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Hot Springs High School 1945
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please
email us so that we may include that information. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly! We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Harry Reinert for scanning this yearbook for us!!

1945 old gold book cover

Abbott, Jessie Lee

Adamson, Lillian

Anderson, Jimmy

Ault, Harold

Bales, Emma Jo

Barentine, Wilma

Barry, Molly

Bass, James

Beam, Curtis

Beard, Emmalene

Benson, Frances

Besler, Mary Ann

Bolton, Edwina

Braughton, George

Breitenberg, Elizabeth

Bright, Wanda

Brown, Mary

Brown, Wilson

Burchfield, Charlsie

Burris, Lohman

Buttrum, Marie

Caldwell, Dorsie

Cantrell, Veeda Wright

Carter, Elaine

Christopher, Zoe Ann

Clarkson, Jean

Cleveland, Frances

Cobb, Martha

Coburn, Leona

Collier, George

Contos, Doris

Copelin, Dimple

Cornelius, Frances

Coston, Carolyn

Craigo, Ann

Crain, Bettye

Daniel, Danny

Davis, Mary Lou

Dougan, Waunetah

Edwards, Mildred

Elsey, Billy

Fulmer, Ray

Gabriel, Frances

Glazner, Patty

Graves, Ernestine

Gray, Martha Frances

Green, Barbara

Green, Doris

Hadaway, Virginia

Hall, Bette    Bette was married to Carl Merritt. She died February 5, 2013.  Bette Hall Merritt Obituary

Hammack, Ozelle

Hardin, Carolyn

Harper, Billy

Harris, Martha Jane

Hebert, Connie

Higginbotham, Wesley

Hill, Robert

Holbrook, Flora

Hood, Billie Jean

Howard, Mildred

Howell, Herman

Humphries, Marjorie    Marjorie was married to Louis Scrivner. She died December 25, 2012.    Marjorie Humphries Scrivner Obituary

Hunter, Melba

Jennings, Sarah

Jett, Andy

Jett, Andy

Johnson, Imogene

Johnson, Myrna Lou

Keeton, Catherine

Kilgore, Mabel

Lewallyn, Marian

Lewis, Beverly

Lindsey, Winnona

Little, Dolores

Lizote, Nada

Lloyd, Donna Jean

Love, Vivian

Luebben, Joan

Lupplace, Wayne

Mackey, Bob

Mann, Geraldine

Mattar, Louise    Louise Mattar was born May 26, 1926. She married Glyn Whidden. She died January 12, 2014.    Louise Mattar Whidden Obituary

McCrary, Mildred

McDonough, Augusta

McLeod, Rosemary

Meeks, Mary Beth

Medcalf, Gene

Metzer, Helen

Miles, Betty

Miller, Paul

Moore, June

Munson, Grace

Nemeyer, Frank

Noordewier, Mick

Nichols, Doris

Nichols, Elaine

Palmer, Clara

Pappas, Angelo J.    He was born August 29, 1927, and died October 7, 2009.    Angelo J. Pappas Obituary

Parker, Marie

Parker, Virginia

Parson, Kenneth

Partin, William

Phillips, Mary Sue

Poe, Joe

Poe, Joe

Porter, Irene

Powell, Maxine

Pranter, Bert

Radford, Gladys

Reece, Wilodene

Retherford, David

Robbins, Laverne

Rodwell, Josephine

Rodwell, Theresa

Ross, Rosalie

Rowland, David

Rowland, David

Rutledge, Mildred

Scaletta, Doris

Scott, Virginia

Shannon, Billy

Sheridan, Norma    Mary Norma Sheridan was born September 28, 1926, and died December 1, 2010.    Mary Norma Sheridan Caputo Obituary

Siratt, Imogene

Smith, Bettie Mildred

Smith, Bettie Mildred

Smith, Betty Lou

Smith, Dorothy

Smith, Kathryn Ann

Smith, Patsy

Smith, Sibble

Sparks, Myrl Ruth

Sparling, Jerry

Spriggs, Betty

Stauder, Richard

Stovall, Frances

Stover, Betty Jo

Strachan, Jimmie

Stute, Peggy

Sullivan, Herbert

Talley, John

Tapp, John

Teed, Ralph

Thomas, Allen

Thornton, Neil

Tiffany, Bonnie

Tillman, Carl

Tisdale, Juanita

Tracy, Ernest

Troutman, Jean

Tucker, Jimmy

Uzick, Betty

Wall, Kenneth

Waren [Warren?], Jack

White, Wilfred

Williamson, Robert

Winkler, Evelyn

Woolston, Hubert

Worden, Ethelia Ann Campbell

Young, Dorothy

Young, Nina Jean

The following were not included in the yearbook, but information from other sources states they were a member of this class