

McNeal, Claudie 4-26-1919 6-22-1987

McNeal, Margorie 10-16-1921 7-13-2002 (added per obituary), P: Walter Keener and Stella Partain 1

McNeely, Odell C. 11-28-1935 3-30-1986, P: Virgil C. McNeely and Willow Mae Grisham

McNeely, John B. 3-31-1928 ?-13-1963, P: Virgil C. McNeely and Willow Mae Grisham

McNeely, Carl E. 12-6-1937 1-27-1938, P: Virgil C. McNeely and Willow Mae Grisham

McNeely, Virgil C. 4-27-1907 7-24-1968, P: Joe McNeely and Martha A. Graves, Sp: Willow Mae Grisham on 1-10-1927

McNeely, Willie Mae 4-9-1912 10-15-1997

McNeely, Billy J. 2-28-1942 5-2-1968, P: Virgil McNeely and Willow M. Grisham

McNeely, Joseph 8-13-1876 3-5-1941, P: Alexander McNeely and Bell Burden, Sp: Martha Ann Green

McNeely, Annie 2-19-1877 5-5-1962, P: Dr. R. D. Graves

McNeely, Earl 1902 1987, P: Joseph McNeely and Martha Ann Graves, Sp: 1st Gladys Hammond 7-15-1936, 2nd Lena Howard

McNeely, Gladys 1911 1970, P: Edmund Hammonds and Belle Zora King

McTigert, George Ed 1896 1976, P: Joe McTigert and Jenny Blocker, Sp: 1st Arminda Nichols on 4-13-1926, 2nd Mary Riley on 7-17-1933

McTigert, Mary E. 1910 1989, P: George Riley and Melvina Teal

Meek, Rufus H. 4-3-1911 3-19-1993

Meek, Estelle J. 3-29-1927 Living

Meek, Martin L. 1886 1973, P: Henry Meek and Mary Hill, Sp: Sally Pate on 12-17-1905

Meek, Sally F. 1886 1969, (Sarah Frances Pate), P: Zachary Pate and Mary Lanier

Meredith, Velva Geurin (Hogue) 4-4-1913 1-24-1965, Sp: 1st Arley Hogue on 9-30-1929, 2nd James Meredith on 11-15-1941

Meredith, Anglee 4-4-1922 5-13-1967, Sp: Ray Meredith on 3-4-1941

Meredith, Ray 1911 1987, Sp: Angel Lee James

Merriott, Josephine 1868 1899, P: Aaron Graves and Louisa Phillips, Sp: Josiah Merriott on 12-14-1884

Merriott, Rev. J. M. S. 2-17-1874 4-17-1963, P: John Merriott and Mary C. Hamilton

Merriott, Rosa Lee 9-8-1877 5-13-1948, P: Frank Kelly and Cythia E. Yarborough, Sp: James M. S. Merriott

Merriott, Dewey Edgar 2-23-1922 7-30-1992, Married 9-27-1940

Merriott, Lavern N. 12-22-1922 Living

Merriott, Ada 8-12-1900 1-27-1984, P: Joes McTigert and Jenny Blocker, Sp: Frank Merriott on 11-10-1917

Merriott, James F. 4-10-1897 1-28-1964, ARK PVT 30 CO. 165 Dep. Brig. WWI, P: J. M. S. Merriott and Rosa Kelly, Sp: Ada McTigert on 11-10-1917

Merriott, Jewell L. 4-8-1932 10-3-1964, P: James F. Merriott and Ada McTigert, Sp: Geraldine Castleberry

Merriott, Lloyd Dale 1-20-1956 11-6-1974, P: Jewell Merriott and Geraldine Castleberry

Merriott, Lydia S. 2-3-1927 1-19-2001 (added per obituary), P: Tommie Shaw and Lela Graves, Sp: Jack Merriott

Merriott, Jack William 3-25-1924 12-5-2003 (added per obituary), P: Joe Merriott and Lillie Holmes

Middleton, Lola G. 6-8-1884 5-20-1906

Middleton, Dr. James Adolphus 11-27-1874 8-29-1910, Woodsman of the World marker, Sp: Annie A. Roper on 3-5-1908

Milam, Clarence A. 10-23-1893 9-18-1966, ARK PVT CO. H. 67th INF. WWI

Milam, Inf. Girl 3-19-1968 3-19-1968, P: Dave Johnson and Esther Milam

Millard, Clarence E. 5-3-1924 4-7-1971, P: Roy A. Millard and Aleta Hamilton

Millard, Clyde W. 1903 1986

Millard, Mary Leola 1908 1988, P: Joseph Hamilton and Florence Bruce

Miller, Rosa Lee 11-16-1954 1-15-1955, P: Elmo Miller and Juanita Richardson

Miller, Elmo 12-14-1928 1-14-1980, P: Andrew Miller and Lena Phillips

Miller, Juanita 7-20-1930 1-14-1980, P: Houston Richardson and Pearl Breshears

Miller, Roy F 8-10-1950 11-1-2003 US Army Vietnam, P: Elmo Miller and Juanita Richardson, Sp: Cindy_______

Miller, Bradley M. 7-16-1966 9-13-1968, P: Charles Miller and Loraine Miller

Milliner, Joseph 2-8-1856 3-11-1937, P: David Milliner and Elizabeth Lindsey, (m: 12-2-1847 Saline Co., AR), Sp: Elizabeth McCoy [McCauley per a descendant--note from Patti Hays]

Milliner, Elizabeth 2-14-1856 3-18-1939, P: Andrew McCoy [McCauley per a descendant] and Carolina White

Montano, Rocco 1896 1973

Montano, Maggie Belle   1919 1991 1

Moore, Leo 10-30-1930 3-23-1952, ARK CPL 279th GEN HOSP, P: Harley Moore and Rena Graves

Moran, Janet Rae 6-21-1946 7-18-1998, P: Sherman Buttrum and Hallie Rooks, Sp: Silas Moran

Morman, Frederich H., Jr.   4-13-1930 8-28-1966, OREGON CWO US ARMY, P: Frederick Morman and Elizabeth Black

Morman, Gertrude Elisabeth Black 5-10-1901 1-6-1988, P: Ferinand Black and Maude Kavanaugh, Sp: Frederick Morman

Morris, Lloyd 1929 1959, P: Warren Morris and Eva Davidson, Sp: Ella Mae _____

Morris, David T. 9-2-1909 Living, Sp: Ruby Murders on 11-18-1939

Morris, Ruby J. 5-28-1923 3-4-1972, P: Frank Murders and Rosalay Adams

Morris, Martin 1907 1978, P: Chesley Morris and Laura Keener, Sp: Winnie Neal on 6-15-1935

Morris, Winnie 01/20/1916-01/12/2009; parents Vander Neal and Carrie Smith    [added by Debra Slater from obituary]

Morris, Winfred 1937 Living

Murders, Otis 11-16-1908 5-23-1979, P: John Murders and Nancy Ellen Caldwell, Sp: 1st Mary Jane Richardson on 3-9-1929, 2nd Ethel Fisher Cogburn

Murders, Ethel 6-7-1908 1-3-1998

Murders, Mary Jane 1908 1957, P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher, Sp: Otis Murders on 3-9-1929

Murders, Frank Fate 1885 1963, P: John Murders and Tempa Wright, Sp: Rosalay Adams
    Murders, Rosalay 1888 8-3-1973, P: Tillman Adams and Samantha Blocker

Murders, Mary Saphronia 4-5-1884 1-10-1924, P: Edward Halsell and Virginia Wheeler, Sp: Joseph Murders

Murders, Mamie 2-2-1907 9-16-1908

Murders, John 1851 1937, P: Samuel L. Murders and Harriett Cearley, Sp: Tempy Ann Wright

Murders, Tempa 1861 1936

Murders, Infant Son of Y and Saphronia  5-22-1903 5-22-1903

Murders, John W. F. 1-11-1875 12-8-1909, Sp: Nancy Ellen Caldwell on 4-7-1901 (she remarried to Green Fisher)

Murders, Jesse 10-19-1850 8-30-1930, P: Samuel Murders and Harriett Cearley, Sp: 1st Mary Elizabeth Haskins, 2nd Rhoda Haskins on 3-27-1884

Murders, Elizabeth 5-2-1848 9-7-1883, Sp: Jesse Murders

Murders, Lonnie 1907 1910

Murders, Liza 1880 1974, P: William Riley and Radie Gray, Sp: Daniel Murders

Murders, James (A-69) no dates

Murders, Shard L. 4-3-1902 7-7-1996, P: John W. Murders and Nancy Ellen Caldwell, Sp: Susie E. Johnson on 6-28-1925

