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Page 2 of Happy Hollow photographs.  Please be sure to look at Page 1

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Clemons, Young, Baldwin, Kelly, Howard.


Ragsdale Family.

From left are Louie Clemons, Otis Young, Roscoe Baldwin, Buster Clemons, Roscoe Kelly, Lawrence Howard.  Photo courtesy of Jim Johnson Unknown.  Photo courtesy of Jim Johnson Ragsdale Family.  Courtesy of Roberta Ragsdale Wallace

Ruby Thomason Keith.

Keith photo.

Roberts family.

Ruby Jane Thomason Keith about 1945.  Ruby was married to Marvin Edgar Keith.  Photo courtesy of Alice Keith Collier and Blanche Keith Broadbent Millard, Blanche, and Alice Keith about 1945.  Photo courtesy of Alice Keith Collier This photo was in the possession of Patti Vance Hays and was of the Roberts family (not certain who is whom).    (The Bradfield and Templeton families also have a copy of this photo.) Photo courtesy of  Patti Vance Hays

Brock Family.

Gould, Wilson, Spencer.

Wilson and Spencer.

This photo is believed to have been taken at Happy Hollow when the Brock family went on vacation to Hot Springs.
George LaFayette Brock born 22 June 1875 died 7 April 1954; his wife Monnie Decker Brock born 21 June 1892 died December 1979; Minnie Isabelle Brock born 25 March 1891 died October 1979; Minnie's husband Marion Oscar Brock born 29 September 1890 died 21 October 1969--all died in Alabama.  Photo courtesy of Betty Felton
Second from left is Stella (Gould) Wilson; fourth is Lenora (Wilson) Spencer (in striped dress); and the little boy on the end is Roy Wilson.  Courtesy of Carol Morgan Pace Far left (on donkey) is Elsworth Lee Wilson, father of Lenora Wilson Spencer.  Other two men are unknown.  Courtesy of Carol Morgan Pace

Wilson and Gould.

Clarence and Lenora Spencer.


Name of the Indian is unknown; Alpha Wilson, Lenora Wilson, Elsworth Lee Wilson, Stella Gould Wilson and Alpheus Gould (Stella's mother).  Courtesy of Carol Morgan Pace Clarence and Lenora Spencer with friends.  Courtesy of Carol Morgan Pace Photo includes a lady named Vera taken in 1911.  Submitted by Debra Slater Garner

Steuart, Clevenger, Abernathy.

Miles, Stranburg, Abernathy.

Luther Steuart and Jack Clevenger.

Christine Stranburg Steuart, Jack Clevenger, W. Luther Steuart, Mamie Ruth Stranburg Abernathy taken 23 August 1942.  Courtesy of Mamie Ruth Abernathy Daisy Miles, Lillie M. Stranburg, Docia Miles Patterson; in cart are Mamie Ruth Stranburg and Christine Stranburg taken in 1923.  Courtesy of Mamie Ruth Abernathy Luther Steuart and Jack Clevenger taken 23 August 1942.  Courtesy of Mamie Ruth Abernathy

Cairon Cloud Thomas.

Tom and Alma Watts Foster.

Raymond Harris, Arma Elliott, Birge Chenault.

Cairon "Cassie" Cloud Thomas born 1878 in Saline County, daughter of John Farmer Cloud.  Courtesy of Marlin Ray Wright Tom and Alma Watts Foster.  Tom was born in Prairie County, Arkansas, and moved to Haskell in Saline County in 1909.  Alma was born in the Mountain View Community of Saline County in 1904.  The couple married 3 July 1924.  Courtesy of Marlin Ray Wright Raymond Harris, pictured on the black stallion, was a son of Will and Rosa Warford Harris.  The gentleman in the middle is Arma Elliott who married Nolia Harris, a daughter of Will and Rosa.  The other gentleman is Birge Chenault, uncle of the submitter Don Chenault.

Harper and Tackett.

Meek family.

Norval Finn Ziegler.

Standing behind are Jewel Harper, Ruth Tackett Harper, James Obed Harper.  Seated in the cart are Velma Lena Harper, Pearl Christina Harper, and Paul Abraham Harper.  Seated in the front of photo is Blanche Adeline Harper.  Courtesy of Mary Powell Booles Back row:  Richard Henderson Meek Charlie Meek.  Front row:  William H., Richard DeWitt, and Joseph Meek.  Richard Henderson was the father of the four men.  Courtesy of Joe George Norval Finn "Fin" Ziegler and ladies (unknown).  Fin was the son of Robert and Evaline Norman Ziegler and the husband of Gladys Riley.  He was born 25 November 1897 and died 25 September 1950 and is buried in Old Rosemont Cemetery, Benton, Arkansas.  Courtesy of his son Norval Ziegler, Jr

Carrie Owens



All we know about this photo is that the name Carrie Owens is handwritten on the board.  Courtesy of Bonnie Miller These are Allees from Houston County, Texas. Their ancestors were from Saline, Hot Springs and Pulaski counties in Arkansas. I can only assume these Texas Allees were on vacation to visit with their Arkansas Allee relatives. The pioneer ancestor was Isaac Allee who was granted land in Pulaski county on October 11, 1839. Isaac’s brother Abraham also settled in Pulaski county during that time. These are the descendants of Isaac’s son, either William Milas, Thomas or Anderson Allee. I don’t have their names, but I am working on that. If anyone recognizes these people, please contact me at [email protected] Same as previous photo with girls in wagon driven by pony.  Submitted by Jeff Hennesy

Seiz family about 1915-1916.

