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Hot Springs High School 1955
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the pages with the senior class photographs. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email the webmaster us so that we may include that information. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

1955 hot springs gold book yearbook cover

Adcox, Virgil

Adkins, Magnolia

Alexander, Lois

Allen, Neda Faye

Amick, Joe

Angermiller, Velma

Appleton, Jo Ann

Arington, Jane

Atwood, Amy Jo

Baker, Grace

Barnes, Judd Jr

Bennett, Pat

Berry, Shirley

Blackmon, Louie

Blair, Steve

Breckenridge, Gerald    C. G. "Jerry" Breckenridge was born February 17, 1937, and was married to Alice Ann Fox. He died March 9, 2014.  Jerry Breckenridge Obituary

Brewer, Modean

Bright, Charles   Charles was born April 30, 1937, to Floyd and Myrtle Brown.  He married Oleta Nichols.  Charles died March 6, 2005, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  Charles Bright Obituary

Brooks, Bill

Brown, Wilma

Bryant, Janet

Bunch, Patsy

Bunn, Barbara Ann    Barbara Ann Bunn was born October 30, 1937, and died February 25, 2011.    Barbara Bunn Houser Obituary

Burgess, Sandra

Burris, Carolyn

Butler, Norbert

Butts, D D

Callahan, Mike

Carter, Johnny   John Carter was born July 5, 1936, to Troy and Grace Tidwell Carter.  He was married to Mary Nan Carter.  He died July 24, 2007, and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery.  John Carter Obituary

Carter, Victor Dewayne "Wayne"    [Wayne's photograph does not appear in the yearbook but is shown as a sophomore in 1955 yearbook.] Wayne Carter was born November 20, 1936, and died January 20, 2014.    Victor Dewayne "Wayne" Carter Obituary

Caruth, Polly    Pauline E. "Polly" Caruth Barentine was born October 25, 1937, to Jack and Jane Winter Caruth. she was married to Everett Barentine. She died May 2, 2011. Pauline E. Caruth Barentine Obituary

Coleman, Carolyn    Carolyn Coleman Morse Molina died July 2, 2011.    Carolyn Coleman Morse Molina Obituary

Compton, Betty Jon

Cox, Deese

Crawford, D D

Cunningham, Carolyn

Dale, Linda

Daniel, James W

Daniel, Lota

Daniel, Lota Belle

Dennis, Esther

Denton, Odessa

De Vane, Byrdie

Dudley, Betty Jane

Duncan, Shelby   Dr. John Shelby Duncan was born July 20, 1937, and died April 8, 2005, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  J. Shelby Duncan Obituary

Dunda, Vernon

Dunne, Gari

Edelstein, Ray

Eden, Sylvia

Elfter, George

Ermey, Mary Ella    Mary Ella was born July 15, 1937, and died September 5, 2013.  Mary Ella Ermey Wilson Obituary

Evans, Billy

Fidelman, Danny

Foshee, Wayne   Wayne was born January 17, 1937, and died May 9, 2002, and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.

Gaither, L C

Garner, Ray   Ray was born in 1935 and died in 1987 and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.

Gattenby, Gloria

Gilliam, Arlene

Givens, Myrtle Patience

Glasscock, Wayne

Golden, George

Goodwin, Betsy

Grant, Billy

Graves, Carolyn

Griffin, Beverly    Beverly E. Griffin was born March 29, 1937, and died December 2, 2014.    Beverly E. Griffin Frazier Obituary

Grisham, Janell

Hale, Helen

Hand, Nancy

Hansford, Harold

Harp, Arlene

Harper, Sue

Harper, Sue

Harrison, Robert W

Hays, Cecile

Herritage, Art

Herron, Nancy

Hess, Georgia

Hogaboom, Edwin    Edwin Dell Hogaboom was born May 14, 1937, and died September 10, 2013.  Edwin Dell Hogaboom Obituary

