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Fifth and Greenwood Streets
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Greenwood Map.

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.49448, Longitude: -93.06650

Greenwood Cemetery is divided into five pages:
Page 1:  Block 18, 19, 17, 16, Old Triangle, 30, 15, 13, 14, 22, 20, 21, 23, 29, 28, Lawn Block
Page 2:  Old Circle, 8, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 11, 12, Garden of Peace, 4, 3, New Circle (H, E)
Page 3:  Q, R, T, F, 7, 7 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, Garden of Angels, P
Page 4:  A Annex, A, L, Greenwood Mausoleum-Columbarium, C
Page 5:  Block D
Page 6:  25, G Annex, G, Garden of Rest, Garden of Devotion Annex, Garden of Devotion, Sunset Gardens

This is a partial listing only. Patti Vance Hays has begun to take photographs of the tombstones at Greenwood Cemetery.  If anyone wants the tombstone photograph emailed to them, please email her, and she will be happy to provide it to you as long as you are using it for personal use and not for profit.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let the webmaster know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Greenwood Cemetery family tree

Please click on the photograph icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

If any of the links do not work properly, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a book of the tombstone readings in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County Historical Society has published such a book.  At times, we have been following this book's listing as to the location of the stones.  In all cases, however, the stones have been read by Patti Vance Hays (as of 26 January 2015).  We have attempted to make this information as correct as possible.  If you see an error, please email!

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

BLOCK D (Also included American Legion Section)  this section is very hard to find the graves in.  If you are planning on visiting the cemetery to find a particular grave in this section, it is suggested that you obtain the above book published by the Garland County Historical Society.

There is a large memorial for Lt. Paul James Riley in this block.  He is not actually buried here. 
Riley, Paul James   1913 - 06/04/1942   Dedicated to the memory of Lt. Paul James Riley United States Navy killed 4 June 1942 Battle of Midway Awarded the Navy Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross.  Another stone says:  Lieutenant Paul James Riley 1913-1942 was a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, class of 1937.  After two years at sea, Lt Riley took flight training at the Pensacola Naval Base.  Upon graduation he was ordered to the Pacific Fleet.  On June 4, 1942, flying in Torpedo Squadron Six in the Battle of Midway, Lt Riley was lost.  His body was never found.  For his feats of heroism, the Navy named a ship USS Riley (579) DE in his honor.

Row 1
Jenkins, Ora H   Ark Pvt

Wilkerson, Abner M   03/05/1897-09/20/1950   Arkansas Pvt 311 Infantry WWII

Courtney, William P   10/23/1936   [that is date of death]  Arkansas Pvt 1 Ark Inf NG

Pfenninger, Arthur Edward   09/16/1885-03/25/1947   Pennsylvania MSgt Air Corps

Scott, Abner   03/20/1931 [that is date of death]   Missouri Corp 139 Inf 35 Div

Argiro, Ernest S   08/13/1929 [that is date of death]   Alabama Cook Q.M. Corps

Bartgis, Claude G   03/12/1887-06/30/1943   Kansas 1st Sgt Inf WWI

Davenport, Charles W   03/21/1926 [do not know if that is date of birth or date of death]   South Carolina Pvt 35 Inf

Thompson, Murray G   05/19/1943 [that is date of death]   Ark Pvt 1 Cl US Army

Lawrence, Richard L   05/14/1925 [that is date of death]   Ark Lieut 307 Labor Batt'n

Maimona, Thomas P   03/03/1941 [that is date of death]   New Jersey Pvt 153 Depot Brig

Garen, Thomas S   09/08/1877-10/29/1944   US Navy Sp Am War

Hendricks, Clarence W   03/28/1878-03/13/1944   Texas Pvt 38 US Vol Inf

Corcoran, Edward   02/17/1943 [that is date of death]   New York Pvt 14 Inf

Haddock, Frank   died 12/02/1944   Pvt Co G 32 Reg Inf

Manning, Wm.   1877-06/23/1939   US Marine Corps

Jennings, Wade   Co K 1 Texas Inf Sp Am War

Murphy, Vincent Lee   12/31/1879-10/15/1956   Arkansas SFC Co D 52 Telegraph Bn WWI

West, Sm.   12/17/1941 [that is date of death]   Spanish American Vet

Davis, Guy P   Co C 1 S Dak Inf Sp Am War

Brown, Mason P   10/29/1875-10/10/1956   Co L 3rd Reg

Russell, Frank M   Co I 4 Texas Inf Sp Am War

Page, Mellie P   02/17/1885-08/01/1972

Page, Walter E   Private Company A 2 Ark Vol Inf

Pomranky, Alice F (wife of John Pomranky)

Pomranky, John   12/03/1853-10/11/1935   Corp Co I 1 La Inf Sp Am War

Harris, Craig   Co F 3 Miss Inf Sp Am War

Lindeberg, Emily (wife of Charles Lindeberg)   1872-05/07/1949

Lindeberg, Charles Swanson   04/27/1872-07/16/1944   Connecticut Chief Mach. Mate US Navy

Lyons, William   06/08/1883-06/06/1957   Maryland 1st Sgt Co I 22 Inf Sp Am War & WWI

Givens, John H    Wagoner 6 Mo Inf Sp Am War

Shields, George   Co M 5 US Arty Sp Am War

Huey, Miffin W   Btry A Pa Lt Arty Sp Am War

Atwood, Annie (wife of S. D. Atwood)   1877-10/16/1955

Atwood, Dick D   09/23/1878-12/16/1958   Co K 1 Regt Texas Inf Sp Am War

Walter, Anna Gray (wife of Ed Walter)   01/25/1886-07/31/1957

Walter, Edward   12/03/1879-10/19/1957   Co B 161 Ind Inf Sp Am War

Carroll, James   06/02/1874-01/17/1959   Mass Pvt Inf

Holiman, Zada J (wife of C. V. Holiman)   06/20/1887-04/20/1960

Long, Effie Mary   01/31/1892-06/22/1993
    Long, Jessie Clark   02/02/1880-12/12/1961

Bosson, Lucinda B   12/31/1872-09/05/1958

Bosson, Edward E   06/20/1871-09/30/1936

Bosson, Lula A   01/01/1901-01/04/1983

Smith, David Karl   01/27/1964-05/14/1999   Sp 4 US Army 2nd Ranger Bn

Smith, Alma Hazel   02/25/1903-06/01/1998
    Smith, Robert W "Bob"   12/19/1903-08/19/1970

Smith, Connie Mae   10/21/1881-02/19/1970

Smith, Ernest H   06/15/1885-08/27/1936

Bosson, Lottie L   12/08/1911-03/11/1996 1

Richardson, Katherine   09/21/1889-06/25/1936

Richardson, Lee R   10/24/1870-05/08/1943

Voigt, Mae C   12/03/1892-05/22/1965

Voigt, Ralph A M.D.   11/04/1894-11/07/1947

Young, John K M.D.   04/26/1880-11/06/1935

Reader, Martha Dodd   02/22/1921-12/30/1978

Dunson, Georgia Dodd   02/22/1921-06/25/1951

Dodd, Nora McDonald   10/08/1881-09/04/1931

Dodd, David J   08/24/1880-10/27/1939

Kilgore, Willis H   09/03/1914-06/25/2000

Kilgore, Violet Dodd   01/21/1913-08/31/1975

Gathelle, James W   08/23/1847-08/28/1927

Miller, Billy Bob   1921-1927

Rucker, Lee Roy   01/03/1915-11/22/1973   Arkansas PFC US Army WWII

Pool, Minnie B   10/23/1892-02/25/1987

Pool, Edwin I   10/20/1880-04/09/1954   Missouri Pvt Convalescent Center WWI

Murphy, Mildred Ruth   1891-1989
    Murphy, Andrew Jackson   1863-1939

Murphy, Grace May   1921-1924
    Murphy, Dr. George W   1919-1999

Rucker, Coye Mae   05/27/1915-08/19/1989

Herod, Charley O   04/16/1873-02/21/1924

Bumpas, Linnie Alice   07/03/1889-02/29/1968

King, Grace L   04/14/1914-09/05/1936

Willis, Fannie Belle   02/02/1877-10/26/1965

Goslee, Charles Smith   09/19/1884-02/29/1952

Sorrels, Dempsey J   02/02/1937-01/04/1993

Childers, Claybrook "Clay"   1887-1963
    Lister, Ann Moore   1926-2004
    Childers, Marie Chappell 1899  [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is buried here]

Chappell, Thelma C Moore   1898-1976
    Chappell, Guy DeWitt   1904-1930

Chappell, Margaret J   06/02/1838-02/23/1925

Chappell, Sidney Augustus   01/25/1871-04/14/1951
    Chappell, Julia Ann Hale   01/06/1880-08/06/1972

Chappell, Clifton H   06/11/1902-06/01/1915

Wheeler, John E    03/20/1937-
    Wheeler, Betty C    12/16/1938-08/08/2011

Dicus, Mollie   03/22/1870-07/31/1935

Dicus, A U   03/08/1869-04/20/1922

Ramoly, Chester C   09/24/1900-01/30/1973
    Ramoly, Sara M   12/07/1902-02/25/1986

Popow, Hawrylo   03/25/1901-08/01/1986   born in Ukraine

Gibbs, Clara N   08/15/1887-07/20/1958

Gibbs, Ira R   08/19/1875-02/26/1956

Gibbs, Fred R   03/18/1914-07/15/1942

Graham, F J   06/18/1889-11/13/1938

Gibbs, James Irvin   07/06/1913-07/14/1945

Gibbs, Anetha Louverne   10/20/1920-02/13/1922

Gibbs, Patricia R (infant daughter of Fred and Ruth Gibbs)  born and died 12/14/1939

Sorrels, Otto J   01/12/1912-06/29/1974

Gibbs, Vanin Carl   12/27/1892-09/29/1929

Gibbs, Lee Lanson   05/10/1895-07/07/1928

Gibbs, Cora D   06/25/1869-01/04/1941

Gibbs, James Ervin   10/27/1848-01/10/1926

Markham, Eugene A   07/02/1844-02/25/1922

Illegible, Rosa Ella    this stone is broken and unreadable

Casada, Lula C   09/21/1893   [no date of death so cannot be certain she is buried here]

Casada, James F   07/10/1884-06/17/1959

Mowery, Henry M   1854-1933

Mowery, Addie   1856-1922

Mowery, A L "Gus"   1888-1963

Mowery, Jim S   1850-1941

Andrews, Ruth Mowery   1916-1988

Oaks, John Benjamin   10/10/1893-03/28/1922   Co E 114 Engineers AEF

Hensley, Lula Jane   03/13/1885-09/03/1949

Hensley, Perry I   06/07/1875-06/04/1938

Coomber, Theresa   11/20/1896-06/18/1961

Coomber, Harold J   08/04/1895-02/26/1956

Coomber, Gladys M   10/16/1899-03/04/1986

Jackson, Howard R   03/01/1924-11/01/1948

Coomber, Henry J   12/14/1864-02/05/1957

Layton, Emily   1862-1923

Kempner, Roxana   06/24/1892-03/03/1923   wife of Ike Kempner

Kempner, Isaac   07/10/1883-11/07/1951   husband of Roxana Kempner

Downs, Alfred R   1853-1923   father of Frank B and Edmund R

Roberts, Elizabeth Jane   01/22/1928   [this is the only date seen--stone is in the ground deeply--cannot tell if this is date of birth or date of death]

Roberts, Foy Ferrell   09/17/1896-11/08/1951   Arkansas Cpl 621 QM Depot Co WWI and II

Williamson, P W   1858-1923

Boyd, Hattie   1879-1956

Boyd, John T   1867-1925

Ritter, Pearl Rose   02/20/1896-05/10/1973

Ritter, Sarah Boyd   03/16/1865-05/16/1937

Ritter, John Wade   08/29/1862-07/03/1936

Turner, J W   10/25/1859-11/10/1941

Turner, Madge E   01/08/1891-08/11/1976

Turner, James E   12/30/1892-05/21/1952

Turner, Mrs J W   08/03/1861-08/02/1927   [Rena Turner]

Turner, Louis A   03/30/1890-10/21/1938

Turner, Helen   08/11/1882-11/19/1965

Beavers, Osie   09/11/1894-06/18/1988
    Beavers, Allie J Sr   06/22/1889-10/20/1966

Beavers, Allie J Jr   04/18/1925-03/28/1927

Ellis, Clara C   08/29/1849-02/11/1935

Ellis, Arthur   07/21/1843-09/06/1927

Ellis, Henry Shepperd   09/06/1881-03/15/1949

North, Dorothy Ann   1897-1961

North, Gilbert H   12/13/1895-02/08/1959   Arkansas PFC Co B 16 Engineers WWI

Wells, Louise   04/27/1905-01/31/1928
    Wells, Ballus J   09/18/1900-12/23/1929

Bowman, Milton Berry Sr   1873-1933
    Bowman, Addie Baird   1876-1954

Laing, Belle S   1850-1927
    Bowman, Milton Berry III (infant)   09/22/1945

Sanders, Junia A   08/20/1895-02/16/1972
    Sanders, Nathan H   11/29/1888-04/25/1988