Zelma Doris Head on 9-14-1990

Murders, Susie J. 11-15-1904 7-21-1977, P: Hugh (Jehu) Johnson and Susan Ellen Merriott

Murders, Clyde 7-15-1922 9-19-1990, PVT US ARMY WWII, P: Tillman Murders and Millie Bolton

Murders, Marvin 11-5-1926 7-6-1989

Murders, George 1891 1965, P: John Murders and Tempie Wright, Sp: Amanda Godwin on 11-23-1913

Murders, Mandy 1894 1973, P: Charles Godwin and Amanda Meredith

Murders, Shawn 1-6-1973 1-6-1973, P: Lloyd T. Murders and Terry Toulbee

Murders, Cecil 1918 1973, P: Daniel Murders and Liza Riley

Murders, Justin 1985 1985, P: Steve Hock and Patty Murders

Muse, Sousin V. 9-28-1887 9-10-1888, (slate rock), P: Peter Glen Muse and Elizabeth A. Meredith

Muse, Baby 4-9-1913 4-14-1913

Muse, Artamissa 3-13-1859 1-29-1918, P: John T. Meredith and Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Sp: Peter Glenn Muse

Muse, Peter Glenn 11-19-1856 7-6-1941, P: Jesse Arnold Muse and Mary Louisa Hilton

Muse, Lillian (A-156 no dates), P: Archibald Muse and Martha Brown

Muse, Roebuck 12-24-1890 10-29-1957, P: Peter Glen Muse and Elizabeth A. Meredith, Sp: Louisa Graves on 12-25-1910

Muse, Louisa E. 6-4-1892 6-18-1980, P: Albert Graves and _______

Muse, Raymond 12-26-1911 11-1-1969, P: Roebuck Muse and Louisa Graves, Sp: Ruth Miles on 10-28-1940

Muse, Louvicy Matilda Jane Ratliff 7-30-1883 10-5-1905, Sp: William Jasper Muse (buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery)

Muse, Lizzie 1-30-1862 12-23-1928, Sp: Jasper Muse, P: John Lillard

Muse, S. Jasper 2-11-1851 9-29-1930, P: Jesse Arnold Muse and Mary Louisa Hilton, Sp: Lizzie Mary Lillard

Muse, Mary Louisa 1-13-1829 5-22-1904, P: Wade Hampton Hilton and Elizabeth _______, Sp: Jesse Arnold Muse on 8-8-1848

Muse, Jesse A. 10-7-1824 12-10-1900, *born Moore Co., NC and brother to Archibald Muse

Muse, Caul H. 9-12-1849 11-8-1889, (Carl (?) Hopkins Muse), P: Jesse Arnold Muse and Mary Louisa Hilton, Sp: Nancy Jane Thompson

Muse, Nancy Jane 8-20-1851 3-11-1884

Muse, George E. 3-4-1884 9-20-1966, P: Caul Muse and Nancy Thompson, Sp: Bertha Lay on 1-17-1909

Muse, Bertha B. 3-2-1890 9-11-1981, P: Jesse Lay and Julie Ann Duncan

Muse, Martha 1845 3-21-1891, Sp: 2nd wife of Archibald Muse

Muse, Archibald 1817 (b. NC) 1-30-1888, Sp: 1st. Sarah Jane Hilton on 7-2-1846, 2nd Martha Brown

Nation, Brenda B. 3-22-1951 3-22-1951

Nation, Nina Lee Blocker    08/22/1925-11/16/2009; parents: John and Minie Spears Blocker; spouse: Ervin Nation    [added by pvh from obituary]

Neal, Jesse 6-10-1890 12-9-1960, P: Jacob Neal and Nancy Bird, Sp: Ada Robbins on 10-25-1908

Neal, Ada 8-6-1890 6-14-1953, P: Samuel Robbins and Rosa Lee Robinson

Neal, Ola B. 1913 9-23-1995

Neal, Isaac 7-9-1878 6-5-1935, Sp: Marlenia Ray

Neal, Marlenia 12-11-1879 11-20-1966

Neal, Peter (B-84) no dates

Neal, Grover 1909 1977, PVT US ARMY WWII, P: Isaac Neal and Marlenia Lay

Neal, Oda 2-7-1902 7-24-1979, P: Isaac Neal and Marlenia Ray, Sp: Bertha Johnson on 10-19-1939

Neal, Bertha 5-24-1918 3-10-1984, P: Joseph Johnson and Ellen Herron

Neal, Isaac 9-21-1821 6-14-1895

Neal, Jacob (A-88) no dates

Neal, James R. 8-31-1903 3-25-1904, Son of Isaac G. and S. L. Neal

Neal, Josie S. 10-30-1888 8-13-1895, P: Bart and Elizabeth Neal

Neal, Bart 5-25-1848 2-8-1921

Neal, Elizabeth 8-20-1849 6-11-1914, Wife of Bart Neal

Neal, Sarah J. 10-8-1877 11-5-1926, P: Bart and Elizabeth Neal

Neal, Lydia T. 12-11-1881 11-4-1928, P: Bart and Elizabeth Neal

Neal, Robert 3-11-1917 7-9-1995

Neal, Katie Louisa 11-8-1919 10-17-2002 (added per obituary), P: John Calvin Graves and Edna Earl Murders, Sp: Robert Neal

Neel, Emma E. 1-1-1866 12-1-1945, P: Jack McEarl and Martha Vogels, Sp: John M. Neel

Neel, John M. 9-8-1857 3-10-1932

Neel, Charles Evelyn 5-18-1893 2-2-1975, P: John M. Neel and Emma McEarl

Neighbors, Joyce B. 1-28-1940 6-20-2001, (added per obituary), P: John Franklin Breshears and Mary Lucille Spears, Sp: Louis Neighbors

Newby, Kara Nicole 11-18-1979 9-22-1995

Newingham, Matthew Joseph 6-27-1978 9-22-1996

Newton, Joel G. 2-17-1878 12-5-1953, TEXAS CPL CO L 26 INF REGM WWI

Nichols, William H. 1942 Living, Married 3-11-1962

Nichols, Doris M. 1946 Living

Nichols, Ernest "Buddy" 8-6-1920 4-27-1998, Sp: Zena Burgess on 11-13-1940

Nichols, Zena 3-20-1920 Living

Nichols, Ruby 9-1-1910 11-20-1929, P: Verlie Nichols and Mary Lamb

Nichols, Mary Wilson 3-26-1902 7-7-1963, P: John Wilson and Leddie Lay

Nichols, Ruth 3-9-1912 11-12-1912

Nichols, Inf. 12-3-1908 12-3-1908

Niles, Leland G. 10-2-1897 3-20-1977, Major US ARMY WWI-WWII, P: John T. Niles and Leila Sarah Rusch, Sp: Frances Poe

Nobles, Odis A. 3-25-1928 7-31-1992

Norris, Edward R T   09/11/1935-12/06/2000   US Army

Nowlin, Nobel A. 1904 1972

O’Brien, Helen Jamison 10-18-1902 3-10-1976

Oliver, John 3-29-1877 5-5-1937, Sp: Sarah Nobles on 8-28-1898

Oliver, E. T. 5-7-1832 3-4-1892

Opperman, Beach 7-28-1904 1-27-1963

Opperman, Mary Dickson 1-2-1907 2-10-1985, P: Eli Dickson and Lula Doss

Outler, Tommy R. 4-13-1943 11-14-1996, P: Willie Outler and Pearl Hammonds, Sp: Shirley Rice

Outler, Burlin Dempsey 12-26-1929 4-17-1969, P: Willie Outler and Pearl Hammonds, Sp: Ruby Mae Priddy

Outler, Willie R. 11-6-1899 12-2-1956, P: John W. Outler and Sibbia Snodgrass, Sp: Pearl Hammond on 12-15-1928

Outler, Pearl 12-18-1907 11-7-1999, P: Michael C. Hammond and Susan Keener

Outler, John Alva 12-1-1836 7-7-1914, Sp: Katherine Moore

Outler, Inf. 1914 1914, P: Daniel G. Outler and Rosetta E. Speer

Outler, Rosetta E. 2-7-1879 3-7-1917, P: John L. Speer and Docie Liza Reynolds, Sp: Daniel G. Outler on 6-2-1899

Palmer, Susan E. 2-24-1952 12-10-1980, P: Richard Taylor and Triba Jones, Sp: James Palmer

Palmer, Gregory Lee 9-24-1972 9-24-1972, P: Argus Palmer and Velma Edwards

Palmer, Lloyd W. 8-27-1956 10-25-1957, P: Argus Palmer and Velma Edwards

Palmer, Argus D. 10-18-1920 12-13-2002 (added per obituary)

