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Missing Index for
Garland County, Arkansas: Our History and Heritage

When the index for the history section of Garland County, Arkansas: Our History and Heritage was merged with the index for the heritage (or family section), the first part of the index was omitted. We, the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, do not have access to the index of the history section; but will list the missing section of the heritage section here.

Also, here is a link to the "Errata" sheet for the history section: Garland County Historical Society Errata for Garland County, Arkansas: Our History and Heritage. (Be sure to use your back button to come back to our site!)

Aaron, Issac, 443

Aaron, Susan, 443

Abbington, John, 544

Abbott, Alfred Bemont, 390

Abbott, Greeley Thomas, 518

Abbott, Hat, 390

Abbott, Imogene, 390

Abbott, Samuel Bemont, 390

Abbott, Shirley Jeanne, 390

Abell, Martha, 482

Abernathy, Billy, 391, 495, 592

Abernathy, Esther, 608

Abernathy, Jennifer Lynn, 391

Abernathy, M. F. “Bill”, 391

Abernathy, Mamie, 596

Abernathy, Mamie Ruth, 391, 593, 625

Abernathy, Mamie Ruth Stranburg, 390, 391, 406, 495, 503, 528, 587, 593, 594, 596, 617

Abernathy, Scott William, 391

Abernathy, Stacy, 417

Abernathy, William Howard “Billy”, 391

Ackrenden, Margaret, 401

Adams, Ara Tracey, 621

Adams, Earl, 621

Adams, Elizabeth Jane, 574

Adams, Ernest Clyde, 456

Adams, Frances Ella, 400

Adams, Frances Marvin “Frank”, 391

Adams, Ida Francis, 533

Adams, James, 600

Adams, John “Jon”, 391

Adams, Lockie Lee, 578

Adams, Mae, 487

Adams, Margaret Helen, 485