Flaugh, Harold B   1893-1952

Hassett, John Dennis   04/22/1858-10/19/1929

Moody, Mary Frances   04/07/1871-02/26/1952

Hassett, Paulina Jane   12/01/1912-05/14/1929

Wooldridge, Lois V Holiman   06/10/1917-10/15/2005
    Wooldridge, Robert A Jr   12/03/1915-04/18/1969   Arkansas S Sgt 1521 Base Unit AAF WWII

Wooldridge, Lethe E 'Goldie'   1888-1929

Wooldridge, Robert A   09/28/1879-04/04/1960

Ross, Viva Marue   05/24/1899-08/07/1984

Ross, Amy Caldwell   09/05/1878-06/12/1929

Ross, Joseph Daniel   01/27/1877-12/27/1949

Nichols, Irbie G   12/13/1878-08/26/1942
    Nichols, William H   10/14/1872-05/07/1962

Powell, Mary Addie   12/29/1884-02/18/1973

Powell, Charles Lewis   07/13/1877-05/04/1949

Sullivan, William Thaddeus (Reverend)   05/26/1858-09/22/1937
    Sullivan, Tennessee Virginia   09/18/1860-04/15/1932

Brown, Hazel N   11/08/1911   [no date of death shown]
    Brown, Roy L   12/21/1901-05/06/1971

Goldsby, Mable A   12/11/1880-11/12/1973

Jackson, Helen E   11/14/1901-10/24/1994

Jackson, L A   01/12/1903-07/10/1965

Jackson, Jimmie A   12/23/1932-01/16/1933
    Jackson, Jane Anne   12/23/1932-01/11/1933

Metge, Fred   07/12/1882-04/12/1947

Evans, Stella Harris   10/03/1887-06/18/1946

Hall, Mildred E   04/02/1908-11/17/1947

Hoffman, William H   04/11/1877-10/03/1946

Stein, Adolph J   1891-1972

Martin, Charles W (Dr.)   07/02/1872-05/05/1943

Martin, Pearl P   10/17/1868-10/28/1957

Collins, William E   01/09/1869-01/22/1944

Collins, Pearl Dodson   03/11/1888-01/05/1949

Mason, Janie   06/19/1888-12/07/1943

Tisdale, Enos Earl   08/11/1907-09/13/1944

Tisdale, Opal B   04/08/1910-08/15/2003

Akins, Rosa M   01/26/1896-11/14/1972

Plymale, Charles Voit Sr   09/29/1904-10/22/1944

Bayles, Selma I   10/05/1889-06/16/1944

Bayless, William C   02/27/1883-11/13/1959

Ratliff, Margaret A   1881-1945

Baughman, Joseph L   1885-1945

Kennedy, Nora M   11/10/1883-12/10/1959

Kennedy, Charley   03/02/1878-06/16/1944

Morgan, John   1855-1945   born in Wales

Humphries, Eliza Florence   04/22/1882-04/11/1948
    Humphries, Thomas Duke   05/26/1870-11/06/1945

Dodson, Lula Sinthia   09/24/1888-01/13/1946
    Dodson, Robert Lee   02/18/1883-03/08/1971

Reader, Billy Frank   10/11/1928-05/26/1980

Rice, Marimne Mary   04/25/1870-01/15/1946

Norman, Jewell Dodson   03/28/1913-04/08/1997

Birdwell, Mary Susie   12/23/1883-04/12/1955

Birdwell, R. Lee   08/21/1884-01/13/1946

Fiege, Delphine Emerson   1876-1946

Reese, Jennie M.   10/06/1887-04/23/1952

Reese, Ernest A.   06/07/1885-01/02/1946

Row 2
Thompson, Jesse Lee   10/14/1893-03/01/1952   Arkansas Cpl 7 Infantry 3 Division World War I

Lynas, Joseph R.   10/10/1886-08/27/1948   Missouri Sgt 409 Res Labor Bn QMC WWI

Lambert, Thomas L.   11/12/1894-04/18/1952   Missouri Sgt 56 Infantry 7 Division WWI

Moss, Bert   09/02/1886-07/07/1957   Iowa SFC US Army WWI

Burno, John H.   07/04/1881-02/07/1965   New York PFC US Marine Corps WWI

Matheson, Joseph P.   12/11/1882-05/29/1952   Arkansas Sgt MD WWI

Bozak, Martin William   08/25/1886-05/13/1952   Arkansas M Sgt MD WWI and WWII

Paulson, Adela L.   11/24/1900-05/03/1999
    Paulson, Raymond   11/02/1897-04/15/1978   Vet WWI

Engwer, Rose S   09/02/1893-02/13/1972
    Engwer, Charles T   09/03/1881-05/22/1974

Ellis, Stephen J   05/25/1881-02/08/1966   New York Capt 425 MTR Sup Trn OMC WWI

Sims, John Curtis   06/26/1895-03/03/1966   Arkansas Pvt Co A 343 Mach Gun BN WWI

Wright, John Tyler   10/23/1913-12/22/1970   Arkansas Tec4 885 Ord Ham Co WWII

Williamson, Elsie   02/09/1920-05/18/1963
    Williamson, Charlie   04/12/1891-02/18/1973

Christian, Oscar   10/14/1896-10/06/1971   Massachusetts Cpl US Army WWI

Frazee, Lewis Harold   04/29/1894-11/15/1962   Arkansas Cpl Veterinary Corps WWI

Moss, Bessye B   1895-1974
    Moss, James A   1893-1977   Veteran WWI

Stotts, James Carl   12/03/1920-06/19/1965   Arkansas Lt Col US Air Force WWII AM

Gvora, Anton   09/12/1900-09/21/1990   Born Czechoslovakia   Veteran WWI and WWII

Tohline, Etta C   02/05/1892-11/19/1976
    Tohline, George W   04/01/1892-07/29/1965

Petrarca, Edith A   12/13/1897-04/28/1964

Petrarca, Carmine   12/17/1890-04/20/1977   Veteran WWI

Thompson, Jeptha   09/08/1886-05/10/1965   Georgia CWO Hq 7 SVC Comd ASF WWI and II ARCOM

Eaton, William W   11/28/1898-04/27/1972   Illinois Cpl US Army WWI

Maxwell, William M   09/07/1892-11/17/1971   Arkansas Pvt Co E 167 Infantry WWI 1

Morris, Ralph J   1912-1960

Morris, Carl E   1911-1978

Thompson, Josephine M   01/25/1896-12/19/1961

Acker, Arthur S   10/26/1891-05/30/1960

McKenzie, Albert Sidney   02/15/1897-10/14/1956
    McKenzie, Rosebud Alcorn Rector   01/18/1910-07/13/2003

James, Rose R   06/03/1901-05/15/1960
    James, Paul L   05/27/1896   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure he is buried here]   [born in New York City, New York, per his WWI Draft Registration Card]

Bosson, Carra A   04/05/1909-06/29/1999
    Bosson, T E Tommy   09/01/1906-08/29/1969

Bagley, Nancy J   02/16/1900-08/12/1980
    Bagley, Chap E   12/01/1896-05/21/1963

Plucinski, Elsie   01/15/1894-07/23/1987
    Louis   01/07/1889-04/01/1959

Baker, Zemma Sally   09/15/1898-11/13/1982

Baker, David W   07/06/1889-07/15/1959

Morgan, Florence May   01/24/1898-09/16/1976

Green, Anne G   03/25/1928-08/21/1990

Ashbridge, Elizabeth L   12/13/1904-03/07/1989

Ashbridge, Burney   01/22/1902-11/28/1963

Jett, Zella Juel   01/01/1885-08/10/1962

Jett, J Elmer Sr   07/12/1885-05/14/1973

Timberlake, Clarice E   1896-1968
    Timberlake, Walker B   1896-1963

Allman, Ruby Howard   09/11/1898-07/12/1984

Allman, Samuel Herbert   04/11/1896-07/15/1975   PFC US Army WWI

Allman, Samuel H Jr   08/02/1923-03/18/2005   AETM3 US Navy WWII

Allman, Samuel Thomas   09/05/1949-04/06/1958

Schweer, Georgia   03/11/1902-02/14/1996

Schweer, Gussie Mae   [no dates on stone but there is room for them]

Schweer, Kenneth   02/18/1908-03/31/1970

Schweer, George H   12/05/1947-07/27/1997

Gildea, Etta H   07/04/1883-08/26/1949

Mudford, R S   12/25/1842-12/16/1929

Boston, Maude Walters   12/29/1890-01/01/1978

Walters, Lena   10/22/1871-12/25/1956

Russell, James T   10/12/1891-11/12/1929   Texas Cpl 109 Ammo TN 34 Div WWI

Bisone, Martha Emma   12/06/1895-04/07/1973

Bisone, Louis L   1897-1974   Pvt US Army

Evans, Harry H   11/24/1882-10/10/1955

Evans, Laura Endres   08/22/1859-10/28/1939

Evans, George E   10/22/1857-03/28/1932

Evans, Alta Maxey   01/27/1884-05/29/1966

Whitley, Georgia Evans   12/25/1893-05/04/1929

Hover, David B   12/12/1869-10/07/1955   Louisiana Pvt US Army Sp Am War

Smith, Hattie Hester   04/20/1890-11/14/1927

Hess, Glen   07/07/1879-02/08/1955

Reader, Addie Sue   03/23/1911-02/18/1998
    Reader, Hubert Lawrence   02/18/1907-10/25/1973   Registered Pharmacist

Miles, Daisy Deane   01/27/1884-02/12/1963

Hays, Minnie Lee   06/07/1878-01/08/1958
    Hays, Jesse King   03/28/1879-07/20/1928

Khourey, Edward   03/08/1901-09/03/1985

Jamison, John A   02/24/1903-12/03/1949

Caldwell, Ann Louise   12/15/1925-11/07/1927

Caldwell, Lauis Nevius   01/14/1894-06/13/1975

Caldwell, J E   09/18/1893-04/04/1939   [Jacob per census]

Gamble, Claude   01/31/1889-07/11/1956

Norsworthy, Susan Argin   12/11/1866-09/02/1934

Norsworthy, B F   02/11/1864-09/19/1927

Norsworthy, O T   09/26/1895-04/04/1954

Carpenter, Mary Gertrude   01/12/1890-03/21/1950

Carpenter, Isaac Harmon   08/20/1879-10/21/1954

Harris, Sarah G   05/03/1864-03/10/1927

Harris, Thomas A   10/16/1863-02/18/1924

Burton, Robert N   11/22/1878-08/16/1923

Nevius, Dan H   06/03/1892-01/18/1946

Nevius, Infant   05/10/1930-05/10/1930

Owen, Ursery S   04/05/1893-05/25/1944   Ark Cpl US Army

Johnson, Fred E   12/16/1868-05/26/1923

Neill, Maude C   05/17/1892-03/24/1974

Neill, Charles W   11/02/1885-02/26/1967

Bell, Maggie Blanche   10/06/1871-04/08/1926

Bell, Caleb S   10/09/1847-06/27/1925
    Bell, Louisa C   10/24/1845-03/24/1923

Hawthorn, Julia J (wife of G. E. Hawthorn)   08/25/1896-09/06/1926
    Kelley, Julia Ann   09/20/1952-11/16/1960

Hawthorn, Victoria   08/08/1868-01/11/1935
    Hawthorn, Jerry M   09/09/1862-09/09/1945

MacNamara, Alfred Edward   11/22/1869-09/03/1923   Priest Protestant Episcopal Church

Brandon, Leroy B   09/20/1869-09/18/1934   Born Fort Meade, Florida
    Mary I (his wife)   1867-1934

Dunn, Henry Clay   01/20/1852-09/04/1923
    Dunn, Sarah Elizabeth   11/25/1851   [no date of death shown; cannot be certain she is buried here]

Caldwell, Ada E (wife of W F Caldwell)   12/26/1882-03/17/1944
    Caldwell, William F   01/17/1876-02/21/1967

Caldwell, Clarence   09/21/1902-12/31/1923

Turpen, Curtis M (Mrs.)   03/08/1891-05/01/1924

Poe, Joseph Jacob   08/25/1926-11/02/2002   Pvt US Army Air Forces WWII

Poe, Jacob Thomas   11/02/1892-04/15/1960   Ark Pvt Co D 316 Supply Train WWI

Poe, Thos. Leon   02/12/1928-01/26/1929

Mount, Morgan F M.D.   1870-1926

Evans, Emma   01/29/1875-03/01/1945

Evans, Chas. W   07/19/1877-09/06/1926

Rowe, Alma Duvall   07/22/1893-09/11/1987   married 11/24/1909
    Rowe, Hiram John   11/24/1887-08/19/1981

Knox, Peter M.D.   1847-1927

Knox, Adelia C   1857-1936

Knox, Harold D   1886-1942

Knox, James Rowles   08/23/1889-10/29/1976

Knox, Florence F   12/13/1892-10/18/1987

Hendren, Charlotte Knox   [no date of death shown]
    Hendren, Mabern Frank   05/29/1915-01/09/2008