Partain, Burl Clifford    04/16/1926-12/14/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]

Partain, Elmer H. 8-12-1896 6-1-1954, P: Moses Partain and ______, Sp: Cora Hammond on 4-13-1919

Partain, Cora L. 3-3-1896 11-11-1948, P: Michael Columbus Hammond and Susan Keener

Partain, Emma Jean 7-1-1924 5-5-1988, P: John Elmer Dickson and Flossie E. Terry

Partain, Floyd M. 5-22-1903 11-8-1994, P: Moses Partain and Millie Ratliff, Sp: Verdie Hammond on 12-4-1924

Partain, Verdie M. 11-30-1906 3-20-1986, P: Edmond Dill Hammond and Carolyn Bell Kinsey

Pate, Johnnie Emerson 8-7-1934 8-16-2000, (added per obituary), P: Arnold E. Pate and Savanna Murders, Sp: Jewell Katherine______

Pate, Jewell Katherine 6-24-1942 Living

Pate, Arnold 1892 1973, P: Zack Pate and Mary Lanier, Sp: Savannah Murders on 9-25-1921

Pate, Savannah   1903 1991,   P: John Murders and Nancy Ellen Caldwell

Pate, Clyde Lee 2-22-1901 7-26-1978, P: James H. Pate and Ella Ida Jones, Sp: Faye Simpson on 3-12-1922

Pate, Faye Simpson 1904 1-26-1934

Pate, Henry 10-4-1877 7-17-1947, P: Rufus Pate and Mary Jones, Sp: Nora McBee

Pate, Nora 3-6-1887 4-1-1970, P: Wm. A. and Josephine McBee

Pate, James A. 4-8-1865 8-4-1931, P: Rufus Pate and Mary Jones

Pate, Jimmy Randal, Jr. 2-14-1982 2-14-1982, P: Jimmy R. Pate, Sr. and Brenda Smith

Pate, Emery Z. 2-27-1929 9-2-1992
    Pate, Norma J. 7-27-1941 4-29-2003  P: Leon Walters and Ocie Powell

Pate, Mandy (A-134) no dates

Pate, Mary L. 1857 1932, Sp: Zachery H. Pate on 2-3-1882

Pate, Zachery H. 1856 1900, Sp: 1st Martha Jane Phillips, 2nd Mary L. Lanier

Pate, Martha Jane no dates, P: Zachariah Phillips and Nancy Piolet, Sp: Zachery H. Pate

Pate, Johnnie Emerson   08/07/1934-08/16/2000   SP3 US Army  double with Jewell Katherine

Paul, Edward 5-20-1935 11-14-1986

Paul, Pamela Yvonne 8-12-1957 Living

Paull, Stephanie Joan    03-13-1990 11-06-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Petty, Jackie C. 3-3-1924 10-8-1981

Petty, Geneva O. Phillips 10-6-1925 Living

Phelps, Jeanice E. 3-30-1940 1-19-1993

Phillips, Marion 3-17-1899 7-9-1989, P: James Phillips and Emily Arminda Blocker, Sp: Mattie Caldwell on 6-4-1922

Phillips, Mattie E. 9-13-1903 2-28-1994, P: Ellison Caldwell and Etha Murders

Phillips, Luther C. 1890 1969, P: James Phillips and Emily Arminda Blocker, Sp: Janie Miller on 10-21-1907

Phillips, Janie N. 1891 1965, P: Robert Miller and Elizabeth Graves

Phillips, Robert L. 5-2-1902 4-3-1971, P: James Phillips and Emily Arminda Blocker

Phillips, Louis W. 3-10-1922 5-15-1967

Phillips, Mitchell 8-7-1894 7-18-1968, P: James Phillips and Emily Arminda Blocker, Sp: Ovie Graves on 5-6-1921

Phillips, Ovie 2-1-1904 8-14-1990, P: John C. Graves and Edna Earl Murders

Phillips, J. H. no dates

Phillips, Zacharia 11-2-1855 9-3-1905, P: James M. Phillips and Mary Jane Speer, Sp: Bertha Echols on 10-27-1893

Phillips, Baby 12-24-1903 1-6-1904, P: Zacharia Phillips and Bertha Echols

Phillips, O. T. 2-7-1909 8-31-1999, (added per obituary) 1

Phillips, Bobbie G. 7-15-1932 3-27-2001, US Army Korea, P: Robert Phillips and Sadie Bird, Sp: Frances_________

Posey, Grady E. 4-6-1928 10-20-1972, Arkansas PFC Army Air Forces WWII, P: Odie Posey and____, Sp: Sylvia Partain
    Posey, Sylvia Elizabeth Partain 6-29-1930 11-5-1998

Powell, Edward David 07-31-1915 (Columbus, NE) - 01-14-1995 (North Little Rock, AR) [added by Patti Vance Hays from obituary] 1

Powers, Edward D. 7-31-1915 1-14-1995

Powers, Bonnie B. 7-7-1929 6-19-1993

Powers, Troy W. "Jack" 1901 1940, Sp: Madge Fowler on 6-11-1930

Powers, Madge 1909 1937, P: David Fowler and Laura Jamison

Pratt, David E. 06/22/1933-10/17/1975  T/Sgt US Air Force Korea Vietnam
    Pratt, Rita S. 1927 1975

Ragsdale, Jarrett H. 9-4-1919 10-27-1987, S 1 US Navy WWII, P: James Ragsdale and Melissa Cockman

Ragsdale, Esther L. 1925 5-4-1992, (Caruth Funeral Home marker age 67 years), P: Preston Cruey and Laura Howerton

Ragsdale, Shirley Ann b. d. 10-30-1943, P: Jarrett Ragsdale and Esther Lavern Cruey

Ragsdale, Baby no dates

Ragsdale, Doyle Wayne 10-2-1941 7-17-1942, P: Vincent Ragsdale and Lois Terry

Ragsdale, Vincent Lee 4-9-1912 6-28-1950, P: Charles Edward Ragsdale and Lurley Cockman, Sp: Lois Terry

Ragsdale, Lance Charles 1-26-1913 12-1959, P: Charles Edward Ragsdale and Lurley Cockman

Ragsdale, Charles Edward 1887 1964, P: Jarrett Milton Ragsdale and Nancy Caroline Green, Sp: Lurley B. Cockman on 10-4-1910

Minnie O. Wilson on 9-24-1938

Ragsdale, Lurley Bell 10-4-1892 10-21-1937, P: Sampson Cockman and Lorainia Hogue

Ragsdale Minnie O. 4-15-1892 2-20-1982, P: John Speers and Doshia Reynolds

Ragsdale, Clementine B. 3-25-1920 1-9-1990, 1st Lt. US Army WWII, Sp: Walter Edward "Dude" Ragsdale, *given by Roberta Wallace Tyler, TX.

Ragsdale, Minnie 8-11-1890 5-222-1976, P: Andy Neighbors and Doshia Smith, Sp: George Ragsdale on 6-27-1909

Ragsdale, George W. 5-13-1886 5-22-1948, P: Jarrett Milton Ragsdale and Nancy Caroline Green, Sp: Minnie Neighbors

Ragsdale, Walter E   06/19/1919-08/16/2000   Sgt US Army WWII

Ragsdale, C. no dates

Ragsdale, L. no dates

Reeves, Dessie Keene 11-8-1925 4-25-1990, (double marker w/ Hugh Edwin Keene), P: Wm. A. Woods and Gertie Jennings, Sp: 1st Hugh Keene, 2nd Archie Reeves

Rhodes, Betty L. 10-17-1941 8-13-1951, P: Paul Rhodes and Bessie Ragsdale

Rhodes, Dusty (Dustin) 11-26-1971 4-26-1976, P: Donald Rhodes and Marguerite Hughes

Rhodes, Donald L. III 2-9-1989 8-16-1997, P: Donald Rhodes Jr. and Vicki Blake

Richardson, Arthur 9-8-1914 6-27-1980, P: James Richardson and Rebecca Speer, Sp: Elene Noles on 9-22-1917

Richardson, Elene 4-20-1928 7-18-2002 (added per obituary), P: Lee Roy Noles and Dixie Corene Rattlif

Richardson, Muriel Burgess 4-9-1912 5-14-1992, Sp: Lavell Richardson on 8-2-1941

Richardson, Joe H. 2-15-1917 6-21-1988, P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher, Sp: Etta Ward on 12-26-1939
    Richardson, Etta L. 5-4-1920 Living

