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Mount Tabor Road, Mount Tabor, Garland County, Arkansas

This cemetery is located in northwest Garland County off of 298 on the Mt. Tabor Road.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1997. Notations and burials per obituary were made by Debra unless otherwise noted.

Click on the photo icon for personal photographs. The photographs may be used for your personal use but not republished in any medium.

Adams, Elizabeth no date

Autrey, Alfred Harold 10-6-1929 1-11-2005
    US Marine Corps World War II
    P: Will Autrey and Beulah ___
    Sp: Ora Lee Walker 9-9-1951
Autrey, Ora Lee    [no date of death shown]

Balisle, Millie Partain 5-30-1877 9-30-1963
    P: Milton Ratliff and Fannie Hoskins
    Sp: Armilla Ratliff age 22 to Moses Partain on 8-20-1899
        Millie Partain age 37 to H. E. Johnson on 9-6-1914
        Millie Johnson age 52 to B. F. Balisle on 5-19-1930
        (all Garland County, Arkansas, marriages)

Bashaw, Irene (12-2-)1896 (6-19-)1939
    "Wife of Rev. Bert Bashaw"
    P: W. P. Plummer and Josephine Teaque
    Sp: Irene Plummer 21 to Bert Bashaw on 9-15-1918

Bashaw, Ezra  6-19-1939 6-19-1939
    [marker shows "Ezra Bashaw June 1939"]
    P: Bert Bashaw and Irene Plummer

Bates, James Nicks 8-29-1868 7-12-1942
    P: James Bates and Creighton Fisher
    Sp: Mary C. Ratliff age 19 on 9-7-1890

Bates, Marry Charlottie 7-10-1871 3-23-1935
    Sp: James Nicks Bates

Beck, Eveline A.    age 39 - 10-20-2011    [added by pvh from obituary]  1
    P: Chris Beck and Erma

Blocker, Erma Lene Sharp    06-14-1942 09-08-2014    [added by pvh from obituary]  1

Bratton, Willie R. 2-9-1922 3-1-1993    married 09/09/1951
    US Navy World War II
Bratton, Lucy B.    [no date of death shown]

Bratton, A. Jack (7-23-)1901 (9-14-)1967
    P: Henry Bratton and Sarah Melinda Kinsey
    Sp: Ida Mae Meeks age 18 on 10-3-1920
Bratton, Ida Mae 1901 1973
    Sp: Andrew Jack Bratton
    Children: Mathalene (Breashears), Orlene (Meredith), Weadow (Noles), Harold and Darrell Bratton.

Bratton, George Lee 8-9-1891 9-4-1962
    P: Henry Bratton and Sarah Melinda Kinsey
Bratton, Malissie 6-27-1893 4-13-1979
    P: James Elwood and Alice Johnson
    Sp: Emanuel D. Bratton

Bratton, Emanuel D. 6-5-1935 1-29-1980
    A 3C US Air Force Korea
    P: George Leander Bratton and Sarah M. Johnson

Bryant, Willene Noles   7-20-1928 1-26-2004
    Parents: Lewis Noles and Maudie Neal
    Spouse: Lester Bryant

Caldwell, Gerald 9-29-1929 12-1-1993

Caldwell, Herschel DeVern    07/30/1948-09/06/2000

Caldwell, Joann Ward 5-8-1934 2-16-2005 1
    P: Winford Ward and Nellie Davis
    Sp: Cecil Freeman Caldwell

Caldwell, Cecil Freeman    12/10/1926-01/19/2011    [added by pvh from obituary]  1
    P: Youman Caldwell and Minnie Adams
    Sp: Joann Ward Caldwell

Caldwell, Rosie 2-28-1940 2-28-1940

Caldwell, Johnny E. 10-14-1935 10-22-1935

Caldwell, Eric D. 1976 1976
    P: Hershell Caldwell and Nora Sue Romines

Caldwell, Infant Son 8-27-1955 8-27-1955
    P: Gerald Caldwell and Norma Lee Spears

Caldwell, Wilburn D.    6-17-1925 10-23-1948
    P: Youman Caldwell and Minnie Adams

Caldwell, James E. (8-12-)1940 (1-28-)1975
    US Army
    P: Youman Caldwell and Minnie Adams

Caldwell, Lester Aimon 1923 (1-11-)1924

Caldwell, Arles 1921 1922

Caldwell, Youman R. 3-17-1902 5-4-1977
    P: Ellison Caldwell and Etha Murders
    Sp: Minnie Adams age 19 on 6-5-1921