Pate, William T   11/12/1877-01/17/1928

Pate, Nancy R   01/28/1878-06/20/1967

Pope, Era B   02/09/1900-02/25/1979

Alford, Martha E   08/05/1890-10/02/1960

Siwa, Hilda Prichard   10/31/1905-12/11/2000   career:  school teacher; hobby:  genealogy

Siwa, Theophil James   04/26/1904-03/13/1983   CM1 US Navy WWI & WWII

Mitchell, Benjamin Hardy   04/07/1844-12/23/1927
    Mitchell, Finette Xera   12/16/1858-01/04/1929

Banks, R Edwin   1871-1928

Banks, Margaret Jean   1879-1963

Banks, Winifred Louise   1912-1957

Allen, Hazel Banks   1903-1991

Yankie, Sallie L   1849-1936

Yankie, Jacob A   1847-1932

Campbell, Hallie Yankie   1884-1960

Campbell, David   1871-1950

Annen, Albert F   02/23/1880-11/30/1961

Annen, Alma Allen   03/25/1882-02/01/1934

Annen, Bessie Mae   06/22/1911-02/18/1994

Annen, Forrest D   02/12/1909-06/06/1982

Stough, D B Jr   12/24/1892-02/25/1981

Stough, Mary Hay   06/14/1903-02/08/1934

Blackmon, Marion Elizabeth   1910-1999

Langley, Mary Catherine   05/29/1924-06/25/2003   [temporary funeral home marker]   

Posey, Wilson H (husband of Mary)   05/04/1906-05/26/1999

Posey, Mary Louise (wife of Wilson)   02/26/1911-01/09/1989

Posey, Rose Etta   04/11/1893-11/04/1975

Posey, Mary Ella   04/12/1881-10/27/1969

Posey, Sterling H T   05/09/1857-03/19/1938

Posey, S Caroline   11/05/1862-12/21/1939

Posey, Bennie Lloyd   05/21/1896-03/08/1957

Cole, Levi James   08/15/1867-12/13/1945

Grammer, Flournoy E   1896-1930   Co A 156 Infantry US Army

Grammer, Ralph F   09/27/1930-05/30/1985

Boyden, Anna Belle   02/20/1885-07/11/1966

Pollard, William Bowman D.D.S.   09/28/1857 Eutaw, Ala - 02/07/1941 Hot Springs, Ark

Kurtz, V F   1872-1946

Butler, Esther Glass   10/01/1890   [no date of death so cannot be certain she is buried here]

Pollard, Walter Simmons   11/24/1862-04/11/1930

Coughlin, J M   1902-1946

Milam, Clyde P   10/23/1898-07/16/1949

Franklin, James Anna   1862-1946

Fisher, Hattie Milam   07/17/1885-07/05/1946

Whittlesey, Lester   1862-1946

Ashley, Dorothy Jones   12/21/1905-11/02/1971

Ashley, Frank S   07/22/1899-11/17/1976

Sander, Henry   02/12/1888-12/15/1971

Ibing, Julius Reed   1903-1942

Seeley, Warren Austin   1876-1947

Hubbard, Ina Lee   07/10/1902-08/01/1983

Campbell, Kennon G   1890-1944

Hammons, Grover C   1885-1942

Betsill, Ruby Harper   12/01/1906-04/17/1949

Belitsos, George   03/15/1897-07/28/1973

Harper, Alice (Allen)   03/20/1874-05/25/1955

Harper, Nathan M   03/16/1871-07/15/1943

Eastlack, Etta   06/30/1882-03/15/1945

Eastlack, Hermon S   03/18/1878-02/03/1951 

Wiggins, C Quintard   01/13/1890-10/02/1944

Adkins, Sally M   10/26/1888-08/01/1968
    Adkins, Sidney B   01/02/1890-06/20/1967

Todorovich, Sava B   08/27/1891-08/24/1979   born in Dragotina, Glina, Yogoslavia
    Bonick, Peter   [name on granite flower vase on top of stone -- do not know if this person is buried here]

Carls, Alfred R   02/10/1892-11/23/1972   Ark Pvt US Army WWI

Heslop, James Daniel   04/04/1896-08/10/1945

Merrill, Ida Marx   10/23/1886-06/12/1954

Merrill, Hollie E   04/25/1876-06/28/1943

Rochelle, Jess B   07/31/1889-05/29/1971

Row 3
Martin, Delphia Vetter   1899-1996

Vetter, Arthur Joseph   1895-1961   Illinois Cpl 4th Co WWI

Markle, Betty J   09/17/1929-12/09/2009    [dates from obituary]
    Markle, Robert Dean   05/23/1928-07/27/2001   YNC US Navy

Bazily, Walter   10/21/1890-11/13/1960   New York Sup Sgt 37th Inf WWI

Runken, Bernita   07/15/1932-09/14/1997

Runken, Jimmy   07/13/1937-08/07/1996   A2C US Army

Alkire, William M   04/20/1889-07/12/1954   Arkansas Cook 12 Supply TN 39 DIV WWI

Carmody, Thomas   05/02/1888-05/26/1954   Arkansas Pvt 35 BN US Guards World War I 1

McKenzie, Hugh Allen   02/11/1886-04/25/1959   Arkansas F1 US Navy WWI

Werdebaugh, Leon   03/25/1893-07/08/1970   Minnesota Cook CAS DET 158 DEMOB GP WWI

Sappington, Mary P   04/10/1881-05/29/1976

Hoke, Hazelle E   1898   [no date of death shown but ground was dirt instead of grass]
    Hoke, James E   1896-1983   Veteran WWI

Wheeler, Lynn O   1896-1991   Veteran WWI
    Wheeler, Isabel A   1901-1991

Forsythe, Viola   07/29/1897-03/05/1966

Forsythe, Gordon   03/19/1894-04/02/1974

Fultz, John L   08/09/1887-12/08/1971   Arkansas Pvt US Army WWI

Koenig, Sylvia C   03/18/1897-01/08/1986

Koenig, Herman   03/31/1894-04/25/1962   Illinois Sgt Quartermaster Corps WWI

Marshall, Velva (wife of Col Wm. Marshall US Marine Corps)   02/16/1964 [appears to be date of death]

Erhart, Cora Ethel   10/27/1892-10/10/1967

Erhart, Louis J   08/28/1888-07/17/1961   Arkansas Pvt Med Dept WWI

Johnson, Marie L   1892-1963
    Johnson, Fred W   1889-1964

Schran, Harold K   10/12/1902-07/20/1961   Kentucky PFC Co E 149 Inf WWI

Ragsdale, Charles Lee   01/24/1894-06/10/1961   Arkansas Pvt Co M 345 Inf WWI

Craig, John William   07/25/1922-02/19/1968   Arkansas Tec5 US Army WWII

McKenzie, James Rector   [no date of death shown]
    McKenzie, Marilyn Martha Conrad   [no date of death shown]
    McKenzie, Catherine Elizabeth   [no date of death shown]
    McKenzie, Thomas Conrad   [no date of death shown]
    McKenzie, Michael James   [no date of death shown]

Haugen, Severt M   07/23/1890-03/10/1968   North Dakota PFC US Army WWI

Masters, Eldon T   12/20/1893-08/12/1968   Arkansas WAGR 155 Amb Co 114 SN TN WWI

Garner, Edith H   05/01/1894-01/17/1970
    Garner, Everett S   02/07/1894-02/06/1966   Veteran of WWI

Swearengin, Thelma L (wife of James I Swearingin)   02/24/1907-03/12/2001
    Swearengin, James I   11/22/1904-07/09/1960   Alabama Tec5 SVC Co 751 Tank Bn WWII

Kelly, Ruth Paula   [no date of death shown]
    Kelly, Samuel Douglas   12/10/1906-01/10/1990

Stoll, Ada Rosamond   07/25/1905-04/24/1991
    Stoll, Marty   03/23/1906-09/29/1993

Nobles, Hattie   12/24/1902-02/16/1994
    Nobles, Milton   07/30/1888-06/15/1974

Ellis, Roscoe B   12/17/1893-08/14/1959   Arkansas Captain US Army WWI

Coutoumanos, Georgia Mae   10/09/1913-09/29/1986

Coutoumanos, John G   11/21/1906-09/01/1961   Michigan Cpl Co D 217 Infantry TNG BN WWII

Harris, Cephia W   1907-1990
    Harris, Barney D   1906-1991

Jolly, Albert Glenn  [no date of death shown]   married 06/06/1948 Memphis, Tennessee
    Jolly, Mary E Milligan   [no date of death shown]

Bradley, Lester F (husband of Marie)   03/27/1925-09/10/1964   Sgt WWII Hero

Vance, Alice Esther   04/03/1904-03/04/1987   born Easter Sunday-died Ash Wednesday

Vance, John J   03/14/1887-10/22/1961

Perley, Louise C   12/18/1897-05/19/1965

Perley, George Ernest   08/03/1893-02/23/1962   Arkansas Cpl 163 Depot Brigade WWI

Henderson, Norman C M.D.   04/17/1905-10/28/1989

Braughton, George W Jr   10/29/1926-05/25/1999

Braughton, George W   04/03/1898-08/15/1973

Braughton, Nancy Kate   10/14/1933-06/11/1943

Braughton, Blanche H   11/19/1901-03/15/1992

Bradford, Blanche   03/17/1900-11/22/1982
    Bradford, Dean   01/10/1897-06/05/1967

Winegar, Melissa M   05/12/1874-02/16/1945

Blagg, Harriette E  03/17/1912   [no date of death shown]

Phillips, Thomas W   died 08/30/1929
    Phillips, Olive Oliver   died 09/26/1947 (his wife)

Hutchison, Lois Jean   12/06/1912-12/15/1986

Williamson, Ida Belle Jones   04/14/1890-06/14/1979

Billingsley, Ozella Burns   07/16/1889-07/10/1929

Williams, Wm Roscoe   05/02/1885-12/15/1969

Williamson, William A   06/20/1909-08/04/1929

Bolte, Arthur W   03/23/1891-04/07/1975

Jarrell, Foster M.D.   1886-1950

Donorio, Amelia   10/24/1906-01/14/1950

Payne, Arthur M   1870-1959
    Payne, Leila Belle   1876-1958

Richards, J M   1854-1929

Weyland, Zelda D   08/07/1895-08/19/1974
    Weyland, Lon H   06/08/1894-06/15/1947   Sgt 110 Mobile Ord

Jeanopolis, John   02/28/1891-03/02/1956   Arkansas Cpl Medical Department WWI

Traugott, Gertrude D   07/26/1878-04/13/1953

Traugott, Joseph D   01/15/1901-01/23/1969

Traugott, Joseph J   10/31/1870-01/15/1953

Preslar, Florence M (Mrs)   10/24/1893-09/07/1928

Whitford, Nellie Leona   05/21/1895-11/29/1983

Hirschman, Willie Mack   07/02/1914-02/16/1977   Pvt US Army WWII

Hirschman, Wm H   05/06/1890-10/25/1937

Hirschman, Floyd D "Buddie"   12/02/1917-12/29/1927

Jackson, Annie E   08/26/1846-11/15/1933

Jackson, Sam R   06/17/1868-04/17/1928

Jackson, J Thomas   02/10/1872-09/10/1934

Callahan, Fannie M   02/05/1855-02/01/1927

Callahan, Robert C   02/25/1895-04/07/1986
    Callahan, Donald F   04/25/1920-12/15/1932

Crewson, Lillyan   01/22/1906-11/20/1925

Meadows, Asbury W   11/19/1863-01/01/1934

Goslee, Rose Smith   11/21/1863-01/01/1934
    Goslee, William Marshall   05/27/1925-10/08/1925

Goslee, Emily Laura   05/09/1894-07/04/1974

Goslee, John Marshall   06/24/1887-10/29/1947

Hunter, William G   05/07/1866-09/13/1925

Hunter, Nancy A   09/20/1865-06/09/1950

Gammill, Frank   10/02/1887-07/05/1925

Gammill, Nell S   09/26/1887-06/01/1977

Spencer, Fannie   05/11/1862-12/07/1947

Spencer, Frank   07/04/1855-10/02/1929

Hotchkiss, Ellen Sullenberger   01/23/1886-12/28/1978

Sullenberger, Abe G   12/25/1878-08/29/1927

Trammell, Charley   06/30/1877-05/29/1932

Housley, Thelma R   11/03/1907-11/26/1985

Housley, Ernest J   12/01/1900-06/30/1990 1

Housley, Jessie Lee   1917-1996

Housley, Albert H (Dr.)   02/13/1894-02/07/1970   Pvt Veterinary Corps WWI

Housley, Sarah Ida   01/01/1886-01/27/1975

Housley, James Earl   07/31/1885-04/23/1948

Housley, Evander T   1857-1925

Housley, Ada   1863-1958

Housley, Frances B   1889-1933

Housley, Earl Stotts   11/20/1925-03/31/1945   Air Corps S Sgt 389 AAF Bomb Gp WWII Lost in Action over Magenburg, Germany