Richardson, Huston   04/18/1942-04/03/2006

Richardson, R. V. 9-9-1939 2-25-1981, P: John Richardson and Elsie Fisher

Richardson, John W. 3-12-1916 10-8-1968, P: James Richardson and Rebecca Speer, Sp: Elsie Fisher on 1-23-1938

Richardson, Margaret (A-113), P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher

Richardson, Bessie (A-114), P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher

Richardson, Wallace P. (A-115), Sp: Lucy Meeks on 11-23-1930

Richardson, Lucy (A-116)

Richardson, Jake (A-117)

Richardson, Jessie 9-15-1931 12-25-1998

Richardson, Sarah E. 3-29-1840 4-13-1900

Richardson, Mint (A-118)

Richardson, Houston (A-119)

Richardson, George (A-120)

Richardson, Johnie (A-121)

Richardson, Elizabeth (A-122)

Richardson, Valla (A-123)

Richardson, Carol J. 10-2-1943 1-6-2002,  P: James Triplett and Helen Dolan, Sp: Billy R. Richardson

Richardson, Billy Joe   11/14/1940-5/10/2004, double with Kathy M (still Living)

Ridley, Douglas Jack   1934 1995, US. Army 1

Ridley, Hazel E. 4-19-1908 8-12-1981, P: Z. J. Ralls and Jennie Blanton, Sp: William Edward Riley

Ridley, William E. 2-3-1904 8-29-1976, P: George and Lillian Ridley

Riley, Thomas J. 1820 1879

Riley, Thomas David 6-27-1874 9-10-1928

Riley, Grady W. 1917 1979, (Gross Funeral home marker), P: Thomas David Riley and Victoria Harp, Sp: Trudy Sorrells on 6-15-1940

Riley, Clarence Vernon 5-23-1925 4-1-1979, Pvt. US Army WWII, P: Thomas David Riley and Victoria Harp

Riley, Vola Graves 5-2-1908 9-2-1982, P: Gilliam Graves and Amanda Blocker, Sp: 1st George Dozier 7-11-1928, 2nd J. C. Riley

Ritter, C. A. slate rock, ( Cornelius Ritter b. 1858 d. 8-12-1929 son of John Ritter)

Ritter, T. H. slate rock, (d. 1-30-1923)

Ritter, Nettie (C-4), (daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ritter)

Robbins, Dennie Roger II 6-10-1969 6-24-1969, P: Dennie Roger Robbins and Linda Teague

Robertson, William Edward b.d 6-15-1947, P: Lloyd Robertson and Martha Juanita Wells

Robertson, Tom 8-30-1916 12-27-1993, Sp: Lois Minton on 4-7-1937

Robertson, Stephen D. 12-21-1973 6-4-1975, P: Delmer Robertson and Wilma Caldwell

Robertson, Ricky Duane 4-9-1962 7-17-1963, P: Delmer Robertson and Wilma Caldwell

Robertson, George 1904 1935

Robertson, Neal 5-5-1870 5-2-1925

Robertson, Viola 4-7-1878 1-20-1957

Robertson, J. Frank 3-20-1914 5-16-1970, P: David Robertson and Julia Minton

Robertson, D. Alene   05-15-1920 01-22-1995 1

Robertson, Kenny    01/11/1957-10/10/2010;    P: Frank Robertson and Alene Qualls    [added by pvh from obituary]

Roper, Eugene 6-4-1890 3-7-1906, P: Atison and Mary Roper

Roper, Atison 5-17-1850 4-9-1899

Rorie, Mary A. Smith 5-1-1900 5-20-1972, P: Marion Smith and Belle Standridge, Sp: Dudley B. Rorie ( died 4-16-1986 buried at Oakgrove Cem.)

Rorie, Melissa P. 11-6-1906 7-8-1989, P: Jimmy Gray and Victoria Middleton

Ross, Jeese Joe 1940 1993

Ross, Georgia 1941 Living

Savall, Alia Myrtie 12-1-1923 12-13-1998, Sp: Daniel Savalle

Savall, Vell 6-6-1923 3-16-1924, P: James Savall and Leatha Jane Graves

Savall, James Monroe 11-15-1893 5-29-1981, P: John and Margaret Savall, Sp: Leatha Graves on 6-10-1917

Savall, Leatha Jane 1-2-1896 4-2-1979, P: Albert Graves and Martha J. Kelley

Savall, Vernice 11-27-1942 6-23-1943, P: Daniel Savall and Alia Fisher

Scacewater, Claudia Short 1910 1941, P: James J. Short and Annie Short, Sp: Jack Scacewater

Scoggins, Joseph Luther 10-15-1914 6-17-1979, US Army WWII, P: George Scoggins and Mary Gordon

Scoggins, Elmer O. 9-15-1908 Living

Scoggins, Bessie Lee 1-21-1919 10-24-1984

Sharp, Andrew S 8-1-1902 6-15-1998, Sp: Eva Murders

Sharp, Eva (Murders)   01-20-1909 11-25-1991 1

Sharp, Ruby D. 6-3-1927 1-6-1969

Sharp, George Washington 11-9-1857 1908, P: Henry Sharp and Elizabeth Cooper, Sp: 1st Sarah Poore on 8-27-1876, 2nd Mary Speer Hawkins on 10-22-1899

Sharp, James Kenneth   02/10/1946-07/13/2004

Sharp, Sarah Poore 1850 6-15-1889, P: Christopher Poore and Sarah Snodderly

Sharp, Emerson E. 1-16-1867 5-6-1913

Shaw, Tommy L. 10-9-1903 7-11-1984, P: Nathan Shaw and Ellen Merriot, Sp: Lela Graves on 9-26-1924

Shaw, Lela C. 10-12-1901 4-9-1993, P: John Calvin Graves and Edna Earl Murders

Short, Robert 11-16-1900 9-7-1982, P: William Short and Melanie Davis, Sp: Elsie Wallace
    Short, Elsie Elizabeth 8-20-1905 8-12-2000

Short, J. Andrew 8-13-1903 4-18-1975, P: William Short and Melanie Davis, Sp: Pauline Finley on 12-13-1930
    Short, Pauline F. 11-14-1908 12-13-1973, P: Joe Finley and Della Clark

Short, Louis Mack 8-4-1908 6-15-1944, P: James J. Short and Annie Short

Short, J. C. 11-1-1920 9-10-1998

Short, Claudia H. 1-12-1896 7-6-1990

Short, Enous M. 10-29-1888 9-25-1962, Ark. Pvt. Co. G. 161 Inf. WWI, P: Robert Short and Cynthia Brown, Sp: Evelyn M. Keller on 10-5-1919

Short, Richard Ben 1880 1956, P: Robert Short and Cynthia Brown, Sp: Flossie Terry on 10-28-1914

Short, Cynthia Brown 1857 1917, (Gross Funeral Home marker)

Short, Anna 1880 1924, Sp: James J. Short

Short, James Joseph 1880 1954, P: Roberts Short and Cynthia Brown

Short, William F. 12-19-1875 11-4-1945, P: Robert Short and Cynthia Brown, Sp: Melanie Davis
    Short, Melenee 1-12-1874 3-18-1909

Short, Fay b.d. 1-26-1934

Short, Baby no dates

Shuffield, Geneva Snider Wood  04-17-1930 07-31-2011, P. Elmer Snider and Vera Ellett; Sp: J. T. Wood and Ray Shuffield    [added from obituary]

Simpson, Jesse D. 2-7-1900 3-21-1982, P: Orvel Simpson and Ellen Short, Sp: Alma Pate on 1-13-1926

Simpson, Floy 11-30-1921 12-30-1937, P: Floyd Simpson and Claudia Hardin

Simpson, Roger B. 3-17-1910 3-4-1963, Ark. Pvt. 38th Base HQ and AB Squad AAF WWII, P: Orvel Simpson and Ellen Short, Sp: Bertha Johnson on 4-22-1935

Simpson, Arliss Marvin 11-25-1925 2-10-1969, P: Floyd Simpson and Ophelia Pate

Simpson, Frances M. 11-9-1929 Living

Simpson, Floyd P. 3-7-1897 1-14-1957, P: Orvel Simpson and Ellen Short, Sp: 1st Claudia Hardin, 2nd Ophelia Pate on 4-17-1923
    Simpson, Ophelia A. 9-18-1905 9-28-1997

Simpson, Donald Ray 11-24-1946 12-3-1946, P: Floyd Simpson and Ophelia Pate

Simpson, Johnny 5-23-1940 6-6-1940, P: Floyd Simpson and Ophelia Pate

Simpson, Clee 9-6-1867 10-3-1930, P: Sam Simpson and Louisa Kirkendoll, Sp: Mary C. Long on 11-17-1889