Caldwell, Minnie V. Adams 8-5-1903 10-29-1993

Caldwell, Ellison F. 9-5-1872 7-17-1941
    P: William D. Caldwell and Margaret Tidmore
    Sp: Etha Murders

Caldwell, Etha 9-14-1881 3-10-1948
    P: Jess Murders and Elizabeth Haskins

Caldwell, Wm. D. 9-26-1848 10-7-1925
    Sp: Margaret B. Tidmore

Caldwell, Margaret B. 9-6-1848 3-3-1935
    P: Julius Tidmore and Nancy Powell

Caldwell, Starlin B. 5-9-1916 7-11-1990
    P: Lee T. Caldwell and America Adams

Caldwell, Lee T. (5-10-)1893 (12-25-)1958
    P: William Caldwell and Margaret Tidmore
    Sp: America Adams age 18 on 9-20-1911
Caldwell, America E. (5-20-)1891 (8-25-)1965
    P: Samuel Adams and Frankie Edge

Caldwell, Kermit 1917 1917
    P: Lee T. Caldwell and America Adams

8 unmarked

Cogburn, Rev. Franklin 1867 1912

Cole, Vicie (Jenell)  6-6-1937 12-24-2000
    Parents: Leroy Noles and Dixie Ratliff

Cox, Patricia Ann Noles 6-8-1948 8-7-2007 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Henry and Gladys Noles

Crawford, J. T. 12-2-1884 6-24-1903

Crawford, Grover 7-16-1884 11-24-1911

Edwards, (John) Wesley (8-4-)1924 (2-1-)1980
    P: Marvin Edwards and Ellen Kelly
Edwards, Faye 1930 1996 1

Fulton, A    [no dates]

Fulton, Margaret J. 3-3-1891 10-29-1952
    P: James Caldwell and Mary Diggs

2 unmarked

Gamble, George W. 7-4-1872 1-29-1941

Gamble, Margaret A. 3-22-1815 - 10-2-1904

Gillham, James Walter 2-17-1911 2-17-1911
    "Son of A. J. and E. P. Ratliff Gillham"

3 unmarked

Godwin, Martha B(ea) 3-24-1937 2-9-1999
    P: Carl Morris and Cressie Noles
    Sp: William Godwin

Godwin, W(illiam) Lonzo "Mackey"   4-28-1933 6-11-2003 1
    P: Marion Godwin and Vadie Breshears
    Sp: Martha B. Morris

Godwin, Peggy Lynn 9-13-1962 4-1-1966
    P: William Godwin and Martha B. Morris

Graves, I. L. "Fate" 1-12-1881 1-22-1957
    P: Vestal Graves and Mary Ann Ratliff
    Sp: Ida Jane Bond
Graves, Ida Jane 3-30-1878 8-7-1960
    P: Eligah Bond

Griffin, Othir 1894 1948
    P: Zach Griffin and Elvira Redwine
    Sp: Mattie Hammonds age 24 on 1-9-1927
Griffin, Martha E. (6-27-)1902 (2-23-)1968
    P: Michael Columbus Hammonds and Susan Keener

Hammond, W(illiam) C. 1898 1975
    P: Michael Columbus Hammonds and Susan Keener
    Sp: Effie Meeks married 11-12-1922
Hammond, Effie 1904 1992
    Sp: William C. Hammond

2 unmarked

Harper, Samuel Floyd 4-6-1908 5-17-1996
Harper, Florence E. 9-23-1905 10-8-1999
    P: Lee and Eliza Harvey Wilhite
    Sp: Samuel Floyd Harper married 5-17-1930

Harper, Clarence 12-18-1902 12-23-1985
    Sp: Ethel Partain married 11-17-1926

Harper, Ethel 7-23-1908 6-5-1994
    Sp: Robert Henry Harper (Caruth records: Robert Henry Harper
    12-18-1902 12-23-1985 buried Mt. Tabor Cem. son of Robert Harper and Sillar Kinsey)

Hicks, Vernon A. 11-16-1914 2-16-1977
    P: Andrew Hicks and Ada McElrath

Hicks, Norman 10-21-1921 11-26-1922

Hicks, Ada V. 11-4-1889 8-9-1934

Hicks, Andrew T. 1-20-1888 11-22-1970
    Sp: Ada McElrath married 1-25-1914

Hicks, James Kenneth 1-26-1934 7-11-1981
    US Navy Korea
    P: James Ervin Hicks and Velma Louise Eubanks
    Sp: Zoe Dell ______