Housley, Elza Tate   1888-1956

Housley, Elizabeth S   11/07/1906-01/04/1966

Housley, Edna C   1923-1982

Housley, Elza Lee   1921-1994

Housley, Charles E   1924-1963

Skellett, Wm [William] E   1884-1937

Skellett, Hattie E   1891-1954

Sparks, Charles C   1864-1930

Sparks, Clara E   1863-1941

French, Hattie A   1866-1938

Hull, Dorris M   1897-1989

Hull, William Leland   1901-1967

Hull, Margaret Jane   1931-1931

Hodgins, Ena Marine   1907-1964

Elleman, Ida L   1866-1933

Elleman, Enos W   1865-1947

Elleman, Tressie F   1886-1970

Williamson, Max J   03/07/1899-01/12/1930

Gilman, Fred W   06/14/1877-03/07/1930

Gilman, Mary D   1881-1940

Gilman, Wm [William] A   1856-1933

Ermey, Sue D   07/24/1912-02/10/1991

Ermey, John H   02/16/1913-03/28/1982   Chief HSPD

Ermey, Ella A   08/18/1891-03/16/1980

Ermey, Roy E   05/15/1890-04/10/1952

Wilson, Steve   05/06/1935-09/05/1995   Forest Service

Stough, Helen Futrall   06/23/1902-04/02/1977

Elfter, James G   1914-1981

Berry, Nettie Mae   01/09/1907-01/22/1947

Meux, Dora B   11/07/1894-02/28/1992
    Meux, Isaac R   10/28/1889-05/16/1970

Anderson, Alice Lorene Meux   07/27/1906-01/09/1972

Honeycutt, Christine   1896-1947

Ault, Coil W   02/15/1897-03/19/1954   Arkansas Pvt 42 Co 162 Depot Brig WWI

Rainey, Emma F   1896-1985
    Rainey, John H   1893-1983

Green, Elba S   1880-1947

Redmon, Annie Dillard   1868-1947

Worrell, Eugene B   10/05/1870-03/25/1947

Martin, Mary Hulitt   1863-1947

Rayhill, Lily Barr   08/14/1881-08/14/1964   wife of Corwin Rayhill   V.F.W.A.

Rayhill, Corwin   08/19/1875-02/08/1947   Indiana Cpl 22 Inf

Blakley, V D   1869-1962
    Blakley, J W   1865-1947

Burgin, William   09/12/1875-02/06/1942

Burgin, Anna M   03/02/1883-03/28/1957

Cummins, Addison C   06/19/1867-03/15/1942

Raymond, Chas [Charles] A   11/23/1871-10/07/1949

Coley, Quincy Otto   10/09/1880-01/22/1943

Coley, Pearl   09/02/1852-08/30/1947

Hoffman, Edward C   03/29/1904-11/28/1941

Kempf, Margarethe   03/03/1890-06/13/1970

Barnes, Frances   08/10/1861-10/15/1943

Eppler, Louis R   died 10/30/1943

Miller, Lessie L   02/03/1892-11/17/1979

Miller, Harry B   09/10/1878-08/15/1941

Row 4
Stoddard, Franklin A   12/23/1901-06/13/1963   Arkansas Pvt 8 Serv Command WWII

Atkinson, Herschel O   01/26/1929-01/18/1973   Arkansas Pvt Army Air Forces

Vallas, James   03/22/1889-02/17/1972  Greece Pvt US Army WWI

Werdebaugh, Dolph M   03/07/1897-09/21/1969   Illinois Cook US Army WWI & WWII

Werdebaugh, Leon   03/25/1893-07/08/1970   Minnesota Cook CAS DET 1587 DEMOB GP WWI

Silverman, Abron A   03/22/1896-05/15/1971   Indiana Sgt US Army WWI

Cobb, Charles HIlton   08/13/1905-08/11/1991   MSgt US Army WWII Korea

Burgermeister, Olga A   04/15/1882-08/06/1963
    Burgermeister, Otto H   05/14/1891   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure he is buried here]

Sellers, Verne Loran   01/01/1906-07/16/1963   Ark Tech 4 Co A Academic Regt TIS WWII

Murry, Mable Bradshaw Harris   03/29/1918-02/12/2001

Harris, Rosten L   10/22/1915-03/03/1963   Ark Pvt 501 Sig ACFT WNG Regt WWII

Hood, Hubert R   09/25/1915-06/08/1972   Arkansas Tech 4 102 QM Co 102 Inf Div WWII

Fraser, Paul Francis   07/29/1899-04/18/1962   Iowa F3 US Navy WWI

Shaul, Mae Ambrose   04/04/1868-11/24/1964

Shaw, Vivian B   -03/15/2001   [SSDI shows dob of 12/04/1915 and 03/16/2001 as dod.]
    Shaw, Robert E   01/25/1920-04/20/2007    Captain USAF Distinguished Flying Cross

LaPierre, Wilda C   1875-1926

Walsh, Dorothy Q   10/12/1913-02/17/2001

Piper, Harriet L   11/12/1884-08/22/1972

Cassell, Mary E   1870-1946

Cassell, Schuyler C   1866-1945

Cox, Susan M   died 1942   wife of W. A. Kirk

Kirk, W A   1858-1941

Scherer, Frank L   1859-1938

Bandy, Clara May   11/19/1889-11/18/1981

Wright, John P   Departed 09/02/1942

Wright, F Ella   Departed 12/31/1938

Collins, Rev. Chas. F   02/18/1879-06/21/1939

Collins, Agnes Elizabeth   03/31/1883-03/12/1956

Berrow, Lenorah   1869-1948

Herron, Mrs. Anna   1868-1952

Herron, William   1871-1935 1

Boving, Lillie M   1875-1953

Boving, Frank C   12/26/1869-02/10/1933

Piper, Harvey L   10/12/1882-08/11/1954

Berrow, Arthur W M.D.   1864-1946

Fritz, Emily A   01/13/1880-08/07/1958

Fritz, Peter F   12/08/1870-09/25/1937

Downs, Lela Mae   1868-1936
    Downs, John H   1867-1942

Seiz, Emma C   10/19/1873-05/22/1961

Seiz, William G Sr   12/20/1864-07/12/1937

Shannon, Henry H   10/14/1882-06/11/1928

Spargo, Mary Dudley   10/28/1846-04/08/1929

Spargo, James   04/27/1842-08/04/1928

Butterworth, William Arthur   01/13/1882-05/03/1963

Butterworth, Ila M   02/08/1892-03/15/1977

Adelman, Jessie Chadwick (Mrs. Frank J.)   08/14/1871-10/05/1953

Adelman, Frank J   01/23/1861-10/11/1927

Peters, John L   10/23/1882-02/02/1948

Peters, Nita N   01/18/1883-10/13/1967

Harwell, Mary G   08/12/1889-01/26/1962

Harwell, Rev Alfred S   08/28/1885-07/03/1934

Antonio, George   04/23/1883-10/28/1938
    Antonio, Fotini   11/12/1900-02/01/1999    [obituary under Fotini Stathakis] 1

Seaton-Campbell, Frances Hope   11/29/1923-05/14/2006

Seaton, Robbie Frances (wife of Guy R Seaton)   1898-1947

Seaton, Guy R   1897-1959

Stathakis, Sam Pete Sr   06/26/1925-12/03/1900

Pappas, Deno   1934-2004
    Gwen   [still living]

Pappas, Angelo   08/07/1889-12/14/1950

Pappas, Stella   10/18/1909-03/26/1986

Pappas, William K   04/20/1894-02/01/1963

Pappas, Eugenia   08/15/1897-10/04/1991

Pappas, Peter   01/25/1887-03/11/1965

Pappas, Anna   02/05/1905-09/15/1981

Pappas, John   02/15/1889-01/20/1978

Morgan, Mollie N   04/12/1873-10/01/1951

Riggs, E Marion   05/18/1891-11/07/1939 1

Riggs, Olive F   09/29/1889-03/31/1967

Williams, Mildred Dale   08/15/1897-03/16/1991

Williams, Emma P   08/15/1876-08/11/1962

Munn, Frances   12/17/1843-09/16/1930

Parrish, Ada F   06/26/1868-07/09/1945

Hunt, Ola Ruth   [no date of death shown]
    Hunt, Ovid Douglas   10/06/1919-05/15/1980

Row 4A
Lally, Harry Henry   10/10/1899-01/01/1980   PFC US Army WWI

Baker, Mary   1869-1926

Enlow, Elta Smith   03/20/1908-03/23/1991
    Enlow, Jay C   09/23/1905-09/18/1992

Watkins, Marjorie Smith   07/08/1914-10/16/1995
    Watkins, A D   05/16/1911-01/20/1980  [the Watkins names are on the back of the Enlow stone]

Taylor, Sydney S   04/26/1885-11/25/1965

Taylor, Mabel P   12/08/1885-10/30/1974

Peters, Sarah Louise   01/03/1851-05/13/1927

Peters, Walter Louis   08/16/1875-12/12/1952

Lauher, Lillie Sanders   1867-1932
    Lauher, Edward Wells   1865-1927

Williams, F M M.D.   05/20/1862-04/11/1940

Green, Waller O   1874-1933
    Green, Mary   1876-1925

Green, Snoda F   1896-1978
    Green, Dorothy R   1906-1959

Amos, Snoda (Green)   07/04/1896-06/30/1987  [she has a stone by herself with the name of Amos and another with Dorothy showing surname of Green]

Green, Dorothy R   1906-1959

Bowling, Lou Ella   01/18/1887-02/07/1970

Shepherd, Kathryn   1906-1977
    Shepherd, Cyril   1907-1976

Stacy, John Latham   10/29/1893-03/14/1924
    Stacy, Zoe Dodson   08/28/1897-07/24/1969

Shelton, Nancy Wier   06/07/1957  [appears to be date of death]
    Shelton, Fred W   12/10/1963   [appears to be date of death]

Wier, Rosebud Houston   03/14/1931   [appears to be date of death]
    Wier, John Robert   01/07/1926   [appears to be date of death]

Evans, Florence Wier   08/05/1956   [appears to be date of death]
    Evans, James B   01/31/1959   [appears to be date of death]

Chamberlain, Helyn Wier   11/17/1976   [appears to be date of death]
    Chamberlain, Warren Wm M.D.   11/14/1984   [appears to be date of death]

Chamberlain, Joe Warren M.D.   12/06/1991   [appears to be date of death]

Belding, Violet   12/27/1882-05/16/1957

Belding, Almond Brooks   01/14/1872-11/07/1926

Sevier, Jeanette T   09/23/1879-03/06/1965
    Sevier, Michael  01/22/1873-07/05/1959

Pitney, U S Sr.   10/09/1865-08/06/1953

Patterson, Ida J   03/15/1886-05/17/1980

Patterson, Alven T   02/27/1869-04/03/1952

McKenzie, Irene H   1896-1974

McKenzie, Ernest M M.D.   1884-1961

Reed, Fay C   01/05/1915-12/19/1982

Reed, Mike   02/28/1907-08/17/1996 1

Reed, Charles E   10/10/1872-01/09/1931

Reed, Corinne E   09/17/1869-03/20/1952

Reed, Betty B   09/02/1920-11/14/1970
    Reed, Kirby E   02/01/1905-02/08/1974

Crawford, Carolyn 'Siste' M   10/23/1954-07/07/2005   married 05/20/1983
    Crawford, Kenneth W   [no date of death shown]

Atwood, Margaret E   06/18/1875-08/08/1950

Langseth, Sudye L   06/02/1881-02/24/1963

Langseth, Nels O   01/02/1856-08/14/1931

Bradfield, J H   04/25/1866-09/20/1934

Bradfield, Fannie Martin   03/22/1873-12/02/1954

Coffey, Cora Bradfield   03/08/1895-08/29/1978  [she has two different tombstones]
    Coffee, Cora B   03/08/1896-08/29/1978

Patterson, Graham M "Bim"   04/17/1902-10/18/1975

Patterson, Blanche   02/13/1872-10/09/1934

Patterson, Jewell M   05/05/1906-10/06/2000

Ladas, Gus   1886-1947

Ladas, Marie M.   1893-1966

Eastlack, James H.   08/27/1947-08/05/1996   HMC US Navy Vietnam

Gouy, Charles G.   11/11/1897-07/15/1947   Oklahoma Sgt 1 CL 117 SN TN 42 Div World War I

Poe, Levi J.   02/28/1885-10/24/1968

Poe, Claude   03/31/1900-03/02/1972

Row 4B
Peters, Ann Marie   05/05/1902-12/05/2000

Peters, R. Bernard   06/15/1904-08/12/1967

Peters, Corinne N.   04/04/1880-12/16/1970

Peters, Robert L.   06/03/1880-02/01/1953

Meerpohl, Nicholas W.   1864-1953
    Meerpohl, Cecilia H.   1865-1952

Schubert, Louisa   08/13/1855-05/28/1928

Jackson, Bernice J.   1890   [no date of death shown so cannot be certain she is buried here]
    Jackson, Arthur W.   1872-1928