Simpson, Orvel L 7-15-1870 2-11-1944, P: Sam Simpson and Louisa Kirkendoll, Sp: Ellen Short

Simpson, Ellen Lydia 1-26-1877 6-9-1935, P: Robert Short and Cynthia Brown; spouse:  Orvel Simpson

Simpson, Earlie b.d. 1893

Simpson, Agnes J. 1925 1946, P: Leroy Thompson and Mattie Towing

Simpson, Mickey F   01/08/1945-04/24/2001   AB US Air Force

Skinner, Bruce Neil   11/08/1954-03/29/1998

Small, Vada M. 3-27-1913 3-23-1940

Smallwood, Ernest E. 9-16-1925 4-1-1977, PFC US Army WWII, P: Pete Smallwood and Bertha Riley

Smith, John Curtis 6-8-1895 10-7-1970, Pvt. US Army WWI

Smith, Roy 1-24-1908 8-17-1910

Smith, Lurena 3-24-1880 8-1-1899

Smith, Baby no dates, (child of John Golden Smith and Clarinda Hawkins)

Smith Baby no dates, (child of John Golden Smith and Clarinda Hawkins)

Smith, Baby no dates, (child of John Golden Smith and Clarinda Hawkins)

Smith, Bertha (B-34)

Smith, John Golden 2-9-1852 7-15-1922

Smith, Clarinda Hawkins 2-17-1856 1-27-1914

Smith, Homer 9-14-1903 3-18-1994 1

Smith, Laurel Speer 11-14-1909 11-25-1998, Sp: Homer Smith

Smith, Marvin Eric 2-14-1947 5-30-1990, P: John Vernon Smith and Erma Dunn

Smith, Barbara L. 9-17-1951 Living

Smith, Nellie Virginia 1-24-1915 12-27-1987, P: Charles Halsell and Effie Noles

Smith, Flora Keller 10-27-1875 10-16-1956, P: Henry Coleman and Dora Dickson, Sp: 1st E. F. Keller

Sorrell, Joseph Edward 25-1899 4-19-1972, P: Jesse Edward Sorrell and Allie Mae Hawthorne

Sorrell, Opal A. 5-17-1910 10-7-1994, Sp: Joseph Edward Sorrell

Speer, Virgil 2-28-1877 7-25-1958, P: Samuel Speer and Johnnie E. Johns, Sp: Vianner Rosetta Muse on 3-14-1898

Speer, Anner Rosetta 3-4-1880 3-14-1933, P: Caul Muse and Nancy Thompson

Speer, Samuel Jefferson 11-9-1848 3-22-1933, P: John Speer and Sarah Mason, Sp: Johnnie Evelyn Johns

Speer, Johnnie Evelyn 3-24-1858 3-7-1957, P: John B. Johns and Maretta Evans, Sp: Samuel J. Speer

Speer, Rev. Ollie Homer 12-9-1898 9-21-1972, P: Virgil Speer and Anner Muse, Sp: Katie Graves on 7-12-1917

Speer, Katie 2-14-1900 6-13-1982, P: Gilliam Graves and Amanda Blocker

Speer, Hazel Inez 5-30-1919 8-9-1919, P: Ollie Homer Speer and Katie Graves

Speer, Curthbert 6-28-1921 8-2-1923, P: Ollie Homer Speer and Katie Graves

Speer, Elwood 4-11-1923 8-2-1923, P: Ollie Homer Speer and Katie Graves

Speer, Hiawatha 8-14-1932 8-24-1933, P: Ollie Homer Speer and Katie Graves

Speer, Aubory Ray 1-27-1935 8-16-1938, P: Ollie Homer Speer and Katie Graves

Speer, Amanda Slate rock

Speer, Beckie Slate rock, (Sarah Rebecca Herron wife of John Speer)

Speer, Carter 12-8-1867 3-4-1908, P: John Speer and Sarah Rebecca Herron, Sp: Sarah Castleberry

Speer, T. H. no date

Speer, Thomas (A-182)

Speer, Samantha (A-186)

Speer, Infant (A-187)

Stamper, David 3-10-1904 10-11-1976, P: Robert Stamper and Fannie Dunn, Sp: Iva V. Sanders

Stamper, Iva Velma 10-1-1907 6-1-1979, P: Joshua Sanders and Cordelia Haynes

Stanley, Newton 2-2-1894 7-12-1980, US Army WWI, Sp: Orlean Neel

Stanley, Orlean Neal 1-13-1896 11-20-1982, P: John Neel and Emma McEarl

Stevig, Carol 1945 1984, (Funeral home marker)

Stewart, Clarence A. 1904 1987, (funeral home marker, cremation), P: John R. Stewart and Mary Roberts

Stooksberry, Henry S. 9-10-1867 8-27-1898, P: John Stooksberry and Sarah Sharp

Stooksberry, Henry J. 10-1-1898 2-16-1918, P: Henry S. Stooksberry

Surrett, W. P. 11-7-1876 1-30-1909

Surrett, Willie 4-1-1906 7-3-1935

Talent, John W. 2-26-1903 1-9-1971, P: John W. Talent and Sarah Caudle

Talent, Helen M. 1921 09-02-2004    [date of death from obituary] 1

Taylor, Pauline   04/20/1925-08/02/1998

Taylor, Virginia 12-24-1935 10-4-1993

Taylor, Richard Earl 3-6-1931 4-20-1983, Pvt. US Army Korea, P: A. U. Taylor and Essie M. Marsh

Terry, Mary 1848 10-18-1933

Terry, J. Leroy 1917 - 2002, Sp: Ruby Hyde on 6-2-1942    [dod added by pvh]

Terry, Ruby N. 09/02/1922 - 10/08/2010    [dates from obituary - added by pvh]

Terry, Infant Daughter 1892 1893, Age 1 yr. 6 mo. and 7 da., P: Orten Hammer Terry and Edna Oliver

Terry, Orten Hammer 1868 1947, P: Joseph Terry and Penelope Nobles, Sp: 1st Edna Oliver on 10-3-1886, 2nd Maude Smith on 11-23-1936

Terry, Edna Cora 8-7-1869 1-12-1930

Terry, Finnie E. 1901 1930, P: Orten Hammer Terry and Edna Oliver

Terry, Clarence Thurston 1908 1938, P: Orten Hammer Terry and Edna Oliver

Terry, Joe N. 1891 1981, P: Nathan Terry and Lottie Rawson, Sp: Hattie Wright on 8-19-1916

Terry, Hattie M. 1895 1983, P: Columbus Wright and Sarah Glover

Teska, Paul E. 5-10-1882 5-10-1960, Ohio Cpl 3rd Balloon Sq. Air SBC WWI, P: John and Emma Teska

Teska, Nellie Louise 10-8-1897 11-7-1966, P: Jarrett M. Ragsdale and Nancy Caroline Green

Thornton, Thomas Forest 6-17-1877 4-30-1913, P: Freland Thornton and Mary Angeline Blackstock, SP; Ada Roper

Thornton, Freland L. 5-23-1848 3-3-1927, P: Thomas Pinckney Thornton and Mary Louisa Nuckolls, Sp: Mary Angeline Blackstock on 12-29-1869

Thornton, Mary A. 11-6-1846 4-23-1915, P: Richard Blackstock and Cornelia Whitsett

Thornton, Thomas Pinckney 1818 1900, P: Thomas Thornton and Rebecca House, Sp: Mary Louisa Nuckolls

Thornton, Mary Lousia 1822 1903, P: James Nuckolls and Anne Burrus

Thornton, Anthony N. 10-5-1861 10-14-1892, P: Thomas Pinckney Thornton and Mary Louisa Nuckolls, Sp: Amanda Shepherd Johnson on 8-28-1892, (she remarried to Gabriel Bashaw)

Thornton, Mrs. A. N. (A-104), (Amanda Shepherd Johnson Thornton Bashaw)

Thornton, Robert Scott 123-1900 7-17-1917, P: Charles Thornton and Catherine Sharp

Tillery, Lewis Edward 3-17-1914 2-19-1983, P: Lewis Otto Tillery and Media Hulsey, Sp: Zelma Partain on 10-24-1937

Tillery, Selma Lorine 4-18-1920 7-5-1986

Troutt, Pearl 7-2-1903 4-2-1926, P: William Dozier and Beckie Ritter, Sp: C. E. Troutt

Turner, Amos Richard 3-3-1901 8-22-1963, P: Edward Turner and Cynthia Farmer, Sp: Thursie Garrett on 7-21-1931

Turner, Thursie Elizabeth 8-15-1914 9-26-1996, P: John Garrett and Louisa Coleman