Hurst, James A. 8-10-1877 4-26-1948
    P: Tom Hurst and Barbara Ratliff
    Sp: Amanda Caldwell married 12-23-1900
Hurst, Amanda P. 1-3-1879 6-26-1965

Keener, William R. (9-22-1889 10-23-1954)    1890-1955
    P: John Keener and Mary Jane Hammonds
    Sp: Callie Melissa Cogburn
Keener, Callie 1894 1980

Keener, John Wesley 10-22-1932 10-20-2002
    P: William Riley Keener and Callie Melissa Cogburn
    Sp: Mavis Horn md. 09/29/1951

Lambert, Baby Boy    -05/29/2003

Lambert, Baby Boy    -12/24/2003

Lovern, Emmitt A. 12-26-1913 10-15-1980
    P: Oliver Lavern and Una Mae Bradley

McClelland, C(harles) A(lford) (4-23-)1864 (4-27-)1951

McClelland, Ollie Susan 8-31-1867 9-6-1938

McClelland, Rydal 8-23-1900  12-14-1988
    P: Charles Alford McClelland and Ollie McClung
    Sp: Loretta Murders age 16 on 12-20-1925
McClelland, Loretta 6-19-1909 12-15-1998    (Req Obituary)

McClelland, Oather 3-8-1892 4-24-1965
    Sp: Etta McElrath on 12-25-1929

McClelland, Etta Ethel 11-7-1898 1-25-1970
    P: James L. McElrath and Monta Lucinda Noles

McClelland, Ralph Troy 11-17-1928 5-13-1976
    P: Rydal McClelland and Loretta Murders

McElrath, Monte L. 10-21-1866 12-24-1953
    P: George Noles and Susan Harbin
    Sp: James L. McElrath

Melton, (Eva) Blanche 5-14-1896 8-27-1961
    P: Charles Alford McClelland and Ollie Susan McClung
    Sp: George F. Melton on 12-18-1921

Melton, Samuel  Ophus   7-8-1887 6-15-1971
    P: M. C. Melton and Cynthia Noles
    Sp: Lena Brown on 11-18-1906
Melton, Lena Brown 10-9-1888 4-14-1985

2 unmarked

Melton, Robert E.  5-15-1904 8-19-1984
    P: George F. Melton and Ida Nickols
    Sp: Nellie Meredith on 9-29-1926
Melton, Nellie A.  6-17-1904 3-4-1995 1

Melton, Henry Winston 3-10-1840 9-8-1908
    1st Lieut Co B Stuarts Bn Ala Cav CSA

Melton, William Pierce 1833 1911
    Pvt Co G (or B) __ Regt Tenn Cav CSA

Melton, M(arion) C(olumbus) "Lum"    6-16-1848 4-14-1930
Melton, Cynthia V. (9-25-)1859 (12-28-)1943
    Sp: George Noles and Susan Harbin

3 unmarked

Meredith, Charles Verdell 7-18-1924 5-5-1997
    US Navy World War II
    Parents: Ernest M. Meredith and Alma Melton
    Sp: Ruth Orlene Bratton md. 10/07/1946
Meredith, (Ruth) Orlene 6-9-1923 9-24-2005
    P: Andrew Jack Bratton and Ida Mae Meeks
    Sp: Charles Verdell Meredith
    Children: Dean Meredith and Judy (Scott Pickering)

Meredith, Baby Boy (Dean Jr.(  (5-19-)1973 (5-19-)1973
    P: Charles Dean Meredith and Beverly Stuckey

Meredith, Baby Girl (Jane)   -2-21-1975
    P: Charles Dean Meredith and Beverly Stuckey

Meredith, Baby Boy (Charles) (10-11-)1979 (10-18-)1979
    P: Charles Dean Meredith and Beverly Stuckey

Meredith, J(ames) M(onroe) (10-29-)1886 (9-27-)1968
    P: David Meredith and Rebecca Gamble
    Sp: Dora Melton on 2-25-1906
Meredith, Dora (P.)  (2-8-)1890 (1-21-)1961
    P: Columbus Melton and Cynthia Noles

Meredith, Ernest M. 7-23-1901 11-13-1969
    Parents: William Thomas Meredith and Nancy Etta Tidmore
    Spouse: Alma Melton married 10-31-1920

Meredith, Alma 10-3-1902 5-11-1968
    Spouse: Ernest M. Meredith

Meredith, W(m.) T. 1-4-1873 5-26-1938
    P: David Meredith and Rebecca Gamble
    Sp: Nancy E. Tidwell (?)