Driscoll, Kathrine R.   03/28/1874-03/29/1961

Smith, Rosella   04/08/1902-05/20/1990 1

Smith, William M   01/02/1895-11/05/1973

Welsh, Bessie E   08/16/1883-05/26/1960

Dotson, Ellen A   12/07/1888-07/07/1956

Gabriel, Tom   1887-1933

Mowery, Fannie   11/11/1866-08/29/1933

Mowery, Robert   04/23/1856-03/01/1937

Miller, Helen   01/12/1874-04/16/1952

Anderson, James M   08/04/1846-03/17/1928

Anderson, Mary W   12/19/1860-07/27/1938

Kittelberger, Robt E   12/06/1914-04/26/1928

Kittelberger, Annie   06/29/1874-01/21/1942

Kittelberger, Robt H   08/24/1879-01/01/1944

Williford, Holland   01/28/1890-02/04/1932

Yale, Sarah   09/11/1854-10/27/1945

Campouridis, Timotheos   05/08/1896-04/13/1956

Weaver, D L   1870-1927

Hamel, Jno. S   10/25/1872 Nashville, Tenn - 03/16/1927 Memphis, Tenn

Hauer, Henrietta Birnbaum (Hamel)   1884-1964

Bledsoe, Ella Agnes   1876-1955

Bledsoe, Thomas J   1868-1937

Lawson, Mose Hollis   04/26/1901-05/02/1935

Lawson, Hattie E   03/13/1869-11/25/1946

Lawson, D D   10/13/1864-07/03/1938

Lawson, Charlie   07/14/1894-01/22/1929

Lawson, William A   07/14/1894-07/31/1983

Lawson, Lucile E   07/18/1904-09/02/1991

Ault, Faulda Leon   08/23/1923-09/25/2006
    Ault, Winnie B   09/23/1926-10/28/1931

Ault, Edward Lee   12/26/1893-03/17/1975   Cook US Army WWI

Ward, J D   [no date of death shown]   married 06/03/1950
    Ward, Claudia Anita   06/06/1930-01/20/2005

Stewart, Thomas R   02/21/1886-03/26/1950

Cook, Ruth Joan (daughter of Guy S Cook)   03/06/1919-11/01/1931

Rogers, Thad   02/26/1896-06/25/1950   Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brigade WWI

Stewart, Thomas   02/21/1886-03/26/1950

Schonberg, Vera Stewart   11/27/1901-07/26/1998

Kuechenmeister, Ruth Reynolds   1907-1996
    Kuechenmeister, Rev George C   1904-1978

Williams, Chas. H   1863-1931
    Williams, Rachael Anne   1877-1955

Davis, John Ward   12/19/1908-02/03/1964

Warren, Eloise Davis   1901-1966

Davis, Elizabeth Blue   1873-1932

Davis, Henry Walton   1865-1945

Stanfield, Kate Martin   1894-1975

Stanfield, Calvin Alpheus   1897-1965

Schonberg, Theodore A   09/30/1882-01/27/1968

DeCora, Estelle L   07/19/1891   [no date of death shown so cannot be certain she is buried here]

Bandy, Barbara Ann   01/22/1934-11/16/1934   [stone does not show the surname of Bandy but is by the Bandy Family Monument; also SSDI shows a Barbara Bandy died 11/16/1934 in Garland County]

Bandy, Beulah   09/09/1882-12/03/1948

Bandy, James A Sr.   05/17/1880-08/26/1964

Face, Susie M   07/21/1908-04/12/1993

Face, Stuart   01/07/1906-07/19/1950   Ark PL Sgt US Marine Corps WWII

Face, Mamie J   02/17/1873-03/10/1963

Face, Lena C   07/29/1900-09/03/1935

Shoffner, Jennie M   08/13/1898-09/27/1961

Jackson, Murrel C (wife of Clarence C Jackson)   1911-1947

Poe, Walter   01/17/1898-05/31/1964

Row 5
Drake, William   08/28/1907-01/21/1968

Pappas, Angeline   04/03/1925-09/25/1925

Gardner, Constance A   01/26/1906-04/29/1996

Gardner, Bertram E   10/02/1907-03/29/1991

Poulos, James S   1886-1956
    Poulos, Vera L   1898-1994

Kondorousis, Demosthenes   07/30/1896-12/12/1975

Ketchum, W Fletcher   1903-1956

Dimitriou, Vaselios   03/15/1888-09/07/1980

Weber, Michael   09/15/1889-08/16/1975

Westmoreland, L A "Wes"   08/14/1903-09/21/1959
    Westmoreland, Rilla M   11/08/1907-11/10/1988

Elfter, Nicholas G   02/18/1908-09/11/1956
    Elfter, Anna C   06/20/1914-11/10/2002

Crawford, Mable A   1881-1955

Austeel, Nora   10/07/1878-10/03/1953

Austeel, Porter   03/23/1878-07/04/1933

Levi, Ida M   10/03/1892-04/22/1964

Levi, Roy   05/28/1871-02/09/1935

Fleming, Leona A   1871-1954

Fleming, Ray   10/01/1904-09/04/1928

Hutcherson, Marietta   03/04/1937-03/05/1937

Fleming, Roye   1901-1977
    Fleming, Edith   1906-1964

Jeffers, Cornelia Adel   11/20/1871-01/11/1961
    Jeffers, Vick   04/09/1871-06/19/1928

Patton, Rosa E   08/19/1881-07/29/1962

Patton, Clinton W   09/04/1869-10/09/1927

Norton, William P   1848-1936

Norton, Sallie J   1849-1934

Smith, June Westmoreland   10/25/1929-11/19/1999

Smith, Minnie W   07/11/1887-03/10/1933

Smith, Jack H   1918-1967

Smith, G Cleveland   03/05/1885-08/29/1976

Smith, Mary Alma   03/21/1901-03/06/1988

Allen, James W   05/19/1866-06/28/1932

Allen, Emma F   04/19/1872-03/25/1948

McKinley, Lena S   04/01/1876-10/29/1953

Browning, E R M.D.   1881-1955

Browning, Lena Shaw   03/16/1883-07/24/1965

Shaw, J B M.D.   1879-1937

Shaw, Myrtle L   1882-1941

Rouse, Mortimer   08/05/1870-02/09/1937

Moore, Eva Rouse   01/22/1908-01/16/1932

Rouse, John M   1863-1947

Eckel, George M Jr   04/07/1916-01/25/1981

Eckel, George M M.D.   05/30/1885-09/17/1935

Boyer, Irving Blythe   08/17/1895-05/18/1933

Boyer, Katie Jenner   09/26/1867-11/08/1956

Boyer, Washington Irving   09/30/1859-11/17/1934

Harb, Mary B   06/17/1890-09/15/1966

Harb, Harper E (Judge)   10/28/1892-08/11/1957

O'Neal, Libbie   05/14/1866-03/25/1940

O'Neal, John J.   03/_1/1865-10/20/1941    [there was moss growing on the day of birth so unsure of it]

O'Neal, Alfred Alton   05/22/1921-12/16/2000

O'Neal, Alfred N   04/20/1892-01/15/1939

Bedingfeld, Geo. E   1867-1933

Bedingfeld, Katherine   1866-1951

Petersen, Lester R   02/04/1904-08/23/1995

Corrington, Kathryn   1902-1988

Jackson, Belle   06/04/1876-08/12/1941

Jackson, Elisha A   01/02/1869-12/17/1935

Hays, Austin C   [no place for a date on the stone]

Dowd, Lura Reynolds   09/03/1864-12/28/1937

Dowd, Elmer Willard   07/27/1861-02/01/1946

Weber, Lydia M   08/06/1907-12/24/1968
    Weber, Rudolph   05/14/1906-08/17/1974

Muccia, Edith Jane Simpson   [no date of death shown]

Ferguson, Ruth Carder   01/08/1905-12/29/1985

Row 6
Walton, Emma Ellen   08/11/1910-07/21/1987
    Walton, Orville Lewis   08/10/1900-01/22/1975

Herritage, Ettie A   01/31/1896-11/03/1983
    Herritage, Arthur Lee   09/09/1892-04/28/1985

Hallman, V H M.D.   11/30/1857-03/11/1929

Hallman, ida M   06/12/1866-06/21/1955

Lorish, Blanche Hallman   09/07/1888-07/31/1969

Parker, John A (Rev)   01/24/1868-02/22/1932

Parker, Lela Goodwin   12/08/1891-01/15/1974

Parker, Raymond T   02/14/1925-03/23/1943

Snuggs, Cora Ola Parker   11/17/1892-01/10/1986

Waldrop, J G M.D.   1874-1937

Waldrop, Edna Louise   1870-1947

Waldrop, William F   1861-1944

Norton, R Howard   08/05/1883-06/03/1962

Johnson, Frank   11/03/1865-05/30/1934

Johnson, Hetty D   11/24/1876-12/09/1966

Johnson, Mildred M   08/14/1923-06/06/1977

Backer, Walter L   02/19/1895-12/09/1965   Illinois PFC Base Hospital II WWI
    Bakcer, Mary Hull   1896-1970

Austin, Made   1887-1934

Austin, Russell Bates   1884-1954

McDonough, Edythe   1914-1999

McDonough, Ed   1904-1983

Kelly, Bernice   03/31/1906-04/16/1960

Leach, Ruth Leona   12/31/1902-06/20/1949

Leach, Charles E   05/04/1876-02/20/1951

Leach, Flora Edna   01/01/1877-08/15/1936

Bauer, Sibyl S   03/17/1907-09/24/1978

Woolard, John Dewey Sr   12/27/1900-02/18/1938

Woolard, Mary Ann   01/10/1867-05/06/1950

Bauer, James   03/16/1909-06/19/1992

Ritchie, Patricia M   04/28/1915-12/28/1978

Ritchie, Ben B   07/19/1916-10/03/1988

Jackson, Myra M   04/20/1907-01/27/2004
    Jackson, Emmett J   11/29/1907-07/26/1967

King, Annie E   03/10/1888-03/09/1959
    King, Jacob G   11/05/1890-03/27/1959

Kalas, Helen   1889-1977

Sanders, Jennie V Shaver   05/26/1905-07/05/2000

Shaver, Fred Earl   05/22/1904-05/04/1958

DuVall, Myrtle E   08/16/1900-05/01/1978

DuVall, George   11/26/1887-02/11/1958

DuVall, George Jr   born and died 05/30/1938

Row 7
Glasscock, Kathryn A   08/21/1916-03/27/2000
    Glasscock, William D   04/01/1918   [no date of death shown]

Davis, Joseph Wilbur   06/23/1920-07/20/1979   Tec 4 US Army WWII

Wheatley, Bonnie B (wife of Roy)   02/24/1904-07/14/1970

Wheatley, Roy D   03/01/1906-11/09/1998

Wheatley, Edith D   07/13/1914-05/25/1964

Wheatley, James B Sr   06/03/1894-11/08/1983

Kinsey, Jeanette B   06/22/1908-06/02/2005
    Kinsey, Elmer Lee   08/09/1900-07/20/1970

Andrews, Evelyn M   1893-1957
    Andrews, Jason C   1885-1972

Murray, Thomas H   10/26/1910-03/15/2001
    Murray, Cecil M   06/13/1899-02/17/1996

Neighbors, Martha M   1906-1974

Morris, Josephine   1872-1957

Breitenberg, Edward P   01/20/1934-09/17/1965   Arkansas Captain Adj Gen Corps ARCOM
    Breitenberg, Glynet S   01/14/1935-11/19/2005
    Buchanan, Dora Lena   01/17/1910-10/01/2000

Breitenberg, Ernest Jacob   10/16/1904-03/04/1963
    Breitenberg, Rose Carolyn   02/18/1906-09/01/1971

Moomau, Esther E   02/06/1904-12/20/1976

Coombe, Naoma B   01/03/1902-03/16/1996 1

Coombe, Roland L   12/07/1964-05/20/1991 1

Foley, Peggy   03/27/1900   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is buried here]
    Foley, Clifford   02/11/1898-12/21/1965

Neighbors, Glenn Hayden   11/13/1893-09/26/1970

Bruno, Crystal Roberta   05/23/1909-05/11/1980

Golden, Jessie H   02/07/1899-04/19/1973
    Golden, William J   05/22/1893-01/13/1966

Row 8
Brewster, Lloyd W   1895-1975   Cpl US Army

Kuhn, Euvalda Raymond   12/11/1925-12/07/1979   S1 US Navy World War II

Erminger, Angeline   07/10/1902-08/28/1975   Am Leg Aux Post 13

Erminger, Durward B   1898-1976   SFC US Army World War I and World War II

Gray, Elmer M   05/29/1888-03/25/1980

Sindlinger, Mildred   02/10/1927-11/24/1998
    Sindlinger, Rex W   07/07/1925-04/19/2005   US Air Force Tec 4 World War II