Dr John Fletcher, Dr B A Fletcher, Dr Tom Fletcher.

W G Stockton, Sr.

(1) Vera Hinkle-seated in doorway; (2) Ruby Seiz-in window left of doorway; (3) Dorothy Seiz-in window left of doorway; (4) Sweet Hinkle-seated left of doorway; (5) Bill Seiz-standing in doorway; (6) Irene Wuellner-in window right of doorway; (7) Veronic Wuellner-seated right of doorway; (8) Ruby Oaks-seated right of doorway.  Photo courtesy of Caroline Seiz Campbell It is believed that this photograph was taken at Happy Hollow between 1885-1890.  On the front seat with the driver is Dr. John P. Fletcher of Lonoke.  From left to right on the second seat are Dr. Tom Fletcher of Lonoke; Mamie Kittrell; Mrs. Mollie Rottman.  From left to right on the third seat are Mrs. Sallie Mason; Mrs. Rufus "Mollie" Stamps; Mary Ferguson O'Neal; On the rear seat are Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Fletcher with their baby daughter Mary Agnes Long.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jenny Lynn Kittrell Holmes This is W. G. Stockton, Sr., who was born in Scottsboro, Alabama, moved to Ozark, Arkansas.  He was an attorney, then a County Judge in Franklin County, Arkansas,  before moving to McAlister, Oklahoma.  Photo courtesy of his granddaughter Molly Graham Welch

Martha Dyson and Eli Jernigan.

Marion and Henderson Perry

John Lonsdale, Charles Ingersoll, Francis Bond, Francis Gowen

The people to the far left are unknown.  Next is Martha Jane Jernigan Dyson and her brother Eli Jernigan.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dyson's great-grandson Ted Crosby Marion Perry, Jr. and his brother, Henderson T. Perry, taken in 1896 at Happy Hollow. Photo courtesy of A'Lelia Bundles, granddaughter of Marion Perry Along the Choctaw Route"; l to r: Charles Edward Ingersoll, John G. Lonsdale, Vice President Little Rock and Hot Springs Western R.R.; Francis E. Bond, Francis I. Gowen, President Choctaw Oklahoma and Gulf R.R. (c 1899). Photo courtesy of Perry Benson, Jr.

Lonsdale, Ingersoll, Gowen, Bond

Micheal John Murphy

Micheal Murphy on mule

l to r: Francis I. Gowen, Charles Edward Ingersoll, John G. Lonsdale, Francis E. Bond, unknown man dressed in American Indian costume (c 1899). Photo courtesy of Perry Benson, Jr. (These photos include some of the most influential men of their time in the railroad industry.) Micheal John Murphy with foot on rock. Photo courtesy of Lynn and Mary E. Murphy-Hoffman Micheal John Murphy, far left, on mule. Photo courtesy of Lynn and Mary E. Murphy-Hoffman

Robert E Elliott Sr.

Robert E Elliott Sr.

Red Sox Baseball Players in 1912

Robert Eugene Elliott, Sr. Photo courtesy of his son, Quinn Elliott Robert Eugene Elliott, Sr. Photo courtesy of his son, Quinn Elliott These were three players from the Red Sox Baseball Team while spring training in Hot Springs in 1912. Photo courtesy of Harley Bone

Bob Westbrook and Burle William White

Blanche Taylor of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Blanche Taylor

Robert "Bob" Westbrook and Burle William White in about 1910. Both men were from Haskell. Photo courtesy of Glenda Henry Jenkins The woman on far right is Blanche Taylor, daughter of Thad Taylor who built and owned the Taylor House on Park Avenue. The other people in the photograph are unknown. Photo courtesy of her nephew, Harley Bone This photo was purchased at an antique store in Gering, Nebraska. The woman's name is shown as being Blanche Taylor. Is she the same Blanche Taylor as the one to the left. Photo courtesy of Jim Headley, publisher and founder of Gering Citizen, Gering, Nebraska

Sam Hall, Selma Oliver Hall, and Don Hall

Selma Oliver

Erlene Echols

Francis Eugene and Selma Oliver Hall with Dan Hall. All three are buried in Morning Star Cemetery, Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of Sam Hall Double photo of Selma Elizabeth Oliver Hall Waddell, daughter of John and Sarah Nobles Oliver. Photo courtesy of Sam Hall Erlene other information available. Photo courtesy of Sam Hall

Bill Oliver

Elbert Terry, Frank Graves, Larry Oliver

Jake Parker family

Bill Oliver. This may be William Louis Oliver, son of John and Sarah Nobles Oliver. Photo courtesy of Sam Hall Elbert Terry, son of Edna Cora Oliver and Orten Hammer Terry; Frank Graves, son of Martha Elizabeth Terry and Abraham Nicholas Graves; and Larry Oliver. From the Michael Hall photograph collection Jake and Eula Branch Parker family: Jake Parker, Eula Branch Parker, Virginia, James, baby Alford "Pook," Mike, and George. Jake and Eula are grandparents of Judy Livingston Thompson