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McClendon Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

McClendon Cemetery Gate.GPS coordinates: 
Latitude: 34.50856 Longitude: -92.99434

Take Highway 70 East of Hot Springs; take the exit for McClendon Road and go north; the cemetery will be a little past 1014 McClendon Road on the left side.  It is a very well-kept cemetery with a new black wrought iron fence and gate with a recent burial. 

You may view the tombstone photograph by clicking on the name.  These photographs may be used for personal use but may not be published in any medium without the permission of the photographer, Dave Hays.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996 through 2016, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Copied by Patti Vance Hays February 7, 2009

Big'In    11/26/1989-01/16/2006    [appears to be a pet's grave]

Godbehere, Kenneth Clifford    07/18/1930-06/25/1996    AMN US Navy Korea 1

Godbehere, Lila Reed    02/11/1892-02/02/1967

Godbehere, Louise M.    05/02/1932-03/04/2003    Beloved Wife of Kenneth

Heinemann, Frederick Emanuel    04/24/1850-11/17/1918    Born Peppertown, Franklin County, Indiana. Son of Johann Nicolaus Heinemann and Barbara Katharina Barth, both of Hopfgarten, Thuringia, Germany
    Heinemann, Belle Z.    06/29/1873-03/08/1946    Born Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas. First child of Dennis Bouie McClendon and Armenda Irwin, both of Hot Springs, Arkansas
        Parents of:  Victor F., Carl E. Heinemann, and Melba L. White   

Heinemann, Victor Frederick    01/11/1904-06/29/1985    Born Hot Springs, Arkansas. Son of Frederick Emanuel Heinemann of Peppertown, Indiana, and Belle Z. McClendon of Hot Springs, Arkansas.
    Heinemann, Frances Erna    01/19/19__-____    Born Chicago, Illinois.  Youngest child of Michael W. Friess of Weisswell, Baden, Germany, and Martha R. Kirchhoff of Chicago, Illinois.
        Parents of:  Carol Ellen, Frederick Michael, Phyllis Elaine, and Phillips Charles

McClendon, Dennis Bouie    09/15/1852-12/10/1929
    McClendon, Armenda    07/08/1854-05/05/1912

McClendon, Dennis Walter    01/03/1884-02/08/1958

McClendon, Easter Christina    05/12/1882-03/07/1968

McClendon, Garry Wayne    07/06/1890-06/05/1959

McClendon, Odessie    10/28/1888-05/19/1969

McClendon, Sarah Anelene    03/12/1877-09/13/1906

Perdue, Orea D.    1907-1967
    Perdue, Gladys E.    1907-    [she remarried a Mr. Pat Thomas after the death of Orea.  She died February 21, 1995, and is buried in Bayou Meto Cemetery in Pulaski County]

Perdue, Perry Olive    02/02/1905-02/06/1923    [a family member states the middle name on the death certificate is Oliver]

Perdue, William W.    05/27/1875-07/26/1947
    Perdue, Martha Mattie    06/27/1880-01/29/1929 (double marker)

Smith, Joseph Travis    06/25/1927-01/16/2007    MU3 US Navy World War II

White, Charles D.    09/23/1861-03/07/1935
    White, Noah Arena    01/30/1875-09/24/1947

White, Dawney Lee    08/10/1932-04/23/2007    US Navy Korea

White, Elmer L.    03/19/1909-08/25/1987
    White, Thelma D.    08/18/1910-07/02/1997

White, Infant Daughter of Charles and Rena White    [no dates]

White, Infant of E. and T.    [no dates]

White, Robert Douglas    06/06/1942-09/16/1985

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