Meredith, Nancy Etta 12-1-1873 1-3-1940
    P: Henry Tidmore and Effie Dailey

Morris, Rickey Dale 1-5-1952 1-11-1995 1

Morris, Beryal 2-24-1932 9-9-1948
    P: Jesse Carl Morris and Cressie Noles

Morris, Fred 7-22-1934 9-6-2006 (added per obituary)
    P: Carl Morris and Cressie Noles
    Sp: Shirley________

Morris, Carl 3-17-1902 7-26-1959
    Sp: Cressie Noles abt. 1926
Morris, Cressie 12-1-1910 9-1-1961
    P: Lee Noles and Dixie Ratliff

Morris, Mark Eugene 5-5-1961 4-1-1966
    Parents: Carl Morris and Charlene Speers

Morris, Ted(dy R.) 5-5-1940 6-6-1999
    Parents: Carl Morris and Cressie Noles
    Spouse: Charlene Speers
Morris, Charlene 12-19-1942 8-26-2003
    Parents: Orlene Speers
    Spouse: Teddy R. Morris

Noles, Hermon (C.) 1-25-1907 10-18-1993
    Sp: Flossie Lee Caldwell on 6-22-1940
Noles, Flossie C. 10-29-1922 2-2-1997

Noles, Francis O. "Pete" 8-17-1922 5-18-1980
    P: Lee Noles and Dixie Ratliff
    Sp: Weadow Imogene Bratton
Noles, Weadow I. 4-29-1925 1-12-2007 (dod added from obituary)
    P: Andrew Jack Bratton and Ida Mae Meeks
    Sp: Francis O. Noles md. 10/11/1941
    Children: Ollie Noles, Tony Noles, Brenda (Smith)

Noles, Marty 6-28-1976 6-28-1976
    P: Ollie Noles and Shirley Bear

Noles, Luther (A.) 4-20-1923 1-11-1987
    P: Lewis Noles and Maudie Neal
Noles, Ernestine Mae 5-17-1925 5-12-2004 (added by obituary)
    P: William and Effie Hammond
    Sp: Luther Noles

Noles, Thomas Lewis (9-6-)1866 (3-4-)1958 photo photo
    (Photos courtesy of Jerry Noles)
    P: John Henry Noles and Elizabeth Kirk
    Sp: Maudie Neal on 8-25-1918

Noles, Maudie 1-24-1889 12(-3-)1953
    P: Frank Neal and Tiny Morgan

Noles, Henry L. 4-28-1918 4-14-1978
    P: Lee Noles and Dixie Ratliff
    Sp: Willie Bee Tedford on 7-16-1939
    Willie B. Tedford Noles b. 6-16-1921 d. 7-18-1944    buried Oakwood Cemetery
        Sp: Gladys Pate 07/07/1945
Noles, Gladys M.    [no date of death shown]

Noles, Lee Roy 5-29-1891 7-25-1950
    P: Florence Noles
    Sp: Dixie C. Ratliff on 1-10-1909
Noles, Dixie Corine 9-1-1890 11-15-1959
    P: Marion Ratliff and Delaney Gamble

Noles, Roma T. 5-3-1919 12-26-1979
Noles, Ruby    [no date of death shown]

Noles, Herbert D. 4-20-1898 1-16-1972
    P: Lewis Noles and Mary Ellen Ratliff
    Sp: 1st Nora Seaton on 9-23-1917
        2nd Venie Johnson on 2-24-1938

Noles, Sulkie    [no dates]

Noles, Arvie W.    04/15/1946-08/02/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Luther and Ernestine Noles

Noles, Jere    10-12-1951 12-06-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Palmer-Clark, Crystal Jean    09/27/1983-10/29/2010
    Parents: James Palmer and Cindy (maiden name unknown) Shaw

Parker, Effie E. 1875 1900
    (Effie Melton married Jefferson Davis Parker)

Parker, Martha   no dates
    "Daughter of Jo and Effie Parker"