Schalnus, Elizabeth T. (wife of George)   07/06/1895-01/25/1995 1

Schalnus, George C   12/27/1886-10/27/1971   Iowa Pvt US Army World War I

Gasbarre, Adalene Louise   09/05/1887-05/04/1965
    Gasbarre, Dorathea Palmira   10/12/1925-06/21/2001

Gasbarre, Rachel Leona   01/02/1926-03/22/1999

Snipes, Andrew   07/10/1897-12/06/1972   Ark Tec 5 US Army WWII

Condl, Joan (wife of James L Condl)   09/22/1895-01/29/1983

Condl, James J   07/04/1893-05/09/1962   Illinois Pvt Inf Repl & Tng Trps WWI

Hanneman, Frederick   12/20/1892-08/23/1970

Hanneman, Carrie R   09/27/1890-07/14/1961

Whitworth, Thomas   08/04/1888-05/27/1967   Illinois Pvt Co C 147 Inf WWI

McGowan, John James   04/23/1923-07/24/2000 1
        Mary Ann   still living

Milligan, Bertha M   02/13/1906-02/21/1974
    Milligan, James O   11/11/1900-01/23/1965

Evans, Martha Jeanette   11/12/1930-09/07/1990

Thompson, Tennie G   01/02/1896-07/09/1979
    Thompson, Floyd L   11/29/1890-10/07/1974

Smith, Lois Fairman   01/30/1901-03/19/1993

Smith, James Farley   02/08/1899-11/13/1973

Thompson, Erastus Clark   02/26/1864-02/22/1939

Thompson, Loula Jane   10/01/1870-08/09/1956

MacLaughlin, Oscar J M.D.   10/27/1897-06/03/1939

MacLaughlin, Doris H   06/27/1905-05/22/1998

Poe, Owen S   06/23/1910-06/12/1939

Niles, Francess Annie   08/04/1924-09/05/1990

Poe, Mabel E   08/06/1905-03/24/1966

Poe, Robert E   03/16/1901-07/06/1960

Boyles, Lena A Dillard   02/22/1892-06/21/1939

Nickels, Dorothy Dale   09/22/1914-02/24/1988

Nickels, William Harold   09/04/1909-08/26/1972

Braughton, Willie Lee   03/07/1890-02/26/1969

Braughton, Garnett   04/18/1887-02/18/1942

McMath, Elaine Braughton   05/06/1915-05/28/1942

Braughton, Margaret Warwick   01/19/1917-03/26/1972

Braughton, Cecil Curtis D.D.S.   09/24/1910-04/01/1992

Cramer, Rose L   07/30/1963  [only date shown--appears to be date of death]

Trazivuk, Agnes C   09/13/1886-02/06/1966

Trazivuk, Daniel   06/03/1943   South Dakota Cpl 3 US Vol Cav  [that is date of death--no date of birth shown]

Lindsey, Lorene   01/14/1911-05/28/1947

Lindsey, Henry Felix   11/10/1913-01/20/1991

Wargo, Rose   07/30/1889-09/07/1981
    Wargo, John   05/05/1882-07/16/1964

Williams, Gordonelle   08/03/1908-01/23/1998

Sideropulos, Menelaos M   09/14/1895-12/22/1973

Vandiver, Virginia Belle   1865-1945

Vandiver, Johnston S   1864-1949

Henderson, Maude D   02/03/1881-09/07/1952

Henderson, Arthur T   09/22/1878-10/26/1967

Martin, Ruth Henderson   10/22/1903-08/16/1983

Martin, Rand Ray   11/22/1907-07/25/1979

Luedicke, Dorothy H   06/17/1910-10/12/1995 1

Luedicke, Clare A   01/21/1908-08/18/1969

Kettelkamp, Wilhelmina A   10/28/1880-10/12/1966

Lowe, Buel B   07/28/1922-11/04/2000
    Lowe, Jewel Davis   10/07/1915-02/02/2000

Davis, Lena May   05/16/1894-04/10/1994

Davis, Wiley Edgar   05/01/1892-08/30/1967

Holland, June Davis   06/11/1917-06/02/2011    [dod from obituary]
    Holland, George L   02/28/1914-01/22/1991

Davis, Paul Lynn   10/17/1921-05/15/1946   Arkansas Master Tech Sgt US Marine Corps

Bender, Lula E   02/07/1881-12/18/1955
    Bender, Adam M   02/11/1870-03/25/1945

Spurlock, Rosalind B   12/20/1910-06/28/1999

Bernahl, Gustave C   08/08/1897-06/28/1978

Gauch, Margurete A   12/12/1884-07/27/1940

Gauch, Ernest P   05/20/1885-01/19/1946

Sublett, Dorothy   02/20/1921-11/16/2006

Ledgerwood, Cecil H   04/07/1892-12/18/1986

Ledgerwood, Theresa M   12/08/1897-11/24/1972

Turk, George J   04/07/1860-09/14/1942

Turk, Martha Jane   07/28/1870-09/25/1939

Turk, Thomas T   12/10/1894-04/10/1972

Coppock, John N   1856-1942
    Chambers, Rachel E (his wife)   1857-1939   [her name is shown under his as Rachel E Chambers -- Arkansas death index shows her name as Rachel Coppock]

Conrad, Lena Lura F   1886-1976   married 08/12/1908   born Clarke County, Iowa
    Conrad, Ernest Carl   1884-1972   born Fillmore County, Iowa   Past Master Lodge No 62

Lewelling, Robert P   09/07/1908-03/20/1993   1st Lt US Army WWII

Lewelling, Martha   1916-1995

Panos, Nick L   04/15/1893-07/31/1978

Weaver, Chas [Charles]   01/02/1882-11/17/1959

Weaver, Iva F   04/05/1887-06/15/1953

Weaver, Don M   02/21/1926-12/27/1960

Therow, George T   02/10/1893-10/31/1978

Plant, Lavina A   11/19/1889-07/02/1960

Wells, Glenn G   07/26/1891-12/23/1938

Prager, Geraldine E   04/04/1909-03/15/1963

Malcom, C G "Tommy"   1908-1979
    Malcom, Oveta J   1915-2000

Campbell, James Otto   12/24/1891-07/06/1951   Arkansas Pvt Stu Army Tng Corps WWI

Bouchier, Mary Sexton   08/07/1899-08/16/1980

Harvey, Ira Allen 02/12/1880-09/05/1946

Harvey, Lou Ethel   10/15/1883-12/29/1938

Harvey, Jack   10/18/1922-07/17/1996

Glaze, Mark Kevin   03/18/1957-08/13/1974

Campbell, Blanche B   01/18/1895-03/24/1938

Jett, Alice V   12/22/1861-01/30/1941

Russell, Fannie M   08/28/1877-03/15/1960

Russell, Clinton Hunter   11/18/1867-03/09/1954

Seiz, William Augustav   06/19/1902-11/18/1990

Seiz, Doris Russell   02/02/1902-03/14/1982

Seiz, William Russell   11/11/1929-03/29/1938

McKeehan, Sam P Jr   12/24/1905-01/21/1965

McKeehan, Sue   12/24/1905-12/22/1961

McKeehan, Ada Sue   10/21/1882-02/28/1972

McKeehan, Sam P   10/02/1874-11/15/1938

Harvey, George J   12/15/1882-05/01/1946

Harvey, Nettie (Mrs Geo -- George -- J)   12/09/1883-01/25/1939

Harvey, Flossye Steele   11/06/1892-11/13/1951

Harvey, George H   02/10/1904-02/29/1948

Nasiopoulos, Louis V   04/26/1886-10/25/1971   brothers born in Greece
    Nasiopoulos, Steve V   09/14/1893-02/14/1977

Seay, Paul Harvey   08/15/1908-02/03/1962

Hornaday, Arlis R   11/20/1913-09/06/1977
    Hornaday, Clara Bentley   08/19/1900-12/25/1974

Faye, John Paul   12/30/1910-03/23/1982   married 09/03/1931
    Faye, Lola Inez Searcy   07/11/1911-02/26/1987

Muse, Turl F   01/20/1908-08/25/1960

Muse, Henrietta   01/22/1912-07/16/2000

Teal, Dorothy V   07/23/1916-06/24/2002
    Teal, Woodrow W   03/14/1912-07/11/1991

Teal, Dorothy Eileen   02/21/1946-07/11/1993

Jackson, Will Mahlon   07/20/1927-09/06/1927

Peak, Charles Rowland   11/06/1891-01/09/1970

Turner, Fannie   12/04/1940   [that is only date shown and it is date of death]

Hinton, Hardee   07/30/1869-01/10/1929

Collins, Sarah LeGrand   1852-1931

Owen, Charlotta M   12/20/1890-05/14/1970

Smith, James U P   1868-1932

Brown, John   died 01/10/1932 age 83 years

Seymour, Martha Ellen   12/20/1857-01/05/1932

O'Melia, Mike   01/10/1929 age 71 years

Ford, Hetty Siratt   10/01/1889-02/14/1931

Stone, Nancy Flora   11/29/1877-09/15/1952
    Stone, Thomas R   02/26/1876-06/26/1930

Cantner, Lillie O   06/25/1879-07/29/1939

Cantner, Chas [Charles] R   07/29/1879-10/31/1959

Hart, Helen   Mrs W H   died 02/23/1938

Proctor, Louise J   1874-1945

Proctor, James R   11/19/1863-09/09/1937

Gill, Fleming M   04/01/1880-10/04/1937

Magrum, Geo [George] F   10/22/1872-10/06/1937

Croley, Sanford   10/19/1937   Corp 2 Ga Inf NG   [only date shown -- assume it is date of death]

Sammon, E H "Ed"   1882-1937

Davis, T Ernest  05/24/1876-03/24/1938

Davis, Loretta   10/04/1883-04/23/1941

Tillman, J B   01/31/1877-01/05/1939

Nyecevic, Peter   08/17/1891-02/28/1979

Shomardolea, Nicolas   12/18/1883-05/02/1971   Romanian

Smith, Jas [James] Finley   1872-1937

Baer, Winifred Greenway   1907-1970
    Greenway, Mary J   1909-1961

Magnuson, George   1869-1938

Greenway, Charles O   1885-1939

Greenway, Lydia May   1888-1938

Reader, A B   03/15/1882-12/03/1937

Reader, Florence B   04/15/1884-10/05/1980

Eastlack, Herman   04/05/1922-12/19/2011    [dates from obituary] 1
    Eastlack, Peggy D   1923-1996

Pamplin, Frank C   12/30/1892-12/05/1941

Pamplin, Clarice M   11/30/1901-09/05/1986

Spencer, William E   12/18/1869-05/12/1956

Walgraeve, Jules V   07/07/1906-08/25/1971

Meeks, George W   10/30/1889-04/27/1941

Dawson, Charles W   03/06/1870-03/06/1942

Dawson, Henrietta M   04/28/1890-09/07/1962

Row 9
Krafcik, John J   01/02/1892-08/27/1980

Krafcik, Anna Mary   08/15/1901-08/10/1987   (wife of John J. Krafcik)

Weatherly, Dick L   1891-1980   PFC US Army WWI

Hurst, Effie   09/08/1924-04/21/2000
    Hurst, Henry L   07/12/1915-06/20/1995   Major US Army WWII

Lockhart, Troy Marvin   12/30/1908-10/01/1962   Arkansas PFC 1462 Svc Comb Unit WWII

Dunn, Bryan W   06/22/1911-07/01/1977   Cpl US Army WWII

Pollacchi, Danti   11/25/1892-02/03/1964   Ohio Pvt US Army WWI

Allen, Louis W   1897-1969
        Mattye L   1899-1970

Graves, A J (Gus)   1882-1973
        Mary (Bess)   1884-1975
        Charles T   1911-1965

Davis, Ruth A (wife of Jack H Davis Sr)   07/30/1894-06/29/1983

Davis, Jack Howard Sr   10/08/1886-01/31/1960   Arkansas Pvt 6 Regt USMC 2 Div WWI PH

Davis, Dwight C   11/16/1948-12/07/1960

Lambert, Vera Jane   1902-1978

Hinkle, Iva Lee   1883-1966

Hinkle, George   1878-1958

Higdon, David Paul   07/15/1963-01/03/1995   son of Jolly and Laraine, brother of Curtis, Melissa and Laurie

Rogers, Genevieve D   07/27/1902-03/05/1979

Rogers, Charles R   01/11/1895-01/25/1946

Rogers, Raymond R   11/21/1896-03/15/1962

Guinn, Chesley Richard Jr   11/21/1896-03/15/1962

Guinn, Mildred C   01/03/1894-09/06/1971

Guinn, Chestley R   11/05/1893-04/26/1956   Arkansas Pvt Ord Dept WWI

Bray, Pauline M   10/17/1907-01/26/2000

Bray, Otto H   09/09/1897-11/21/1981

Rosamond, Appalona   12/18/1883-07/11/1969
    Rosamond, Tillman A   10/14/1876-01/11/1945

Rosamond, Erma   09/03/1903-09/25/1972
    Rosamond, Taylor   02/07/1901-06/24/1965

