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John, Johnnie, Ova Lammers

Christ, John, Ova Lammers

Ova, John and Johnnie Lammers

Pictured is John Lammers (born 1901 in Iowa) at the “Arkansaw Traveler Hotel” with baby son Johnnie Lammers (born 1922, Arkansas), and wife Ova Nomia Montgomery Lammers (born 902, Texas). Probably taken around 1923. Photo courtesy of Shanna Lammers Pictured on bull is “Uncle” Christ Lammers (born 1864 in Germany), with nephew John Lammers (born 1901 in Iowa) and John’s wife, Ova Montgomery Lammers (born 1902 in Texas). This was probably taken in 1930s. Photo courtesy of Shanna Lammers Pictured at the “Saloon” are: Ova Nomia Montgomery Lammers (born 1902 in Texas), son, Johnnie Lammers ( born 1922), and John Lammers, Sr. ( born 1901 in Iowa). This photo was probably taken around 1930. Photo courtesy of Shanna Lammers

Norman McLeod

John, Johnnie and Ova Montgomery Lammers.

Mary Shugre Hartshorn, Edgar Perez, Benneta Hartshorn Perez

This postcard is of Norman McLeod, captioned "Famous artist of Happy Hollow," pictured with his camera. It was bought on a trip to Happy Hollow by John Lammers, his wife Ova Montgomery Lammers, and son Johnnie Lammers. Photo courtesy of Shanna Lammers John Lammers (born 1901 in Iowa) with baby Johnnie Lammers (born 1922 in Arkansas) and wife Ova Nomia Montgomery Lammers (born 1902 in Texas) in front of the “Arkansaw Traveler Hotel." This one is probably from around 1922 as Johnnie is a young baby. Photo courtesy of Shanna Lammers The lady in black is Mary Shugrue Hartshorn. The other two people in the photograph are unknown. Her daughter was Benetta Hartshorn who married Edgar J. Perez in New Orleans. Photo courtesy of Ann Perez

Vay Bashor Sargo and Burton Sargo

Mac Leavitt

Mac Leavitt

Vay Bashor Sargo and her son Burton Sargo. Photo courtesy of Jan Sargo Thomason Maurice "Mac" Leavitt of Chicago, Illinois, about 1946, the year of his death. Each photo is a "double-image" of Mac (he's shaking his own hand/he's pushing himself in the wheelbarrow). Also, he hand wrote and signed the caption below the Jack's Saloon photo. Courtesy of his great-granddaughter, Alisa Leavitt Maurice "Mac" Leavitt of Chicago, Illinois, about 1946. Mac, a venture capitalist, would visit Hot Springs while on business in Oklahoma City. He was born around 1884, most likely in Russia, and spent his childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Courtesy of his great-granddaughter, Alisa Leavitt

James Anderson

Mamie Tate Vann, David S Tate, Henry Brown Vann, Robert Doyle Vann.

Rachel McClure, Lydia McClure, Fronia McClure

The girl on the donkey is Wanda Anderson Soper. The man on the wagon is her father, James Alvin Anderson. The other people are unidentified. Wanda Anderson Soper died 10 September 1999 in New York. She was born 31 March 1925 in Hot Springs. James A. Anderson was born in Arkansas 17 November 1895 and died in Hot Springs 23 February 1954. Courtesy of Mr. Anderson's daughter-in-law, Carol Childs Happy Hollow in the late 19 teens. Mamie Tate Vann, her father David S. Vann, her husband Henry Brown Vann, and Mamie and Henry's grandson, Robert Doyle Vann on the stuffed donkey. Photo courtesy of Robert Vann Left to right: Rachel McClure (on ox) with sisters Lydia McClure and Fronia McClure. (Their mother's maiden name was Eubanks.) The family relocated to Tacoma, Washington,  from the Missouri/Arkansas area shortly after this photo was taken. Rachel met her husband-to-be in Tacoma and died in childbirth in May of 1916 at age 19. Her daughter is my mother, Rachel. This would date the photo from 1913 to 1914. Photo courtesy of Dave Long, grandson of Rachel

Fred Akin, Walter Gates, John Gates, Button Akin, Tom Akin

William Henry Taphorn

Claire Moore

Left to right: Fred Akin, Walter Gates, John Gates (killed in auto accident at 22 years), Button Akin, Tom Akin. Photo courtesy of Jim Johnson
William Clemons Taphorn was born March 10, 1874, in Covington, Kentucky, and died November 17, 1941, in Covington. He served in the Spanish-American War. He is buried in the Mother of God Cemetery in Kenton County, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of his granddaughter, Evalyn Taphorn Hoskins
Claire Moore and unidentified young man. Claire was born January 7, 1898, and died January 3, 1973, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs. She married Dillon O. Sims. Photo courtesy of Claire's granddaughter, Margaret Sims Kuberka

