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Walnut Valley Road, Garland County, Arkansas

Located near the Walnut Valley area on Highway 7 North.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner October 28, 1996

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996 through 2016, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Bailey, Clyde (Eugene)   (2-4-1933) 6-15-1952 at 19 yrs 4 mos 2 days   (Caruth Funeral Home marker)

Bates, Nancy E.     7-31-1872 12-25-1963     dau. of Andrew Riley and Annie Burks    Married 1st. Elisha Fox, 2nd Doug Bates

Boyette, Clyde E.     9-1-1920 4-19-2002   US Navy Retired   son of G. W. and Sylvia Boyette
    Boyette, Sylvia P.     11-29-1932 10-9-1984     dau. of James Aaron Graves and Delilah Fox

Breshears, Manuel A.    03/15/1927-07/21/2002    US Army    [added by pvh]

Breshears, Carl A.     5-19-1902 11-17-1983     son of Jake Breshears and Betty Minton    Married Mary Jane McCoy 10-14-1922

Breshears, Mary J(ane)   6-20-1906 3-29-1983   dau. of Sam McCoy and Laura Porter 1

Breshears, Carol   4-18-1940 8-31-1940   child of Carl Breshears and Mary McCoy    (funeral home marker)

Breshears, Charlie Talbert    6-12-1917 6-23-2002   Married Lola Graves 6-30-1935    Son of George W. Breshears and Laura Castor
    Breshears, Lola E.   9-25-1915 10-28-1988   dau. of James Aaron Graves and Delilah Fox

Breashears, George "Roy" E.   2-21-1940 1-15-2009   (added per obituary)    Parents: Charlie T. Breshears and Lola Graves    Spouse: Bertie Ann______

Breshears, Jimmy C.    6-16-1944 6-13-1946   son of Charlie Breshears and Lola Graves

Breshears, Fred Otto   12-24-1937 12-7-1994   son of Charlie Breshears and Lola Graves    SCPO US Navy Vietnam

Breshears, Sammy Ray    04-07-1956 07-12-2012    son of Vernon Breshears and Ervinlene Hood    [added from obituary] 1

Breshears, Tommy Lee ------- ------------ unmarked information by Sharon Terry Moore   Son of Preston Monroe Breshears and Opal Cuttler

Breshears, Odis Clinton   9-1-1917 12-29-2001   son of John and Ellen Breshears    married 10/04/1934
    Breshears, Audie May Bell    05/13/1914-09/05/1996    [added by pvh] 1

Cain, Jessie A.   1-1-1860 3-10-1948   (funeral home marker)    Married 1st. Mary Harwood 9-30-1883    2nd. Mattie Neal 11-7-1899

Cain, Mattie   12-25-1869 1-4-1947   (funeral home marker)

Canada, Lela Irene    04/24/1923-03/21/2005    [added by pvh]

Cook, Lola Vernice   6-14-1932 7-30-1960   (cremated)   dau. of Carl Breshears and Mary McCoy    Married Stanley Cook

Cook, Stanley    04/30/1931-01/21/2011    son of Chasies Clay Cook and Estella Pearl Wallace Cook and husband of Lola Vernice Breshears Cook    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Cook, Infant Paula   11-16-1974 at age 22 days   (Caruth Funeral Home marker)

Davis, Mary E.   1847 2-14-1935   (funeral home marker)

Delano, Kenneth B.   1-24-1942 6-2-1942   son of Daryl Delano and Edith Ragland

Edge, Sulah Texanna   4-28-1920 10-3-2005   Dau. of Aaron Graves and Delila Butler    Married Austin Edge
    Edge, Austin Erven    05/15/1916-06/06/1988    [added by pvh]

Fox, Elisha L.   8-14-1861 7-20-1943   son of Newton Fox and Elizabeth Danders    born in SC married Nancy Riley 8-1888    (see Nancy Bates)

Garner, W(illiam) C(alvin)   11-17-1874 3-30-1952   son of Pleasant Garner
    Garner, Maude E.   3-10-1879 6-30-1918

Goines, Clinton Eudell    08-06-1936 01-10-2013    [added from obituary]
Parents: Lonnie Goines and Anna Leora Fry
Spouse: Vivian McGill

Grantham, Arlow G.    08/24/1919-12/09/2002    US Army World War II    [added by pvh]

Granthum, Henry   1881 4-15-1960   (funeral home marker)   son of Dave Granthum and Laura Massey    Married 1st. Mary Weideman 12-12-1911    2nd. Hattie ?

