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Hot Springs High School 1934
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the pages with photographs that have names If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information

Alexander, Lois

Alexander, Lois

Alexander, Lois

Alford, Arcile

Allison, Lora    Lora Allison Ross was born June 15, 1916, in Hot Springs and died December 12, 2001, and is buried in Rose Hedge Cemetery in Gurdon, Arkansas.

Appler, Sue Dell

Armenia, Roy


Arnold, Joe

Arnold, Tom

Arnold, Tom

Atchley, Edna

Atkinson, Billy Bob

Bailey, Edith

Bailey, Edna

Baker, Venoy

Balesh, Marguerite

Balesh, Marguerite

Bearden, Myers

Becton, Virginia Anne

Bell, Curtis Harmon   Mr. Bell was born September 6, 1915, and died August 23, 1987, and is buried in Crestview Cemetery in Hot Springs.

Biggs, Evelyn

Biles, Loyce

Bischof, Hedwig

Boll, E R

Boll, Reva

Boll, Reva

Borman, Robert

Bowe, Elizabeth

Bowe, Elizabeth

Bowe, Elizabeth

Braughton, La Verne


Brooks, Johnny

Brown, I G

Brown, Leonard

Brown, Percy James Carlyle

Buchanan, Edith

Burch, Bernice

Burgess, Leonard

Burgess, Mary Louise

Burke, Mrs D W

Burks, Marjorie

Burton, Marjorie


Byrd, Jimmy

Byrd, Jimmy

Byrd, Jimmy

Byrd, Jimmy

Byrd, Jimmy

Byrum, Winifred

Campbell, Aline

Canaday, Helen

Canaday, Henry

Canaday, Henry

Canaday, Henry

Carlson, Arthur

Carpenter, Harmon

Cass, Gladys

Castleberry, Ollie

Chapman, Lois

Chitwood, Mrs. R A

Chitwood, Russell

Chitwood, Wayne

Clark, Dorothy

Clifton, Mary

Connell, Jessie

Connell, Mrs W H

Connelly, Nell Jean

Corbin, Pauline

Cotham, Margaret

Cox, Walter

Craig, Myrtle

Cumiskey, J C

Dale, Sanford

Dallas, Ada Virginia

Danuser, Roy

Darr, Dorothy

Davis, Ernest

Davis, Olga R

Deaton Carl

Deaton, Carl

Demby, W P

Disheroon, Johnnie May

Disheroon, Ralph

Disheroon, Ralph

Disheroon, Ralph

Dodson, John Walter

Dollarhide, Joseph Raney

Donaldson, R C

Dunaway, Margaret

Dunaway, Margaret

Edwards, Cephas

Edwards, Elizabeth

Edwards, Rebecca

Ellenbrook, Lorraine

Ellis, Edna

Ellis, Edna

Ellis, Edna

Ellis, Hillery

Ellis, Hillery

Ellis, Leo

Ellis, Leo "Tige"

Ellis, Leonard

Ellis, Leonard Richard

Ellison, Cecilia

Ellison, Cecilia

Elwell, Saphronia May

Embree, Geneva

Embree, Geneva

Evans, Virginia


Feazell, Paul

Feazell, Paul

Feazell, Paul

Feazell, Paul Warren Jr

Finch, Dorothy

Forrest, Mrs T F

Forrest, Mrs T F

Fotioo, Lillian Evangeline    Lillian was born March 7, 1917, and died May 28, 2013.    Lillian Fotioo Obituary

Fowler, Charles

Fox, A C

Fox, Mary Edith

Frink, Lulu Edna

Fuller, Gilliam

Gardner, Dean

George, Frances

Geurin, Helen

Gibbs, Nadine

Gilliam, Clinton

Gillian, Laura

Gladson, Camille

Glasgow, Joe Bob

Godwin, Laverne

Godwin, Tullis

Greene, Wilbur

Greene, Wilbur

Groom, Barton

Groom, Barton

Groom, Barton

Hale, Edna Kate

Haley, H H

Haley, Harvey H

Hand, Morris

Hankins, Sterling B

Harp, D C

Harrell, Stella    Stella Harrell married Stanley Stephens. She died April 14, 1984.

Harrell, Stella

Harris, Alvin Hugh

Harris, Marjorie

Harris, Marjorie

Harrison, Modine

Hawkins, Donald

Heard, Almereta

Heller, Martha

Heller, Martha

Heller, Martha Carolyn

Henderson, Harold Monroe

Henderson, Juanita

Hendrick, Max Jr

Hickerson, Clyde

Holiman, Lois


Hopson, Norween

Hotchkiss, Elsie

Houghton, Ralph

Hoxie, Edward Martin

Hoxie, Ted


Hughes, L D

Jackson, Almeda

Jackson, Dewell

Jacobs, Hazel

Jefferson, Geneva

Jefferson, Tom

Jennings, Lois

Jester, Kathleen

Johns, Robert

Johnson, Dorothea

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Margaret

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Walter

Jones, Arline

Jones, Arline

Jones, Earl

Jones, Glynn

Jones, Glynn

Jones, Glynn

Kallsnick, Maurice

Kellar, Ruth

Kellsnick, Maurice

Kieferle, Arline

Kilgore, Hettie

King, C M

King, Cyrus M    He was born August 28, 1900, and died March 14, 1991. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs.

