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Located at the corner of Shady Grove Road and Hollywood

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.48560, Longitude: -93.04390

Hollywood Cemetery Hot Springs Arkansas

This is a partial listing of the tombstones found in Hollywood Cemetery and are shown in alphabetical order. A book, published by the Garland County Historical Society, may be purchased showing the burials in order. It is believed the earliest marked grave was in 1845, but a marker cannot be found in the cemetery for that burial.

The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let Patti know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Hollywood Cemetery family tree

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Deceased Name Closeup
or double
Dates Veteran Information Notes
Allen, Clarence W.   05/20/1915-08/31/1993  
Allen, Robert M.     Co. M 1 Ky Inf. Sp. Am. War
Allen, Ruby F.   07/13/1916-10/06/1993  
Bousman, Jack   1906-1941  
Bousman, Naomi   1915-1937  
Bousman, Ruth   1909-1964  
Bousman, Thomas   1913-1989  
Castle, Walter Martin   11/26/1893-11/14/1972    
Coons, Effie Bass   1880-1940    
Cooper, Edward Perry   07/15/1963-02/06/2010    
Cooper, Elizabeth Minton "Libby"   01/17/1996-02/06/2010    
Cooper, Mary Catherine "Catie"   09/24/1993-02/06/2010    
Corrington, Cora Gardner 3 closeup 1872-1944  
Corrington, Forrest Bedford 3 closeup 06/02/1909-03/31/2002  
Corrington, Owen B. 3 closeup 1867-1938  
Corrington, Willie Blanche 3 closeup 02/15/1906-12/29/1981  
Corrington Plot 3      
Davis, Allen P. closeup 10/31/1862-12/11/1896    
Davis, Elisebeth A. closeup 02/18/1830-10/16/1883   Born in Franklin, Tennissee; died in Texarkana, Ark.
Davis, William closeup 05/12/1816-05/04/1875   Born in Franklin Co, N.C.; died in Hot Springs, Ark.
Dicus, Ernestine Tanner   10/23/1929-01/17/1984    
Dicus, Eric L. 1 closeup 09/13/1930-07/02/1997 PFC US Army Korea  
Dicus, Greta Joy 1   11/23/1939-08/30/2006   United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Dicus, J. Carle Sr. 1   11/12/1907-08/13/1998    
Dicus, Jesse Carle Jr.   02/14/1929-06/05/1981 Major US Army Korea  
Dicus, Nancy C. 1 closeup 10/15/1935-02/21/2010    
Dicus, Rhada Pauline Castle   03/21/1908-07/09/1989    
Fisher, Lucille Corrington 3   06/20/1903-11/26/1931  
French, Baby Boy   -1940    
French, Edward C.   1920-1940  
French, Roy V.   1882-1940  
French, Ruby Bass   1900-1940  
Gardner, Albert 3      
Gardner, Robert 3   1874-1928  
Jordan, Donnie Leona J T Jordan Lot 11/15/1861-07/22/1916   Wife of J. W. Jordan
Jordan, Eda Ethel   03/07/1901-06/29/1978  
Jordan, Fannie G.   01/03/1857-08/14/1913  
Jordan, J. T.   07/23/1856-05/23/1936    
Jordan, J. T. Lot        
Jordan, John A. closeup 10/12/1890-03/01/1911  
Jordan, John W. J T Jordan Lot 02/14/1861-08/24/1928    
Jordan, Margaret E. J T Jordan Lot 05/17/1866-04/14/1962    
Jordan, Seaborn   01/20/1858-07/17/1927  
Jordan, Thomas D.   Died 04/22/1943 Arkansas CPL 154 Inf. 39 Div.
Jordan, William E.   10/19/1893-03/27/1973 Arkansas PVT US Army World War I
Jordan, William W. "Bill" 1   03/26/1954-03/20/2006    
Lewis, W.   01/26/1870-05/14/1914    
McCabe, Mrs. N. P.   05/31/1797-03/21/1880   Wife of W. P. McCabe
McDonald, John D.   12/07/1911-12/16/2002  
McDonald, Willie Mae 1   12/19/1923-04/18/2011  
Merritt, Helen Melrose 1 Merritt Plot 11/15/1868-06/26/1951  
Merritt, Lyman Roy Merritt Plot 06/06/1888-03/30/1947 Arkansas CPL. 128 Engrs. World War I
Merritt, M. C. Merritt Plot 12/18/1854-12/26/1926  
Merritt, Robert Pratt Merritt Plot 05/08/1863-05/30/1948  
Moore, Charles G. closeup 01/01/1868-02/03/1908  
Moore, Mary A. 4 footstone 1873-1908  
Morehead, Clara closeup 02/25/1877-08/05/1896   Wife of Bennie Morehead
Morehead, Infant   Died 1 mo. 3 wks   Name may be William
Morehead, Marnette   01/31/1899-02/18/1900   Daughter of W. W. and Madge Morehead
Morehead, Mattie A. closeup 12/13/1853-03/01/1902   A Wife of B. F. Morehead
Morehead, Myrtie   09/14/1894-12/29/1898   Daughter of S. A. and J. M. Morehead
Parvin, Charles C. Parvin Plot 1867-1956  
Parvin, Ethel Gaither Parvin Plot 1871-1947  
Parvin, Mary Kalb Parvin Plot 1836-1914  
Parvin, Thomas T. Parvin Plot 1839-1912  
Price, Ethel Lee closeup 02/15/1889-05/23/1979    
Price, Gordan J. closeup 04/17/1887-02/26/1924    
Princehouse, L. W.   1887-1974    
Princehouse, Lona M.   1874-1956    
Scott, Laura Gardner 3      
Simpson, Mattie M. closeup 09/03/1886-12/01/1916   Wife of Gordon Simpson
Unknown, Reed 5 another view Died 02/23/1903; aged 47 years    
Wootten, Middleton Lane II   07/04/1915-10/07/1983    
Wray, Fred W.   01/26/1911-02/28/1958 Arkansas CPL 379 Bomb Gp AAF World War II
Wray, Guy R.   07/29/1884-01/01/1927  
Wray, Mina Lavinia   07/06/1887-01/12/1975  


1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.

2  From obituary

3  Buried in the Corrington Plot, Section 23

4  Marker only has name of Mother and is next to Charles G. Moore. City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Death Records, 1896-1917 shows Mary A. Moore died June 30, 1908, at 34 years of age and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery. Footstone reads "M.A.M."

5  Hollywood CemeteryTombstone Inscriptions 2002, compiled by Gail Ashbrook, shows last name as Vandenburg. trees that use our photographs

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