Holcomb, Don

Holland, Mary Ann

House, Evonne

Housley, Billy

Housley, Billy

Humphreys, Martha

Humphries, Johnny

Jackson, Joyce

Jelks, Marilyn

Johnson, Ed

Johnson, Helen

Johnston, Ronnie

Johnston, Ronnie

Jones, Tommy

Kallsnick, Patsy

Kaufman, Sylvia

Kidd, June

King, Dan

Kinniell, Shirley

Lavin, Gary

Leach, Tommy

Lecklitner, Hansi

Lewallyn, Nelson

Lindsey, Ann

Lingo, Mary Lou

Linzy, Virginia

Linzy, Virginia

Lynch, Carl    Carl L. Lynch was born June 23, 1935, and died December 8, 2014.    Carl L. Lynch Obituary

McAfee, Barbara

McAllister, Bill

McCoy, Velda Sue    Velda Sue McCoy was born May 14, 1937, and died November 3, 2014.    Velda Sue "Suzy" McCoy Moss Obituary

McCoy, Velda

McGibbony, Coach Charles "Dub"

McHaney, Terry

McHenry, Ron

McKelroy, Waunita

McKinney, Collin

McMoran, Flora Nell

Maddox, Bob

Maddox, Peggy

Martindale, Howard

Mason, Norman

Mason, Norman

Mathews, Gene

Meek, Clyde

Meredith, Norma McInvale

Miller, Maxine

Miller, Maxine

Mitchell, Lillian

Moore, Clyde

Moore, Frankie Lee

Moore, Kenneth

Mullins, Carol

Nicholas, Jimmie

Nichols, Dona

Numainville, Leon J

Parson, Jackie

Parsons, Pat

Patton, Connie

Peden, Delores

Perry, Flo Gene

Perry, Flo

Pettitt, James

Pittman, Anna

Plant, Garry

Porter, Rose Ellen

Post, Amelia

Powell, Bobby

Powell, Patsy

Prichard, Betty

Rader, Marietta

Rainwater, Ted    Theodore Rodger Rainwater Jr. was born October 19, 1937, and died November 25, 2013.  Theodore Rodger Rainwater Jr. Obituary

Reed, Monya

Reich, Franklin

Riddle, Janice

Robbins, Frankie

Robbins, Frankie

Roberson, Yvonne

Roberts, Diane

Robinson, Jane

Rodgers, Marvin

Rowland, Ann

Rowland, Bill

Russell, Jeannette

Sanders, Bob    Bobby Joe Sanders was born January 19, 1936, was married to Carolyn Geneva Jackson, and died October 25, 2014.    Bobby Joe Sanders Obituary

Sanders, Jean

Sanders, Marie    Evelyn Marie Sanders was born January 26, 1938, and died February 13, 2011. Evelyn Marie Sanders Bosson Obituary

Seyl, Bill

Sheets, Bill

Shelton, Shirley

Shipp, Clover Ann

Short, Marilyn

Shuffield, Dorothy Jo

Small, Dewey

Smallwood, Phil

Smith, Don

Smith, Joyce

Smith, Lee

Smith, Lee

Smith, Nancy

Smith, Nancy

Smith, William Don

Spainhour, Billy [Wade]

Staggs, Frank

Stephens, Mae

Stephens, Mae

Stone, Betsy

Stone, Kathy

Sutton, Patsy Sue

Swaney, Karolyn

Tackett, Sue

Tallant, Eutha Lee

Telliard, Mary

Thomasson, George

Thornton, Louise

Thornton, Peggy

Tooman, Peggy

Vanderpoorten, Ann

Vawter, Patsy    Patsy Vawter Poole was born August 15, 1937, and died July 24, 1990, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Walker, Crane

Weems, Milton R

White, Dewey  Dewey White died August 25, 1998, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Wilhelm, Larry

Williams, Barbara

Williamson, Gary

Willis, Billie Sue    Billie Willis Brown was born January 3, 1937, and died January 27, 1994, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Wilson, Patsy

Winston, Jackie

Wood, Audrey

Wulff, Mrs

Wynn, Dolorase

Zipkes, Fred