King, Mrs C M

Knox, Charlotte

Knox, Martha

La Masney, Marion

Langley, Katherine    Katherine Langley was born November 8, 1916, and died March 13, 2012. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Hot Springs.    Katherine Langley Longinotti Obituary

Lawson, G G

Leatherman, James

Leatherman, James

Leatherman, James Wilson

Leatherman, Jim

Leeper, Martha Jean

Levinger, Olivia

Lewis, M C

Lilly, Polly

Livingston, Jake

Lockwood, Bernice

Longinotti, Edward

Longinotti, Paul

Longinotti, Paul

Lorish, Henry

Lovell, Kenneth

Lovell, Kenneth

Lovell, Kenneth

Lowry, Jean

Loyd, Othel Anna

Lucas, Johnny

Lund, Nick

Lynch, Hazel

McCrory, Una

McGhee, Burna Dale

McGrew, Doris

McGue, Fred

McGuire, Bonny

McMinn, Elsie

Mann, Bonny

Mann, Jack

Mann, Theodoise

Martin, Jeanette

Massey, Mary Jane

Mathews, Raymond C   

Miles, Jacqueline

Milliorn, Reniece Katherine

Mitchell, Orval

Montgomery, Hilda

Moore, Jewel

Moore, Jewel

Morris, Anne

Morris, Richard

Morris, Richard Gannt Jr

Moye, Virginia

Murphy, George

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Margaret Mayo

Murphy, Mary Ruth

Murphy, Mary Ruth

Murphy, Mary Ruth

Neighbors, Glen

Nelson, Vera

Nichols, J W

Nims, Virgil    born May 29, 1913, and died March 22, 1936; buried at Greenwood Cem, Hot Springs

Nunneman, Martha

O'Hagen, Mary


Owens, Sam

Parker, Floyd

Parker, Floyd

Parvin, Bernice Margaret

Pate, Martha

Paul, Earl

Paul, Earl Wilson

Pearcy, Aleene

Pearcy, Cecil Hugh

Perry, Mervin E

Peterson, Millie

Peterson, Mollie

Petty, Frank

Phenix, Billie Mae

Phillips, Billy Ann

Phillips, Carl

Pickett, Miss

Pitney, Stanton

Pittman, Adaleigh Marie

Pittman, Henry

Pittman, Paul

Pittman, Paul

Plemmons, Mary Francis

Plemmons, Mary Francis

Ponder, Mary Elizabeth

Pool, Marian

Price, Katherine

Price, Katherine

Price, Katherine Elizabeth

Pride, Mary

Puryear, Margaret

Rapier, Grady

Rhine, A B

Ricks, Ruth

Ridgeway, Jack E

Rigsby, Ruth

Riles, Topaz

Riles, Topaz

Riley, James

Robbins, Merritt


Rowland, Joyce

Rudolph, Mildred

Russ, Fannie

Russ, Fannie

Russ, Fannie

Rutherford, Tracy

Ryan, Margaret

Sammons, Mr.

Sammons, V E    born January 24, 1892, and died November 4, 1969; buried at Greenwood Cem, Hot Springs

Sammons, V E

Scarborough, Elizabeth

Schrantz, G W

Schrantz, G W

Schrantz, G W

Scudder, Grace

Sellers, Margaret

Shults, Iris

Simpson, Gloria

Sims, Thelma

Smith, Betty

Smith, Clayton

Smith, Hazel

Smith, Mary E

Smith, Nancy Margaret

Smith, Melba Loraine

Soice, Mary

Souda, Emil

Stall, Hester

Stall, Hester

Stall, Hester

Steigler, Charles

Steigler, Charles Dudley

Stranburg, Mamie Ruth

Stueart, Frances Elizabeth

Talley, Brownie

Talley, Mable Truth

Teague, J E

Thomas, Jess

Thomas, Jess B

Thomas, Jesse

Thomas, Jesse

Thomas, Jesse B


Tillman, Arno

Tillman, Arno

Tillman, Arno

Tisdale, Wayne

Trammell, Kenneth Earl

Trammel, Robert Morris

Trussell, Raymond


Turner, Pete

Turner, Willis

Turner, Willis

Turner, Willis

Turner, Willis Van Beuren

Vandevier, Zella

Wade, King

Walker, Hattie

Walker, Helen

Wallace, Portia

Waller, Molly

Warwick, Margaret

Watson, Ernest

Weil, Sam

Wenger, Audrey

Wepfer, Margaret

Wepfer, Margaret

Wepfer, Margaret

Wepfer, Margaret Catherine

Wheatley, Helen Pearl

Wheatley, Pearl

White, Joyce

Wilkins, Billy Joe

Williams, M J

Williamson, Billy

Wilson, Margaret

Wilson, Mary Jo

Wingo, Carolyn

Woodcock, Alfred

Woodcock, Jane

Woodland, Margaret

Woods, Henry

Woods, Henry

Woodson, Wallace

Wooldridge, Robert    Born December 3, 1915, and died April 18, 1969; buried at Greenwood Cem, Hot Springs

Yarborough, Sarah

Young, Ernest

Young, Franklin

Young, Hazel

Young, Mildred

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