Granthum, J. P.   1890 5-6-1932   (funeral home marker)

Granthum, Emma   1899 4-17-1912   (funeral home marker)

Graves, Sherman   12-22-1924 1-10-1987   son of Floyd Graves and Lydia Fox    Pvt. US Army Korea Married Gertrude Terry

Graves, Bert   2-15-1916 1-28-1988   son of Floy Graves and Lydia Fox
    Graves, Sylvania    10/20/1920-06/28/1999    married 03/06/1937    [added by pvh]

Graves, Jessie   1855 1910   (funeral home marker)   son of Gilliam Graves and Delialah Hawthorn    Married 1st. Sarah Fisher 2nd. Margaret Crumpton 1-31-1884    3rd. Nancy Cutler 9-19-1889

Graves, Nancy E.   ---------- 11-20-1932   (funeral home marker)   3rd wife of Jessie Graves

Graves, Floyd   (4-9-)1895 (4-13-)1978   son of Randolph Graves and Ida Hamilton    Married Lydia Fox 12-6-1914

Graves, Lydia   (5-18-1901) 11-23-1982 at age 81 years, 6 months 5 days    (funeral home marker)   dau. of Elisha Fox and Nancy Riley    marker has name of Liddie Graves

Graves, Jackie Wayne    06-30-1946 06-19-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

Harmon, Infant   9-15-1909 8-20-1910   child of Joe and Eugenia Williams Harmon

Harris, Andrew Hardin   (2-15-)1963 (1-19-)1991   son of Earl W. Harris and Joan Stokes

Harris, Earl Wayne   (1-4-)1932 (1-16-)1986   (funeral home marker)   son of Ransom H. Harris and Selma Cochran

Harvey, Christie Lee   3-17-1953 3-17-1953   (funeral home marker)   dau. of W. P. Harvey and Beulah Graves

Hendrix, Inf. Annie   12-29-1980 1-2-1981   (funeral home marker)   dau. of Allan Hendrix and Kelly Ballard

Herron, Inf.   1901 1901

Ivey, Floyd   (10-9-)1904 (4-21-)1983   (funeral home marker)   son of James L. Ivey and Willie Bishop    Married Ruth Comstock 8-2-1926

Ivey, Raymond   (4-16-)1928 (12-25-)1984   (funeral home marker)   son of Floyd Ivey and Ruth Comstock

Ivey, Mary   1907 10-17-1923   dau. of James L. Ivey and Willie Bishop

Kelley, John   5-5-1875 11-19-1939   (funeral home marker)   son of Elijah Kelly and Polly Ann Armstrong    [nothing except John Kelley on marker]

Kelley, James T(albert)   2-22-1876 5-12-1943   son of Elijah Kelly and Mary Ann Smith    hus. of Elizabeth Bishop

Kelley, M. Carl   04/26/1905-05/11/1933   son of Frank Kelly and Lillie Breshears

Kelley, Ethel   6-2-1919 9-15-1937       (Gross Mortuary Funeral Home marker)    dau. of James T. Kelley and Elizabeth Bishop

Kelley, John Franklin   1900 (8-11-)1927   son of James T. Kelly and Elizabeth Bishop

Lamb, R. C.   4-18-1871 4-27-1938   (funeral home marker)

McCoy, Archie S.   (1-24-)1915 (2-18-)1976       Pvt US Army World War II    son of Sam McCoy and Louise Wheeler    Married Mary E. Miller 10-3-1936

McCoy, Mary Elisabeth   5-11-1919 11-07-2012    [dod added by pvh from obituary]

McCoy, Leoda   12-7-1939 12-2-1964   (funeral home marker)   child of Archie McCoy and Mary E. Miller

McCoy, Walter T.   1918 (7-1-)1920    (funeral home marker)

McCoy, Edith Marie   1921 (04-18-)1928    (Gross Funeral Home marker)

McCoy, Betty   8-8-1926 5-26-1989   (Hot Springs Funeral Home marker)