Beard, Frances Jamison   10/09/1904-03/19/1988
    Beard, Ernest Lowrance   09/12/1893-06/16/1979

Zimmerman, Media M   1891-1961
    Zimmerman, Jasper E   1886-1958

Mitchell, Mary Jordan   12/29/1888-03/01/1986
    Mitchell, John Benjamin   04/12/1886-06/13/1943

Hines, Louise   1907-1949

Heth, Richard Lee   07/07/1936-06/20/1947

Simonpietri, Emma N   11/07/1885-10/12/1954

Mooney, Roy   10/12/1891-06/18/1964   married 12/22/1925
    Mooney, Ethel   10/09/1900-12/11/1981

Moyer, Raymond S   03/31/1906-07/15/1978
    Moyer, Margaret   03/09/1907-04/10/1989

Dombrowski, Ted   01/05/1908-11/10/1972
    Stephano, Grace Dombrowski   08/01/1910-08/20/1998

Dombrowski, Dr. Joanne Carol   06/18/1943-01/08/2005   daughter, anthropologist, humanitarian

Hindbaugh, Ida M   1908-2001
    Hindbaugh, Lewis V   1898-1981

Brown, Zula B   1895-1964
    Brown, Barney   1889-1954

Kirkman, Barbara L   08/26/1908-12/31/1995
    Kirkman, B Ray   08/06/1898-12/31/1962

Appleton, Earl R   11/16/1911-04/23/1995 1

Appleton, Mary M   06/16/1913-08/04/1998

Appleton, Lynn E   01/25/1939-06/04/1942

Tolson, Willie H   12/15/1879-01/21/1968

Becker, Willie Lois   11/21/1889-02/14/1984

Becker, John Oscar   11/12/1875-10/31/1939

Knight, Ida Lee Avant   11/23/1909-02/26/1987   married 03/21/1932
    Knight, Peter Charlie   05/05/1903-05/23/1937

Harrison, Deanna Knight   04/08/1937-04/05/1981

Hill, Warren A   06/02/1907-06/15/1988

Gigerich, Henry J   10/05/1870-03/17/1957

Gigerich, Augusta   09/14/1875-01/04/1947

Gigerich, Virginia Ann   04/18/1910-09/08/2005

Gigerich, Walter C   06/12/1897-02/16/1963   Arkansas Major US Army WWI and WWII

Fotioo, James   1876-1972

Fotioo, Katina   09/02/1897-06/30/1966

Young, Isabel W   10/03/1898-06/27/1973

Young, Arthur T   05/05/1869-02/22/1947

Jones, Florence E   08/15/1910-12/19/1979
    Jones, Roy E   09/26/1913-12/06/1985

Cockburn, Edwin B   04/25/1900-07/21/1970   S2 USNR WWII

Cockburn, LaVinia Ellis   1905-1960

Janssen, Fred H   07/26/1894-12/12/1969
    Janssen, Ruth E   04/10/1907-03/20/1993

Turk, Haver Paul   10/11/1904-02/21/1989

Turk, Irene Shicker   06/22/1904-01/23/1988

Portzer, Millard F   03/21/1893-04/04/1965
    Portzer, Lola B   09/12/1911-07/25/1992

Cason, William W   1876-1947

Robinson, Bessie E   04/15/1892-05/02/1971

Thrash, Odell C   08/20/1910-04/20/1957

Danley, Willie Mae (Thrash)   10/05/1912-09/11/1997

Biggers, Frank F   1902-1953
    Biggers, Grace L   1901-1975

Kiladis, Homer D   10/15/1895-02/28/1976

Belk, Louise Wade   03/09/1922-12/11/2002

Belk, Annie C   05/26/1901-05/31/1954

Belk, Earl Hunter   05/22/1892-06/10/1972

Peel, Delacy J Jr   07/08/1922-10/28/1985   S Sgt US Army WWII

Peel, Eva Heid   1893-1979

Borman, Ruth C   05/13/1910-11/09/1956

Martin, Vera J   [no dod shown]

Ledgerwood, Vernal S   04/19/1889-03/02/1986

Ledgerwood, Bess W   04/09/1893-02/27/1973

Makris, George   06/21/1892-09/20/1976

Gardner, Billy J   01/12/1931-05/20/1973

Gardner, Lester   09/19/1908-07/14/1980

Gardner, Nellie J   06/18/1915-05/26/2004

Taylor, Russell A   02/05/1905-02/27/1977   Sgt US Army WWII

Taylor, Mary K Borman   07/26/1913-06/04/1997

Ellis, Minnie O   09/07/1915-07/24/1961

Schweitzer, Christ   04/24/1874-01/31/1968
    Schweitzer, Sarah R   06/13/1879-01/23/1964

Walgraeve, Hildegarde M   05/08/1904   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is deceased or buried here]

Williams, Sallie S   03/28/1885-04/17/1962

Unger, Margaret Beryl   06/12/1907-07/21/1978

Blayney, William R   06/30/1890-01/08/1966
    Blayney, June N   06/01/1894-08/25/1969

Chesser, Lester J   11/06/1918-12/20/1991   T Sgt US Marine Corps WWII

Chesser, Robert Lee   03/16/1892-07/09/1962   Arkansas Pvt Medical Dept WWI

Chesser, Mary Jane   06/26/1897-01/26/1991

Young, Thomas F   06/18/1946-02/03/1968   Arkansas Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam PH

Warbritton, Evelyn B   09/06/1914-08/28/1984

Howard, Lois McKeehan   05/31/1911-09/05/1997

Bennett, Adam S (brother of Amber)   03/26/1966-07/19/1997
    Bennett, Amber Sue (sister of Adam)   05/10/1970-10/07/1975

Bridges, Gwen   07/20/1935-08/04/1974

Callicott, Jimmie Harrelson   05/25/1898-03/08/1977

White, Floyd   07/23/1892-07/15/1967
    White, Letta Mae  7/16/1899-02/23/1974

Hilliard, George S   07/10/1900-10/26/1965
    Starnes, Gladys A Hilliard   03/10/1906-11/18/1997 1

Duke, Forrest Beard   05/30/1894-12/31/1966   Illinois Pvt 13 Co Development Bn WWI

Duke, Josephine Harrelson   08/04/1905-03/02/1993

Magness, Morgan Crow   09/12/1913-01/25/1989

Magness, Betty Lynn Duke   [no date of death shown]

Bentley, George W   03/23/1919-03/28/1968   Arkansas SSgt US Army WWII

Bentley, Lauretta   12/21/1921-05/04/1977

Douglass, Lee A   07/18/1916-11/01/1981
    Douglass, Rubie M   02/28/1915-09/30/2008

Fondren, William T   03/13/1893-07/23/1965
    Fondren, May Heid   05/03/1898-08/28/1987

Melahn, Margaret   02/13/1924-11/30/1965 1

Lollis, Ira C   05/28/1913-05/30/1975 1
    Lollis, Martha E   05/16/1919-09/09/2013    [dod from obituary]    [Her name at death was Martha Story.] 1

Chitwood, Sherry Ann   08/10/1964-11/04/1964

Caldwell, Melton M   08/22/1917-01/27/1976  Pvt US Army World War II 1

Lehman, Mary Edgar   12/21/1880-08/26/1973
    Lehman, Chas Walter [Charles]   04/22/1877-01/13/1956

Caldwell, Issac Monroe   07/24/1881-05/26/1954 1

Caldwell, Margaret P   11/29/1888-03/24/1932

Churchill, A S   1867-1933
    Wander, Ralph   10/20/1902-09/19/1995
    Wander, Ruby C   10/04/1912-10/31/1996
    Churchill, Lucy G   1879-1934

Parker, Luvenia   1886-1934

Milliner, Estelle   1884-1935

Hickman, W S   1849-1935

Copeland, Sammie   1859-1933

Hilliard, Geo [George] S D.D.S.   06/04/1870-11/09/1951

Walter, Gilbert   died 03/20/1950
    Walter, Almeda   died 04/30/1959

Hilliard, Arley F   1875-1935     [Arkansas state death index shows she died 09/11/1935 in Garland County]

Hughes, Ernestine Sheldon   1863-1933

Maxwell, S A   1865-1933

Reeves, Thomas Lysle   12/05/1935   [that is his date of death]  Pennsylvania Mach Mat 1 Cl US Navy

Foley, Altha E   01/07/1866-04/12/1952
    Foley, Mack C   12/15/1865-12/17/1935

Lassans, Edna   11/12/1903-02/26/1972

Potter, Margaret G   1955   [only date -- appears to be date of death]

Bever, Arthur Wilson Jr   07/19/1928-08/07/1954   Arkansas Cpl US Marine Corps Res

Nance, Nannie   02/12/1878-12/27/1935
    Nance, John   10/13/1871-07/14/1957

Jensen, Gustav S   01/06/1898-02/23/1973

Jernigan, Miriam Cummins   1905-1932

Jones, Josie   1866-1936

Jones, William A   01/02/1865-03/17/1932

Fincel, Toby   1892-1936

Bever, Melvin "Shorty"   1911-1939

Adams, Anna Belle   11/12/1897-11/2/1973

Brannen, John M  departed 04/24/1939

Dunseath, George   1867-1939

Rondeaux, Arthur A   09/23/1884-02/16/1939

McCoy Harry Newton   05/24/1890-07/23/1955

Hanlen, Emma Belle   05/11/1856-07/02/1941

Kennedy, Joseph   1887-1939

Walker, Olive K   08/02/1886-10/26/1939   [died in Garland County, Arkansas]

McCoy, Ethel Evans   06/17/1890-10/20/1954

Byrd, Dr John M   02/03/1853-03/14/1941

Byrd, Emma Abba   03/07/1868-07/11/1939

Wright, William T   1860-1939

Wright, Addie G   1868-1947

Menne, Carl J   12/25/1871-03/09/1939

Menne, Anna   02/15/1879-09/21/1963

Gaskill, Bertha Mae   12/16/1883-06/06/1963

Gaskill, Lynn E   12/23/1882-03/23/1939

Houston, Margaret, Mrs Evan G   08/24/1893-05/27/1939

Houston, Evan G "Evan" D.D.S.   01/23/1884-11/28/1939

Potter, Howard S   04/05/1939   [that is dod and died in Garland Co, Ark)   Tennessee Corp Ord Dept

Thompson, John Hunter   08/10/1885-09/26/1956

Thompson, Ethel E   06/22/1895-02/23/1939   [died in Garland Co, Ark]

Angel, Winfred Lee   09/27/1921-03/29/1972

Battles, Sarah May   1856-1941

Angel, Sandra   08/23/1939-06/14/1985

Hale, Nora E   1885-1944
    Hale, Kathleen   1912-1988

Bowman, Florence May   05/30/1892-12/12/1967

Deaderick, William Heiskell M.D.   1876-1945

Deaderick, Ava Van Leer   1886-1973

Collins, Leo R   06/20/1901-08/26/1943

Emory, Houston   11/01/1881-12/19/1944

Row 10
Robinson, Edith T   04/16/1924-08/28/2004

Wakelin, Donald J   01/06/1932-10/19/2004   US Army Korea

Lane, Augustine N   05/14/1913-11/17/1993   Sgt US Army WWII   married 06/15/1943
    Lane, Catherine L   [no dod shown]

Abbott, Lloyd Cecil   04/16/1926-08/26/1999   S Sgt US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam

Spurlin, Virgil M   11/10/1925-09/14/2002   SM2 US Navy S Sgt US Marine Corps WWII Korea

Cartney, Harry F   09/09/1900-03/24/1965
        George H   12/18/1897-10/05/1898

Cartney, Charles   08/06/1859-03/15/1920
        Elizabeth E   12/06/1858-12/03/1953

Shepard, Pearl Otwell   09/14/1904-12/14/1979

Otwell, Walter C   08/15/1898-08/21/1950

Burford, Dorothy G   02/24/1929-11/02/1982

Burford, Robert Allen   11/07/1928-01/24/1987

Melonas, John D   ?-06/08/1958   [in an unmarked grave just south of his wife Helen]

Melonas, Helen Irene   1904-1999 1

Graves, Albert C   01/09/1913-08/08/1967   Arkansas S Sgt Co C 117 Inf Tng Bn WWII

Johnson, Mary Melonas   04/12/1926-05/03/1953

Allen, Deborah Jo (Baby)   12/1949

Holden, Gladys L   10/02/1910-07/13/1985

Holden, Roy Emerson   07/31/1909-05/22/1976Thompson, Ernest N   11/27/1886-10/26/1959

Thompson, Ernest N   11/27/1886-10/26/1959

Diggs, Clyde   1906-1949

Holden, Myrtle L   02/17/1884-03/04/1959

Holden, W Simon   01/29/1884-12/16/1948

Holden, Ruth Lorraine McMahan   09/29/1909-03/28/2002

Holden, Ernest J   09/21/1905-01/22/1971   founded Hot Springs Monument Co 1934

Pickering, Estelle E   09/03/1915-09/11/2004
    Pickering, Roy P Sr   03/01/1918-09/20/1986