Turner, Tommie 11-7-1944 3-23-2000,  P: Amos Turner and Thursie Garrett

Turner, Jeff 9-1-1893 8-4-1944, P: William Turner and Alice Lewis

Turner, Jerry Wayne 3-8-1953 2-23-1990, P: Edward Ray Turner and Magdalene McPike

Turner, Carolyn Ruth 1945 1-20-1995, (Caruth Funeral Home marker), Sp: Archie Lee Turner

Turner, Delbert Mando 1-8-1974 3-27-1975, P: Archie Lee Turner and Carolyn Long

Vawter, Jim (C-67)

Vickroy, Roy M. 12-22-1898 3-10-1975, P: David Vickroy and Nancy Peacock, Sp: Eva Hendrix Frank on 5-7-1942

Vickroy, Eva A. 09-20-1899 01-17-1999, P: William H. Hendrix and Mary Lucy Short 1

Victory, Nettie 4-19-1892 6-14-1899

Walling, Ethel 3-13-1900 9-29-1970

Walling, McRee 5-30-1923 4-7-2001, (added per obituary), P: Harley Moore and Rena Graves Bishop, Sp: Oscar Walling

Weaver, Aline Partain    05-01-1928 12-05-2013    P: Floyd and Verdie Partain    Sp: Gilbert Weaver    [added by pvh from obituary]

Wells, Martha Juanita 1931 1994

Wells, Iora May 4-17-1895 11-25-1958, P: Henry Shipp and Gertrude Harris, Sp: William Robert Wells

Wells, William Robert 3-28-1889 8-5-1940, Ark BM 1 US Navy WWI

Wheeler, Melissa 12-5-1894 2-27-1972, P: Joseph Milliner and Elizabeth McCoy [McCauley per a descendant--note from Patti Hays]

Whitacre, Gloria   10/17/1933-08/01/2005

White, James A. 1892 1964, (Gross Funeral home marker)

White, Mildred Short 3-06-1909 8-13-1957, Sp: James A. White

Williams, Murphy W. 8-24-1924 12-5-1978, US Air Force WWII, P: Walter Williams and Pearl Sanders, Sp: Ione Pearson

Williams, Iona A. 10-5-1930 10-20-1985, P: William Pearson and Alice Yates

Williams, Melvin M. 3-18-1906 4-21-1982, Sp: Lillie Sexton on 4-18-1929

Williams, Christopher C. 9-28-1910 11-19-1992, Sp: Mindy Richardson on 7-9-1932

Williams, Mindy 1-29-1915 7-10-1954, P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher

Wilson, Albert 9-18-1903 1-26-1971, P: Culley Wilson and Ruth Johnson

Wilson, Lawrence L. 10-28-1905 7-28-1976, P: Cully Wilson and Ruth Johnson

Wilson, Hazel Katie 7-2-1916 6-1-1993, Sp: Lawrence L. Wilson

Wilson, Frank R. 12-25-1944 10-25-1963, P: Lawrence and Hazel Katie Wilson

Wilson, C. R. 7-13-1873 6-16-1932, Sp: Ruth Ann Johnson on 9-29-1892

Wilson, Ruth Ann 6-12-1874 10-9-1949, P: Green Johnson and Susan Talley

Wilson, Samuel J. 7-13-1893 3-30-1931, P: Culley Wilson and Ruth Johnson

Wilson, Edd 1-24-1895 3-9-1926

Wilson, Silas E. 12-15-1897 1-29-1924, P: Culley Wilson and Ruth Johnson, Sp: Viola Cockman on 9-20-1916

Wilson, Thomas Henry 2-10-1895 4-12-1978, P: Tyree Wilson and Annie Minton, Sp: Nancy Eva Herron on 11-2-1917
    Wilson, Nancy Eva 8-27-1904 2-23-1987, P: James L. Herron and Elizabeth Kelly

Wilson, Alvis 1884 1971, P: Alford Wilson and Sarah Robbins, Sp: Weltha Sexton on 8-29-1911

Winkler, Dorset Preston 1913 1914

Winkler, Jeptha Grey 4-3-1861 3-14-1914, P: Thomas Winkler and Mary Wallace, Sp: Sarah F. Ragsdale
    Winkler, Sarah Francess 10-28-1884 2-9-1943, P: James M. Ragsdale and Nancy Caroline Green

Winkler, Vernon T. 3-7-1909 11-18-1982, P: Jeptha Gray Winkler and Sarah F. Ragsdale

Winkler, Theodore Dennis 1-20-1868 8-1-1933, P: Thomas Winkler and Mary Wallace

Winkler, Sidney W. 3-9-1863 4-10-1926

Winkler, Joseph I. 1-30-1895 10-10-1911, P: Thomas Winkler and Margaret Slaight

Winkler, Margaret 1-10-1851 12-31-1929, P: James Slaight, Sp: 2nd wife of Thomas Winkler

Womack, Elmer E. 11-13-1920 2-6-2001, (one stone shows 1920 and another 1919), Sp: Lucille Lockeby

Womack, M. Lucille 12-19-1923 5-19-1993

Wood, Gertie A. 9-20-1901 2-4-1974, P: John Jennings and Mary Birdsong

Wood, Elsie Pauline 12-22-1925 6-13-1994

Wright, Michael L. 1954 1977, P: Wm. W. Wright and Ruth Short

Wright, Ruth V. 1918 1995, Sp: William Wright on 3-24-1942

Wright, Noia "Edd" 1-12-1915 6-25-1970, P: Ralph Wright and Emma Settleman, Sp: Eva P._______on 11-2-1938

Wright, Eva P. 3-25-1920 - 10-31-2005

Wright, Michele Jean 11-6-1974 1-31-1975, P: Ronald Wright and Martha Minton

Wright, Ronald "Ronnie" II   11/28/1976-05/26/2004

Yates, Don B. 2-6-1953 11-12-2003 (added per obituary), P: Dock George Yates and Ona Mildred Jones, Sp: Kathyrn Marna ______

Added by Patti Vance Hays

Abbott, Mildred L. "Sally" Anderson    10/29/1957-06/25/2008    [from obituary]

Balisle, Eddie Don   01/24/1950-04/11/2008   [from obituary]

Breshears, Mary Lucille Spears   10/31/1917-05/20/2008   [from obituary]

Buttrum, Kathryn   age 79 at dth-11/05/2007

Cockman, Joe Melton   04/13/1943-04/30/2007

Couture, Paul   08/29/1940-09/22/2007

Easton, Donald W. "Don"    02/19/1939-04/25/2011

Edds, Joe    02/14/1924-02/01/2013    [from obituary]

Emison, James H   08/15/1958-02/24/2007

Fisher, Joe H   09/28/1927-03/16/2007

Fleenor, Willie James   06/15/1951-12/04/2007

Hamilton, Orbie Mae Rowell   05/12/1917-11/25/2007

Hartoon, Joshua   10/30/1983-05/27/2007

Johnson, Caleb Alexander    06/05/2008-06/05/2008    [from obituary]

Kelley, Essie   04/21/1925-04/21/2008   [from obituary]

King, Lucille Benton   01/11/1924-08/06/2007

Moon, Robbie Neal    09/13/1940-02/28/2009    [from obituary]

Norris, Lottie Marie Fisher    age 72-09/14/2013    [from obituary] 1

Palmer, Donald Ray "Picky Dog"   10/19/1962-02/29/2008

Spurlock, Lisa Jewel   04/25/1976-07/04/2007

Terry, Benjamin F., Sr.    01/28/1934-01/21/2013    [added by pvh per obituary] 1
P: Joe Terry and Hattie
Sp: Wilma Ward

Turner, Archie Lee, Sr.   01/24/1946-05/30/2007

Wood, James Anthony "Tony"   07/28/1959-01/03/2008

Ybarra, Treba J   02/21/1936-01/11/2007

New Mount Pleasant Cemetery

We are beginning to show burials to Mount Pleasant

Anderson, James Edwin (Pat) 05/28/1921-09/05/2004   married 12/15/1943
    Anderson, Clara Bee    05/17/1926-10/11/2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Bailey, Marvin    09/25/1942-06/16/2011; P; Dewey Bailey and Flora Barnett Bailey; Sp: Laverne Breshears    [added by pvh from obituary]

Ballard, Martha A. Graves   10/13/1936-11/01/2012        married 01/11/1957   [added by pvh] 1
Ballard, James V.    06/23/1935-10/12/2014    [dod added by pvh from obituary] 1

Bates, Velma    01/01/1944-05/08/2011; P: Harmon Bates and Bernadean Fisher Bates    [added by pvh from obituary]