McCoy, Walter D  . 3-31-1933 1-13-1990    A2C US Air Force

McCoy, M. Frank   6-10-1937 6-3-2008   (added per obituary)    Parents: Archie McCoy and Mary Elizabeth Miller    Spouse: Donna Rains

McCoy, Clinton F.   1-14-1966 6-11-1982   son of Franklin McCoy and Donna Rains

McGill, Moses C.   3-9-1857 8-27-1932   son of James McGill and Margaret Ann Gray    Married Mary Silvania Hardin abt. 1879

McGill, Polly Silvania   8-13-1848 5-23-1915   dau. of Lewis Hardin

McGill, George W.  Born 9-6-1883  - Open   son of James McGill and Margaret Ann Gray

McGill, Mose A(rgus)   Born 6-15-1881 - Open  son of Moses C. McGill and Polly Hardin

McGill, Mike M.   3-27-1888 1-10-1965   son of Moses C. McGill and Polly Hardin

McGill, Robert M.   (7-3-)1885 (2-11-)1940   (funeral home marker)   son of Moses C. McGill and Polly Hardin    Married Stella Bingham 2-26-1921

McGill, John Fletcher   2-8-1906 12-12-1974   son of James M. McGill and Maggie Cox    married 1st. Lois Grisham 12-14-1929    2nd. Ola Mae Weaver

McGill, Ola Mae Weaver   12-31-1904 12-1-1992

McGill, James Lonnie   3-27-1934 6-31-1966   [marker does show June 31 which has to be incorrect]    son of John F. McGill and Ola M. Weaver    Arkansas SP3 Co C 249 Engr Const

Merritt, George Charlie   ------------- 10-9-1959   (funeral home marker)

Pennington, Russell Edward 'Rusty'  6-9-1977 10-19-2006   Parents: Charles Edward Pennington and Shelia LaFon Cook    Spouse: Angela Dawn _______

Porter, Lunsford Eugene   1-20-1876 8-20-1955   (funeral home marker)   son of Joe Porter and Katherine Tarver    Married Laura Breshears 4-4-1937

Porter, Laura   7-18-1884 4-6-1970   (funeral home marker)

Roper, Ruby Ellen   8-5-1917 2-21-1919

Shupe, Patricia Gail Breshears    06/05/1965-07/15/2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Swanson, Warren   11-5-1921 8-16-1979   (funeral home marker)

Terry, Infant    -07/27/1915    (Caruth Funeral Home marker)    [added by pvh]

Terry, Infant    -02/1936 (or 1956)    (Caruth Funeral Home marker0    [added by pvh]

Terry, Leonard W.   4-7-1908 7-14-1953   (Caruth marker)   son of Jesse Terry and Susie Adams    Married Maggie Outler 3-23-1931

Terry, Maggie Lane   2-5-1913 2-17-1959  (funeral home marker)   dau. of J. O. Outler and Virgie Clenney

Terry, Lee Odell   09/22/1933-10/13/1934  son of Leonard and Maggie Lane Terry    [slate rock with name and dates etched on it]

Terry, Levi Floyd "Pete"   11-26-1911 4-8-1996   son of Jesse Terry and Susie Adams

Terry, Wilma   -------------- ------------   unmarked, dau. of Levi and Gracie McGill    information by Sharon Terry Moore

Terry, C. W.   -------------- ------------   (faded funeral home marker)

Terry, James Elbert   7-27-1945 7-27-1945   (funeral home marker)   son of Otha Terry and Betty Fowler

Terry, Sandra Lee   2-5-1956 2-6-1956   (funeral home marker)   dau. of Otha Terry and Betty Fowler

Travis, Lovanda Louise   3-13-1948 12-22-2006    Parents: Myrtle Shelton and Crystal Andry    Spouse: Mike Travis

Walters, Nancy Jane   10-18-1868 4-3-1942

Weydemeyer, Mearlene McCoy Hurst    01/14/1952-08/27/2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

White, Harold L.    -11/20/1935    [added by pvh]

Whittington, Cheyanna   1999 1999

If a date or name has ( ) around it, that means that the information is not on the tombstone itself but Debra was able to find the information from other sources. She used family's records, census records, Caruth and Gross Funeral Home books compiled by Lewis Stephens, marriage records, among other documents.

1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.