Harris, Dania Lea   06/26/1964-10/01/1969

Dorris, Donna D   10/30/1958-10/31/1958   (twins)
    Dorris, Dana Lee   10/30/1958-10/31/1958

Williams, Eva C   07/04/1876   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is buried here]

Williams, Arthur Davis   07/24/1871-04/29/1953

Dixon, Nora F   02/14/1894-04/24/1986
    Dixon, Raleigh J   09/16/1887-11/22/1964

Davis, Margaret A   05/05/1866-01/08/1949

Boucher, Mary L   1899-1968

Valaika, Louis   1893-1952

Harbin, Mamie   1906-1964
    Harbin, Jimmie   1911-1985

Harbin, Edgar   1908-1948
    Harbin, Sarah   1892-1952

Rouse, Dandrige H   1875-1953

Gore, Hugh DeWitt   07/08/1896-10/12/1949   Michigan S2 USNRF WWII

Harmon, Carmien Gore   05/05/1911-12/12/1992
    Gore, Mark Edward   11/16/1947-03/22/1948

Hill, William Albert   07/30/1873-02/08/1948

Hill, Cornelia Pope   01/18/1882-05/21/1951

Glover, R Julian   04/12/1909-04/09/1982

Glover, Loretta Hill   10/31/1910-12/31/2000

New, Horace G   05/21/1890-05/17/1966
    New, Grace H   03/20/1893   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is buried here]

Alexander, George Ira   08/30/1879-09/29/1951
    Alexander, Frances A   01/16/1875-07/23/1964

Caristianos, Helen   05/11/1895-09/23/1978

Caristianos, Michel   03/25/1892-01/11/1953

Bulcroft, Dorothy Elen   10/16/1904   [no date of death so cannot be sure she is buried here -- she has two stones]   wife of George Alan

Searcy, Minnie B   09/14/1887-05/21/1968

Surber, Mary   1870-1951   [her name is shown on the back of the Bean monument so her last name might be Bean]

Bean, Ward C   1889-1971
    Bean, Frances O   1894-1967

Easterlin, Burrell O   10/29/1922-09/18/1986   Pvt US Army

Conrad, Virginia   1891-1951

Wehunt, Jacob R   07/22/1901-06/14/1983

Wehunt, Telka E   04/05/1908-07/23/2003

Wehunt, Gregory T   04/17/1964  [that is date of death]

Wehunt, Laura Leah   07/20/1903-01/08/1952

Espey, Jessie G   1875-1963

Bynum, Albert Edward Sr   08/05/1879-03/01/1952

Bynum, Birdie Larene   01/22/1895-04/14/1981

Hinkle, Oscar Lee   02/14/1929-07/17/1965

Hinkle, Bessie B   02/14/1898-07/25/1969

Hinkle, Edward B   09/03/1895-10/01/1978   Veteran of WWI

Hinkle, Edwin B Jr   05/30/1923-06/27/1944   Arkansas PFC 22 Inf WWII

Costello, Barry   1877-1947   (mother)

McMath, Nettie B   1956   [that is date of death]
    McMath, Hal P   1892-1947

Cole, William Carl   08/04/1882-02/29/1948
    Cole, Martha Ellen   07/25/1890-10/09/1976

Heid, George   1856-1904
    Heid, Kate   1862-1947

Simmons, Violet C   10/30/1909-03/02/1975
    Simmons, H Gene   08/29/1914-12/10/2004

Borman, Martha Ann   05/13/1891-10/07/1947

Borman, Otto D   07/26/1882-04/03/1958

Brain, Lola   07/30/1893-02/08/1980 1

MacMillan, Leonora Claussen   1871-1962
    MacMillan, Rev David Wallace   1869-1948

Elliott, Ralph A   03/30/1884-10/28/1947

Jackson, Delmer Roy   06/04/1922-05/18/1988
    Jackson, Kathryn Elizabeth Anderson   [no date of death shown]

Walker, James Lindsey Sr   12/22/1920-05/12/2003   M Sgt US Army WWII   married 08/07/1943
    Walker, Helen Louise Anderson   [no date of death shown]

Jameson, Jessie Iva   10/10/1905-07/29/1988

Barry, Jewell   02/07/1895-09/19/1966

Mitchell, Alma C   04/30/1871-02/24/1948

King, Lucy Frances   04/14/1868-09/17/1948

Minchin, Edward Arthur   1872-1949
    Minchin, Katherine (his wife)   1881-1949

Jackson, Mary Opal   1900-1920

O'Dell Mae Jackson   1875-1951

Jackson, Will M.D.   1889-1968
    Jackson, Helen Beal   1891-1975

King, Jacob L   1910-2001
    King, Aleene Burns   1914   [no date of death shown]

Ludwig, Bertha I   03/01/1877-11/19/1948

Ludwig, James M   07/27/1877-09/22/1969

Davis, Myra Spiva   11/30/1909-10/10/1949

Hickman, Frank   01/27/1903-11/10/1949

Kurtz, Jennie   11/23/1869-05/17/1948

Shearn, Ethel V   01/23/1892-05/22/1958

Watson, Arthur   1895-1977   Pvt US Army WWI

Ewing, Eliza Alford   02/03/1883-06/18/1951

Pope, Lewis Dale   10/30/1897-06/07/1969   Maryland Cpl US Army WWII

Alford, Joseph D   07/23/1872-07/19/1949
    Alford, Litha J   10/22/1876-08/05/1951

Schenk, Louis   11/28/1900-09/14/1983
    Schenk, Andrea   08/28/1900-05/30/1989

Muckleroy, Johnnie W   10/26/1903-04/14/1993
    Muckleroy, Sammie C   08/12/1903-01/16/1988

Snowhill, Thelma Hickman   07/08/1899-06/23/1981

Hickman, James Monroe   08/24/1896-07/31/1950

Wolfe, Elmer H   11/16/1892-05/17/1968

Aulsebrook, William J   08/07/1896-12/17/1968

Aulsebrook, Alta L   09/12/1893-12/03/1974

Loomer, Frank R   1867-1950

Burns, Earl   03/06/1905-06/04/1974
    Burns, Mary   10/22/1905-09/29/1983

Hintchey, H Harvey   1879-1955
    Hintchey, Erlene R   1890-1985

Watson, Gladys J   09/13/1902-09/11/1974

Smith, Nathan A   06/17/1880-08/17/1950

Smith, Zelda B   10/09/1887-11/22/1962

Smith, Edward   12/22/1917-05/04/1993   married 04/29/1948
    Smith, Eulalia I   11/08/1913-06/27/2004

Glidewell, Amanda M   12/22/1894-06/12/1989
    Glidewell, Fred H   08/19/1890-12/09/1961

McCraven, Trudy J   04/09/1896-02/29/1988

Bates, Faye Perry   04/12/1915-06/27/1989

Perry, Penny   02/01/1894-12/21/1974
    Perry, B H   06/18/1890-03/14/1984

Glidewell, Harriett P   12/27/1923-05/06/2013    [dod from obituary] 1
    Glidewell, Fred J   12/05/1922-03/31/2013    [dod from obituary] 1

Humphries, Jay B Sr   06/17/1899-03/08/1987
    Humphries, Bess M   08/30/1899-07/31/1981

Scrivner, Louis   08/03/1928-10/31/1999   Sgt US Army   parents of Karen, Mark, Paul, Tracy
    Scriver, Marjorie   02/12/1928-12/25/2012    [Caruth-Hale FHM]
    [Louis has another military stone that shows a dob of 01/14/1928, but SSDI shows 08/03/1928]

Gerk, John A   1901-1979
    Gerk, Rose C   1903-1988

Shuffield, A A   08/12/1883-01/03/1937

Graves, J B   1856-1936

Milham, Coy M   04/16/1916-09/21/1984   married 03/08/1949
    Milham, Alice   10/13/1933-05/28/2010    [funeral home marker shows Jessie Alice Milham] 1

Urbston, Frank A   10/22/1902-03/23/1984
    Urbston, Anna F   11/13/1902-01/23/1993

Elrod, Victoria   02/12/1867-02/14/1937

Crewson, Huldah   07/24/1875-03/31/1937

Sevier, Arch Hoss   01/03/1878-04/20/1937

Sevier, Emma Thompson   05/13/1880-05/13/1959

Haase, Charles R   06/17/1865-09/26/1936

Haase, Ida Lee   11/14/1882-09/02/1950

Sharits, Claude L   12/11/1881-10/01/1936

Sharits, Nellie   11/30/1873-05/08/1940

Osterloh, Edward H   1898-1981
    Osterloh, Iva L   1901-1996

Schick, John   04/16/1919-08/03/1997
    Schick, Marie E   04/05/1921-11/02/1979

Salyers, H Bee   12/30/1904-04/03/1973

Wheatley, Florence C   05/20/1895-04/29/1937

Wheatley, Elmer W   10/06/1896-10/11/1977

Alexander, Robert H   1873-1936

Brix, Emil D   11/18/1936 age 90 years

Bennett, Devanis L   03/05/1876-02/18/1973

Nichols, Earl E Jr   08/04/1925-06/14/1937

Allman, Louis P   departed 03/10/1939

Trumbull, Lewis T   05/31/1866-04/07/1937

Sevier, Robert Edward   1895-1939

Forde, Roscoe A   05/02/1881-09/16/1941

Tarrants, Henry E   02/01/1855-02/06/1942

Tarrants, Elizabeth N   01/12/1861-03/07/1954

Ramsaur, Mary "Mollie" Bland   05/01/1849-03/06/1937   wife of Col L M Ramsaur CSA

Willard, George J   03/11/1895-04/21/1973   Texas WAGR US Army WWI

Hackett, William T   1871-1936

Grant, Francis Joseph   1884-1936

Miller, George A   died 02/14/1943

Edwards, Morgan   1867-1943

Deegan, John "Johnnie"   died 01/19/1938

Cummins, frances "Deekie"   1907-1939

Schatz, Gloria Ray   1931-1939

Barbar, Frank   09/07/1893-02/10/1966
    Barbar, Daisy Lee   10/26/1910-11/13/1971 1

Wright, James H   06/27/1910-07/02/1971   Arkansas PFC US Marine Corps WWII

Wright, Lillian M   01/28/1909-10/11/1991   wife of James H Wright

Oldham P O "Pat"   07/25/1879-07/14/1953

Oldham, Mrs P O "Dena"   08/02/1882-08/11/1939

Flippin, Mrs Pierce "Frances"   12/01/1905-03/10/1942

Flippin, Pierce "Pete"   06/02/1904-11/01/1979

Watts, Mrs A C "Euna"   08/12/1882-01/30/1957

Patenotte, Marilyn   10/12/1921-08/26/1966

Carpenter, Earl A   04/11/1896-03/06/1974   Missouri PFC US Army WWI

Lauher, Jean E   01/07/1896-02/17/1969

Lauher, Frances H   07/01/1908-02/03/1974

Corwin, Wade M   02/05/1888-02/21/1941

Kwiatkowski, Alexander   02/25/1895-04/17/1971   Poland Mech US Army WWI

Kwiatkowski, Sophia   07/04/1898-04/19/1978   wife of Alexander Kwiatkowski

Gauch, Jacqueline   04/13/1911-12/10/1940

Colvard, Houston Lee   10/08/1975-12/03/1940

Busby, William Earl   03/29/1898-11/28/1940

Ackerman, Adolph   02/27/1885-08/19/1940

Burks, William Thomas   09/09/1907-11/14/1968
    Burks, T Hazel   04/04/1911-11/10/2001

Allen, Lee G   12/20/1895-09/21/1975
    Allen, Barbara B   05/14/1901-10/12/1968

Bendelow, Mary E   1871-1940

Bendelow, John   1870-1951

Fox, Karl T   10/14/1893-02/22/1946

Carroll, Nellie C   09/10/1895-02/10/1974

Self, Frank H   1873-1945

Carroll, John   04/11/1893-02/14/1969

McLane, Eva Robbins   1871-1945

Johnson, Pearl Kelley   09/12/1910-12/18/2000

Burgess, Stella M   09/14/1887-10/02/1958

Perry, Patsy Ruth   08/14/1911-01/10/1972

Block 28
Row 3

Vasilos, George    1898-1962

Terry, Elbert L.    12/06/1899-02/15/1970
    Terry, Jessie B.    03/26/1899-10/03/1981

Dick, John P.    1878-1964

Browne, Velma Martin    10/14/1898-06/04/1978

Lee, Bonnie    1912-1930

Wetzstein, Professor A. H.    03/11/1844-03/17/1929

Page, John S.    [no date of death shown]
    Page, Celesta Terry    06/02/1920-08/14/1977

Lawn Block Section 2
Row 6

Goslee, Thomas Ferdinand    12/13/1851-03/16/1899
    Goslee, Henry Samuel    08/10/1897-06/06/1899    son of Thomas Ferdinand and Rose Smith Goslee

Goslee, Sarah Elizabeth Smith    02/12/1824-01/14/1879    wife of Dr. Samuel Goslee; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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