Blocker, Harold R.    07/04/1932-05/14/2011; P: John Blocker and Minnie Speer Blocker    [added by pvh from obituary]

Breshears, Marlon D.    03/08/1958-04/28/2013; P: Frank Breshears and Mary Lucille Spears Breshears    [added by pvh from obtiuary]

Brown, Clarence J. 1-20-1925 10-2-1982, P: John Butler Brown and Mary Ellen Neighbors, Sp: Sybil ____ married 10-16-1944 (printed on stone)
    Brown, Syble E. 9-1-1924 03-21-2010; P: Martin Luther Meek and Sarah Frances "Sally" Meek; Sp: Clarence Joseph Brown    [dod from obituary]

Brown, Evelyn L.    01/21/1941-12/22/2010;    P: Mack Graves and Ruby Breshears; Sp: Pat Brown    [from obituary]

Buffington, Thomas Columbus    05/06/1933-04/14/2014; P. Oliver Buffington and Eulee ___; Sp: Helen ___    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Buttrum, Sherman M   04/17/1915-04/05/2000   married Hallie Brooks 10/10/1938
    Buttrum, Hallie Rooks    03/08/1918-10/22/2010; P: William G. Rooks and Izena Coffey; Sp: Sherman M Buttrum    [added by pvh from obituary]

Castleberry, Christopher Dennis    10/20/1982-09/21/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Dennis Castleberry and Missy _____

Cogburn, Thomas F.    06/18/1922-04/29/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Cozart, Horace C.    09/25/1931-01/05/2012    [added by pvh per obituary]

Cozart, Jewel Gladys Speer    09/16/1924-08/15/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Cummins, Allen Wayne "Alamo"    05/20/1962-06/25/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Hayden Eugene Cummins and Alberta Smith Cummins

Davis, Billie Josephine Jones    03/29/1935-07/24/2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Davis, Nita Shinkle    12/01/1958-10/15/2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Fleenor, Hazel B. 10-27-1923 08-06-2011    [dod based on obituary]

Ford, Rosa Ann Lynch    05-30-1941 05-14-2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Fore, Gerald Dewayne    04-30-1949 06-10-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

French, Tyler Jordan    04/23/1998-09/24/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Graves, Electa Isabell Noles    07/21/1935-05/05/2012    [added by pvh per obituary]

Graves, Ruby Frances Breshears    11/13/1926-08/07/2012    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Green, Barbara "Bobbie" Posey    09/17/19510-09/18/2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Hargrove, Maxine Rooks    08/06/1932-09/25/2014    [added by pvh per obituary] 1

Hartoon, Charles E.    05/20/1928-11/27/2014    [dod added by pvh per obituary] 1
    Hartoon, Martha V.    11/05/1931-07/26/2007    [added by pvh] 1

Heaton, Minnielee Mildred Allen    12/07/1938-09/26/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Hilton, Maurice Ladoyette    03/29/1959-06/04/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Ladoyette “Peanut” Hilton and Lou Anna Shaw Hilton

Holcomb, Darrell Gene    12/22/1943-02/06/1013    [added by pvh per obituary]

Johnson, James Eddison "Ed"    11/26/1926-02/09/2012    [added by pvh per obituary]

Kelley, Daisy A. DeVore    07/23/1943-11/16/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Deby DeVore and Rosie McKenzie DeVore
Sp: Leon Kelley

Lynch, Billy Ray "Pat"    04/30/1936-09/10/2013    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Ernest Lynch and Elva Ellen Tucker
Sp: Shirley

Lynch, William Tucker    02/16/1927-04/27/2012    married 05/29/1948 1
    Lynch, Pauline (Speer)    05/31/1929-07/26/2014    [dod added by pvh per obituary] 1

Merriott, James Ronnie    12/08/1946-04/18/2012    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Dewey Edgar Merriott and LaVerne Blocker
Sp: Marcia

Moyer, Agnes Blanche Hawkins    05/16/1923-12/10/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Fred Edward Hawkins and Mary Ola Midkiff
Sp: Jay E. Moyer

McKelroy, Alajean Johnson    03/28/1933-07/17/2012    [added by pvh per obituary] 1
P: Lemuel Glen Johnson and Elva Harper

Noles, Jessica Ann    05/20/1990-04/23/2010    [added by pvh per obituary]

Phillips, Juanita Walters    06/18/1922-02/22/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Richardson, Elzie I.  1-15-1914 06-28-2011, P: Argus A. Ward and Victoria Murders, Sp: 2nd husb. C. C. Williams    [Her obituary is under Elzie Williams.] 1
Richardson, Willie C.  10-15-1906 7-28-1958, P: Houston Richardson and Mint Fisher, Sp; Eliza Iva Ward on 5-28-1938

Richardson, Elsie Fisher    08/29/1922-10/31/2013    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Green Fisher and Nancy Ellen ___
Sp: John W. "Johnny" Richardson
Roach, Alisa Ann Hargrove    11-22-1964 06-08-2013    [added by pvh per obituary]

Robbins, Faye Bean    06-21-1936 08-07-2011    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Jim Bean and Mary Sleigh Bean

Robertson, Lois Minton    05-09-1921 03-30-2013    [added by pvh per obituary]

Robertson, Wanda Dell Noles    08-16-1942 05-08-2013     [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Henry Lee Noles and Willie Bea Tedford
Sp: David Robertson

Savall, Daniel    03/26/1918-02/03/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]

Shaw, Nona C. Hughes    08/23/1949-11/19/2011    [added by pvh per obituary]
P: Russell and Elsie Hughes
Sp: Larry Shaw

Weaver, Mildred Marie    05/06/1915-10/23/2013    [added by pvh per obituary]

Whittle, Angela Marie Graves    09/07/1979-10/15/2013    [added by pvh per obituary]

Grave Removals from Mount Pleasant to Mountain Valley Cemetery

Mt Pleasant Cemetery; New Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Garland Co. (also known as Mountain Valley Cemetery)

John Edge at age 36  enlisted in US Army  4th AR Vol. Cavalry by Lt. Spiva  Jan. 14 1864. Private Edge was killed in the Cedar Glades area near his farm and buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery on Blakely Creek. Gilliam Graves (see page 11) and were in the same unit Winfrey Fulton. Reference "They Can't Go Home" by Wendy Richter and Inez Cline.

Page 1

WHEREAS, The United States is acquiring a tract of land designated as Tract No. B-139, Blakely Mountain Reservoir Project, ....(form as above)

WHEREAS, New Mt. Pleasant Cemetery exists in Garland Country, Arkansas, and provides a satisfactory place for burial of bodies interred in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, and;..

Nancy Jane Muse
Caul H. Muse
Jessie A. Muse
Mary Louise Muse
Martha Muse
Archibald Muse
Gershal Muse
W.L. Lay
Jessie L. Lay
Julia A. Lay

WITNESS (my) (our) signature (s)  this 23rd day of June 1950
/s/ Bertha B. Muse         /s/ G.E. Muse
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler

Page 2

Mary Pate
Zachery Pate
Mandy Pate
Martha Pate

WITNESS (our) signature (s)  this 26 day of June 1950
/s/ A. E. Pate         /s/ Salley Pate
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler

Page 3

Margaret Bailey
Josephine Marriott
Susie Marriott
Roberta Allen

WITNESS (our) signature (s)  this 26 day of June 1950
 /s/ Milton Kelley   Witnessnes to mark /s/ J. ?W. (X) Marriott his mark
/s/ Nelson H. Sadler         /s/ Laura Kelley

Page 4

Bessie Richardson
Margaret Richardson
W. P. Richardson
Lucy Richardson
Mint Richardson
Houston Richardson
Johnnie Richardson
Elizabeth Richardson
George Richardson
Valla Richardson

WITNESS (our) signature (s)  this 27 day of June 1950
 /s/ Nelson H. Sadler   /s/ Nancy Fisher  
  Witnessnes to mark     /s/ Janie (X) Richardson her mark

Page 5

J.W.J. Murders
James Wm. Fisher

WITNESS (my) signature this 27 day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler   /s/ Nancy Fisher

Page 6

Rosetta Outler
Infant Outler

WITNESS (my) signature this 29th day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Ottie Outler

Page 7

Daniel Murders
Odie Murders
Otis Murders
Johnny Murders

WITNESS (my) signature this 29th day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Mrs Murders Sharp

Page 8

Aubrey Ray Speer
Hiawath Speer
Elwood Speer
Curthbert Speer
Hazel Inez Speer

WITNESS (my) signature this 29th day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Homer Speer

Page 9

John G. Smith
Clarensa Smith
Lurean Smith
Bertha Smith
two unnamed infants
Ray Smith

WITNESS (my) signature this 29th day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ W.F. Smith

Page 10

J.F. Murders
Temple Murders
Stella Murders
Jessie Murders
Edward Murders

WITNESS (my) signature this 29th day of June 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Geo. W. Murders

Page 11

Gillian Graves
Mollie Graves
Johnnie Graves<
Betsy Graves
George Graves

WITNESS (our) signature (s)  this 29 day of June 1950
 /s/ Willie Hicks   /s/ Homer Speer  
Witnessnes to mark     /s/ Amanda (X) Graves      her mark

Gilliam was b. 1819 NC. He was 5'10". A member of the US 4th AR Cav. d. abt 1876. His daughter Elizabeth 'Betsey" Graves m. George Blocker Jr. 1857.
(See page 17.) son Aaron  1846-1919, gs Calvin 1872-1932.