William Fletcher Moore, Florien McKnight, Wallace Moore

Mary Adele Sims Percefull

Mary Adele Sims Percefull

Pictured from left to right are William Fletcher Moore (age 62 at time of photo), his granddaughter, Florien McKnight, and William’s son, Wallace Moore, Sr. William and Wallace traveled to Hot Springs from Heiberger, Alabama (near Marion). They were joined in Arkansas by Miss McKnight and her mother, Helen Virgilia McKnight who lived in Colfax, Louisiana. William’s health had begun to fail and his family encouraged him to visit and relax in the famous “cure-all” hot springs. This photo was taken on August 11, 1919. Photo courtesy of Gary Wallace Moore, William F. Moore's great-grandson Mary Adele Sims Percefull, daughter of Dillon Odell Sims and Claire Moore Sims. This photograph was probably taken in 1928. Photo courtesy of Margaret Sims Kuberka Mary Adele Sims Percefull was born February 26, 1920, and died February 20, 1994. She was a lieutenant in the United States Army during World War II as a registered nurse. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Margaret Sims Kuberka

Burkett Sims

Ernie Graham

Matt Byrnes, Jeanette Byrns, Matt Byrnes Jr, Jeannette Boughon Byrnes

The little boy on the right was Burkett Moore Sims; little boy on the left was his friend Herbie whose parents rented an apartment from Burkett's mother, Claire Moore Sims. The lady in the back was Lucille, the nanny for the Sims children. Photo courtesy of Margaret Sims Kuberka, daughter of Burkett Ernie Graham from Oceana, West Virginia. Photo courtesy of Christian Graham Matt Byrnes, jockey for August Belmont and trainer for Pierre Lorillard, James Ben Ali Haggin and Senator Marcus Daly, Jeannette Byrnes (Coleman), Matt Byrnes, Jr., and Jeannette Boughon Byrnes. Slate plank reads Happy Hollow, Hot Springs, Ark Jan 3d 1892. Photo courtesy of D. Coleman Bigbee

Elizabeth Brown and Thelma Smith

John Elles Nichols

Isaac Meyer, Agatha Kellar Meyer, Louis Newgass

Ann Elizabeth Brown and Thelma Smith. Elizabeth, born November 14, 1891, was a daughter of Amanda Jane McDowell and William Leander Brown. She never married. She died April 17, 1982, and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Oleta Nichols Bright John Ellis (spelled Elles on his tombstone) Nichols was born December 3, 1888, and was the husband of Minnie Alma Green. He died April 2, 1974, and is buried in Garden Grove Cemetery, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Photo courtesy of his granddaughter, Oleta Nichols Bright Right to left: Isaac "Ike" Meyer, his mother Agatha Kellar Meyer, and Louis Newgass, all of Kansas City, Missouri. (Note: Agatha is riding side saddle on the mule.) The photo was taken circa 1895. Ike Meyer was the head cattle buyer for Cudahy Packing Company in Kansas City and Omaha. Louis Newgass was the husband of the woman who inspired one of Kansas City's leading charitable organizations of the day: the Sophia Newgass Sewing Circle, which supplied garments to the needy poor of the city. Photo courtesy of Jerome M. "Jay" Levi, Ph.D., great-grandson of Isaac Meyer


Elmer Mahaffey

Sidney and Addie Mann

Unknown gentleman. Photo courtesy of Michael Kreuser Elmer Mahaffey, step-niece and son, David. Photo courtesy of Alice Anderson Sidney and Addie Mann with their children, Paul and Gertrude, about 1914. Photo courtesy of Julene Campbell

William M Porter

George and Jane Carey

Marjorie Kenneth Peers

William Marshall Porter standing next to a unknown gentleman who was most likely a fellow salesman or musician. Mr. Porter was a traveling salesman/singer and moved around the country. He was born 1852 in Tennessee and lived in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Alabama. Photo courtesy of Mr. Porter's great-grandson, Dave Montgomery Taken prior to fall of 1906 and probably several years earlier. Starting from left, #1 is George W Carey of Pike County, Illinois, born 1833, a Civil War veteran,; #2 his wife Jane Hoskins Carey [died 21 September 1906]; #9, second from right end is Mary Hoskins Hazelrigg of Pike County, Illinois, sister to Jane Hoskins Carey. Others in the photo are likely travelers happening to be there at the same time for the photo op. Penciled on back side of photo are: ____phine Langdon, MN [edge torn from photo card]; Mr. Brickell, Ohio; Mrs Brickell, Ohio; Mr. Walker, Missouri; Mrs Walker, Missouri; #10 [far right end] Miss Andrea _____, Minnesota. The Careys may have traveled to Hot Springs to take in therapeutic waters as Mrs. Carey had been an invalid and in a wheelchair for at least 10 years prior to her death, according to her obituary. Photo courtesy of Nancy Waller Thomas, and found in estate photos of Amy Carey Ruark [daughter of George and Jane Carey]. Marjorie Kenneth Peers, who was born 1898 in Gainesville, Texas, around 1902 - 1903. She married Merlin Mitchell, also of Gainesville, in 1917. Photo courtesy of her granddaughter, Terry Davis

Lillie Lindsay

Mrs. Lillie E. Hutson Lindsay was born December 19, 1876, and died February 14, 1915. The photograph was taken between 1910-1914. She is buried in Tomberlin Cemetery in Lonoke County, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Jane Cushing