Parker, Joe (D.) 1910 (10-2-)1928
    P: J. D. Parker

Parsons, Lucy Jearldean 7-25-1923 2-25-1994

Partain, Moses 1869 1910
    Sp: Armilla Ratliff on 8-20-1899

Partain, Baby 1900 1900

Partain, Baby 1905 1905

Pennington, Infant 1928 1928

Pennington, Modena (E.) 1902 1928

Pennington, Delphia 1900 10-21-1941

Pitts, Vernon 1923 1928

Pitts, Effie Moore 1900 1928
    Sp: Effie Moore age 15 to John T. Pitts 18 on 4-16-1916

Pitts, Rev. James F. 9-16-1891 7-31-1928
    Sp: James F. Pitts 24 to Parthenia Meredith age 19 on 10-16-1915

Pitts, Parethenia 11-29-1895 7-2-1992
    P: William Thomas Meredith and Nancy Etta Tidmore

Rans, Janie 1907 1911


Ratliff, Francis M(arion) 4-18-1851 12-11-1920
    "Henderson Lodge No. 147 F&AM Cedar Glades, Ark."

Ratliff, Delany Ann 1-13-1856 10-21-1933

10 unmarked

Ratliff, M(ary) C. 9-19-1828 8-28-1884

Ratliff, Tom 1-21-1826 4-15-1874

Ratliff, George W. 1881 1937
    (funeral home marker)

Ratliff, William Samuel 1879 1897
    (funeral home marker)

Ratliff, W. C. 8-25-1936 age 63 years
    P: Milton Ratliff and Fanny Haskins

Ratliff, Sarah no dates
    (funeral home marker)

Ratliff, Milton 12-7-1848 12-28-1916
    Sp: 1st Fanney Haskins 08/21/1870 in Montgomery County
        Milton Ratliff age 60 to Loten Minton age 20 on 10-19-1909

Ratliff, Fanney 4-6-1852 2-26-1907

Ratliff, Epsie M. 8-7-1844 2-11-1921
    "Wife of James H. Ratliff"

Ratliff, James H. 9-12-1846 3-12-1899

3 unmarked

Ratliff, Uncle Albert "He died at Sundown"


Ratliff, Thomas J. 6-16-1862 1-8-1933
    Sp: Margaret Meredith age 21 on 2-28-1892

Ratliff, Margaret C. 11-3-1870 8-21-1944
    P: David Meredith and Rebecca Gamble

Ratliff, Evalena 2-14-1920 7-13-1934

Ratliff, Rev. J. C. 1877 1956
    Sp: James C. Ratliff age 22 to Lena Noles age 18 on 10-24-1899
        J. C. Ratliff age 46 to Amanda Houser age 43 on 9-9-1923

Ratliff, Lena E. 2-16-1882 2-25-1920

Ratliff, H. D. 1911 1916

Ratliff, Infant 1903 1903

Riley, Andrew J. 1846 -------
    (funeral home marker)

4 unmarked

Seaton, Mary A. 6-1-1903 ---------
    (funeral home marker)
        Sp: Mary A. Adams 15 to Olgar Seaton age 21 on 12-27-1917

2 unmarked

Sharp, Ruth Caldwell 3-9-1919 6-25-2008   [added by pvh per obituary]  1
    P: Lee T. Caldwell and America E. Adams
    Sp: Silas Caldwell

Smith, Katrina Lynn Wiles 4-14-1970 4-30-1994

Sutton, Florence 5-9-1870 9-18-1951
    P: John Henry Noles and Elizabeth Kirk

Taylor, Mary 8-13-1891 2-28-1927
    P: David Parker and Effie Melton

Tidwell, Grady H. 5-10-1919 5-21-2000 (added per obituary)
    P: Ed Tidwell and Delia Long
    Sp: Juanita Forga

Wells, Jodie E. 6-29-1901 9-8-1975
    Sp: Jodie Wells age 33 to Myrtle McClelland age 28 on 7-7-1935
Wells, Myrtle 7-17-1907 8-10-1975

Wiles, Banard L. 1-24-1920 5-18-1994
    PFC US Army World War II; married 11/09/1945
Wiles, Juanita J. 2-12-1930 5-19-1994

I have changed spellings from Wm. to William, Jas. to James, Chas. to Charles, etc., so that they will be easier to search.

At times, parentheses ( ) will be shown; that usually means that is a notation rather than something actually on the marker.

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