Page 12

Juile Burks
Roxy Ann Barrs

WITNESS (our) signature (s)  this 3rd day of July 1950
 /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Floyd Ritter 
Witnessnes to mark     /s/ Emma (X) Murders      her mark
/s/ T.M. (X) Lamier    his mark

Page 13

Odie Jackson
Missie Jackson

WITNESS (my) signature this 3rd day of July 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Nettie McEarl

Page 14

Isaac Neal
Robert Neal
Ona Neal
Jake Neal

WITNESS (my) signature this 3rd day of July 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Jesse Neal

Page 15

J. H. Fisher
Sarah Jane Fisher
G.N. Fisher
Arthur N. Anderson
Roosevelt Fisher
Nick Fisher
Nicholas Fisher
Louanda Fisher

WITNESS (my) signature this 5th day of July 1950
 /s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessnes to mark     /s/ Neal (X) Fisher     his mark
/s/ Elsha Fisher

Page 16

Pairlee Ritter
Presley Ritter
C.A. Ritter
J.H. Ritter
L.P. Ritter
Chely Ritter
Rosa Ritter
Samuel Ritter
L.P. Ritter
Nettie Ritter

WITNESS (my) signature this 5th day of July 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ S.M. Ritter

Page 17

Aaron Graves
Mrs James Graves
George Graves
Calvin Graves
Lonetta Graves
Lawson Graves

WITNESS (my) signature this 5th day of July 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Ernest Graves

Page 18

John Y. Speers
Dosie Speers
Two unnamed infants (Speers)

WITNESS (my) signature this 6th day of July 1950
 /s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessnes to mark     /s/ Lizzie (X) Crumpton      his mark
/s/ Lorrayne Crumpton

Page 19

Aaron Herron
Dave Herron
Bennie Herron
Mandy Herron
Unnamed infant Herron

WITNESS (my) signature this 6th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessnes to mark     /s/ William S. (X) Herron his mark
/s/ Lola Herron

Page 20

Charlotte Hoskins
Jessie Murders
Elisabeth Murders
Rhodie Murders
Hannah Murders
Cyntha Hoskins
Margaret Hoskins
Sarah Davie

WITNESS (my) signature this 6th day of July 1950 
Witness: /s/  Nelson H. Sadler       /s/ Belle Adams

Page 21

Infant Ouel Miller
Infant Meldrid Miller
Mary Ann Kellie
Neal Kellie
Ellon Phillips
Billy Phillips

WITNESS (my) signature this 6th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witness to mark     /s/ (X) A.D. Miller his mark
/s/ Jack S. Thweatt

Page 22

Carter Speers
Martha Jane Castleberry
Martha Speers
Mary Speers

WITNESS (our) signature this 6th day of July 1950
/s/  Nelson H. Sadler    /s/ Eunice Speers
Witnesses to mark     /s/ Sally  (X) Speers her mark
/s/ John  (X) Speers his mark

Page 23

Bell Ritter

WITNESS (my) signature this 6th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witness to mark     /s/ (X) Bennie Ritter  his mark

Page 24

Robert Lloyd Johnson (Infant)
Carl Eugene Johnson

WITNESS (my) signature this 7th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Mrs Loyd Johnson

Page 25

W.L. McElrath
Minnie McElrath
Kathryn McElrath

WITNESS (my) signature this 10th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ J.A. McElrath

Page 26

James L. Roper
Adison Roper
Minnie Lee Roper
Eugene Roper

WITNESS (my) signature this 11th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Julia D. Corley  315 Virignia St. Hot Springs, Ark

Page 27

George Blocker

WITNESS (my) signature this 11th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessess to mark     /s/ George M. (X) Castleberry His mark
/s/ Jack S. Thweatt

Page 28

Will Hawkins
Unnamed infant Hawkins
Thomas J. Hawkins
Weida Hawkins
George H. Speer
Mary Ann Speer
Thomas Hawkins
Johnnie Speer
Francis Speer
Samantha Speer
Femie Speer
Unnamed infant Speer

WITNESS (my) signature this 13th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessess to mark     /s/ Mary E. (X) Sharp  her  mark
/s/ Mary E. Meredith

Page 29

Anner Speer
Samuel Jefferson Speer

WITNESS (my) signature this 17th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Virgil Speer

Page 30

Josephine Kyle

WITNESS (my) signature this 17th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ I.W. Kyles

Page 31

Mary Ames Moore
R.T. Moore
Wm. Lash Moore

WITNESS (my) signature this 17th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Hattie Bates

Page 32

Zackariah Phillips
Infant Phillips
Albert H. Phillips
Ida L. Echols
Sarah L. Phillips

WITNESS (my) (our) signature this 18th day of July 1950
Witnesses: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Jennie Mae Phillips Dillard
/s/  J.L. Phillips 106 Miller, Hot Springs

Page 33

Phakabee Bledsoe
Cynthia Bledsoe

WITNESS (my) signature this 18th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ J.C. Bledsoe

Page 34

Louvicy Matilda Jane Ratliff Muse
W.J. or Will Muse

WITNESS (my) signature this 18th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Henry M. Ratliff

Page 35

George W. Blocker 1st
Elizabeth Blocker nee Graves
George W. Blocker 2nd
Inez Blocker

WITNESS (my) signature this 20th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Jim Blocker

Page 36

Mary Martin

WITNESS (my) signature this 20th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Mrs. A. D. Shaw

Page 37

James R. Neal
Henry S. Stookesberry
Josie Neal
W.P. Sturrett
Bart Neal
Elisabeth Neal
Sarah J. Neal
Lydia T. Neal
Josie F. Neal
Henry Stookesberry, Jr.

WITNESS (my) signature this 20th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Isaac C. Neal

Page 38

Unnamed infant Neal

WITNESS (my) signature this 20th day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Marlenia Neal 218 Maylook St. Hot Springs, Ark.

Page 39

Pauline Jones
Aaron Gray
Mose Gray

WITNESS (my) signature this 28th day of July 1950
/s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
Witnessess to mark     /s/ (X) Austin Jones      his  mark
/s/ Jack S.Thweatt

Jayhawkers hung Moses Gray SR about 1863. George Blocker Jr. b. Nov 9 1834, a Union recruiting officer returned home for a visit  December 1863 about this time as did his half brother William Gray who was in the Southern Army. George was making a pair of shoes and Bill was in the yard when a group of Jayhawkers approached. They tried to run to the woods to stand them off and draw gunfire away from the family but George was hit in the leg and Bill came to his aid and was shot. George grabbed his sword and was killed and his body thrown in the creek after the Jayhawkers took the boots. The brothers, one in blue and the other in gray were placed in a double walnut casket built by a neighbor and buried in the Mt Pleasant Cemetery by George's wife, children and neighbors who witnessed the event. Aaron Gray fought for the south until he deserted 25 April 1863 and then fought for the North and Moses fought for the South, they were twin brothers. Reference "They Can't Go Home" by Richter and Cline. There was a skirmish at Cedar Glades 1 March 1864.

Page 40

Lou Ona Lamb
Genova Lamb
Rector Lamb
Lola Middleton
H.C. Lamb
Ruth Nichols
Infant Nichols
Ruby Nichols

WITNESS (my) signature this 31st day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Lila Cloud

Page 41

Mary Ann Kelley

WITNESS (my) signature this 31st day of July 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Luther C. Phillips

Page 42

Lee Blocker

WITNESS (my) signature this 7th day of August 1950
Witness: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler  /s/ Minnie Blocker

Page 43

W. T. Phillips
M .J. Phillips
C. A. Phillips
J. M. Phillips
S. J. Phillips

WITNESS (my) (our) signature this 18th day of August 1950
Witnesses: /s/   Nelson H. Sadler 
/s/  J.L. Phillips  106 Miller, Hot Springs

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